Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~

Here’s the continuation of the first Code:Realize game! C:R was a big hit so an FD was created going through the after stories of all 5 main guys, new added routes for Sholmes and Finis, as well as a side story ~Lupin the Gang~. I’ll be covering all this content. After finishing the first game in english I loved it so much I jumped on it when this one came out, and it took me a while to play it. I’m glad I did it. Spoilers will be under the read more.

Extra Routes

The extra routes follows right after the common route in the first game, where Cardia decides to leave the mansion in order to not bother anyone. Each route is about a length of a normal route in the first game, so it’s like we skipped the entire common route and just started on the personal routes.

Herlock Sholmes (Sherlock Holmes) (CV: Murakami Kazuya)

Cardia decides to leave the mansion since she doesn’t want to burden anyone with her problems, and decides to head to the slums of the city. However Jack the Ripper’s on the loose again so she bumps into him while trying to seek refugee in the sewers, and is saved by Watson! (you can’t date watson guys, he’s a nice guy but unfortunately no he’s a good man who still loves his wife who passed on) Watson decides to take her in and bring her over to his place so she has somewhere to stay for a while instead of roaming around in the slums. Cardia notices a picture of his wedding and tells him that she recognises Sholmes in the picture! Watson then realises his old pal Sherlock was alive all along and drags Cardia along to bust into Sherlock’s house confronting him. Sherlock reveals that after he fought his mortal enemy at the fountain he survived the fall, and he’s sure that his enemy is alive too. He didn’t want Watson to get involved and wanted to pursue his enemy secretly so he used a bad anagram to hide his identity. Cardia decides to stay with Sherlock and tells San her decision at a cafe, where San reports that Lupin’s going batshit nuts for being dumped by his best disciple. The squad then decides to go after Jack the Ripper, and finally corners him using Cardia as bait. Sherlock wonders why Cardia’s willing to offer herself as self-sacrifice so quickly, Cardia says that she’s a monster and if using her as bait could help someone it’ll be better. Sherlock gives her a hug despite that she’s blowing poison all over.(=´∇`=)Upon realising that Sherlock is back in business, Aleister, who we know is Moriarty, decides to boot Finis & Izaac’s plans. Cardia and Watson discover Finis dying in a backstreet one day who hints them onto Aleister’s plans and tells them to head to Tower Bridge. The group confronts Aleister at Tower Bridge where he reveals himself to be James Moriarty, where Watson gets extra agitated at him. However the bridge opens up so they retreat. The next day, news gets in saying that Victoria and Leonhardht’s been killed, blaming Sherlock for hiding his identity and killing the queen. The townspeople start a riot to kill off Sherlock, so the squad escapes to a warehouse to hide. Unfortunately they’re cornered, but Lupin & Impey come swooping in on the ornithopter to rescue the group from the mob. Cardia’s left grabbing onto Sherlock’s hand as her only support, and Aleister starts shooting at Cardia causing her to bleed and her blood starts burning his skin off. Sherlock has to choose between saving Cardia or his life, but he gets her into the ornithopter and jumps off saying he’ll pursue Moriarty on his own.

This is where we get a flashback that Sherlock had no choice to kill Watson’s wife as she was used by Moriarty/Aleister and was possessed through Hidden Strength. Sherlock’s guilty for taking away Watson’s happiness that day. He decided to not involve Watson in his problems ever again since everyone around him would always suffer because of the feud between him and Moriarty,so he’s been solving cases himself. (。•́︿•̀。) Sherlock soon wakes up finding himself strapped to a post and his wounds bandaged up where Aleister complains that he hasn’t been fighting him head on because of all the people around him, especially when he’s been more interested in Cardia recently. Aleister also reveals that he’s taken over Buckingham Palace and Britain will fall into his hands very soon. Back at the mansion, Watson gets mad that Sherlock ditched him again and got outside to cool off. After assuring the gang she’s alright, Cardia finds Watson outside. She reveals all her feelings for Sherlock, and Watson tells her that you don’t have to touch someone to love them, since he still loves Mary till this day. The both of them decide they’re going to go and find Sherlock and teach him a lesson to stop ditching the both of them to solve his problems on his own. The whole gang gets together and decides to sneak into Buckingham Palace to beat up Aleister since they want to help Cardia! Lupin also reveals that Victoria and Leonhardht are still alive since Sherlock tipped them off about the terrorist attacks. Meanwhile, Sherlock’s escaped somehow and confronts  Moriarty at Buckingham Palace who technically claims he’s gonna take over Great Britain. Right at that moment, Watson, Cardia & Van rush in to help out. Watson gives Sherlock a punch and Cardia slaps him for ditching them and dealing with his problems by himself! φ(*⌒▽⌒)ノ They team up to fight Moriarty, but conveniently we have Van in the room so Moriarty initiates Van’s Hidden Strength to beat the guys up. He then kidnaps Cardia and tells Sherlock to meet him at the roof of the castle if he wants his girlfriend back. Van’s extra powerful and Watson has trouble holding off but tells Sherlock to rush to save his girlfriend and he’ll deal with Van somehow!

Cardia wakes up at the roof of the palace and asks Moriarty what his goal is. Moriarty just wants Sherlock to become just like him, a lonely and depressed person so they can be bros but all!! these! nice! people! keep coming into his life!! Moriarty is pretty salty about that so he keeps driving Sherlock into a corner so that he can fall into despair like him. Sherlock finally arrives at the roof to save his girl, and defends her when attacked by Moriarty. Cardia asks him why he would defend a monster like her, and he’s about to say more when Moriarty cuts in to tell him that the Horologium is about to fully awaken and Cardia’s going to be a monster spouting poison all over Britain. Sherlock has to choose between saving the people of Britain by killing the person he loves or ditching them to save her life. Normal End: Cardia decides that she doesn’t want Sherlock to suffer anymore so she kills herself to save everyone, leaving Sherlock depressed. True End: Sherlock tells Moriarty he’s going to find a way to save everyone including Cardia, and confesses all his feelings for Cardia. (✿´‿`) Moriarty is forever salty that Sherlock-kun won’t join him in his pool of darkness and depression so he decides to shoot himself since he never found a friend. He leaves a riddle for Sherlock to find the antidote to stop Cardia from become a poison-spewing monster. Sherlock and Cardia end up sitting at the roof to figure out a way to stop her horologium from turning into the Philosopher’s Stone. Cardia’s panicking since she’s about to explode and kill everyone, but Sherlock gives her a hug and tells her it’s going to be fine, while he finds the antidote on her from solving the riddle. Cardia drinks the antidote, and the horologium stops the transformation process. Right at the moment, the palace guards show up to arrest Sherlock, but Impey flies in with Victoria & Leonhardht who clears his name. In the epilogue, Sherlock and Cardia are on their way to Wales since Cardia has unfinished business there. After the incident, Watson decided to write a novel about their love story. Van’s recovered from his Hidden Strength tendencies, and the rest of the gang have all separated ways to do their own thing. However sadly Sherlock still gets the short end of the stick because he can’t kiss Cardia since the poison’s still there!! He promises to find a way to get the poison out of Cardia, and asks her for her help to catch Lupin for his next job! (since she’s on this side now!!) (」・ω・)」Sherlock’s a nice guy but I really feel bad for him considering the fact he’s the only one fucked over now cuz he’ doesn’t have a kiss CG despite having gone through so much! I really liked this route of his and how the ending wasn’t then jumping outta a explosion, but a riddle. (it’s cool to me that way.) He’s a really sweet dude tho, so I felt that he should have gotten more.

Finis (CV: Kaji Yuki)

I didn’t exactly like Finis from how a (little shit) he was, and his screaming but I actually liked his route better than Sherlock’s in the end. This route is somehow a route where Cardia doesn’t hook up with any of the main dudes and decides to go after her younger bro, where she technically can’t romance so it felt like a “neutral end” kinda thing? The route had most detail similar to Lupin so it felt like the “neutral true end”. The route starts off with Izaac awakening Finis. Just like in Lupin’s route, Cardia leaves the mansion and decides to go back to the mansion in Wales and back to be a emotionless doll. She runs into Finis who blabbers about how daddy never loved any of them and they’re just his puppets for his ultimate project. Soon, the villagers in the area come back to the mansion upon hearing Cardia’s back to kill her because of the crazy priest. The throw stones at her and Finis just shit talks the priest for using her as a scapegoat to all their problems. He then gets Aleister to kill all of them, and Cardia figures she follow them to their base to understand Finis better. When she reaches the base, she is let in on the full plan on awakening her horologium into the philosopher’s stone, and she’s taken as a tool all the time so nobody actually calls her name there. Cardia has no choice but to keep saying her own name in order to be herself. Soon enough Lupin sneaks into the base to rescue her but she tells him that she has something important to do there, so he hands her a tiny cube that allows her to contact the gang if she needs saving. A few days later Cardia spots Finis at the main brain of Izaac calling out to him wanting his daddy to notice him!! He soon notices Cardia and goes back to his normal, and talks about how he’s dispensable as there’s like a billion copies of him. Cardia wonders why he cares about daddy so much, but she soon finds out daddy’s feelings towards him when he possesses Finis temporarily!! Izaac doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Finis, or even Cardia, because they’re all just his tools for his grand Code:Realize plan! The only people he cares about are his real children. When Finis returns Cardia’s like “Wtf why do you even care about such a shit daddy” Finis legit just screams at her saying that they’ll just disappear once the plan is over, and she doesn’t need to care about it anyway. He then shoves the awakening pendant on her so her horologium can turn into the Philosopher’s Stone, since daddy’s close to awakening! Around the same time Idea’s ready to attack the cathedral (the base) with a new character called Hansel who swings his weapon a fork around. The squad also arrives to rescue Cardia since there’s been no contact with her a while, but run into Guinevere so they end up fighting.

Hansel, the new apostle introduced to this game, and San start going after the siblings and stabbing every Finis clone possible. Finis gets Nemo to activate the Nautilus so that they escape the Idea attack, and they successfully do. Finis continues rambling on about how they’re jump puppets, confused about his identity, so Cardia gives him a big hug saying that she doesn’t see him as a puppet. However, Hansel is OP af and jumps on all the rubble to get onto the ship, stabbing all the clones again. Daddy’s main brain is awakened so he starts using all the Finis clones to shield him from Hansel, and in a move to kick Hansel off the ship, he controls the current active Finis and throws him off board together with Hansel. Cardia is horrified by the dick move Izaac played and comes to a conclusion that Izaac sees them as his tools, and really doesn’t give a fuck about what happens to them anyway as long he can finish his plan. She passes out at that moment from the philospher’s stone slowly awakening. In the meantime, Hansel returns to Omnibus apologising for his failure, and we get to see his backstory. Hansel’s past is exactly the same as the Hansel and Gretel tale, so he and his sister were abandoned due to the lack of food. His sister eventually died of hunger and Omnibus discovered him, made him an apostle by turning his sister’s soul into his weapon, and taking him in as her son. Also at the same time, Lupin and the gang finds Finis barely alive so they take him and patch him up to get information about the Nautilus, and get him to cooperate with them to save Cardia. San returns from Idea to join them to save Cardia as well. Finis is first an asshole to the gang since he still believes that daddy will take over the world and be a superior being, until realising that he’s been disconnected from the network. He slowly realises that he really cares for Cardia as his neesan and decides to save her as well. When Cardia reawakens, her horologium is slowly turning into the philosopher’s stone, like in Lupin’s route where Izaac is gonna harvest it for energy. Finis is back to being a dick to her because it’s a completely different one who still worships daddy. Cardia then sees a flashback of Izaac’s past where he desperately tried to recreate his kids to revive them. He slowly went mad as all the Finis clones would never address him as dad again even though they looked like his son, so he went on to recreate his daughter to put the horologium on. All the homunculi for Cardia kept dying from the poison, but one day a miracle happened and one managed to survive them all, which is the current Cardia. So technically he felt that it was a miracle and showered all his love for Cardia while ditching Finis and shitting on him.

Meanwhile, the gang is teaming up with Queen Victoria to stop Izaac’s plans, but they can’t get onto the ship thanks to Nemo’s heavy artillery installed so Finis decides to infiltrate the ship. He manages to get by some Twilight soldiers, but is unable to fool Aleister who immediately picks up that he’s different from the rest. Finis begs him to let him through, and Aleister is extremely amused by his pride all gone and agrees to help Finis. They convince Nemo that Izaac is never gonna notice him ever, and make up some lie that Fran & Impey worship him so Nemo gets on the boat to stop attacking the airships and land the ship safely. Finis heads to the centre of the ship with Izaac’s brain, as well as Hansel who’s on their tail. Hansel seeing that Finis is desperate to save his sister decides not to kill him, but assist Finis in killing the other Finis clones and save Cardia from completely disappearing. At this point, Finis is done with Izaac for treating them like shit and decides that he will protect his neesan!! After a long battle of taking out all the Finis clones, Hansel finally gets rid of all of them so Izaac has no vessel to jump into. As another shitty resort Izaac decides to possess Finis, who technically is another clone but has his own personal feelings now to threaten Cardia and Hansel not to kill him. Normal End: Finis decides to get himself killed to save everyone, and Hansel kills him ending it all. Cardia, upset from the loss of her brother decides to crash down together with the nautilus. True End: Finis kicks Izaac outta his brain telling him to gtfo. Izaac’s main brain short circuits and Hansel wants to end him, but the siblings tell him they will. Cardia and Finis thanks Izaac for bringing them into this world, and finishes him off so he can finally rest in peace. We then see a last flashback of Izaac naming his newborn twin children, Cardia and Finis. In the Epilogue, Cardia and Finis are back in Wales cleaning the mansion so that they can live there from now on. It’s revealed that the Nautilus crashed down safely into the river, and Nemo was arrested while Aleister disappeared afterwards. The gang have all gone their separate ways to accomplish what they have to do, although Fran and Lupin still come in to check on them. The poison is full gone from Cardia, and Finis is now a protective tsundere otouto who’s trying to kick all the guys away from Cardia, such as banning Cardia from visiting Lupin in London. Cardia still loves her younger bro anyway, and they continue to live together happily as a family. ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

White Rose: After Stories

The white rose after stories follow the story of Cardia and her chosen man on what they do after their story in the first game. Depending on which guy you’re playing, the amount of time between the route in the first game and the start of this story is completely different.

Victor Frankenstein (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)

I started out with Fran’s route cuz he my least favourite among the dudes but I ended up liking him a lot from the fandisk! This was thanks to the strange drama which was planted into his route for some reason that could have been thought over in 2 over routes, but they for some reason just had to do it here. Eitherway, Fran’s been living the life with Cardia for a while as he’s back to researching for the government and helping with the alchemy, directly under the queen. Since the poison’s gone, Cardia’s just his stay at home waifu who cooks and cleans, and make sure he doesn’t walk out of the house with Sissy instead of his tools. 😂 Fran also decides to make amends with Dorachan about him making the poison gas that killed the vampires. Dorachan’s all cool about this and Cardia arrives just in time with his lunch that Dorachan & Van decides to tease them about being like a newlywed couple, and Fran’s so embarrassed he starts blushing super hard in public. (੭ु。╹▿╹。)੭ु⁾⁾ The drama starts when San shows up telling them to head to Tower Bridge one night. As expected Omnibus is there to meet them saying that while Cardia’s poison may have been stopped, there is still a possibility of her exploding poison all over the world again. Fran also has the possibility of fucking up the world through his experiments, so Omnibus wants him to join Idea. This way, she can keep her tabs on the both of them, Fran is able to live an eternal life with Cardia who probably has a long lifespan ahead of her. However the catch for living this eternal life is that he’ll probably have to kill anyone Omnibus orders him to, including Cardia if she explodes again. Fran ain’t having any of this shit so Omnibus gives them 3 days to think about what to do. The couple then spends the next 3 days moping and wondering what to do. Fran is pretty much torn on what he should do, so much till San has to come in and tell him to follow his heart since he already knows what he should do.

Cardia eventually comes to a decision that she wants to live out Fran’s life with him right now, instead of eternally so she immediately goes to find him. Fran’s in a middle of a meeting with Victoria but she runs in and pounces on him anyway saying that she really loves him & doesn’t want him to kill people to be with her. Victoria’s all “ahem im still here guys” They end up telling Victoria about Idea and their encounter. On the day of the deadline Fran & Cardia reject Omnibus’ offer and Fran says that he will not destroy the world but take this time to shorten Cardia’s lifespan so they can live together like a normal couple till they die! Omnibus decides to get rid of Cardia but San calls in the entire gang to defend the couple so she leaves. With everything over, Fran and Cardia kiss as the sun rises while everyone gets pissy they’re ichaichaing in their faces. (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚* Also, Dorachan doesn’t get to see shit since he’s too young for this. In the epilogue, Victoria sneaks in Cardia as Fran’s new lab assistant which makes Fran surprised, but Victoria’s hardcore shipping them together so she lets them be together even during work. Fran then takes her to a church where they exchange wedding vows and promise to live happily together from now on, and they kiss. (๑•͈ᴗ•͈) Fran being a cute moe blob actually killed me upon finishing this route, but the extra added drama felt a bit random since they don’t talk about it in Van or Impey’s routes. The thing about Cardia living longer than her man was also a random touch which I was confused by??? They don’t talk about it in other routes too so I’m confused why they even brought it up.

Saint-Germain (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for some happy San scenarios, you’re outta luck cuz we gotta have some lingering angst for San! The angst killed this route for me, I lowkey liked San but the angst in what was supposed to be a happy after story kinda killed the mood. The route starts off with a sad angst flashback of San when he was first made into an Idea apostle, where he was supposed to be a poor innocently slave who died but was saved by Idea. Anyway, San and Cardia are on their way to France to see if they can find a way to get rid of a poison from her. However,  thanks to his regen abilities he steals a kiss from her anyway while she’s sleeping on a lounge chair. Cardia tells him to stop burning his lips off trying to kiss her but he doesn’t really care cuz he wants his hands on his bae in the future anyway. ლ(・ิω・ิლ) Their travels are going fine where Cardia even helps out boat crew with their food and stuff, and they soon arrive in France. They first look over at San’s old friend’s place for clues on the philosopher’s stone since his friend was doing research before he died. It’s revealed that his old friend is Trimegistus, and also his mentor as the one who turned him into an Idea apostle. When theye arrive at Trimegistus’ hideout, they find out the hideout has been ransacked and there’s no clues leading to a dead up. They decide to head to San’s mansion back in the city to rethink their plans and what to do next. San shares with her all the different jobs he took on while on his Idea apostle missions, but Cardia gets awkward in France with all the kissy couples around. San grabs Cardia noticing this and gets all cuddly with her while she gets flustered and worried he’s going to burn his skin off touching her. Soon enough, they run into Lupin in France where he’s chilling out looking for the next thing to steal. Of course, they invite him to stay at San’s France mansion.

San however, starts getting concerned over finding a cure for Cardia and wonders he should even do so because that sets him differently from the rest, and he can still touch her unlike the other dudes. This is where the angst flies in where Cardia’s still upset she isn’t able to touch live stuff like flowers and San thinks maybe it’s alright she stays like this since they can’t find a cure anyway. Lupin catches on and punches San for being a selfish bitch and not caring for Cardia’s happiness since they all know Cardia’s greatest wish is to touch someone without having to be poison-proofed. Lupin also says that he could steal Cardia away this moment and grant her wish for her instead of San, which fires San up cuz he’s loves Cardia & is not gonna let his girl be stolen by someone in his own route! Lupin tells them to sort things out where they confess their feelings for each other all over again. The net day, San asks Lupin about the Emerald Tablet Trimegistus created, where Lupin realises he robbed Trimegistus’ base when he was younger and still sucked at the art of thievery! 😂 Turns out the Emerald Tablet is the cure to the poison since it won’t melt when it touches Cardia’s skin. They figure that Cardia needs to carry around the emerald to negate the effects of her poison. Lupin soon leaves telling them to live a happy life. San then thanks Trimegistus for helping Cardia before they leave on their next trip. A few days later, they’re going off on another trip to somewhere else, and San places an emerald ring on her ring finger which can help negate all the poison. He also proposes to her asking her to marry him once they’re done with their world tour, and Cardia agrees. San finally kisses Cardia without burning his lips off, says that he can finally take her. ლ(❛◡❛✿)ლ

Abraham Van Helsing (CV: Suwabe Junichi)

Van took me to the longest to get through out of all the guys because there was…nothing happening?? Like I tried to get into it but it felt like a couple slice-of-life drama where nothing happened. The biggest drama that happened was them getting worried about things as if they have wedding blues but they weren’t even married yet?? The route starts off really fast where Fran finally manages to stop Cardia from spewing poison so Van can finally touch her properly so he immediately jumps the gun and kisses her in front of an embarrassed Fran. 。◕‿◕。 Fran tells him to be more careful and that the poison in Cardia should be gone after a few more doses of whatever alchemy shit he gave her to drink. Van continues the route being this great man who tries to make Cardia as happy as possible by buying her things, trying to spend time with her as much as possible despite his busy schedule as a guard. After her poison has completely disappeared, Van takes her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant to spend time with her and Cardia starts to feel outclassed by all the classy ladies in London. He also takes her to this dress shop where they have her try on dresses and a wedding dress where he kisses her Horologium saying how much he loves her. (✿◠‿◠) This continues for a bunch of scenes where he takes her out, but Cardia starts realising that he seems distant while out on dates and doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself. She also gets insecurities about marriage and whether they’re going to get married or not eventually. Cardia then starts to ignore Van for this period of time for her to sort out her feelings and probably to “take a break from each other”.

Van goes around town moping and wondering what he did wrong to cause Cardia to get upset. He pretty much runs into Impey & Lupin who are still working together so they take him out on a bro date to pamper himself as much as possible because he’s too hard on himself. They basically give him some bro advice and tells him that Cardia probably wants to love him equally, as much as he loves her. Dorachan also shows up to tell him to stop moping since he’s really pathetic about love. Cardia receives advice from Fran who tells her that Van’s probably trying his best and they probably “are so in love they’re making problems out of it”! Because of the advice they get from their friends they immediately want to see each other because they love each other so much! This was the exact moment where I was like “???? what happened what was the point of this route again” but eitherway, they meet and kiss to make up. In the epilogue, Cardia’s done with Van who made her try a fuck ton of dresses at the dress store but he’s extra happy since he finds Cardia pretty in anything. After that, they head to a pretty garden near a church where Van lifts Cardia up and proposes to her. Cardia says yes to marrying him and starts calling him her “husband”. (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧ While this route was really sweet, I now think back and wonder what actually happened because I can’t remember anything and his route felt like a blank slate.

Impey Barbicane (CV: Morikubo Showtaro)

Impey was the route I had the most fun with because it was that cute and he’s my main bias so it’s probably the best route for me. (*´╰╯`๓)♬ Cardia has been living with Impey at the mansion for a while helping him with his contraptions to go to the moon, but he’s been having trouble finding a sponsor to get funds from to continue doing research on going to the moon. In the meantime while looking for sponsors and researching, he’s a waifu so he cooks and cleans for Cardia so she barely has to do anything. Impey continues to come up with these whacky ideas to cure Cardia’s poison, but in actual fact he’s working at night secretly with Fran to get rid of her poison. After Van takes him to see Victoria who is agreeable to sponsor him funds for his project, he strikes a deal with her to help out in the building of a submarine. If he can accomplish it to help show off Great Britain’s technology to the rest of Europe, she’ll fund his research to go to the moon. Impey ends up working for the rest of the route at the docks with Fran to build up a submarine which can take them safely into the water. This gets him really busy so Cardia cooks for him instead and brings him lunch, as well as help out in the building of the submarine as much as she can. Impey’s all focused on getting the submarine to work, so he ends up pulling all nighters and falling asleep while researching. Cardia finds him sleeping really cute so she sits beside him and says how she really loves seeing him work hard and how much he loves her. Impey actually isn’t asleep but he’s all “please say more because it fuels me to work!!” (≖ ‿ ≖)

Cardia also has a run-in with him while he’s showering and she can’t hold herself back from the awkward thoughts over a naked Impey. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ The building of the submarine finally gets on after Impey figures to use the material for the Nautilus for the submarine, and they can finally go on a test run for the submarine. Cardia and Impey do the test for the submarine and go deep down into the ocean showing Cardia the sights of the deep ocean. He then admits to her that he’s been working with Fran to cure her poison so that they can be happy. The test ends up being a success, and they’re having a party by the sea. Cardia goes looking for Impey, and he gives her a vial which can get rid of her poison. After drinking it Impey is able to touch her bare hand, and Cardia immediately kisses him herself. In the epilogue, it’s a year later and Impey has been continuing his research. It’s Cardia and Impey’s wedding day, and Impey’s still tinkering with stuff on the airship minutes before the ceremony and Lupin’s telling him the rest of the gang are rallying to steal the bride if he ain’t gonna show up. 😂 The uproar continues until Cardia and Impey parachute into the wedding where they exchange their wedding vows to happily together. “:♡.•♬✧⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾*+:•*∴ I swear Impey’s after made me like Impey even more, this is probably the best route in the game with all the cute fluff and fun moments ahh ;w; ( clearly need more Impey)

Arsene Lupin (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

I played Lupin last since he was main guy and as I expected, his routes talks a bit about Izaac so I advise everyone to play it last! The route actually starts off a few days after their wedding. Lupin and Cardia are living together in the mansion still but instead of sleeping together Lupin likes to sneak into her bed in the middle of the night to provide the element of surprise. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) He then spends the rest of the night together with her. The continue to ichaicha together but Cardia’s frustrated that Lupin’s always stealing her heart so she wants to do it to him too! Basically, she wants him to dokidoki as well. Cardia decides to ask Fran for advice so Fran goes to Van & Dorachan. However Van and Dorachan start to come up with some spartan idea of Cardia beating up some enemies to impress Lupin. This ends up with Van & Fran dressing up as Twilight soldiers for Cardia to beat up, but Fran gets KO’ed by Sissy and Lupin sees through the other dude to be Van. Van and Dorachan say that they managed to get Lupin to say how much he loves Cardia, so it’s all good although Lupin’s mad at them. However Cardia still doesn’t think she managed to doki him so she goes to Impey. Impey comes up with an idea to get Lupin jealous by taking her out on a date. She ends up ditching Lupin telling him not to follow her while she goes on a 3P date with San and Impey!

Lupin who’s salty af tails after them with Sissy and sits outside the cafe they’re in sulking as San & Impey slightly get cosy with her. 😂😂 However Cardia does feel bad for ditching and tells the 2 guys how much she loves Lupin, which makes him blush. ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) He soon reveals himself so San & Impey leave them to talk things over. Lupin then takes her to the riverside where she admits that she just wants make Lupin doki too. Lupin says that he’s already doki-ing every day from how much he loves her, and kisses her as compensation for making him salty. Soon after, Lupin takes her to see the government archives to find out more about Izaac Beckford since she’s been wanting to get to know her “father” better. She also regrets not getting to know Finis better when he fell off the Nautilus, and hopes to find out more about her family “family”. At the government archives, they find Izaac’s diary, as well as a picture of his family. She then understands that Izaac really loved his family, his pain & despair from losing his family and wanting to get them back. In the epilogue, everyone separate’s ways and Impey throws Lupin off at a high point of London for Cardia. Cardia says that she wanted to show the sight her father created, in the place where they meet. We then get that cheesy but slightly emotional wind of petals where Lupin takes as Izaac’s blessing, and says that he’ll be taking his daughter now, and they kiss. (*´╰╯`๓)♬ Lupin’s route was a great closure to all the after stories because it felt so…complete. Lupin’s route gave me more of the doki effect, but I still like him nonetheless.

Lupin the Gang

Lupin the Gang is the shitty AU they planted in the FD in order to make it feel “longer” but it was pretty much a long run of padding. I really wished I played this first because the AU really had no contribution to any main plot whatsoever and focused mainly on the new characters into this AU. It was very amusing tho and that was what got me through this entire AU anyway, but it wasn’t the best and they could have invested the writing somewhere else. Eitherway, the mafia AU starts when Cardia offers to test-drive Impey’s automobile but then gets involved in this chase of a strange old man with a mechanical hand chasing after a girl. Turns out she got involved in some hardcore family argument in the Gordon Mafia family, where the daughter of Darius Gordon, Shirley Gordon ran away from home. Cardia gets detained at their base for a while where Darius apologises for dragging her into this nonsense, until Cardias ikemen harem busts through their wall to rescue her. She then meets the Gordon family again, as the gang is requested by Sholmes to help out with the mafia problem. Turns out there’s been a drug war between the Gordon family and this italian mafia, the Crudele family led by Avido Crudele. They’re in charge of the black market auction this year, and Lupin almost get killed by them because he stole one of the auction’s products that was supposed to be given to him. The Crudele family is also suspected to be distributing drugs which make people go wild like Hidden Strength. How this is related to the Gordon family is that the herb they harvest for business which is meant for medicinal reasons, is one of the ingredients for that drug. Avido also came over to their mafia demanding the distribute their herbs to them, supposingly for the drug, but Darius didn’t want to. They’ve decided to put a stop to this by proving that Avido is doing drug trafficking. While all this explanation is taking place, the girls are actually outside because Shirley isn’t allowed to hear any of that shit so the girls are having a fun time outside until they have a run-in with Avido. Avido so happens to be after Shirley, but Shirley has beef with him for killing her mom and chopping off Darius’ hand after he didn’t agree to distribute the herbs to them. She’s been training all her murder skills just to get revenge for her mom, but she fails at killing him anyway so Cardia & her are caught by Avido. They are then sent to the ship where the black auction is taking place, so the guys and the Gordon family head onto the ship to rescue them. Cardia manages to escape with Shirley through the ship, and are about to be caught by Avido’s men when Van & San come to their rescue.

Avido ends up letting them stay with their gang because he’s confident they can’t pull any moves even if they’re on the ship anyway so Cardia gets into full classy Mafia attire with her mans. (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ ) (i must admit, the mafia suits for the main guys are indeed hot) While on the ship, Lupin and co. decide to separate to try and find clues and evidence that Avido’s doing some illegal drug trafficking. They figure that Avido will try and spread the drug by spiking everyone’s drinks, so they get Fran to start mixing up a cure for the drug so that people don’t start dropping dead left and right if they overdose, and also to stop it from getting any worse. They come up with this big plan where Lupin uses his host skills to throw the cure into all the champagne glasses so that everyone would be cured. Avido’s obviously pissed with his plans foiled so he tries to find more solutions to corner Darius, and that of course, is Shirley. While the gang was doing their thing, Shirley was sulking in her room about how her dad is being passive about everything and not wanting to get revenge for her mom. She’s still hell bent on killing Avido, so she sneaks out of her room to go confront him, but is instead captured and used as hostage. They have a battle on the deck of the ship where Avido uses her as hostage, but Lupin & co. crash into the scene to help fight him & announce that San set explosives all around the storerooms of the ship burning down his valuables and drug stash. Avido got batshit angry for them ruining his business and starts going nuts chasing after them in a tank where they’ve got no choice to stop him by making him ram into a building. Avido’s finally stopped, and he admits that his father was part of the Gordon family and was inspired to make an Italian mafia based on family who didn’t kill anyone. Of course, that failed and his parents passed away so Avido figured if they wanted a mafia, they should just have one based on business. He then shits on the Gordon family saying that they suck for not killing anyone and it won’t work out in the long run, and he’ll be back to kill them after he escapes jail. Avido tells Darius to kill him before he does more damage in the long run, but Darius just punches him for being an idiot. At the ending, Lupin & co. end up escaping Leonhardht who’s after them for stealing a fuck ton of money from the ship thanks to San wanting the art for himself. 😂 In the epilogue, all the problems have been settled and Darius thanks the gang for their help. Meanwhile, the girls are still having their girl adventures together were they say something along the lines of them being bffs forever or something. While the whole Mafia story was fairly interesting, I found that it started to pad really hard when Avido wouldn’t give up and it just bored the hell out of me. Shirley’s age also kinda irked me a bit on how she’s 13, and her actions just seemed partially irritating (but expected from her age). It was funny and interesting, but I wanted to get up and close with the guys, not just have a AU with them.

Delacroix’s room

Delacroix’s room is just a series of fluff events with the shota boy unlocked from playing all the stories throughout the game. The scenarios were mostly just slice-of-life scenes like breakfast, waking up, that kind of thing so it wasn’t that interesting. It kinda felt like a bunch of cute scenes with your younger brother. Really not much to say here tbh, other than the fact that Dorachan is extremely adorable and I wished we could have more for him, like a small route instead of just scenarios. I know he’s kinda underage, but I felt it could have been something like Shu’s route in Toki no Kizuna, and why I say that, is because both games are done by the same team. Although, Cardia’s imagination of Dorachan when he’s older is definitely wild!

~Final Thoughts~

This is a very sweet FD! It is a good continuation after all the pain and suffering throughout the first game, but as I say again and again, more time should have been put into writing more content for the guys in the after stories. The after stories are sweet, but pretty much lacked wedding ends for some characters. some routes also felt like a shit attempt to write out a “problem” the couple has to solve, and felt like unnecessary drama to make the route feel like “we’ve accomplished something together as a couple!” For the extra routes, Finis was the route which made me feel like there’s finally a good closure for the main plot with the Beckford siblings. Sherlock definitely got the short end of the stick, and while I like him I found Finis’ route to be the better of the 2 with the proper conclusions to the story. Also probably because I like a cute tsuntsun otoutokun better. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) While AUs are fun, they don’t add much to the main plot and sometimes get boring. The AUs also make me think that they’re a ditch attempt to make the game seem long because they have nothing else to add on to the story anymore. This has been a rising trend with a lot of Otomate games, which is really depressing as it seems they’re trying to milk to get fast cash through “funny AUs”. I’m going to compare this with the Toki no Kizuna FD heavily because they’re made by the same team, but that FD was much better as it’s content had some levels of relevance to the main plot, and all the guys actually got wedding endings. While I like this code:realize fd, they could have definitely done more content in terms of the up-close-and-personal with the main dudes. Unfortunately, C:R is getting yet another fandisc soon, this time with yet another AU and more “if” situations, which makes me wonder if they’re trying anymore. I still really like this fd though, and if you love the first game you should get this, whether translated or in japanese. In the end, C:R is very character driven and I’ll still come back to get more despite the lack of good content because the characters are all so lovable. I enjoyed this one thoroughly, because I finished it way faster than all my other games which is a sign I actually enjoyed it a lot! Impey is still my best boy btw, he’s such an underloved darling.



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