What to Review next?

As you realise, I’ve been very slow in terms of reviewing otome games, and thus I haven’t been posting new reviews every now and then. The reason to this is because lately I’ve been cooped up doing my schoolwork, so I don’t have much time to sit down, and play my PSP in front of my com like I used to. My PSP as I said before, has been on a terrible burnout where the battery runs out in like 30mins just running a umd. With this, I’m pretty much stuck to playing psp games at home, whereas for my psvita, I can constantly play it outside. I even preordered Re:Vice d!!

Eitherway the main point of this post is to tell everyone that I probably won’t be able to churn out another review until late July or something, but I have a few things which are currently in the burner which I want to review. There are a few phone games, as well as a few drama cds I would like to review. Also, I would like to show some of my recent merchandise!! I recent ordered the utapri silver dust plug, a lip on my prince drama cd, and got my utapri figure!!!


Therefore, I would like you guys to vote what you want me to review!!

6 thoughts on “What to Review next?

  1. kurorisa

    I can feel you. I’m recently stuck with uni as well and it takes much of my time and energy so bad that I don’t feel like playing otoges.
    looking forward to your lip on my prince review!

    1. Shuu Post author

      Thats so true. School has burnt me out so much that sometimes I feel like resting more than making progress on games. Although after playing brocon im kinda motivated to move on during my free time.
      I’ll get the lipon CD done soon, since it looks popular so far!

      1. kurorisa

        sleep is good lmao. once you lack sleep and all, sleep looks reaaallly precious xD
        are you getting other lip on CDs as well?

  2. Hinano

    I love lip on my prince. I’m not even a drama CD buff but I just love it so much I hope they make it into a game.

    By the way I feel you on the PSP thing. My old PSP battery would be so shitty I bought an extra battery and that would die too! PSps have a really awful life span. The keys on my 1 year old PSP are already starting to stick bleh. And yay I also ordered Reviced! 😀

    1. Shuu Post author

      Yeah lip on my prince is so good I wws listening to it the other day and dem kissing sounds (*´∀`*人*´∀`*) Midorikawa was so cute in this one compared to his dialovers cds.

      My psp battery is terrible. Super terrible and I can’t believe it’s been with me for 6 years and its still alive. I wanted to order binary star at first, but looking at the plot and the endings im kinda worried. But the cast is wonderful to me haha xD

  3. Laramie Castiel

    In spite of the MASSIVE hype surrounding Lip on My Prince, there are surprisingly few English reviews of both Seiya’s and Mahoro’s CDs. I would love to read your perspective on even one of the LoMP CDs! 🙂


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