Dance with Devils

After the anime, Rejet released an otome game for Dance with Devils to fulfil romances for the rest of the guys in the show. And thus, the Dance with Devils created. The game follows the anime accordingly, where our Heroine, Tachibana Ritsuka, is a normal girl living a normal life. One day, her house is attacked by a bunch of weirdos kidnapping her mother away, in which she receives the help of her school’s student council, who appears to have a strong interest in her for unknown reasons. Well technically everyone who’s reading this post knows the anime already, so let’s cut to the chase! Spoilers all underneath the cut.

I’m gonna jump into this assuming you know the main plot, but I’ll just give a quick summary of all the main points fleshed out the game that is already in the anime. So it turns out that the entire student council is made up of demons who are after the grimoire which apparently has a fuck ton of power to allow anyone who attains it to rule over the world. Of course, it just so happens that Ritsuka has the grimoire inside of her!!! Ritsuka’s world goes into a dark world as she finds out that her brother and her best friend, Azuna are exorcists, sent to protect her. She also finds out that grimoire is in her due to the fact that she’s the daughter of the demon king, Maksis, and her human mom. she also ends up finding out that the only way to get the grimoire out of her is to get all her blood sucked out, killing her immediately and she has no choice to run from all the idiots after her.

The game is split into 2 common routes, one for Urie, Mage, and Shiki, and the other for Rem, Lindo and Roen. Each common route plays out different but are quite similar to the events of the anime.

Nanashiro Mage (CV: Kimura Subaru)

Mage is the all brawns guy who acts like cool oresama and aniki, but in actual fact he’s just a tsundere and when he falls in loves its true gap moe as he starts babbling too hard. What a cutie. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ So at the start of his route, Urie decides to troll Mage by telling him that the grimoire can be taken out of Ritsuka by kissing her! Good old dumb Mage starts going on a hunt trying to steal Ritsuka’s lips. Ritsuka tries her best to get away from Mage by blasting him with the pendant and fast feet, but eventually gets kissed when Mage saves her from a bunch of gangsters at a back street alley. However nothing happens and Mage’s like “wtf where’s my grimoire?!” Ritsuka’s pissed that the guy stole her first kiss for the grimoire and runs off angrily, leaving Mage standing there realising that hey, he didn’t mind kissing her at all and he wants to do it again! ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨ Ritsuka continues avoiding Mage since she’s mad that he only cares about the grimoire inside her, as she already have feelings for him! They have a few run-ins with each other, until Ritsuka’s caught by the vampires. Mage and Azuna bust into their base and rescue her along with Ritsuka’s mom, and they head home. Mage’s heavily injured from this so Ritsuka helps to patch him up and he really starts to question his feelings for her. One day, Mafe takes her to the beach and has a long talk with her about his past. Mage’s actually the only one left of his family, which I don’t remember the name of. His family used to be one of the strongest 4 demon families in the demon world, but they all got killed by demon lord Maksis and he’s the only one left. He now hates Maksis with a burning passion and is out to prove his strength to everyone cuz of the way the demon world works. He’s had a hard life trying to stay stronger on top of the minor demons and shit. Mage’s been working for Ren’s family for a while so when he heard about grimoire, he decided he wanted it because he should be able to take over the demon world with the powers of the grimoire. Ritsuka’s saddened by this and says thatt it’s ok, he can rely on her if she needs to. they then kiss under their sunset after admitting their feelings for each other. The school festival comes by but Ritsuka’s immediately captured by the crazy exorcists who claimed that she’s controlled by the demons and that she’s impure as the grimoire so TIME TO MURDER HER. Mage flies in with whoever’s bothered to save her (because i really cannot remember what happened), and they have a dance in the empty hall to make up for her school festival, and where Ritsuka tells Mage about the method to get out the grimoire is to kill her.

Human route: Ritsuka’s mom Maria wakes up after a long while of slumber and decides that she needs to tell Ritsuka the truth about her dad. Turns out her dad is the demon lord Maksis who Mage really hates, and Ritsuka doesn’t know what to do cuz the guy really hates her dad. She doesn’t know what to do so she starts dodging Mage leaving the poor dude to wonder what he did to her to make her upset. Soon enough Mage’s like “fuck this she probably hates me or sth now idek” so they start playing dodging olympics until Ritsuka decides that needs to stop hiding shit from the guy she likes. She chases after the guy but he tries to avoid her until she finds Mage, grabbing him real hard saying that she really likes him. He finally listens to what she has to say and is pretty cool abt it, going like “it’s okay i’ve got you who cares about your dad or the grimoire!”. Both of them ar super happy until Rem comes along confronting Mage about the grimoire. They’re about to fight over the fate of Ritsuka when niisan Lindo swoops in ready to fucking kill them for touching Ritsuka. Right at the same moment the craycray exorcists bust in too ready to kill everyone too including Lindo cuz they’re all corrupted by the grimoire. They even bring Azuna as hostage so that they hand Ritsuka over. Human End 1: Ritsuka isn’t gonna be a damsel in distress so she forms a plan and somehow Mage gets it, so they hand Ritsuka over. She then unleashes her grimoire powers and the exorcists panic so Mage takes this chance to beat them all up. At the same moment the grimoire vanishes so the rest of the devils really don’t give a fuck about her anymore. It’s her birthday anyway so Mage goes all raburabu with her which pisses oniisan off. In the Epilogue, Mage lives together at Ritsuka’s place getting all raburabu with her while niisan gets mad at him 99% of the time. *(*´∀`*)☆ Human end 2: Everyone somehow gets heavily injured when the exorcists attack them, leaving Ritsuka barely alive. She decides to give Mage a kiss and gives her blood to him so that he can have to grimoire since she’s probably gonna die. Due to his he’s practically invincible, so he goes around the world destroying everything since life has no meaning for him without Ritsuka anymore.

Devil route: Rem’s dad finally hits his limit and tells Rem to bring Ritsuka to him since they know the method to get out the grimoire. Rem tells everyone about this but since Mage loves Ritsuka, he ain’t letting his woman die but they lock him in the room with Shiki guarding him while Rem and Urie go catch Ritsuka. Urie puts Ritsuka into slumber and shows her nightmares so that she breaks and becomes a lifeless doll, since the 4 families have decided to chop her up and divide the grimoire among themselves! Mage finally manages to get out of Shiki’s guard and fights Rem and Urie to rescue Ritsuka but he’s defeated and thrown into jail. However thanks to him calling out to Ritsuka she snaps out of her trance and tries to escape and look for her boyfriend. She finds Mage in jail and with the help of Shiki sneaking the key in through a pipe or sth, gets Mage out. He drinks a bit of her blood to regain his strength and they escape. They’re intercepted by Rem and Urie, who act like they’re about to kill them but turns out they’re going to help the couple anyway so they kill the devils around them which are under Rem’s dad. Mage and Ritsuka managed to escape the Arlond mansion but soon confronts Rem’s dad who’s desperate for his grimoire. Rem’s dad is pretty strong being the demon lord of the demon world right now, and beats him to shit until Ritsuka gets mad and unleashes her grimoire magics. Devil End 1: Mage beats up Rem’s dad, and soon after the grimoire disappears from her, leaving everyone uninterested. Ritsuka thanks Mage for protecting her and kisses the guy on the cheek, making him blush and go all moe. Since Mage defeated the demon lord he now is next demon lord of the demon world so he’s got a lot of shit to do. In the Epilogue, Ritsuka comes by the demon world to have fun with him. He then proposes to her asking her to marry him so they can be together forever. ˚✧₊⁎( ˘ω˘ )⁎⁺˳✧༚ Devil End 2: Ritsuka’s grimoire explodes to the point that all the other devils start thirsting after her for no reason, and Mage has to fend them off since he’s the only one who’s sane. After Rem tries to let them get away, Mage dies having to defend the devils from Ritsuka. Ritsuka’s grimorie disappears, but she doens’t really give a shit anymore cuz Mage’s dead anyway. Roen pops up asking her if she wants to go back to the human world but she’s like “idgaf anymore just murder me” so that she can join Mage in the afterlife.

Honestly Mage was pretty cute, the way he babbled too hard when falling in love was cute, but his meat and brawns still stands on him so I ended up not liking him a lot. His Akuma route was actually much more fn cuz it felt like a exciting shounen manga where I was excited to find out more and shit, but the Hito route really fell flat on that part. he’s still pretty cute though.

Sogami Urie (CV: Kondo Takashi)

I seriously thought that Urie was going to be a soothing time or sth cuz i’m weak to Kondo Takashi’s voice and all, but nope, the entire route literally completely went in the worst direction it could ever go. Urie’s the flirt among the available bachelors who probably has a harem running after him all day. I mean, he’s an incubus after all. He’s actually the nicest of the bunch and doesn’t hardcore chase after Ritsuka and creep her out 99% of the time, but all that shit falls through the floor once you enter his route. The sad thing is that he lowkey goes after Ritsuka by letting her hang out in his dream world to flirt with her, but Ritsuka’s pretty uncomfortable with the fact that he’s got his harem after him all the time, but he doesn’t seem to fucking care either way. Because Ritsuka’s a good trusting girl, he takes advantage of her when she proclaim that she trusts him to do his stuff. Ritsuka tries to be nice to him and gets close, but soon enough she gets too close and Urie blasts his incubus magic on him so that she’ll be a lifeless doll and listen to whatever he says. This leaves us prancing around with a dead Ritsuka for ONE FUCKING CHAPTER listening to all his bs like having her kiss him and do lewd shits without her permission technically. 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸 Urie also has this inferior complex to Rem so when he controls Ritsuka he’s like “holy shit rem look i captured her im great rem!!” leaving Rem and the rest of the dudes to be pretty much meh at him. He soon gets bored cuz Ritsuka wasn’t as fun to hang out with anymore and that Rem honestly didn’t give a fuck about his contribution. Ritsuka soon has enough willpower to get up from her trance after thinking about her family. Urie’s pissed and tries to trance her again but she starts building resistance to his bullcrap even without her pendant. However, news comes in when Ritsuka finds out that Lindo was beat up hard trying to find her so she agrees to do whatever Urie says in exchange for helping her brother recover. Ritsuka hangs out in the greenhouse all day due to the agreement. She finds out from Urie that his family’s pretty messed up cuz his dad banged up a bunch of hoes so he’s got a bunch of siblings he probably doesnt know. His mom got pissed and left so he’s like the next heir and shit so he’s left on his own following in his dad’s footsteps. Urie’s still salty that Ritsuka won’t look at him so he tries flirt with his hoes but it doesn’t work. He soon realises his ~feelings~ for Ritsuka and confesses to her in her dreams since “her hands are full with her family she doesn’t look at him”. Ritsuka actually awakens her feels for Urie here too and realises that she’s in love with him, but doesn’t want to say anything. They finally confess their love for each other during the school festival where they run away from the party and dance in the garden. Everything is all dokidoki and raburabu until Jeki jumps in trying to catch RItsuka. Urie successfully beats him up but Jeki just screams at them telling the way to get the grimoire out of Ritsuka is the kiss her.

Human Route: Upon realising the truth of getting out the grimoire, Urie becomes bipolar and for some reason becomes excited to get the grimoire out of her promising her that he’ll let her see a sweet dream so she won’t have to die in pain. This turns out to be all part of his plan to drive her away from him so she doesn’t she won’t be hurt in the process, but Ritsuka is persistent and continues to try to get him to spit out his true feelings. He gives her chances to run away from him by unlocking the door of the greenhouse but she still goes back anyway to try to get Urie to show his feelings. He goes even further by strangling her with his whip to show her that he’s a devil and he’s fucking evil but Ritsuka sits through this and tells him to stop running away from everything! Urie finally realises what he’s doing is stupid and that he really loves her so he’ll dump Rem as his childhood friend and protect her. Rem who was eavesdropping on their shit since the start finds out that Urie’s betrayed him so he fights Urie wounding him pretty bad. Thanks to Ritsuka blasting her grimoire in Rem’s face they manage to escape so Urie takes them both to his dreamworld space to stall some time before it hits 12 midnight. However, Rem, Mage and Shiki break into the dreamworld to beat up Urie. Urie enters a 3v1 fight against the 3 dudes where he’s getting beat up really hard by all of them. Urie proclaims that he loves Ritsuka and doesnt to lose in his feelings for her! Human End 1: The fight goes on but the clock soon chimes saying it’s 12 midnight and everyone backs off since the grimoire is gone anyway. Turns out the  clock chiming was actually a trick set up by Urie and that it totally isn’t 12 midnight, but Rem realised his childhood friend finally had something to fight for so he backed off. In the epilogue, Ritsuka and Urie are ichaichaing in the student council room. All’s well since Lindo is fine and Ritsuka’s mom is rescued. Rem beats Urie in shogi but Urie dont give a fuck cuz he’s happy just to be with Ritsuka, and Rem sighs saying that he’s stayed too long in the human world for Urie. Rem’s forgiven Urie though, and leaves them to continue ichaichaing in the 3rd library. (ᅌᴗᅌ* ) Human End 2: Rem beats up Urie, killing him, right at the moment the clock strikes midnight. Ritsuka survives and the grimoire disappears, so the dudes all leave with nothing. Urie says goodbye to Ritsuka as she’s asleep, but she never wakes up as days and months go by. Lindo’s pissed that Urie did this to his younger sister, but Azuna says that it’s probably Ritsuka’s own will to continue dreaming than to wake up.

Devil Route:  Right after Jeki dies, the vampire king Nesta blasts his way into the school to find the grimoire since he wants it to take over the world. Everyone tries to fend Nesta off to let Ritsuka and Urie get away, but he’s too strong for them. They run into Lindo while running away who reveals he knew about the grimoire, and tells them to head to him and Ritsuka’s grandfather’s place to hide. The place has a barrier that can partially hide their presence, so hopefully they can stay there for a while more before the grimoire disappears. While in the cave with the barrier though Urie finds some documents that Ritsuka’s grandfather wrote regarding the grimoire. It turns out that Ritsuka is half devil, and that’s the reason she has the grimoire in her due to the 2 bloods mixing. Urie then figures that the only way to remove the grimoire is to turn her fully into human or devil, but since he can only turn her into a devil. However if he does that she can’t live in the human world anyway which would leave her family behind. Ritsuka’s fine with this, so he turns her into one by of course, banging her up in the cave since he’s an incubus. (`・ω・´)”    This also so happens to be the only time where Ritsuka’s ass gets tapped in this entire game, leaving me to question why Urie got to do it. 😂 However the next morning when they wake up Ritsuka’s lost all her memories and is back in lifeless doll mode, even though the grimoire’s gone. She now only listens to whatever Urie says as before. Urie tries going around to see if Ritsuka remembers anyone like Lindo or her mother, but doesn’t remember anything. Nothing works, and Rem tells Urie that they’re going back to the Demon World in a day. Urie figures the last way to wake her up, by recreating the school festival dance. Devil End 1: Urie dances with trance mode Ritsuka, and kisses her at the end which MAGICALLY TURNS HER BACK TO HER SENSES! Ritsuka’s memories all return, and she decides to head down to the demon world with him. In the Epilogue, they’re happily settled at Urie’s place although Urie’s family is pissed that he’s dating a former human. Urie doesn’t give a fuck tho since he’s living a happy life in the demon with Ritsuka. Devil End 2: The dance doesn’t work so the devils  all pack up and get ready to go home. However, Nesta’s fucking pissed that he didn’t get his grimoire so he comes blasting into the school again wanting to kill Urie. He kills Ritsuka, which, causes Urie to get mad and murder him but he’s half dying anyway. Ritsuka comes back to her senses at the last moment before she dies which leaves Urie completely upset.

I’ll be serious here, I literally preferred Urie’s Akuma route since he felt more truthful to his feelings, and he deserved getting shit for all the shit he did earlier. His human route felt way to deus ex machina anyway, so his akuma was way more fun. (at the same time, im still indecisive whether I like him or not lmao xD)

Natsumezaka Shiki (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

Shiki’s the creepy fallen angel of the crew who seems distant from the rest of the dudes. He’s actually pretty DoS and DoM at the same time due to his unpredictable addicts. His human route was going in the right direction until the Devil route came and smacked me in the face so….that was an experience. Eitherway, he sticks to Ritsuka like glue because he believes that he and her are the same, and that they’re both lonely. He somehow convinces Ritsuka that he should stay over at his place while Lindo is injured and is recovering at the Exorcist Association. He pretty much comes off as creepy most of the time as he proclaims he’s living in the same house as Ritsuka, and uses Ritsuka to NTR his creepy fangirls. The reason why he became a fallen angel was due to the fact that he killed a fellow angel and claimed that he was trying to “save him”. Eitherway Ritsuka and Shiki get closer as they hang out together all the time, where at home he tricks her to jump into the bath with him and even sleep together with her when he dreams of her going away. Stuff goes down well until Rejet decides to remind you that they are rejet, and smacks us in the face about the truth. Shiki’s just out to see how interesting Ritsuka gets when he makes her despair. Ritsuka unknowingly walks into his trap as Azuna finds out that she’s living with Shiki and she gets mad. Ritsuka gets upset and starts thinking that Azuna’s just another exorcist who’s telling her not to hang out with demons and shit, and they start to drift apart. The worst shit goes down when Shiki actually calls down the Vampires and Exorcists to the school after the dance party during the school festival, causing an all out war while Shiki drags Ritsuka to a roof to watch the party. Unfortunately, Azuna gets killed in the crossfire while desperately looking around for Ritsuka, and Lindo heavily injured. Ritsuka is despairing all over this while Shiki just gets turned on by how much despair Ritsuka has and is ~extremely excited~ when Ritsuka’s completely depressed cuz that’s how they become “similar”. So Ritsuka becomes pretty dead and spends the next few days at home upset, and finds a voice mail from Azuna wanting to make up with her. This makes her determined not to take Shiki’s shit so she decides to go confront him. He gets upset that she isn’t broken anymore and tries to strangle her, but stops and decide he should just go attack the exorcist base instead. Ritsuka chases after him and grabs onto him while he flies to stop him, and he decides to land. Before they can start talking it out Jeki flies in, extremely salty that he was tricked.

Human Route: Shiki is in fact happy that Jeki’s busy attacking him since he wants to feel the pain, but Ritsuka doesn’t want him to die so she jumps in between the both of them. Shiki ends up protecting her injuring one of his wings, but they beat up Jeki together using her ring. Shiki’s heavily injured from his wing injury, and Ritsuka patches him up telling him that she still cares about him although she isn’t as despaired as him. (✿´‿`) Shiki starts having a buttload of feels pour down of him as he wonders what is the pain in his heart is, as it’s his love for Ritsuka. He goes around town wondering why this pain doesn’t feel good. Ritsuka ends up looking for him, but is captured by Roen who says that she has to be killed for the grimoire. Shiki’s even more injured when Roen attacks him, but Ritsuka doesn’t want to see her baby hurt so her grimoire magic explodes and they exit. Ritsuka passes out though, but wakes up to a crying Shiki who was worried for her. After reporting to Rem on the situation, Shiki comes to the conclusion that he is in love with Ritsuka and they’re the same since they love each other! ( ⋂‿⋂’) They then share a kiss. However due to Shiki’s blood mixing with Ritsuka’s grimoire blood from the kiss, a bad chemical reaction goes down an Ritsuka’s grimoire start going out of control and blasting everything and anything. Suddenly the sky is zapping down things as well, which makes everyone panic and Roen has to open a space for them to be safe. Turns out the angels are mad that the grimoire got mixed in with some angel blood and are out to kill the grimoire! The devil crew figures that the only way to stop this is the kill Ritsuka and get out her blood before more damages, but Shiki ain’t gonna let his girlfriend be killed! He breaks out of the space and decides to fly up into the heavens to find out what the ruckus is about. The angels tell Shiki, or Kirael (his angel name) that he shouldn’t have gotten the grimoire but Shiki begs them to give them a chance to solve the problem somehow and stop the grimoire. The angels agree, and they’re throw back to earth. Human End 1: Ritsuka’s grimoire cannot stop exploding but Shiki continues to hug Ritsuka tight trying to get her to calm down. He keeps getting fried by the grimoire, but he doesn’t mind since he’s used to it! Even Rem & co. don’t attack him while he hugs Ritsuka, and he takes damage to the point he dies. However, the angels decide that he’s done a good deed and he turns into any angel again!! Shiki now has to return to the heavens to serve his duty, and tells Ritsuka he’ll always be watching over her. In the epilogue, Ritsuka’s living a normal life, and Lindo & Azuna have recovered fully. She opens a door one day and finds Shiki. Turns out he got banished from the heavens again for pulling a prank! The head angel figured he really couldn’t be an angel so he’s human now, and can live with Ritsuka happily now. Human End 2: The crazy exorcists start running around killing everyone who they think is the grimoire. The amount of human casualties from their murders causes Ritsuka so much despair her grimoire goes out of control and explodes, leaving her to be a lifeless doll. Shiki ends up carrying her high up in the sky to be killed by the heavens.

Devil Route: The devil route literally steamrolled into the worst possible thing that could have ever happened because after Shiki beats up salty Jeki, Ritsuka has a slight better opinion of him but doesn’t fully trust him. She receives a call from the exorcist association, and finds out that Azuna died. One of the female exorcists gives Ritsuka Azuna’s knife as a keepsake. Shiki finds this out while tailing her which results in him getting really turned on from seeing Ritsuka upset and depressed from Azuna’s death. Ritsuka decides to avoid him in order to stop anymore massacres like the dance party night to happen, but Shiki gets the bright idea to kill anyone that seems precious to her, or whoever she talks to in general. Why? Because he’s really horned up by Ritsuka being depressed and he’s jelly that Ritsuka doesn’t give a shit abt him. Shit really spirals down super fast since he decides to murder Rem when he talks to her and shows some affection for her, leaving Ritsuka horrified and upset over his death. Shiki figures he should go beat up Urie and Mage, and lugs them to Ritsuka’s place to kill them in front of her. Ritsuka knows that Shiki’s really getting out of hand and decides to ask him to head to her grandfather’s place for a vacation! In actual fact she’s trying to isolate him and trying to stop him from doing more harm to anyone. Ritsuka monitors Shiki 24/7 to make sure he doesn’t pull anything funny, but falls asleep eventually. Shiki gets bored and decides to go kill Lindo and drag his almost dead body to the house to officially kill him in Ritsuka’s face. Ritsuka’s even more horrified and depressed, and meanwhile Shiki’s still orgasming over how depressed she looks from seeing the death of her family. Ritsuka decides that she has to do something real bad now since Shiki’s maji going outta control when he says that he’s gonna go the Vampire HQ and kill her mom. Devil End 1: Ritsuka chases Shiki all the way to the Vampire HQ bringing Azuna’s knife as her resolve. When Shiki sees her he threatens to kill her mom. In desperation, Ritsuka stabs Shiki in the heart thus ending his life, and Shiki said that he had a fun time with her before dying. Ritsuka breaks down cuz she killed the guy she likes. Devil End 2: Roen shows up asking if Ritsuka would like to be killed if she can’t take it anymore. However Shiki’s always got his tabs on her so he kills Roen so that he can have Ritsuka all to himself. He then kills Ritsuka’s mom, which causes Ritsuka to break down and become lifeless. From then on Shiki keeps bringing dead corpses of the people around Ritsuka and hoping she’ll react, but she’s broken so nothing comes from her anymore.

While Shiki’s human route was really cute and I found his character development to be amazing, the devil route really killed it for me since I was literally screaming at the end of it with all the madness being thrown around. Then again, if Shiki was hell-bent on keeping to his craycray self the Devil route would have been really good. I actually ended up liking both routes equally, just maybe the Devil Route less because of how much it traumatised me. :’D

Tachibana Lindo (CV: Hatano Wataru)

Honestly I was expecting good laughs and retarded oniichan shenanigans after a bad run on the Shiki akuma route, but nope Lindo just made my entire experience even worse. I am lowkey a fan of how Rejet likes to play out their oniichans, but this one was just them trying too hard, I couldn’t enjoy myself. Lindo spends most of his time in other dude’s routes and his own route trying to fend devils off Ritsuka, and he does so even worse in this route! By hanging out with him more you receive a continuously onslaught of “dont do this!” and “dont go near rem!!” 99.9% of the time I got really pissed. (ꐦ°᷄д°᷅) Not only that he actually fucks up even harder in his Akuma route, which steamrolled into utter madness that I’ll cover later. After Roen kidnaps Ritsuka once, Lindo rushes in to save her which is where she finds out that her brother is half vampire! He has to calm his urges to suck blood in order to keep himself sane. She also finds out that Lindo is her cousin, and not her actual brother since she was taken in by Maria. Lindo’s mom was siblings with Ritsuka’s mom, and for who knows what reason she banged Nesta and gave birth to him. Because of his birth Lindo’s mom wasn’t able to see her son cuz she was completely broken from the fact that Lindo was a half, and eventually committed suicide. Lindo was given training to protect Ritsuka and to hold back his cravings in order for him to stay sane. However, due to the push Roen gave him to unleash his vampire side, his cravings have been stronger so her avoids her to stop them. At the same time, Lindo’s really awkward that he’s been hiding all this from his sister, and Ritsuka doesn’t really know what to do either. Throughout the route he shows signs of wanting to ravage his own sister, but decides to hold it in cuz he’s brotherzoned by Ritsuka anyway. The school festival rolls by with him being all awkward with her, but they still manage to dance  together anyway. However, Nesta decided it’d be a good time to pit stop at the school and attacks it with his vampire crew. Azuna decides to hold the vampires off while they run away, and Lindo decides to take her to the exorcist association so that she’ll be safe. At the same time, he also gets the priests there to use their burning “holy oil” to cleanse him of his vampire sins. While Ritsuka’s at the exorcist HQ though, the crazy exorcists decide that they need to kill her in order to purge the world of the evil grimoire! They figure they chain her up and whip her until she “confesses her sins” of doing evil she never did! Oniichan finds out about this and jumps in to save her from the crazy priests. Urie, Mage and Shiki also jump in to murder all the exorcists. Lindo realises that the exorcists always thought of him as a monster, and he was never accepted there.

Human Route: Lindo and Ritsuka decide to escape to a shrine nearby where he talks about his life when he was a child, that he was training just to protect her. However he cannot control his vampire urges and turns into vampire thirsting after her blood. Ritsuka actually realises that her feelings for her brother aren’t platonic, and she sees her brother as a man! Ritsuka then hugs him telling him that she’s ok with Lindo in any form, and that she loves him not only as a sister. She says that if he really needs her blood she’ll give it to him. They both confess their love to each other, and Lindo says that he’ll try his best to hold back his cravings. Soon enough an earthquake happens so they run back into town to figure out what’s going on. Turns out all the people in the entire town have been transformed into thirsty vampires! Lindo starts fending humans that were once humans trying not to kill them, but they’re too many. Rem and Azuna show up explaining that Nesta’s explosive magic is turning the town into this thirsty zombiefied mess. The group decides they should all head to the vampire’s HQ aka their castle to take down Nesta. Rem and Azuna do their best to hold off all the incoming vampires as Lindo and Ritsuka charge into the (final boss room) to kill Nesta. Literally all Nesta does is tell Lindo to be part of the vampires but he honestly gives no fucks about fucking Lindo’s mom cuz it was just one step closer to the grimoire or sth. Lindo manages to stab the fuck outta him but oh well, since he’s an old wrinkly grandpa he apparently can move his heart safe somewhere! Nesta revives and laughs at Lindo for trying. Human End 1: Lindo’s being beat up real hard to the point that he’s barely surviving, and Ritsuka cannot take this so her grimoire explodes holding Nesta back for a while. The grimoire also gives her the location of where Nesta’s heart is, and she tells Lindo to stab the statue with it. Nesta dies, everyone’s alive, they rescue their mom and go home together. The people who were turned into vampires in the human world are all okay as well. In the Epilogue, the grimoire’s gone and Rem & co. have left the human world. Ritsuka’s back to her normal but raburabu life with niisan. And then we have a flash forward where Ritsuka is getting married to Lindo and that she still…calls him niisan tho. (。・ω・。)? (;゜◆゜)σ Human End 2: Nesta pulls out his trump card in which he vampire-fied Maria their mom so she keeps telling them to join Nesta in vampire hell. Rem and Azuna’s bodies are dragged into the room and she starts sucking the blood outta them. Ritsuka’s so traumatised by this her grimoire explodes, and Lindo has to get her outta vampire HQ. They start running around the human world and soon head to the school to take cover. However since Rem’s dead the school is unprotected so its overrun with vampire-fied humans who start banging on their door. Ritsuka can’t take it anymore as her grimoire caused all this shit, and decides to jump out of the window killing herself. This traumatises Lindo and he goes batshit nuts living in a delusion where he’s still living with Ritsuka while the world is still chaotic outside. (☉_☉)

Devil Route: After they escape exorcist HQ, Lindo decides to head to their grandfather’s house in Nagano to hide out from any danger. However he gets paranoid and starts locking her up in the house while he goes out to kill vampires in his house of love. Lindo then tries desperately to confess his feelings to Ritsuka, but she still sees him as a niisan! Apparently by not accepting the Rejet incest, Lindo’s urges explode so Ritsuka wakes up one to see her brother pouncing on her for her blood! Lindo says that he’s given up on holding back and that he loves Ritsuka, and technically forces himself on her cuz he won’t take no for an answer anyway. Ritsuka asks him to turn back into his normal self but vamp-Lindo just tells her that she ain’t seeing his real self, like his mom. Ritsuka’s blood get drunk by Lindo and the entire Akuma route spirals down into a route in Diabolik Lovers, where Lindo goes off killing ppl who come by and realise their blood ain’t tasty. (Cuz only imouto can fulfil his thirst!) Ritsuka catches on to the fact that he keeps heading out to kill intruders, and tails him outside. She then sees her brother killing all the vampires and exorcists brutally. The exorcists are technically still after Ritsuka’s ass to “cleanse” away the grimoire but niisan just slashes them and they all die. Devil End 1: Jeki soon shows up attempting to catch Ritsuka. and its midnight so Lindo takes a sip of Ritsuka’s  blood giving him a portion of the grimoire. Lindo becomes mega strong and beats up Jeki and the poor dude has to listen to him or else he’d be killed. Lindo then goes ahead and kills Nesta with his OP powers and becomes the king of the vampires. So in the epilogue Ritsuka gives up on trying to get her niisan back and becomes his unwilling wife and bloodbag for the rest of the time. ( ´_ゝ`)  Devil End 2: Lindo technically kills Jeki but before he can do anything else, he stabs his own heart. This causes him to return to his senses before dying and tell her that he will protect her even from himself. Since he can’t control himself anymore he’d rather die than hurt her. He then says that he wished that Ritsuka would have seen him more than a brother. In the epilogue Ritsuka decides she’s going overseas to study since her mom is MIA and she has no more relatives anyway.

Well I actually liked Lindo with his dumb antics in the anime, but yeah his entire route came by rolling incest and oniichan in your face so hard I couldn’t take him seriously anymore. His akuma route was pretty unpleasant to me, which is surprising cuz I take shit like diabolical mosquitoes but not this. Guess I didn’t expect it to turn out this way. While he does have rejestic brothers status and is pretty annoying, it apparently doesn’t beat someone else that rejet wrote on so I won’t complain I guess.

Kaginuki Rem (CV: Saito Soma)

Ok. I liked Rem. I liked him in the anime. I did. But this route was a total joke and “fuck you” you to every single guy with a settle set of endings. I figured they really couldn’t write a whole new route without copying the anime so they figured they read some shoujo manga and write this entire route in a shoujo manga context! Throughout the entire game Rem will have lingering feelings for Ritsuka no matter what route you’re in which fucked him over real time cuz you thought he’d be ruthless but nope half the time he’s weak cuz Ritsuka. Eitherway, Rem plays it cool with her and actually doesn’t force himself on her like the other 3 dudes to get closer to Ritsuka. However his plan is foiled and Ritsuka finds out he’s a devil so she distances herself from him, but he still has ~lingering feelings~ for her! Their interactions throughout the route are literally all shoujo manga scenes like their ~hands touching~ when they try to both pick up a paper. They keep avoiding each other while harbouring feelings for each other until Roen decides to kidnap Ritsuka again and Rem has to save her. Ritsuka then questions why Rem doesn’t want to lock her up so that he doesn’t have to go through the trouble of watching her. Rem says that hell just beat up all the ppl and wipes her tears when she starts crying over the fact that all this shit happened cuz of her grimoire. (*・▽・*) Of course, this bothers Rem about his feelings for Ritsuka all the way until the school festival. Roen then drops by Rem’s place to tell him that the grimorie can only be gotten by killing Ritsuka, and Rem is heartbroken and doesn’t know what to do. He figures he lies to his dad about the thing and goes on with the school festival. Durin the dance, the 2 of them draw the crowns so they’re the king and queen and they dance together for the night. They finally realise their feelings for each other, but don’t say anything. Later that night Ritsuka’s attacked by Jeki on the way home, and Azuna dies during the fight which makes Ritsuka so upset her grimoire explodes and she passes out. Rem then takes both her and Lindo to his mansion in the human world to protect Ritsuka from the vampires. However Lindo starts hearing Rem’s underlings talking about how Rem is going to kill Ritsuka to get her grimoire and is flaming mad. He busts out of his room to go find Ritsuka and cockblocks the a bug between Rem and her as they’re finally getting together. After Rem convinces oniisan that he really loves Ritsuka and doesn’t want to kill her, Lindo gives in and decides that they’ll work together to keep Ritsuka safe until the grimoire disappears. Rem also tells Urie, Shiki and Mage that he’s going to defy his dad’s orders and gonna protect Ritsuka instead of killing her for the grimoire! The 3 dudes are maji 1000% done with him so they leave.

Human Route: Jeki shows up randomly when no one’s looking telling Ritsuka that he’ll assure her mother’s safety if she comes along with her. Ritsuka agrees as she wants to see her mom but gets captured and forced to go along with Jeki’s orders. What goes down next is almost completely similar to the anime it made me just start laughing throughout the entire thing. Thanks to Rem leaving some of his magic in Ritsuka’s phone strap, they’re able to track down Ritsuka who’s at vampire HQ. Rem and Lindo fight their way into vampire HQ, and Lindo lets Rem go ahead to save Ritsuka as she’s about to have her blood sucked out by the wrinkly old gramps Nesta. Rem has to fight both the old man and Jeki, but he gets beaten up ni a 2v1. Human End 1: Suddenly, Urie, Mage and Shiki fly in along with Lindo to help out with the fight. Urie says that they ain’t following his orders, but they just wanted to help save Ritsuka. The group of ikemens (minus Roen) all work together to beat up Nesta and Jeki, but right before the old man goes down he curses Ritsuka with his evil magic. This causes Ritsuka to see Rem as Nesta and Lindo as Jeki and she starts tripping balls trying to get away from them. Rem tries to grab her to calm down and try and take control of the situation but she keeps running from him so he figures he confess his love to her! In desperation Ritsuka stabs in Rem in the chest as he proclaims his love for her and hugs her. (ノ*゜▽゜*) He kisses her which makes her return to her senses, and the grimoire eventually disappears. In the epilogue Rem’s all recovered from his stab wound and life’s back to normal. Rem’s dad is still pretty pissed with him for dating a human girl but he just apologises to him and tell him to forgive their relationship. Rem decides he’s staying in the human world a while longer to hang out with Ritsuka. After the trio grabs cockblocking niisan out of the 3rd library he and Ritsuka have some ichaicha times together. (❁´▽`❁)* Human End 2: The trio don’t show up but Ritsuka and Rem 2v1 Nesta together, and beat him up thanks to the grimoire showing Ritsuka where the wrinkly grandpa’s heart is. Lindo is save so they rescue their mom and head home. After everything is settled in the human world, Rem tells Ritsuka that he’ll be returning to the demon world and he’ll come back for her once everything is settled there. He gives her a hug saying that he’ll be back sooner than she thinks. In the epilogue, Ritsuka continues on her normal life again.

Devil Route: Rem and Lindo figure they go invade Vampire HQ while Ritsuka stays at the mansion waiting for them to come home. After a few days, a Rem voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki busts through the door saying he’s home! Unfortunately if you thought that was some new date target trash, nope it’s just Rem’s dad getting mad and transforming into Rem to NTR Ritsuka. This actually made me stop processing for an hour screaming that Rejet actually paid him to act as Rem for half a chapter. Wow. Eitherway Ritsuka realises something is off since he’s really panicky, so gives him a trick question and realises that he’s an imposter. Before she can do anything the real Rem comes home and is like “wtf who dis with my waifu?!” He soon realies it’s his dad but he can’t go against his dad, so salty and angery daddy kidnaps Ritsuka off to the demon world. He doesn’t rlly give a fuck abt anything other than the grimoire, and reveals to Ritsuka that she’s the daughter of the demon king Maksis and she was probably born to get the power of the grimoire. Rem soon arrives to fight his dad to get Ritsuka back, but has to go through Urie, Shiki and Mage because they’re on daddy’s side now. Devil End 1: Rem fights through the trio who let their guard down as they just want Rem to be happy with his girlfriend, and he goes ahead and beats up his dad saying that he found new meaning in his life with Ritsuka. He now wants to live life with his waifu and not be just a mere pawn to his dad. After Rem’s dad goes down, Ritsuka grimoires disappears from her. In the Epilogue, Rem’s now the new head of the Arlong family and has to rule over all the other clans, so the demon world’s pretty messy right now. He proposes to Ritsuka asking her to come along and be together with him forever, and it end with them having their devil wedding. (*´▽`*) Devil End 2: The trio actually work together to beat Rem up. Rem’s dad decides to kill Rem and throws him off guard with an illusion of Ritsuka saying that he’s disappointed in his son, and Rem is killed. He then moves onward to kill Ritsuka for her grimoire, and figures he give Ritsuka an illusion of Rem before she goes.

The Rem bias was so strong most of the scenes were boring fluff scenes which I hardly remember because they were way too generic. The endings were so biased too, like wtf this man gets 2 good endings for his hito route cuz poster boy + main dude. Rejet main boy bias is strong guys. Eitherway, I lowkey liked Rem but they made him a little too pathetic in this game that it’s sad. His lingering feelings in other routes that made him rlly weak just ruined everything for me tbh. If they worked a bit harder on writing his route, maybe it wouldn’t have been that bad.

Roen (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

I saved Roen for last because he was the secret character and that he had the tatsun bias so I kept him for last, and amazingly, his route was also the best out of everyone! Roen’s route really fleshed out Ritsuka’s character to be more than a boring heroine, and actually completely cleared all the leftover mysteries about Maksis. Roen is the pomeranian which hangs around in the Rem/Lindo common route, and appears selectively in the individual route. He’s actually a cerberus devil, and works for Maksis. Maksis was sealed by Rem’s dad in the past so he’s actually  working alone in order to revive Maksis using the grimoire, and he has no choice but to comply with the Arlonds until he could make his own moves. After finding out Ritsuka has the grimoire inside of her, Roen strikes a deal with her saying that she’ll sacrifice herself for Maksis and he’ll bring back her mother. Ritsuka agrees as he’ll assure the safety of her mom, but doesn’t tell anyone about it. From then on, Roen technically stalks Ritsuka all around to make sure she’s safe from the devils, and the best part, he can sneak through Lindo’s exorcist barrier. ( •⌄• ू )✧ Meanwhile, Rem actually cares about getting the grimoire in this route and decides to secretly try and kidnap Ritsuka even though he agreed to a truce with Lindo. Roen has no choice but to get Ritsuka out of trouble most of the time by beating up Urie, Mage then Shiki as they all individually try to kidnap her for Rem. The 2 end up going on adventures trying to fend off the 3 dudes while Lindo’s not looking. Roen eventually reveals to her that he was picked up by Maksis when his entire clan were being killed, and has been loyal to Maksis since. He also reveals that Maksis is Ritsuka’s dad and that she was probably born to get the grimoire in her, and that her brother Lindo was training to become an exorcist because of the grimoire. Things go on but after the last run-in with Shiki, Roen turns back into his pomeranian form as he ran outta magic. Ritsuka figures he takes care of him since her oniichan is out anyway and is extremely happy to have a doggo in her house. Unfortunately Roen ain’t pleased she’s letting her guard down and starts licking her face to tell her off. Ritsuka continues treating him like a pet dog tho and brushing his fur while he lightly complains inside. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノWhile Ritsuka’s out buying dog products with doggo Roen, he gets attacked by some crazy exorcist who thinks he’s a devil. Ritsuka goes all badass when she sees the crazy dude attack her doggo-mode Roen and throws dog milk on the guys face before running off. Roen’s magic eventually recharges while they’re hiding so he turns back human and beats the exorcist up before teleporting home with her. Roen says that Ritsuka’s really naive for trusting and protecting a devil who wants to kill her, but Ritsuka just wants to get to know him better anyway. Eitherway the school festival rolls by and Roen is having issues wondering why he’s caring so much for someone he’s going to kill for the grimoire. Ritsuka’s equally conflicted too, so she’s upset throughout the dance and Roen teleports her to the student council office to dance with her. (๑・`◡´・๑) Ritsuka then tells him that she’s upset cuz he’s being so nice to her even though he’s going to kill her eventually, and he has no idea too so she runs off.

Human Route: On the way home with Lindo and Azuna, Ritsuka gets kidnapped by the vampires and Roen is not pleased. He immediately busts into vampire HQ to take down Jeki & co. to rescue Ritsuka. Ritsuka asks him why he’s rescuing her if he’s gonna kill her anyway and he says that he doesnt’t want to lose her and doesn’t want to kill her. Roen rescues Maria too and they head home, and Rem & co. are taking care of Lindo & Azuna. While staying at her place Roen talks about his past serving under Maksis, and Ritsuka gets upset since her mom isn’t waking up, so he kisses her to comfort her. ❀.(*´◡`*)❀. Magically Maria wakes up and says that she must tell Ritsuka about her lineage. Ritsuka’s mom reveals that she is still in love with Maksis and that she wasn’t born because he was after the grimoire. Maksis came over to her place to study under Ritsuka’s grandfather. Maksis and Maria fell in love with each other despite the fact that he was a devil, and y’know what happened next. Finding the grimoire was all an accident since he didn’t know having a half devil half human kid would create the grimoire. Maria also reveals that Maksis talked a lot about Roen praising him. Granddad was pretty mad that she fell in love with a devil, and Maksis decided he go back to the demon world and be a evil demon lord again since he was losing magic in the human world, leaving Maria and Ritsuka behind. Roen realises that Maksis doesn’t wish for Ritsuka to be killed, and breaks down wondering what he’s been working for all this time. He runs off to mope in the rain, and Ritsuka goes after him. She finds him moping in the park and kisses him confessing her love for him. Ritsuka then tells Roen if he really doesn’t have anywhere to go he can just stay together Ritsuka at her place. Roen melts and confesses his love for her, and promises to stay with her from now on. Human End 1: As they go home they run into Rem & co. who take Maria hostage demanding Roen hand over Ritsuka. Roen ain’t backing down from protecting his woman so he fights Rem, and upon realising Roen really loves Ritsuka Rem just backs off. It’s soon revealed that he had feelings for Ritsuka, and Urie tries to peptalk him. In the epilogue, Rem & co. go back to the demon world without getting their grimoire since it’s gone anyway, and Ritsuka continues to live a peaceful life with Roen and her family. And well, Roen still uses his doggo form to uh, “punish” Ritsuka for not waking up on time. (✿╹◡╹) Human End 2: While Ritsuka and Roen are on their way home they run into a bloody Rem who tells them to run. Before they know it Rem’s dad swoops in, angry that Rem and Roen betrayed him and he wants his grimoire. Rem tries to fight his dad off while Ritsuka and Roen escape into a dimension he created, but Rem’s dad breaks through anyway. Roen tries to defend Ritsuka till the grimoire disappears, but Ritsuka takes a hit for Roen and dies. Roen kills  Rem’s dad from the anger, but is in despair. He continues to care for Maksis and Ritsuka’s graves for the next hundred of years while upset that he wasn’t able to protect the people precious to him.

Demon Route: Lindo, Azuna & Ritsuka are attacked by the crazy exorcists again, and they are all captured. This time, they chain Ritsuka up and stab her while threatening her that they’ll kill an injured Lindo & Azuna in her face. Roen flies in and burns the entire area, and frees Ritsuka. They get Lindo and Azuna, but Ritsuka gets attacked, and Azuna takes the hit for her and dies. This makes Ritsuka so upset her grimoire explodes and she blows up the entire building. she’s then sent into some sort of dimension where she to talks to Maksis about how she hates all the people who selfishly come after her because of the grimoire, and hurting everything on the process. Daddy tells her that if she really hates them, she should make use of the grimoire inside of her and destroy them! When Ritsuka wakes up she becomes really cool and composed saying that she’s willing to die as long she rescues her mom. Roen panics and wonders what happened to her as she further says that she’s willing to give her life to Roen after that. Roen continues to watch after her as they head to vampire HQ to rescue her mom. They end up having to fight Nesta who once again has his heart hidden so they can’t find it. He then summons a controlled Lindo to be his attacking machine and Lindo barely manages to get a hold of himself, telling them to kill him. Devil End 1: Nesta is so strong they get blown away, and the shock causes the both of them to go into the mental world to have another chat with Maksis. Roen tells Maksis that he’s decided to protect Ritsuka and doesn’t want to kill her for the grimoire. Ritsuka realises that Roen really loves her and she’s back to normal again, saying that she loves Roen. Daddy approves and sends them off saying that that he’ll see them again in another 615 years when the next grimoire appears. They return to reality where Lindo’s trying to beat up Nesta, and with the help of the grimoire, Ritsuka finishes off Nesta by finding his heart and stabbing it. Lindo passes out from being controlled too long, and they take him and Maria home. In the epilogue, Ritsuka decides that she’s going to leave her bro and mom behind and live in the demon lord castle waiting around for another 615 years for the next grimoire to appear to revive daddy. At least she still has a butler come boyfriend to pass the time with her. (*´ч ` *) Devil End 2: Nesta pulls out a vampire-fied Maria which causes Ritsuka to be so angry she absorbs the grimoire and kills Nesta. From then on, Ritsuka really hates everyone to the point she goes around the demon world killing anyone she doesn’t like, and Rem & co. have no choice to stay in the human world watching the demon world turning to a complete living hell. Well, she still has her loyal boyfriend Roen to hang out with her while she goes around destroying the world to fulfil her thirst.

Roen’s route was so great it covered both Ritsuka and Roen’s character development well I was so happy finishing the route. The akuma route threw me off a bit but Ritsuka come so badass it was amazing. I was wondering why Ritsuka couldn’t just take the grimoire for herself so all the idiots stopped fighting for it, and she did in this one! She took a really dark turn but hey, we got a game where our heroine went down the wrong road in a kind of good way? Ritsuka’s so badass in this route I got overly excited, and it was a very nice finish to the entire game!

~Final Thoughts~

This game is a really good supplement to the original anime. For anyone who liked the anime, this is definitely a must play if you wanted answers for all the other dudes other than Rem. While I personally found the hito routes/ends to be overly sugarcoated for a Rejet game, it was still a good balance as the akuma routes/ends had their share of dark. Overall, I preferred the akuma routes as it really really shows the fact that if their attitudes don’t change that much, shit will hit them. Although, if you’re the weak-hearted kind, I recommend not going for Shiki and Lindo’s Akuma routes. Those were…not very good, in context of this game as I was thrown off wondering if they belonged in this game. (・:゚д゚:・) Lindo well uh, he is a rejestic brother! Although I hear there are some who are even worse out there! Shiki took are really intense turn so if you don’t feel like clearing trophies and are concerned from things going too dark, skip their akuma routes. While I think this game was mediocre with a lot of copypasta scenes and a long, draggy common route which felt pointless, they did put in quite a bit of thought into the individual routes so I’m quite ok with that. Characters wise, my impression of Roen, Mage and Shiki have improved, while Lindo has become a lesser being in my eyes due to me getting uncomfortable in his Akuma route. Rem got fucked over, and I’m still having an internal crisis as to whether I truly like Urie and not his voice. :’D The game overall was pretty enjoyable, although I didn’t enjoy the draggy bits of the game overall. And I think I’m not the only one to hate this, but the stupid card system where you had to launch the game to get a card was annoying. While i just multitasked after finishing the game to get all the cards, it was still quite frustrating to get everything out. However, one thing I have to say before jumping into this is that to watch the anime. I honestly think that knowing initial details would make your time in this game way more enjoyable, as it adds more meat to the characters and the overall plot. It’s alright if you don’t want to watch it, but plot details in the common route are quite glosses over really fast so it will definitely take some time to digest the info dump on you, but definitely still enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Dance with Devils

  1. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    I figured Urie’s route was going to delve into creepier territory considering his episode. I heard he was supposed to “get better”, but then again that was from the hardcore Rejet oniichan fans sooooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    As a huge fan of Rem, I’m glad the bias in the game for him is strong but it sucks how much they relied on shojo 101 to get anywhere. Then again, his Eversweet cd was pretty much another rendition of that so maybe his character was written that way?
    Kind of hilarious how Roen is the best route of the game when he barely showed up at all in the show though.


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