Kokogawari Demo Review

I don’t usually do demo reviews, but since you haven’t heard from me in a while and I’ve been wanting to review the demo for Team Precatio彡, here’s a short review of the demo of up and coming game, Kokogawari!

At the same time, if you do like what you see from my review and would like to experience it yourself, here is a link to their demo! Kokorogawari’s kickstarter has already begun, and if you really like the demo, do support them so they can meet their main goal and stretch goals!

Kokorogawari follows the story of Matsubayashi Asami, a girl who doesn’t believe in love. I’m sure falling in love is every girl’s dream, but that isn’t Asami’s cup of tea. Why? Asami is the only daughter of her single mother, who had an divorce 13 years ago. After seeing her mother suffer over the divorce, and to bring her up, Asami doesn’t believe in love and marriage, and believes that it is just something fleeting, something not worth investing your time into. Now, as a university student, Asami is working towards to studying and becoming a career woman to support her mother who’s raised her all these years.

Sadly, the demo currently only features 2 of the 3 eligible bachelors, and I’m guessing the one who doesn’t appear, Takahara Yuuya only appears later when Asami is on her intership, Eitherway, I will be giving my overall thoughts of everything.

I really think that Asami is indeed a very promising heroine. I actually relate to her in a personal way which I can’t state, and the amount she cares for her mother reminds me of myself. Although some may say her views are one-sided, but her issue is really one to think about. Are relationships that important in our lives? It’s a very interesting question which is hard to talk about in this day and age, as it is the common thinking that we will eventually fall in love, get married, have a family and children. Sure, the world is having an ageing population, but seeing how many more broken relationships than successful ones makes me ponder this question. God, enough of my philosophic rant, let’s talk more about Asami! She is definitely a heroine I see a lot of potential from, who doesn’t need to hold a weapon in order to be strong, like how some other heroines by commercial makers try too hard to make a ‘strong’ heroine by making her hold a weapon. I mean, if she’s still a doormat, what is the point?

On to the bachelors. From what I’ve seen, Shinichi’s past seems something interesting to talk about. At the same time, he’s adorable. I mean, look at him. He tries to flirt with Asami but fails himself because he gets embarrassed by what he says! It does seem that this cute demeanour hides a deep past, so I am very interested in what his route is going to me. At the same time, I hope I’m not reading too much into this. Gulliam made a very short impression, but it seemed to me that his route is going to be extremely fun. I really can’t guess any developments from him yet, but definitely excited to how Asami is going to deal with this foreigner who can’t speak Japanese!

I’d like to talk about Rika as well, as she reminds me of girls who really try to meet up to societies norms. She’s like one of those girls who puts on makeup to school every day. Wait, from her art I’m pretty sure she does. Rika is indeed a girl who is trapped within society’s norms, and is trying hard to keep up. Not that wanting to be pretty and wanting boys is wrong, but when we think back to ourselves, is it worth it? As Rika is the polar opposite of Asami, their friendship is indeed one intriguing to see.

All in all, Kokogawari is game with a lot of potential. I’m very interested in the human relations in this game, and I’m really looking forward to it. Do support Team Precatio with their first work!

2 thoughts on “Kokogawari Demo Review

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  2. Laramie Castiel

    Hi Shuu, it has been a while!

    So happy to hear you enjoyed the demo. I just love reading what people think about our game- the compliments help build my confidence/build on the game’s strengths and any critique is crucial for improvement!

    It definitely does feel like the bigger companies that try the “strong protagonist” angle only ostensibly make them so. It’s one thing to be physically strong and a whole other ball game when it comes to mental/emotional strength, yes… but often it feels more like the physical strength is used to hide a lack of unique characterisation rather than it resulting from the protagonist working on their physical strengths to (over)compensate for what they lack on the inside.

    Even if a character is genuinely strong all up, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have weaknesses and insecurities. I don’t think it’s an easy balance to strike, but we’re hoping Asami will be considered more rounded rather than many other protagonists that could have their entire personalities be described in 5 words or less. While I do see the appeal of “blank slates” (even if I personally don’t enjoy them), we definitely want to try something different with Asami!

    Thank you so much for your support and review! =)


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