A Belated 3rd Anniversary Post!

Time flies, and it has been literally 3 years since I started this damn blog. I’m still surprised that I’m even motivated to continue writing on this blog for so long. Judging by how fast I get bored of things recently, I’d think that it’s a miracle that the blog has survived for 3 years! Well sadly, the 3rd year of my blogging has been a really dry one definitely. After my exams, instead on being on roll with otome games, I was busy getting a part time job to feed my newfound obsessions, and afterwards getting ready for a new school. Since things have mostly settled down, my pace has picked up again, but I’m still slow compared to my very first year of blogging. (which ironically, was the year i neglected a lot of my studies) A rundown of my entire 3rd year of blogging, and some personal reflections about certain issues. And if you’re asking if the above pic is handwritten, yes.

A List of events that happened throughout this year:

  • July-Early November 2015 – Never ending Exam Hell
  • 27-29 November 2015 – AFASG 2015
  • 26 December 2015 – First Cosplay!
  • December 2015-Feb 2016 – Part Time Hell
  • 1st April 2016 – The End of µ’s
  • 6-12 June 2016 – Funan Anime Matsuri 2016

July – Early November 2015 – Exam Hell 2015: Ah, the Memories.

Well you must think I’m dumb for talking about this, but hey! I have reflections from this period of time when I was taking a long vacation from blogging and uh…..grinding practise papers and assessment books? It’s a good bonding time with my friends. Indeed, I did bond a lot with my friends over doing practise papers. It just adds on to my school memories which I don’t think I’ll be forgetting so soon. One thing I learnt though, quantity will never beat quality because not all hard work pays off……let’s not talk about my grades here. :’D I don’t want to remember my grades gosh that was bad.

27-29/11-2015 – AFASG 2015

AFA as I said in the main post for this, was really dry. Extremely dry and boring, to be exact. Mainly I shopped a lot, had a lot of fun with friends, and managed to have a relaxing time with them after the hard exams. I missed my first chance to cosplay though, because I didn’t get some parts in time.

26/12/2015 – First Cosplay!

That was the most fun thing that I’ve ever done tbh. And tiring. Cosing as a sword man was tiring due to the insane amounts of of armour you had to put on, especially if you were cosing the sibling swords. Because of this cosplay though, I realise that I’ve been getting more and more confident. Maybe just a little bit. I’ve kinda overcome the part about getting worried about what people will if I post something on the net, on my personal social medias. It’s small, but I guess I’ll get there soon enough. As in, confidence in talking to real people and speaking up in class. It’s been a problem for me since young on speaking up during lessons. Yeah, I may talk a lot on this blog, but irl I’m probably a quiet ass who doesn’t talk much unless I’m prompted by my friends to shittalk. Oh well, slowly I guess.

If you’d like to read more about these 2 events, you can read it here!

December 2015 – February 2016 – Part Time Life

Part time life was hell. Like, I spent the entire 3 months working non-stop. It was hell because I was small and barely had any strength, furthermore it was a restaurant job. Lastly, I can finally say this out but the place I worked at ended up being a sham and it was a dying restaurant which closed right before school started. Heck, I was getting lesser shifts probably because it was dying and -they couldn’t pay-. The pay system was confusing as hell for me. I’m not sure it was because I turned up late about 50% of the time but the pay I got was like, lesser than what I calculated to be. Being scared af I didn’t argue but bleh. The restaurant started fucking dying and everything went to shit. Rn, I don’t have a part time job to feed my obsession right now, and well I’m in fucking trouble because of Utapri Merch. I pray to the heavens that I’ll survive this really. I’d like a part time job for my next holiday, but I don’t think there’s any which will allow someone to work only for a month.

01/04/2016 – The End of µ’s

Love Live’s flagship group, µ’s, had their final concert from 31st March to 1st April early this year, and ended all their activities. This meant that they are no longer producing any new content or doing any more concerts after their final one. It was a hard time for me to let go of them as they saved me when I was having a really hard time 2 years ago. Yeah I know, I’ve been talking about how toxic SIF was on my Twitter but I really still love all the girls and the story itself. It was hard to accept the new group, Aqours as the successor of µ’s because µ’s was just so good and special to me. However, now, I think I’ll slowly accept the new girls because the anime is showing how eccentric their personalities are. I know, the story development looks like µ’s ripoff and it really hurts to see people dissing it, but I’ll slowly accept it. I mean, they are trying their best.

I’m pretty sure the seiyuus themselves are trying very hard to. If I am correct, they did watch the final live and are pretty aware what they’re taking on, so I’ll support them as they’re really trying that hard to live up to the fan’s expectations. And so far, they’re impressing me a lot. My only irks are with Ruby, as her voice is really child like and she sounds like a baby for a 15 year old. I didn’t expect to like Mari that much but I realised her english pronunciation is really accurate compared to the other characters. I’m getting better impressions of everyone, and Yohane’s voice drops are amazing. That’s about it for now htough, I don’t think I’ll be talking about LL so soon so I talked a lot but I’ll stop here so I won’t spam so much LL.

6-12/06/2016 – Funan Anime Matsuri 2016

This year was the very last Funan Anime Matsuri, the small con by AFA with mostly cosplayer guests held at the same shopping mall. The reason why it’s the last is because Funan Digitalife mall, the shopping centre that hosts the event every year is suddenly closing down for renovations. I have no idea why it was so short noticed, but many people were upset because the place had the most of their memories. I was one of the people too, as I’ve been to that mall since young with my family getting tech shit, so it’s a good part of my memories. It’s already closed now, and I AM DEPRESSED. It’s not going to be reopened until 3 years later or so, and the concept of the mall is changing so :’D

Well, about the con. As per usual, the con was really small but HAD A LOT OF ATTENDEES. The weekend had the art booths and lots of people, and I attended on the first day and the evening of Saturday. Monday was pretty dry and there was nothing to do, and Saturday it was so packed that most of the art booths were almost closing. I didn’t get much, that’s why I didn’t tweet about it. It wasn’t the most enjoyable thing since FAM has been one of the cons I wasn’t too interested in but free entry so why not? Oh wells it’s not coming back unless AFA finds another mall to host it at or some oh well.

Games I’ve completed this year:


  • Ken ga Kimi for V: A very nice game made by Rejet before they started running outta ideas and deciding EVERYTHING MUST HAVE MADNESS. There was a bit in one of the routes I just posted, but the balance was definitely there in terms of Rejet’s madness/fluff ratio. My biases ended up being Enishi & Tsuzuramaru, so yeap!
  • Date a Live: Rinne Utopia: My very first galge. Although since it was adapted from a light novel, what was I expecting because it was full of fanservice. Right. I need to remember that it’s a light novel adaptation. It was enjoyable with all the cute interactions with the girls, since I really liked the series and most of the girls in the series. I’m not done with the other 2 games in the package but it was some fun fluff!
  • Utapri Music 3: Another one of Utapri’s Music games! If only there were more funny scenes though…
  • Diabolik Lovers: Dark Fate: I must say though, I think it’s the best Dialovers game I’ve played so far despite it being the controversial shit that stormed the otome game scene. Romantic scenes, vampires not wifebeating, I have a whole positive list for this damn game. Do look forward to my review for this!

Well shit, the list’s smaller than last year. Crap! A lot of things really took up my time and I now have like 5 games waiting on my shelf to be played. I honestly regret my laziness. :’D But sadly, with everything going on around me, it was really hard to play more.

A lot of forgotten things.

Yeap, I promised a lot of things last year in blogging. And that was a big mistake. If I did disappoint everyone with too many promises and failing to complete them, I apologise. I’ll try to stop making promises and finish up my remaining backlog of games and reviews that I have to write. It’s been hard for me for me to keep consistently write posts due to stress from school and the amount of projects I have to do, and also from the fact that I keep thinking about getting a job to fulfil my cravings for seiyuu merchandise. I’m using this blog as a way to practise writing as well, as I’ve gotten into a writing course.

After some hard and long thinking, I decided to test out using Patreon. I had a talk over with one of my irl friends about this, and even though we figured it’d be pointless, but hey! No harm trying right? This is a rundown on what I’m planning on doing, and I will further turn it into a page of it own, a “support” page. Due to my studies, stress, and worries turning me into an unmotivated twit, supporting me here will keep my motivation up to continue running this blog.

  • My Patreon: I will be using this platform as a way for supporters to have more say in the contents of this blog! A further explanation on why I need the support is there, and I will probably copy paste it into a support page later one. There is a couple of reward tiers there which are like sponsors, so check those out there.
  • Donations: These donations can be a form of supporting me in whatever I do, or asking me to write more about something. Of course, if you want more of a certain thing, you can drop me a message on what you want the funds to be used for!
  • Affiliate: This won’t come into usage soon or won’t even appear as I’m still considering using it, because I’m planning on CDJapan Affiliate and I don’t use CDJapan that often.
  • Writing and Translation Comissions: I will be opening commissions here, mainly for writing, a hobby of mine, and translations. I will be literally copying (and editing it a bit) from my tumblr, but I’ll be changing up the rates.
  • Help me clear my merchandise: Lastly, if you’re interested in anime or some otome stuffs, please check out my Carousell if you’re interested in getting any of my leftover merchandise lying around the house because its cluttering up. Of course, you don’t have to get an account to buy things from me. If you’re a reader, just drop me an email at ruby1978@live.com.sg, and we can discuss things there!

Some are tentative, but I will be eventually setting up my support page soon for more details.

About Cosplay

If you guys know (and stalk my twitter maybe), I recently started cosplaying. My most recent cosplay was at Charaexpo 2016 (which I may make a post about in the future or no in the end aha) where I cosplayed as Rin from Love Live! I did tweet a selfie of me on the day of the convention like this:

-pictures of cosplay removed, still findable on twitter-


Mind my teeth tho it was like at the spur of the moment so I didn’t know my teeth were showing. As such, since I feel like I’m getting better, for the next big convention which is probably AFA, I will be cosplaying a OTOME HEROINE! As such, I whipped out a list of girls I wanted to cosplay + outfits and boy, that became longer than expected, so I decided to open a poll for you guys to decide who I should do! The poll is here. I will always post my cosplays here so yeap, the winner will be a secret until I post/tweet it! (I may tweet the outfit in the end so yeah!) I’ll probably be accepting responses until the end of September so I can procure the outfit, so I guess the winner will be revealed then!



My 3rd year of blogging was kinda small. Very little things happened due to the fact that I was consistently swamped with things to do, making me lose motivation to write on this blog. I’m slowly trying to gain back that motivation again, this time trying my best to keep up writing and finishing games like the reviewer should be. I really hope I can finish more games by the time the next anniversary comes by, if not I’ll be really disappointed in myself. To all the people who read my blog, thank you so much for giving me support for these part 3 years of blogging even if it’s digitally. I’m grateful to all of you guys for the moral support in running this blog, and I hope I’ll have a better year next year!


9 thoughts on “A Belated 3rd Anniversary Post!

  1. HijackedCat

    Happy 3rd year of blogging, and may you have so many more! 🎆🎇🎉🎊 O(≧∇≦)O
    Wow, so much happened in your life I don’t think it was small at all! I think it’s great you’ve completed all those games while still doing so much more, you should feel proud 💪🔥
    Your cosplay is awesome, your outfit is amazing wow! (≧∇≦)/

    1. Shuu Post author

      Thank you! I guess it was just really well, busy? I still do think it’s little compared to my old pace but if someone says it’s a quite a bit, then I guess its fine then. ヾ(^∇^) Also one thing, my cosplay outfit was bought so it isn’t much to compliment about, since I’m still working on my sewing and will only start learning properly when I’m finally free again~

      1. HijackedCat

        Yeah, you were very busy with life, so I think the fact you finished those games is more than amazing! (´∀`)
        It’s still a compliment since you chose well, and you rocked it very well!(⌒▽⌒)
        Ooooh! You’re learning sewing? That’s awesome (≧∇≦)/

      2. Shuu Post author

        More like, I’m planning on learning sewing so I can make my own obscure outfits especially for like the otome heroines for love~ Good luck to me I guess!

      3. HijackedCat

        That’s awesome, good luck to you and you’re going to rock it! (⌒▽⌒)

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