Rejet “FOCUS” Event Announcements

Last Friday, Rejet held a pretty small scale broadcast on Animate Channel with new announcements for new drama cd series, and follow-up trailers and announcements for games revealed at Rejet Fes. From the event, we’ve gotten 2 new Drama CD series, 1 Drama CD continuation, and follow-up trailers for Usotsuki Shangri-la and Doriko no Toshokan. There isn’t much to go through, but it’s quite content heavy! I’m pretty sure people want to stab me for no reviews, but whatever, let’s get on with some new announcements!

Dear Vocalist Wired

I won’t be fully translating the entire summary for this, since it’s pretty straightforward as the series has been here for a while already. The 6 vocalists at Climax Records have managed to avoid trouble by selling enough records, but their president still isn’t that pleased, so they gotta sing one more time so that they can sell more!! These 6 all have have attitude problems, so here’s another round of their final live. This time, one more Vocalist has been added to the roster, named Joshua, voiced by Shimazaki Nobunaga.

The CD release schedule is as follows:

  • Vol. 1 Re-o-do – 19/7/2017
  • Vol. 2 Joshua – 16/8/2017
  • Vol. 3 Judah – 20/9/2017
  • Vol. 4 A’ – 18/10/2017
  • Vol. 5 Momochi -15/11/2017
  • Vol. 6 (2)You – 20/12/2017

Each CD is priced at 2,200 yen with tax.

Thoughts: i’ve never fully invested my time into listening to the content of the drama cds, but from what I know the songs are actually pretty good. The story seems to be good, but I haven’t listened to any to give an opinion about the series in the general, so I’m pretty neutral about this happening.

Official Website:

Shuukyouku no Dolls

With art by Yuiga Satoru, the artist of Kokuchou no Psychedelica and Haitaka no Psychedelica, this is definitely something which catches the eyes of fans of both titles. This time, we have a story about some mysterious dolls, but the first thing the trailer did to me was to creep the fuck out of me cuz I’m not exactly a fan of dolls and puppets…so pardon my incoming distaste for the series.

Arriving at an unfortunate fate, you come in possession of the DOLL’s love.

Woven together by beautiful dolls,
is Coppelia, a whimsical puppet troupe from overseas.

Although their show is boasting in popularity,
There have been strange incidents spreading around town,
Where girls who watched the show have suddenly disappeared.

You, who went to watch the puppet show as a friend insisted on you going.

By coincidence, you’re presented with a almost life-like doll,
from the troupe leader Bermiere.

That night, a while after you fall asleep,
you hear a cursed voice from somewhere.

「 Master, wake up―― 」

A love story begins, with these mysterious dolls.

The CD release schedule is as follows:

  • Vol. 1 Noa of Sapphire   – 26/7/2017
  • Vol. 2 Richard of Ruby – 23/8/2017
  • Vol. 3 Dithoriby of Emerald- 27/9/2017
  • Vol. 4 Rolf of Amber – 25/10/2017
  • Vol. 5 Darius of Diamond -22/11/2017
  • Vol. 6 Fey of Amethyst – 27/12/2017

Each CD is priced at 2,200 yen with tax.

Thoughts: The premise actually sounds pretty interesting, but the thought of having to date a puppet/doll scares the fuck outta me. I’m actually wondering what are so special about this dolls, but from the character profiles I’m reading, I’m really not sure whether the CD would go in a dark direction or falling in love with your new servant or something. I really have no idea. I will be passing on this mainly because of my personal fears, but might pick it up if hear news about it being good.

Official Website:

Corpse Heart

From the artist of Midnight Jiangshi, we have a new drama cd series regarding musicals??? This series, Corpse Heart, is an Animate-Exclusive title, which means that the CDs are only available at Animate. Strange marketing there, but I’m guessing it’s most likely because they used the Animate Channel platform to broadcast their announcements. Let’s get on with the blurb then.

A strange musical in this world,
consisting of the corpse princes.

「 Unknown School 」, a black magic school in England operating at the dead of night,
with a motto of 「 Death is the beginning of Eternity 」,
is gathering different types of corpses.

Ghouls, Riches, Mummies, Races……

They only have one motive.
The「 Jewel Heart 」, which only the Queen of Unknown holds――
Whoever can attain a throbbing Jewel,
is able to come back to life.

This year, its the season for the  yearly「 Revival Festival 」, where the queen is being targetted.
The time has come for the Corpse Princes to fight, to struggle for you.

He is already dead――

The CD Release Schedule is as follows:

  • Vol. 1 Riji   – 26/7/2017
  • Vol. 2 Valerie – 23/8/2017
  • Vol. 3 Kuu – 27/9/2017
  • Vol. 4 Kirumi – 25/10/2017
  • Vol. 5 Ness -22/11/2017
  • Vol. 6 Aaron – 27/12/2017

Each CD is priced at 2,200 yen each with tax.

Thoughts: Nope, this plot isn’t too interesting. While the feeling of being fought over by a bunch of guys sounds pretty fulfilling, I actually have no idea what direction this series is being taken in. They mentioned a musical, they mentioned a festival. I have no idea what’s going on. Is there going to be music? Is it pure drama at a school festival of some sorts? If the latter is true, I think that’s pretty plain unless they’re going to touch on their backstories before they died or something. Not sure how dark can it get as the plot’s actually pretty vague to me. At the same time, the character designs look pretty ripped off from midnight jiangshi to me….probably cuz it’s the same artist but sometimes it does look like a lack or originality.

Official Website:

Doriko no Toshoukan

Doriko no Toshoukan finally has some good information to finally understand what kind of setting we’re on for the game. While it sounds pretty sci-fi and all, the art style is amazing and out heroine looks badass enough! All characters have been revealed, which brings us to the point that we’re going to be doing separate stories in the Showa and Heisei era. While all the voices of our bachelors haven’t been confirmed, they look interesting enough!

The satellite radio announces the beginning of the rainy season on the evening of early summer.
The Heroine discover a indecipherable book, and meets a man who proclaims to be the local god, the 「 Doriko 」.

And our story begins….

The stage is set in 30th year of Heisei Era, where humanity has lost a portion of civilisation from World War 2.5.
Due to the damage from war, The Heroine is tasked to manage「 Books 」that received an enormous amount of damage, as a library board member of Kunjoujima Library, one in the ruins floating on the cobalt blue sea.

Our heroine will find a strange book which stretches across time, on this land.

Now, let’s move on to the characters in the story:

Fujikura Yurisa (CV. None)

The heroine of this story. A novice Library member who was despatched to the Heisei Era Kunjoujima. She has loved stories since young, and treasures a certain rare book. Because she found the book which houses the local god「Doriko」, starting off the store spanning across time.

Akagiri Michiru (CV: ???)

A library member sent from Heisei London National Library to Kunjoujima. A half with a Japanese father and English mother. As he’s lived overseas for a long time, he’s bad at speaking with respect. A troublemaker with a wild attitude, often having someone pick a fight with him and him retaliating. He doesn’t have any qualifications to be a librarian, so the people around him think he came via connections.

Onibana Senri (CV: ???)

Among the Heisei Library Members, an elite librarian that is rumoured to be the next Library Chairman. With a strict personality, he’s nickname is the “Demon Chairman”. He speaks coldly, but it’s for the sake of being fair to all members, although he was supposedly more emotional in the past. In private, he seems older than his age.

Kuchiwa Shenmei (CV: ???)

In charge of secretary work, he’s from the same generation as Senri among the Library Members. A realist who doesn’t believe in fortunetelling, palm reading or ghosts. He watches everyone with a discerning eye, and is always rational. With a gentle tone but a sharp tongue, he has often hurt people with his words. Was in the same year as Yurisa in middle school, and their meeting here is one after man years.

Oki Ikuma (CV: ???)

A police officer on Kunjoujima in 48th year of the Show Era. In order to stop conflict on the island, he always goes on walks as form of patrols.  He believes that women shouldn’t be out at the front, and men should be the one leading. On the other hand, he has a delicate side which loves flowers an nature. Being one who loves his homeland, he has a strict attitude towards outsiders.

Shirazumi Asahi (CV: ???)

A resident on Kunjoujima in Year 48 of the Showa Era. An aspiring artist, he currently works as a Elementry School Art Teacher. He’s popular with the kids due him being open-hearted and good at taking care of people. Although manly and independent, he’s my-paced and insensitive. When talking about love stories, his shy side will appear. Fond of sweets.

Zaita Yuzuki (CV: ???)

A resident on Kunjoujima in Year 48 of the Showa Era. A popular novelist who won the newcomer award. While working as a special lecturer at a middle school, he is staying on Kunjoujima for a while for his next novel. He doesn’t realise this, but he often gives people reckless requests. A romanticist, but he thinks love should just be left to imagination.

My Thoughts: It’s a very interesting but simple concept, which I find much to be developed on. The premise definitely sparks some questions of like what happens to humanity, and many other plot questions, but I’ll leave it to the game when released to reveal them to me. Although, I’m slightly getting light Norn9 spoiler vibes, and I seriously hope that’s not it because I might seriously flip a table if it’s a ripoff. The characters seem pretty soso? Not much I can speculate about how they’ll go accept for the guy who’s like nO NO TO WOMEN. Yeah that’s about it. I will update the post in the future when the seiyuus are revealed.

Usotsuki Shangri-la

There isn’t much to cover with this new, as the trailer only shows a small handful of new details which are difficult for me to decide if they’re relevant or not. So, I won’t be translating the details. The trailer also covers the introduction of 2 new side characters added to the list of characters, and the product information of the game. I see strong hints of arson and madness inside it, hopefully if there’s rejet-style trolling it better interesting. (side eyes moshikami) I don’t see any more updates on the plot from what we saw the last time, so just enjoy the pv!

This concludes my summary for the Rejet Focus broadcast. I honestly think this round of announcements were so-so, there’s really nothing I feel about them since Rejet has been quite lackluster recently with their new works. Once again, if my translations are wrong, please do correct me! My next review is still somewhere in the clouds, so I can’t guarantee anything for now. All the content I can provide you guys with are these periodical ones. At the same time, I will not longer be reporting on Doriko no Toshoukan or Utsotsuki Shangri-la if they do appear in a new broadcast event, as most details have been revealed, so I dont see any point continuously reporting every time they have a new trailer. That’s all from me today, see you in the next review!


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