Diabolik Lovers ~Dark Fate~: Tsukinami Routes

And here i’m once again back with the shitty abusive vampires, this time added with 2 more shitty vampires who are villains to this huge drama with our Adam & Eve context still inside it! 2 new vampires, Tsukinami Carla & Tsukinami Shin are introduced to this game and they are after Yui. It just so happens they transfer to the same school where Yui & the rest of the vamps are in looking for her, and Yui’s requested by them to show them around the school. There will be more spoilers under the cut as I’ll be covering some pre-content as well.

Due to me finding posts with tons of routes to be long and seem very uh, messy, I decided to separate this review into parts. At the same time, I didn’t want to leave out details;; This post is the first of 3-4 posts, which will be covering the main preface of the game, the very first prologue of the Tsukinamis arriving in the human world. I will write an overall impressions of the Tsukinamis and the separate routes, but the overall spoiler free impressions will only be in the last post of the series, for the Mukamis.

For reference, the play order I went in was this:

Ruki -> Kanato -> Laito -> Shin -> Azusa -> Reiji -> Kou -> Carla -> Shu -> Subaru -> Ayato -> Yuma

A bit of updates in the game’s system has actually happened. S or M choices have been moved to the Situation scenes while affection in Story scenes, which makes more sense. The picking of keywords still exists in the Story section, but you do not need to get all of them correct anymore to unlock the Heaven Scenarios, which saves your time to collect everything. If I’m correct, you now only need around above 50% correct or so to get it? I’m not sure.

Before we plunge right into the content of the game, I will be covering the drama cd content which gives and introduction to the Tsukinami’s story. I realised that depending who you’re doing, whether they’re part of the main plot will be different. I jumped into Ruki’s route thinking that I would get some plot out of it but it turns out that he isn’t heavily involved with the plot, and I would say that most of the plot will be fleshed out in the Tsukinamis, and a bit in the Sakamakis because they are involved.

The Tsukinamis’ are what you call “First Bloods”, special vampires which have the blood of the 4 demons, Snakes, Wolves, Eagles & Bats, in them. Which means that they’re more powerful than normal vampires. In the past, Karl Heinz & the Demon Lord defeated them in a war and trapped them in a mansion not allowing any of the First Bloods out. Since then, First Bloods have been erased from existence, or something you’ll only know from books. However, on the other hand, while all the First Bloods were trapped in one spot, they caught a virus only First Bloods can catch, called “Endzeit”. Because it spread from person to person the family slowly died to this illness, leaving Carla & Shin with a shit ton of hate for Karl Heinz because if weren’t for him sealing them up, they’re entire race wouldn’t have died. Carla then discovers that there was one First Blood who escaped the place due to Karl Heinz telling her what to do, called Menae. They then figure out a way to break the seal, which was to wait for the for an eclipse to happen. For normal vampires, during the eclipse, the are weakened, whereas first bloods power up from the eclipse. They use this chance to escape the castle. This is what I’m going to cover from the Drama CDs, if you’d like to read the translations, there’s one for the Tsukinamis, Sakamaki & Mukamis.


This is where the story starts in the game. Carla & Shin are escaping the place they were sealed up, and are heading to the Demon Lord’s Castle to kill the demon lord & find Menae. However, when they close on to the castle they realise that that Menae is no longer in the castle, and she’s dead but she left a daughter. They proceed to find the daughter when they meet a suspicious man, I mean badly disguised Richter, that he’s a supporter of them. (and if you know Richter from the past games, he is definitely not) However, Shin just stabs him because they can’t trust anyone. The guy names himself as Mertz, and stabs himself to gain their trust. The Tsukinamis finally listen to him and he tells them that Menae’s daughter is no longer in the demon world, and that she’s in the human world and has changed her form. Mertz then offers to take them around the Human World, and they head down together. We then move our POV to Yui, where she’s having class and they’re talking about the next Eclipse. After class, her classmate asks if they want to walk home together, where the prologues split.

Tsukinami Prologue

The Tsukinami prologue begins when Yui decides to stay back in school to study. She heads to the library, and Carla pops out of nowhere when the lightning strikes because -COOL APPEARANCE METHODS- Yui’s busy looking for a Shakespeare book for her assignment though, and Carla has to save her from the falling books when she gets clumsy. He asks her some philosophical question about fear and ignorance, and ends with muttering something about vampires, and this confuses Yui. She then meets Shin on the way out, who harasses her about what she want doing, and starts talking about vampire stink which obviously confuses the hell out of Yui. She gets pretty offended by him saying that she stinks though, and promptly leaves. The Tsukinamis then head back to the roof to declare their plan to kidnap Yui while the Eclipse is happening so that the Sakamakis won’t be able to notice, and Meltz has already prepared their entry to the school by making them pose as kids from Europe coming back to Japan.

The next day, Yui’s called by the principal to take care of Carla & Shin, the weirdoes she just met the day before, as they’re apparently from England and are not used to the place. She tries to refuse, but the principal’s pretty desperate she asks them why her. Of course, they’re just wel, ~INTERESTED~ in her. Yui tries to get out but the principal ditches her anyway and she’s stuck with her new abusive vampire First Blood boyfriends. She’s then forced to choose between who to take around the school.

Tsukinami Shin (CV: Morikubo Showtaro)

Yui figures that Shin’s a much nicer guy out of the 2 brothers, BUT NOPE Shin’s the violence-loving vampire first blood of this game. He’s terrible to the point that when they’re shaking hands as a greeting, Yui’s poor hand got squeezed so hard by the dude. They walk around the school, and he starts dropping hints about her abusive Sakamaki lifestyle and Yui immediately jumps to the conclusion that Shin’s a fucking vampire and is after her for her blood /again/. Of course Shin gets fucking angry because he’s a FIRST BLOOD and her blood smells like shit to him so he doesn’t give 2 fucks about except for the fact that she’s the only woman who can continue their bloodline. He then turns into wolf form, knocks her out by biting her neck and takes her back to the Tsukinami Mansion.

The Tsukinamis then technically lock her inside a room and she can’t leave the mansion, and we have Yui trying to find a way to get out. Of course, Shin is always intercepting her, and it just continues as Shin bullies her and sucks her blood as “punishment” in order to “purify” her blood. One day, Shin decides that he’s going to escort Yui to school since she’s been wanting to leave so often. Yui starts looking around the school to see if the Sakamakis are still around, but she doesn’t find them and runs into Shin at the roof. Shin lies to her saying that he actually killed all the Sakamakis, in which makes Yui upset.


Shin starts sucking her blood saying that he can always replace them since she just want to get her blood sucked anyway. Yui gets fucking pissed by that and pushes him away telling him to gtfo. This causes Shin to snap, and he throws her to the ground and tells her that he really wants to kill her and he can actually her kill her now. Yui realises that there’s really no place for her anywhere anymore, so she’s like “idgaf if you wanna kill come at me bro” and Shin just lets her go which surprises her.

Yui continues to try and run away from Shin, and he gets so pissed that he’s being compared to he vampires as an inferior being that he chains her to the bed so that she wont leave. Yui eventually falls sick, and he actually takes care of her because they don’t want her to die, and he’s about to change for her ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ when she wakes up. Yui thanks him, and he gets awkward since no one has actually ever thanked him before, and she shouldn’t be cuz he’s treating her like shit anyway. Shin teases her saying that she needs to wear more adult underwear (ノ*゜▽゜*), before leaving, confused by her words. Once he’s in the hallway, he mentions seeing the bite marks all over Yui’s body, causing him to feel upset to how the vampires have treated her.

So here’s the deal with Shin. Being the son of the King of the Ancestors, Giessbach, Shin always respected his father and his brother. This due to the fact that when they were young, Carla was always more talented that him, and was way more fit to be king than him. This made Shin a little jealous inside, since his father would treat Carla more harshly than him, which to Shin was training Carla to be the next king. Even if he tries to talk to Carla, Carla would just brush him off. Shin decided that he needed to get stronger in order to get the attention of his father and his brother. He decides that he should go outside the castle and…start beating up some other demons!

So he enters Bibola territory and starts beating up some bibolas and vampires there, and angered the leaders. When he returns though, he tries to attack Carla to prove his strength,  but Carla is still way stronger and he swears to get even stronger. True shit hits the fan when the the leader of the Bibolas comes over to the castle saying that him attacking their race can be considered a declaration of war. Shin doesn’t give a fuck though, since he thinks that the Ancestors are almighty and they technically own everything in the Demon World.

Instead, Carla tries to talk the Bibola leader out of war, and even bows his head to the leader to ask for forgiveness from his brother. The bibola leader is surprised and starts mocking Carla for actually bowing to him, and Shin tells Carla he doesn’t need to do that shit since he’s a Ancestor after all. Carla beg the leader not to drag innocent people into war over this issue, but the bibola leader wants Shin’s life as compensation. Carla then begs for it to be one of his eyes, and Shin gets pissy about it until Carla orders him to do so. Shin has no choice but to comply, and ends up getting really upset and confused as to why Carla did such a thing.

As such, Shin is trying to beat Carla in the babymaking competition since he’s got the upper hand with Yui right now, but Carla eventually sees through his plan pretty quickly. The initial plan was to have Shin purify Yui’s blood first, and once it was purified, throw her to Carla to uh, start making babies. Shin starts panicking when Carla starts making moves on Yui and demands that she’d be given to him the next day. Yui doesn’t want that shit to happen to her anyway, and Shin gets really mad as he’s panicking, and gets affected really quickly when Yui says that he seems scared of his own brother. When they return to the mansion, Shin panics to the point that he starts forcing himself on Yui and tries to make her pregnant by making out with her.

However, Carla cockblocks intercepts him, beats up Shin, throws him into a cell and takes Yui to his room. When Yui wakes up, Carla drags her to the dungeon and starts punishing Shin by sucking Yui’s blood in front of his face. He then threatens that he might bang her there, and Yui doesn’t want that shiet to happen.  Shin’s pretty pissed and continues yelling at Carla to stop, and tells him that he’ll never understand how he feels since Carla’s gotten everything he wanted in his life. (which is *spoilers* not true. you’ll understand in Carla’s pov in his own route) Shin tells him that he hates him but Carla just tells him to stfu cuz whatever he says, he still gonna do what he’s supposed to do. Carla continues sucking Yui’s blood when suddenly, he almost falls over and says that he should have killed Shin a long time ago and proceeds to do so.


Yui jumps in front of him trying to take the hit instead. Yui survives, as Carla isn’t that dumb to kill their only chance of the First Bloods surviving, but he’s gone and Yui’s in the cell with Shin. Shin starts asking why would Yui was so dumb to cover for him, after he treated her like shit, and talks about how he feels so powerless against his own brother all the time, even when they were young. Yui says that she can understand his feelings and that she doesn’t want him to suffer anymore, and apologises soon after for saying sth dumb.  Shin continues yelling at her saying that she should be angry at him instead, since nothing came out of saving him, but Yui says it doesn’t really matter cuz she did it out of her own will. Shin then grabs her and tells her to get close to him since he really wants to kill her and wolves cuddle each other before they kill so he’s just doing what they’re doing to give her ~good memories~. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Another flashback happens, and it shows the time when the Ancestors were warring against the Demon World, and Giessbach wanted to send Carla to the front lines and instead told Shin to stay at home and wait. (a tiny note tho, this is not because carla is strong as shit, instead sth else as Giessbach refers to Carla as “あのもの” and not his name, which will be revealed in his route.) Carla continues to ignore Shin as he tries to help, and ends up killing Giessbach. Yui & Shin both wake up, and it seems that both of them had the same dream thanks to Menae’s Emerald Brooch. Shin decides to give the brooch to Yui since she’s supposedly Menae’s descendant, when Mertz comes in and gets them out of the cell because Carla has gotten Endzeit and he’s collapsed in bed.

Shin is pretty shaken by this because he can’t believe that his proud, almighty brother could contract Endzeit and die like this, and Yui gets really worried. One day Richter, I mean Mertz, walks in like a fucking dick as per usual and swears his allegiance to Shin saying that he needs to accept that he’s going to be the king . Of course Shin’s fucking pissed by that because he wants to beat Carla and be accepted, not become king because no one’s there to be king anymore. He’s about to go flip some tables when Yui tries to calm him down by holding his hand. Shin’s like “Wtf are you doing are you pitying me” and Yui says that she wants to do it.

However Shin just reminds her one more time that the vampires took advantage of her because she’s too gullible, and starts sucking her blood but she doesn’t resist anyway since she’s really concerned about him and wants to do anything she can to calm him down. He then gets mad at her for not resisting tho, and she says that she doesn’t want him to be alone & reminds him of the time he took care of her when she was sick. Yui just wants to help others, and doesn’t want anything in return. Shin’s like “that’s why humans are dumb” but Yui just replies by questioning if hurting people is really strength, and that’s lonely in which Shin melts there. Yui also offers to take care of Carla, since she figures that she’s a human, so she won’t contract the disease.

The days continue as Yui starts taking care of Carla and starts ordering him around like a sick person, while Shin starts getting salty that Yui might fall for Carla instead of him. While taking care of Carla, Yui falls asleep and shares another dream with Carla, this time about the truth behind him bowing to the Bibola Leader. It obviously turns out that Carla was being a good brother and wanted his younger brother to live, even if he hates him now. He also adds that he probably knew that it hurt Shin’s self-respect, want still wants him to live until the humiliation clears away.

Carla does regret not being able to teach Shin the meaning of true strength though, and he thinks the reason why Shin hates him is probably because he’s been acting like an incompetent king all this time, but that hate has caused him to be even stronger than before. Yui believes that this isn’t so, and Shin just wanted Carla’s approval and wants to convince Carla to talk to Shin one more time, but Carla starts coughing again. Shin then comes in raging over the invitation Karl Heinz sent them for a party, and they discuss what to do along with Mertz. Shin wants to go and fight Karl Heinz, but Yui tries to talk him out of it and mentions it for Carla’s sake but Shin just gets pissed. Carla decides to leave the decision to Shin and knowing him, he’s going to war. Yui ends up promising not to tell Shin anything about the earlier dream about Carla, and the group moves to Pandemonium, which is their castle in the demon world.


Yui doesn’t see Shin around for a while, but he’s actually moping about how he has a chance to prove himself now, but he’s worried about Yui falling in love with Carla, and that he doesn’t want her taken away by his brother. Yui comes in asking if she can talk to him, and he starts playing really angry and saying that she loves Carla way more than him. Yui tries not to tell Shin about what she discussed with Carla, and realises she does have feelings for Shin, blatantly telling him that she belongs to Shin, not Carla. Shin literally explodes in dere after this and starts kissing her all over, telling her she’s stupid for falling in love with someone who treated her like shit, and they make out. (ෆ ͒•∘̬• ͒)◞

The both of them soon have another flashback-dream where they find out the truth behind Giessbach’s death, and it turned out their mom Krone had contracted Endzeit and wanted to end her husband’s life because he’s gone mad. Krone had told Menae to run away to assist in Karl Heinz’ research of the disease, and tasked Carla with the job of infecting Giessbach with the disease, which is the reason why Carla knows that Endzeit is transmitted through blood. Shin wakes up and get super pissed as he can’t believe his brother did that shiet and decides he’s going to destroy everything!

Yui ends up searching for Shin with Mertz, where she finally finds out Mertz = Richter and runs off to find Shin herself to warn him. Shin is about to kill the Bibola leader when Yui runs in and he’s like “WTF R U DOING HERE” and they have no choice but to run.

Brute End:

Yui and Shin end up escaping to the human world, and Yui wakes up when they’re there. She then convinces Shin to go back to the Pandemonium to talk to Carla one last time, and just as Shin was about to agree, Karl heinz swoops in, tells them that they can’t change their ~dark fate~ (i see what you did there but fuck you rejet) and they both pass out. When Shin wakes up, he’s just angry and hungry for blood, not remembering why the hell he’s in Karl’s lab. He then starts sucking the blood of some human woman, and Karl laughs at him for treating women badly (fuck you karl) and IT FUCKING TURNS OUT THAT HUMAN WOMAN WAS YUI. Yui is barely alive but she still cares about Shin and tells him not to cry, but Shin’s too fucking late cuz he’s sucked Yui dry, and it ends with him yelling in agony.

Manservant End:


Everything starts out happy as Shin tries to ask Yui she was there, and Shin keeps teasing her, and they end up throwing everything away. They end up living somewhere else, when one day Richter pops up saying that he kidnapped Yui!! Shin ends up licking his boots to get Yui’s safety, finally understand how Carla felt, while Richter is just like “OMGGGG KARL LOOOKK I GOT AN ANCESTOR TO LICK MY BOOTS OMGGGG” yea ok Richter. ( ´_ゝ`) So Shin has to follow Richter’s every command, so he’s sent out to kill Karl Heinz but he fails. Richter not giving 2 fucks anymore, proceeds to rape yui cuz Yui = Cordelia and I’m like . Soon after, Yui manages to escape Richter and finds Shin living in a cave, but she’s too ashamed as she thinks she can’t be Shin’s anymore. Shin doesn’t actually care because he still loves Yui no matter what happened to her, and when they’re about to reunite Carla flies in and SETS THEM BOTH ON FIRE over betrayal! They then embrace each other while they’re burning in the fire, as Shin tries to tell Yui that he loves her.

Vampire End:

Unlike the other ends, this stars out pretty disastrous as the both of them are still on the run and continuously hiding out from the bibolas and the Carla’s men. Shin continuously tries to convince Yui to save herself instead of staying around him and getting into danger. One day, one of Shin’s servants comes by to tell Shin that Carla’s about to die, and Shin’s pretty shaken up by this. Yui soon convinces him to go back since Carla is the only family Shin has, and they return to the castle. They find Carla, who hands Shin the short sword passed down through generations of Kings, but Shin tells him that it’s meant to be won and he can’t take it. Carla is pretty happy to hear this, and the two engage in a sword fight. Despite having Endzeit, Carla still owns Shin and he’s getting pushed back when he summons all his courage, and blows Carla’s sword out of his hands.


Carla’s happy that Shin’s become strong, saying that he can now die peacefully. Shin starts breaking down talking about the other ways he could have killed his brother, and tells his brother not to die, and Carla tells him to live on with Yui, before turning into ash. Yui hugs Shin, and Shin says that he’ll never surpass his brother all his life, since he’s brother’s such a trouble some person. A while later, Shin has captured Karl Heinz and many demons in the demon world, and Yui is getting married to him. They kiss, and Shin says that there’s no one like her anywhere, and Yui thinks about how happy she is. “:♡.•♬✧⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾*+:•*∴

Heaven Scenarios

1: Yui finds Shin sleeping in his wolf form on the roof of the school, and starts petting him saying how fluffy he is and it’d be great if he could stay in his wolf form since it’s so cute. Shin wakes up and starts telling her that he cant make out with her if he’s in wolf form, and starts biting her all over until she passes out. Shin then secretly says he doesnt mind letting Yui pet him more, and carries her to the infirmary.

2: Yui is out shopping for Shin when he pops by to laugh at what she’s doing like the little shit he is. He starts causing trouble when he knocks down a shelf, but he just drags Yui and runs off since they don’t want to get caught. Yui gets pissed and he says that he just wants to see her troubled, and starts sucking her blood outside.

3: Shin finds Yui and convinces her to get to his room, and shows her peanut butter. He starts chomping it down and making Yui think that he’s really cute, and he gives her a taste when she says she likes it. Although, he starts getting Laito’s body butter ideas, and starts uh spreading peanut butter over her body so that her blood’s tastier. He starts licking it off her shoulder, and proceeds further down saying that he’ll taste all of her. (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

divider 4

Shin is actually the Tsukinami I favour more over Carla. It’s probably because I see more of myself in him, and I can relate quite a bit. I’m pretty sure people who played the game want to shit on me for liking this dude, but look, he’s my precious baby and I can overlook whatever he does to my other baes. I’m pretty sure this dude ruins almost every vampire’s life and I’m not angry. Eitherway, I understand how he gets disappointed with his brother so easily. It’s kinda the thing when you’re born, you have an older sibling, they can do more shit than you, you look up to them but you don’t know their future. So when they fuck up you get so disappointed.

Shin was raised to know that the King is crazy powerful and is ruthless. The fact that he learns that true strength isn’t just power, it’s literally your heart, was a huge character development for me which is why I love him so much. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・ Also, when he breaks down it really hurts- it goes to show how much he actually loves his brother. When shin breaks down from Yui admitting that she loves him so cute as well I’m fully in love with this child ahhhh;; Although one thing about Shin, I really end up getting embarrassed from his pervy lines, but I still love him a lot.

Tsukinami Carla (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki)

Carla first starts out pretty stern and scary, much to the point when Yui chooses him he gets /straight/ to business. Violating her. Of course, Yui spends most of her time either contemplating what to do with her life since Carla’s too scary, or trying to run away but gets cornered by the guy anyway. One day, Yui tries to run from the mansion and suddenly hears someone groaning, before she’s approached by bad disguise Richter Mertz and they form a bad alliance as he promises to get her out (so he can rape her like the pedophile he is), but Shin beats him up when he sees him hanging out with Yui.


Carla comes in and starts sucking her blood till she passes out, and when she wakes up, she hears more groaning sounds coming from the shower. Yui figures Carla’s in the shower, (wait did Carla literally use her room shower WHAT EVEN) and goes in to check on him when he flashes a knife at her neck. Carla’s like “do you want to die because you were eavesdropping?!!” and Yui tries to tell him that they she was just trying to help because she’s concerned about him, that’s all. However Carla quietly lets her go, and tells her to get out.

Yui figures since she can’t exactly defy Carla, so she comes up with the bright idea that if she’s gonna be stuck in the house all day, might as well go to school under the supervision of the Tsukinamis. Carla agrees to this plan, mainly because he’s worried Yui might do something stupid like jump off a window if pressured too much, and they all head off to school. At school, Yui asks if she’s allowed to head to the library to read a book, since she can’t do shit staying around in the classroom with him. Surprisingly, Carla is very intellectual about books which makes Yui surprised since she didn’t expect a demon to know of human books.

Well of course, at the library while she’s alone, Richter/Mertz pops by and kidnaps her to his hideout which is somehow conveniently under the library. She ends up revealing Carla’s secret to him, and he tells her to have hope while feeding her bullshit about the Sakamakis. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Once this exchange is over, she heads back to the classroom where Carla tells her about the books he’s read, and amazingly doesn’t suspect anything from her. He mentions that most of the time he read books to gain more knowledge of the outside world, in a “closed off environment”, and he even read human books to get more knowledge, which hints to Yui about his backstory.

The backstory of Carla is that, just like Shin, Carla looked up to his Father, Giessbach, as well. Being the next king of the ancestors, Carla received direct training from his father, and did his best to receive the praise of his father. However, his dad was pretty shitty in the aspect that he over-trained him and made him tired all the time causing his mother Krone to be extremely concerned about him. Being the young kid he was, Carla believed his father’s every word, but for some reason, his father would never turn back to look at him, and every time he tried to approach his father, he would be reprimanded for wasting the King’s time, unlike Shin who was getting his attention.

This continues until one day, he shows his father new, high-level magic that he wasn’t taught yet, and instead, his father was horrified and starts abusing him, throwing him into the dungeon afterwards. Soon after, Krone and Carla realise that Giessbach is going nuts cuz of Karl Heinz and is planning on starting a war by gathering demons from everywhere to go against Karl, because he’s scared of his position being threatened. Carla actually net Karl Heinz before, and is aware of the guy’s massive strength which caused his father to get jelly and want more power.

Carla keeps having these flashback dreams & when he wakes up, and Shin comes in to discuss the invitation to Karl Heinz’ dinner party in which they figure they send Mertz as bait, or even Yui if they have have to. Carla continues the purification, and Yui is still scared of him and even tries to escape the house while everyone’s out, but fails to do so anyway.

The plot continues in school, where Yui heads to the library to meet Mertz but she forgets one of her books and Carla follows behind her to the library. She ends up meeting Mertz/Richter who feeds her more bullshit saying that he won’t leave her behind when he starts pedoing on her and she runs off in panic. Of course, she meets Carla who realises she stinks of vampire and forces her to say who’s the vampire dude she’s talking too. Of course, Yui being the kind girl she is, doesn’t want to let Mertz be murdered, doesn’t say a word. He then starts sucking her blood till she passes out, and Carla admits that he feels very disappointed, and gets conflicted when he realises that he actually trusted her for one moment there.


When Yui wakes up, she finds herself in the dungeon chained to the wall with Shin yelling at her to stop causing more problems for him. Carla walks in and starts forcing her to say the dude’s name and Yui notices he’s pissier than usual, but doesn’t want to say it because she feels she’ll betray herself. However, she still doesn’t get why his attitude’s like this. Meanwhile, Richter has already got some pieces together about Menae and decides he’s going to dig out more info like the jerk he is.

Yui continues staying in the dungeon and Shin comes by to give her food, and tells her that his bro really hates vampires and Karl Heinz before Carla walks in. Yui threatens to kill herself and tells him that she wants to make her own decisions even if she dies, and not as the tool of someone, and Carla decides to reveal to her why they need her, but he’ll continue no matter what her opinion is. After finding out that they need to bang her Yui doesn’t know what to say but Carla GETS RIGHT DOWN TO BUSINESS. He starts forcefully banging and kisses her, until his Endzeit pain comes back and he starts coughing blood.

Yui wants to go find help, but he tells her not to find Shin as he doesn’t want the guy to see him like this. Yui ends up finding Mertz, and asks him to check on Carla. Thankfully, everything calms down before Shin arrives, and even Yui tries to help him which makes him shocked by her actions. Carla then has another flashback about him being forced by his dad to go to the frontlines of the war, and his other Krone trying to convince Giessbach to stop the war. Of course, the dude’s gone nuts to the point that he tells Carla to throw Krone into the dungeon when she says that he’s just salty and jelly of people more powerful than him. Carla wakes up, and sees Yui in his room and says that she really can’t give up, and Yui says that she’s like that just wants to help people in need of help. Currently, Carla’s hiding in Pandemonium so Shin doesn’t know anything, and only Yui & Mertz are aware of this.

Carla then tells Yui that the First Bloods were all trapped inside this very castle, and every died cuz of Endzeit and tells her to leave since he will die alone & he doesn’t need her sympathy. Yui however, doesn’t leave and decides to look around the castle, and eventually finds Krone’s room and her diary. She eventually takes it to her room and reads about all the flashbacks that happened, and that Menae was sent out to Karl Heinz to help in his research. Carla appears again asking her why she hasn’t left, and Yui tells him that he set her free so now she’s free to do anything she wants, even stay in the castle.

They take a walk around the castle, and Yui says he should rely on him more, but he wasn’t taught to do that. Carla admits that dealing with her is even more irritating than being a king. He shows faint signs of being more interested in her, but soon goes back to his room getting conflicted about his feelings again as he feels better with her around. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Yui wonders why he isn’t scared of his death, and he just says that maybe he feels better that he’s going to die after all these years.

Over the next few days, Yui tries to take care of Carla while convincing him he should try to live longer, and Carla gets more flirty with her as he starts licking her injuries and kissing her on the neck while doing romantic shit with her. ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨ Yui eventually pieces things to together and decides to ask Mertz to find the Sakamakis or Mukamis so that she can meet Karl Heinz through them. Yui realises that she really cares about Carla, but doesn’t say anything. Of course Mertz is like “finally you’ve decided to escape this mansion? dang i’ve been waiting i even prepared!” (to kidnap and rape her) She plays along in order to talk to Karl Heinz, and figures she find Carla while waiting. She finds him the hall getting sentimental, and gives him a big hug, asking him if he can just be a normal demon at this moment. He agrees, mentioning that he is really weak now, and  leads her on a dance for one song.


Carla requests her to go to Shin after he passes on, but returns to his room upset and confused that he doesn’t want to let her over to Shin. ≡(*′▽`)っ Yui really likes him too, and doesn’t know what to do for his request, and goes to his room to take care of him again. Carla notices that something’s on her mind, and tells her to say what she wants to say since it’s written over her face, and she tells him that she wants to know what he’s thinking inside. He covers it up with a lie saying that that he wants the revival of the First Bloods, but Yui doesn’t believe it saying that she wants to know his true opinion. He gets more pissed, and Yui apologises, but he says she doesn’t have to. It may be a problem with himself, as he doesn’t understand the feelings of others. She continues taking care of him, afraid that he’s going to die any moment, and starts crying since she knows that he’s someone more important than just a patient that is dying. Carla tells her not to cry, and then speaks of his mother until he decides to kick her out. Since Yui doesn’t listen, he sucks her blood and tells her to get out if she doesn’t want that.

Yui leaves with Richter, and when they take a break he reveals his true identity and starts his stabbing game to get Yui’s heart back for this plan to take down Karl Heinz and get back Cordelia. Shin flies in and stabs Richter, telling Yui they need to hurry since Carla’s decided that his befitting end is that he kills Karl Heinz, and the two decide to head to Eden, Karl’s castle to find him.


When they arrive, Carla’s about to enter the castle to kill Karl Heinz when Shin says Carla has to go through him first. Shin has figured out everything about his Endzeit, and can’t forgive him for killing their father, so he doesn’t believe Carla to be king, so he’ll kill Carla here and be the king. From Shin’s route, we know Carla was directly involved with the infecting of Endzeit. The virus actually first started from Krone, who got it while in prison. Krone figured her husband was pretty much going nuts over wanting more power and control over everyone, and figured the disease was the only way to shut him down. She decided that she’ll use the disease by passing it through her blood to Giessbach and end him. Shin decides to fight Carla for the same reasons he has in his own route, hating his bro for not being the bro he expected him to be, and Carla gets cornered by him so much that Carla gets injured, and Yui covers him begging Shin to stop.

Brute End:

Carla is losing, when he suddenly snaps and he turns back into his scary self again, accusing Shin to be a traitor and killing him off. He then says that Yui is next, and all attempts from her to convince him don’t reach his years. Carla kills Yui, digs her heart out, and says that he’s the King of the ~dark fate~, saying that he’ll take his revenge in another 100 years or so with his kids.

Manservant End:

Shin takes Yui hostage and starts cutting her begging his brother to say that he doesn’t care about Yui, because this brother of his doesn’t live up to his expectations, but Carla says that he loves Yui. Carla tells him its okay to be weak and have feelings as a king, but Shin can’t take that shit cuz a king in his eyes has to be PERFECT and EMOTIONLESS, so he stabs the both of them, leaving them dying it each others’ arms. Shin is still pissy and can’t believe his brother was like that, saying how disappointed he his in him until he gets killed by Karl Heinz. Karl then says that this probably can’t avenge them because this is their ~dark fate~, and walks off.

Vampire End:

While Yui is yelling at the both of them to stop, Richter comes hurling in saying that HE CANT FORGIVE THEM and tries to kill Carla when Yui takes the hit for him. Yui’s barely alive and Carla desperately tells her not to die, and that he loves her. Shin says that honestly, he doesn’t mind such a weak brother since he was too idealistic about the perfect king anyway, even if he’s disappointed in his brother. Carla decides that he is going to beg Karl Heinz to save Yui, so that she’ll never think she’s being used again. Yui wakes up a few days later, and turns out all good with relations with the vampires now since Karl Heinz saved her and probably accepted an apology, and Carla is alive due to drinking Yui’s ~magical blood~.


They start making it out and saying that they love each other, and they kiss when Shin flies in and tells them to stop ichaichaing because they’ve got 10 million things to do. Carla literally throws all the work to him, and changes the subject to proposing to Yui, Shin is so done he leaves the room, and they continue their make out session, and Yui thanks Carla for taking her out from her cursed life.

Heaven Scenarios

1: For unknown reasons Carla & Yui are representatives of their school at a school dance party overseas. Yui gets unconfident of herself, and Carla says he’ll lead her, so she doesn’t need to worry. Once its over, Carla says that they attracted too much attention since she’s cute and all, and he starts kissing her all over to tell the rest of the dudes she’s his. (*゚∀゚*)

2: Yui’s making sandwiches for their lunch and Carla comes by, who hugs her and starts sucking her blood ~affectionately~ as thanks. Yui’s pretty worried about the taste though, so he starts licking her fingers and kissing her and figures it tastes pretty good, and they kiss one more time.

3. Carla starts panicking and sucks her blood forcefully cuz he saw a bad dream of her leaving, and Yui freaks out saying that this isn’t like him. Carla apologises, and starts making out with her to make her happy again.

divider 4

Carla was definitely another sweet route for me, but I didn’t really like him as much. But yes, he is indeed relatable. At the aspect where “expectations” are placed on you when you’re young, yes, definitely. But seriously, Carla’s dad was such a dick to him I felt really bad. Eitherway, the main plot of Carla’s route was more on the fact that being a leader allows you to have feelings to, and the fact the focused a lot on the fact that Yui had zero self-worth and thought that she was going to be a tool forever. I didn’t mention it much as their intellectual conversations were really hard to understand, but it was mostly from their conversations about literature where the topic came up. Carla’s character development wasn’t the greatest; because he was mature enough and only realised that being weak is part of life and the only way to get stronger is to overcome the challenges. Although when Carla gets all romantic he gets seriously bad. Jesus Morikawa kept raping my ears I don’t even this dude. ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ)

My Overall Opinion of the Tsukinamis? Cute bastards who are poor children. But ok seriously these 2 had definitely better antagonist introduction routes compared to the Mukamis. The overall plan was pretty ok and realistic, and they made better antagonist routes compared to More Blood. And for once, Yui’s self-worth was finally tested. I mean, after 2 games of being abused by vampires, she should have been mentally damaged somehow because of it. Yui does question her meaning for existence throughout these 2 routes quite a bit, and I like that they did cover this part of her. Meanwhile, the 2 dudes are like “WHAT ARE THESE FEELINGS” which really made me laugh cuz most of the time around Ecstasy they start becoming like this. Their gradual like for Yui were both really cute and I can’t help but love this family too ahh;;

Although, Yui was kind dumb as she was so nice to the point she believed Richter. That seriously made me fume throughout the entire two routes for messing up the guy’s lives. About Richter though, he will definitely reappear at least a few more times as Mertz to trick Yui + dude, and do 58394580 outrageous things so I’m actually relieved that he’s gone in Lost Eden because I REALLY HATE HIM. All in all though, this family’s routes were great, and both of them made me love them quite a bit.

2 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers ~Dark Fate~: Tsukinami Routes

  1. Random Tsukinami Fan

    ah damn i wish i could hear the audio for the heaven scenarios. nice carla tsukinami is hard to imagine with his really deep voice always going kisama. carla is ❤


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