Diabolik Lovers ~Lost Eden~ Mukami Routes + Final Thoughts

After the passing of Karl Heinz, the Mukamis are left with no one to rely on after themselves. Seeing the Demon World fall to chaos while the Sakamakis aren’t able to enter the Demon World, they take things into their hands to protect the home that they were raised in: Karl Heinz’s Castle, Eden. After a run in with Kino and seeing how demons are gonna attack Yui left and right since she’s Eve, they decide to keep her safe while protecting their childhood home that Karl Heinz left behind.

This is the last released out of the 4 posts, mainly because Yuma was my last route. The Mukami’s route mainly focuses on the human experiments that were done in Rothenberg, where bodies of dead humans where dumped there and were eventually turned into ghouls. these bodies came from the town the Mukamis lived in when they were kids, where a revolution happened & a war started, causing everyone to lose their families or dumped by their families due to poverty and shit. This is pretty much explained in their debut game so read that post for more details. All this war was instigated by Karl Heinz so that he could collect bodies to use as part of his experimentation, and where dumped into Rothenberg. Because of the miasma, quite a bit of the people were revived by Karl Heinz and hate him to the very core for not only killing them, but making them suffer in Rothenberg cuz they live eternal lives there. Unfortunately, some of the Mukamis’ relatives and friends and in that pile of revived people.


Yui runs into Ruki on the way home from school, where he seems to be concerned with something & is dazed af, zoning out when they shop for ingredients at the supermarket. Yui checks on him, when he asks her if she enjoys living with them. Yui tells him that of course, she loves it, when Ruki knocks into someone. The mysterious dude turns out to be Kino, who greets them until Yuma walks over & he disappears. Yuma tries to ask about what he’s thinking about too, but Ruki tosses Yui to him telling them to wait ouside. Yuma’s concerned about Ruki too, since he’s been really down since Karl Heinz died. They start walking home whne Kou prances in to tease Yui, when they all realise Azusa’s alone at home. They rush home where Azusa gets jelly they were all walking home together. The dinner table gets rowdy as per usual, when Ruki says that he needs to tell them something. Eden’s been slowly crumbling every since the Sakamaki leader took over, and everyone in the demon world is fighting for a chance to take over the demon world. Ruki doesn’t want anyone trying to destroy their old home. Kou & Yuma don’t really care much, but Azusa does, since it’s a precious place with their memories of Karl Heinz. Yui starts worrying if it’s right for her to stay with the Mukamis, so Azusa comes over to assure her that it’s their problem, so she doesn’t need to worry too much. The Mukamis eventually decide to move to Eden, since they dont want to hand other Yui, and they want to protect Eden too.

Mukami Ruki

Ruki’s route was one of the most boring routes because I seriously, seriously, don’t hecking remember what on earth happened with him. Or maybe it’s because I played him a long arse while ago and had to go through it again to write this review. Ruki’s the most affected by Karl Heinz’s death because he respects the dude a lot. The Mukami bros prepare to move to Eden, but Ruki doesn’t want Yui to go along. He ends up going to her at night for comfort though, and he admits that he feels inferior because he often thinks that he could have protected the world tree much better, contemplating about how “only those who are worthy are granted power”. They then find out Shu blew up the Sakamaki mansion in retaliation to an attack from a vampire, so Ruki ends up taking Yui along to the demon world anyway. Ruki continues to question why he isn’t Adam, and here at this replay point I realised why I never remembered this part of the route. ( ´_ゝ`) The whole route pretty much has Ruki bothered about his constant worries of being inferior and shit. Along the way, Ruki comes across a text which is probably the “to the reader” section of Charles Baudelaire’s “The Flowers of evil”, where he says that humans are controlled by the demon. Japan for some reason translated the demon to Trismegistus, so we’re going with that. Ruki realises that he’s heard of the demon Trismegistus in his life, where his father was really pissed at a guy named “Trismegistus” who ruined his political status and started being abusive. Ruki wakes up from his flashback dream where he gets incredibly shaken and firmly believes it was just his human dad controlled by the devil. He runs into Yuma, where the latter realises he’s got shit on his mind and the only way to get him to spill it is TO DUKE IT OUT WITH HIM. This causes a huge commotion in the castle corridor, where Ruki gets mad at all of them for saying “he doesn’t seem like himself”, and decides to head to the Sakamaki mansion. Yui, worried for her man, chases after him. Thanks to her persistence, he admits that’s he’s really afraid of living according to his desires, and isn’t sure if he really wants to hold back from getting what he wants. Ruki asks Yui if she’d be willing to come with him despite the fact he might go after Shu’s head, Yui agrees to go since she’s decided she’d stick with him. (and deal with all his angst bs you go girl)

Meanwhile, the other 3 bros realise how much their big bro has been holding back for the sake of all of them, how they’ve been throwing unrealistic ideals on him, which ended up with Ruki becoming stoic af. Thanks to that Ruki’s scared of attaining everything that he wants that is beneficial to him, and they’ve got no right to say that he ain’t like himself. At the Sakamaki house, Ruki’s approached by Christa, who tells him that Karl Heinz was known for being like the devil Trismegistus, increasing his suspicions. Yuma and Kou arrive at the Sakamaki mansion to apologise to Ruki for the fight and for causing him to be unable to live freely. Ruki however says that it’s not them, it’s because he still clings onto his humanity. Nevertheless, he ends up cooking vongole bianco for them and for Azusa.(*´▽`*) Ruki tells Yui that he’ll only return to Eden to once he’s got all his problems settled. Suddenly, Shu asks of Ruki to be his right-hand man, which leaves Ruki in a huge dilemma. The big reveal finally hits when Ruki brings Yui to his hometown in Eastern Europe. After some research at the local library, Ruki confirms that a dude named Trismegistus did exist, and had some shady powers to heal diseases, and was never able to be assassinated. The mayor back then liked him so much, the guy listened to him and started wasting government funds and raising taxes and shit, causing everyone to go into deep poverty which led to tons of kids getting thrown out into the streets cuz their parents couldn’t afford to take care of them. The mayor was eventually executed in a revolution, and it’s said that Trismegistus went around collecting bodies of people who died from the incident and disappeared after. Ruki remembers his dad honestly wasn’t such a dick until Trismegistus showed up and caused his dad to be angry every day, and if weren’t for the dude his family wouldn’t have been destroyed either.  This probably means if Karl Heinz was Trismegistus, he’s pretty much the guy the Mukami family wants revenge against for ruining all their lives. Ruki and his Karl Heinz ass-licking mentality doesn’t want to believe his new dad/saviour is the one who fucked his entire life up. ┐(´-`)┌  Upon returning to the place they’re staying at, Ruki locks himself in his room for 5 days, and when he comes out, he’s like “its better off if i dont think anyway” and they head back to the Sakamaki mansion.

The Mukami bros have camped there waiting for them to come back since they made dinner for him(*´▽`*), and they have a fun time until Azusa gives him a photo of them with Karl Heinz which CAUSES RUKI TO START CRYING. Yui gets suspicious that something’s up with him, while Ruki decides that he’s going to bring this secret till his grave because he wants to protect his brothers. Once the brothers return to Eden, Ruki declines Shu’s offer and decides to ditch everything and just return to their mansion in the human world. Their life continues normally when news of a war starting between the vampires and bibolas arrives, but Ruki destroys the letter saying that there’s no point for the weak to try and struggle. Yui decides to check on the bros herself since Ruki doesn’t seem to care about his family, but ends up getting caught by Kino and his goons. Ruki doesn’t find Yui around the house and starts lamenting about how he’s like his dad and has his woman dump him and his family destroyed, and realises he probably shouldn’t be running away from his problems, which made me lose my shit because WHY DID YOU NOT THINK OF THIS FROM THE START. щ(ಥДಥщ) Meanwhile, Yui’s stuck at Rothenberg, where Kino explains everything to her regarding the ghouls. He eventually tells her about about the entire Trismegistus drama which causes Yui to realise all of Ruki’s actions were caused by the drama. Meanwhile, the Sakamakis arrive at Eden to fight off the Bibolas much to the Mukamis’ relief. Ruki soon arrives at Rothenberg to rescue Yui, and she immediately apologises to him for telling him to share his thoughts with his brothers since he was carrying such a painful secret. Kino reveals that Trismegistus brought all the dead bodies from his hometown to experiment on them in Rothenberg, and that they’re probably all alive here as ghouls. Kino then brings out Ruki’s real father who throws a shitfit at him for becoming Karl Heinz’ son. Ruki finally believes that Karl Heinz had revived them, probably because of the Adam & Eve plan. Kino tells them they can do whatever they want, so they rest in one of the houses. Yui holds on to him hand to comfort him, and he admits he wanted to keep it a secret, but things like are too much to keep in.

They return to Eden, and the 3 other bros start losing their shit apologising to him because they thought he got pissed at them for over-relying on him. Ruki & Yui reveal the truth about Karl Heinz ruining their lives, but the 3 of them all agree that despite the fact that their lives were miserable, but because of that incident, the 4 of them became brothers and they’re happy now. Maybe, because he destroyed so many lives, he tried to help them so he’s still precious af since they gave him this family. They all start crying happy tears together as a family. (。◡‿◡) The mood gets cut short though, as the Bibolas start attacking the castle so they decide to protect their castle. Brute End: In an unfortunate turn of events, Kino helps the Bibolas out and the vampires end up all being thrown into a dungeon while Yui’s unscathed since Kino’s after her ass. Yui finds her way to Ruki where they end each others lives, promising to meet in their next lives since she doesn’t want to marry Kino. Manservant End: After the Mukamis reconcile, Kino walks in bitching about them being too human for him. Kino kills all of them one by one, which makes Yui lose her shit and start screaming when Kino uses his magic to shut her up since he needs to send her back to the church. Afterwards, it’s revealed that the Sakamakis beat up Kino & the Bibolas, leaving Yui. Yui stuck with the after effects of Kino’s magic, is unable to talk but stays at Eden until it’s destroyed. Vampire End: Ruki assists Shu with their battle strategy, where Shu comments Ruki’s way better at ruling than him. Kino suddenly shows up in the main hall proposing an alliance. Shu agrees and Kino decides to do a toast, when Ruki smacks the drink out of Shu’s hands and complains Shu needs to get his shit together since there’s poison in the drink. Shu beats the shit out of Kino & Yuri, and the vampires successfully kick the Bibolas out of their territory. After everything’s over, Ruki & Yui decide to stay behind at Eden to take care of it until it’s fully collapsed. One day, Yui gives him a couple of letters regarding the Mukami bros and the situation regarding moving the ghouls to the vampire territory. Ruki still believes that Karl Heinz was suffering as well, to be the ideal and carrying everything. He admits that supporting each other is what a family does, and asks if Yui will continue supporting him as his wife. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ He kisses her without waiting for her answer thought since they’re family already. He then asks her to live as family together with him. (❁´▽`❁)* Heaven Scenario 1: Yui’s trying to paint her nails when Ruki walks in causing her to mis-paint lmao. He paints her nails for her though, but she cant use her hands so Ruki feeds her cookies from Azusa which turn out to be spicy as fuck, so Ruki starts kissing her to heal the burns www. 2: The Mukamis are playing hide and seek when Yui & Ruki find themselves at the same hiding spot. Yui’s about to leave when Ruki grabs her andhides with her. He then starts kissing her neck to tease her until Kou leaves. 3: Yui finds Ruki in the pool one day so he gets her to join him in the pool. Ruki makes her all hot and bothered in the pool tho, so he brings her back to his room to “continue”. :^) Ruki’s route was hella boring and didn’t really leave an impression on me until I replayed because I realised the drama was all about him. Overall, it was a sweet route but Ruki seriously needs to stop worrying about things too hard. I’m still happy about the route because there was so much Mukami bonding I cried a little.

Mukami Azusa

Azusa is still our sweet Mukami child, but because they went and pulled that arm chopping shit in More Blood, his left arm is forever gone and he continues to only have one hand. (。•́︿•̀。) When the Mukamis start packing to head off to Eden, Yui & Azusa pack their things together, where Azusa starts remembering all the moments he had with Yui, and how he wants to bring everything since they all have memories with her. (*´▽`*)However, Azusa starts to get upset when everyone tries to help him, like Yui re-tying his bandages together, and Kou having to help him unzip his bag. Azusa just wants to be of use to his family, but because of only having a single arm, he can’t do much. ;w; He tries to help Yui around the castle as much as possible, so Yui tries to give him as minimal work as possible but it’s still tough as he gets upset about not being of help to her. Ruki starts assigning positions to the guys if there’s an attack on Eden, and gives Azusa the role of passing information. Azusa’s not really happy about his role since he isn’t doing much, but Ruki tells him everyone is suited for a certain role. Azusa soon leaves to do some thinking, so Ruki tells Kou & Yuma not to do anything extra since Azusa needs to face reality. However, being the good big brothers they are, Kou & Yuma want him to feel accomplished, so Yui suggests they purposely send Azusa off to hand Ruki something he forgot since he’s visiting the Sakamaki mansion the next day. They decide to do it behind Ruki’s back, and sends him off. However, Ruki returns before Azusa, in which Yui, Kou & Yuma all panic when they realise he might have been caught by the Bibolas for entering their territory. Ruki tells them not to go save him, because it might just make him more upset, and tells them to believe in him. Azusa, lost in the forest, ends up running into Kino who just finished murdering some Bibolas. Kino tries to offer help but Azusa declines. Kino ends up asking him if he could make Yui happy in this weak state, and Azusa starts to question himself. He eventually makes it home, where Yui’s been waiting out at the entrance for him, and is asleep. He pats her head thanking her for waiting for him.(*´▽`*)Yui’s relieved that he’s back, and welcomes him home. The next day, the Mukamis all gather, telling him that he’s already very helpful, and he doesn’t need to do more. Azusa’s still quite upset, because he wasn’t able to finish the task he was assigned in the end. Shit happens when Kanato comes crashing in with Reiji yelling that he’s getting shit from the Bibolas, and it’s all Azusa’s fault. The bibolas, not knowing that Kino was in their territory, figured that Azusa probably killed their guys because he was the only one spotted. Kanato screams at him for giving him trouble, so Azusa tries to explain about Kino showing up in the forest, but Kanato & Reiji don’t believe him.

Azusa decides that the best way to clear the misunderstanding is to head to the Bibola castle directly to apologise to Zweik. The Mukamis all follow Azusa to the castle, where they’re invited in thanks to having Yui with them. Azusa apologises to Zweik, but doesn’t leak information about Kino. Zweik doesn’t accept his apology until Yuma & Kou yell from the back telling him that Azusa ain’t a person who would kill others. Impressed by their strong bonds, Zweik lets him off and gives them a banquet. Seeing all the pretty bibola ladies, Azusa starts getting worried that Yui isn’t able to be a real princess with him, but Yui tells him that she doesn’t need anything, since she’s already happy enough with him living like this. She then drags him out to dance together with him, where she tells him that they just need to support each other. (✿´‿`) Suddenly, the hall bursts into flames, so the Mukamis decide they need to save themselves first. Azusa tries to save one of the kids, but ends up getting injured. The Mukamis escape the castle, but are then cornered by the Ravens, who were the ones who set the fire. All of them get arrested and thrown into the dungeon, except for Yui, who demands that Azusa be taken up to the room with her. Kino doesn’t want Yui yelling at him so he gives in, and over the next few days, Yui takes care of Azusa. However, Azusa is increasingly upset that he’s unable to protect anyone, and wants strength to protect the people precious to him. Once he’s better, Azusa confronts Kino demanding to know why he burnt down the Bibola castle, but the guy tells him that he had no choice. There was a chance that Azusa might have told on him, so he decided to kill them before they could get to him. They get into a fight, in which Azusa gets beaten so Kino throws him back into the dungeon, where Yui decides to follow. A few days later, Kino takes him out of the dungeon and offers a proposition to him from the church. Apparently, the church is doing some weird experimentation on barely alive demons to create something that could help them in the demon extermination in the human world. Since they’re desperate to make a powerful weapon of sorts,they got Kino to reach out to Azusa. The church dude tells Azusa that they can give him power, but in exchange they need him to help out in whatever extermination the church is doing. They give him some time to think about it, since he’s going against the demons if he makes this choice. However, he doesn’t tell the rest of the Mukamis about the proposition. On the Sakamaki side, Kanato is apparently getting shit for the Bibola fire since no one knows who actually set the fire, so he decides to pin the blame on the Mukamis for everything. Despite the fact the Sakamakis know the Mukamis wouldn’t pull such shit, nobody gives fucks so they’re all okay with Kanato’s decision. ( ´_ゝ`)

The news reaches Kino’s ears about the Mukamis being wanted criminals, so he informs them and lets them out of the dungeon, telling them they can do whatever they want now. The Mukamis realise they’re in deep shit no matter where they go, and Azusa starts getting worried that Kanato is coming for Yui’s ass. This convinces Azusa to go with the church’s agreement, since he’s resolved to protect his family. Yui wonders where he’s going off to, but hugs him anyway, telling him to be safe and come back. Azusa kisses her and leaves. He comes back 10 days later, with his arm back! Azusa explains that his new arm was given by the church and has power to kill demons. He then explains the deal he made with the church, and that he will not kill his family or Yui even if the church orders him to do so. Everyone’s exasperated, but Ruki’s the most displeased with Azusa’s actions. Azusa ends up being out of the house often as he’s always with Kino killing demons in the human world, but he’s happy that he has power to protect all of them. Kou & Yuma figure that it’s the Sakamaki’s fault for causing Azusa to become like this, in which Ruki says that it was to protect the vampire clan, so their sacrifice is needed. Azusa overhears them, and asks Ruki if the vampire clan is more important than family. Ruki says that it was a mistake to steal Eve in the first place, and they should let Kanato do anything he wants since “it’s to protect the vampire clan”. ( ´_ゝ`) Yuma & Kou get mad at him because they don’t want to die because of Kanato’s selfishness. Ruki decides to leave to take responsibility for everything. Yui tries to stop him, but he only tells her to stop Azusa. Ruki ends up heading to the demon world to turn himself in, but Kanato gives no fucks about and wants all Mukamis there. Reiji then suggests they lure the Mukamis out by threatening to execute Ruki, which reaches the Mukamis ears in Rothenberg. As they decide to save Ruki, Kino comes in saying that Azusa’s now church property and he can only listen to what they say. Kino also reveals that his new arm has a spell which can stop him from doing shit, so he can’t go against them. Since Azusa can’t go, Yuma decides to go with Yui to try and talk things out with Kanato. However, Kanato doesn’t want to listen anyway and they’re stuck in a situation where either Ruki or all of them dies. Execution day finally comes, and the church decides to launch an attack, so Azusa is forced to head to the scene with Kino. Upon seeing the forces, Kanato decides he’s gonna kill the Mukamis, since he wanted to murder them anyway. Yui’s stuck because of one of his binding spells, so all the shit unfolds in front of her.

The situation leads to Ruki trying to stop Azusa from killing anymore. However, being the dick he is, Kino reveals that he can control Azusa’s movements, and proceeds to get him to stab Ruki. Ruki’s actually fine with him dying if Azusa can calm down after all this, and in his last breath, Ruki tells him that he’s strong and to protect the family from the heart. However, this leads to Azusa losing his shit and his powers go out of control, causing him to kill Kino next. Kou & Yuma arrive to the scene, and they’re horrified by Azusa’s rampage. Yui manages to get out of the spell, and tries to stop Azusa. Brute End: Before he knows it, Azusa pretty much kills everyone, and ends up back at the church. The church guys continue to control Azusa getting him to kill all the demons by giving him a machine that plays scenes of him and the family continuously, since he’s delusional and pretty much still thinks he’s doing it to protect his family. (*;゚;艸;゚;) Manservant End: Azusa, unable to control his powers, ends up killing Kanato, which leads to the powers leaking out of him. In his madness, Azusa decides to grab the powers to try and turn back time, so Yui runs to him, but fails to stop him. This causes him to return to normal, so he apologises for everything and is destroyed since he’s not able to control the powers. After the incident, Yui holes up in Azusa’s room, obsessed over memories with Azusa. Yuma & Kou continue to take care of her, saying that they’ll forever support each other as family until the world ends. Vampire End: Azusa is about to kill Kanato, when he hears Ruki’s voice (deus ex machina, i know) asking him if this was what really what he wanted, telling him to remember what’s important. Azusa remembers all the moments the family told him that he was important to them, and realises he only wanted to protect his family, not kill anyone. He stops and starts to cry, apologising to everyone he attacked. Yui runs to him and gives him a hug, and tells him everyone will forgive him. (´;ω;`) After the incident, the Mukamis are cleared of their wanted status as Kino was obviously the perpetrator. Ruki’s somehow manages to be alive, and is now in charge of Eden. Azusa decided to chop off the arm the church gave him once again, saying that he doesnt need it anymore. At the end, the Mukamis give him a new prosthetic arm, but there’s no power in it. Azusa’s really happy about it, and says that he isn’t able to give her a lot of material things, but she’s okay with it as long she’s with him. Azusa then asks her to stay with him forever, and they kiss. Heaven Scenario 1: Azusa takes Yui to the flower garden in Eden, where he lists everything he likes about her and kisses her. 2: Azusa finds Yui in her room asking her to spend the night with him since he can’t seem to stop thinking about her. He then sucks her blood to keep her warm, and soon falls asleep. 3: Azusa gets Yui to play with his mirror reflection with him, when she realises how Azusa really looks like a man, and they start making out. Azusa’s route was one heck of a rollercoaster ride mainly because Kanato was being an asshole half the time. I understand why Azusa wants power and really rooted for him throughout the whole thing because Kanato was an ass, but then everything steamrolled down into a giant mess at the end which made me lose my shit. I ended up being so emotional at the vampire end because holy shit, it was a ride and they finally get their happy end. Honestly though, they could have given Azusa his prosthetic arm earlier, maybe he wouldn’t have been so upset about himself;;;

Mukami Kou

Kou’s pretty attached to Karl Heinz & Eden in general because he had such a bad childhood & Karl Heinz pretty much raised him like a father. Seeing how terrible a state Eden is in, Kou starts getting mad that Subaru isn’t doing his job properly, and is about to go confront him. Yui chases after him and tells him that getting into a fight with Subaru isn’t going to help a thing & will probably spoil their friendship in the end. Kou calms his ass down, and they stay at Eden, where Kou has dreams about a woman. He’s crying in the dream, so Yui has to calm him down when he wakes up. (◕‿◕✿) After receiving news that the Sakamakis were attacked by Kino, Kou decides that he can’t sit still and wait for something to change & is worried about Subaru, so he volunteers to go to check on the Sakamakis. Yui wants to tag along, worried for him, but Ruki tells her to believe in Kou. Kou promises that he’ll come back soon, and that he won’t start a fight with Subaru, so he heads off. Upon arriving, he sees the Sakamakis all pissed about Kino, agreeing with the possibility that Karl Heinz probably had an extra kid. Kou says that the Karl Heinz he knows wouldn’t throw a kid away, but the rest all think otherwise which causes Subaru to get pissed. Kou decides to rest his case to uphold his promise with Yui, when Kino comes knocking at their door again. Kino’s here to apologise to Subaru, but Subaru ain’t having any of his shit until Kino offers Subaru a knife to kill him. Kou tells them to calm down, and Kino starts to become friendly with Kou, causing Subaru to drag him off to all the brothers to confront him. Kino bitches about how he was raised in the slums unlike them, but the Sakamakis don’t buy his shit and throw him in the dungeon. Kou ends up visiting Kino in the dungeon out of curiosity, because he seemed to be raised in terrible conditions just like him, sympathising with Kino. Right before Kou can tell Subaru about Eden, they find out that Yui & Azusa were caught by the bibolas. Reiji decides that they need to write a letter to Zweik saying that they mean no harm, but Zweik has other plans. The letter works out and they do no harm to Azusa, but Zweik plans on marrying Yui because she’s Eve. At the same time, Kino busts out of jail but the Sakamakis ain’t got time to deal with his shit, so he tags along with Kou to save Yui. Kou tells Kino he doesn’t have anything to give him, other than his idol money, which Kino agrees to because he needs the $$$ to whale in his mobages lmao. Kou & Kino reach the castle, and sneak in to meet with Azusa, who tells them that Yui’s about to be engaged to Zweik. Kou gets pissed but Kino tells him to calm down, and they’ll spy on her situation until there’s a point where they can rescue her.

Meanwhile, Zweik’s hella pushy on Yui, not letting her be alone until she finally manages to chase him out saying she’s changing. There, the trio hiding at the balcony comes out to rescue her. (*^▽^*) Yui hugs Kou, adn the both of them are glad each other are safe. Kino tells them to hurry up and leave since Zweik might come back anytime soon, and the trio escapes to Rothenberg at the recommendation of Kino. Kou’s glad to be back with Yui again, but he has a lot on his mind after Kino told him about how Yui’s important to the demon world, and how everyone’s after her ass now because she’s Eve. Kou doesn’t have power to do anything. He won’t be able to protect her, but he doesn’t want to be separated from her. A few days pass, and they receive news that the Bibolas have waged war against the Vampires because they escaped with Yui. Kou realises it’s his fault that he took Yui away, and maybe it’s better if she’s with Subaru. However, unlike Ruki, he doesn’t want to part from Yui, and neither does she. It’s a tough decision for both of them, but Yui resolves to help the situation by agreeing to return to the Sakamakis, although reluctant. Azusa sends a message off to the Sakamakis for them to pick her up, while Kou is speechless and runs off. The Sakamakis soon arrive, and Subaru almost punches Kou for giving her up, since he wasn’t informed that Yui made the decision. Yui leaves, and Kou decides maybe it’s time to return to the human world to continue his idol job. Kino heads back with him, saying that he has some demon hunting to finish up. Azusa returns to Eden to report on the situation to the brothers. Ironically, Yui’s brought to Eden where she can’t face the Mukami bros either because she dumped Kou. Subaru tries to get her to love him, but he heart still belongs to Kou so the poor dude’s just watching her suffer again & still can’t win her over. Meanwhile, Kou’s back at his idol work where he’s doing some swimsuit modelling, and runs into Kino again. Kino points out to Kou’s sudden (new) birthmark (that we didn’t know of from the past two games), and Kou is reminded of how Yui said that his birthmark looked like a lily, and that’s when he begin to like it. Kou is once reminded of Yui again, and seeing how the house is so empty with him alone, his mood doesn’t change. Suddenly, a female ghoul shows up calling him Emilio, saying that she’s Leona, but Kou has no clue what tf she’s talking about. The female ghoul Leona has been looking for information on her son that she lost hundreds of years back, and had begged Kino to let her talk to Yui & co. while they were in Rothenberg, but was denied. However, after she gets no reply from Kou, she leaves.

Subaru soon hears news that his mom escaped the castle & is missing in the woods, so he drags Yui & Reiji out to check out the situation. It turns out to be a trap from the Bibolas, and in the chaos, Subaru couldn’t  control his powers, blasting everything there including Yui. Yui ends up at the exit to the Mukami house, and Kou finds her there after feeling a presence down by the entrance. Kou manages to rescue her, and nurses her back to health over the next few days. Meanwhile, Leona returns to Kino’s place begging to talk to him, so Yuri lets her through. She then tells Kino that she saw her son in the human world, in the entertainment business & has a birthmark shaped like a lily. (I swear, if you havent figured it out by this point, I’d be shocked.) Information from the familiars soon arrives saying that Subaru killed his mother in the blast, and has been holing up in his room since then. Kou says that Yui should probably go back to the demon world, and he’ll tag along because he wants to protect her. He doesn’t care if she ends up being Subaru’s, he’ll just love her one-sidedly because he needs her that bad, and doesn’t want to be away from her anymore. They head towards Eden, when Kino pops up, saying that he wants to help out in the vampire war effort. For some reason, the ghoul Leona is also following him. The group head towards Eden, where the Sakamakis for some reason don’t kick Kino out, so he loiters around the castle with Leona. Kou asks Yui to check on Subaru, and reunites with his bros. Ruki & Yuma know his situation, and tell him that he can rely on them whenever he wants. Subaru’s relieved upon seeing Yui alive, but he’s got something to tell Kou, so they both find him. Subaru apologises for not being able to control his powers properly, and for injuring Yui. He says he’ll do anything to make up for it, so Kou punches him and tells him to use the powers wisely. Kou takes Yui to the world tree, where he tells her that it’s a special place to him. He’s relieved now since he doesn’t want to be Adam anymore, and Yui tells him that she wants to protect the world with him. Eventually, the Bibolas are about to attack so they decide that they have to gather their forces and fight them off. Yui’s left in Karl Heinz’ galaxy room to keep her safe, and Kou promises to come back soon. While waiting for the Bibola forces though, Kino gets bored starts storytiming with all of them. Kino then talks about a blonde boy who was born in a noble’s family, but was abandoned because of the a war which happened. If you remember the revolution that Karl Heinz caused in Ruki’s route, that was it. The boy was handed over to a nanny to take care of, and the parents were killed because of an explosion thanks to the war instigated by Karl Heinz. However, thanks to poverty issues, the nanny had to abandon the boy in the sewers.

Ruki realises this story is about Kou, but they all don’t believe it. This pretty much is a trap for all of them because Kino’s gathered all theex-human ghouls who are angry at Karl Heinz, so they now want to kill all his kiddos. Subaru who is unable to kill these ex-humans, ends up getting stabbed so Kou helps him to the room where Yui is so he can heal up & explain what’s going on to her. Once Subaru’s healed, they decide to confront Kino together. Brute End: Subaru kills Kino, but is then killed by Kou, who says that he needs to do it so Karl Heinz won’t commit anymore sins or some shit. After Subaru dies, Kou uses the powers somehow to destroy the world, leaving only Yui left with the powers in her. Yui laments why she was left alone in the reset world without Kou. Manservant End: Kino kills Subaru, but Kou steps in to finish Kino off since he doesn’t want Subaru to die. Subaru unfortunately passes on, and the powers get transferred to Kou in which he can’t handle them, and he dies too. In despair, Yui lives her life delusionally with Kou’s eye thinking that he’s still together with her. Vampire End: Subaru kills Kino, but Yuri pops out of nowhere to kill Subaru. Before Kou & Yui can react, the powers transfer to Kou and he starts trying to contain them. Seeing him in pain, Yui hugs him tightly telling him that she’ll be with him no matter what. Thanks to Yui calming him down, Kou some how manages to control the powers and TURN TIME BACK TO BEFORE SUBARU GOT STABBED BY YURI. (holy shit, the inconsistencies with the power taking are so off im crying, HELP ME. Also, if you’re wondering if Karl Heinz’ powers can turn back time, yes he can as he did so in one of dark fate’s bad ends.) Kou, who’s back from the future kills Yuri before he can stab Subaru. However, the world tree suddenly dies because now both Kou & Subaru have the power due to the timeslip. The two of them team up to stop the world from being destroyed, but we don’t know how because iTS LITERALLY NEVER WRITTEN DOWN HOW. Kou, being able to control the powers perfectly, takes over as Adam and lives in Eden with Yui. In the ending, Kou admits he seriously never felt any feelings even if Leona was his mother, since his true family is Karl Heinz’ and the Mukamis. They then promise to stay together forever. Heaven Scenario 1: Yui’s on Kou’s movie set as an extra, so he helps her put on her wireless mic causing tons of attention. Yui gets embarrassed, so Kou teases her saying that he’ll suck her blood when they’re back home. 2: Yui’s chasing Kou to get him to use an umbrella, but he’s salty that she was talking to anohter guy in class so he’s telling her to go away & stfu. Yui tells him that the due was complimenting him, do they make up with a kiss. 3: Kou & Yui are hiding in the warehouse from his fans, so he starts teasing her by kissing her neck to chase off the girls.  Gonna be real here, this route was the trigger for me to realise how bad this game was cuz this route no only suffered from inconsistencies and convenient writing, but bromance BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO FILL THE ROUTE WITH ANYMORE. While it was fun to see Subaru & Kou’s friendship grow, the otoge point wasn’t fulfilled because there was no romance development or more character development. Just bromance. Yui & Kou pretty muched trusted each other so the spotlight just shined all on that sweet bromance between the friends probably because they didn’t know what to write about anymore. It was okay as a story, but as an otome route? Not really. Also that convenient ending suddenly making Kou Adam was completely off from the main point of the Mukamis: they can’t become Adam and they’re struggling to accept that fact? Holy shit, what a convenient ending to all of Kou’s problems! I honestly want to scream more, but I’ll do so in the final thoughts.

Mukami Yuma

Yuma, like Kou is also pretty mad that Shu ain’t doing his job properly seeing the destroyed Eden, so just like Kou he literally attempts to run to go beat up Shu until Ruki tells him to calm his angry ass. He runs off, so Yui chases after him into the garden where he laments about the dead flowers & how Shu needs to get his shit together. Yui tries to tell him to talk things out with Shu, but because we can’t have a dialovers game without those 2 fighting, he gets mad at Yui for siding with Shu. To make things worse, Kino shows up with the Ravens at Eden telling them that he can be a much more competent leader compared to Shu, asking Yuma to team up with him. The rest of the Mukami bros soon show up so Kino leaves, so, Yuma explains the situation to Ruki. For the rest of the time, Yuma continues to be on edge worried for Yui’s safety and being angry about Shu. Eventually, the Ardlers soon want to attack Eden, but there’s been no reply from the Sakamaki house despite sending them the news. Yuma can’t sit still so he decides to head off to the human world to confront Shu about this, and Yui follows. They don’t find him at the mansion in the human world, but they spot Kino and decide to chase after him. They arrive at school, where they find Shu sleeping on the rooftop getting beat up by Kino. Yuma defends him since Shu was chosen by Karl Heinz, so Kino retreats. Shu asks why he defended him even though he’s so unhappy with his rule. He doesn’t give any fucks about the powers, since he never wanted them in the first place. In fact, it’s a giant inconvenience to him. Yuma upon hearing this though, immediately runs off and starts crying. Yui supports him and tells him to he can cry in front of her, when Shu shows up asking why the fuck they’re still there. Yui tells Shu that he needs to consider the feelings of the people who don’t have power, and leaves with Yuma. Shu actually goes back and does some reflection though, upon hearing this. Yuma & Yui decide to stay at the Mukami mansion to get some rest before they return. At dinner, Yuma starts recalling his time when he was a kid & part of a gang, and how much he respected their leader Lucks, and he still regrets not being able to save his boss when he died. He’s mostly over it since that allowed him to meet Yui & his bros. (◡‿◡✿) This is pretty much all just a shitty buildup to Lucks actually knocking on their door the next morning, and Yuma’s more than glad to see him. Turns out Lucks was actually turned into a ghoul as his dead body was brought into Rothenberg & was revived. He now works for Kino though, and he’s here to convince him to work with Kino.

Lucks asks him to listen to what Kino has to say, as it’s for the better since Shu doesn’t seem to want to continue protecting Eden. They can’t do much anyway, so it’s better than nothing. Yuma ends up deciding going with Lucks to Rothenberg, where they hang around waiting for Kino to come back to talk to them. Yuma’s actually pretty uneasy, and Yui figures it’s because he’s really happy to see an old friend back so she just quietly supports him. While staying at Rothenberg, Yuma & Yui learn of the discrimination the ghouls are facing in the demon world. Everyone’s pretty much treated like shit if they go out to town, some nobles even kidnap them to use them as slaves. Kino soon comes back where he’s pretty vague with Yuma for his reasons for wanting the powers, but Lucks explains that Kino’s trying to stop the discrimination of the ghouls. Yuma tells Lucks to give him some time to think, so he steps out. Meanwhile, Shu returns to Eden and magically revives the place, saying that he’s understood the feelings of the powerless & is going to protect Eden. (✿´‿`) Also, probably because Yuma got mad at him because Shu freaks out over Yuma for like, almost every fucking game. Yuma finally comes to a decision that he wants to help free the ghouls from their suffering. He doesn’t want to steal Shu’s powers though, so he wants to consult Ruki on what to do. Kino, seeing that the two are leaving, offers to come alon. They end up landing up in Bibola territory though, which causes the whole lot trying to escape. On the Vampire side though, the Mukami bros start to worry that Yuma & Yui’s been abducted by the ghouls, so they decide to go on a rescue mission to save them. The two groups end up running into each other in the forest. Before Yui can get Yuma to tell them they aren’t enemies, Kino takes action & takes Yui hostage. Kino demands forthe powers, when Shu tells him that he’s changed his mind. This shocks both Yui & Yuma, but Kino orders the ghouls to attack the vampires. The situation turns into a mini-war between the ghouls and vampires, where the latter pretty much kills the former like insects. Lucks tries to attack Shu, but in self-defence Shu pretty much kills the dude. Yuma literally loses his shit and tries to punch Shu, when Ruki realises the Bibolas coming so he orders the Mukami bros to drag Yuma back to Eden by force. Subaru punches Kino to release Yui, and both parties retreat. We then find out that Lucks was actually just a clone of the original Lucks, where they somehow managed to plant his memories and feelings into.

Yui & Yuma return to Eden, where Yuma holes himself inside his room refusing to see anyone. Ruki asks Yui for an explanation, where she explains everything’s that happened so far. The vampires all understand that Yuma wants to help the ghouls, but with Kino as their leader, they really can’t do anything as he’s after Shu’s head. Shu goes off to think about this alone, and Ruki asks Yui to stay by Yuma’s side for now. While everyone tries to cool their heads off, Yui runs into Shu who asks her if she hates him. She doesn’t, because she understood he had to kill Lucks at that moment. Shu then laments that his friendship with Yuma is like a korean drama where they’ll never be together /just because/. Yuma shows up, so Shu takes his leave. Yui suggest that they make a grave for Lucks at the world tree. Yuma eventually comes to a decision that he wants to help & protect the ghouls. That was his boss’ wish, so he’s gonna do it even though he doesn’t agree with Kino. He leaves Eden since the vampires won’t and can’t do anything, so Yui follows him. Kino then drags Yuma out to hunt demons with him, explaining to him that they’ve been working under the church, since they have the power. The ghouls are weak, and the only way they can protect themselves is to side with the strong ones. Yuma agrees to work with him, and comes home which blood splattered on him. Yui is hesistant on approaching him, which causes him to suddenly have a pissy attack where he tells her to go back to Shu’s side since he’s so powerful and all. ( ´_ゝ`) One day when Yuma & Kino are out, Kino’s mansion gets attacked by the Bibolas seeking revenge, and Yui gets caught & thrown into jail by them. Hearing the news, the vampires choose to ignore Yuma’s situation, since Yuma’s chosen to be part of the ghouls now, and them getting involved will cause more conflicts. Kino & Yuma team up to go save Yui, but it turns out to be a ploy by Kino to sell out Yuma as the perpetrator of the demon hunts. Yuma’s soon thrown into the cell next to Yui, where he laments being a useless man who isn’t worthy of her. (。•́︿•̀。) Yui tells him that it doesn’t matter, since she herself wanted to be with him anyway. He apologises to Yui for causing all this trouble for her. Unfortunately, Kino walks in to kill the mood, revealing Lucks was just a fake created by him to get Yuma all emotional. He then drags Yui out saying that she has something to do.

After dragging her off to the main hall of the castle, he tells her the only way to save Yuma is to declare herself to be the queen of the Bibolas & wage war on the vampires. Yui, of course, complies with this, so the vampires prepare for the war as well. Yui feels terrible about this, and demands to know what Kino wants. Kino once again says it’s for the sake of the ghouls, so Yui decides she has to take responsibility for her own actions. Meanwhile, Yuma’s avoided execution, but soon finds out about the war, and the fact that Yui’s been used again to start this massive war against the vampires, so Yuma beats up a guard to escape jail to save her. Meanwhile, Kino drags Yui off to Eden, since the Bibolas & Vampires have killed each other enough, to use her as hostage again against Shu. Brute End: Shu refuses to hand over the powers and wants to save Yui to repay his sins to Yuma. Yuma comes rushing in to save Yui, so Kino makes a hasty retreat to Rothenberg. Yui tells him he won’t let him have his way, so she kills him, then herself. Unfortunately, she’s reborn as a ghoul, where Yuma continues trying to free the ghouls to have a date with her in the demon world someday. Yui believes this is her punishment for killing the lives of thousands of demons. Manservant End: Before Shu can do anything, Yui kills herself. An escaped Kino ends up getting killed by the Bibolas, and the demon world is calm. Unfortunately Yuma’s completely depressed, and spends all his time by the world tree talking to Yui hoping the world will end soon. Vampire End: Shu kills himself as an apology to Yuma, when the latter arrives at the scene. Shu tells him that it’s to pay his sims for hurting Yuma in the past, and that they’ll meet again soon. Yuma tells him that he stinks for killing himself without doing anything, but the powers are released from him. Kino makes a run for the powers, absorbing them succesfully. Yuma’s decided he’s gonna at least protect one thing important to him, which is Yui. The rest of the vampires all team up to kill Kino, and the powers end up being transferred back to the world tree where uh, they find a foetus. (ya they did ok i looked it up in the dictionary that was uncomfortable) After the incident, Yuma & Yui stay at Eden to look over the world tree and the soon-to-be newborn. Yuma’s been working on giving the ghouls freedom, and tells Yui that he really wants a family with her soon. :^) Yui then sends him off to work with a kiss. (*´╰╯`๓)♬ Heaven Scenario 1: Yuma & Yui are taking a bath together when Yui makes him dere up by confessing her thoughts to him. They then start making out in the bath. 2: Yui’s waiting for Yuma to get ready to go out, so she starts fiddling around with his shoes. Yuma finds her though, and kisses her as “punishment” before leaving the house. 3: Yuma & Yui head to the flower bed in Eden to see the stars, but Yuma soon gets bored & jealous of the stars, so they start making out in the garden. Yuma’s route was okay? I suppose. I mean in terms of relationship wise with Yui there was really nothing much to be spoken of, and character development wise…..it’s alright? The issue with Yuma was that they shined a lot of spotlight on Yuma & Shu’s bromance, but it’s literally like a korean drama where they’re all “oh noes i can never understand him” Can they finally have some closure between these two? Seriously. Honestly at this point I really don’t know what to think of Yuma’s route because I’ve been through so many ups and downs of routes, which makes this feel like its okay. Just okay.

The Mukami routes were…okay? I really have no idea how to feel because all routes had their good and bad points. One route I genuinely liked a lot was Azusa’s, other than the fact that Kanato pissed me off 99% of the time, but there wasn’t anything problematic with the route which made me angry. Ruki’s was this shitty soap drama where he was always lamenting and upset about something, when it could be easily solved. Kou & Yuma suffered a lot of bromance, but the latter was much better because Yui didn’t dissolve into the background. Overall in terms of character interactions, the family bonding was really good, but it was more fleshed out in Ruki & Azusa’s route. Kou’s route was really terribad to me despite it being sweet because it was just so…..bromance? I was yelling “HAHA GAY” 90% of the time because it was just about the friendhsip between the two, and soon realised that Yui didn’t really exist in the route. Yuma’s was a shitty soap opera bromance, but at least Yui was still involved.

It’s nice that the relationship between Yui & guy is strong enough so it doesn’t warrant more drama between them, so the routes focused on the bros being jealous of the leader, which kind of was dumb personally to me but understandable. This really goes to show that the Mukamis have been running out of content since their debut to talk about, because all these problems they have actually have been solved in previous routes, or just rehashes of old problems. It feels like it’s getting hard for them to produce something for the Mukamis, and I honestly don’t know how to feel about this cuz they’re getting bland & boring, but I want to enjoy their routes somehow. In the end, the routes in general were sweet, so I’m okay with it.

~Final Thoughts~

I have nothing to put here so here’s a screenshot of Yui speaking in IwaD lyrics why is the game like this

Lost Eden is a giant hot mess. You can clearly see the game is desperately trying to pull something out of it’s ass, and the plot is barely gasping at straws trying to produce some substantial plot. You’d think that playing all the routes would somehow come together eventually to explain the entire plot seeing how short each route is, but nope. Not everything is explained, and everything in all over the place. Route either has convenient writing, inconsistencies, or unclear explanations to certain important plot details. They would say one thing, but then deny it in another route. Some details on what happens are never gone over, and some events are just deus-ex-mahina’ed over. Kino actually had no relevance to the plot at the ending, as well as the ghouls. The ghouls were an interesting new clan to introduce to the world setting, but the really don’t add any new value to it other than giving Kino some meat to his backstory lmao. Kino was a good villian, but not as scary as the Tsukinamis when they were villans. He was more of a “smart villian” so whenever he showed up I’d be amused to see what trolls he was gonna pull next. Other than that, I honestly didn’t find the new additions to the world that interesting, feels like after Karl Heinz dies everyone’s just cleaning his bullshit and there’s nothing exciting anymore. I personally would reccommend the Tsukinami, Shu, Reiji & Subaru’s routes. Mukamis & Kino were soso and it depends on personal taste, while the Sakamaki triplets belong in the trash can. This game would be good if you shut your brain off and don’t think about anything too hard, but if you’re the type to nitpick the story a lot, just don’t. Not to mention how the CGs in this game are really….stiff? Like I don’t know how to explain it, but every CG looks kind of similar in terms of poses, and like the actions are really stiff. There’s really nothing “unique” about these CGs compared to the last game, everyone is in similar positions and there’s nothing special. Like the old games would have wedding ends and CGs with varied positioning, but now it’s just hugging, kissing, sitting beside each other, one still of the guy with another dude, one still of the guy. Not to mention the even more reduced number of CGs, the whole game’s really bland now.

My final verdict is to not play this game ever, unless you’re really invested into the characters and want more of them. But to be real, the drama cds are enough for this. The plot’s all over the place, and there’s really nothing appealing anymore about it to make it worth a play, as this game doesn’t make the serious plot matter anyway. It tries to be serious, but in the end it doesn’t matter as it destroys like all old conceived facts about the settting and ruins it with convenient writing. You’re better off playing the crack/fluff subgames and that’d would have been more interesting with the fanservice and fun. That’s all I can say, because I’ve been seriously drained from this game because it’s just so bad, the drama cds are saving me. I’ll probably pick up the subgames when I have the time to have a more enjoyable time. This ends my review on Lost Eden, and honestly, I don’t want to go through this again at this rate the game is declining.

1 thought on “Diabolik Lovers ~Lost Eden~ Mukami Routes + Final Thoughts

  1. Dexterraca

    Otsukare sama deshita ! you have a lot of courage for have play to this game. Personally Lost Eden will be the very last shift for me has i can’t handle all the milking and Otomate writing inconsistencies anymore. I’m very excited to look forward your summary for the Black Wolf Saga after story.


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