Diabolik Lovers New Series Announcements for 2017!

Happy Bloody Valentines Day! The Diabolik Lovers More Blood anime had a event just recently on the Sunday that passed, and hopping on to the trend where new content for the series are at their respective events, Dialovers has a few announcements for us! 3 to be exact, with one of them being yet another Super Best Album which I’ll be ignoring details on. While the introduction of more new content is undesirable to many, there’s probably some Dialovers fans out there excited for the new content. Personally, all I pray there isn’t one more game to make this story any more confusing and partially, dumb. Let’s head to the announcements!

Diabolik Lovers Para-Selene


Since Bloody Bouquet, Rejet hasn’t released any solo CDs for the characters and is now returning with a brand new series for each guy! Due to the amount of guys in this entire series, the release is stretched across a year, and my condolences to the people whose husbands are at the very end of the list. Here’s the story translation:

―― The moon of the Demon World has split into two.
All of a sudden, their memories were lost.

In order to get back those memories,
the two of you have to enter a special Cradle and spend time together in it.

A painful, maddening, blood-sucking love.
At the end of it, will you still remember your beloved?

Reawakening memories of love, through pain.

The CD Release schedule is as follows:

  • Vol. 1 Ayato – 26/4/2017
  • Vol. 2 Kino – 24/5/2017
  • Vol. 3 Kou – 28/6/2017
  • Vol. 4 Shin – 26/7/2017
  • Vol. 5 Laito – 23/8/2017
  • Vol. 6 Subaru – 27/9/2017
  • Vol. 7 Reiji – 25/10/2017
  • Vol. 8 Azusa – 22/11/2017
  • Vol. 9 Kanato – 27/12/2017
  • Vol. 10 Yuma – 24/1/2018
  • Vol. 11 Carla – 28/2/2018
  • Vol. 12 Ruki – 28/3/2018
  • Vol. 13 Shu – 25/4/2018

Each CD is priced at 2200 yen each with tax.

Oh god, who writes these new content! First we have the Thanatos Night Re:Vival with that convenient memory loss, and now we have Dialovers? I really wonder who suggests these new plots for continuations of old series? While I am indeed excited we can finally get more alone time with and every vampire since Bloody Bouquet, but how enjoyable will this be, I don’t know. The series suggests that the vampires might head back to square one with their abusive attitudes. While I am skeptical, I’d still like to get the CDs for my favourite vampires, Shin & Yuma. Call me foolish, but I would still like to see some developments in this series, if any. It really depends on your preference for Dialovers fans, and to non dialovers fans, don’t bother, and you should know that already.

Diabolik Lovers CHAOS LINEAGE


Chaos Lineage is a shuffle project to mix around the vampires of different families because it’s getting boring that the families keep sticking together for different content, so we need more interesting things! Separated into 3 different groups: Scarlet, Violet & Orange. For Scarlet, we have Shu, Reiji, Yuma & Kino. Violet has the biggest group with Carla, Azusa, Kou, Subaru & Laito. Lastly, we have Orange, whose team consists of Ruki, Shin, Kanato & Ayato. While the artist of these new art looks like they gave up trying to copy Satoi’s art style, at least they tried. Let’s get on with the story.

The family shuffle project begins.
The stage is the Demon World which world lines have changed.

The Do-S vampires compete for the demon world, now in turmoil.

In order to grasp dominance over the demon world, they require blood sucking.
Who will you pick as Eve?

The CD Release schedule is as follows:

  • Vol. 1 Scarlet – 26/7/2017
  • Vol. 2 Violet – 23/8/2017
  • Vol. 3 Orange – 27/9/2017

Each CD is priced at 2200 yen each with tax.

Well this isn’t too interesting. I believe this requires the playing of Lost Eden to get into, but I won’t be doing that until later in the year after I’ve completed with my reviews for the last game instalment. While interactions between different members of the families could be interesting, even funny, such as Ruki having to deal with 3 children in his team, it doesn’t seem too interesting. If I do finish Lost Eden in time, I may consider picking it up, but for now, it seems not too interesting. Who knows, I may consider picking up the whole series, but I’m not sure yet.

As per usual, Dialovers continues it’s streak of making money sucking mosquito content, such as how blood sucking the people in the content are. However, with me being a fangirl as such, I am moderately pleased, but I’m not sure if I change my mind after playing Lost Eden. Each drama CD plot is pretty dumb in its own way, so much so I really have no idea how to make good comments on them anymore. Eitherway, we shall see how the series goes with it’s latest game instalment coming out soon. Meanwhile, let me just preorder the solo CDs of the characters I want cuz I can’t get enough of their personalities and seiyuus…….


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