Black Wolves Saga ~Last Hope~

After 4 years from playing Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare, I’m finally back years later to review the Last Hope side of the story. Last Hope is a re-write of the whole setting in Black Wolves Saga, and has a completely different plot but with the same elements as in Bloody Nightmare. The game starts off with Fiona’s 16th birthday, where she’s finally able to leave the tower to have an outdoor party in the garden for her birthday. However, before the jovial occasion can happen, Fiona’s kidnapped by Rath. More spoilers under the cut.

I’m playing the PSVITA port of the game, Weiss and Schwarz, and from what I know nothing seems to have changed much. I’ll be reviewing only the content in the Last Hope game, the after extras will be completed when I do an overall review of the port once I actually complete Bloody Nightmare on the Vita. And when I’ll finish Bloody Nightmare, I’m not sure yet. Maybe I’ll do it after I whack down some other games on my backlog first.

The game overall is quite long, almost the length of BN, but somehow the content and story in the routes feel so irrelevant I’m cramming everything into a single post. That includes the common route as it just feels like a lengthened version of Rath’s route. This review will be written with whatever I remember from Bloody Nightmare, so it might be more personal and has details from that game.

Common Route

After Rath threatens to kill Fiona in exchange for keep silent, he escapes with Fiona by jumping off the cliff near the tower. This then leads on to a long adventure with Fiona & Rath, where they travel through the forest and camp outdoors. Along the way, Fiona discovers many new things she didn’t know about from living in the Tower, which makes Rath pissed over how she’s just a rich girl who doesn’t know about the world. While they’re on their forest travels, the rest of the Garland family are busy trying to figure out what they need to do next to rescue Fiona. The word gets out that Fiona is kidnapped to the shitty cat twin princes, who offer to help search for Fiona as well. However, since Nesso catches on that Mejojo & Auger have their own shitty agenda, he sets out with Zara, Elza, Pearl and Richie to go search for her before the prince’s mouse knights, the CCK get to her first. Meanwhile, Fiona and Rath end up at a town where they try to find somewhere to sleep for the night. Fiona figures that they both act as travelling merchants selling the meat that Rath hunted down, and herbs that Fiona picked so that they can stay in the inn for once and have a good meal. Knowing that Rath is a Wolf, she decides to get him to pretend to be a shy merchant so that he can continue to keep his hood on. They end up selling enough items to get a room for the day, and Rath starts to wonder why Fiona even cares for the dude who kidnapped her, not to mention a wolf, who is supposed to be the enemy of the state. Fiona is actually just genuinely kind to him and seeing him suffer throughout the journey just made her wonder if wolves are really that bad like what the governments tells them, since he’s like any other nice guy out that who actually gets her food and water, and lets her rest at night. However Rath is a wolf and has zodiva, so he starts going wild craving blood so he goes after Fiona. Rath is trying to keep his sanity so he just bites her shoulder and licks it. Fiona is scared at first, but starts to care more about him while wondering why she’s feeling like this. Before more shit can happen, the villagers start yelling that there’s wolves in the area so they have no choice to escape the village once again so that they don’t get killed. They escape into the woods, only to find the CCK who are after Fiona so that can get her to the princes before her family. They attempt to kill Rath while forcing Fiona to not move, but they’re tiny mice so Fiona manages to get away from their restraint while to defend Rath.

Nesso & co. then arrive in time to beat up the mouse and defend Fiona, so the CCK retreat. Fiona’s glad to be reunited with her family, and requests of them to take Rath along so they can treat him since he passed out from the pain of the zodiva. When the cat twins arrive at the village, it has already been burnt down by the wolves, and they shit on the CCK telling them not to fail again. Fiona and her family find a hut in the woods to rest for the day, where Zara decides to take a look at Rath’s condition. They found out that he’s infected with Zodiva, and Fiona further reveals that she’s been bitten by him so they worry that she might have caught Zodiva from him. The whole room is in a shit state of panic when Rath wakes up, aggressively takes Fiona hostage again, but runs off when they let him for in exchange for Fiona’s safety. Zara decides to get everyone to take his Zodiva vaccine because they might catch Zodiva, and everyone agrees even though it’s still unknown whether it actually works. After staying out in the hut for the night, they decide to head back to the town to find it burnt down by the wolves. The group decides to head for the next town, Biarless(?), where Nesso was stationed at for a long period of time. In the meantime, Rath escape and groups up with Gullian, who’s pissed that he didn’t manage to capture Fiona who’s a Lobeira that they need to cure all the wolves. Gullian soon realises that he has some levels of feelings for Fiona, so they fight it out. Rath is defeated, and dragged back to Wolf HQ Zanan. Arles is there waiting for the both of them, and is glad to see Rath there. The next moment he starts forcing blood down Rath’s throat upon realising that Rath is THIRSTY and needs some blood to keep sane, even though he doesn’t want it in the first place. The force him to drink the blood Rath passes out again, so Arles tells Gullian to get himself while he catches Fiona himself. This is where we have a flashback of Rath remembering his happy life as a child living the capital with his family. Arles used to be such a nice niisan who would teach him swordfighting skills, and baby him while being a great night. However, everything went to shit when Mejojo burnt down their house due to the Elivira drama between him & Arles, where the maids covered for him and got him to run. Rath’s been on the run since then, and finally united with his brother again, but Arles had changed when he last saw him. The scenario then jumps back to Fiona’s point of view, where they’re camping outdoors on their way to Biarless(?). Fiona tries to sort out her feelings for Rath, so she goes out on a walk, not telling anyone. She ends up running into Arles who attempts to catch her, and the route will split off depending whether you enter the Wolf Route or the Human/Cat Route. What happens if you branch off to the wolf route will be in the wolf route section.

If you’re going for the human/cat route, Arles backs off & the group continues their camp towards the town. While going to pick berries, Fiona ends up running into the Cat twins who demand to know where her group is.The group is shocked to see the twins in these parts, and Mejojo of course, tries to take Fiona back by force. He then tells Nesso that the CCK reported to him about Nesso siding with the wolves, an enemy of the state. Nesso tries to explain himself but the twins won’t listen to shit so they pretty much attempt to get him separated from Fiona. Mejojo decides to arrest the group for treason except Fiona but she’s like “wtf no if they get caught I get caught too”. Nesso tries to negotiate for forgiveness and Fiona back so Mejojo gets him to lick his boots and while Auger laughs his ass off. After Nesso licking his boots Majojo still wants to arrest them anyway so Fiona decides to yell in their faces that she’s been bitten by a wolf & has Zodiva which causes Mejojo to go batshit nuts.The group decides to take this moment where Mejojo’s going insane and make a run for it. Fiona asks if Nesso is alright from licking Mejojo’s shoes but he’s totally fine with it as long as he can protect his ~cute imouto~. Elza then splits with the group saying that he’ll pretend to be not part of Nesso’s team to check out what’s going on in the capital right now. After he leaves, the group continue on their way to Biarless. They soon arrive in town where no inns are accepting customers due to recent news of the town nearby getting burnt down by the wolves. The group gets taken in by a nice lady who offers them food, and gives them information about what’s going on the town right now. Their time at the house is short lived as the wolves are back to attack the town, this time with Rath & Gullian leading the pack. Thankfully, Nesso trained the townspeople to get into emergency shelters if there were to be any attacks, so they leave the building to get to the shelter. They get out to see the entire town burning down, and tons of wolves everywhere. Nesso eventually stops to take out the wolves for the rest to make a run for it, and then eventually Zara, then Pearl & Richie so Fiona is left alone. Fiona’s stuck in a sea of fire and wolves closing in on her, and the routes split off depending on who she calls out to save her.

Cat Route

Unfortunately, because the cats aren’t the main stars of this game, they get the short end of the stick, or rather, /barely anything/. Their whole route is just one shitty short ass route, and the only difference is in the ending. There’s not even a single small section dedicated to getting to know them, it’s just a change in the scenes depending on which option you pick. The game barely covers the cats to the point that the Elivira drama I added earlier above is only described in detail in Bloody Nightmare, which is a shame cuz this game legit treats Mejojo as a plain asshole. He is an asshole, but his character backstory explains why he’s a piece of shit. So, if you want to know more about the cats, please play Bloody Nightmare. They are explained better in that game cuz this one doesn’t cover any ground with their characters.

Mejojo Von Garibaldhi (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) & Auger Von Garibaldhi (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)

Mejojo & Auger are the asshole kitties in this game, and are also royalty so they’re a bunch of crafty bastards who manipulate information so that they can have their way. Mejojo is fucking salty his previous fiancée, Elivira, fell in love with Arles who was a knight at the palace. Arles also the apple of his dad’s eye although he was just a lowly knight who had skills, while his dad the king pretty much didn’t do anything for him. He hated Arles so much that hate soon became hate for the entire race in gener so he decided that he’d exterminate all of them since he sees them as lower beings. With the king being sick now, Mejojo & Auger are able to manipulate information and the rest of the higher-ups pretty easily, so they decide to brand Nesso & co. as traitors to get rid of them once and for all, so he can finally have Fiona to himself. Mejojo also believes that Fiona belongs to him since he chased after her because Elivira ditched him and she was his cousin, so he has an obsession with making Fiona his. As for Auger, he follows along with his niisan’s plans as long niisan keeps him entertained and not bored. Mejojo decides to manipulate his dad into thinking that the Garlands betrayed the country, and decides to start a plan to fully exterminate Zodiva: by exterminating all the wolves. The king agrees since he’s too sick in bed to do anything anyway, but in actual fact the twins are gonna get all the people sick with Zodiva in a “rehab centre” and kill them all off. Nesso & co. are now branded as traitors. When Fiona tries to call out to someone, she slowly loses consciousness and ends up being captured by royal guards sent by Mejojo to capture her. Fiona eventually wakes up in the greenhouse room she’s given, and wakes up to see Julian attending to her. Soon enough, the twins strut in to see her, and Fiona’s like “wtf didnt you guys say i cant be with you cuz i might have zodiva” and she soon realises they’ve been keeping the cure for zodiva themselves to manipulate the public. Fiona then asks if her family is safe, but they just say they’re fine, just out there doing their bidding in exchange for her safety. They also force her to stay so that they won’t do any harm to her family either. In actual fact, the entire crew which betrayed the kitties have been sent out to search for the wolves’ base, in exchange for Fiona’s safety. Fiona is of course upset that she’s troubling Nesso & the rest so much, but Julian convinces her to keep her stamina up so she won’t faint.

Fiona continues spending her time in the garden, but barely sees any of the cats anyway which made me start to wonder what the whole point of this route was again. Eitherway, the cats permit Edgar, Fiona’s dad to come and see her in the garden room, since he’s under house arrest at the castle for rebelling against the country. Edgar is happy to see Fiona, and they discuss how the wolves base has been found and the cat princes are ready to fight the wolves. Edgar has realised that Mejojo’s going nuts and is all out to murder the wolves for his own personal grudges, and will definitely go first hand to kill the wolves. Edgar has plans to escape the castle when the army is out to kill the wolves, and he’ll be sending one of his loyal agents to escort them out when security is low. He then tells Fiona that she needs to keep her stamina for this moment so she can leave safely, and Fiona’s mood goes back up, so that she can see the rest of her family again. Throughout this time, Fiona gets to know that Julian’s been in the garden all this while, but not knowing the reasons why. The day soon arrives when the castle’s all busy setting up to attack the wolves, and the agent soon arrives to take her out while Julian’s doing some gardening. Fiona finds out that her father has chosen not to escape, so she tearfully leaves the castle through the back entrance, saying sorry to Julian & her father in her heart. Julian also pretends not to see the agent, and we have a flashback of when he was a child when the twins were still good with each other. Fiona escapes with the agent to find Nesso & co., they soon realise the operation was a failure and the entire forest has been burnt down by the wolves, trapping all of them in the forest and dying in a fire. Fiona then finds Mejojo & Auger barely alive together, and Fiona can decide the if she wants to save Mejojo, save Auger, or just ditch them. The ending then changes depending on which option you choose for her. Neutral End: Fiona chooses to ditch the twins for her own safety, and they are discovered dead later on. After the incident, Fiona returns to her home at the tower, and Weblin is peaceful again. Julian was found to be one of royal blood, and is the successor to the current king. Nesso & Elza return to being the head knights, and Zara continues to research for medicine to help the people. The wolves have disappeared from Weblin, and Fiona laments the fact that they never got to understand each other.

Mejojo Good End: Fiona decides to save Mejojo, leaving Auger to die. She takes them to Nesso & co., where Zara immediately attends to him. The princes are pronounced to be dead in the capitial, while Fiona continues to take care of him in a hut in the forest. Mejojo explains that he wanted to get revenge on Arles for taking everything away from him, but now that he truly has lost everything, those feelings have pretty much mellowed down and he just wants to live peacefully together with Fiona. Mejojo Bad End: Mejojo is saved and returned back to being royalty, but the shock of his eye being and losing to the wolves makes him go nuts and starts demanding everything to have their eye be burnt. He doesn’t have Auger to calm him down anymore, so he’s thrown into the dungeon as the crazy prince. Fiona decides to visit him one day, where he’s pretty much delusional and treats her as Elivira. Fiona decides to end him so that he can finally have peace. Auger Good End: Fiona saves Auger, and thanks to Zara treating him, he’s much better. The twins are pronounced dead and Fiona continues to care for Auger in the hut since he’s mentally broken, probably from the shock. He now acts like a baby so Fiona continues to take care of him, or is he just trying to find fun……? Auger Bad End: After Mejojo’s death, Auger soon takes over the role of the king, and being a tyrant since nothing feels fun to him anymore other than killing people.ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗAuger killed all the wolves, and anyone who went again him. Fiona starts to question why she even saved Auger in the first place as the tower around her burns, since he killed his family too, and decides to join them in the afterlife. The twins uh, ended up being pretty lackluster. Nothing much was really talked about them, so they’re pretty much plain bastards in this once because really, there was nothing which added to their character which tried to ease the fact that they really suck. The sudden revelation of Mejojo being at peace with everything just made me go wtf??? That was very random. The cats were my first run too, so when the route was over in like 30 mins it took me a day to process that it was over. As expected of them not being the stars, I suppose they don’t get shit if they aren’t the main.

Human Route

The human route follows Nesso, Zara, Elza, Pearl & Richie, which is a much bigger pool that what we got in BN. Fiona will be saved by Nesso or Zara, and they will group up to run into Gullian & Rath. Nesso ends up fighting Gullian, and Rath also ends up going against them, with Fiona wondering why he’s doing that. Elza eventually returns from the capital to rescue all of them, so the group retreats to the Cauwan Fortress. Nesso wakes up from passing out for a few days, and Zara has to calmly explain to him that Fiona’s officially gotten Zodiva, and only has a week more the live. Elza also comes to explain that while he was in the capital, he gathered all the people who were secretly supportive of Nesso’ betrayal of the country, since they’re not happy with what the princes were doing and fucking up the country. A ton of knights and nobles are all supportive of Nesso being the leader of the rebels, so they set up a plan in order to save Fiona. The plan is for Nesso to pretend to be taking over Biarless, and challenging the princes to come and fight them. This will cause a distraction, so Pearl & RIchie can head to the castle as fast as they can to find documents for the Zodiva cure. Zara will remain in the fortress with another doctor to continue researching Zodiva while waiting for the cure. They find out that the princes hid the fact that a bunch of researchers had found the cure for the disease, and mass murdered all the researchers, and burnt down the research centre. This makes them more pissed about the princes, and are determined to save Fiona. Meanwhile, Fiona continues resting ridden with Zodiva, between life and death. Depending on the dude you’re pursuing, you’ll see a different side of the operation, and different things will happen.

Nesso Garland (CV: Shinichiro Miki)

Nesso is your local obsessive rejet oniichan, earning him a spot in Rejestic Brothers so he’s obsessed enough. Fortunately, being one of the earlier written oniichans, he ain’t the worst after some recent cases. Nesso’s Fiona’s stepbrother (from what I remember in BN, but im not sure if otomate botched it to have them unrelated), and he loves his imouto so much, he’s starting to feeling something more than platonic love with Fiona. Nesso’s all out to save Fiona and keeping her away from the shitty twins, so he was the one who came up with the plan to keep Fiona in the tower telling the twins that she can’t leave tower or she’ll fall sick and almost die. Eitherway, after Fiona crashes with Zodiva, she constantly thinks about Nesso, and when he comes visit her, he kisses her on the lips asking to think about his feelings for her. Fiona’s very attached to her brother, so she continues to think about him when resting. However shit hits the fan while Nesso confronts the twin princes, they try to retreat but are attacked with arrows. Nesso gets booted off his horse, hitting his head in the process. Fiona is cured of her Zodia successfully, but wakes up to see that Nesso having amnesia. His amnesia is surprisingly selective, as he knows common sense but doesn’t remember any of his human relations or experiences so they have to explain everything’s that happened to him. However because of this his rejestic brother side has been booted out of him. He now only thinks of Fiona as his younger sister platonically, while Fiona actually has feelings for him as a man. The rebels continue defending the base and Nesso goes about his daily activities normally, without much memory of anything. Fiona continues to interact with him, but to no avail because he simply treats her like a normal sister. However, she soon starts to realise how she wants to be treated differently by her brother. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ The group decides to flee the country for their safety, but unfortunately the princes are onto them so they have to defend themselves while fleeing. The princes launch an attack on the fortress, and all the innocent people are evacuated. Fiona flees with the whole squad, but everyone decides to separate from the group to allow Nesso & Fiona to escape first.

Unfortunately, the shitty cat twins catch on to this and decide to intercept them. Nesso is given a choice whether he dies & Fiona is saved, or they both die. Being the non rejestic brother is, Nesso tries to compromise the safety of his sister, but we all know we don’t want to hang out with the cat twins. Fiona is against this and yells at him telling him that she’d rather die than see him get killed. Good End: Nesso’s memory conveniently & magically hints at him a feeling that he does not want to let go of Fiona!! He then fights the twins off, protecting Fiona. Fortunately, the wolves run in, and Arles flies in to settle his score with Mejojo. Nesso takes this chance to run with Fiona to safety. The entire group ends up returning to the fort. A few days later,  they receive news that Arles has killed Mejojo, and the capital is in a state of panic with no successor. The whole group decides to return to the capital. Nesso has to go deal with politics, so he promises Fiona he will come back to her soon. With the previous king dead, Nesso ends up being crowned the next King of Weblin since Julian is missing & the masses believe he’s a hero. Fiona doesn’t get to see him until she’s invited to a party for Nesso to choose his bride for the future, and  Fiona keeps telling him that she wants to be with him while he keeps playing the no incest card at her. After yapping at him asking him to look as her as a woman, Nesso decides to pick her as his bride. In the epilogue, Fiona’s happily married to Nesso, where he continues to baby her as his little sister although the situation’s a little different now. Nesso’s memories have returned, and they continue to live happily as a couple together. Bad End: Nesso’s magical love powers dont kick in so he sacrifices himself so that Fiona can “be safe” Unfortunately the fucking cats decide to stab him a billion times over and chopping his head off so Fiona can carry it back to the castle, making her horrified. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ I personally think that Nesso got seriously fucked over in terms of the process of getting to know him, because they conveniently booted off Nesso’s rejestic brother side and placed a sign telling everyone no incest!! Eitherway while I liked this ending a lot, the process to get to this point in the relationship felt very bare as Fiona really didn’t have much interaction with Nesso to fall in love with him. You could say that she already had some levels of existing feelings, but I seriously felt that there was not enough to get to a point where I was convinced their feelings were mutual. Either way, this route left be not satisfied, but still, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Zara Skeens (CV: Ishida Akira)

Zara is Fiona’s butler who’s been serving her since he was younger, after being picked up by Edgar. Zara’s a rabbit, which numbers have been going down for a while now, being one of the rarer species. He genuinely cares for Fiona and has been dealing with her weak body as a Lobeira, making medicine so that she’ll recover from her common illnesses, as well as possibly strengthening her condition. (*´▽`*)I just really love this cute bunny man for the human routes. While the rest of the guys are out fighting their own battles, Zara stays back at the fortress to take care of Fiona while continuing research on the cure for Zodiva. Zara will always be there to take care of Fiona when she wakes up for her to take her medicine, and keeps a record of her condition. She asks him to take her out on a walk one last time, telling him that he should stay away from her but Zara is sad by that and tells her not to say such things. ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭ Fiona continues to sleep and wake up, fearing for her life, and Zara has to comfort her saying that he will definitely save her. (*´▽`*) Fiona asks him to talk to her about his past. Zara says that he used to live in a village of rabbits, where everyone was a herbalist and had knowledge of medicine. When he was really young, he would help his parents with making medicines, and followed them out to different villages to sell them. They stayed in one place for long though, as there was a saying that whenever rabbits were somewhere, it meant there was a plague going on. However shit happened and the entire village got killed, so he ended up becoming a slave. He was beaten most of the time and ended up disliking humans because of the things he had to go through because of them. He was then picked up by Edgar who took him in as a butler for his knowledge with medicine. He actually didn’t like Fiona at the start for being an irritating human who trusted everyone she met, but ended up getting attached to her since she was so kind and forgiving. Fiona soon falls in love with him after listening to his story, and Zara is determined to save her because he doesn’t want to lose her like how he lost his family in the past.

Zara continues working on the cure and falling asleep, and the next time she wakes up, she loses her voice. Fiona starts to get even more scared and panics because she isn’t able to talk to him. Zara calms her down by kissing her on the forehead and tells her he understands everything she wants to say to him, so she needs to relax. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ Fiona goes back to rest again, but Zara continues to panic with the symptoms getting worse until the 2 puppies run in with the research materials. Good End: Zara manages to finish making the medicine to cure Zodiva in time, and saves Fiona. When Fiona regains her voice the first thing she says is that she loves Zara, and Zara does love her too, for a very long time. Nesso is glad that she’s awake, but lowkey salty that Zara’s taken his imouto but gives in because it’s Zara. Nesso says that the rebels plan to leave the country soon, but Zara says he will stay behind to research the cure for Zodiva, and Fiona will stay too. Nesso is about to leave the news comes in that the wolves murdered the kitty twins so they have no reason to leave anymore! Nesso ends up returning to the capital to deal with the political problems, while Zara & Fiona stay behind to continue studying Zodiva. Despite the fact that a cure for zodiva has been found, Zara still needs to find the cure for the wolves as they react to Zodiva differently from humans. Humans normally die in a week, but the wolves can live with it for a long time, and Zara hopes that he can get the cooperation of the wolves for research. Fiona tells him to take a break from his research and go back to the capital to see the family again, and he tells her that he wants to spend a whole day with only her before they go to the capital. ❀.(*´◡`*)❀. Bad End: Zara finishes the medicine, but doesn’t not make it in time and Fiona dies. Nesso leaves with the rebels but Zara decides to stay behind…to create a virus to kill the world which stole his ojousama from him….(´;Д;`) Why did they have to make Zara so sad and turns out like that in the ending ;w; Zara is still forever the sweet rabbit man I still like among the human route characters. He treats Fiona so well, gone through so much, he’s just so good ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

Elza Clifford (CV: Kishio Daisuke)

Elza is the guy which I felt got shoehorned into the game along with the doggos because they wanted the game to be lighter, I suppose. His entire route felt like an add-on to Nesso’s side of the human route, but I think he got better relationship development with Fiona. Unfortunately, because he ain’t Zara or a shota, he has to face Rejestic Brother Nesso….. Elza is the Vice-captain of the knights, and is Nesso’s best friend. He gets involved with the incident since he wanted to follow along with Nesso. He’s a very good teaser and likes to tease Fiona for being childish, and is pretty much the nice next door niisan character. Elza goes to fight off the cat twins together with Nesso. He runs into Auger, who doesn’t remember him but fights anyway in order to stall time. Nesso joins in the fight, followed by Mejojo and they have a fight out. The wolves soon attacking with Arles wanting to murder Mejojo, so the rebel group takes this chance to retreat. Fiona is soon cured as Pearl & Richie managed to get the research documents, but she has to stay in her room. Fiona starts to be interested in Elza seeing how he’s such a nice & friendly dude, although he often teases her for her childish mannerisms. While Zara keeps telling her to stay in her room, Fiona sneaks out because she wants to breathe some fresh air. She ends up falling onto Elza, who was on his way out. Elza’s shocked to see her there because she should be resting, but understands the fact that she wants to get some fresh air. He promises not to tell Zara, but will tell Nesso if questioned by him, so Fiona getting out is a secret between them. Fiona continues to sneak out, and the next time she spots him training, in which she asks him to let her try some sword swinging as exercise. The wooden sword’s too heavy for Fiona though and she falls over, causing Elza to catch her and start teasing her again. Fiona’s embarrassed, but Elza says that if she wants to try out more he can bring a lighter sword next time. He starts to question why he’s being so nice to her, but Fiona is having fun spending time with him.

Fiona’s next request is asking him to take her out on his patrols, and he reluctantly agrees and takes her along for a short while. Elza admits that he wouldn’t mind marrying her but he’s gotta go through Nesso, and he doesn’t really want to deal with it. Fiona has growing feelings for him, and Nesso starts to catch on since she keeps asking for the guy. Nesso then confronts Elza by challenging him to a duel in a fit of anger. The next moment Nesso’s storming into Fiona’s room demanding to know if she likes Elza or not, and start attempting to force himself on her like a terribad Rejestic Brother. Good End: Fiona screams for help and Elza busts in telling Nesso to bugger off to cool his head. Elza grabs Fiona, and asks if she’s alright while stopping her from going after Nesso because she isn’t able to return his feelings anyway. Elza starts teasing her about her admitting that she loves him. Eitherway, the romantic happy happy couple shiets are short lived when the kitty twins set out to kill the rebels at the fortress, so Nesso tells Elza to take Fion and escape with her. Elza & Fiona run off to a countryside town to find out that the twin kitties are suddenly dead, so they end up heading back to the fortress. They return to the fortress to see it destroyed, but with no signs of Nesso. In the Epilogue, Fiona & Elza return to the capital where Fiona is back as a noble staying in the tower. Elza’s back as a knight, and serving the country with the new reforemd government. They go to Nesso’s grave where Elza tells him that he’s taking his imouto, and hopes Nesso will give them his blessings. Bad End: Fiona denies she likes Elza, but Nesso can probably see through her and tells her not to lie. Nesso then asks her to run away with him, in which she agrees and ends up getting locked up in a hut all day while Nesso goes out. Fiona wonders why she went with Nesso, and prays for Elza to save her someday, unfortunately rejestic niisan Nesso returns getting mad that he heard her say Elza’s name….and who knows what happens next. The fact that the bad end of this route is a Rejestic Brother bad end just made me disappointed and like ??? what is this. The route seems really…pathetic in general although I really still prefer how much more interaction there was compared to some other characters, but otherwise, it was pretty plain.

Pearl (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) & Richie (CV: Shimono Hiro)

The doggos get even more shoehorned when you realise that their route is yet another shared route and the ending changes whether you decide to pursue which doggo. The only scene changes is dependant on which doggo you’re pursuing, and even the bad end is pretty copypasta. The only thing unique is the separate good endings for each doggo. Pearl & Richie are practically like 12 in this game, so much so that they aren’t a threat in Nesso’s quest to love his imouto, and he even lets them sleep in the same bed as her! (^▽^) Pearl & Richie’s job in the operation is to steal the documents for the cure for Zodiva from the castle, and rush back in time to save Fiona. They head to the capital, and from there they come up with a plan to sneak in through the food supply delivery.They get some food before the plan and reminisce about their past as children roaming the streets and stealing food just to survive. They’re both glad that they were taken in by Edgar. Soon enough, the food supply delivery is about to go off so they quickly sneak into the bags of supplies to hide. They manage to get into the castle, and they get off and try to find their way to the Zodiva documents. They end up getting caught by some guards who think they’re just random kids who playfully snuck into the castle, so they end up running all the way to the dungeons. They run into Edgar who’s trapped in a cell telling them that the Zodiva research centre is actually underground in the dungeon. The doggo children want to help him get out, but he tells them that Fiona is more important right now, and distracts the guards long enough for them to go downstairs. What Pearl and Richie find below the normal dungeons is the pretty much the wolf torture centre, and just nice, a wolf’s chained down there. It so happens to be where the Zodiva documents are because the kitty princes probably ordered people to torture wolves while researching the disease. Eitherway, Pearl decides it’s a good idea to let the wolf go since he’s suffering, and although they’re both scared, they do it anyway.

They also gather the reports and quickly escape the castle through the same way they came in. They send a message bird in order to inform Nesso that they’ve retrieved the documents, and make their way back to the fortress. However upon reaching the forest close to the fortress, the puppies are attacked by the CCK mouse knights, and this is where is changes. The chosen boy will stay behind to fight the CCK while the other returns to the fortress to give Zara the documents. Fiona is saved, but the chosen doggo-boy ends up not returning, where the rest has to give the bad news to her. Fiona then cries it out with the remaining doggo boy, and spends the rest of the time recovering hoping the one whose “route” you’re on returns. While she’s on a walk with Zara one day in the forest to collect herbs, they run into a wild dog, which so happens to the be lost child-doggo. The boy’s gone feral, and doesn’t remember any of them until Fiona gets some cookies to get the doggo-boy to be self-aware again. This is because Fiona remembers the first thing the doggo children liked when they first met was the cookies in the mansion. Once the doggo-boy is self-aware again, they bring him back to the fortress and they all cry happily that he’s back. Pearl Good End: After the incident, Fiona returns to the mansion and lives her normal tower life with Pearl & Richie. One day, Pearl tells Nesso who’s here to see Fiona that he wants to start training as a knight. Every one is surprised, and Nesso says he can but he needs to be prepared for the training and he’ll have to move out from the tower. Pearl says he’ll work hard to become a man to protect Fiona. In the Epilogue, Pearl comes back to the tower 3 years later and has a growth spurt and asks for Fiona to marry him. Richie comes by with a growth spurt saying that Fiona has to choose who to marry. (=´∇`=) Richie Good End: After the whole incident, Fiona is back at the tower. While Pearl isn’t around, Richie tells Fiona that he wants to marry her someday, and sneaks a kiss on her telling her he’s serious about her and he’s gonna come steal her away in the future.  Bad End: The group discovers the missing doggo-boy barely alive, and he dies saying his final goodbyes to them. While I find Pearl and Richie to be really cute children, this entire route felt excessive to the game, and I myself felt illegal even pursuing no matter how pure the route was. Not that I don’t like the 2 of them, the route’s just strangely weird and I didn’t feel like I was doing anything. The copypasta added on to the boredom from the route and really didnt help much.

Wolf Route

The wolf route kicks off after Fiona has a run-in with Arles in the middle of the night. If you choose either wolf option, Arles will pick up Fiona and run off with her on his back. He starts running at a rapid speed into Zanan, with Fiona fearing her own fate. Upon reaching the meetup point in the forest, Arles then formally introduces himself as the leader of the wolves, along with Rath & Guillan. Fiona is glad to see Rath again, but he doesn’t speak up much. Guillan doesn’t help lighten the mood either with his violent remarks of wanting to “eat” her. They move off into the Zanan castle base, where Arles explains why he kidnapped her. Turns out the wolves are all infected with Zodiva, and the only ones who are sane enough to maintain in human form are him, Rath & Guillan. The rest of the wolves are stuck in their wolf form due to the disease, which gives them intense blood cravings. This is the reason why Arles always takes them on raids to attack villages so that they can fill their hunger from human blood. Arles has been trying to find a way to heal all the wolves, and after trying out all the women they’ve kidnapped, they couldn’t find a cure. Arles then narrowed down the cure to be with the Lobeira kind, so they kidnapped her. Arles explains that Fiona will stay there and feed the wolves her blood in order to heal them. Fiona complies, and she’s given a room in the castle, and wonders what her fate will be now. Surprisingly, Arles treats her pretty kindly in the way that she’s provided food, and doesn’t intimidate her by getting the wolves to bite her or something. Instead, he tries to make the process as painless for her, and Fiona is pretty thankful for that. ~ヾ(^∇^) However, Guillan makes things bad for her by running into her room and pouncing on her attempting to “eat her” which scared the fuck outta Fiona causing her to scream for one of the other guys for help. This is where we get a cute Guillan scene in exchange for not having a route where he apologises to her a few days later, and give her a cookie to make up with her. ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧ Fiona even tells her to come over to her room to play afterwards since she’s understood the fact that he’s violent like that. Fiona also bonds with Arles & Rath, and get to know them better, while eventually healing the entire pack with her blood.

One day Arles takes the entire pack, including her out on a picnic where all the wolves are chilling. Fiona has a pleasant time with Arles, Rath & Guillan where the 2 younger ones go out hunting for meat for Fiona to eat. Fiona learns that Arles has been preparing her meals for her and they’ve been doing their best to make sure she gets her food and rest. However the royal army flies in to attack them to kill the happy mood so they all escape back to Zanan, and Fiona passes out, getting a fever from the trauma probably. The 3 wolves take care of her and Guillan even comes into her room to tell her to get better. (The entire common route just burns on me over how Guillan doesn’t have a route in this game but he’s still adorable.) After Fiona recovers, Arles takes the group to raid the town Biarless(?) to use Fiona as bait to get the kitty prince attention. They end up having a run in with Nesso & co. Arles defeats Nesso but doesn’t kill him, and proclaims Fiona to be one of their kind, so if Nesso wants her back he’ll have to kill Arles. Nesso returns to the castle to report to the kitties that the the wolves have Fiona, and is stabbed by them with them laughing and me sighing. ( ´_ゝ`) This eventually leads to Arles wanting to finally end the feud with the cats, and leads the wolves to an all out war with the cats in the forest of Zanan. Arles’ plan is to burn the entirety of the forest of Zanan, and the cat & him along with it, to end the black history of Weblin by cleansing everyone off. This is pretty much where the route endings split off, and I’ll talk more about the pursuable characters in their own sections.

Rath Vogart (CV: Kaji Yuki)

Rath is the quiet wolf who Fiona spends most of the time with in this entire game because, he’s on the cover and is the main dude right. Rath is generally against taking human blood to eat because of an incident which happened in the past. While running away from the guards chasing after him to purge the wolves as a shota, he had made friends with a girl named Melissa in a village. Melissa saw that he was in need and brought food for him to eat and survive, without questioning what kind he was. However, he eventually killed the girl because he was hungry for blood due to the Zodiva and has been traumatised by the guilt of doing so ever since. He’s also traumatised by how all the people who were friends with him all turned their backs on him because he was a wolf. While running away from all the people trying to kill him, he eventually caught Zodiva and his left eye is dead from the Zodiva. He thinks that it’s his fault that Fiona got into her predicament, but she’s actually okay with it because she got to know the wolves better. Rath’s all like “why do you not hate me” but Fiona’s happy that because she got kidnapped she knew all of them, and has a wider picture of the world. Rath then shows her his secret place where he runs off to alone, which is a clearing with a bunch of pretty night flowers. When Fiona gets sick, he comes into her room and offers to feed her some fruit so she doesn’t need to clean her hands, and he even licks her lips clean as well for her. (❁´ω`❁) Rath’s the one who’s highly against Arles using her as bait for the kitty twins, but Arles says that that’s her only point for being there. Rath has no choice but to comply, and he hugs Fiona and promise each other they won’t die the next day. Throughout the attack, Rath takes Fiona around the town, he makes sure to get away from the violent zones so that she doesn’t have to see all the violence. Rath once again is very against Arles’ plan for the final showdown with the cats, so he angrily runs off. Fiona chases after him, and when he sees her, he grabs her hand continuously saying that they have to run, if not Arles will kill them.

Fiona hugs him and tells him that everything is going to be okay, and he starts crying cuz he really doesn’t know what to do to save her. They end up going to a cave together where Rath tells Fiona about his story with Melissa. Rath says that he ended up being the killing wolf that everyone believed wolves to be, and the guilt has been eating into him and he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Fiona tells him that she isn’t afraid of him, and gives a hug and they both start crying over the fate of the wolves. 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。 One the day of the final battle, Fiona stays together with Rath throughout the operation. While the forest is on fire, the kitty twins are both out to quickly finish off the wolves before the fire gets too big. Rath sees the both of them and immediately lunges at them trying to get revenge for burning his family. However Rath can’t fight the 2 kitties at a time and gets his other eye stabbed by Auger. щ(ಥДಥщ) Fiona begs for them to stop but Mejojo just keeps wanting her to return to his side, so when Auger’s about to deliver the final blow, she jumps in front of him and takes the stab. Mejojo is highkey shooked and pretty much gone insane so he tells Auger to finish the both of them off since Fiona doesn’t want to be with him. Auger stab the both of them and figures they leave. Good End: Right when the 2 are barely alive, a pack of wolves rushes in with Arles to murder Mejojo, which makes Auger go insane and jumps into the fire telling his niisan to ~DANCE IN THE FIRE WITH HIM~. Fiona and Rath barely scramble together to kiss and cry, as they try to back away from the fire. They managed to survive the fire, but Guillan & Arles were never to be seen again since the incident. The wolves backed out of Weblin since the incident, so Rath & Fiona live in a shack now deep in the forest of Weblin. Fiona has nothing to lose anymore, since her father and brother both died. Unfortunately, Rath becomes blind because of the asshole Auger, but Fiona swears that she’ll be with him forever, to be his eyes. In the epilogue, they have 2 kids where they go out to see the stars in Weblin, where they cry and kiss over how beautiful & peaceful the country is now. (*´;ェ;`*) Bad End: Rath scrambles to get Fiona who’s barely alive and tries to save her, but the fucking troll Auger prances in and kills the both of them. Rath’s ending was so bittersweet seeing what whoever wrote his route did to him. He didn’t deserve any of this shit he got!!! Rath is a really good boy and deserves all the love the world didn’t give him. ;w;

Arles V Felnoir (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki)

Arles is Rath’s older brother and was the ex Captain of the knights, but disappeared after his betrayal & act of treason to the country. He was rumoured to have attacked Mejojo’s fiancee and was thrown out from the castle for treason, but that was just a shitty cover-up for the shit Mejojo made. In actual fact, this was the Elvira drama that I mentioned earlier on, and if you’ve read Bloody Nightmare you’d probably know what this is. If you don’t read on. While Arles was a knight at the castle, he was in love with Mejojo’s fiancee, Elvira, who happened to be Fiona’s cousin of sorts from the Garland family. Arles felt guilty for falling in love with Mejojo’s fiancee, but Elvira agreed that she really did not have any feelings for Mejojo, just platonic love. Elvira just felt the need to gain everything. Mejojo eventually agreed to break the engagement after some convincing from Elvira, and they were now together. They eventually got to the point they almost were married, when Arles caught Zodiva and started having massive cravings for blood. This is where shit hits the fan as Arles tried to leave Elvira, she was pretty persistent and said that she’d accept whatever Arles does to her as long they can be together. This caused Arles to attack Elvira for her blood, and right when he’s finished Mejojo jumps in and goes batshit insane. Mejojo starts going crazy saying that Elvira belongs to him and his obsessive love shit where he’s disgusted by Arles touching her saying that he never approved of them being togther in the first place. ( ´_ゝ`) Mejojo attempts to kill Arles there, but to defend Arles, Elvira jumps in between them and takes the hit. In a fit of anger Arles slashes the dick’s face and escapes, never to be seen again. He changed his last name probably because he became the leader of the wolves, and will do anything for the sake of the wolves. Arles still has a grudge against Mejojo for killing his lover, and is still out to kill him.  To Fiona, he’s actually very soft and nice in general. Being the ex-captain of the knights, he’s actually very knowledgable about books. Fiona however reminds him of Elvira a lot though so he ends up caring for Fiona like how he cared for Elvira in the past, but Fiona also starts growing feelings for him. This is probably because he took care of her too well by kissing her on the cheek while she was sick for her to get better, and protecting her. ≧(´▽`)≦

After hearing Arles’ story, Fiona starts to wonder if Arles affection for her was because she reminded him of Elvira, or because he was truly fond of her. On the day of the final battle, Rath, Guillan, Arles & Fiona all run into the cat twins. Mejojo tells Fiona to come back to him but Arles tells him that Fiona’s his waifu now and he aint passing her to him. Auger then tells Fiona that she’s probably just a replacement for Elvira, and Arles feelings for her probably aren’t real, but Fiona really isn’t affected by his comments. Mejojo then says that he’s just really angery over Arles stealing his “property”, which is Fiona and Elvira, leaving me sighing in a corner again. They fight it out, so much to the point they both probably get delusional seeing Fiona & Elvira asking why they couldn’t just talk it out and understand each other. This is where Arles wonders why he had to resort to all of this violence, and realises that he hasn’t told Fiona he loves her. He ends up taking out Mejojo. Good End: Rath, Guillan & Fiona have retreated from the battlefield and watched the forest of Zanan burning, till it was put out by the rain. After the fire stops, the 3 of them rush into the forest holding hands praying that Arles is still alive. They manage to find his body and his heart still beating, and they take him away. In the Epilogue, the wolves have built a village in the forest near the tower with Fiona, to make peace with the citizens of Weblin to tell them that wolves aren’t crazy killers. With the help of Zara, Zodiva has also been wiped clean from Weblin. Arles has been recovering since the fire incident, and admits to Fiona that he probably survived cuz he kept thinking that he needed to tell Fiona he loved her. He didn’t treat her kindly because she looked like Elvira, in fact he tried to distance himself from her because she looked like Elvira. Arles confesses to Fiona that he loves her, and they kiss promising to stay together and help the wolves from now on. (*´╰╯`๓)♬ Bad End: Mejojo is killed, but Auger’s still around so he catches Fiona and locks her up in the tower calling her a witch. Fiona’s pretty much in despair and Weblin is in chaos because of Auger ruling her, and Arles, the only wolf survivor of the fire incident, comes to the tower to end her. Fiona, who pretty much has gone nuts at this point, is glad that Arles is here to eat her. Arles is a very nice guy, and well Mejojo is is pretty crazy at this point I really can’t help him in this game anymore. I honestly thought that he did get a much better ending compared to Rath, where everything is much better and more peaceful. Although the bad end lowkey made me traumised again….

True End

The true end is unlocked when you clear both routes, and Fiona decides to tell Rath & Arles that she wants to stay with the both of them. The ending soon timeskips to 10 years after the final battle, where it seems that the kitty princes have been defeated, and peace has been restored to Weblin. With a new government, and the discovery of a cure for Zodiva was found by Zara with the wolves’ help. Weblin managed to help the neighbouring countries with the outbreak of Zodiva, making the image of the country much better than before. Fiona is living with Arles, Rath & Guillan in the wolf village, built in the forest near the tower. The village is now home to wolves and humans, and the 4 of them are the guardians of the town, hoping this peace will continue after all they’ve been through.  This was the ending which gut me in the emotions and I started crying over all the pain the wolves had to go through to reach this point. This was also add on to the all the gathered feelings from the other game which made me feel the wolves finally had a wonderful conclusion to them. ๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐

~Final Thoughts~

Last Hope was definitely a lighter title compare to Bloody Nightmare, but has just as much feels the latter game. While I found some parts of the game to be quite padded, I still find it to be a good cohesive story that ended well this time. Not much was touched upon regarding the cats, which I agree that their pasts are too dark for this game to touch upon. This ended up making the cats complete villains, in which they already are, but this time without any explanations for their horrible attitudes. My main gripes this time were with the Cat route, Elza’s route, and Pearl & Richie’s route. The cat route was way to short and irrelevant in general because there was nothing of importance other than “Mejojo and Auger are assholes like they already are!!” The other 2 human routes felt shoehorned into the plot to take the place of the Bloody Nightmare exclusives, in which I’m actually pretty salty they didn’t give Guillan a route when this game is supposed to be the story where the wolves have the upper hand. I’m still pretty okay with the game in general, it’s just me being slightly picky about what I get. This game also ended up being pretty copypasta, but from what I remember BN was actually just as copypasta so the only thing good about it was that it helped me get through the game way faster than I expected. The feels in this game are just as bad, and I cry thinking about the true end and Rath’s good end. In the end, if you want content on why the cats are crazy af, you’ll have play Bloody Nightmare to get a better picture. Overall, my feelings to the characters remain the same, except for my thoughts towards Mejojo. Rath & Guillan are sweet children, Arles is pretty nice but not my type, Nesso can keep being the Rejestic niisan he is. Zara is a sweetie pie, Pearl & Richie need to be protected, and Elza is nice in general. For the cat twins, this game pretty much made me disgusted at them. I really can’t say much cuz this game left me just as fulfilled as the other version, and I’m just happy this time the wolves got way better endings and the cats were finally finished off. Fiona is a good heroine as per usual, being knowledgable about what to do despite being useless physically. She really deserves all the love after having to deal with the cats. This is the game to go if you want to experience Black Wolves Saga, and can’t take heroine abuse because in BN there’s a lot there. This is a great game despite how fast you can clear it, and if you’re into some good Rejet stuff just get into it.

I will be replaying Bloody Nightmare and the Weiss & Schwarz extras in the future, so there will be another review talking about all the after stories of the routes, so this isn’t the end of BWS for me yet. Hope you guys will be excited for that!


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