The First Post of 2016: A round up of end-2015

Happy Belated New Year! Or maybe not as Chinese New Year is coming around the corner……. As the amazing procrastinator I am regarding this blog since my huge exams last year, I finally found the mood to collate a post of all the things that’s happened at end 2015. This technically means that I’m just covering 2 events: AFA2015 & Cosfest Christmas 2015. Also, an update on what I want to do for this year. (I mean, finish my backlog of games before my anniversary or my 3rd anniversary will be even drier xD) I’ll keep this under a cut; also I believe for people who thoroughly enjoyed AFA2015, please dont read the AFA section because its a salt post regarding it. I hate to say this, but this will be quite the salt post for that. The featured image is from here

AFA2015: Nothing but strong disappointment for me

AFA2015 was the most terrible one for all the AFAs that I’ve been to from all previous AFAs. The pictures i mostly took were of merchandise & cosplay. Maybe it’s my own expectations, but I thought AFA would bring in one popular male seiyuu every year which was good enough for me due to the lack of female market in Singapore. But no. What I got was an onslaught of very popular female seiyuus this season which in all honesty that I didnt care about.

But Shu, the female seiyuus were popular and good! How could you say that! They brought in people like Takatatsu Ayana, Uchida Maaya & Suzuko Mimori!

Well, I’m not their target audience tbh. I’ve never been too much of a fan of female seiyuus due to the fact that I’m not a fan of anime content directed to a male audience. Clearly, this year’s audience was just there to wow the male fans while I sit there and salt.

What are you saying? There were male seiyuus too! They got Furukawa Makoto, Tamaru Atsushi & Hayami Show!

This brings me to my main point: afa is blatantly telling me that they used too much of their funds on female seiyuus, and the brought in some low profile/newbie/veteran older seiyuu to fill that up. What? They voiced some swords in Touken Ranbu, something I’ve been raving about? That doesn’t make the cut! I mean, they could bring in popular seiyuus like what I hyped about in the past, but these dont; as I don’t have any interest in the featured anime that they are coming for in the first place. All the featured anime of this AFA were harem directed at a male audience, and mainstream series which are very popular in Singapore, like One Punch Man.

One more terrible thing which pissed me off was the fact that they even tried to improve the experience by getting Japanese Professional Comedians to perform. Look, I don’t see any problems with promoting Japanese culture and some of its medium, and it was pretty funny despite the lack of props and everything, but if I remember this was an anime festival? Okay, you want to promote japanese culture, I won’t press on this issue anymore. The onslaught of cosplayers appearing for this event was a usual – I didn’t mind anymore.

Shu, then what’s the point of posting this? Wasn’t there anything good about this convention?

The best thing for this convention was pretty simple this year: being able to go in a group of friends who share similar interests, and going for a convention where we could enjoy it together. That definitely was the best thing for this convention. What I mainly did this time for this event was hang around the booths & artist area, doing a bit too much shopping. Well, the aftermath was okay I guess! The experience of running around with friends trying to get stuff before they run of stock was pretty fun and that’s what I enjoyed the most, but maybe not waking up at 7am to get into the opening queue. xD Fangirling over merch is one thing which was pretty fun as well.

I also managed to get up close with cosplayer duo Hana & Baozi as a friend wanted our group to get their merchandise as she was unable to attend the convention, and wow okay I never felt that professional cosplayers could have the feel of a model! I haven’t been stunned by real life people in a while due to my current obsession & hobby, and they’re really good! Me & my friend who go up close were pretty overwhelmed by them tbh, but not as much as the time I met Be-sama in person. 

Also, my loots for this event:

This is what I feel a convention experience should be, having fun with friends and enjoying what we love together. All in all, I hope for a better AFA this year, and enjoy a small collection of photos I took from the convention.

Cosfest Christmas 2015: My First Cosplay!

After hearing about people I know on twitter cosplaying, I decided to join the crowd and try my hand a cosplaying…..with a terrible first plan! My very first cosplay plan was a disaster? Not a disaster, but crazy hard. That character is: Namazuo Toushirou from Touken Ranbu. I was there on Saturday, and if I’m correct I think I was the only one so if you spotted one that was most probably me. A picture??? Fine I’ll give you one which is from my twitter I must say, cosplaying is really tiring and the amount of makeup details there are is too much for me that I settled for light makeup. Which I think it was a pretty good idea as the result was really nicely done~ Although, carrying 500 grams of armour on my arms & another 500 grams of a wig was pretty….harsh on me. I got a few photos taken, which I don’t think was bad for a start xD. That was a nice experience, and I have further plans to continue cosplaying for future events!

-cosplay pic has been removed, still findable on twitter but not linked here-

The convention itself was a collaboration with another event, Good Game Singapore 2015. I hate to say this but really, the convention was really really small and there weren’t a lot of booths or anything. What took up the most space was the backdrops you could take pics at. The performances were really what you call mainstream, because IT WAS ALL LOVE LIVE. GOD WHY. Love Live has hit the Singapore shores so badly that I see Love Live everywhere. I don’t hate it though, as I play it’s phone game regularly. Once again, this event was coupled together with the charm of having friends going on a convention together with you, another fun experience as most of my friends were cosplaying and having fun!

Update: Plans for 2016

Wait wait shu that’s all the event coverage? Yep. I must say that I was looking forward to the events more than actually have content for them. Darn. Time to get on with the blog news. As of current, I’m working on my Utapri All Star After Secret review at a Snail’s pace due the main problem I have with this damn game. I will try to stop procrastinating so that I can finish that review and get that done and over with. Im only about 30% done with that review, and I still have 2 more reviews to finish after that. I hope I’m able to rush out more reviews within the next few months so I can finish more games to save myself from a dry 3rd anniversary.

However, to bump my mood, I’ve got a few ideas of what I want to post throughout this harsh period of hardcore typing for me. I’ve got a few ideas in mind, and will be putting them in a poll here. Do vote if you’re interested!


Signing off fo—- Wait wait what on earth happened to your giveaway?! 

For my giveaway, I realise I havent gotten enough people, but guess what, I’ve pushed the 2 requested games up my backlog and will be attending to them soon once I have the cash to do so! I’ve got a couple of preorders, but I decided not to touch them until im done clearing some backlog games. At the same time, I will make sure I play the 2 requested games, Trigger Kiss & Binary Star within this year! That’s all for now, see you in my next post~

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