Glass Heart Princess

(I bought this game idk how many years ago and I’m finally playing it sighs, eitherway, let’s get to the story.) Our heroine Himeno Kyoko is a rich ojousama who’s the most popular girl in school, and is pretty much loaded. However one day while she’s on holiday she collapses from her heart beating too fast and finds out she’s got Glass Heart Syndrome!!!! This means that if Kyoko’s heart beats too fast she may die. Her butler Shinnosuke, and her maid Satsuki are ready to do a lot of shit to get her back to normal, which is by making her fall in love!! Kyoko now has to choose a man to pick to go in training dates with in order to increase her heart rate.

I made it through this game’s crazy hard system using mainly 2 guides. I used Breadmasterlee’s guide for the main system, and Momokan’s guide for date choices. I guess you could follow Momokan’s guide the entire time. If you can’t understand it, you just need to activate Shin-chan’s school festival event, and then continue dating the guy you picked until the date 黒の鼓動 appears. The date will prolly appear around Nov Wk3. According to Momokan’s guide you should just keep dating the guy you’re multi-tasking with and only change the school festival event, and cover the low-tier dates later when you’re playing Gai. I’ve tried clearing all dates before Nov Wk3 but it doesn’t appear and Gai calls me instead, so clearing all low tier dates has no point as it does not allow the important date to appear. Safe bet is just to follow Momokan’s guide to date the guy you’re multitasking with non-stop until you get Shin-chan’s important event! If not you will thrown into a series of (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ like me.

Hoshino Kanata (CV: Miyata Kouki)

GHP_0112Kanata’s the weirdo ass guy who falls on top of Kyoko when she goes to the tree of destiny in her school to find her man one day. For some reason some shit happens and Kyoko suddenly goes from “who da fuck are you?” to “oh hey aren’t you the new transfer student?” which is pretty fishy from the beginning already LOLOL. From the beginning’s he’s pretty fishy with his slow talk, how he’s clueless about romance, has muffled talking sometimes, and even has an alien hanging on his shoulder which he claims to be “a stuffed toy”. He does pretty outrageous things tho like throwing a ball and it destroying a wall, running at top speed, and even saves her from downing by lifting up all the water?????? Eitherway at the same time when he sees Kyoko with black hair he doesn’t “recognize” her and goes mad trying to exterminate her when suddenly her hair turns back to normal. On one of their dates, they end up saving a pink alien “Stuffed toy” from the a crane machine and Kanata gives it to Kyoko. After much dates and stuff, Kanata takes Kyoko to his place (which has to be entered by a MANHOLE LOLOL ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)) to watch a movie with her. He then suddenly does the trick of “bringing a girl to a movie and kissing her during it” and Kyoko’s heart shoots up to over 10000000 and passes out on Kanata and almost dies. However Kyoko wakes up to find out that she’s still alive and it turns out Kanata implanted an artificial heart for her to survive. The best part is, it turns out that he’s actually an ANDROID from some kind of planet. That explains all the weird shit’s he’s been doing all this time!!

GHP_0118Kanata was sent to earth by the aliens in order to research on the humans and the alien that’s hanging on him is actually there to watch him. So from now on, after Kanata implanted the heart in her he now has to do maintenance on it frequently which is basically hugging her and do romantic shit. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・ However as time passes and Kanata continues doing maintenance he starts sleeping for no reason and Kyoko has to take him home. She soon breaks the truth to Shinnosuke when she gets him to drag Kanata into the mansion and finds out that he’s actually a robot. However Shin’s really ~excited~ about having ~a robot made by aliens~ in the house and he starts getting all excited about being able to start researching on him but Kyoko stops him before he breaks open any of Kanata’s parts LOL. They soon find out that Kanata was actually powered by 2 hearts, but when he gave one of them to Kyoko, he ain’t functioning properly anymore. Kanata soon wakes up, and breaks it to them that he needs to send a help signal to his home planet but he currently doesn’t have enough energy to do so. Suddenly, Shin springs up his CONNECTIONS WITH AREA 51!! I don’t know how he got those connections but eitherway, they fly there where they get the base to charge Kanata’s power so that he can send a help signal. However too bad the people at Area 51 were planning on capturing Kyoko & Kanata for their research!!

Kanata 1Just when Kyoko’s about to be grabbed by one of the people there, Shin-chan appears and beats him up. Kyoko runs, but sadly Area 51 technology is too much for his guns and he ends up getting beat up himself. They’re both about to be caught and Kanata’s out cold in the lab, when suddenly his backup battery starts up and beats up the bad guys!! He then receives a signal from his home planet to teleport back, and he aplogises for causing Kyoko so much trouble, and wipes all her memories of him. Kyoko then wakes up, and now she has the pink alien doing her maintenance for her. However, she doesn’t remember anything about how she got the pink alien and neither what she did to even get this. Kyoko feels that something is…just wrong so she goes back to all the places where she has faint recollections of, and tries to remember something important. She then arrives at the Tree of Destiny where she first met Kanata, and she finally remembers him. Kyoko then asks her pink alien where Kanata is, the alien tells her that he’s at the peak of the hill in town. Kyoko rushes there immediately, and Kanata who sees her there wonders why she’s there since he wiped her memories of him. Kyoko rages at him for doing that, and to make up for it, Kanata takes her on a ride up in the sky on a bicycle………プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.;;;; (gee why does this seem familiar) He then kisses her without her blanking out, and Kanata tells her that he finally understands what love is before being teleported to his home planet. In the epilogue, months pass and one day Kyoko receives a giant pakcage. Turns out inside the package is Kanata and it turns out that his alien masters were pissed that he didn’t gather enough information about earth and they sent him back to do it…..forever. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* They even remodded his body closer to a human’s so that he can feel more emotions now and he even talks faster! They end up cuddling and now they can start continue cuddling and making out without any problems. Okay I guess I wasn’t really a fan of Miyata’s voice, and Kanata talking real slow really just….bored me out. I guess Kanata was ok, but he isn’t /that/ lovable to me.

Asahina Tenma (CV: Hatano Wataru)

GHP_0080Tenma’s the school nurse that reliefs any class which doesn’t have a teacher in school that day. At the same time, he’s got a really fishy look which apparently no one notices? He also hates tomatos, garlic and herbs & he refuses to raise them in his garden in the school. Surprisingly when Kyoko asks him to go out on dates with her, he’s pretty much “yeah!” even though he’s actually a teacher and she’s his student. Tenma pretty much goes on date with Kyoko normally, and he’s nice to her as well. When she accidentally hurts herself, Tenma starts jumping through walls to get to the infirmary immediately while princess-carrying her ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイ He pulls the student-teacher barrier on Kyoko one day when she asks to stay over at the infirmary with him and he goes all “you shouldn’t be doing this Kyo-chan” on her. Another one of his episodes is Kyoko spotting him in his garden napping one day and sees a grain of rice on his face. She’s about to get it off him when suddenly he just grabs her fingers and starts sucking on them, which is pretty cute in my opinion. -(๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ Soon one day they get suspected of being a couple and even the other teachers warn all of them about it but Tenma just……downright admits it. Even better, he even confesses his love to her by presenting Kyoko a bouquet of roses in front of the entire student body! ((┌|o^▽^o|┘))♪ One night Kyoko’s kouhai Manaka gets attacked by a weirdo at school and is totally traumatized by this, and Kyoko decides to stay over at school to figure who this weirdo is. Tenma tells her to be careful and Kyoko assures him that she will be cuz she’s got Shinnosuke. But sadly, our dear Shin-chan is terrible at guarding cuz he got distracted by a bird, which results in Kyoko getting abducted by the weirdo.

GHP_0086It turns out the guy is a weirdo from the dark magic club who says that by doing such weird shit he can be a vampire. O_o He cuts Kyoko’s neck, and before she’s further attacked she’s saved by Tenma, who turns out to be a vampire!!!! Tenma just goes like “oh yeah I’ve been wanting to tell you this Kyo-chan I’m actually a vampire.” He then apologises to Kyoko for not telling her this sooner, and asks her to be a vampire as he wants to spend his long life together with Kyoko. Kyoko forgives him for not saying anything but tells him that she needs to think about it more before she can say okay to whether she wants to become a vampire or not. For some reason her wound magically heals and she ends up saying alls okay when she finds Shin-chan. A few days later, a bunch of guys from a vampire mafia come up to Tenma and go like “Boss we’ve been looking for you for so long!! We need you back!!” Turns out Tenma was the boss of a vampire mafia and the best part is, they were at odds with another Mafia made out of werewolves. (Gee where have I heard this too) Kyoko appears after this and tells her that he’s been sealed by the principal of the school for idk how many years and he’s unable to leave to school. However the seal’s been weakening lately and he decides to take Kyoko on a date outside of school. However the werewolf guys are on Tenma’s tale so his gang decides to take them on while they’re on their date. They end up going to the park where Tenma kisses Kyoko’s cheek saying that he loves her, and asks her to do the same as well. Kyoko ends up getting all embarrassed and she doesn’t do it properly, which ends up in Tenma having to save his guys before she can do anything. When Kyoko arrives at the scene she sees him beating up the guys and turns into a bloody mess, causing her to get scared of him and run away. Tenma decides that he’s going back to Europe since he shouldn’t be around Kyoko anymore and leaves a note telling her to take care of his garden, which leaves Kyoko in a very depressed state.

GHP_0093Days later, she gets kidnapped by the boss of the Werewolf mafia, Gino, who’s in a mad rage cuz “I NEED TO SETTLE MY GRUDGE AGAINST MY RIVAL!” He decides to use Kyoko as a bait to get Tenma to save her so that he can fight him. However when Tenma arrives he’s just like “I’ll just kill myself so let Kyoko go and Gino’s like “NO WE MUST FIGHT FIRST” and they end up beating each other up. However due to a lack of not using his powers lately Tenma’s about to get beaten up when Kyoko takes a hit from Gino for him. Kyoko tells Tenma that she really loves him, and to save her, Tenma sucks her blood and kisses her turning her into a vampire. (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 Kyoko’s reborn into a ~sexy lady vampire~ (there’s a CG for it btw) which leaves Gino in a series of wtfs and they beat him up. He’s about to call for backup but turns out his backups pretty much beat up by Shin-chan who somehow had connections with his Vatican friends!! Ginso is pretty much reduced to a puppy where Shin-chan says that he’ll raise and takes him away LOL. In the Epilogue, its 4 years later and Kyoko has decided to be a teacher at the school. Tenma becomes one of the board of directors of the school where they spend their time in the garden in which Tenma gets Kyoko to suck his blood so that she won’t attack her students. (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪ I found Tenma to be pretty cute but I guess he wasn’t good enough for me in some points? Like as in I found him pretty kawaii and stuff but the thing is that I barely have any afterthoughts about this route. I guess the only thing which was memorable in this one was Kyoko turning into a vampire tbh xD. I barely see Hatano in otoges but I guess h did a good job in this one? Although I found him pretty miscast at the beginning since Tenma looks like a legit shota.

Karasuma Yukito (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

GHP_0049Yukito is pretty much one of the most NORMAL dude in this entire game. Yes, the most normal because Shin-chan is crazy with weapon and dating a shota is NOT normal. Eitherway, Yukito’s the new transfer student who apparently is known for having a bad record at school so everyone shuns away from him. Kyoko decides to use the excuse of “helping him get used to the school and getting rid of his bad record” as an excuse to go out on dates with him. Yukito takes Kyoko to normal places around town where the rid kids at school don’t usually go to like the game centers and what not. He also has a fear of heights which is found out when Kyoko takes him on a ride on his private where Shin-chan wrecks havoc by the spinning the plane around as if it was a war plane. (Jfc Shin-chan. why. (-‸ლ) ) One day they head to some tower where they’re the xxxth couple to enter the tower award. The staff get them to change into some wedding outfits for a photoshoot for their wedding pamphlets and Kyoko imagining this causes her heartbeat to go over 100000 and she passes out. Yukito then piggybacks her back asking her what the heck’s going on with her weird condition. Kyoko then admits to him about how she’s got Glass Heart Syndrome. Yukito then confesses his feelings to her as he thought that Kyoko liked him when she first asked him to go out on dates with him! Kyoko’s says that she didn’t really like him at first but now she like him anyway so lol they’re a couple. Yukito then offers to help out with her Glass Heart Syndrome rehab. At the same time Kyoko’s dad finds out about them dating but they end up dealing with it pretty normally and Kyoko’s dad likes, him anyway so ok. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ During Christmas, Kyoko takes Yuki to a posh restaurant where Yukito says that he’ll bring her there someday with his own money.

GHP_0065So they get closer throughout her rehab where they look at pics of shota Yukito, and they even go back to the tower to copy what all the couple there are doing. They end up hugging each other which causes Kyoko to doki but not hard enough to die, and Yukito’s pretty much there going like (ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\)and blushing super hard. One day, Kyoko has to attend a party in place of her dad who sin’t able to make it to the party. Suddenly during the party, Phantom Thief Raven appears to steal a painting there, and Kyoko spots him but he abducts her before she can call for help. Raven drops her off at some park nearby and commenting about her looks, before flying off. Kyoko returns to the party safely, with a raging Shin-chan. The next day Kyoko wakes up early and decides to pick up Yukito from his house, and when he opens the door she finds him in his….Phantom Thief Raven outfit! XD Kyoko stares at him super hard at his half opened shirt until his younger sis screams about the glider and everything’s……exposed. Satsuki & Shinnosuke them come in and forces him to spit out the truth. Turns out his Grandfather was a poor painter and he never sold his painting until one day, where a mafia stole all his paintings and sold them off to other places. Grandpa was so upset and wanted to kill himself until he met Grandma, who was a Phantom Thief and told him to steal all his paintings back then!! Grandpa then became a Phantom Thief and started stealing all his painting back. He got too old to do it anyway, and wanted to pass down the job to Yukito’s dad but since the dad was too busy with work, Yukito had to do it instead. At the same time, the rules he has to protect is that, 1, He can only steal Grandpa’s paintings, 2. He must send notice before stealing a painting, 3. He must always wear the darn hat & cape while stealing the paintings. Kyoko supports him fully, and even suggest buying all the paintings for Yukito since she’s crazy rich. However Yukito doesn’t want that since it was a lot of money.

GHP_0070After finding out about his job it starts getting serious cuz he’s being tailed by the cops, and one day he even has to run over to Kyoko’s mansion to hide! Kyoko starts getting worried for him and decides to challenge him by buying one his Grandpa’s paintings at an auction. She tells Yukito to steal if from her and if he succeeds, she will not step into his Thief business. However if he fails, he has to stop being a Thief. Yukito says okay to this since the painting Kyoko bought was the last one he had to steal. On the day of the theft Shinnosuke’s about to shoot him when Satsuki throws him into a barrel of cement xD. When Yukito finds the painting it turns out the painting was a replica and they were planning on trading it with the museum for the real one! This forces Yukito to stop being a thief since he broke the rules and alls over….when they’re about to kiss. However Shin-chan escapes from the cement…and shoots a hole into the painting. Kyoko rages at Shinnosuke for doing that shit and he reduces himself into a dog, saying that he’ll do anything to redeem himself. They then stage a plan for Yukito to steal the painting in the museum, where Yukito poses as Shin-chan to “protect” the painting. After robbing the painting, the cops notice Kyoko with him, and to save face, she turns into PHANTOM THIEF GLASS HEART and they run away together with Shinnosuke picking them up by helicopter. They land by the beach where Yukito burns all his Grandpa’s paintings so no one can steal them again, along with the hat & cape. Satsuki drags Shinnosuke away and they’re finally able to kiss without any disruptions. ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ In the Epilogue, it’s graduation and they meet Kyoko’s dad where he accepts him and asks him to go to the same college as Kyoko and call him “dad” from now on. He even offers to let him stay over at their mansion before leaving, allowing the both of them to enjoy their graduation under the cherry blossoms.  ワーイ♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪ワーイ Yukito was so cute tbh he was blushing so hard during the cute moments and I found him pretty cute from that. He pretty much overtook my like towards Shin-chan mainly because Shin-chan shot a hole through the painting orz….Oh yeah the fake ending movie was seriously funny as well cuz I legit thought it was the end until….a hole was shot through it LOL. Eitherway this was quite a fun route tbh.

Masaki Shinnosuke (CV: KENN)

GHP_0002Shin-chan’s a a hardcore hetare butler. Very hetare. At the same time I will be referring to Shinnosuke in other “shinnosuke”, “shin-chan” or “shin” throughout this review as and when i please so bear with me. At the same time this guy was a HORRIFYING ROUTE to get through. Not as in, terrible story content but the SYSTEM to get into his route. As mentioned above just follow Momokan’s guide closely and you should get it. So as I said early Shin is really hetare and he freaks out over everything concerning his oujisama, Kyoko. Also he also has a weird ego/rule saying that “all problems can be solved by shooting!” Yes due to his craziness, all guys who get near to Kyoko will be chased after him. Also he uses his guns to attack almost everyone, including cats cuz he’s legit paranoid his oujisama will get into trouble. (oh yea he tried to shoot yukito in his route remember.) One day on a date he does the “what if i attacked you like this” from Kyoko’s back, and she backflips him and continues raging at him for doing that shiet which opens one of his training wounds which Kyoko treats. Although my love for him dropped after Yukito’s route, but I guess this route was pretty….funny? However all these dates they go on are pretty much training so on their last training date he kisses her hand and says that her training is complete. Satsuki’s now on a rampage since Kyoko ain’t got any man to help her rehab and tries shipping her with Shin but Kyoko’s like “no satsuki.” However things take a turn for the worse when Kyoko’s hospitalised as her condition’s worsening. Shinnosuke comes to visit her that night and talks to her until she sleeps…and when she wakes up next morning Satsuki tells her that he’s missing. O.o Kyoko rushes home to find out what happens when suddenly the police arrived at their mansion saying that her dad’s being charged for some fraud which was apparently framed cuz there’s no way her dad did anything.

GHP_0007Her dad leaves with the police saying that he’ll do his best, went suddenly a creepo bastard named Kuroe comes over to their place saying how Shin leaked info about her dad to him so that he could be framed. Kyoko’s like “wat the fuck u talking abt bro” until Shin-chan comes out of the car….which horrifies Kyoko. ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ Kyoko’s like “whats going on Shinnosuke” but he’s like “dont talk to me i only work for kuroe.” which completely horrifies her. Due to the fraud their mansion is seized and Kyoko, her dad & Satsuki are forced to move into some beat up house for now. Suddenly Kuroe comes over again and offers to help their company is Kyoko decides to marry him. (wow what a shady deal mannnn) Kyoko’s dad is like “WTF NO” and they rage, but Kyoko agrees since she thinks she’s gonna die soon due to her Glass Heart Syndrome so she doesn’t have to stick around with the guy very long anyway & she’ll save her dad’s company. She’s taken to the Kuroe company in which she finds out the REAL reason why Kuroe wanted her! Turns out he’s got some shitty unrequited love in college with Kyoko’s mom and when Kyoko’s dad took her, he raged. After finding out about them having a daughter he was pretty much “GRRR SINCE I COULDNT GET THE MOM I’LL GET THE DAUGHTER!!” (gee I’ve heard this somewhere before but I dont remember.) Shin-chan soon finds out that is oujisama has to marry this pedo Shin-chan rages!! Turns out that he had a deal with Kuroe that if he leaked info about Kyoko’s dad’s company, Kuroe would gather a bunch of scientists to cure her glass heart syndrome. Shin-chan rages at the guy but is soon thrown into a cell. This is where we learn about Shin-chan’s past.

GHP_0029Since Shin-chan was an orphan, he was forced to take military training, and his first mission was to kidnap Kyoko and take care of her when they were 6. However when he took care of her it was pretty much playing games with her, getting food for her, pouring tea for her and Loli Kyoko decided that Shin-chan would be her new butler! However orders soon come down for Shin-chan to kill Kyoko until Kyoko says that she wants to visit her sick mother in the hospital and Shin decides to take her there. Her mom gave them 2 matching heart pendants. However the next day a rescue team comes to save Kyoko, and when Shin-chan’s about to get killed Kyoko gets her previous butler, Masaki, to save him too. When she returns home she tells her dad that she wants Shin-chan to be her butler since she wanted one for her birthday! Kyoko’s dad rages but ends up forgiving Shin cuz he allowed her to see her mom one last time before she passed away. And then Shin goes to England for butler training. Shinnosuke continues blabbling about his oujisama doing his sleep, and when he wakes up he finds Satsuki in front of him realising that he’s just a hetare butler and he didn’t mean to do all this bad shit. Shin’s like “what are all these feelings inside me?” and freaking out about how he’s not gonna do anything to oujisama until Satsuki starts getting pissed and wants to move cell. xD Shin soon admits that Kuroe kept wanting him to join his company but he always refused cuz he wanted to stay with Kyoko….until Kuroe said that he would help cure Kyoko’s Glass Heart Syndrome. Satsuki continues complaining about his freaking out and tells him to fulfill the lie Kyoko’s dad told her when she was like 10 or 11…that a prince on a white horse will come and take her away on her 18 birthday. \(^▽^@)ノ Satsuki’s tells him to go do that and they a plan to stop the engagement announcement ceremony, and Shin-chan decides to save her as a man who loves her!!

Shin 1So Kyoko’s forced to attend the engagement announcement ceremony with stinkin’ Kuroe which just happens to be her 18 birthday until…..Shin-chan comes to save her as a prince on a…..white motorcycle. ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ) Shin-chan’s like “kyoko im here as your prince charming to save you!!” until Kyoko rages at. Kyoko’s like “HOW DARE YOU COME TO SAVE ME NOW AFTER BETRAYING ME SO MUCH??” Shin-chan ends up going into heavy hetare mode and apologising with her until Kyoko agrees to leave with her prince charming. At the same time Satsuki appears on the screen on a broadcast to leak all the dark secrets of Kuroe all over the internet, and Shinnosuke’s former military buddies come and help out with the raid. After leaving the party hall they go to a beach where he glomps Kyoko and says that he loves her while apologising saying that he’s a failure as a butler. Kyoko then says that she loves him too and that she promises that she won’t let go of him again. In the Epilogue, Shinnosuke’s fired as a butler but Kyoko suggest re-hiring him to do all the odd jobs around the house. He ends up going back to newbie rank where he has to report to Satsuki directly and call her “maid chief” LOL. After Satsuki leaves to buy her otome goods Shinnosuke grumbles that he doesn’t have much time to spend with Kyoko since he has to so much but work but he ends up sneaking a kissing behind the curtains anyway. ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ Tbh Shin-chan was my first impression favourite but then after having to play 3 rounds of the game order to get into his route….I got pretty pissed by him. At the same time his ideal of “kill it with fire” was pretty annoying & funny anyway. I actually enjoyed the part where he was screaming and clinging on to Kyoko in the haunted house xDDD.

Doumyouji Gai (CV: Matsuoka Yoshigitsu)

Gai 1Gai’s the temporary fiancee of Kyoko but he’s actually 10? Turns out Kyoko’s dad and his dad were good business partners and Kyoko’s dad decided he would allow his daughter to marry the guys son. Hello but what. He’s fucking 10. And you go on dates with him. Woooowww. Idk but apparently you can date a 10 year old kid in this game? Eitherway one day while Kyoko’s on a date with him he sees Shin helping a lady get her purse back from some robber, and he decides that Shinnosuke is his hero. He then decides to be his disciple and starts training under Shinnosuke after that, Since he’s training is going well Shin decides to stage a scenario with him to apprehend some REAL burglars and it forced Gai……to use weapons. At the same time it freaked the hell outta him and when finds out that it was all a staged plan, he shouted at Shinnosuke saying that he hates them for making a fool outta out him and disappears for 8 years. 9 years later, Kyoko’s now the CEO of her dad’s company and receives a letter from Gai that he once to see her. However soon when she gets home Satsuki screams at her asking her to put on her wedding dress if not her entire shoujo manga collection would be destroyed. xD Kyoko goes outside to only see that Shin-chan’s been defeated… a Do-S 18 year old Gai. He then says that he wanted to steal Kyoko from Shinnosuke but it turns out that he didn’t have to cuz Shin-chan’s too hetare to do anything to his oujisama. Gai’s like “lol you have no choice to become mine anyway and when i deliberately choose the no option, the answer is still yes so too bad for me then! Ehh as you know I’m not a fan of the seiyuu in the first place with him voicing so many meek shotas and stuff so I wasn’t too pleased with this route. At the same time his Christmas end isn’t canon so *sighs*. Eitherway this wasn’t sweet and older Gai’s character just irked me so I rlly didn’t like his Do-S tendencies.

~Final Thoughts~

GHP_0156Well that was one very fun game! I thoroughly enjoyed it with all the funny parodies in the game as well as the jokes. The characters were really whacky and so much funny shit happened that I was non-stop laughing throughout it that my sis was staring at me in disgust. XD Welll I don’t really have any bad complains about this game mainly because it was really funny. At the same time Satsuki was rad. Especially in shin-chan’s route cuz she was legit screaming at the guard to change cell away from Shin-chan’s cell. At the same time her reactions are godly funny and her thinking was legit what I was thinking. At the same time her hints about the heroine playing otome games during her training was really funny. The art’s really cute and nicely shaded as well, which I like. At the same time….the OP song tho. It’s too catchy that I can’t get it off my head xDDDDD. My favourite guy in this game would be Yukito…what a cute bby (*´▽`*)Looking forward to playing this fandisk in the future!

2 thoughts on “Glass Heart Princess

  1. kirinano

    I think GHP was one of my favorite games too. The characters were really adorable and the art was lovely also. I still haven’t been able to play the fandisk b/c idk. For some reason, I haven’t still played it! It’s just sitting here ahah.


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