Happy New Year! And of course, an update on the future of this blog.

No don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a bad news thing. It’s not that my blog’s closing down or anything, just that I’ll have to explain what’s going on recently. If you’ve realised, i’ve been throwing one review after another, that I’m pretty sure my readers are wondering what happened to me? Did a robot take over this blog. Lol no im kidding it was me typing this all this while xD. I haven’t covered much things lately, and I would like to cover everything in one shot, and of course, announcements.

Leaving October, let’s jump to the months where I was active.


November was a blank slate in terms of events for me. Due to a giant turn of events, I was pretty much juggling many things at once during this period, so there was nothing much which happened during this month.

AFA Happened

From what I mentioned in last year, in Singapore, AFA’s the biggest anime con which happens every year in the country at the end of the year, and this year was pretty much filled with delights. It wasn’t that satisfying to me, but at least I enjoyed it. Didn’t take much pics this year due to the fact that there were too much of the same character, so I only took cosplays which I liked. I’ll cover significant events in different sections of this. I went to the 1st and 2nd Day, and this is pretty much the overall of things which happened.

Idolmaster Booth

The exhibitions was mainly covered the idol anime THE iDOLM@STER, which is pretty much a hit which I didn’t care about. However the stuff they were displaying there were was pretty interesting so I took a few pics.

Love Live Booth

Love Live is one of my favourite animes right now, but this year’s love live booth was more of a merch booth compared to a actual booth with other things lol. The only thing which caught my eye was the autograph which was signed by Suzuko Mimori and Sora Tokui, and I took pics of my favourite girls, Rin & Hanayo, plus Honoka cuz she’s really a poor underloved & underrated character.

Figure + Cutout Displays

The figure displays had samples from the aniplex booth, Good Smile Company as per usual, Megahouse with the Kuroko figures and amazingly, the Psycho-Pass 1/1 scale figures which were amazing. Noragami was being promoted by Avex with some cutouts, and Psycho-Pass was being promoted by Aniplus with a ton of cutouts of their characters. There was even the Sybil system tryout which was really cool, but I didn’t manage to do it cuz the queue was quite long. Even the BL game, Dramatical Murder, had it’s own share of the fun with the special voices which were made exclusively for AGF were there. I didn’t hear the contents but my according to my sis, it was pretty cute. Banpresto was displaying some of their mini figures there, and for some weird reason they just had to display that darn Utapri kuji which I OBVIOUSLY could never get my hands on.

Hakuouki Booth

For some reason they were promoting the Phone release of the darn game. I’m not really interested in it anymore but lol, I’ll just report about it. They even had some towels tho, which was really cool.

Playstation Booth

I wasn’t allowed to take any pics of this booth, but there was a playstation booth where they were featuring new release of games, like Final Fantasy Type-0. I’m actually even surprised that they had a game booth.


This year’s cosplay was pretty much similar things, and mostly things which I wasn’t interested in taking pics of. 50% of the cosplay there was terrifyingly Love Live. Yes, I like love live, but the amount of the same characters in different outfits was just overwhelming to the point which I didn’t bother taking any pics of those anyway. This was the measely 5 pictures of cosplayers which actually caught my eye this year sadly.

Main Highlight 1: AFA Day 2 Stage events

I sat in for most of the stage event which happened on Day 2, starting from the Starchild event. No Phototaking was allowed in this entire session, so it’ll just be text only.

Starchild Stage Event

The event covered 3 animes, Soukyuu no Fafnr, Sidonia no Kishi & K Project. Apparently, Soukyuu no Fafnr is getting a new season since it’s release from abt 10 years ago. (Gee, no wonder I’ve never heard of this anime. In the first place, who the hell in the audience did?) A promo video was shown for it and the seiyuus for the characters made an appearance for the anime. Sidnonia no Kishi got a promo for it’s 2nd season after the first, and one of the seiyuus made an appearance too. K project was the highlight of that session for me that day as Tsuda Kenjirou & Horie Yui appeared for that session. A preview video for the Second season of K Project was shown, but you can’t expect much it was just the visuals. At the same time, the 2 seiyuus were complaining about how their characters didn’t appear in the PV and why the hell they’re even at the event lol. Tsudaken even commented as to whether he would even APPEAR in the season lol. (If you watched K Project, you should get what I mean lol.) Oh yeah here’s some pics of TsudaKen’s and Horie Yui’s autograph. Also I caught TsudaKen’s autograph which was signed on the Mikoto bedsheet OTL.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Event

Okay i’m not a fan of this series, neither I was paying much attention during this event, but I caught some important points throughout the entire session. The first half of the session had the seiyuu of Sabre, Kawasumi Ayako, answering some questions from the public and was even requested to say some lines from the show. The second half was dedicated to showing some previews of what’s going to happen the most recent anime, and they previewed the storyboard of the last episode of the anime which just finished, as well as the storyboard for the first episode of the 2nd season.

Love Live Event

For the love live event, we were greeted by the seiyuus of Umi & Nico, Suzuko Mimori & Tokui Sora. The event was quite disappointing in a way, I thought they would be talking about the singing of the songs and comments to the anime but they were pretty much promoting the darn anime which was pretty darn stupid, cuz 80% of the people there were obviously there to see them BECAUSE they knew love live. They ended up playing the phone game, which was exciting but lol ok, at least I saw the seiyuu in real life.

Main Hightlight 2: Lantis Festival Singapore Artiste Lineup

This was the biggest thing which I had to talk about for the event, and pretty much the most exciting thing throughout the entire event. First, Here’s a pic of the lineup.



*cough cough* excuse my excitement. I’m way to excited for this. The lineup is basically this: Chihara Minori, JAM Project, Suzumura Kenichi, OLDCODEX, Ono Kensho, ChouCho, Tadokoro Azusa.

Ignoring the Jam Project & the last 2 which I’m pretty much not interested in at all, let’s talk about the main highlights of this concert for me. Oh yeah, the lineup was so crazy I screamed so hard that I needed to breath outside the hall. At the same time, I got the tickets right on the spot. Yeah, crazy fangirl me.

Overall I guess AFA was a fun time for me but it could have been better. I didn’t go for any of the session to go and see Matsuoka Yoshigitsu for the SAO event, since I’m not really interested in him anyway, but I guess that makes another 2 otoge seiyuus coming to my country in 2014.

Okay, time for some important updates.

 What’s going to happen to this blog in 2015?

Yeah I wrote this portion in on the 2nd of January in 2015, but whatever. Sadly, due to the fact that I’ll be having a big exam the end of this year, I will not be able to update often. I may still play some otoges, but updates will be really slow. I won’t be even trying to rush out reviews quickly anymore! The main point is that I’ll be focusing 80% of my time on studies, so otoges will come as last priority for now. Of course, you never know when I will appear with a review if somehow, I am free.

Tentatively, the speed for my PSP games will go down. Vita will remain the same, and who knows for PC. PC games are pretty much now an on/off thing for me, sometimes I’m in the mood, sometimes I’m just not interested in sitting in front of my PC all day listening to people talk and reading text. It does get tiring.

At the same time, I’m also facing a problem where now I can finish a game, but have no time to sit down and type the reviews. Yes, I know this sounds annoying, but that’s why I invented the status method. It keeps track of what I’ve completed and what I’ve not, and it gets me to work on the reviews faster. I guess that’s it for now, see you again if I do have another review!

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