Nise no Chigiri

I started this game via request from one of my friends, and it turns out, this was Otomate’s first PSP game they created which wasn’t a port! And this game is good to the point where I’m like, “gosh what has happened to otomate’s works nowadays?” Yep well enough dwelling on what Otomate was like in the past, and let’s get to the story. I will be doing only CG ends, basically the ends which were in La Primavera’s guide.

Nise no Chigiri is about our Heroine Shiraha Mana who’s living a normal life with her friend in high school. She has a history fanatic sister who rants to her about the warlords in the Sengoku era, especially Uesugi Kenshin. One day, her sis calls her to find the neighbourhood kid called “Maa-kun” who kinda played with her when they’re young. Mana goes to find the kid, and finds the stream that her family’s protecting. Suddenly she starts going nuts and seeing a spirit telling her to “save someone” before everything turns blank.

All 2Meanwhile in the past, Uesugi Masatora (he’s kenshin but im gonna call him masatora its easier.) is busy resting at a his favourite stream similar to the one Mana fell into, and his Shinobi guards are guarding him from afar. Suddenly he’s attacked by 4 dudes working for Shingen, where im gonna name them eyebrows, snake guy, big guy & pale skin cuz they’re bad guys that I don’t bother to remember names for. Eitherway eyebrows is about to kill Masatora when suddenly, Mana pops in from her time portal and disrupts the battle!! Masatora then calls her his life saviour and decides to take her in cuz apparently she’s interesting due to the futuristic shit she spits outta her mouth. Mana also ends up getting some weird animal (or ferret?) that she names Shirou. So she ends up at Masatora’s place where she meets a bunch of ninjas called Akatsuki, Suien, Shuuya, Rurimaru, Masatou and a Grandpa Kanehisa. She also meets a guy named Yatarou who works with Masatora, and she’s attended to by a woman named Tsuyano, and is helped by Ayahime, a girl who looks a lot like her sis lol.

All 3Mana pretty much hangs our with all the Ninjas, and one day, soon, she gets targeted by some dude who turns out to be the leader of the 4 weirdos named Kansuke. He’s like “wait who r u have I met you before” and Mana’s like wtf who r u. Soon he tries to capture her but she’s saved by the ninjas. Soon the water spirit, who calls himself Minawa tells her that she needs to protect Masatora from Shingen’s thugs. He also tells her that the reason why he’s doing that to her cuz he’s got a debt to pay for Masatora for keeping him alive when his stream was about to dry up. Yep thats about it I’ll get to the characters now.

Akatsuki (CV: Kondou Takashi)

Akatsuki 1Akatsuki’s a deredere cupcake who’s a terrible tsundere which makes me extremely mad over him. He deres a lot throughout the entire game like when he says that Mana’s new kimono is nice and it suits her when she tricks him to comment on it. He also ends up yelling at her to get her outta trouble together with Rurimaru cuz Ruri’s always the one who’s pulling her into all sorts of trouble. Akatsuki wasn’t exactly pleased when Masatora took Mana in cuz he doesn’t understand why they’ve got to protect a random girl when they’re in the middle of a war, but he teaches her how to use a bow properly later after he finds out that she knows how to use one roughly. He soon warms up though, as he gets softer towards her, and evens buy a hair accessory for her when they’re out shopping. ( ´∀`) However Akatsuki’s got a shit past where it turns out that his mom was some kind of gaijin or some shit and he’s been discriminated cuz of that red hair of his, and his mom died protecting him. He was taken in by Masatora cuz he’s was living in the streets as some thief and he figured that being a shinobi for a guy would be much better than living in the slums. However at the same time he actually caused a lot of shit for Suien and caused Suien to be unable to walk due to a mission they were on. Turns out that they were best friends and they teamed up on missions a lot, until on that mission Suien got caught by the enemy due to Akatsuki’s mistake and the enemy pretty much bashed up Suien’s legs and due to that he can’t run fast like the rest & is the slowest in the group, and he gets a fever often due to the old injury, and Akatsuki feels really shitty about this. However Mana decides to change the topic by telling him that his red hair is really pretty cuz it’s really cool, and he get’s all tsuntsun abt her saying good things abt his hair.

Akatsuki 5He also says that he got his name “Akatsuki” from Masatora who said that his red hair is like the dawn which means the birth of something new. Akatsuki appears at Masato’s place where they’re staying at during the war period having a fever and tells Mana not to care about him, and it turns out that it’s cuz of an old injury and they end up moving to Shuuya’s place when he recovers. Mana stays over at Shuuya’s place at the same time, and one day he’s having a terrible dream about Suien while grabbing on to Mana’s hand. Mana runs off to call Shuuya. However when they returns Akatsuki disappears!! (」゜ロ゜)」 Mana soon finds him sleepwalking on in the middle of the forest and Mana has to hug him and tell him that Suien’s fucking okay. Suien soon appears and tells the guy that he’s there and he ain’t going anywhere and he’s alive and its a thing of the past. However the guy continues freaking out and hallucinating and Mana has to slap him to get him back to his senses telling him that there are people actually fucking worried about him and he should start noticing the people who are alive and not dwell in the fucking past. He’s awakened, and conks out, waking up okay a few days later. Mana soon tries to enter the room Akatsuki’s in but he yells at her to get out cuz it turns out the room has a shit ton of explosives and he’s really good with them. He end up making some nice firecrackers for Mana and tries to make it more colourful for her. The war soon starts and they start to move around in their war clothes. They stop over at a few places, and she meets Akatsuki once and he tells her that they’ll be able to communicate as long she calls his name.

Akatsuki 8A few nights later she tries it before she sleeps and he tells her to go and sleep and says that she’s cute when she’s being honest. Mana soon realizes she’s falling in love with Akatsuki!!!!!!! ワーイ。(⌒∇⌒。)三(。⌒∇⌒)。ワーイ She starts moving away from the battlefield with Ayahime and they soon meet Akatsuki and she grabs his hands cuz shes happy to meet him but LOL HE MISTAKES HER TO BE SCARED OF THE WAR LOL. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ She calls him a baka and he’s like ????? at her lol you dense baka tsundere. The war continues and one night Mana finds Suien betraying Masatora and she’s like Wtf suien??? Wat r u doing?” He’s about to kill her  when BAM AKATSUKI APPEARS. He’s like “WTF SUIEN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU SHIT” and punches a tree non stop. Mana yells at him to stop and hugs him as he gets upset that his best friend has betrayed him. Akatsuki soon disappears and only Rurimaru’s with her and they wonder where hes gone. Suddenly they get attacked by snake guy & eyebrows, and Akatsuki jumps in. However they’re in a shitty situation when suddenly, Suien arrives at the scene as well!! Suien uses his flute to bind the dudes, and Akatsuki gets Rurimaru to call someone, but eyebrows decides to kill Mana and when Akatsuki jumps in to save her, he himself almost gets hit but Suien takes the hit for him. Akatsuki’s like “WHY U DO DIS SUIEN” turns out he was working under Shingen and he tells Akatsuki that Shingen’s aiming to attack Masatora soon. Suien dies, and Akatsuki says that a shinobi is supposed to send the info they’ve gotten to their boss if not it’s considered at betrayal, and Akatsuki says that by giving that info to him he was showing his loyalty and he gets upset and screams. (ಥ_ಥ)Akatsuki soon reports this to Masatora, and they prepare to outsmart Shingen.

Akatsuki 10They get to the battlefield and Masatora tells Akatsuki to get running together with Mana when THEY’RE ATTACKED BY EYEBROWS AGAIN. ( ´_ゝ`) Eyebrows soon says that he’s gonna kill Mana this time, and Akatsuki tells her to get running while they’re distracted when fighting. Mana decides to run off and believe in Akatsuki and he kills eyebrows. He’s happy that he managed to get revenge, and they go home together. Half a month later, since Masatora’s safe, Minawa says that she can go home. Akatsuki’s becomes extremely tsuntsun & awkward while seeing her off. わあい\(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/わあいっ Mana thanks Akatsuki for everything he’s done for her and is about to leave, when she hears Akatsuki wanting to say something. Happy End: Mana looks back to hear what he has to say, and he hears him going like “you’re gonna disappear….too?” Mana returns to the present and turns out she’s been missing for 4 months. She then goes to the stream together with her sis to celebrate Akatsuki’s birthday with the crackers, and hope that she’ll meet them again. Epilogue: 3 years later in the present, Mana’s graduated from high school and she’s in the city looking for a cat that went missing. She finds the cat in a tree and climbs up the damn tree to get the cat, when the branch of the tree’s gonna break. Suddenly she hears a familiar voice nagging at her again, and it’s Akatsuki!! Turns out he jumped into the portal after her, but he ended up in some other place, and he’s been getting used to 21th century life whille looking for her. He then tells her to jump off cuz he’s gonna catch her. -(๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ Good End: Mana decides not to look back, and hears the same line as said above, and she’s like  “what akatsuki?” and they end up having a tsundere argument on how could he ask her to stay in an era where she may get killed anytime, but Mana just jumps back and says that she loves Akatsuki!!!! The guy admits it as well and they end up kissing. ワァイヾ(゚д゚*三*゚д゚)ノワァイ  Bad End: Akatsuki tells Mana to run and she jumps in, and he gets hit by eyebrows, and he kills eyebrows and after wards yelling that he got revenge for Suien. However he soon collapses and is about to die, and he admits that he really liked Mana, and he dies. Wow ok this tsundere baka is too much for me omfg. You dere too much Akatsuki!!!! Also after right after the ending finished playing for the epilogue, the screen blacks out but there’s Akatsuki going like “Owww what the hell mana” LOL. (-‸ლ) I swear this game. Akatsuki’s moe and cute was too much for me. Thats all.

Suien (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou)

Suien 1Suien’s this sweet dude who is very calm, and his speech is damn refined towards Mana. At the same time he uses a flute and has his feet busted up, and everyone calls him “Sui”so I’ll call him that. He teaches kids and is pretty much kind to everyone but we all fucking know from Akatsuki’s route that he’s supposed to be a traitor so how the shiet is he one? After moving over to Masatou’s place, Mana helps out at Sui’s place teaching kids how to read and write, and she finds out that Sui lost his sister. They end up hanging some tanbata with the kids, and we learn that Ruri is terrible at writing. At the end of the next day, Sui admits that he sees her as a younger sister. The next day, she & Rurimaru are attacked by eyebrows and snake guy, and Akatsuki & Sui save their butts. However like Akatsuki’s route he’s whacked in the legs and he gets a fever the day after. However this time it’s Shuuya explains his leg injury to Mana since she’s concerned about Suien’s condition, and asks her to be Suien’s strength, so that he can open his heart up to her. She arrives at Suien’s place where Akatsuki’s yelling at Suien, and he starts blaming himself. However this ain’t his route so Mana continues taking care of Suien at his house and Akatsuki is pretty much nowhere to be seen. Suien then tells him that he was ready to die when he was caught but he heard a girl’s voice telling him to live on, and he ended up living. (=^・ω・^)y= Masatora comes over to Suien’s place to play some music with him, and the next night, he takes her out on a walk and asks her if there’s anyone she has in mind. She ends up not saying anything at all and they look at the sky together. Basically his route is filed with silent moments which sucks cuz I forget everything during silent moments. Emoing is way better cuz I pay attention. One afternoon Sui finds out that one of the kids he was teaching’s younger sister died from a poisonous snake bite. However the guy’s trauma ends up coming back anyone and he starts to feel sick but he keeps telling Mana he’s okay and doesn’t need to worry.

Suien 6He then talks about afterlife shit and a pissed off Mana says that she’ll go home by herself. She crashes into Akatsuki along the way though, who figured that she got into an argument with him. Akatsuki then says how they met in the Nokizaru and turns out Sui’s younger sister would have been her age if she was alive. So after Sui’s cured she hangs out at his place again teaching kids. How boring gaiz. ( ´_ゝ`) She then asks to go for a walk, and all of them end up leaving the place and chilling together by some river. Masato’s like “why the fuck am I coming along” and Akatsuki & Shuuya talk about how he was going to draw anyways so they’re gonna peek on him later. Once they reach the river, Akatsuki tries to catch fish. Mana talks to Shuuya and he asks her to pick some kind of herb when she’s free so that he can use it for Sui’s medicine. Sui then goes up to Masatou who’s painting, and asks what he’s doing and if he’s drawing Mana cuz he can see a figure in the pic. Masatou then explains that it’s just cuz women are easier to draw and he doesn’t want to draw a guy. Soon it starts raining, and they take cover & Mana stops at Sui’s place. He then says how much he’s been saved thanks to her, and hope they can spend more time like this together. They soon find out that the war is starting soon, and Sui asks her to get herself ready for the war too. When she moves to one of the mansions, Ruri comes to visit and tells her about the special ninja thing where they can call them. Mana tries it out before going to sleep that night, and Sui says that he’s in a place that he can come over anytime if there is an issue. He then asks if anything was wrong since she didn’t sound that good, and hopes that they’ll meet soon. So the war shit goes on and the Sui betrayal part is gone over again lolol. This time they even put an evil cg of him lol. щ(゚д゚щ) Mana trips and he spots her and we go over all that Akatsuki drama. Suddenly Sui says that his lil’sis, Tsukino is still alive at Shingen’s place, and he came to Nokizaru as a spy.

Suien 11Mana leaves the place with Akatsuki, and she thinks about what Sui said, which was “even he was someone else, would she still want to be with him?” Mana then takes out her anger by shooting more arrows in the forest when suddenly, she sees a figure nearby which is Suien. She runs after the shadow, when Akatsuki tells her not to go far away from the place, and says that its unbelievable that he’ll come back anyway. Soon one of Shingen’s goons attacks which causes Akatsuki to fight the guy and runs off. Sui appears, and talks to her. Mana then grabs his hand, and he keeps telling her to let go, but Mana ain’t gonna let go of that hand easily. Suien then admits that he had to work for Shingen cuz his lil’sis would be killed if he betrayed the guy. He admits all his feelings for Mana, before saying that he has to go since it’s the last time she’ll ever see him, and to protect Masatora. We then see a scene between Sui & Kansuke, and guess what? TURNS OUT THAT HIS YOUNGER SISTER IS FUCKING DEAD SINCE A SHIT LONG ARSE TIME AGO. Suien’s like “wtf did I betray my best friends and everything for nothing???”  The POV soon shifts back to Mana where she’s talking to Shuuya about the Akatsuki & Sui friendship . Mana tries calling out to the guy when snake guy soon comes prancing in saying to capture her. Mana ends up kicking the snakes (lol) when Akatsuki comes in. Akatsuki’s in deep shit fighting the snakes, when Sui pops up, makes Akatsuki freeze using his flute, bashes up snake guy before telling them abt Shingen’s plans. Masatora’s counter plan starts and Mana’s in the battlefield when suddenly eyebrows attacks her. Akatsuki jumps in to attack the guy telling her to protect Masatora. After a clash with Shingen Masatora withdraws his troops quickly, and they reach a river where she meets Sui again and jumps into his arms. However snake guy soon comes and attacks them, and Suien takes a hit for Mana and Akatsuki finishes the guy off. Mana screams for the guy not to die as he says that he can finally join his lil’sis, and Minawa gives her a bit more time to talk to him. Suien is happy that he could hear her in his last moments, and says that when he was captured, the voice he heard could be her, and he’s glad that he met her. Mana soon returns to the present. Bad End: When Suien meets Akatsuki, they’re about to fight when Suien stabs himself and says that he can’t kill Akatsuki. Happy End: One day, she’s walking home from school, and he sees Suien’s reincarnation with his little sister and Mana starts crying of happiness when they seem to know each other from somewhere. You know, this entire route felt pointless? Cuz how does Mana even hook up with a reincarnation? Seriously? I didn’t find any romance in this at all pls. σ(´し_`〃)ゞ

Shuuya (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

Shuuya 2Shuuya’s a kawaii moe cupcake who the closest character I can point to is Saitou. Yes he’s the very cool ninja but in actual fact he’s just awkward and cute, to the point that saying that Mana is cute in her new kimono makes him blush, and the fact that he gays over cookies when Mana attempts to make them in that era. He’s also the doctor among all the ninjas and runs a clinic to help other people. Mana helps him around his clinic and helps him out by picking herbs for his medicines. One day while she’s helping out at the clinic, Shuuya then says that there are more older people going there. Ruri then says that the reason why there’s more older people there is cuz of her since she’s more friendly with the old people there. They go out to pick up herbs one day, and Mana accidentally pricks herself cuz of a thorn and Shuuya ends up using his mouth to get the split out but more shit happens by making Mana get bitten by a poisonous bug. He ends up carrying her back and taking care of her for a while and asks to stay at his place. While she’s sleeping the dudes all pop in to check on her and asks about her condition and turns out she was prolly poisoned cuz she wasn’t used to the bugs in the past. Late in the night Mana then feels cold and Shuuya ends up glomping her to give her some warmth. ワ━ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ━ィ!!!!  Best part, the next morning she finds Shuuya glomping her AND Ruri sleeping by her side. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ ワ〜イ  The ninjas continue checking on her, and Masatora even comes over to tell stories to her, about someone who pledged their loyalty to someone and hoped when they reborn they’ll be together. Ayahime then says that Mana might prolly have such a person someday and she ends up thinking about Shuuya. (((\(@v@)/)))

Shuuya 4The same night, Mana wants to get water and Shuuya gets for her saying that it’s his job. He then asks if there’s anything else she needs and she asks him to stay by her side for a while and they talk a bit. (*´▽`*)Mana soon recovers from the fever, and he asks her to deliver medicine to Sui. Sui ends up talking emo to her, and she goes to Shuuya’s place to ask him about Sui. He explains everything to her but ends up giving there “why are u asking this” with the stoic tone. Mana then yells at him that he should care more about Sui, calls him a baka and runs back to Masatou’s place. Shuuya starts to not understand his own feelings and starts to dokidoki himself lol. (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪ One day she starts talking about how she wants to have fireworks and Shuuya just gets mad at her about it cuz it’s dangerous and shit. However he ends up making fireworks for her anyway, and when he starts to doki he starts going like “whats this feeling in my chest???” and blushes. °゚°。。ヾ( ~▽~)ツ ワーイ♪ So Mana tries out the ninja calling thing after Ruri tells her abt it. He ends up not talking much to her and says that he’ll always be by her side. The war starts and Mana’s having a chat with Ruri when Kanehisa appears and tells Ruri to get to work. She then has another talk with him about Ruri, but after that she’s soon concerned about Shuuya, and the guy hears her and says that if she really has any problems she can talk to him abt it. The next day Ruri asks her if she hasn’t talked to Shuuya for quite a long time and he tells her that it’s okay to call them anytime since they’ve been trained to hear only their friends, when they’re attacked by pale skin!!! More shit goes down when Ruri gets beaten, Mana can’t contact Shuuya, and big guy & snake loser come to attack her as well.

Shuuya 12Maximum shit goes down when the 3 guys capture her and take her away. Kanehisa & Shuuya ends up rescuing her since Akatsuki & Masatou were on a job, while Suien’s uncontactable lol. Mana gets surrounded by creepo 4 and Kansuke starts talking to her about the girl Kanade and says how he looks like her. Mana tells him to stop stalking her and shit and after realizing it ain’t the girl he likes he says he’s got no use for her and tells creepo 3 to kill her lol. Pale skin tells her to call Shuuya but Mana obviously doesn’t, and he’s about to kill her when Shuuya & Kanehisa pop in to save her. They fight creepo trio and but obviously they’re outnumbered, so Kanehisa uses some explosive jutsu and he dies. (;へ:) Annnnddd the stupid war still continues on after that, and Mana’s so upset that she starts shooting arrows everywhere. Shuuya then tells her she should stop shooting more arrows and starts talking about how he’s ready to give his life for the protection of her and more emo shit. The same night she has another war dream, and she advises Masatora. She ends up saying goodbye to Minawa after that. The next day Mana calls for Shuuya to get over to her side and she starts confessing to him how she’s so glad that she met him and he starts going all moemoe with her again and blushing. ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/  So yeah all the war shit passes and Mana gets taken away from the battlefield by Shuuya, and they get attacked by Pale Skin again. They somehow escape and Shuuya tells her that he’ll go settle things and kisses her! However that turns out to be him giving her sleeping meds and when Mana wakes up, she’s like “WHERE’S SHUUYA” but soon finds him when she sees the pretty sparkly fireworks he made. Happy End: Mana stays in the past with Shuuya, and they end up being a happy couple together. lol what is this end. Not that I’m saying that Shuuya was lame or something but the ending was so empty to the point where I’m just like lol wut happened? But yeah Shuuya is one cute moe guy. Definitely.

Masatou (CV: Maeda Takeshi)

Masatou 2Masatou’s a cold bastard who doesn’t know how to convey his words properly, but he’s kinda cute so why not?  After moving to Masatou’s place she sees Ruri making war food and she ends up helping him, and they end up talking about how Masatou actually talks to women in his job. He soon comes in and they end up starting a argument, and Ruri comments on how they are like kids when they’re together. Ruri ends up wanting to write tanbata and they end up making their wishes. Masatou soon comes later own and goes like “wtf is this” but he softens up after seeing her wish. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ One day Tsuyano gives her some new kimono where she goes to play at the river in, and suddenly MASATOU POPS IN, DUMPS A CLOTH ON HER AND TELLS HER TO WEAR MORE CLOTH. LOL. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ He ends up taking her back and they have some conversation about her clothes. One day Masatou gets attacked and bleeds all over, and they get Shuuya to treat him. While she’s helping him up he ends up saying that this always happens so she needs to get herself prepared  if anything happens. After he’s done he tells Mana to stick by Masatou as he’s got a fever. Mana then holds his hand than he starts murmuring shit about how he doesn’t want Mana to go to the stream or sth. Soon he gets up and ends up giving her a cupcake as thanks for taking care of him. ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ Mana then takes a walk by herself again and gets attacked by big guy and starts running from him. Masatou comes in to fight and she continues running, almost gets hit and masatou saves her butt again. Akatsuki & Shuuya soon pop in to threaten the guy, and big guy leaves. Turns out Masatou’s previous wounds open up again, and he ends up getting angry that he’s weak.

Masatou 7He ends up going to Yatarou to train him to get stronger. At the same time, Mana finds a picture of herself in Masatou’s house, and she finds out that IT WAS MASATOU WHO DREW THAT PIC. ((((;゜Д゜))) She then finds out that he picked up Masatou somewhere on the street one day and realized that he was wearing very modern clothes. Mana then soon figures out that Masato’s the Ma-kun she was looking for when she was in the present!!! She confronts the guy at the stream, and it turns out that the kid him jumped in after her when she fell inside the stream and landed up 15 years ago before Mana arrived!! Now Masatou’s a man now and says that he ain’t the same guy as last time anymore. However mana slaps sense back into him and tells him that Masatou’s just Masatou now, it doesn’t matter what he was in the past. He then hugs her, and says that he just wanted her to be safe, and says how he’s already overshot her in terms of height now. Soon the damn war starts and Mana tries out our friendly Nokizaru call system and Masatou just tells her to sleep ORZ. Mana ain’t disappointed and is just happy that Masatou’s looking after her. All the other ninjas start going on about how Masatou’s pretty much changed since she came, and Ruri even asks her if she likes him lol. However all this fun is spoilt when pale skin attacks them. Mana then gets caught like Shuuya’s route, and this time, it’s Masatou who has to save her instead. So they have their all out battle where it ends up with Kanehisa bombing up the place and Masatou has to take Mana out. She starts emofagging about the death of the grandpa, and Masatou’s fed up with her and walks away. She ends up regretting her actions tho, and goes after him where he shows his true feelings that he’s really upset cuz Kanehisa was the one who brought him up, and he hasn’t repaid him yet and he died, and Mana gives him a hug. ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ わーい

Masatou 11Mana then starts shooting arrows to practice when Masatou appears in her face going all stoic mode again when Mana gets mad and at him and tells him that she gets worried cuz he never replies to her calls and she’s scared that he won’t come back. Masatou then says that he’ll always come back so she doesn’t need to worry, and hugs her. The war continues again and Mana meets Minawa who apologises for making them come to the past. Masatou says that he’s glad that he came here though, since he could protect Mana. The next morning Mana calls Masatou who tells her not to call him since it’s annoying. Ruri then accidentally spills that he’s going on a dangerous mission, and Mana runs after him. He ends up confessing his feelings for her and asks her to take his painting, but she doesn’t take it. Mana escapes with Masatou when they meet big guy. Masatou beats up big guy, and they rush to the stream and turns out Masatora ordered him to send her back to the present. Mana yells at him saying that she still hasn’t said goodbye to everyone, but he takes her there anyway saying that its his mission. She asks him to go back with her, but he ends up saying that he ain’t going back cuz there’s no place for him there. He then says that the loves her and he doesn’t want her to be in such a warring era. Good End: Mana decides that she’ll go back, and Masatou pats her head and kisses her before they say good bye, and she returns to the present. Mana ends up telling her sis about her adventures in the sengoku era, and pretty much still sad about how she wont be able to meet Masatou again. Bad End: Masatou dies while fighting big guy, which causes Mana to return to the present sadly. Happy End: Minawa and Masatou keep telling her to go home and Minawa starts the transfer but Mana’s like “NO I AINT LEAVING” and jumps on Masatou saying that she doesn’t care what era it is, and she wants to be with Masatou. They end up living their life in the past together as a painter traveling around the country.

Kojima Yatarou (CV: Terasoma Masaki)

Yatarou 2I have no idea what happened in this route. I wasn’t paying attention, and then suddenly the chapters flew me by and I was like ?????? at the happy end lol. Okay whatever, I’ll try to salvage what I can remember lol. Okay either way Yatarou’s the ojisan character of this game, Ayahime’s brother and he’s pretty much the chill and relaxed guy. However ojisans are always fucking pervy so guess what, while helping her up a horse he touches Mana’s butt causing her to flip but he  just goes “LOL DID I DO SOMETHING?” and pretends nothing happened. ( ´_ゝ`) Eitherway Mana ain’t the heroine who would go like “oh no he touched my butt how do i face him now” and instead, YELLS AT HIM TO NOT TOUCH HER BUTT AGAIN IF NOT SHE’S NOT TALKING TO HIM AGAIN LOL. ( ‘з’)/ Yatarou’s like “okay chill girl i’m sorry” and she lets it go there. Also this ojisan lives with a bunch of cats and dogs that Masatora picked up and he ends up taking care of them, so he’s always surrounded by a bunch of animals at his place.  Eitherway Yatarou’s got a history of being Masatora’s bodyguard since he was a kid and had to take the guy home whenever he got lost and shit and guess what, one of the time he ends up saving Masatora from a tiger and got that scar and shit. So Mana gets attacked by big guy & pale skin (from my memory but idk) and Ruri can’t handle the no. of people there and Mana ends up taking a hit for Ruri. This causes Yatarou to flip shit when he see her injured and keeps worrying about her to the point that Ayahime has to kick her bro outta the room to get him to shut up lol .

Yatarou 10And then we find out the reason why he’s panicking so much. Yatarou once had a lover who had died due to that fact that her health was weak so that’s why he’s such a worryrat and concerned for Mana who’s injured. And yeah so the war shit continues on and Masatora & Shingen beat each other up and shit, and Mana says that she’s gonna join in the war and Yatarou flips again. He’s flipping shit cuz he’s the type of guy with the “no hitting women and children” policy again and but after Mana tells him that she’s prepared for it, he lets her go along. Mana ends up getting cornered by creepo 4 again and Yatarou jumps in to save her, and guess what? They kill Tsuyano. heeeyyyy guys i didnt ask for one character to die every route wtf =.= The higher-ups (aka yatarou, masatora & ayahime) are depressed as shit, and Yatarou comforts Mana while Masatora has to comfort Ayahime. (Masatora you great guy =w=) Okay Mana soon gets more and more feelings for Yatarou, and when the war’s over and they want her to go home. Yatarou sees her home, but Mana’s like “NO I LIKE YOU I DONT WANNA GO HOME” and Yatarou’s like “LOOK I’M OLD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR DAD AND AN OJISAN ARE YOU SURE YOU LIKE ME” however Mana just shuts him up by jumping on him and kissing him on the lips. Happy End: Mana & Yatarou lives at his place for the rest of their lives with the cats and dogs, and he’s sleeping one day and uses Mana as his hug pillow. The main point is, I have no fucking idea why they made this route. Like what? Are there even girls with ojisan fetishes? I didn’t even bother about his route so I just flew past the route very quickly unknowing ly.

Tougi Kanehisa (CV: Otsuka Akio)

Kanehisa 13Yes. Nise no Chigiri allows you to date a grandpa.  A REAL FUCKING GRANDPA WHOS IN HIS 60S AND CAN BE YOUR GRANDPA. DON’T ASK ME WHY, THERE’S JUST A FUCKING GRANDPA YOU GOT IT. GOOD FOR ALL THE GRANDPA LOVERS OR SOMETHING OUT THERE. Anyway Kanehisa is a nice old grandpa who’s still active despite the fact that he’s 60 & he’s the one who picked up Ruri & Masatou from the streets when they were young. Amazingly he’s also the one who raised them and is pretty much the oldest of the Nokizaru. Kanehisa-jii is really just your normal grandpa, who’s modest and nice, and keeps telling Mana about how the Nokizaru ain’t that nice and stuff, and also tells her about how he actually killed his own bro just for the Nokizaru. He’s also cute in a way, that he’s got a problem with animals when it’s only that he’s just worried that he might kill them. He’s also good at woodwork too, which is pretty nice for an old grandpa. There’s actually nothing much to say about his route honestly, since he’s a grandpa there are obviously no raburabu moments but sentimental, and maybe some happy moments in this route, but it mostly consists of talking so there’s nothing much to say anyway. The story also follows the Shuuya-Masatou format where she gets caught and he & Shuuya save her, but gladly no one dies so it’s okay. Most of his content was really much about the Nokizaru mostly stiff talk which I really didn’t catch, but somehow this interests Mana and she ends up falling in love with the grandpa, but whatever I guess cuz lol you choose who you wanna love anyway lol. Eitherway let’s move on to the end I guess. Mana is running from the battlefield when they’re attacked by the enemy, and Mana knows that she has to do something. Bad End: Mana becomes reckless, and Kanehisa ends up taking the hit for her and dies. Good End: Kanehisa sees Mana off in at the stream and she keeps telling him that she likes him but he keeps telling her to go back to her time cuz it’s safer there. However she doesn’t listen to his nagging, and just ends up jumping outta the portal. And so she ends up living with the grandpa. Another End: Mana ends up respecting Kanehisa’s wishes and goes back to the past. There, she finds out from her sis that her ancestor was RURIMARU. She ends up finding a sculpture of her in her attic and it reads Tougi Kanehisa which causes her to cry. Okay I guess this was a mediocre route since they shaved down any raburabu for a good reason so I pretty much don’t have any comments.

Yamamoto Kansuke (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)

Kansuke 3Kansuke’s the bad guy throughout the entire route who added plot for the rest of the guys to fall in love with Mana by sending his creepo 4 out to capture her, and she gets to date him. However he’s still the same damn old guy who’s creepily stalking her, and the reason he does that, explained in this routes, doesn’t fucking make sense either so the entire point of this route was pretty boring I guess? After meeting him the first time, Mana starts to have dreams about her meeting this white haired guy, as we know is probably Kansuke, and him calling her “Kanade”. At the same time, Kansuke keeps calling her Kanade and Mana’s pretty much like “wtf no I am not Kanade don’t call me that.” He stalks her to the point that when Mana was emoing at the stream about wanting to go home, he meets her there and asks her to come with him. Mana obviously no and they conversation is stopped by Masatora who comes to pick her up. He ends up going through crazier means to get her, and leaves to get her while they’re on the way to the hot springs, by sending his creepo 4 to fight Akatsuki & Shuuya in a 4v2 while he grabs Mana and runs away. He ends up locking her up in a place, but he’s nice enough to entertain her by asking her to talk to him about the present time. (/^▽^)/ However when she asks about his name, he ends up saying “idk what my name is but i know you’re kanade and that’s that.” Lol wtf. He also gives her food and makes her eat it or else he’ll feed her lol. (ノ・ェ・)ノ Even nicer, he even covers for her when one of the bad guys comes by to talk to him, saying that she’s a person with some disease lololol. After much talking to her and finding out about her dreaming of him, he asks her if she wants to stay with him but Mana just says that she wants to save Masatora. And so he lets her go back to Masatora’s side, where Mana soon has another dream about herself burning in some fire, and being yelled at and saying that she betrayed the people. She walks out of her room and soon meets Kansuke.

Kansuke 12We also find out that Kansuke met Kanade at some village, where he gave her name, and when she died he though he could never meet him again but since he’s met her reincarnation Mana that works as well.(ಠ_ಠ)She ends up crying here though, and the guy ends up kissing her on the cheek and disappears. Mana also finds out about Kansuke from Masatora, and turns out he’s a guy who’s working on Shingen’s side and has helped kill people, and the best part he’s immortal. She then has one last final dream about this entire Kanade-Kansuke thing where she sees herself allowing Kansuke to escape by stealing the jail keys, and afterwards getting burnt, probably because letting Kansuke go was a betrayal to the village. Mana then meets the guy again, and he asks her to come with him but she still says no cuz she still hasn’t saved Masatora. He then asks her to take him to Masatora to find out why she wants to save him so much. Kansuke then tells Masatora about Shingen’s plans, saying that he wants to save her but she ain’t coming with him unless she saves Masatora so in exchange for telling him the plans, he wants Masatora to let Mana go. Masatora ends up asking if Mana believes the guy, and she says that she doesn’t know. They end up having a talk about how he’s been living for ages, and Kansuke ends up saying how he’s doesn’t know why he’s even alive now and for what. Masatora then says that it’s up to Mana to decide, Kansuke leaves her there for now. After the war finishes, Mana goes home via the stream when Minawa tells her that she’s got a visitor. Kansuke appears, hugs her, then asks her whether she still wants to go with him. Bad End: Mana ends saying “I WANNA GO WITH YOU NOW KANSUKE” and Kansuke stabs her, and goes like “WE’LL DROP DOWN INTO HELL TOGETHER KANADE” and she dies. Another Bad End: Mana ends up revealing her identity to Shingen’s guys, and ends up being Shingen’s woman.(ಠ_ಠ)Happy End: Mana says that she’s going back, and Kansuke tells her to wait for him, cuz he’s going to live to her time and find her, kissing her before she leaves. (ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\)In the present she’s at the stream with her sis when suddenly her sis sees a guy, and leaves them to give them their private time. It turns out to be Kansuke, and he asks her one last time if she’s coming with him and she agrees. In the epilogue, Mana’s making him coffee when he realises he’s getting old, and says how he’s aging and he isn’t that inhuman anymore. How should I put it, this wasn’t too bad as they didn’t keep dwelling on the Kanade part if not Kansuke would have totally seen Mana as Kanade already and this would go to shit. Nothing much to say though.

Common Route

All 15The common route is pretty much for the little kid Ruri’s route cuz the reason why he doesn’t get a route is either because 1. He’s too young. 2. Otomate still has brains back then that IF MANA FALLS IN LOVE WITH HER GREAT-GREAT-GREAT IDK WHAT GRANDFATHER HE WONT MARRY HER GREAT-GREAT-GREAT IDK WHAT GRANDMOTHER AND SHE WOULDN’T EVEN FUCKING EXIST. So nicely, as replacement for not giving him any romance, they give most of the interactions in the common route to him and Mana, like him getting fruit for Mana and meeting Akatsuki. Mana & Akatsuki end up competing who can get more fruit and guess what? The fruit ends up falling off the tree and crashing onto the little kid, who then claims himself to be the winner. \(^▽^@)ノ Mana even makes a cake for him on his birthday, where she realises that the kid is actually a ninja and he’s been living the scary ninja live since he was picked up, so his mindset is pretty ninja-ish and he ain’t living the normal modern-day kid life. However still she has fun with him, like trying to find out who’s the weird ghost around at night and they end up getting scared by Kanehisa-jii LOL. ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ Of course the common route has a plot for this, and it follows the Shuuya-Masatou-Kanehisa format where this time, Ruri does not get injured, and instead saves Mana from creepo 4. This starts his determination to get stronger and he starts training hard instead of being a kid with who keeps playing around all day. Amazingly we even get Masatora moments in this common route as well like when Kansuke attacks, it’s Masatora who saves their butts. They even show some Mana badassery when she’s shown helping out in the war by shooting her arrows. When the war ends, Mana ends up leaving, and this time Ruri sees her off instead and says that he’s glad she came, and hopes she can come back again, while calling her his “nee-sama”. \(T∇T)/ wwwwww you kawaii little shota. Mana returns to the present, and she finds out about her roots again from her sis. Amazingly this route was pretty cool and sweet since they gave the good moments to all the characters without routes yeah. ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ わーい No romance, but was a pretty cool route so I liked it.

~Final Thoughts~

have some badass mana then

have some badass mana then

I guess it was pretty mediocre? I really have nothing much to say about it. The story was really really focused for on how the history went correctly, more than the romance. Most of the scenes were really pretty much repeated in the routes that I forced skipped through them, even to the point that I was force-skipping through them, causing me to have skipped through some story content I’m afraid. The war scenes happened in EVERY SINGLE ROUTE, even in Kansuke’s when I thought those wouldn’t appear. I’m really shocked honestly. Well, at least the romance was solid in the route except for the ojisans & Kansuke’s route cuz I HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANA FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM. Maybe because I played them last, but I really really had no idea how she fell in love with them. Maybe Yatarou but the rest? I really don’t know. For me this time my favourite guy would be Akatsuki. I’m not sure is it because the story just dried up after the first round, but I didn’t find anything special for the other guys or just cuz this tusndere cupcake is amazing. Music was good, art was nice for an old game. Mana’s a really cool heroine too for an old-timey game with I like. I really have nothing much to say, cept that this game is really old-timey to the point that I don’t suggest this game to first timers.

5 thoughts on “Nise no Chigiri

  1. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    Nice to meet you, fellow otoge blogger! 😉 Really enjoyed ur review and this was actually just released in English for mobile, so I had to see if it was worth the plunge. I think I’ll still give it a go cuz of that tsundere greatness!!!

    1. Shuu Post author

      Nice to meet you too Leaf! (is that how I address you?) Hope the review was useful to you for the translation of the game to english! I personally say that the game wasn’t too bad, and I’d recommend all the tsun characters (akatsuki & masatou) and Shuuya would be good for a play.

      1. Leafさんの夢が。。。

        Haha whatever way you like is fine with me^^ Your review def will. Tsun characters are the best. Is it alright if I add you to my blogroll? And I hope we become good friends! The otoge community shall grow ^^

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