Uta no Prince-sama All Star

Almost about a year after debut, and 1 1/2 half year after the actual release of the game, here am I back with Utapri All Star! All Star covers the shitty senpais which shitted up debut by adding drama and they get routes cuz they’re ikemens. In this game, Haruka has made it through, Repeat. AA & SS and Debut WITHOUT A STARISH MAN! She has made it into the agency without the help of a Starish guy but she hasn’t debuted, and she’ll get booted if she doesn’t debut in 6 months. There comes Saotome, who offers her to compose the song for the new senpai unit Quartet Night for the Christmas party, and win in the Music Festival Competition by partnering up with them, and she has to win or else her contract will expire and she’ll be booted from the agency.

Mikaze Ai (CV: Shouta Aoi)

ci6203As we know from the previous game, Ai’s a fucking robot who Professor sent to learn feelings from Syo & Natsuki lol. Either way, how Haruka falls in love with a damn robot is extremely hilarious. Being the most jerk senpai in my senpai list I decided to get him done and over with, but I have a better impression of him from his route. And I’m forever still wondering why he’s the most popular senpai in the first place. Eitherway at the beginning of the route he’s pretty much his usual cold self and says that the probability of success with Haruka is pretty low so he won’t partner with her and ignores her until he hears Haruka’s sample of the unit song. Ai ends up accepting her and tells her that she’s got a lot of shit to do for him so that she’ll be accept by him. ( ´_ゝ`) So they end up partnering up, and Haruka spends time hanging out with him doing some music composition things with him, and Reiji starts asking Ai if he had any siblings. (which he doesnt, but reiji seems to want to know) Ai also doesn’t understand love and tells Haruka but lol how is she to help. However Haruka, being the kind person she is buys jelly for him to eat to get him to know more, and that starts his liking towards the sea cuz the hjlly she bought him was the aquamarine jelly. So Ai has work as the main character of this movie and he does extremely well acting until he has to kiss the main character where he turns into a bumbling mess lol. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ He then tells Haruka to practice with him which results in a Reiji going like “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING GAIZ??” lol. He succeeds in acting out the part, and when Haruka passes out from to much composing Ai somehow opens her lock, gets into her room and takes care of her lol. He makes udon for her when Haruka bumbles about trying to help and ends up falling on top of him and they almost kiss. ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ Eitherway drama happens at filming between Ai & some jelly idol who didn’t get the main character role and Haruka gets caught up between it. Ai cheers her up though by asking her if she wants to ride on the ferris wheel.

ci6207They end up riding it together, when the ferris wheel suddenly stops and it snows. Ai ends up giving Haruka a hug to keep her warm when he start shortcircuiting and breaking down imao. He collapses in her arms while overheating and he ends up explaining to her he’s actually a robot and she would prolly find out sooner or later anyway, and due to his heavy dokii-ing he’s pretty much overheating and going crazy. Haruka ends up conking out, only to wake up in a lab. Yep we then find out that Ai’s a robot from the same Professor which was featured in Debut, who explains that Ai’s a singing vocaloid ordered by Saotome to be made, which was modelled after his nephew. Ai was sent out to the agency to learn emotions but due to his latest interactions with Haruka he can’t handle all the emotions and he’ll overheat lol. Turns out Natsuki & Syo are aware about Ai being a robot too. Ai then says that thye should stop being partners cuz his overheating’s gonna cause he a lot of problems but Haruka’s like “NO ITS OKAY. IT’S TOTALLY OKAY” at this and they continue being partners. The next day though he ends up making all the other senpais shit bricks due to him writing the lyrics “according to his data” lol. They end up writing the lyrics together though, and the christmas concert goes well. Haruka then starts working on the song for Ai to sing at the Music Festival. They end up going to the aquarium cuz Ai was interested in it due to the fact that it seemed like the sea. Haruka finishes the sample for the song, and shows it to Ai by the beach when suddenly, AI SHITS BRICKS AND GOES LIKE “DONT TOUCH MY HEART!!” and calls himself “Kisaragi Aine”. Haruka’s like “what the fuck’s going on” but she just screams stuff like “SAVE ME SENPAI” and Ai comes back with no idea what he just did. The next few days Haruka talks to Natsuki & Syo abut this and we find out about the missing idol whose name was Kisaragi Aine and Reiji somehow knew the guy since he apparently knew his name.  Ai disappears for a period of time, but soon comes back to apologise to Haruka cuz he can’t sing her song anymore since when he just tries to sing it, he gets an error and ends up shutting down. Syo also calls her the same night and turns out he found out from Kaoru that Aine was seen brought out with the Professor around the time he disappeared and there’s been suspicious that he’s actually alive.

ci6208The 3 then end up confronting the Professor, who ends up bringing them to his basement or something, where they see a capsule with Aine in it, with his eyes open and everything. And guess what? Aine’s the professor’s nephew who passed out due to to much stress from his idol work that his brain just shut down and he’s been a vegetable since them. He then thought of an idea that if he connected Ai’s brain to his and let Ai learn emotions, he could try and wake Aine up like that. However at the same time Aine’s the one who’s not allowing Ai to sing, which causes Ai’s shutdowns. The professor then tells them not to get close to Ai for now or his system will seriously crash. The next day Ai appears in front of Haruka in the recording room though, and he wants Haruka to tell him the reason he can’t sing. He then asks if it’s wrong for him to have feelings, and Haruka tells him everything she learnt from the professor. He then goes to cut the connection between him and Aine and shuts down, and when Haruka arrives at the lab she sees him lying on the couch. Haruka then plays the song for him to hear, which causes him to wake up! Ai then says that he went to cut his connection with Aine so that he’ll be able to sing her song and he wants to have his own feelings for her. \(*T▽T*)/ He then says that he promised Aine he’ll sing Haruka’s song properly, and the filming for the movie finished nicely without Ai shitting bricks again. AFter they finish, Ai asks Haruka if she wants to go on the ferris wheel again, and she agrees. They get on the ferris wheel this time and they end up making out there, and they kiss. ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ Btw whether they kissed was an option so OBVIOUSLY I WILL PICK THE YES BUTTON ARE YOU TREATING US LIKE IDIOTS BROCCOLI. They then go on dates for the rest of the time after that. Love End: Haruka composes to the song for the Music Festival, and right before Ai sings it he admits that his system is reaching limit, and probably after singing her song he’ll completely shut down. Haruka starts crying but Ai tells her not too, cuz their memories of them together will still live in her, and he’ll do his best for her even though he won’t be able to see her debut.  。:゜(;´∩`;)゜:。Haruka’s song wins the festival, and Ai disappears as is listed as “going to overseas to study”. One day Haruka receives a call from Saotome to go watch the movie Ai starred in and keep her eyes peeled till the end. At the end of the movie some unknown footage no on knew about had Ai popped up on the screen going like “i’m here, where are you now?” at the beach and Haruka rushes out to the same beach where it was filmed and finds him there. Where he’s like “I’m back”. Nice ending but I guess they could have explained how he appeared again? This route gave me a much better impression of Ai and the way his feelings develop compared to debut was much better. And Ai’s cute in way.

Camus (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

ci6301Camus sticks to his Debut persona a lot, and doesn’t have much changes in terms of personality throughout the entire thing until the ending honestly. When Haruka decides for him as her partner the first thing he tells her he doesn’t give a fuck about the Christmas Concert or the Music Festival. Cecil even begs Haruka not to pair with the guy but she still doesn’t care and wants Camus as her partner. However shit hits the fan when Haruka overhears him talking to someone from Silk Palace over the phone and he finds out…..and takes her to his house in the forest lol. щ(゚д゚щ) He then says that if she agrees to be his homemaker (to clean his house and take care of his dog Alexander lol), he’ll spare her life LOL. More funny shit hits the fan when Haruka’s at Camus’ place when Ringo, Cecil & Ranmaru coming banging on his door and he refuses to open the door until Cecil starts attempting to bust the door open to SAVE HIS MUSE! Camus ends up opening the door to stop any chaos from happening and lets them in. Cecil starts going like “AHH MUSE I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE SAFE”. The questioning starts when they see Haruka wearing an apron and Camus starts going like “We’re together…cuz we’re lovers yeah!!” and Haruka plays along with him and raburabus in front of them IMAO. this results in a series of Tea spitting from Cecil & Ranmaru going like “WHAT THE FUCK” lol. After some Camus & Ranmaru bickering he ends up showing the 2 around the house, and Ringo asks Haruka if she really likes Camus. Haruka then says that she doesn’t love the guy but she wants to stay with him for a while longer. They do have more interactions, where Camus teaches Haruka how to ice skate properly and where she learns about how he loves his Silk Palace queen so much. Soon they have another meeting about the unit song where Ran & Camus start bickering about how Camus isn’t going together well with the group harmony and he isn’t passionate with his singing, and Camus proves to them how passionate he is. The Christmas concert soon goes well and while being raburabu with Camus she promised him that she’ll make him Chocolate Fondue and she does. Camus then finds out about the wonders of Chocolate Fondue as a dessert where he goes all tsuntsun about it. \(●~▽~●)Уイェーイ!

ci6304He then asks her if she still wants to stay at his place and says that she can leave, but Haruka still asks him if she can stay ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ cuz apparently Haruka thinks that he’ll be lonely. Camus then goes tsuntsun and tells her to work on the song for him for the Music Festival, and he passes her his house keys so she can go back without him. ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚He also gives her a lucky aurora stone which he claims to be accepting her, and calls her by her name instead of “kisama” or “woman”. After New Years where Haruka takes him to go the shrine, shit hits the fan when they find out that Cecil’s supposed to marry the Queen of Silk Palace!!! Camus shits bricks when he finds out, and Cecil does so as well. Nothing much is done about it for when suddenly, THE QUEEN OF SILK PALACE TAKES OVER HARUKA’S BODY!! Like Debut she ain’t able to control her movements and Camus realises something’s wrong, and flipping shit when he finds out that it’s his queen. Turns out the queen doesn’t want to marry Cecil cuz SHE HAS A CRUSH ON SHINING SAOTOME! AND SHE’S PLANNING ON USING HARUKA’S BODY TO INTERACT WITH THE GUY! Camus convinces her to go back first cuz he’ll find a way to stop the wedding, and he soon explains everything to Haruka, and calls Cecil over too. However Haruka doesn’t really care cuz she’s so jelly of the face he gave the queen instead of him. ( ゚▽゚)/ Turns out his magical powers are actually borrowed from the queen, and he was sent to Japan in order to find the perfect body to let the queen take over since it’s rare. However he was forced to join the agency anyway thanks to Shining and he was pretty much killing 2 birds with 1 stone cuz he could interact with Shining and search for a body at the same time. However his work piled up and he had lesser and lesser time to interact with the old guy. When Cecil arrives they end up discussing on what to do the stop with the wedding, and it turns out the reason why it’s going to happen cuz if the queen marries Cecil, Silk Palace will have magic supplied from Agnapolis and everything will be fine in Silk Palace. Cecil obviously doesn’t want to be the king of Silk Palace and Camus’ is pretty like “lol no i don’t want you there pls” and they end up teaming up to stop the wedding.

ci6308The both of them end up doing some tour program where they go to the hot springs, and when more discussion ensues it turns out that the was all set up by his uncle who wants to kick him out anyway, and to manipulate him as well. ( ´_ゝ`) Cecil then accidentally leaves his jacket there, and Haruka takes it to him when she gets attacked by a Silk Palace guy who’s against the wedding and mistook her for Cecil lol wtf. ( ´_ゝ`) Before she gets frozen though, she screams for Camus and he comes flying out, and beating up the guys. Cecil then comes running by screaming that there’s a Coup de tat at Silk Palace before Haruka passes out. She soon wakes up at Camus’ place where she realises that Camus changed her into her pajamas. (((\(@v@)/))) Cecil then appears at his house to tell them that the queen has been hit by a curse which has caused her to freeze anybody who’s against the marriage. Also Camus’s been treated as a traitor due to the fact that someone disguised as him and went against the queen. He then says that he’s going on a trip to Silk Palace to solve the problem. Haruka gets better, when she thinks about the Music Festival she starts crying cuz she might not be able to see Camus again. Camus freaks out and to stop her from crying, he then asks her for a request. Haruka then wants to find out his last name but turns out he doesn’t have last name and his name is only Camus! They then come out with a name like CHRIZARD or something (crystal + blizzard IDK) and he promises to come back to her. Camus soon disappears for days and when Haruka manages to activate the communication device at his place, she finds out he actually doesn’t have any feelings for the queen and she’s relieved, and finally plays the completed song for him. Soong it’s the day of the Music Festival and Camus is still nowhere to be found and Alexander is nowhere to be found when suddenly, HE COMES RIDING IN ON A WHITE HORSE!! He then grabs her on and gets to backstage, and tells her to go watch him from the front since he’s going to break the curse on the queen through her song. Love End: By singing her song, the queen is free from the curse and all her magic powers come back. Camus takes her to the park, kneels down in front of her and pledges his loyalty to her. Fun fact: Alexander is his horse LOLOL. After Camus comes back from his trip to Silk Palace, he says that his mission is to stay in Japan and sing Haruka’s songs LOL. He then gets a vacation with Haruka to the hot springs, where he admits that he fell in love with Haruka since the hot spring incident, and he magically makes an aurora and kisses her there. わぁいヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)(ノ*゚ー゚)ノわぁい Another interesting impression changer, and I definitely like Camus better, but I still thing I don’t really like his prideful ego tho.

Kotobuki Reiji (CV: Morikubo Showtaro)

ci6001So you thought that Reiji was the genki and most fun senpai in the game? You were so wrong. Reiji’s just great actor in hiding all his problems, and his revolves around the Ai-Aine thing so it’s better if you played Ai’s route first before. (unless you read all the spoilers and want to play ai last lol) Eitherway everything starts out fine when during a discussion with him she meets 2 of his old friends who are also in the industry, who tell her not to partner up with him cuz she has no idea what kind of guy he truly it. Reiji himself also tells him to not to partner up with cuz he’s a cheater and everything, which makes Haruka upset. They end up still hanging out together anyway, where he takes her on drives and everything. One day they end up having a karaoke session where he tells her about the disappearance of Aine and says that he’s the same as Aine. Haruka’s like “it’s ok i’ll take it all in” when Reiji pushes her down on the couch and almost kisses and tells her it ain’t that easy. (・◇・) Reiji ends up getting pulled into a program where he has to battle it out at singing with Ai and his 2 old friends force Ai to sing Aine’s previous song. It turns out that those guys were best friends with Aine and when they found out about Ai’s existence they’re all “OMG HE’S LIKE AINE” and starts going like “you’re really like aine” and shit and touches Ai’s hands. Ai tells them to fuck off tho, since he ain’t the Aine they know. Reiji’s old bffs try to get him depressed since Ai’s gonna win with Aine’s new song and when Ai agrees that he prefers Reiji’s song & votes for him instead. The 2 old bffs fuck off anyway but they end up saying how Ai reminds them of Aine and wishes for his happiness. ( ´_ゝ`) On the way back Haruka ends up sleeping in his car and he kisses her, and even take her back to her room since she wakes up in her room the next morning.

ci6005After the Christmas concert Reiji then takes Haruka to the beach where Aine disappeared and they have non-alcoholic champagne. He also gives her a necklace with a key pendant and tells her to unlock his heart someday. After the New Year’s say party Reiji suddenly falls ill and Haruka arrives at his place. She makes him porridge and medicine, and he soon gets better. Reiji offers to take her back to her dorm when BAM when they arrive downstairs a shit ton of paparazzi is there taking pics of her, and Reiji glomps Haruka so that her face won’t be seen. However more shit hits the fan when the pics are published on the tabloids with giant rumours  of how shitty Reiji is saying that he’s a womanizer and murderer who caused Aine to disappear. Reiji’s still pretty guilty anyway, and just says that he pretty much believes he’s everything cept for womanizer and is pretty much in a slump. He then say he’s got no choice but to lay low now, and admits he’s totally guilty for everything which happened. Reiji then says that he was the last person Aine tried to talk to but he wasn’t there for the guy till to end, so he thinks that all this is just punishment from god. Suddenly one of his friends run in to apologise to them for causing them so much trouble cuz he was working with some bastards from the paparazzi while looking around for info on Aine, and he caused one of the bastards to find out abt Haruka visiting Reiji’s place and causing trouble for them. (lol you now then apologise imao you ass.) However the next day, Reiji disappears from the agency apologising to her and telling her to find someone else as her partner for the music festival cuz he can’t do it, and he doesn’t want to cause anymore trouble for her anymore. (/ _ ; ) Saotome tells Haruka to find another partner too but she’s like “NO ONLY REIJI CAN SING MY SONG I WANT HIM”. Saotome then tells her that he’ll challenge that possibility and tell Haruka if she has to bring Reiji back and they have to win the Music Festival or they’ll both get the boot.

ci6008So Haruka agrees on this and goes on a giant search to find Reiji, and crashes into one of his friends who gives her his home address and that he & the other guy regret doing all that shit since they’re only chasing Aine’s shadow. Haruka then gets to Reiji’s house which is a bento store, and meets his sister and then Reiji himself. Reiji’s like “WUT R U DOING HERE KOUHAI-CHAN??!” and his sis tries to get them together to get them to shut up and go upstairs lol. Haruka tries to convince him to come back seeing that he actually wrote the lyrics for the song even though he said that he’s quitting. However Reiji’s like “no i really dont want you to not debut cuz of me” and blahblahblah until Haruka tell him to shut up and listen to her song, and stop getting upset over Aine since his friends have forgiven him. After listening to her song Reiji revives his passion for singing, and hugs Haruka. They end up sneaking outta the house to get back to the agency so that he won’t get smacked by his mom xD. They get back to the agency where Saotome’s about to rage at them when Reiji smacks his family’s bentos at him lol. They then continue to go on dates and completes their song for the Music Festival. Love end: Before going out to perform Reiji kisses her and tells her that they’ll continue later. He ends up winning the festival, and after wards takes Haruka to the beach again. However right when they’re about to make out there until is rains…プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They end up getting all wet and Reiji ends up driving them to a hotel where they end up making out there. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) The ending ends with them going on  a drive to see the horizon or something. you know they could have put the make out scene as the ending of it instead of something stupid drive scene to “chase the rainbow” or some shit BUT NOPE thye just had to. Man I guess Reiji’s moping was a little unnatural, but you know, Broccoli always needs their princes to go through ~some pain~ before they can get love orz. But whatever we could see Reiji’s sexy side from this route and that was all I needed. ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ わーい

Kurosaki Ranmaru (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

ci6101Ranmaru was the most douche of all the senpais but I didn’t think he was THAT jerk from Debut (maybe it was because my husband’s routes were fucked up) and I have a thing for his seiyuu so I played him last. Ranmaru’s a giant douchebag who straight up tells Haruka not to partner up with him but she still does anyway. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) He legit rages over it non stop at the beginning telling her he ain’t working with a woman until he hears Haruka’s song sample and acknowledges her ability. One day Haruka goes to a cafe to eat where she meets this nice grandpa & grandma when suddenly, some loansharks/yakuza come in demanding in for money. Haruka somehow manages to talk them out to kick them outta there, but the grandpa gets injured and she send them to the hospital. There she finds out that Ranmaru used to work there as a part-time cook, and he still looks out for them even after he stopped working there. Eitherway Ranmaru & Camus ends up doing a commercial where Haruka’s composing the music there, and the guys are playing bass and cello respectively. Ranmaru’s supposed to put on a necklace for the pianist but the pianist ends up getting into a car accident and they can’t move on without one. Haruka’s like “uh i composed the music and can play the piano…” and so they end up having her to do the CM. She’s really nervous but Ranmaru gives her some encouragement and tells her that Camus will cover any of her misses. He end up putting on the necklace for her but lol, it gets stuck in her hair haha. ( ゚▽゚)/ At the same time Ranmaru notices that Camus’ cello looks like one his family owned in the past. After this happens Saotome rages at her telling her people who work backstage can’t be in the spotlight but forgives since the director said that she did well. However she ends up having to work part-time as punishment at the Grandpa & Grandma’s cafe since he likes to food there lol. (〜^∇^)〜

ci6105At the same time Haruka crashes into Camus one day and in exchange for discounts on parfaits at the cafe he gives her a file of Ranmaru’s info! Ignoring how he managed to get the info but the file contains stuff ranging from his family history to his grade school test grades プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ It turns out from that info that after the company went bankrupt, his dad died and everything was left to his mom. Ranmaru tried to earn money by making a band but however the bands would break up due to problems with women and he ended up being picked up by Saotome. Ranmaru ends up finding out this though when she accidentally left one of his past music tracks on her music player and he rages at her. She’s somehow forgiven when he finds her at the cafe and helps out with the cooking there. However late at night the loansharks visit the cafe again to see if they’re “working” and shit and wrecks havoc there, and Ranmaru’s about to pick a fight with the guy when Haruka stops him telling him that it’s bad for his idol image. Haruka then grabs her phone and threatens the loansharks to get out or she’ll report everything that happened to the cops. After that happens he ends up taking Haruka to his place since he injured his leg when the loansharks were throwing furniture around. Ranmaru’s place is pretty much a shabby and tiny apartment with literally only a couch, a shelf of cds and music equips. He also feeds cats there as well. ((┌|o^▽^o|┘))♪ However after listening to a bunch of cds Haruka ends up falling asleep on his couch and wakes up to him feeding nekos. He also informs her that he wrote the lyrics to the unit song and the senpais end up raging over and they work on the lyrics together. The Christmas concert ends up being a success, and they go to the cafe to celebrate. Ranmaru also takes her to the place where his mansion used to be where he ends up telling her a bit about himself, and how he has to take care of his mom and his younger sis after his dad died and take on the debt that the Kurosaki family’s leftover. He then says that he accepts Haruka as a partner, and she gets all hyped up for it.

ci6108One day she meets Ren and Masa’s bulters one day where they tell her that they knew Ranmaru due to the all the rich people mingling together at parties. Turns out the Hijirikawas nor the Jingujis couldn’t help during that time, and Ran’s dad died from tiredness. A few days after that Ranmaru invites her to his apartment and after listening to his song, he’s like “that’s pretty nice but it’s not for me to sing” and says he ain’t performing at the Music Festival anymore. Haruka’s like “wtf senpai didnt you say that you were singing it?” when he suddenly gets pissed telling her that it’s his problem not hers. He ends pinning her on the wall and going like “ITS NOT ANY OF YOU’RE BUSINESS YOU’RE NOT NEEDED ANYWAY” at her. He ends up apologising to her for scaring her, and it turns out that some dude named Hariya who used to work under his dad is after him over some debt and he’s worried by staying with her, she’s gonna get hurt too. Haruka leaves his apartment, only to find out the next day that he punched Hariya and there’s a scandal. Haruka immediately runs to his place telling him that she don’t believe he as a good reason to do that shit. However Ranmaru’s like “lol whatever i wasnt the type to trust anyone i’ve always been alone”. Haruka starts crying, and he ends up hugging her telling her that she can tough out the entertainment industry by herself since she has the ability to. However Haruka’s like “NO SENPAI I WILL WAIT FOR U FOREVER” and she goes ahead and finishes his song but she can’t get in contact with him.  One day Ryuya tells her to try and find Ranmaru to get some answers from him, and Haruka finds the stray cats he feeds along the way. She ends up following them to his apartment where they scratch at the door to get him to open up when Ranmaru finds Haruka trying to get in as well imao. Haruka smacks the music in his face, and tells him to listen to it before slamming the door on her. He listens to it and goes like “good luck to the person who’s singing it” and Haruka’s like “NO SENPAI YOU’RE GONNA SING IT”. Masa  & Ren even offer to be sponsors for the Music Festival and gets Saotome to let Ranmaru sing at it but they have to win or they’ll get the boot. Haruka then goes back to Ranmaru’s apartment to tell him that he can perform and that she really wants him to sing. He ends up taking her to some music studio where he plays his bass to sing his feelings for her, and says that he’s gonna protect her smile!!! (((\(@v@)/))) Love End: So Ranmaru performs her song at the Music Festival and wins, and stays at the agency. While they’re walking out together Haruka’s like “senpai do you..” and Ranmaru’s like “OF COURSE I DO” and kisses her. This causes Haruka to freak out and run away and doesn’t contact him for a week ORZ. She also finds out that Camus pulled some strings to get the Hariya guy off him. Ranmaru then invites her to his private clubhouse room or sth where he says that he loves her as a partner and as a woman!! They both admitting their feelings for each other and they end up making out on the couch. ワーイ♪ゝ(´A`★ゝ)(ノ☆´A`)ノワーイ♪ Haruka then ends up moving into his tiny apartment with the stray neko family!! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” Sexy route, and I really liked it. I’ll rant more in my final thoughts as this is getting too long.

Tsukimiya Ringo (CV: Nakamura Yuichi)

ci6400Ringo’s and Ryuya’s route start off from Sweet Serenade, where they’ve been secret lovers for one and a half years but Haruka still hasn’t debuted in the agency. So this time Saotome decides to split Quartet Night into units with the senseis in charge of the different teams, and Haruka has to compose a song and have them perform it at the music festival or she’ll get the boot. Haruka picks Ringo since it’s his and route she’s working with Ai & Camus, where they trashtalk her like early in their own routes. Haruka goes on secret dates with Ringo in his man form until one day when he’s on a show with that bitch Seira who fucked up Ren’s route 10000 times over. Eitherway while they’re on the show Seira bitches about how Ringo’s fooling his fans by dressing up as a trap. She then challenges him to perform as a man on stage and Ringo’s like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. He then declares that he’s gonna perform at the Music Festival as a man but soon after that he’s pretty much wimping out in Haruka’s arms saying that he can’t be as exciting as he is when he’s in his trap form. However despite his moping Haruka still cheers him on and believes him that he can do it while telling Seira to fuck off and stop trashtalking him. Seira then says that Ringo’s just a wimp with a secret girlfriend and walks off. ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノHowever shit continues to hit the fan when he can’t seem to make an character out of himself despite copying all the guys, and he gets frustrated when he can’t seem to do it. At the same time his fans are pretty much trashtalking him on the net about how they think he prolly won’t do as well performing as a guy. He also gets an identity crisis where he mopes going like how he doesn’t know his true identity. They still go on dates with Ringo hiding all this shit from her until they find out that Seira hired the Princes of Composition to help compose the song for Ryuya’s team. This stresses Haruka out, and at the same time gets Ringo pissy.

ci6407Ringo then gets into a fight with Ryuya about how if their team loses Haruka won’t be able to debut and Ryuya tells him to chill since he wants it to be a serious showdown. Ringo then starts saying how he should probably break up with Haruka so that things will get better. However Haruka overhears this argument and doesn’t say anything until much later in the route. She mentions this one day while hanging out at his place and she’s like “ITS NOT YOUR FAULT SENSEI YOU DONT HAVE TO GET ANGRY IT’S MINE FOR NOT DEBUTING. However Ringo’s pretty much in a slump wondering if he taught her properly and that he was pissy when he was arguing with Ryuya. However Ringo’s pretty much on the reverse and ends up making out with her….until he realises he’s forcing himself on her and Haruka runs away imao. Haruka ends up going to look for Seira to ask her to give Ringo some moral support but Seira’s like “Ringo is my sworn enemy!!” Btw Ringo also tells her this at the beginning of the route so I’m just ヽ(。_゜)ノ at this. However Seira admits that she totally prefers Ringo acting in his man form and wonders why the hell he didn’t do it from the beginning. And right after that, she’s like “haha i know what I’m just gonna tell the press that you guys are dating if you lose haha!!” ヽ(●-`Д´-)ノ Haruka immediately shits bricks after this and runs to Ringo crying and upset. So after this it was a total blank until SUDDENLY Ringo tells Haruka when he became a trap Saotome cast some spell on him, and he didn’t want it to wear off like in Cinderella. He then asks Haruka to meet him at their secret meeting place and asks her to kiss him so that the spell will be gone imao. (*´・v・) After they kiss Ringo’s all back to his normal self, and he writes the lyrics to Haruka’s song. They decide to perform a Cinderella play during the song where he plays Cinderella and in man form as a host at the beginning . Love End: Ringo’s team wins the Music Festival and Haruka gets her debut. Seira admits defeat and promises that she won’t tell anyone about their relationship. A few days later, Haruak goes to Ringo’s place to see the Sakura trees blooming when he tells her to put on the dress where he wore for the Music Festival. He then says tha the’s gonna remain a trap idol since he only want her to be squealing over his man form. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ He then kisses her foot….and proceeds to make out with her right after that. Okay I have nothing against foot kissing but why do people even do that? Why? Like really? Okay eitherway Ringo’s route jsut blew my patience out with him moping super hard and some unnecessary shit which I don’t remember at all because lol, it just got boring as the route continued.

Hyuga Ryuya (CV: Yusa Kouji)

ci6502Once again in Ryuya’s route, they’re secretly dating, and guess what? The same truckload of problems like in Ringo’s route happens in this route. I guess it was better in my opinion but it was prolly cuz of how shitty Ringo’s route was which made this ‘feel’ better. Eitherway Ryuya asks Haruka to compose the song for his team since he kinda feels bad for not letting her debut after getting into the agency. However at the same time, one of Reiji old friends, Hibiki, goes to the movie set Ryuya’s acting in and scouts him to work on his movie. The next few days, Ryuya acts all weird and starts going on about he ain’t “shining” like he was in the past and says that the only reason why he’s keeping himself at the agency is Haruka. However shit hits the fan when a picture of him & Hibiki having dinner together is published in the press and it spreads some shit about Ryuya wanting to join another agency and work in their movie. More shit continues to hit the fan when Ryuya says that he didn’t accept the offer, but SAOTOME ACCEPTED IT FOR HIM!! ( ̄□ ̄;)Wow great. Saotome then tells him to work as hard as he can until the Music Festival, and after that he’s leaving. Ryuya obviously throws a giant fit going like “what are you going to do without me? do you really want to kick me out that badly?” However Saotome just says that Ryuya’s outgrowing his agency so sooner or later he’s gonna be kicked out anyway. Right after that happens, Ringo runs into the office, throws a giant whiny fit about Ryuya leaving, slaps him with a magazine, and leaves with him saying he’ll never forgive Ryuya lol. (;-_-)ノ So this time Ringo decides the hire the princes of song writing which makes Haruka shit bricks and get super stressed. He even announces on a TV programmed that he’s getting Oto, Masa & Nacchan to be backdancers. This put so much pressure on Haruka that she stresses herself out, pulls idk however all-nighters and passes out.

ci6507Ryuya finds her passing out and takes her to his office, where after she’s gotten some rest he takes her out on a ride on his bike to get her some fresh air. They end up going to the beach, where he hugs Haruka and says that he’ll do his best for her, and says that how she’ll be okay in the agency without him anyway. So he gets his act together and starts working seriously together with Reiji & Ranmaru perform well at the Music Festival. Ryuya writes the lyrics for Haruka’s song, and announces to them that he’s gonna perform along with them during the performance besides during the hosting work. Toki, Ren & Syo even come and help them out with the performance. Ryuya then ends up performing his kenka no oujisama leg dance or sth imao the irrelevant parts in the route were a complete blank for me honestly. Love End: Ryuya’s team wins the Music Festival and Haruka debuts. He then challenges Saotome to a duel backstage the next day, and they duke it out at some grounds. However this time he ends up losing while trying to protect Haruka from a flying tree. O_O  Okay ignoring flying trees after he loses Saotome tells him to be strong enough to protect his woman and be a man, and rips his contract to shreds. Saotome’s like “HAHAHA I DID IT TO GET YOU OUTTA YOUR SLUMP YOU’RE MY IDOL FOREVER PLS” \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ After that they go to Ryuya’s office for Haruka to treat his wounds but after some simple treating he just jumps on her where they end up screwing on the couch together yeah. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Amazingly this was less painful to go through unlike Ringo, or probably because I wasn’t paying attention to the screen 50% of the time /bricked. But honestly, if I don’t remember the scene it was probably irrelevant so orz I guess. At least Ryuya wasn’t moping about all I would have flipped at least a 100 tables at  home while playing this stuff.

Rainbow Route

ci6601I am gonna be fucking bricked for the colour of the title lol. Ignoring that, this was the most ridiculous route I had to sit through in my otome gaming history omfg. Also at the same time this was one of the most irrelevant routes in this game which is equivalent to shit. So this time, Haruka doesn’t have a partner, hasn’t fallen in love, and she hasn’t debuted. She’s submitted a shit ton of song samples but they keep getting rejected and she can’t seem to debut. Saotome then tells her to compose a song for the special shuffle unit and debut or she’ll be getting the boot. She then goes to have tea with Tomo-chan where they end up talking about their school days. Turns out this special shuffle unit is Starish, and of course the prince are so darn excited to work with her imao. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Haruka has to spend all her time working with Starish to complete her song when one day, she runs into some Agnapolis jerks WHO TURN HER INTO A FUCKING CAT. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ THAT’S THE BLOODY MOST RIDICULOUS SHIT I’VE SEEN SO FAR IN MY LIFE. Oh yeah, Utapri is always filled with ridiculous crap, so I guess we’ll continue with the story then. She ends up getting chased by a bunch of stray cats and she ends up running back to the agency, and enters the room where Starish is in!!! Surprisingly when the princes see her they’re all like “OMFG WHAT IS THIS CUTE CAT DOING HERE OMFG” and they start playing with her. Haruka tries to tell them that she’s Haruka but it comes out as “NYA NYA” and “MEOW MEOW” so they don’t get her obviously. They end up fighting over who would take her home and by choosing, you get toe pick the prince Haruka will snuggle with. ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ However they continue to waste their time by trying to find the owner of this cat and Haruka PLAYS THE PIANO WITH HER PAWS TO PROVE OT THEM THAT SHE’S HARUKA. Cecil’s like “OMG WHY DID I NOT NOTICE THIS CURSE??” oh yeah sure I wonder why you fucking didn’t Cecil. O_o This continues into all of them shitting bricks and fighting her to decide who the hell’s gonna bring her home.

ci6602Suddenly Tomo-chan comes in and goes all “OMFG SOOO CUTE THIS CAT” and starts kissing her when the prince shit more bricks. They then decide to leave Haruka with her, and Masato lies to her that the cat’s owner can’t currently take her home and asks Tomochika to take care of her in the evening. In the day Haruka is taken back to the music room to work on her song but LOL HOW DID SHE EVEN DO THAT OMG. She probably did it somehow with that determination of hers while the princes split up in groups to go and find out how to change her back. Also at the same time depending on the pairs you’re doing you’ll get a mini scene with their senpai WHICH WAS TOTALLY IRRELEVANT but ok whatever xD. However she soon hears people talking shit about how bad her songs are and she should just quit but the Princes find her and go like “no you’re our princess man you can do this shit” and they support her to the end. And SOMEHOW, our dear Haruka finishes the song with HER PAWS. Cecil also finds the method to get her back to normal, which is for 7 people to singe the Muse’s song and shit. They end up performing her song for the Music Festival, and it’s so magical that SHE TRANSFORMS BACK INTO A HUMAN! The ending changes depending on which Prince you get the closest to, but I never finished this shit due to the terrifying fact I had to go through this route at least 7 times. Therefore I have no darn idea what happens in the normal end and probably, the Harem End. I pretty much only finished Masa, Ren & Oto so I have no idea what the fuck happens in the other ends and scenes, but one thing is that the scene for the pairs were rlly the same, and the endings were so CONSISTENTLY SIMILAR OMFG. It would always end with the Prince confessing their feelings to her imao, which got rlly boring. And at the same time, this route couln’t be taken seriously due to the crap I was seeing.

~Final Thoughts~

ci6621I rlly have mixed feelings for this game. Firstly the senpai routes gave us a better outlook of the senpais, and proved that they weren’t as jerk as they were in debut, but everything took a downhill turn after that. For some reason, they didn’t put the same amount of effort they put into the senpai routes. Especially the Rainbow Route cuz I’m totally wondering who the fuck thought of that storyline man. Were the writes like “LOL HEY LETS TURN HARUKA INTO A CAT LOLOL” and this kind of plot came out. At the same time the sensei route’s were destroyed with unnecessary crap. I mean they probably couldn’t think of new content for Ringo to go through before he gets his happiness and shit but at least his problems were legit, but his route was completely ruined by Seiya who was constantly bitching throughout the entire thing. Ryuya could have been done better but I guess age is problem they can expand on anyway! xD Regarding the senpais, I must say I really like them compared to their Debut counterparts, and rating for them would definitely be something like Ranmaru > Reiji > Ai > Camus. Sadly I couldn’t bring myself to like Camus probably because his personality stuck to the original Debut personality till the end, which I guess I was okay with until the end where hes was like “I swear eternal loyalty to you” and shit which creeped the shit outta me. At the same time, Haruka wasn’t a wall this time and she had lines to talk about during the making of her music unlike last time…..*points to debut*. Well I guess if you suffered through terrible Debut routes, this is much better compared to that and I’d suggest you judge the senpais through this and not through Debut cuz Debut just made all of them except Reiji to be giant douchebags. Also Broccoli seriously, you better bump up the Princes’ routes in All Star After Secret next year……


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