4 Years of trashy blogging, and I’m still here.

Oh dang, this is the yearly cheesy post I do every year talking about how I can’t believe I’m still writing on this blog despite being so slow! Well if you’re guessing that, yes! I can’t believe how I’m still here! And I’m thankful to all readers for continuing to read this trashy content of a blog. The anniversary was supposed to be in early July, but school has been busy and I haven’t had time to write, so it’s only here now. I honestly have no idea what to summarise and talk about for this year, since I’ve done so little, but I’ll try my best under the cut. It’s been another dry year really, and I really have no idea what to say. Hence the header picture. Don’t worry, I still love you readers!

The 4th year of blogging has been pretty trashy again. I barely found any time to post new content, and I still have that long backlog of posts to finish. It’s been pretty stressful, add on with a new hobby to my list. I’ve been picking up the pace again, but it will take me a while to finish whatever I have left over.

Why I’m still here? It’s probably because of how this blog is probably one of the places where get to write whatever I like to entertain myself, and you guys as well. While I am studying some form of writing right now, it’s not the most free writing I can get to do, and I suppose this is an outlet for me to talk about my hobbies. Guess I’ll still here for a while more.

List of games I completed this year:

This list is probably just as short as last year, or even shorter. Due to school stress pushing out all my motivation to play anything, I actually did not complete much throughout this year, and my stockpiled number of games left in the backlog is getting longer since im buying games faster than clearing them. ;w;

  • Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ – A great game which is a blessing to Otome localisations! Apart from the many typos in Lupin’s route, the game was awesome, with an awesome heroine! The localization was great too!
  • Dance with Devils – A cute fluff game in addition to the anime which aired in 2015. Took me ages to clear since I was busy playing another game which I’ll talk about down below. It ended up being a pretty fun one, but not my favourite.
  • Nier Automata – I’m putting this in because I think its one of the few console action games I fully platinum’ed myself, and I’m proud of that fact! (Also the fact that this game list is so small I’m crying ;w;) The game brought me tons of feels and a very intricate story which I just got into and cried over.

MoshiKami was one of the games I was planning on clearing  for the year, but I ended up not doing it. This was due to reason which I’m planning on writing a post about very soon. I still have lingering plans to finish it in the future, maybe in September, but I’m still not sure. Overall, I didn’t really finish a lot of games due to school work and stress, and I’m really hoping to clear more games. I’m already done with one, hoping to finish my next one soon and I can get my game reviews moving again.

Interesting things with happened in the year

I forgot to mention, I landed face straight in Lagrange Point hell. Whoops.

I actually don’t have a lot of events to talk about, other than the events that I went for and cosplayed to. I generally think it’s very repetitive that I keep talking about the similar events, so I’m cutting those. Which made me realise this year has been really dry for me. Other than the fact I got into more cosplay and events, there wasn’t much “big” events for me. So here are some interesting things which happened in the year.

I got into Tsukiuta hell – I honestly think this is one of the biggest mistakes I’m making, but I’m waist-deep in, so hey, time to jump in since there’s no return anyway. I’ve been particularly obsessive with the Tsukiusa which I probably want 10 of, so my wallet’s kinda filing the divorce papers at this point. Merch aside, the music is pretty good and the characters ale all lovable, so I am enjoying this hell a lot right now. The series also opened me up to butai, which is pretty interesting by itself, and I’d like to watch more.

I’m close to making 5 itabags – Just when I thought my itabag fad was over I probably latched on to more seiyuus and decided I’d make like 5 more itabags, each for one seiyuu. This is a terrifying addiction that I probably need to break before I do anything else. The fad is strong though, I honestly think that its pretty nice to carry one but the $$$ required to make a nice one is a lot, and my wallet is slowly giving sending me more divorce papers to get away from me.

Playing senbura, maybe more mobage in general – For some random reason, I’m still playing senbura, that trashy piece of otomate crap. I’m actually slowly getting bored and pissed by the game, but the characters are pretty…good to me? I don’t actually know anymore. What I know is that the seiyuus are keeping me in this stupid trash of a game. Speaking of mobage, I’m wholeheartedly prepared to get both versions of Utapri Shining Live, since Klab, who made the love live game too, is forever trapping me in their hell. I’ve gotten into a couple of mobage, but some ended up not interesting me a lot, so I’m still downloading and deleting things.

A GHP or Toki no Kizuna port still ain’t announced – Yep. A year has passed, still no sign of my favourite games getting a port to the Vita or PS4. Why aren’t these games on the vita yet? Maybe it’s because of their teams being busy making fandisks of their hit games, specifically Tierblade and Code:Realize. I wonder when my dreams of a port of the 2 games will ever come true.

Is Otomate moving to the PS4? I hope not. – Otomate recently started porting their “big hits” to the PS4: namingly Hakuouki and Code:Realize. Not a surprising move in terms of titles, but this could possibly mean Otomate wanting to move their games to a new platform, as their start with the Vita was also in a similar method. However, as there are currently no announcements for any PS4-exclusive games, we should be safe for now.

I like to make the small things that happen in life interesting. This is what I thought off from the top of my head, but I’m pretty sure there’s more. I’m too lazy to think of more, so I’ll leave it like this.

Changes in the blog

More Rejet Announcement posts – I’ve decided from this year I’ll be reporting on all the Rejet new series announcements as much as I can with some rough translations. These translations will be super rough so I really hope they aren’t wrong, cuz I tend to do them in a rush. Feedback on improvements is always appreciated on these posts! These announcement posts are to make the blog more lively than have to collect dust sadly while I’m busy trying to finish a long review.

Mobage Reviews – As I’ve said earlier mobage is slowly taking over my life, so I’ll be reviewing the ones which I actively play to introduce people to them, whether I find them good or not. These are technically also filler posts for the big reviews again, since I’m slow in writing those.

Changes in writing format – To help make posts for games with too many guys shorter, I’ve decided to split some posts into batches of characters. For reviews I want to be detailed about, I will be splitting these reviews/summaries into separate posts if they are good.

Spoiler-free reviews – From the last point of detailed posts, because the detail summaries are going to take me 20 years to produce, I will be starting to write spoiler-free posts for these reviews. The only special case is writing a spoiler-free review for Moshikami. As I have plans to finish the game eventually, I’ll write a spoiler-free review as I probably won’t want to relive the memories of playing the game through a summary. It might cry

In Conclusion

Sherlock is a sexy man, with a nice route. (this is a hint to my next review)

the 4th year of blogging for me has been an extremely dry one. The only person I can blame is myself, but I’ve been less angry about not updating the blog often as I like to take it slow with things nowadays with a busy life and schedule. I already have a list of content that I want to release to everyone to rad, it’s just whether I can churn out those posts in time. I’d like to thank everyone who’s been reading this blog, no matter how long you’ve been here. I’m just glad that I’m still able to take out some time in life to write posts and have fun here in general. Not that real life is the worst, but it is a good break from the all the responsibilities and work I have to deal with out there. I’ll continue to take it slow and post at a pace that I like. Once Again, thank you to everyone who has supported the blog in any way, and I’m thankful to all viewers, no matter how slow it is.

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