Re:Vice [D]

Well after getting my vita, I played Otomate’s ports of their games on the vita, and now, I’m finally starting on their new games on the console. This is their first one, which is re:vice d. The story is about our Heroine, Aika, who’s part of the Shitenou in the demon world, just recently lost their Demon Lord, which I’ll refer to as Maou since it’s easier. Now, they’re currently in the human world in order to find the next Maou, out of 4 candidates. Therefore, Aika has to assess them, and what will come out of this? Spoilers under the cut.

This game is cut into the common route, and the individual routes. The common route consists of a section where you select events to gain affection with all the candidates and interact with them. Therefore, I’ll be covering all the common route things at the beginning, and the events in the individual character selections.

2014-09-21-211157The beginning of the game introduces the 4 demon kings, Aika, Akatsuki, Suiu and Shinku all discussing what to do about finding the Maou at Aika’s place. Aika tells them that they have to get serious about looking for the Maou, but Akatsuki & Shinku tell her to relax and take their time to find the Maou. The 2 continue lazing around saying that Aika should calm down and think careful, and it soon turns into an argument, ending with Aika freezing the place and telling everyone to shut up. Suiu then tells her to clam down as well, and they should think carefully before trying to find the Maou, and soon decide that they’ll each find a candidate who they think is suitable to be the Maou, and the meeting ends.

This follows up to the next day, where Aika meets every single candidate and her own, and she consults the demon kings whether he may be the Maou, and she soon settles for Yukina as her candidate. The next morning, she’s in her room recalling the things which happened, and explains about a mirror in her room which is a gate to the Demon World. She soon goes out to check her mail and meets Kuroda, her tenant. The other 3 demon kings soon appear saying that they have a meeting. They soon move into the living room, where they switch off the lights and Aika tells Akatsuki to switch on the lights cuz they’ll be suspected of doing suspicious shit and they don’t want to be arrested by the police lol. They soon decide to check out the The Book of Selection, which turns to out to be some crazy cat-like thing lol. Shinku then says that it looks like a plush, when Aika says that it’s cute. The rest are all “wtf u okay aika did u just say its cute” when she tells them to shut up. The cat thing starts running off its mouth off when Aika freezes an orange and tells it to shut up or it’ll end up like that. lol. ( ̄ー ̄)

The thing then says that it’s the Book of Selection, and Aika names it Mike lol. Turns out this time, Mike can’t see who’s the Maou right now, when Aika rages at him telling him to talk or she’ll kill him lol. Mike then says that its definitely one of the 4 candidates. Suiu suggests getting all the dudes to take the Maou Awakening Ritual, but sadly it can only happen every 6 months. So if they get it wrong in the worst case scenario it can take up to 2 years. Mike then says that in preparation for the time to do the ritual, he’s able to “search fates”, to check out the candidates. They then go out to prove his power, and amazingly, they meet all the candidates there. Mike then tells Aika that she’ll have to use him to assess the candidates, and he explains the event picking system.

After a shit ton of events happen, the candidates soon find out about the world of Demons and the Maou selection thing after Suiu tries to awaken one of them by sending a monster to attack them. They also get suspicious of due to crazier things happening around them, and the 4 demon kings decide to explain to them about the situation and tells them about the demon world. Soon after that, the demon kings have another meeting, where they discuss who’s the most suitable to be the Maou. From here, the routes will divide.

Hinatsu (CV: Matsuoka Yoshigitsu)

2014-09-21-210805Hinatsu’s a hikki who sits at home and reads all day. He’s Shinku’s candidate, and apparently he was chosen cuz he gave Shinku meat to eat imao. ( ̄~ ̄;)Aika obviously doesn’t believe that such a wimp like him would be even chosen when she first meets him in his room. Most of his events is him being dragged outside by the house by mainly Ryouga. During one of the times Ryouga drags him out, he tries to tell Hinatsu that the world outside is safer than he thinks, but sadly, along the way they get hit but all sorts of shit which causes Hinatsu to freak out even more. Ryouga then takes him out another time to help him interact with people more, but they end up at host club MAOH where Ryouga tries to get Hinatsu to do some service for Aika. Aika also visits him at his place where she hears him talk about his books, and Akatsuki even goes there to borrow manga from him lol. However, right after the candidates are attacked by the wolf Hinatsu goes into a giant mental breakdown and completely avoids Shinku and Aika cuz he’s completely traumatized by it. However, one day while Aika & Shinku are peeking into his house, he starts wailing and pain, and when they bash in, they find out that Hinatsu’s caught some kind of wolf disease. Turns out When Hinatsu was young, he got attacked by those demon wolfs from the demon world, and sadly, he got hit by the disease which they spread. Even worse, the disease would eat into him and once it’s reached his heart, he will die. Shinku then gets quite depressed and tells Aika not to tell Akatsuki or Suiu, and explains that his kind would always get hit by that disease and his younger bro got hit by it too so he’s pretty depressed abt it.

2014-09-21-210858One day, during a date, Hinatsu notices the Demon’s ring which Aika has, and she suddenly remembers that the ring had special powers which could heal the wearer. This basically means that the ring can keep Hinatsu alive since the ring would keep the disease from getting to his heart. Aika then gives it to him, and puts it on his ring finger and Hinatsu starts blushing and freaking out when that happens ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ Shinku freaks out when he finds out that Hinatus’s got one of the 3 ultimate demon items only the Maou can hold. Hinatsu then says that he’ll just be the Maou so that he can have it. Soon, it’s the day of the ritual, and Mike decides that Hinatsu should be the Maou, and Hinatsu takes the ritual that night. However, it ends up failing cuz Hinatsu can’t take it and passes out on the spot. He soon wakes up in him room, and Shinku breaks it to Aika that he wanted Hinatsu to go through the ritual in order to help cure the disease by getting more magic from the moon.  However the calm days dont last long as Suiu finds a method to gather magic from the moon before another 6 months pass by, and it needs the ring. Suiu’s starts going like “aika you better pass me the ring now or i’m gonna take it by force” and she tries going to Hinatsu’s place to get it. When he finds out that they need the ring. he then says that he should just die from the disease anyway since he failed to become the Maou and everything cuz he’s useless, but Aika tells him that he still needs to live, since there are people who still care about him. She hugs him tells him that he has to live, (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) so he still needs the ring.

2014-09-21-210903However shit soon happens when Akatsuki bashes in and goes like AIKA I HEARD THAT YOU TRAITOR” and comes in to bash her. Aika then shoots ice at the guy, and escapes with Hinatsu when Shinku comes into help fight Akatsuki. They end up having to hang around the place trying not to get caught by Akatsuki or Suiu. Suiu even sends his wolves to go and bash Hinatsu, but Aika protects him. Shinku then decides that he’s going back to the demon world to go and find a cure for the wolf disease, and tells Aika to last out with Hinatsu while he ain’t around. They end up hanging around the place, running from monsters trying to avoid Akatsuki & Suiu. They end up going on dates along the way, when one night, they’re attacked by Suiu at the park. Hinatsu fights Suiu using the knives Shinku gave him, but soon Suiu seals Aika’s magic power!! This causes Aika to be completely useless, and they retreat to Hinatsu’s room after the ring’s robbed from them. They start getting worried for one another especially due to the fact thta Hinatsu’s condition is worsening due to the ring being stolen from him. Hinatsu then confesses to Aika at that moment, saying that after the ring incident he’s been liking her, and wants to exchange wedding wows with her ワァイヾ(゚д゚*三*゚д゚)ノワァイ They exchange them anyway, and they decide to stay together forever. On the same day, Shinku returns from the demon and turns out there’s no way cure that disease, and they’ve got no choice but to crash into the demon world. The endings split here.

2014-09-21-211012In the Living and Walking together with you end, they bash into the demon world through the gate in Aika’s room, and Shinku beats up Akatsuki while he tells them to go and find the ring. He also tells Hinatsu to protect Aika, and they 2 soon arrive at the treasure room which Suiu there. He soon starts shooting wind at Aika and they 2 try to dodge them, and after some struggling, Hinatsu ends up getting hit by Suiu to protect Aika, at that same moment, the seal on Aika’s magic releases, and she jumps up and bashes Suiu up using her Ice projectiles. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイ Suiu loses, but to Aika’s dismay, Hinatsu’s dead, and she freaks super hard. ヘ(。□°)ヘ She then kisses him, when he wakes up, and says he’s okay, since he did promise to stay with her forever. Aika ends up crying, and she’s happy that Hinatus’s alive. In the Epilogue, Aika’s waiting for Hinatsu at the station for a date, and recalls that Akatsuki & Suiu admit defeat and they decide to wait for another 6 months. Shinku’s also on a journey to help cure rare diseases, the other 3 candidates even yelled at Akatsuki & Suiu to not rob the ring all they’ll get angry (`・ω・´)”. Soon, Hinatsu comes, and he says that the doctor says that his rehab is going well. They end up going for a stroll, and Hinatsu says that he can’t hold back and kisses Aika, and Aika hugs him and says that they’re going to be together forever, and they still have a lot of time left. Hinatsu then says that they should get married when they’re legally allowed to do so. (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪ In the You’re not there end, Aika takes Hinatsu’s place and dies, leaving Hinatsu in despair. In the The hand that I let go of is far away end, Aika doesn’t want Hinatsu to come along to the demon world, and he ends up dying in her room with no one to help him. In the Lost Feelings End, Suiu and Akatsuki ambush them in the human world to get back the ring. Tbh I felt Hinatsu was going to be this shitty character who had that Matsuoka okama voice. The okama voice was true, but I found Hinatsu’s character development to be seriously good. He wasn’t really likable to me, but I found him pretty cute at least.

Iroha (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)

2014-09-21-210250Aika meets Iroha who’s Akatsuki’s candidate, who’s a genius who knows everything to the level where he so lazy and wants to skip class every day. However, the downside is, he’s got an attitude problem. Aika’s like “wtf akatsuki why this guy” when she meets him and Akatsuki explains that Iroha’s a good choice because he has Maou traits! Aika’s like “pfffftttt fine” at him in the end. Iroha ain’t happy about this anyway and gets mad cuz Aika’s pretty much hanging around him and harassing him to do Maou shit and he gets pissed off at her every time. After the group gets attacked by the wolf he gets freaked out by Aika and avoids her at school for the entire day when Aika decides to break this silence by going like “i need to tell you something after school Iroha!!” causing Iroha to get embarrassed as shit. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) This also sparks a rumour around the school causing Iroha to get pissed. He then tells Aika that he can’t believe there’s such shit like the Makai and the Kikai so he’s pretty amused by it. Aika then shows him her demon causing him to blush and look away and Aika goes like “no you have to look closely at me now” and grabs his faces closer to him and he blushes again. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* telling her to put some clothes on lol. He also laughs at her when she trips over something in his face, and he ends up carrying her into the corridor when he sees Sumire and dumps Aika in her face telling Sumire to “take care of the rest”. (LOL ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE A JERK OR ARE YOU BEING TSUN LOL) (~‾⌣‾)~ Aika also makes him write down “To become a Maou” in his career choices sheet.

2014-09-21-210337They have a talk later one day where Iroha gets pissed at Aika asking her why the hell do the demons keeps fighting pointlessly all the time and the Maou doesn’t try to do anything at all.  He then talks about how dumb the war is, and he starts mocking the Maou for not doing anything Aika gets pissed at him as well, and the argument ends when the school bell rings. A few days later Iroha gets Akatsuki to call Aika to go to the park and meet him, and they both apologise to each other. \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ Soon they decide that Iroha should do the ceremony and Aika runs to Iroha in school and tells him he was selected. Iroha obviously pissed and doesn’t give a shit whether he’s chosen or not, and only agrees to go when Aika kneels down in front of him calling him her “Maou”. Iroha’s super embarrassed by this and he agrees to participate in the ceremony that night where it’s more painful….than it should be. He soon blacks out the moment the ceremony’s over, and when he wakes up he starts strangling Aika and muttering stuff like “i need to kill all the mazoku!!” and shit. Akatsuki blacks him out, and tells Suiu & Shinku that he’ll take care of the rest. Turns out for some reason, Iroha’s turned into the Kizoku’s ultimate knight, the “Kishi”!! With this he ends up going around stabbing Suiu & Shinku throwing them back to the Makai, and almost stabs Aika but runs away. After some comforting & advice from Kuroda who seems to be totally fine with Aika’s living room having Shinku’s blood inside there, she receives a message from Iroha telling her to go to the back of the school to meet him. Iroha then reveals there that he’s turned into a Kishi and his brain is currently being brainwashed by the souls of the previous Kishi, causing him to want to kill any Mazoku in his face, even Aika.

2014-09-21-210427This causes the guy to close his eyes and not see Aika for a while, and he tells Aika about how all the previous Kishis are telling him to kill and kill more Mazoku when he sees one and he doesn’t want this shit. This basically means the power of Kishi comes from the previous souls being implanted into the new ones and the new Kishis are then brainwashed into killing Mazoku. Aika hugs him from behind, and he tells her that she could kill him now, but obviously she doesnt want to. Soon Akatsuki pops up and says that he’s the one who ~tweaked the ceremony~ and tells Iroha to go to Revicia and see the place for himself. Aika then decides to follow him after talking to Yukine, and he ends up bandaging his eyes so that he won’t kill Aika, and tells her to be his ‘eyes’ throughout their journey. They run into some Mazoku along the way and Aika fights them, when they find out shes one of the kings. They soon chitchat and find out that not all Mazoku are that bad, and they’re actually scared of dying too like any other person. They also find out that the Mazoku in the area near the boundary between the Kikai and Makai they trade things with the Kizoku as well and they dont exactly hate each other. Soon they take a break while heading towards the Kikai where Iroha babbles om about how he wants to see her face, and they have some cute pocky time together.  ワーイ♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪ワーイ Soon they arrive in a village where Aika proclaims themselves as a travelling couple (✧≖‿ゝ≖) who’s been travelling around the place and the villagers welcome them. Soon they find a grave where they learn about a Mazoku & Kizoku who got married and lived far away from the village but they died and their kid went MIA but they decide to make a grave for them anyway.

2014-09-21-210447This is continued by Akatsuki appearing and telling them he’s that kid and he’s there to put some flowers on his parents’ graves. Turns out due to the fact hat he’s a half he’s decided to be neutral and he gives his power to whichever side is losing, and thus that’s the reason why he made Iroha a Kishi cuz the Kizoku were losing power. Turns out he’s also a high-ranking official at the Kikai and tells Iroha to go with him to stop the war between the Mazoku and Kizoku. Iroha agrees and tells Aika to run away and not get involved in the war since he’s gonna kick some Mazoku butt and he doesnt want to kill her, and stop the war. He leaves with Akatsuki leaving a pissy & upset Aika who locks herself inside her room until Shinku who’s still injured kicks her door open with Suiu telling her to do something instead of moping around. Suiu then says there’s a method to reduce the casualties in the war which is to request a one-on-one match with the Kishi, and have her become the temporary Maou. Aika then runs to Mike and asks him to make her to Maou, and he records her name in the book and makes her a formal Maou. It’s soon the final fight and she faces off Iroha planning to purposely kill herself but there’s Iroha who plans on doing the same thing as well! However Aika starts first and stabs herself using Iroha’s sword and turns out by dumping her blood on Iroha all the annoying voices would get outta Iroha’s head. She then kisses him and starts…..dying in his arms when Iroha freaks and shouts that he didn’t want this shit to happen and asks for someone to help.

2014-09-21-210536Soon one Kizoku goes to help heal Aika and Iroha yells that The Kikai doesn’t want war with the Makai so there’s no point in fighting in the first place anyway, and they want peace so he’s gonna build a peaceful country with the Maou. He also proclaims that the Kikai will pass all power to the Maou Aika cuz the Makai has more power anyway to rule over the entire land. Akatsuki’s like “ahhh looks like my plan failed” and Iroha’s like “you’re working until you die for me Akatsuki”. (^ω^) In the Knight & Dark Lord End, Aika & Iroha decides to make a country where there’s peace as the bosses of the Kikai & Makai, although there are still some people within the ranks who don’t want to accept that shit. They’re on one of their dates one day in the outside world where they’re hanging out. They go into an alley where Iroha kisses her on the cheek and tells her to bear with that in public cuz he can’t hold back his urges to kiss her. ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ They end up hugging and telling each other that they love each other. They then hope that Revicia will become peaceful and they don’t have to walk around the place as “leaders of both sides”, and instead as a couple. In the Unseen Enemy End, Aika decides not to go and see Iroha at the school and a few days later, she hears Mazoku getting attacked from the gate, and she gets killed by Iroha eventually who jumps out of the gate and stabs her. Okay wow this tsun is extremely powerful I dont believe this. who knew Iroha’s dere was so strong that I think I instantly fell in love with his dumb dorky tsukkomi after playing through it. I mean he had that shitty attitude until the end of this route and Im pretty much shocked by how his tsun was rlly cute actually. O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪

Ryouga (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

2014-09-21-210543Aika meets Ryouga when she passes by a Host Club named “MAOH” and finds Suiu there. Turns out Suiu’s working there, and his candidate is one of the hosts there which is Ryouga. The reason why Suiu chose Ryouga was cuz he has the Charisma to become a Maou, and Aika’s pretty statisfied by this explanation. However for some reason instead of people liking him, he’s hated by women, children & animals, and everyone seems to go away from him. Even a cat prefers scratching him over being nice to him. Eitherway after the stupid wolf attacks all the candidates Aika goes back home from school when she crashes into Kuroda, and soon walks home together with him when they pass by Host Club MAOH where Ryouga’s busy working, and he soon calls Aika and speaks normally with her anyway. Ryouga seems to me totally okay with all the shit that’s happened and ends up asking for advice from Kuroda as to why he isn’t popular at all with the ladies at the host club. Aika then tells him it’s prolly the guests’ fault so he shouldn’t brood over it. After that he also saves her from getting asked by a policeman as to why a high school girl is hanging around a Host Club by pretending to be her boyfriend. Soon he ends up admitting that he’s really unpopular for some reason as no one wants to stay around him at all and they all just avoid him for some reason. Turns out his parents even abandoned him, and he’s glad that Aika accepts him for who he is cuz all the girls he tried to talk to just left him or were scared off by him for some reason.

2014-09-21-210612Well eitherway’s Ryouga’s super attached to Aika cuz she’s the only girl who ain’t rejecting him and Aika tells him that if he becomes the Maou she’ll pledge her loyalty to him and he ends up crying when Aika tells him that she wants him to be the Maou. After that confession Ryouga becomes ~super happy~ and starts going around talking about Aika all day. One day he pops by her place while Suiu is there and Suiu soon leaves to give them alone time. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ ワ〜イ !! However the shocking thing is that here, suddenly BAM TURNS OUT RYOUGA’S A WONDERFUL YANDERE. ೭੧(❛〜❛✿)੭೨ He starts going on about how Aika should never leave his side. However the amazing thing is, after Aika tells him to calm down, he’s back to normal!!! Ryouga is soon allowed to take the ceremony to be the Maou and TURNS OUT HE’S GOT SOME GREAT DARK POWER INSIDE HIM that’s why he’s been scaring off women and kids for the past 20 years of his life, and Suiu continues going like “BWAHAHAHAHA I KNEW ITS WAS HIM”. Ryouga collapses, but soon wakes up to be A GIANT YANDERE BASTARD. Yeah once he becomes the Maou Ryouga tells Aika to never leave his side and stay with him FOREVAARRR. He’s even evil to the point where he uses force to make all the Mazoku listen to him and he’s using fear to control the Makai. Aika’s pretty much like “WHAT HAVE I DONE TO RYOUGAAAAA” to herself but then another side of her tells her that she needs to follow the new Maou.

2014-09-21-210754One day she goes to report to him about some things happening in the Makai and he tells her to SIT ON HIS LAP. She gets on, but they’re interrupted by Shinku who kicks the door in and sees them going like “WTF?”  In total embarrassment, Aika runs off while grabbing the guy. Soon the 4 of the kings agree that something’s off with Ryouga and his way of ruling isn’t right and they try to convince him but then he just tells them to fuck off. And sooooo Ryouga’s massive obsessiveness with Aika continue as he starts to ignore all his Maou duties by neglecting all the tribes, and even fires all the female servants cuz HE WANTS AIKA TO HIMSELF AND NO ONE ELSE. Aika ends up having to do shit tons of housework since he fired all the maids. He continues on with the same attitude but once in a while he shows traces of his previous personality. Ryouga ends up going so crazy and starts getting jealous and actually wondering if her loyalty is still with the previous Maou. He ends up going like “OOOHHH SO YOU JUST BELIEVE THAT THE PREVIOUS MAOU WAS BETTER FINE” and pushes her on the bed telling her to be his woman. Aika’s pretty much like “wut??? since when did I say that” and she slaps the guy and tells him that he ain’t the guy she fell in love with and runs off. In the My Dark Lord end, Ryouga fucking wakes up and realises that Aika doesnt want this at all and he thought that being evil and everything was definitely make Aika happy and she’ll stay with her forever lol wut. She ends up shutting him up by kissing him, and tells him that he’s the best Maou for her and he fully goes back to his cute mode.

2014-09-21-210800The next day Ryouga calls for a meeting with the other 3 kings and apologises for all the shit he’s done and Shinku & Akatsuki laugh it off at how dumb he is. However Suiu, ACTUALLY LIKED EVIL RYOUGA!! He then starts going on like “how could you be the dark lord i preferred the previous you ughhhhhhh” and attacks him. Ryouga beats him up, and ends up telling everyone there that “he’ll kill anyone who opposes him” with a smile. ((((;゜Д゜))) In the Epilogue, Ryouga decides to be a good & respectable Maou for Aika and does his job properly, and having time to ichaicha with Aika. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ In the As a Dark Lord end, when Ryouga confronts Aika and presses her on the bed and asks her to be his woman, she ends up agreeing cuz she can’t go against her dark lord. And she goes on having babies for Ryouga and wonders what she did was right. In the My Only Treasure end, Aika ain’t sure if Ryouga’s actually the dark lord, when the same night, Ryouga suddenly GAINS HIS MAOU POWERS AND KILLS ALL THE OTHER KINGS. He then some actually ERASES EVERYONE’S MEMORIES’ OF AIKA AND HER MEMORIES OF EVERYONE LOLOL. And the 2 spend some happy life together forever and Hinatsu calls her one day and she goes like “lol who r u” and they go on a date where Ryouga’s like “LET’S STAYYYY TOGETHER FOREVAARRRR”. Ahahaha no. I found Ryouga really really cute but then……his yandere side completely turned me off completely cuz I seriously didn’t liek that yandere shit at all honestly. Does Otomate seriously solve everything through yandere honestly???? Like they could have chosen something else lol.

Yukine (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

2014-09-21-205946Yukine’s a really cute guy who Aika meets one day when she’s staring at a nice cat plush and she’s trying to restrain herself from buying it cuz the other kings are gonna laugh at her when Yukine goes in the shop, buys it and gives it to her. (=^・ω・^)y= She ends up choosing him as her candidate, but the weird thing is, he doesn’t have a family, a home or even a cellphone and Aika can’t even contact him!! She ends up crashing into him by coincidence cuz it’s pretty much him stalking her. They bond by pretty much having these coincidental meetings and Yukine then tells her one day that he actually has no memories and no idea who the hell he is and he was just….born. Aika then also tells him that she was born quite weak when she was young and she somehow managed to survive the ice disaster. They continue to meet each other like the times where she invites Yukine into her house and they have tea until she accidentally spills it on her…..and before she knows it she’s starting to have weird feelings for Yukine!! She has has no idea what are those though, and goes to Ryouga for help, and Ryouga tells her to go and get Yukine when they see him passing by. She then goes and finds him and says that she has weird feelings for him!! And Yukine ends up hugging her back telling her that she’s his precious one and he likes her a lot. \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ Sumire ends up meeting and ends up helping her as well and goes like “Aika, you’re in LOVEEEE”. Aika starts going all weird and starts asking Yukine stuff like “so i like you??” and Yukines like “idk but i know i do love you” o((*^▽^*))o

2014-09-21-210002So because of this Aika ends up spending a lot of time with Yukine and starts opening up to the guy as she’s starting to fall in love with him. Suddenly, one day, she wakes up and sees Yukine in her bed and he starts babbling on about how they’re a married couple which causes her to blush even though she know is aint true lol. “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” And they soon spend time together and she pretty much ignores finding a dark lord cuz even though there ain’t love in the Makai spending time with Yukine is darnnn fun and she ends up hanging out with him. However at the same time, Aika keeps having dreams of the great ice disaster which happened around the time she was born which almost killed her, and she starts feeling insecure that Yukine’s going to go somewhere without her and she decides to hold his hand one day on one of their dates although she’s really embarrassed. Yukine also buys a cute cat pendant for her since she likes cute things. Soon Aika is convinced that Yukine can be the Maou and talks to him about it, and he tells her that he can’t be the dark lord. He then asks her what she wants to do now, and Aika tells him that she just wants to spend time with him……and they kiss. ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪ However the weird thing is that suddenly her surroundings start to warp, and she suddenly finds herself in her room. She’s awoken by Yukine who tells her that they’re going on a date that day. However the weird thing is that Aika starts seeing some weird shit but she thinks she’s seeing things and continues on with her life.

2014-09-21-210111They the continue going on dates, when Aika realises something ain’t right cuz there’s no one except for the 2 of them there. She starts seeing weird shit of the entire place turning into ice and realises she’s forgetting something. They end up cuddling in bed, and he asks her if reality was harsh, and she could still dream, would she face it? Aika then tells him that she wants to face that reality, and sudden her surroundings start to warp around her. Turns out that the two of them MAKE THE GREAT ICE DISASTER OF REVICIA. So it turns out that when the Maou tried to seal the disaster, he ended up sealing the part which was affecting the Makai into Aika cuz she just turned out to be a Mazoku who had an ice property. However the side of the Kizoku was complete without the other part, and ended up wandering in Revicia and suddenly it just popped up inside the human world. The Kizoku part in Yukine, and that kiss they had made them complete and somehow revived Yukine’s memories!! Yukine then says that he reason why he met her and how they felt connected was because of the ice disaster….when he disappears and leaves Aika alone in the human world which is completely frozen. However when she wakes up she finds herself seeing the other 3 guardians who are after her life, and she starts running. However no matter where she goes, she ends up freezing up the damn place up and she soon starts to despair. The other 3 kings soon confront her and want to kill her, but she ends up making an ice wall and runs away.

2014-09-21-210225She soon crashes into Kuroda who’s like having some kind of stroll and goes like “oh it’s aika let’s go home its getting cold out here!” Aika then screams at the guy telling him to get away but for some reason he whacks the ice away. Aika’s pretty much “who the heck are you kuroda” and he tells her not to ask anymore, and asks her if she has any wish. In the Seeing you Again end, Aika tells him that she wants to see Yukine again. And somehow, Kuroda magically gets Yukine to come out of her! They soon have a talk when they reunite, and Kuroda gives them a knife telling them that the knife can completely obliterate the disaster in them, and it’s up to them to decide what they want to do cuz he has no right to decide. They go to the park, and Yukine talks about how happy he was when he met her, and how she was so precious to him cuz she was despairing in a world where he didn’t know who he was or what he was living for. Soon, they decided that they’re gonna kill themselves together to destroy the disaster and save everyone, and they stab themselves together. In the Epilogue, turns out that Aika was the only one who survived the stab, and she’s wandering around town hoping that she can meet him again, and she’s pretty much lost quite a bit of her powers and she’s average level Mazoku. Suddenly, she meets Yukine again at the same spot where she first met him. Turns out that Yukine suddenly reborn and has a human form now!! Aika’s so happy that she ends up hugging him. わあい\(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/わあいっ In the Within the moment end, Aika tells Yukine that if he can’t be the dark lord, she’s just got to find a new one, and tells Yukine to stay by her side until that happens, and Yukine says that he’ll always be by  her side.

2014-09-21-210235In the If you wish end, Aika tells Yukine that she wants to continue to dreaming, and she continues her happy life in the illusion, but Yukine soon starts to disappear and she starts to see the world around her completely frozen. In the Great Ice Disaster end, she tells the 3 kings that she’s prepared to die, and they all aim at her to kill her when suddenly HER ICE POWERS KICK IN AND FREEZES ALL OF THEM UP. Aika then continues to despair and she freezes up the entire the world using her ice powers. In the Goodbye end, Aika tells Kuroda that she wants to die, and with some magical powers, Kuroda kills her, and apologises for making her carry such a huge burden. Well okay this entire ice plot was really cool but the issue is with the damn good end, I know otomate wants to make everyone happy but lol I think I would have preferred a bittersweet ending more than a true happy ending….cuz it just feels out of place. Although I somehow remember how Yukine was reborn cuz apparently the Knife just “abosrbed” him and he ended up being reborn as a human who needs to eat and sleep. But still, a big part of me feels that the ending should have been bittersweet instead of happy honestly, cuz the 2 weren’t meant to be together in the first place so I don’t think they should have made it that happy.

Kuroda (CV: Suwabe Junichi)

2014-09-21-211034If you haven’t noticed after reading all the other character reviews, yes Kuroda is the secret character of the game. And well, I pretty much guessed his identity one day when I was trying to figure out how did he even fit in the story, and well the prologue just proved it right for me. Yep Kuroda’s the missing Maou that they’ve been looking for all along. Also, at the same time I heard Suwabe doing his final boss deep voice at the beginning so I was so definitely sure it was him. Eitherway Kuroda is Aika’s landlord and they technically live in the same house since Aika stays in only one part of it. His actual route actually starts after Aika wonders if their Maou is still alive, and 3 other kings get so angry and argue over which candidate should be the Maou they end up busting up the house and running away. However Kuroda’s really cool about this and lets her stay at his part of the house while they get people to fix up the other part of the house. So they end up living together and Aika actually cooks for the guy cuz all he knows to eat is instant noodles and she ends up having to take care of the guy. Suddenly one day some dude named Kohaku soon pops by and asks to freeload at Kuroda’s house as well, and they end up spending time together like that. The 3 kings end up still not being able to decide who should be the Maou, and they decide to return to Revicia first and Ryouga decides to hold a farewell party cuz they’re going back to Revicia, and Kuroda’s invited as well.

2014-09-21-211108After the party the same night Aika starts having dreams about her Maou saving her from the Ice Disaster when she was kid, and Kuroda notices this, He goes into her room to check on her and she ends up subconsciously grabbing his shirt and going like “maou-sama…..” (~˘▾˘)~ The 3 kings continue to argue the next day about who should be the Maou and Mike tells them all that he thinks that the Maou is still out there somewhere and they shouldn’t replace him. The same night, Aika overhears Kohaku leaving the house after talking about some suspicious shit with Kuroda, and she runs out grabbing Mike, and sees Yukine getting stabbed by Kohaku. Kohaku’s like “stop acting human man u aint even bleeding” and sudden, Yukine disappears!! (」゜ロ゜)」 Aika’s like “wtf r u doing to Yukine Kohaku!!” and ends up attacking him but she’s stopped by Kuroda…..who reveals himself to be the Maou Grafar! Kohaku also reveals himself to be the Kishi Anva!! Aika’s pretty much shocked by this and Mike explains that the 2 of them being still alive in the world interfered with the selection and thus he couldn’t decide who should be the next Maou. Turns out the 2 decided to work together to get rid of the Ice Disaster from Revicia and jumped into the human world to research and they managed to come up with a knife which could completely destroy the disaster. The initial plan was to just kill Yukine and keep Aika alive since Grafar wanted to Aika to be safe and if Yukine was gone the disaster wouldn’t be complete so nothing would happen…..until Anva decides to betray the guy.

2014-09-21-211130Anva attacks Aika & Shinku together one day and ends up kidnapping her, and suddenly he becomes the great ruler of Revicia cuz he’s the strongest now that Grafar is “missing”! He pretty much killed everyone who went against him so the other 3 kings end up having to serve him cuz they’re gonna get killed if they don’t. Anva then tells Aika to serve him through the command “as the maou says”. It turns out this command was casted on Aika just in case she went out of control, but Grafar didn’t use it at all anyway and now Anva’s abusing it. He then starts telling her to be his woman and Aika’s like “fuck you u ain’t my dark lord anyway”, when suddenly Grafar turns up and orders Aika to come to his side and he hugs her. (●⌒∇⌒●) わーい Grafar then aplogises to her for being late, and tells Anva that this is against their agreement cuz Aika was supposed to be let off after Yukine was destroyed. However Anva shows him the knife and goes like “AHAHA YOU THOUGHT HE WAS DESTROYED? I SEALED HIM HERE BWAHAHAHA”. Turns out he wanted those shit level disaster powers so he decides to seal Yukine and use his powers for himself. Grafar’s pretty much like “lol ok” and grabs Aika, and runs out of the Revicia together with her lol. \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ We soon find out that when Anva & Grafar were discussing about how to get right of the ice disaster Anva had suggested killing Aika on the spot since she was already there but Grafar didn’t allow that cuz he was starting to have feelings for her after she came to the castle and he watched her develop and grow. o((*^▽^*))o

2014-09-21-211138They soon reach the human world, and Grafar seals the gate for a day. Aika soon asks Grafar why he didn’t use the “as the Maou says” command from the beginning so that she would be forever loyal to him. He then tells her that he didn’t do that cuz he just wanted her to be normal and not a tool to be used by others, and that he just wanted her heart. O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ Grafar then asks Aika if she just wanted to stay in the human world cuz he may not have enough power to beat Anva and Anva’s just after her disaster powers so if they seal the gate forever they should be safe. In the Re:Birth [D] end, Aika’s pretty much like “shit no we’ve gotta save Revicia and beat up anva!!”. Aika realises that she’s in love with Grafar anyway and he ends up grabbing her and they kiss, and he tells her to “be prepared” cuz she’s gonna stick with him forever. ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ The next day they end up jumping back in Revicia to go and beat up Anva, and when they meet up he starts blabbling on about how the voices in his head have been making him go crazy and shit and he thought that getting the disaster powers would allow him to get rid of them but lol no, that didn’t work. Soon they attack the guy, and the 3 other kings also decide to rebel against Anva and help them out. Anva’s like “LOL DID U FORGET THAT I HAD DISASTER POWERS??” and Aika’s like “lol did you forget that I have disaster powers and I’m giving them to my Maou??” They attack Anva with some kind of combined power together to beat the guy. Best part, Yukine awakens from the knife and goes like “shit you i’m never gonna let anyone use my powers to hurt aika i protect her!!” and they beat up Anva.

2014-09-21-211143However soon after that Yukine’s going to disappear and asks Grafar to take care of Aika. .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.Grafar becomes Maou again through Mike’s selection. In the Epilogue, Grafar then says that he just wants to spend time ichaichaing with Aika but then 3 kings dumb a shit ton of work on him to catch up on during his absence. (•̀⌄•́) He ends up giving everyone a job to do and kicks them out of the place, and then magically gives Aika a dress and tells her to be his waifu when she’s privately with him. ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ Oh yeah and in his short stories they end up going to the human world to skip work and apologise to the 3 dudes for causing them so much trouble and everything. 。◕‿◕。 In the Glasslike Harmony end, Aika agrees to stay in the human world with Grafar and he seals up the gate so that no one can get through anymore. And they spend their life together in the house as Kuroda & Aika for the rest of their lives. In the Amber Words end, Aika can’t stand up against what Anva says and ends up being his woman. He then tells the rest of the kings to go and kill Grafar…and she’s stuck with that bastard forever. Okay well apart from that terrible Anva end I found the human world end was terrible cuz it seemed like Grafar was just running away from reality for the sake of Aika and I didn’t really like that at all. And yes I cried when Yukine disappeared how could they do that seriously gosh.

Common & Other 3 King ends

2014-09-21-211238In the Beyond the Crimson Sky End, Shinku & Aika get the ring back and they try putting it on Hinatsu but he doesn’t wake up. He’s alive, but he’s in a deep sleep. They then decide to go on a journey to find a way to get him to wake up while keeping him inside her room while they’re out. while they’re travelling Shinku then reveals that his younger brother was named Hinatsu too and Aika figures thats the reason why he chose Hinatsu to be his candidate. In the In Balance End, Iroha leaves with Akatsuki and never comes back, leaving his last words that Aika’s gonna be his last target. Akatsuki then tells Aika that he’ll protect her when that time comes and Iroha attacks her, so she doesn’t need to worry. In the Unseen Rain end, Aika can’t take the Ryouga’s shit anymore and goes to Suiu for help, Suiu ends up taking her back to the human world and she stays there for rest of her time while Suiu updates her on what’s going on in the Makai while she ain’t there. Turns out that Ryouga’s been going on a downward spiral after she left and he ain’t doing his work anymore. Suiu then talks about how he’s gonna take the chance to take over the Makai and be the Maou and he starts laughing evilly and says how hes only just using Aika. In the Eternal Vow end, Aika can’t decide who should be the Maou, and they end up arguing who should be the Maou, when Mike tells them that the perfect candidate is Aika!! She takes the ceremony, and awakes 3 months later to find out she’s the new Maou of the Makai, and all the 3 kings end up becoming her manslaves as she becomes the Maou. ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

~Final Thoughts~

2014-09-21-211313For Otomate’s first work, this was great honestly. Aika’s such a badass heroine!! She’s pretty much getting all the kings to shut up half the time together while they’re arguing at her place and that’s hilarious as hell, along with the fact that her imagination is terribly funny to the point where she thinks that Karaoke is some kind of ceremony lol. Story was great as heck as the routes pretty much covered all the bases of the entire story except for Hinatsu. Although I’m not sure who’s route is the “main route” of this game was. It’s a battle between Yukine & Grafar. Somehow 50% of me thinks is Yukine cuz the 2 weren’t meant to be together but it was meant to be some kind of love tragedy where at least 1 person had to go? Yeah I found Yukine to be the main that way cuz he’s supposed to be complete with Aika but on the other hand, 50% of me feels that Grafar’s the main as well? Grafar’s supposed to be main dude cuz he’s the Maou that Aika loves a lot and it fits the catch line of the game which is “Dear my Lord, I definitely find you” which is more on finding where the Maou has gone? Yeah I just can’t decide who’s the main guy in this game honestly. But well, everything’s pretty much okay in terms of plot, and I’d recommend playing in the order which I played which is Hinatsu > Iroha > Ryouga > Yukine > Kuroda cuz it’ll slowly explain the entire plot out to you. And for guys, my favourite is Iroha, but Yukine & Kuroda are right behind him and in my point of view, fuck the other 2. ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)

System wise everything was okay I guess? Except for the fact that I couldn’t touch the CGs to get some extra voices like Dialovers of even Amnesia (although I cant seem to find all the places to touch to get the trophy in Amnesia oops) but I guess this game had too little touch function honestly? The game mechanics for raising affection was really confusing though, I could see if was doing anything right by seeing what colour Mike flashes through his book form but he but then the diagram doesn’t particularly show how much affection you have? Getting the good end was no biggie for me but I had to go through Hinatsu’s route 3 times and 3 guides to try and get all his bad ends which was terrible. But no fear not if you want to play the game! I managed to find this guide which pretty much points you in the right direction for everything and I used this guide from Iroha onwards and I managed to get every single end with no problems. Overall, this game was good and I’d recommend it to people who wants to play Otomate’s vita stuff.

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