So it’s been 5 years….

As the title states, it’s 5 years of me running this blog. Time sure blasted by pretty fast. This post is a few days late as my official anniversary is the 7th of July, but I guess Idk what to write + a lot of school working going on this season so it got delayed. By 2 months! Sorry for leaving this space blank for this long. Oh boy, it’s been 5 years of me casually doing this blog thing! Here’s a roundup of what happened this blogging year!

List of Games I’ve completed this blogging year:

Game of the blogging year, no questions asked.

  • Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~ – Code:Realize’s FD that I jumped on right after finishing the first game. Honestly you could say this was hella sweet except for certain characters’ routes. Great continuation to the game, and I hope I’ll be able to play the Christmas one this year. ;w;
  • Black Wolves Saga: Last Hope – Finally played the lighter game in the BWS series! Only sad point was that my baby Gullian has no route in this while the exclusive routes in this one were close to terrible. We could have had a nice  and light BWS game but no, I guess Otomate had to kind ruin it.
  • 7’Scarlet – A nice short mystery game which gutted me in the feels at all the right points. Although it’s short I honestly found it to be a fun ride for that short 1 week upon finishing the game. Would recc everyone to play the localised version in english!
  • Diabolik Lovers: Lost Eden – I seriously have too many sad things to say about this game. This was pretty much a train wreck/dumpster fire I legit have nothing to say for it except disappointment. Is Dialovers wearing off on me? We shall see soon if the drama CDs continue to disappoint.
  • Trigger Kiss – Hella fun game! I would like to call this the best game of my blogging year because everything I enjoy, comedy/feels/fluff was in it. The romance fell a bit short but the overall adrenaline of the game made everything hella fun, and it really took me away from the stress I was facing throughout the time I was playing. Everything /needs/ to play this,

List of things which happened this blogging year:

Mobage husband of the year!

I’m actually still playing senbura, damn. Did I mention I have a bias now in it? – I’ve probably mentioned this about the umpteen time already, but guess what! I haven’t quite Otomate’s mobage! What a shocker! I’m usually not a fan of Otomate’s stuff, but I’m just genuinely surprised that I enjoy the story (although it’s being padded really slowly atm) and I’m still in the game. The game actually reached it’s first anniversary and updated the new game to signal a new arc in the story. I guess I’ll still be on this boat for a while, unless the game suddenly shuts down or ends. I’m actually looking forward to the actual console game version of this, hopefully it will be a full straight VN I can enjoy rather than waiting for chapters non stop.

Managed to see 3 seiyuus at AFA2017 – 2017 was surprisingly a lucky year for the seiyuu department for me, since there were a good bunch of people invited. Not the best AFA I’ve went to due to my sick disaster, but it was relatively enjoyable. Really glad I got to see Tosshi and Kakki at least once, along with Shininchiro-san for Gundam 00. Especially the later, he voiced my favourite dude in Gundam 00 so I was extremely happy to hear him do some lines live. It was a memorable experience, and I’m hoping there will be more seiyuus in the future? Especially the ones I stan for once.

The Vita’s dead, and Otomate’s moving to Switch – Yep. As announced a few months back, Otomate’s decided to move on to the Switch instead of the PS4 as we last predicted. For whatever reasons, their PS4 ports weren’t selling well so they decided it was better to move to Switch. Really dumb decision though, they only released ports, and not even original games and that’s not a very clear interest number because these are ports. In fact, the Hakuouki Shinkai PS4 port literally released a few months after the Vita version released. Did Otomate seriously think that Hakuouki would sell? It’s also infuriating over how these PS4 releases ended up being false alarms, and now people who were bracing the PS4 change now have to get a Switch instead. For me, I won’t be hopping on the bandwagon that soon, since my household switch is shared with my sister. Maybe once a game I really want comes out on the Switch. I’m considering getting a switch without dock if it comes out over here, but I’ll miss having trophies.

Rejet’s still being weird in terms of their sales – Remember when IwaD complained about piracy problems? I still don’t know what they did that for, but their business has been slow and they’re now release CDs much slower than before. I guess there’s more quality in their CDs, but it’s a little sad there’s lesser CDs to go around now. Surprisingly their quality has gotten a little better but needs some work still. They seem to be selling CDs by making you buy every volume, as for their most recent ones, they’ve been connecting all the stories in each series so you’ll have to listen to all of them to understand the whole thing. A good plan, but I don’t have enough to support all the way so I’m only getting my favourite seiyuus if they show up. Still no signs of Doriko’s release though, maybe they’re only planning on releasing it in 2019. Their direction for next gen console hasn’t been announced at this point, but I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully it will be for the PS4, as it’s my personal preference.

Toki no Kizuna and GHP still aren’t ported – C r i e s. Otomate just doesn’t seem to want to give these 2 titles at chance at life on a new console. I seriously thought they would at least port GHP, but for some reason they’ve forgotten about it and it’s still stuck on the PSP. I really want to play the FD, but playing on the PSP will probably hurt my eyes. I’m still crossing my fingers they’ll do it for the switch, but they seem too busy trying to sell their top hits to earn that $$$$. Let’s see how the Switch situation goes down in the end.

Mobage is exploding – Shit’s closing down, shit’s opening, so many things are happening. Idol hell still isn’t ending. Every game company wants in in the mobage scene so a mountain of mobages are just releasing and crashing on everyone’s faces. There’s literally too much mobage to the point that everyone tries it, loses interest and uninstalls. Honestly I’m not bothered with mobage at all unless it’s of a series I know and already playing, I have no motivation or energy to try new ones unless something really tugs at me to play it. Even my seiyuu preferences can’t convince me to play something anymore. Currently. I’m stuck with the stuff that released last year and beyond, probably won’t try anything new unless it doesn’t take up space.

5 Years of Blogging: Reflections, changes in writing, interests

Drama CD Husbands of the Year!

A lot has changed since I started this blog. From me losing interest in Hakuouki to growing my interest in Utapri, as well as my favourite seiyuus, a lot has changed. I’m even losing interest in what was once my favourite things, like Utapri/Dialovers. Mainly because both series have been losing any good from it. My interest for Dialovers is slowly draining out because of the recent game, if not for the seiyuu I think I would have been done by now. Things have happened, I’ve moved up in education, a lot of things have happened, while this blog stays. The otome game industry has expanded with more games getting localisations, more indie games coming out. And there’s more “female-orientated” games going around. Too much idol trash as well. To me, it’s all a giant mess that I’m trying to stay away from since life in general doesn’t give me enough time to. I’m currently more interested in Drama CDs since they’re short and easy to listen to when I’m bored do to a lack of time.

My writing stlye has changed a little, but I think it still needs improvement at this point. While going to edit my old posts, I started cringing at the way I wrote. It’s just how it is. Time passes, and things change quickly. Anything I learnt from writing this blog? I guess it would be to take it slow and as a hobby, so it won’t stress me out. After gathering a backlog of writing to do, I realised I was playing too fast and reviewing too slow, and I had to drop one or another. So I decided to just game slowly and write my reviews slowly. I’m pretty behind on all the new releases, but I’m honestly not bothered by it at all, just pacing my way through my games. I basically learnt to make sure this hobby wouldn’t turn stressful for me since I still love writing this blog after all this time.

What’s for the future?

For real though, when I first wrote this title I thought I’d write this whole long essay about the changes I’m making to this blog. But in reality, I think just expect the same things as per usual? A few things though, I might consider doing more non-spoiler reviews because they take lesser time to finish than writing long summaries. If it works out, I might just continue and make shorter summaries for each game. But I’ll have to see first. I also promised some Senbura translations early in the year, but I haven’t gotten to it recently, so I’ll have to work on that when I have the time. My backlog of otome games is pretty long atm, so I have no clue when I can push those out. At the same time, the topic if I’m doing more drama cd reviews, I still don’t know. I guess I’ll make anything whenever I feel like it.

My new adopted vampire bias. Whether I still like Dialovers remains a mystery.

5 years have passed since I created this blog. Wow. I would like to thank all the readers of this blog for dealing with my shit, especially if you’ve been here since the start. Thank you for all the support you readers have given me. My posting will never be as fast as it was 5 years ago, but the fact that I’m still here and people are reading this, I’m just thankful for that. Hope you continue to support and read the content that I make, and thank you once again.

5 thoughts on “So it’s been 5 years….

  1. Dexterraca

    I think than Hakuoshit will be Otomate downfall. They try to sell that crap so hard when nobody don’t give a rat ass about it than it’s affected there sales, well it serves them right for ruin REJET games. I think than REJET/Otomate is the worst collaboration ever, they always find a way to ruin REJET titles. Look at Last Hope! it’s a mess, and for what ? just for ruin the cat boys characters. Hopefully REJET just leave there idol cd trend and decide to come back to there original dark universe, i hope than they will announce a game for Seventh Heaven.


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