Nekketsu Inoubukatsu-dan: Trigger Kiss

Trigger Kiss is a game set in 2085, where superpowers are now rampant among humans. Due to this, a sport where people duke it out with their superpowers started, and is the main setting of the story world as there’s a tournament in summer every year for it. Our heroine Sendou Futaba, just transferred to Akizuki High School in order to hide her superpowers, but is tricked into joining the Superpower club as they’re desperate to win this year’s national championships. As she spends time in the superpower club, Futaba soon realises she really loves it and decides to stay.

A few plot details before I get into the routes. Akizuki High School was the former champion of the national championships 2 years ago, until the school caused a violent incident. This ended up causing the club to close down, and many members left. However thanks to Azuma’s pleading with the principal, the club was shut down for 2 years, and only reopened at the start of the game. To prevent the club from closing down, they have to win the championships for the year, so Azuma & Yamato end up recruiting Futaba, Banri & Mikado into the club to get a full team for the competition.

The routes go through a common route with all 4 guys, then separates to Azuma/Yamato & Mikado/Banri respectively. The 2-guy routes will end up fighting Hakuroin High in the regional finals, and Karyoutokiwa High in the first match of the nationals. The team they fight in the national finals will either be Kyodoin High or Hakuroin High again depending on the route.

Azuma/Yamato Route

In the regional finals, Azuma & Yamato pretty much duke it out with Hakuroin’s ace & captain Souya, who’s ability is to create a double of himself, and he’s OP af because he’s equiped with superpower weapons created by his teammate Kojuro. Thanks to Azuma landing a hit on him though, he releases the weapon’s full powers which drags the team into a massive pinch, but the team wins nevertheless. Hakuroin moves on to the Nationals being last year’s winning team. Shit only starts getting tough when they fight Karyoutokiwa High which is the GHP parody, having the captain being Miyako, and her 2 twin butlers Shinichi and Shinji. Futaba begins to doubt herself during this fight as Miyako had looked down on her beforehand, saying that her powers can’t compare to her mother’s. Futaba is unable to concentrate throughout the match, but it fortunately pauses in a time out due to Miyako’s gravity powers causing their ground to collapse. Futaba then reveals her past to her 2 senpais.

Futaba has a lot of expectations placed on her because her mother’s one of the R8, the top team of superpower users in the country, and was sent to elite superpower school after her powers awakened. She received the professional training to become a player, but her Trigger kiss ability made her quit. Her ability not only strengthen’s another user’s powers, but also has the ability to hurt their superpower circuits (kind of like their root of their powers). This means their her ability could possibly fry someone’s superpower and destroy it, which was exactly what happened. Futaba wanted to be as strong as her mother so she did her best at the elite school but her powers never progressed and she didn’t get any stronger. When she was around 10, she was kicked out of the elite course and was (probably) dumped to the normal course since her powers weren’t growing as much.

While in superpower school, Futaba had only one best friend who was her partner throughout her time in the school, since everyone was out to be stronger it was kind of survival of the fittest. However, during one of their test when she was 12, in her panic to become stronger, she fried her best friend’s superpower causing her to land in hospital and lose her powers. As the friend refused to see her in the hospital, Futaba decide to distance herself from that friend and hasn’t met her since then. she also decided to get away from the superpower battle scene and become a normal student in middle school.

The two senpais encourage her that she’s herself, and doesn’t have to try and be as great as her mom. Besides, as long she’s enjoying herself in the superpower battles, there’s nothing wrong. Futaba suddenly has a eureka in the middle of the match and realises she can use her power to hurt the opponent’s circuits, so she uses it to defeat Miyako. For both routes, the matches between the first and the finals arent covered, but Akizuki ends up fighting Kyodoin High in the finals, as the school somehow managed to beat Hakuroin with OP Souya with some myterious new members.

Kanzaki Azuma (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

Azuma’s the captain of the team and was the one who begged for the club to continue running after 2 years. His superpowers are controlling temperature, and mainly uses fire powers to fight close-ranged and aggressively. Basically, he’s their frontliner who punches things lmao. Azuma’s pretty much an idiot and his goal is to live life “youthfully” (seishun in jp), so he gets excited whenever someone does something “youthful” in his eyes lmao. Azuma first meets Futaba when he saves her from some falling pipes BY PUNCHING THEM. He’s basically a massive idiot so he gets Futaba into the most random of things like purposely ordering a couple ramen with her only to get mistaken by Yamato for a couple, and punching a shark to cook it . 😂😂 Under all his cheerfulness though, he’s actually carrying a lot of baggage regarding the club. It turns out that 2 years ago, he’s the one who caused the violent incident to happen. Azuma got lost in the tournament grounds that day, and ended up heading to the participant changing rooms to support his senpais. Unfortunately the same time he was there, a dude who seemed to be trying to tweak Akizuki’s uniforms to give their opponents a handicap was there at the same time. Deducing the dude was there to sabotage Akizuki High, Azuma called him out which caused the dude to run off, but Azuma went after him. Yamato, who was on his way to pick up Azuma ended up seeing the dude run past and caught the dude with his speed, but this caused more problems as the guy attempted to stab Yamato. In panic, Azuma punched the guy with his powers. The dude got away but reported this to the higher ups, which then started an investigation on the club because it was recorded that he was punched with an ability. They couldn’t say anything about the sabotage attempt, as the guy was apparently a son of the higher-ups. In panic, Azuma went ahead and consulted his senior Seiji, who was the captain of the team back then.

Upon hearing that Azuma did it to protect Yamato, Seiji decided to turn himself in as the culprit. The club was about to shut down, but before leaving to the organisers Seiji told Azuma to go and beg for the club to stay alive. Since “the juniors are innocent”, it would probably work. Seiji also told him that many seniors spent their youth in the club & not to waste their efforts. Thanks to Azuma’s begging, the club ceased operations for 2 years and avoided complete shutdown. Many members left, but Yamato stayed because he felt guilty for causing Azuma to punch the dude. During the nationals though, shit gets bad when Azuma & Futaba run into Seiji’s younger brother Tenchi, who’s currently in Kyodoin High. Upon seeing Azuma though, he apologises for his brother for causing trouble to the club. Turns out Seiji was disowned by his family, which was one of the more prestigious families in the country regarding superpowers so they’re probably strict asian parents who doesn’t want a disgrace in their family. Tenchi wants to find out if it’s really Seiji who caused the incident since he was a really good brother. At the same time, he plans on winning the nationals as he has an agreement with his father that if Kyodoin wins this year, they’ll let Seiji back into the family. Seeing what a good boy Tenchi was though, Azuma gets more upset about his actions and doesn’t really know what to do. Azuma spends too much time thinking which leads to him getting distracted during matches, where Yamato almost punches him as they almost lost. To make matters worse, rumours about him being the culprit of the incident 2 years ago start to spread, and they’re mobbed by reporters for answers. The 3 juniors decide they want to know what happened in the past, so Azuma eventually spills everything to them. Futaba’s really upset by this too, but Azuma comforts her while training that if weren’t for her they wouldn’t have come this far. Tenchi, upon hearing the rumours too, questions his captain Kouga about the incident. Kouga, who used to be in the same team as Azuma & Yamato, spills everything about Azuma, but tells him that Azuma didn’t want to own up so Seiji took the blame.

Tenchi loses his shit which fires him up to beat up Azuma in the finals, and treats Azuma coldly when they meet again. The night before the final match, Azuma pats Futaba’s head and once again thanks her for joining the team, and that he’ll “take responsibility” for dragging her into this (*´╰╯`๓)♬. During the final match, the team is split up into 3 to take on their opponents 1-on-1, so Futaba beats up Kouga by using the debris in the field, but gets caught in the collapse & passes out. She only makes it to where Azuma is cuz she’s piggybacked by Kokage from Kyodoin, who seems to know something about Futaba. Futaba wakes up and finds Azuma in a struggle with Tenchi who doesn’t want to listen to him explain himself. Everyone in Akizuki is down to 1 HP so Futaba decides to give Azuma a kiss on the lips to boost him since she wants to “protect his dream”. (✿´‿`) Because of all the love packed in the kiss Azuma’s powers go crazy strong and he defeats Tenchi, winning the Nationals. Due to their win, the club’s packed with interviews. In the epilogue, it’s a few months later & Tenchi transfers to Akizuki as he remembered what his brother wanted him to do. Azuma & Yamato retire from the club because they have to study, and appoint Futaba as the new captain. They end up having a retirement party for the year 3s so everyone goes to buy food & drinks, leaving Azuma & Futaba to lock up the clubroom alone. Azuma then confesses his feelings for Futaba and asks her to go out with him, and Futaba’s like “wtf what took you so long since i kissed you at the finals?!” but they kiss anyway. Except Azuma spoils the mood by asking Futaba if she had gyoza for lunch in which she punches him and makes him say I love you. ꉂ ૮( ᵒ̌ૢꇴᵒ̌ૢ )ა。*゚✧ Azuma was an adorable sweetheart, just that he’s really, purely an idiot and that was what made him really charming to me. The poor dude’s just doing his best to save the club, and I’m really glad that he did which gave me those extra plus points for him.

Subaru Yamato (CV: Nojima Kenji)

Yamato’s the vice-captain of the club and is the main brains for the team because Azuma’s too dumb to come up with strategies other than punching things. Yamato’s superpower is to control speed, so he can speed himself up or slow down things. He first comes off as a sweet senpai, but turns out he’s a sly & unapproachable dude and only pretended to be a nice senpai to trick Futaba into joining the superpower club. He has a very sharp tongue so he burns everyone most of the time & is pretty much a tsundere, since he gets easily embarrassed when Futaba finds porno mags in the clubroom lockers lmao. His way of comforting Futaba when she was in her slump was in fact, pretty mean but he really doesn’t mean any harm because he’s just like that. Eitherway, since Yamato’s like this he actually doesn’t really have friends other than Azuma, since he really doesn’t want to get involved in other people’s shit. Back in elementary school, the only friend he had was Kouga, who was doing mischievous things so Yamato just followed Kouga around until high school. When they enrolled in Akizuki, Azuma was added on and they kinda pretty much became a trio. When the club was going to be closed for 2 years, Kouga had convinced him to transfer to Kyodoin with him since the former figured it was better for the both of them since Akizuki would probably die anyway. Yamato figured that he’d just transfer with Kouga since Kouga had prepared 2 slots at Kyodoin. On the day they were about to leave for Kyodoin though, Azuma begged the both of them to stay. Yamato, lowkey guilt-tripped by the fact that Azuma punched the dude to save him, decided to stay at Akizuki. So during the nationals, after their first match with Karyoutokiwa, Azuma’s suddenly told by the doctors that using his superpower any further may cause him his life. This causes the whole team to get into a slump because Azuma’s their main frontliner dude – they can’t do without him. Futaba manages to get her mother to get in contact with the superpower foundation’s main hospital so Azuma’s sent off to recover and promises to return by the finals.

Azuma’s condition turns out to be a drug spike by two Kyodoin members, who decided that Kouga would let his guard down to old teammates, so they decided to sabotage Akizuki to give Kyodoin an upper hand for the finals. Hearing this, Kouga actually kicks them out of the club and tells them to withdraw from the school immediately before they’re found out. Without Azuma around though, Yamato turns into a giant mess as he starts getting nitpicky & starts barking at everyone whenever they make mistakes. Futaba tells him to chill his ass but he just gets angry. Azuma calls them from overseas so the juniors all ask him why Yamato’s acting like this, and Azuma quickly gives a brief over of the incident to them, which is why Yamato’s probably pressured to win so that they can save the club from shutting down. Azuma also tells them about the drug and they figure that Azuma might have been drugged by Kyodoin. Futaba decides to go find Yamato, who has just run into Kouga. Futaba tells Yamato to get away from Kouga since he might have drugged Azuma, and the guy decides to reveal that he was the one who ordered his guys to drug Azuma so Akizuki doesn’t win. In fact, the guy who was trying to edit Akizuki’s uniform’s 2 years ago was also from Kyodoin! This is because Kyodoin superiors have been salty that the school hasn’t been in the top 3 for years, so they decided that they had to use some underhanded ways to get in. Thanks to Azuma running into the dude that day, they managed to throw some blame on Akizuki & threw them off from 1st place! Yamato’s so drained by everything he just sinks down, and tells Futaba about how he spent his time with Azuma while the club was closed. They were in the art club, but at the same time they went around earning money from part-time jobs to mantain their uniforms, while training discreetly outside of school. Futaba tells him to stop moping around since it isn’t like him, and that he needs to appreciate the fact that he has everyone in the club supporting him. With this, he gains back his confidence and they’re all finally on the same wavelength & they fight their way to the finals.

Unfortunately, before the finals Azuma calls them to tell them that his flight is delayed due to snow, so he’s going to be late for the finals. According to the rules they can put Azuma as part of the lineup, but if he’s late they have to survive without him with 2 people. Yamato & Futaba decide to hold out as long as possible so that Azuma can arrive to finish off things. Unfortunately their plan of running around doesn’t go that well because Futaba’s cornered by Kouga, while Yamato has to take on Tenchi & Kokage. Futaba starts running from Kouga but takes damage in her struggle. Yamato’s about to be beat up by the 2 juniors when Azuma jumps in, powered up from some “training” overseas, and dumps Futaba off since he saved her from Kouga. He then tells Futaba & Yamato to go and take down Kouga, and he’ll take on the 2 juniors. Yamato goes off to beat up Kouga, and they’re both on 1HP so Futaba decides to boost him by kissing him on the lips while encouraging him to win. With the boost Yamato moves so fast, and Futaba suddenly sees everything freeze around her as if timed stopped. Yamato then tells Kouga that he’s glad he made the decision to stay at Akizuki that day, since he met everyone thanks to that, and a certain person who he likes now. Yamato deals the final hit on Kouga, and Akizuki wins the nationals. In the epilogue, they return to their hotel and the club’s bombed by the media. Yamato tells Azuma to deal with them, and runs off to visit Kouga in the hospital instead. Futaba goes after him, but is caught by him. She apologises to him for stealing his first kiss since she heard everything and figured he had someone he liked, but Yamato gets embarrassed and tells Futaba it’s actually her! Before Futaba can answer though, Azuma walks in cockblocking saying there’s a victory party, and runs off in excitement lmao. Futaba then pulls Yamato and kisses him, telling him that this is her answer. (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧ Futaba then teases him again but she gets smacked by him, and they return back to the hotel together. Gonna be real here first, I didn’t really like his tsun-ing but Futaba really had the pants on in this relationship so I can’t deny it turned out to be good in the end. However, I must say that writing out this route made me realise I didn’t really see the romance develop in this one, but Yamato’s a dumb tsun dork so all’s good for now, a bit more on the romance part in the final thoughts.

Banri/Mikado Route

For this route, the two juniors are chosen to represent the school in the regional finals. Unfortunately, for them though, they end up losing to Souya because he’s too OP, but Akizuki moves on to the finals anyway because of the special rule of being chosen as the region for this year’s national tournament. Futaba doesn’t reveal her past here though, since no one in this team asks about it anyway & the two guys in this pool have a ton of problems on their chest lmao.

As per the Azuma/Yamato route, they fight Karyoutokiwa and finish them off, but they don’t fight Kyodoin. This is because due to reasons the two senpais will replace them to beat up Kyodoin, and their finals opponent in Hakuroin again, aka just Souya again. This common route was very character-centric so there’s literally nothing much I can say for the “overall” story, so let’s get into their routes!

Yamada Banri (CV: Yamashita Daiki)

Banri’s the only year 1 of the club, and he only recently awakened to his powers while trying to recruit Mikado to join the superpower club. His powers involve controlling light, mainly shooting a very powerful laser beam that can take out a player’s full HP in one shot. Banri’s the perfect cute junior though, because he does all the clearning and maintenance of the uniforms pretty perfectly and it the sweet younger brother that Futaba wants to protect 101% of the time from Mikado. (✿◠‿◠) Banri used to be in the baseball club in middle school, but after his powers awakened he’s not allowed to be in a normal sports club anymore so he was recruited to the superpower club. In his last baseball game in middle school, he failed to help the team score which resulted in the team losing in the finals. He still blames himself to this day for being powerless and unable to catch the ball in time, so every time he feels powerless, he gets upset. Due to just awakening to his powers, Banri can’t really control them very well and can only shoot multiple beams by the Hakuroin & Karyoutokiwa match, so it leaves Futaba & Mikado to protect him while he finishes off the opponents. They lose the match to Hakuroin though, which leaves Banri crying because he didn’t do much while the two 2nd years had to protect him, despite Futaba being a support player. During the nationals, his superpower is found to be a new type of superpower in the light class which is aggressive. Shit gets tougher in the first national fight though, as Miyako’s gravity control causes all of them to be unable to move from the weight. With everyone barely having any HP left, Banri starts panicking and wants to protect his Futaba-senpai, so his powers suddenly explode and shoots beams everywhere. He defeats Miyako with this, but soon passes out for a few days. The club continues the tournament without him, but he soon wakes up and starts moving about because he’s tired of staying in bed. When the team comes back though, they all freak out because Banri’s not supposed to be out running just after recovering.

His sudden explosion of power during the match was due to the fact that he willed his powers to be stronger which caused his superpower to growth stronger in a short span of time. However, because these powers were awakened too early, it may actually cause him his life if he uses them too much. To wait for his superpower root to return its original state, he cannot use them until the end of the tournament. The seniors don’t want him to stress himself with the powers because his life’s more important, but Banri doesn’t want any of that. He wants to help the seniors win the tournament and protect Futaba, so he goes into a slump & even Futaba cheering him up doesn’t work. During one of Akizuki’s matches, they run into Hakuroin, where Souya tells Banri that there’s a way for him to keep his newfound powers: if he’s willing to die. Banri ain’t letting down on any chances of keeping the powers, so he decides to go through with it. It actually turns out to be some ritual to keep his awakened superpowers at the current state, so he can keep his powers & stay strong. Futaba tries to stop him but Banri tells her that guys sometimes are really stubborn and won’t let down, so even her convincing him won’t stop him. With that, Banri & Futaba follow Kojuro, the Hakuroin dude who makes weapons into the forest for the ritual. Turns out the way to keep the powers is for him to unleash his full power & maintain it at full power until it sticks. However, it can cause a fuck ton of pain & his powers can go out of control causing him to die. Kojuro also gives Futaba a hard branch thing to throw at Banri if she determines him to be out of control to the point he might die.  Banri’s really determined to go through with his so he throws out his illusion powers and maintains it, but he soon starts feeling a fuck ton of pain. As the ritual progresses though, Banri starts being unable to control his powers so he starts shooting beams everywhere at Futaba & Kojuro. He keeps firing until Futaba can’t even throw the heavy branch at his head, and Kojuro’s knocked out. Seeing this situation, Futaba lunges herself at Banri yelling at him to fight back since he’s a man. She then boosts him with her powers so he has the energy to keep going, but soon passes out from all the shit happening.

The next morning, Futaba wakes up in the forest with Banri sleeping on her boobs lmao. (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧ Banri’s powers have stuck so now he’s OP af and can blast light beams everywhere and has illusion powers which can restrict vision. The two hurry back to where the tournament is being held, and they only see Mikado. Turns out the 2 senpais made their powers explode since they trusted Banri to solve his problems, and they’ve been wheeled off the the hospital. Thankfully they didn’t lose their superpowers, but they won’t be able to participate in the finals. The 3 decide to train as hard as possible before to win the tournament. Sadly, Souya’s got other plans during the finals and decides to finish off Mikado first, then Banri. Banri & Futaba are dragged into Asuka’s shadow powers, but Banri ain’t sitting still so he blasts out of the illusion to fight Souya. Unfortunately, the dude’s finished off Mikado, so they have an all out 1v1 showdown. Souya also makes him yell his goal for winning, in which the good child yells that he wants to be number 1 so that the girl he likes will be proud of him!!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ At the last moment though, just when I thought that Futaba was gonna kiss him on the lips, Banri tells her not to use her powers so he only gets a forehead kiss! That was really underwhelming but Banri finishes Souya with only his powers, and they win the tournament. After the tournament, Banri tells Futaba that he has something to tell her, and he wants to meet her at the training centre. Sadly before any of the long-awaited otome stuff can happen, Souya cockblocks and offers Banri an opportunity to study overseas, and tells Futaba he can’t confess until he returns!! Goddamnit game! In the Epilogue, it’s been a year since the tournament and Futaba goes to welcome Banri home from the airport. He then uses his new powers to create an illusion of the training centre from the tournament, and confesses that he loves her. Futaba is cheeky as usual and tells him that she’s been getting popular and she doesn’t know if she likes him still, which shocks Banri so he panics lmao. In his confusion, Futaba kisses him on the lips and tells him that she loves him too. (੭ु。╹▿╹。)੭ु⁾⁾ I really liked how Banri grew up throughout the route and the fact that he didn’t use the boost in the end kind of make me both happy and not at the same time. I mean it was nice to see his growth but the tradition where Futaba kisses everyone during the finals was kinda broke and I was just sad lmao. But overall Banri was a good boy, I really enjoyed his growth!

Koga Mikado (CV: Atsushi Abe)

Mikado’s the flirt of the group, and like Futaba, he’s a superpower user who didn’t want to be involved with the superpower club until he was recruited. I played him last because a lot of the people who played this before me recommended this route to me a lot, and I have to say I died at this one. It was hella enjoyable. Mikado uses electricity as his powers, being able to feel currents in the air, and is also said to be genius at superpower battles. Mikado actually likes Futaba, and spends the first half of the game just teasing her a lot to get her to dere up lmao. (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ ) Unforunately half his remarks are taken to be pervert remarks to Futaba so all his feels for her are dumped in the trash bin. It’s revealed in the common route that he used to play at Hakuroin in middle school, but due to getting caught up in a fight between superpower users and policemen, he ended up getting caught in an explosion which fried his superpowers. Mikado fell into a coma, but he miraculously woke up, though his powers weakened and is now only half the output of his past self. After the incident though, Mikado decided to not get involved in superpower battles anymore, and spent his days flirting with girls in the school. After meeting the club though, his passion for the sport is relit and he actually plays very well. So during the Karyoutokiwa match, the team’s in a tight pinch so Mikado tries to attack Miyako with his tactical play, but for some reason his can’t activate his power and only sparks come out. Banri & Futaba don’t notice this though, because they all cant see shit in a smokescreen from Banri’s explosive beams. Mikado is unable to land a hit on Miyako, but thankfully they win the match because his sparks ended up becoming signs for Banri to land the finishing blow. When the match ends, Mikado suddenly asks what happened and passes out. He wakes up after a day or two though, but shit gets worse when suddenly gets paralysed, so he calls Asuka for help. Asuka’s the girl in Hakuroin who pulls opponents into the shadows, and Mikado called her for help because she knows she’s in the medical track. He then asks her to bring him to see a private doctor because he doesn’t want to worry the rest of the team. The next morning after the 2 disappear, everyone’s busy looking for them when they suddenly return, and Mikado gives Futaba a dress saying that he dragged Asuka out cuz he was embarrassed buying womens’ clothing alone.

They start their training when Mikado suddenly collapses from a fever, so they stop and bring him back to his room. After waking up, Mikado tells the seniors that he’s still pretty unwell so he asks to sit out of their matches, so Azuma & Yamato agree to play in his place for the next match. Concerned for him, Futaba & Banri decide to make porridge for him but they start burning the food, so they beg Asuka for help again. While cooking though, Asuka then tells Futaba that Mikado’s never been so serious about something, and Futaba’s the only person he’s actually pursued seriously. Futaba brings the porridge to his room, and tells him that he should stop saying and doing things that make people misunderstand. Mikado tells her that he really loves her though, ever since she brought him into the club. Thanks to them recruiting him he was saved and he feels happy again participating in superpower battles. He then says that he’s glad he could tell her in time…before passing out. Futaba freaks out and realises he can barely hear his heartbeat, so shouts at Asuka for help. Asuka quickly tells her to boost Mikado so he’ll wake up, and Mikado has no choice but to reveal everything to them. Turn out the effects from his accident from a few years back ave relapsed again and his powers are slowly getting weaker again, and sometimes he can’t control them that they might shock his brain and cause him to die at any moment. Other possible things the electricity could do to him is paralyse him, or even fry his memory. The only way to prevent him from dying is to seal off his powers, but this means he won’t able play anymore or use them ever. Mikado really hates being born with these powers because it’s done nothing but made him suffer, so he’s decided to give up & undergo the operation to shut off the powers. (´;д;`) The two senpais soon get the truth out of Banri & Futaba, so they plan a method to get Mikado to fight in the finals. They get Futaba to wear the dress that Mikado bought her and go out on a date with him. (◕‿◕✿) At the end of the day, Futaba brings him to the match location asking him to fight in the finals with Banri & her.

The rest of the team show up trying to convince him to just go all out in the finals, since they believe he can win he should just go all out as his last match. Futaba then says that he’s really lame for giving up, and that she hates him so if he wins the nationals she might actually like him. Mikado is very agreeable to win her heart, so he decides to fight in the finals. The day before the finals, Mikado asks Futaba to cut his hair off. This is because he was actually growing it to release his electric currents, but with his powers weakening he doesn’t need it anymore. Also because he really likes Futaba he wants her to do it for him. So for the final match, Mikado decides to troll Souya by getting Banri to bring the flag to their base as per the special rules. This causes Souya’s copy to run off to try and stop Banri, so Mikado & Futaba only need to fight one Souya lmao. So for the final kiss Mikado steals a kiss from Futaba to get himself powered up for the final fight. Thanks to Banri’s light beam removing Asuka’s shadow barrier, Mikado lands the final hit and they win the competition. In the epilogue, Futaba’s now the captain of the superpower club, while Mikado’s the coach of the club. Thanks to Futaba’s super boost at the finals, Mikado’s powers don’t do any harm to his life anymore, so he didn’t need to go for the operation but he can’t use them at competition level. He now coaches the club and plans matches so they can go without Futaba kissing anyone LMAO. While planning though Futaba complains that he’s been focusing on superpower battles so much they haven’t been spending time as a couple together so she’s pissed! Mikado then yells like “NICE I GOT HER TO DERE” as it turns out he’s been holding back doing anything with her to record her getting dere for once LMAO. (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧ He agrees to go out with her and they kiss. Mikado actually made me cry a little bit when his route started to develop and goddamn, the ending was great cuz at least he didn’t have to seal off the powers :”D That said this route was the most otome of the main 4, because of the dates and how Mikado was kind of the only one who outwardly expressed his affections for Futaba at the start of the game. I ended up enjoying this one a lot because of Mikado himself.

Iwao & Souya Route

For whatever reasons they decided it was a good idea to give these 2 a short route, probably cuz they were designed hot enough to get routes. It honestly wasn’t that nice, and the only thing I liked about it was that it solved Futaba’s problems.  The Azuma & Yamato team loses in the regional finals, and for whatever reason the special rule doesn’t apply and they don’t end up going to the nationals. Azuma & Yamato are disappointed & upset, so they decide to go and apologise to Seiji for their loss. The club pretty much disbands so Futaba ends up distant from the rest of the guys so she spends her summer being a normal student, hanging out & doing her homework. She also decided to cut herself off from the superpower tournament and doesn’t really know what happened in the finals. At the end of her summer vacation though, a letter arrives from the organisers inviting her to an exihibition match against the winning team. She decides to go under the recommendation of Yamato, who tells her that it’s technically Akizuki’s last match so she gotta do them proud. There she meets Souya, Miyako, Iwao, and the captain whose name I don’t remember from that agricultural school who got blasted dead in like 5 seconds by Banri. To choose the members entering the official exhibition match, the 5 decide to duke it out & the last 3 standing enters the match. Futaba, who’s a support player, ends up having to pair with one of the chosen members. Miyako’s annoying & the nonexistent dude is nonexistent, so she ends up choosing between Souya or Iwao. The 2 end up surviving the battle royale with Futaba though, so they enter the match. One day though, Souya drags them out to a beach resort to go for a training camp for the exihibition match, since he plans on winning the match. The opponents are Kyodoin this time, and the exihibition team has never won this match, so Souya plans on making this win a first in history. After their training though, Souya decides its a great idea for them to play with fireworks by the beach since its a summer thing lmao.

The day of the exihibition match soon arrives and the team runs into Kyodoin, and Futaba finally meets Kokage. Kokage’s actually her childhood friend from Futaba’s flashbacks, aand the mood goes down and Futaba is unable to concentrate on the match. Before the match begins though, Iwao & Souya ask her what happened with Kokage, in which she spills everything she covered in the Azuma/Yamato route. Depending on the route what happens is slightly different but the two cheer her up and tell her to face Kokage since she’s back on the superpower battle scene already. If there’s any beef they have with each other, they should settle it during the match. Futaba decides to not run away this time, and properly face Kokage as an attacker player. She meets Kokage on the battlefield, and Kokage tells her that she has to thank her. Because of Futaba’s boost, Kokage’s superpower actually grew stronger and her super strength is now tenfold of what Futaba remembers it to be. This is proven when she uses her powers and two colours of light appears, when usually a person only has one colour which never changes in their life. Kokage can also break buildings and bend giant metal rods, so she’s hella strong. However, she only recently recovered, and realised that she also stole Futaba’s dream since Futaba must have been guilty of what she did. Kokage’s glad that Futaba’s back on the scene, and they finally make up so they start fighting. Futaba can’t land a hit on her, but the guy who’s route you’re in will show up to assist in her in dealing the final blow on Kokage and winning the exihibition match. Honestly it would have been better for Futaba to solve her issues in a main guy’s route since it made more sense to do it with the people she was playing with, but I guess they had to shove it here since the two routes available where that short. However, I still cried at this reconcilation and wished it was a yuri route instead of the 2 shoved in routes. :”D On to the two short routes I guess.

Mutsu Iwao (CV: Satou Takuya)

Iwao’s the delinquent-looking guy from Hokuyo, who I have not mentioned throughout the course of this entire review because he gets defeated in the first match. Seriously, we barely spend any time with him and for some reason he gets a route. Souya is understandable but having him as a route was just “???” to me. Heck, even Kouga/Tenchi would have been kinda interesting as route targets to me but him being one is just weird. At the same time, I played him last but I genuinely regret that and wished I finished all routes with Souya last lmao. Eitherway, Iwao’s pretty vanila to me he’s just a deliquent dude who gets easily embarrassed around women. His powers are to make his body steel so he can put out heavy hits & defend himself well so it doesn’t get marked as damage. While they have free time at the beach, Iwao gets hit by a beach ball multiple times, and they’re suddenly approached by some deliquents who want to pick a fight with them. Iwao decies to ignore them with Futaba, but one of them try to grab Futaba, so he retaliates by grabbing the guy’s wrists hella hard. Futaba grabs his arm and tells him to calm down, which turns him into a ball of embarrassment, without realising the delinquents actually ran off lmao. For the finals, he’s up against Kouga but honestly, Kouga’s a bad match because he can only deal normal hits & Iwao’s a defence type. Kouga ends up getting beaten up by Iwao pretty easily after getting sneaked attacked by the latter, so Iwao runs off to assist Futaba. For his assist, he pretty much runs in to fight Kokage as bait, and with Futaba’s boost he’s able to make Futaba’s torso area steel so damage from Kokage doesn’t get in. With the defence, Kokage can’t land a hit so Futaba finishes her off, and they win the exihibition match. At the ending, Akizuki & Hokuyo end up teaming up for the Autumn/Winter tournament because there was a forgotten rule about how if one school lacks members, they can team up with another school in the same region for a full team. Futaba & Banri are now with the Hokuyo team, and they’re about to face Hakuroin in the regional finals, where Mikado’s there instead of Souya lmao. Iwao tells Futaba that she’s a teammate that he can rely on and that he’ll protect her, which leaves him blushing after Futaba takes it out of context lmao.

Katsuragi Souya (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

Souya’s the ace of Hakuroin who keeps showing up in most of the routes as a major rival of the competition. His powers are to clone himself, which is actually very useless if he doesn’t have his supports Asuka & Kojuro. However, being the stubborn dude he is, he actually trained himself to the point he can fight well with his powers only, and can do some trippy ninja shit with his clone to deal with opponents. He’s pretty stubborb, and throughout the short ass route you find out that he’s pretty much almost the same as Azuma, only much smarter and classier lmao. At the beach, he literally goes off to sunbathe, and seeing how his hair is dragging on the floor, Futaba offers to braid it for him but he keeps staring at her making her hella embarrassed. During the exihibition match, Souya’s up against Tenchi and he beats up the kiddo with his shadow clone powers by pulling a fake on him. With his revenge against Tenchi done, he rushes off to assist Futaba. With Futaba’s boost, he creates a clone of Futaba and that tricks Kokage into hitting the wrong Futaba, so Futaba deals her final blow on Kokage. Souya then invites her to enter Hakuroin so that they can play as a team in university, but Futaba can’t decide so she doesn’t respond to him. A few months later, Souya shows up at the dorms asking her to sign a paper in english which is apparently “the prizes for winning the exihibition match”. Futaba signs it without thinking and finds out that Souya heard from Yamato this was a great way to scam her! Futaba realises she’s signed papers to move to Hakuroin from now on, so Souya’s hella excited. Asuka & Kojuro show up to tell her she’s now stuck with his shit from now on because he’s really stubborn and gets what he wants lmao. Souya then says that they’re gonna be great partners from now as he’s gonna train her and look over her studies so they can play together in university. (*´╰╯`๓)♬ Honestly, Souya would have been better off as a full route but they just gotta shove it in this extra route for whatever reason. His personality was hella funnyand I honestly wished he had more content with him to find out how whacky he can get. I enjoyed this short route it definitely could have been more.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this game. While it took me a while to clear the whole game, all the routes were actually quite short and were doable in one sitting, just that I barely had time to play. However, the game really lifted my spirits during this stressful season of school so I can proudly say, I hella enjoyed the game. All the routes were too good, I actually sometimes felt they were too short. The length of the routes also meant that the game had a serious lack of romance, which could have been solved if the game got an FD, but it never did cuz this game wasn’t popular enough to warrant one. The game is literally so obscure, I actually secured this from FromJapan at around 1000 yen only, for a 2nd hand. Goddamn that’s depressing for such a good game :”D. The game honestly felt like a sport anime to me, and being one previously just got me excited when it reached the matches and the climaxes, though sometimes the termilogy just got me confused lmao. Character routes wise, I honestly can’t decide who I like the most among the main 4 but it’s probably Azuma or Mikado. Everyone is a good kiddo in this one I end up not being able to choose at all. Futaba was an amusing heroine but half the scenarios were already gag scenarios by themselves, I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the entire game. Honestly the sprites of all the characters always had a gag face or two which made me laugh a fuck ton because it just added on to the gag mood. Futaba would be really smooth or snarky once in a while, which is a nice tough because we barely get heroines like that nowadays tbh!! Her inner thoughts were pretty hilarious as well, so that was amusing. Probably the only thing I’d complain about is the slow-ass skip, because for some reason it just took so long to get through the battles when my main priority was to skip through everything to get to a new route. Overall, I’d recommend this game to everyone to play. While there is a lack of romance, the humour, character interactions, everything else about the game really made it fun, and also helped me laugh off the stress I had been feeling for the whole of May. Despite being short, the enjoyable factor wins this all for me.

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