Arcana Famiglia ~Festa Regalo!~

Arcana Famiglia Festa Regalo is pretty much a Utapri Music 1 & 2, where you play a simple cooking game to unlock scenarios and such. The story begins one day when Feli wants to cook, and when her daughtercon dad Mondo finds out about it he rages and says that he wants to eat her cooking. He then announces that he’s getting his mafia gang to battle it out in a cooking battle and they all have to participate. The prize for winning is getting his authority for 1 day. Feli then has to partner up with one of her mans to gather ingredients and cook up something to please the judges.

I managed to get through this game using Hinano’s guide from her own review, and I have a few mini-tips myself regarding this game.

  • The earlier you play a guy, the longer you have to play with them so I’d suggest you play your most to least favourite guy in order to reduce your pain.
  • When gathering ingredients, I’d suggest that you play the highest difficulty to get the rarest ingredients. Before you know it you’re gonna be full of rare ingredients to use.
  • Fukurouta, the owl, can eat your ingredients so that you can get new recipes. This bastard is super picky about what he eats, and at first he accepts 1 star/2 star ingredients but once you’ve fed him enough of those, HE STARTS REJECTING THEM. Once you hit the later stages just feed him your leftover 3 star ingredients, and he’ll most probably give you a recipe. MOST PROBABLY.
  • A tiny tip, is that by opening the menu of the recipes you have with you, by pressing circle the system will auto set the ingredients in your inventory with you. It will set the highest star ingredients, so if you don’t want those, just edit them. But it’s faster than digging out all the ingredients from the storage itself.
  • If you’re a lazy bum and want turn on autosave, it’s totally okay cuz the system only autosaves after you gather ingredients and leave you room. So even if you’re worried it’ll save after finishing a duello, it will not and you can just go back to your room, exit back to start screen, and load your data again.
  • Oh and, for the last duello, you will /probably/ win as long you do the recipe for the man you’re with. I’ve never lost once for the last duello so I don’t think it will.
  • Also, if you’re wondering how to please Debito (due to the fact he keeps raging at everything you give him), try giving him sth with wine in it. It works.

Tbh there are 5 clear bonuses, and 3 of them are love x laugh scenarios which I was too lazy to get through, and thus i’m just gonna cover the CGs omakes. And there’s some regarding the family too. At the same time I’ll be writing down briefly what happens in their Festa Regalo stories.


 snap046Dante decides that they’re gonna make some fish dish with the illusionary fish in it with some spices. However while they try to find it they end up finding a bunch of octopuses around the place cuz Jolly’s mass breeding them for his experiments lol. They end up fishing until they manage to get it with the support of Liberta, and they win the duello. After they win Dante say that he’s gonna use the Papa rights to advertise the cooking competition in one of the Regalo magazines the rest rage about what they want to do instead lol. Dante’s first CG omake is about him drinking on his ship and Feli spots him. In the second one has Feli hanging out at his office on the ship and whispering in his ear that she likes him. O_o Dantes omakes cause me to get all disgusted cuz Feli r u sure you wanna hook up with dante? In the first place he’s so darn old gosh.


snap038Nova wants to create something that will please Mondo & Sumire and they decide to make a monte blanc. They look for the illusionary chestnut which turns out to be some preserved and marinated chestnuts Luca made and win the competition. After they win, they do some feeding each other of monte blanc while the rest of the dudes eavesdrop when Jolly & Dante come ine, causing them to fall into the room LOL. Nova rages and uses his Papa powers to tell them that they’re going to patrol the island for the entire day lol. In CG omake 1 Feli and Nova spend their time at a shop where they feed each other desserts while Nova becomes a tsuntsun who refuses but ends up doing so anyway. (*´・v・) The second one is about them patrolling around the island and it’s super crowded and Nova ends up falling into Feli’s boobs xD Lol Nova needs to grow taller but is he tsundere?? I can’t get enough of that moe from Nova.


snap040Debito doesn’t give 2 fucks about the cooking competition since he ain’t interested in the prize nor wants to cook but he joins for Feli. They decide to make some dessert in which where they’re looking for the illusionary egg which turns out to be produced from one of Jolly’s weirdo chickens LOL. They win the competition, and Debito uses the rights to spend time with Feli and makes her in charge of his section for a day. In CG omake 1 we have him drinking and partying with him gang, and in the second one Feli enters his room where he’s sleeping and he starts licking her all over. ワ━ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ━ィ!!!! Sexy beast Debito as per usual which lets my ears melt.


snap044Luca can’t seem to think of anything special and they end up choosing to make the Regalo Hotpot. They’re looking for the illusionary miso where it’s used to make lagsania that Pace loves to eat. However they end up getting it form Pace himself since he’s got enough stocked up to give to Luca to make lagsania for him IMAO. They win the competition with their entry, and Luca just asks her to go on a picnic with him. In CG omake 1, Feli can’t sleep one night and finds Luca in the kitchen making shit tons of limone pies in order to make it perfect. Feli then offers to help him until she can sleep. In the second one we have Luca brushing her hair saying that she should change it once in a while. Wait what the hell is it because Luca won’t make any moves on Feli why the hell do we only get hair brushing?? Hello???? Gimme a kiss CG!!!!!


snap036Liberta’s looking for the illusionary peppers to make some spicy pasta. They find out that Dante has been hogging all the peppers to himself and they keep it from him that they know about it as they thought that it was a secret. However it turns out that Dante was willing to give it to them in the end OTL. They win the competition and Liberta just says that he wants to spend a day together with Feli. In CG omake one they’re eating pizza together at a restaurant. In the 2nd one Liberta’s talking to her in her room about his adventures when she falls asleep on his shoulder and he starts blushing non-stop whether he wants to do something to him. (。´∀`)ノ Waitwait I guess this was cute enough but I want something moar romantic. MOAR.


snap048Same with Debito, Jolly doesn’t give any fucks about the competition until Elmo says that he wants to see the illusionary octopus and he decides to make some octopus for the competition. However the guy gets seasick and lazy so he tries to get other people to find it for him, and they somehow get it from a store. They end up winning the competition with their their piece. After they win the competition, Jolly doesn’t care about the rights so Feli uses the rights to throw a party for her parents with their cooking. However the end joke is pretty much that he dumps a potion which makes everyone make animal noises at the end of their sentences LOL. In the first CG omake Feli brings some biscotti to Jolly’s room for his breakfast. In the second one Feli pops by Jolly’s room in the middle of the night where he grabs her hands and tries to make a move on her but she runs away crying. You know what if they transferred the sexy from this into another route maybe I would have been happier cuz Jolly was rlly scary in this one honestly.


snap050Ash decides to bring make some apple pie so they’re looking for the illusionary apple. They end up finding it from Debito by playing a game with him. They win the competition and Ash says that he ain’t interested in the Papa rights and Mondo starts daddy-conning and yelling about how he wants to spend time with his daughter but she just rages and runs away wtih Ash haha. In CG omake 1 Feli sees Ash beefing down tons of  meat saying that its good but not as good as apple. In the second one Ash comes down with a fever, and when Feli goes to visit him on his ship she finds him and presses her forehead on his and where he starts blushing and blabbing stuff about how he’s gonna payback her next time. ワーイ♪ゝ(´A`★ゝ)(ノ☆´A`)ノワーイ♪


snap042Pace obviously want to make lagsania for the competition, and they end up looking for the Porcini to please his brother. They end up picking it up in the forest after some help from Jolly and some other dudes. They end up winning the competition, and Pace says that he wants to use the rights to go and eat lagsania together with Feli the entire day. In the first CG omake Feli finds Pace in a restaurant passed out from eating too much. In the second one has him telling Feli about how he actually can’t see much without his glasses, and he sticks his glasses on her eyes making her go all dizzy, cuz all people without glasses do when that happens. I don’t so yeah that feel. Lol what is this crap tho. They icha-ed so hard in the previous and all I get is this? Lol I guess it was cute so lol k I guess.


snap058Well you get the family omakes after you finish the routes of all the guys so Firstly, we have Feli dressing up as a made to satisfy Luca’s fetishes but the maids tell her that they’re going to protect her if Luca does something. In the 2nd one, we have Feli going out for a patrol with the guys in her section. In the 3rd one has Nova’s gang laughing at Nova for getting a fan letter from Liberta which turns out to be Liberta’s punishment for messing up at his division. In the 4th one we have Debitos and his mans doing their usual work of serving their customers at the casino. In the 5th one we have Pace and his gang eating non-stop at one of the restaurants. In the 6th we have Liberta getting drunk over grape juice and getting all hyper and trying to be with a dork. In the 7th one we have a flashback where the young Mondo carrying baby Luca and getting all “Awwww” over his new “grandson” and Jolly’s like “let’s go luca”. The last 2 ones are the school omakes where we have Feli who’s the new transfer student and there’s Ash, Nova & Liberta all falling for her. The rest of the dudes are all in the teacher category where they’re all just goofing around and slacking off and Dante tells them to work.

~Overall Thoughts~

snap060Well I guess this was a fun and short game? I guess there isn’t much romance in this stuff but the jokes tho. It’s mostly made outta puns which pretty much makes me roll my eyes over it cuz it’s was just so….lame. The cooking game wise was 50/50 in terms on how annoying it is lol. Once in a while I lost the duellos, which was totally okay but when it came to Dante’s route for some reason I kept losing them? Maybe I was rushing or something but for some reason I just couldn’t win with the dish I picked which was pretty frustrating. The mini game for collecting ingredients just got boring when it hit the maximum speed but lol, at least I could get some rare ingredients to feed the picky owl. I guess it was fun seeing the scenarios but seeing how I played from fav guy > least fav guy caused me to rush but at least the pain’s lesser imao. Omake scenario wise I guess some were just cute but some were disappointing? Examples are like Nova, Jolly, Pace Luca. For some reason they made  Jolly just rlly scary? Eitherway I guess this was a fun game but omakes were srsly darn disappointing. If not, this was quite fun honestly. Guess I’ll be looking forward to Arcana Famiglia 2~! (although from what I heard, isn’t very nice.)

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