Late July~Early September Happenings & Unboxings

Well I’m really sorry for not posting anything for the past few months, but the thing is that I barely had time to post anything and I’m barely pulling out time to do this. I’m also running slow on typing reviews at the same time so I barely have time to do anything at all. Well, whatever. I’ll be talking about a few things which happened here and I’m doing an unboxing as well. A little warning though, I was in a rush so if some of the pics seem kinda blur im really sorry haha.

Re:Vice [D] Limited Edition

Well firstly in late July I got my copy of Re:Vice D. I pretty much ordered it from my local game store which took orders for Japanese games, but usually their main problem is that they kinda….got the limited edition of the game for me instead even though I asked for the Regular Edition. Well the Limited Edition is the usual Otomate which is pretty much a booklet + bonus drama cds. Although, the booklet had some nice concept sketches for the characters.


Next, in Early August, EOY happened which is pretty much a cosplay event with some mini booths there. I managed to get my hands on a Free! file, a Masato badge and some nice gothic lolita nekomimi that I’m prolly gonna wear to AFA this year. I took a few pics of cosplay, and it’s like only 5 so yeah.

August Amiami & CDJapan Order

Afterwards, in late August I ordered tons of shit from Amiami. And my sis also got a shit ton of CDs from CDJapan so I literally did a lot of unboxing that day. Amiami Stuff includes: Love Live! School Idol Paradise Vol.1 Limited Edition, Persona 4 the Ulimate Suplex Hold, Dialovers MB Ayato bracelet, Dialovers VS II Ruki vs Kou. CDJapan Stuff includes: OLDCODEX – Dried up Youthful Fame Limited Edition, Okamoto Nobuhiko – Parading Limited Edition, GOATBED – DMMD anime OP & ED Anime Edition, Vistlip – Jack Anime Edition & Sakamoto Maaya – Replica Regular Edition.

Oh yeah, did you know I have a new fag for Suzuki Tatsuhisa? Yes he’s currently my seiyuu bias & I got into OLDCODEX as well so that’s why I bought the limited edition for their latest single.

Sugita visted Singapore for STGCC.

STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention) is an event held in Singapore mainly for comics and other things. Mainly more of those comics & games type of conventions instead of anime. I didnt get much photos or anything, but it happened that Sugita Tomokazu was there at the convention to host 2 panels, about Voice-acting & Game Creation. Turns out he’s the writer of a novel-turned-VN called Getsuei Gakuen -Kou-. Well I didnt attend the panel due to the fact I was quite tired that day, and its not like we could get up close anyway apart from below the stage so yeah. However if you do want to read it up here, AFA Channel has covered it on this article.

There’s a group translating Amnesia!

Yes the good news is that there’s currently a group translating the PSP version of Amnesia! And the best part is that I’m in the group translating Kent’s route! (haha the theory is gonna kill me OwO). If you like to know more about it, please do check out this site. The previous group I was supposed to be in suddenly became inactive and everything, so now I’m in another group. We’re currently looking for mainly hackers, so if you’re interested, do check out the site.

What about your Otoge Updates?

Sadly, studies have been eating most of my time, and my exams are around the corner starting in late September, so I might not be able to Update. I recently finished Yukine’s Route in Re:Vice D but the thing is, I dont have time to sit down and actually type reviews now. I don’t even have the time for a simple drama cd review and pretty much what I wanted to review, I forgot all about the contents and I have to re-listen to them again, and the best part is that I listen to them while studying. Right now I’m really running late in typing reviews, as I usually type out my reviews whenever i’m done with a characters, but I’m seriously running late cuz I haven’t typed Ryouga’s, Yusuke’s & Yukine’s reviews at all, and I can only do it during my free time. About Brocon, it’s the worst cuz I barely have the motivation to even play it. I’ve just started Tsubaki’s route, but I really can’t continue, and I dont event have the time to continue. The schedule system in the game is really boring me out and I’m really pissed by it already, and I really dont feel like playing it. I can’t play either while doing my work, cuz it requires me to touch my PSP every 5 minutes, and I cant get any work done. Therefore if it’s the worse case, the brocon review will only be out after my exams.

Well that’s all for now, and I do hope I can clear at least RE:Vice D soon, and the next game I’m reviewing will be love live!

8 thoughts on “Late July~Early September Happenings & Unboxings

  1. kurorisa

    holy crap that’s lots of unboxing. I’m still reaaaaallly sad that I can’t go see Sugita because ITS SO CLOSE YET SO FAR /in the neighbor country
    and yeah I’ve been wanting to play Getsuen Gakuen kou as well since actually at first it was a doujin game but then he collab with ASW to release it for vita :’D

    you got P4U2! haven’t bought it coz I think it’s super overprice (for me anyway, normal games are priced that way I know xD;) and won’t get it unless the price drops. and lmao why is the bonus DLC wrapped like that, it looks like a cookie lmao. oh and I saw you get love live vita game. I heard it’s pretty bad with framerate drop issues and bad graphics :/

    anyway enjoy your games mate! man that’s a lot xD

    1. Shuu Post author

      Yeah I get you about the “so close, but so far” part haha xD. I’m kinda interested in his game as well so I might give it a go I have the time. For P4U2, it’s supposed to be my sister’s game, and I pretty much preordered it for the free adachi dlc. it’s like $9 in sgd in the asia store which is quite ex.

      Yeahhhhh about love live the cgi really sucks. I have to admit it. It really sucks. I was expected better from the game honestly. The only thing good about the limited edtion was really the nendos. and from what I last checked, there’s lesser songs than I thought in one game. 😦

      1. kurorisa

        I wanted to buy it last year but it was when lots of game appeared on the same time orz. I know a few plot since they covered it on blazblue radio which I watch.
        ah I see, it’s still one hell of a price though. not to mention lots of dlc :/

        maybe because it’s a fragmented game that’s why it has less songs? also yeah I saw the nendos they are good. just not the game. I saw amazon reviews and it was pretty bad…

      2. Shuu Post author

        ahhh yes the sad thing about RPGs. You’re always having trouble deciding which game to buy first all the time. I’ve got my eyes set on getting the localization of Disgaea 4 but then there’s binary star at my local store so Idk what the buy sobs ;w; trying to balanece vita games for me is really tough, honestly.

        annnnddd, i went to check amazon reviews, and wow they are seriously bad. there’s complaints about little songs, short story, terrible character models and other things even, and this looks like it ain’t gonna be nice. Well the reason why i complain about the lack of songs is really cuz 1 unit can have quite a few songs, so I dont see the reason why they only have like, 10? they have much more full team songs and 2 more unit songs so the fact that there’s a lack of songs is really terrible. even the phone game has like almost every single song they’ve released so far imao.

      3. kurorisa

        lol ikr, specially when you found a rare game in your own country that you want you’ll be considering securing it first because you can always get the other one later

        according to amazon, the 2nd game is the only one that has an okay rating. wow 10 songs only? that’s a scam lol it’s one of those times when mobile games are better I guess xD

  2. Hinano

    I feel your pain with Brocon…I have Brilliant Blue in my backlog but dealing with the stat raising is so めんどくせー
    Thanks for the reviced limited edition booklet pics! I kinda regret not getting the limited for that and binary star (´;ェ;`)ウゥ・・・

    1. Shuu Post author

      yeah Brocon makes me really tired, and instead makes me sleep when i play it at night. looking at it makes me go うわ、めんどくせー I went back to playing it and the only thing which is letting me go on is Tsubaki’s cute talk.

      I might buy the binary star limited edtion I found at my local store, maybe around nov if no one buys it. Heard the story was good despite the yandere so i might go for it since there isnt anything im particularly interested in other than code:realize that month……


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