A trip to Singapore’s Pompompurin Cafe!

A few days ago was my sister’s birthday, so my family decided that we should go to the Pompompurin Cafe in Singapore for dinner! I kinda wanted to experience character cafes from Japan for once, and I was lucky enough to be able to go there! This is a post about my experience there and maybe a food review(?) on how it tasted.

We went on a public holiday, and there was a long queue at around 5.30pm. We managed to get in at around 6pm because it turned out most of the queue was just queuing for the booth seats which had the cute Pompompurin plushies, but we were hungry so we didn’t really care. The seats we got were just as cute as well anyway. The cafe itself was really cute! The entrance to the cafe itself was cute, enough, but inside the cafe there was a centerpiece of Pompompurin which was really cute! The furniture also had the character on them as well.

On to the food. The menu pretty much only had 6 dishes for main course and 3 dishes for dessert, as well as a drinks menu. 2 out of the 6 main course dishes had beef in them, which was a bit sad as my family partially didn’t eat beef. Eitherway, lets get on to the food! I ordered the Coconut Milk Chicken Curry, which initially had a sauce with beef on the rice to draw the design of Pompompurin, but the cafe offered to change the sauce to chocolate for people who couldn’t consume beef, and I took it. I also ordered the Pink Grapefruit Juice which came in a cute glass. Surprisingly, the curry wasn’t Japanese curry as I thought it would be. It turned out to taste more like a local curry which wasn’t too spicy. In fact, it was almost sweet more than spicy! The Chocolate together with the rice and curry was an interesting combination and it tasted pretty good.

The rest of my family ordered the Taco Rice and the Neapolitan, as well as the special Pompompurin Mango Juice float. Both the main course dishes were pretty tasty, and I guess it was more for youngsters according to my mom? The Mango juice drink had vanila ice cream on it as a float, and it actually had jelly inside! Overall thought, the dishes were all designed to not be spicy. I guess they were really aiming at kids at the salsa for the bread wasn’t spicy either.

Then came the dessert. We ordered the special Parfait and the Pancakes, both were delicious to the point I was pretty full. The Parfait came with fruits, pudding, fresh cream & cake inside of it. That was definitely way too fattening. I was pretty surprised when the Parfait literally came with tons of fresh cream, probably mainly because I’m used to Japanese restaurants in Singapore using vanila ice cream or soft serve in place of real cream. The parfait wasn’t really sweet, and was just nice for a parfait but it definitely had a lot of sugar. My sister finished the pancakes, which came with maple syrup, if I’m correct. The pancakes were topped with cocoa powder and had like blueberry jam in between them, which made it even sweeter than the Parfait. IT also came which a shit ton of fresh cream which never finished cuz we were too full. Well, at least we finished the pancakes!


It was overall and enjoyable cafe experience, mainly because everything was so cute and everything. For a souvenir we got 2 of the mugs since we ordered the neapolitan and the pancakes. Its exactly the same as the one as the one in the pictures. I also managed to keep the 3 coaster that were given along with the drinks and the parfait! The food was designed to be a little more on the kiddy side, as everything was sweet and not spicy, so I guess they were aiming a concept more for kids. Apart from the price (which was hella ex), everything about the cafe was great! I really do hope more cute cafes come to Singapore so I can try all of them. (except im never going to the hello kitty one as singapore is too obsessed with that character to not make me disgusted by that character.) Now, time for a small update.

I apologise for another non otome game review post again. m(_ _)m Getting used to a new level of education is a little hard, and I’m immediately swamped with projects at the start of the semester so I barely have time to write reviews, not to mention one about a long game (*whispers* ken ga kimi) I just finished Dark Fate, and am now playing the localised Code: Realise. It’s pretty interesting do far, at the same time I will continue  working on reviews before my 2nd anniversary comes, and try to finish as much as possible before it arrives.

2 thoughts on “A trip to Singapore’s Pompompurin Cafe!

  1. Yuki

    Lol, the cafe review is just as good as your game reviews. I wouldn’t mind having more restaurant critics on your page XD Good luck with your education!

    1. Shuu Post author

      Thanks for the comment! Well I did kinda announce that the blog would be filled with more content of special experiences like events locally or what not, so yep if i chance upon anything cool again i’ll use that experience to give life to the blog! xD


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