Toki no Kizuna ~Hanayui Tsuzuri~

6 months after completing the first Toki no Kizuna game, I’ve finally arrived at its FD, where we have 10 times more raburabu goodness continued from the original stories of the guys. All the routes start right after the ending of the first game.

The best part is, the entire game is like reading a book. All the chapters were extremely short, and the options did not affect the entire game flow and getting the good ending. Plus, there are extra routes with Yachiyo and Shuu, and some extra omakes where Yukina becomes the Yasehime. Also in this entire route I will be calling Yukina’s sis Kazuha instead of Yasehime, cuz in some routes she aint around anymore. There’s also some other stuff, with more CGs for the guys!! I decided to separate the omake storyline from the dudes routes so the omakes are after the individual character love parts. Let’s move to the routes!!

Amagiri Kazutake (CV: Nojima Kenji)

TKH053The route starts off where Kazutake arrives at YaseVillage to get Yukina, and they go talk Kazuha’s room about the Hagureoni dying before she could bring them back to the Jukishuu, and she wants to help the others. The conversation ends there as she tells Yukina to bring Kazutake to a room to do whatever she wants to do with him. However when she she does that he ends up telling her to go back to Kazuha since she will barely have the chance to talk to her after she gets married to him. Yukina ends up going back, but Kazuhas NOT PLEASED, but it then turns into a conversation on how Yukina needs to wear more girl clothes cuz she’s going to get married and become a waifu. Sadly, Yukina doesnt want to since she’s a bodyguard anyway, and Kazuha starts going on about how she’ll just have to be prepared for the real thing lol, which causes Yukina to freak out even harder. Later at night, Yukina ends up not being able to sleep, and she sees Kazutake outside when she goes out. Turns out he couldn’t sleep as well, and they end up battling to pass the time. He doesnt go easy on her since Yukina’s improved, and he ends up beating her and pinning her onto a tree. Kazutake then says that she cant be stronger than him, cuz if that happens he’ll pretty much lose his role of protecting her. He then asks for his prize, and he ends up kissing her (ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\) He also asks her if she’s happy that he’s here, and she tells him she is.

TKH055The next day, Shiomi-jii and Tsuki-jii come back from some business, and Kazuha calls Yukina and Kazutake into her room. She then asks Kazutake about how is his clan doing since they didnt have a place to live, and turns out that the Amagiri are sharing land with the Kazama, thanks to Chitose. (i see what you did there otomate) She then starts asking if it was possible to hold the official wedding ceremony at his place with Yukina freaking out behind, but Kazutake assures her that it’ll work out fine lol. They leave, and Kazutake tells Yukina that it’s okay if they did the ceremony at YaseVillage, since there’s still some issues settling down at his new place. They soon go out to look for a kimono for the wedding ceremony, and they end up crashing into Shin along the way, where they get him to help him pick out kimonos for them. Shin ends up bringing them to one of his frequent places, where he SUDDENLY TURNS INTO A FASHIONISTA and starts babbling on about how the design and colour for hours, picking a kimono for Yukina and Kazutake. They finally get out of the shop, and Kazutake tries to get Shin to accept his thanks with money, but Shin’s like “i’ve been your friend for years i dont need any thanks” and sdoesn’t accept the thing. They soon go back, and Yukina is called to Kazuha’s room where she dumps a pile of kimonos in her face, and tells Yukina to pick one outta the stack lol (the hime’s too desperate :D)

TKH058After Kazuha freaks out over what clothes suits Yukina, she goes to the hall, where Shin talks about stories of the past where Kazutake got scolded for accidentally throwing a rock at Tsuki-jii when he was playing with Chitose & Kazuya when they were kids. Shin then continues talking about past stories, and it soon gets late, and everyone decides to rest. Kazutake then takes her back to her room, and he says that he wants to spend time with her because she was talking, and now he wants her all to himself now. Kazutake then carries Yukina onto the ledge, and they end up kissing there. He then asks if she wants to sleep with him, which causes Yukina to blush even more lol but he’s joking away. The next morning Chitose and Kazuya appears, and Yukina asks them if they were really good friends in the past which causes the both of them to rage like hell, and they agree to help out with the wedding preparations at the Village. They soon get drunk later that night, and Yukina wakes up seeing Kazutake still asleep, and decides to touch him when HE WAKES UP CUDDLING HER WHILE STILL HALF-NAKED. ワーイヽ(゚∀゚ヽ 三 ノ゚∀゚)ノワーイ Yukina then says that he looked cute while he was sleeping, and she just wanted to touch him. He then tries to explain how his sexual frustrations are over 10000 and he wants to ravage her so much but he says that he’ll just hold back until they get to his place. Soon they hold the ceremony at the YaseVillage, and they soon leave the day after. They go to Sekigahara to pay their respects to Ishida and Sakon, as well as going to the place where Shuu died before going to an inn to rest.

TKH060She then asks about the pendant that he wears, and he explains that it’s something that was passed down through generations. He then says that he really owes Chitose a lot now, and he already agreed with the guy that he could use the Amagiri people to help out with chores in the area. They soon reach the Amagri’s place when they finds out from Chitose that Hideya (hes the warlord guy i was talking about) was looking for them. Turns out Hideya was staying at the Shimazu’s place, and they went to see him there. The first thing Hideya does is to start flirting with Yukina and Kazutake’s like “AHEM SHE’S MY WAIFU PLS DONT” They then go to his room, where he says that he’s decided he’s settling down, since he doesnt have anymore power. Hideya also adds that he wants to get to know them more as friends now. Soon Kazutake brings Yukina to this place with a tree, and they ends up cuddling each other there as he says how much he loves her. Soon the official wedding ceremony happens, and Yukina’s getting ready when she hears Chitose and Hideya arguing outside lol. They do the ceremony, where Kazutake says that he loves her and he’ll never ask her to leave again, and they exchange their vows of love. He then says that Yukina is more important than his life now, and he’ll continue protecting her forever. Months later, Yukina’s living life at the Amagiri place when a kid from the Kazama clan asks her to give a letter to a girl in the Amagiri clan. He tells her to keep a secret when Kazutake comes by and carries her. Yukina rages at him to put her down but he’s like lol nope im carrying you home like this”. He asks what she was talking about with the kid, but she doesnt tell him anything away. He then say that they’re going back to rest now since they’re free, and they should had kids someday. Overall I feel that Kazutake’s route was nice and randy, but I guess Nojima Kenji failed to make me feel that good about it cuz they way he said it was so plain. Tbh this really just left me with the same after feeling as the first game, so I really have no comments.

Oboro Yachiyo (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)

TKH131It turns out that I could play Shuu and Yachiyo after playing one of the main dude’s routes so I decided to clean out the both of them ASAP. Yachiyo ends up beings the same old creep he is from the previous game, so I really dont know what to say about him. Although his route was more exciting than Kazutake’s in a way. In both routes Kazuha’s dead, and Yukina becomes the next Yasehime cuz lol she’s her sister duh. The route starts off with a flashback of the past, when his mom was still around, wanting him to be a happy child. She gives him a hairpin that has been passed down through the ages, and tells him to smile no matter what happens. It turns out to be a dream, and he wakes up to it with news saying that a letter has been sent from the Yase to them. He meets up with Senkimaru and Shuu at night, and they decide to infiltrate YaseVillage since they find her dumb for sending some stupid letters to try and save them. It then shows how he told Kazuha all his hatred for the Jukishuu before making her gulp down the sentan, and it skips to the battle at Sekigahara. They’re defeated by all the main dudes, and after that Shuu & Yachiyo visit the Village once anyway to talk to Yukina. Soon it goes back to Yukina’s POV, where she’s staring out into the sky, when Kotoura-jii and Shiomi-jii come by saying that they’ve found new guards for her, and she could go and test them by herself. Yukina becomes hyper and run off immediately to test them, and when she comes back turns out that Yachiyo’s arrived. They get worried if hes back for trouble when he draws out his string, but it turns out to be him using it to cut his hair. Everyone’s like “DAFAQ YACHIYO WHAT U DOIN” when he explains that he actually swore that he would never cut his hair until he made a kingdom of hagureoni, and since that aint possible now he cutting it in front of them to show that he’s starting anew. Yukina asks him to stay by saying that she’ll do his hair, and he tells her that if she doesnt do it right, he’ll punish her.

TKH134They end up talking while Yukina cuts and styles his hair. He tells her about how he met Senkimaru and Shuu, and complains about how she keeps asking about them, and if she’s fallen in love with one of them or sth. However Yukina starts thinking and drifting off when SHE CUTS HIS EAR BY ACCIDENT. (its a cut his ear didnt drop off okay) This causes Yachiyo to go like “heheh….you’re getting punishment now….” and makes her LICK THE BLOOD OFF HIS EAR LOLOL. He then says how he’s going to make the Yasehime do such an embarrassing thing, but she licks it anyway and the matter is settled with the guy’s hair much shorter now lol. He actually looks pretty okay BUT NOT LIKE A SISSY UNLIKE IN THE PREVIOUS SRSLY. They end up talking in the hall, where he talks about when he was young, where he was pretty much upset as to why the Jukishuu didnt accept them. He was pretty much innocent and kept asking why, since his mom told him that as long as you apologised, the person would forgive you but they weren’t forgiven cuz their ancestors made mistakes. This caused Yachiyos thinking to go berserk, and he turned into this mad guy who wanted to kill the Jukishuu and make a kingdom of Hagueroni. He then succeeds as the next leader of the Oboro, and changes his name from 八知代 to 八千代 (reads the same but different kanji) cuz he wanted to be equal as all the other oni. They’re soon left to their own devices but when Yukina’s going back to her room, she smells some burning smell and it turns out to be Yachiyo burning his hair and the hairpin lol. He then tells her that the Oboro won’t be using the Kurokami anymore, and Yukina ends up asking for the hairpin and he gives it to her. The same night, she has a dream of Kazuha telling her what she’s doing aint wrong, and she just needs to believe.

TKH137Turns out that the same morning Yachiyo also disappeared, and afterwards she sends letters through Ginrou to the Oboro village, but with no reply. Soon Shuu pops by as well apologising for what he did, and telling them that he’s decided to go around looking for hagureoni with Senkimaru. Shuu ends up staying there for a day since they were supposed to meet up at YaseVillage, and Senkimaru aint there yet. Suddenly, while walking back to her room the same night, she gets grabbed by Yachiyo telling her to not make a sound or he’ll do sth to her. Turns out YACHIYO TRAPPED THE BIRD AT HIS PLACE CUZ THE BIRD KEPT SENDING LETTER FROM HER OMFG. Yukina apologises to the guy for using Ginrou to spy on them, but Yachiyo tells her to stay out of their business, and strangles her out of rage. He then says how dumb she and Kazuha are cuz they’re about to die in his hands (lol okay), thanks to them meddling in the Oboro’s affairs and wanting peace, when Yukina takes out his hairpin, and touches his chest, telling him that they’re both Oni, so their business is her business as well. She also adds that she wants the Oboro to be happy. Yachiyo then loosens his grip, and says that he shouldnt have gotten involved with her. He gets up, WHEN SUDDENLY SHUU BAMS IN LOL. He then starts complaining how bad Yachiyo looks and ends up getting hit, followed by the grandpas coming in. Yachiyo then makes an excuse saying that he came back for his hairpin and leaves. He gets back to his place when Senkimaru bams in as well, and gets into an argument with him cuz he aint replying properly to Yukina, and how he almost killed her.

TKH138Senkimaru then says its the first time he stopped his actions due to something, and figures that its probably got to do with Yukina, and tells Yachiyo not to run away from her anymore. One day, Senkimaru and Shuu pop by YaseVillage telling her shes the only one who can change Yachiyo’s decision to move to somewhere else. They rush to the place where the Oboro clan is staying, and Yukina tries to convinces Yachiyo about moving, and he says that the clan’s going to do so anyway. He then comments how scary Yukina is for running all the way here, but hes not going to run away from her anymore. Yukina goes home to YaseVillage, and she sends letters often to Yachiyo over how they’re doing on the new land that was provided for them. One day, the guy ends up popping by bringing a letter from the Oboro people thanking her for helping them. They also give her this flower which bloomed only at the old Oboro place, and Yukina decides to grow it. Yukina also writes a reply letter to them and asks Yachiyo to wait, and when he gets it he ends up pushing her down saying that it took her sooo long to get it done. He also gives her the hairpin, and says that he wont kill her again cuz he’ll be affected by the hairpin that shes wearing now. Months pass, and the flower blooms, with Yachiyo popping by again to see her, commenting on how she somehow managed to make the flower bloom and has at least some woman traits lol. He then suddenly gets close to her, and attempts to kiss her but she pushes him away blushing like hellヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイHe then says how she’s pretty much fallen in love with him and he needs her to show her true feelings before some other guy gets her. Yukina argues back, but he ends up licking her finger and she blushes even harder. He then says how even if a guy confesses to her she’ll just go back to him away, and how he got love instead of killing intent from her, and asks her to take responsibility for stealing his heart. Yachiyo was really just plain creepy throughout this entire thing so I really have barely any feelings for the guy sorry.

Nagumo Shuu (CV: Irino Miyu)

TKH141Shuu is too happy-go-lucky to actually that he actually has problems, and hes a really cute shit who loves to tease people cuz apparently HE IS THE YOUNGEST OF THE GROUP. Yukina’s also the Yasehime in this route as well. The beginning of the route is pretty much him recapping on how he met Senkimaru & Yachiyo when he was planning on killing Mitsunari, when he gets caught by them, and ends up joining them since they were planning on killing humans as well. It zaps back to the present where hes teasing Yachiyo, with him wondering if they’ll be executed. Yachiyo then says that they should go to YaseVillage and finish things, and they end up going. They meet Senkimaru there, and he tells them that Yukina was planning on stopping all the council shit, and the status of “hagureoni” as well. Shuu obviously cant believe what Yukina’s doing cuz most of the hagureoni would prolly hate the Yase cuz they were the ones who banished them in the first place lol. They go in, and after hearing the news the both of them leave. The POV soon switches to Yukina a few months later, where shes working her ass off learning to be Yasehime. Her grandpas come in to check at her, and Tsuki-jii rages at her for still going out to practice her swordskills even though shes the Yasehime. They also tell her not to worry, and everything will work out, when they start going on ON HOW THEY WANT HER TO GET MARRIED SOON SO THAT THEY CAN SEE IT LOLOL. The conversation soon ends, and it becomes late at night when she hears Ginrou. She runs out to see Shuu there, and he immediately attacks her, and she fights back when suddenly, HE GRABS HER SWORD AND STABS HIMSELF. Shuu also apologises for killing Kazuha, before he collapses. Yukina immediately gets the grandpas, and they end up bringing the shota in sinces hes injured.

TKH143The grandpas immediately gets suspicious about the Nagumo, so the next day Shiomi-jii and Tsuki-jii leave to find out whats going on at the Nagumo. Shuu’s pretty okay by the afternoon, and Yukina goes into his room to have a chat about him, and hes starts going like “is it because you like me?” and yukina gets all flustered saying that it obviously isnt when Shuu goes like “its prolly because im a kid sighs” and its turns out to be him teasing her only lol. She then asks him about how he met the entire gang, he recaps what happened. Shuu then says how it was weird that he decided to join them, and he really liked being around them since the Nagumo clan was really boring. Soon Kotoura-jii comes in to talk to her, and they discuss stuff until dinnertime where Shuu says that he doesnt like spring onions. Yukina keeps telling him to eat it, which causes him to comment that shes too motherly, and it reminds him of his mom. She then tells him that her mom died when she was born, and she didnt get any motherly love at all, when Shuu decides to feed her a carrot to show what his mom did in the past. ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ (what a cutie gahhh) Yukina gets all embarrassed, but ends up getting fed by him anyway. She then also feeds him back for him doing that to her, with him getting all freaked out. Soon it gets late, and Yukina tells Shuu that he has to stay at YaseVillage but he wont be locked up in his room. They end up going for a walk, and he spills out what happened to the Nagumo in the past. Turns out his dad was the previous head, and he decided to help some humans thinking that everything would be okay. However after doing so much they were kicked out of their original land, which caused some people to rage, and his dad died via suicide. Shuu was then forced to become the next head at around 20 years old, which is pretty young for an oni. The clan people ended up blaming most of the shit which happened on the dad, which caused Shuu to humans even more. He also found out from one of his dad’s letters that his dad decided to seppuku cuz he was taking responsibility for the shit he did. Shuu then says that he wants to pay for his sins by getting punishment, and they soon go back to their rooms.

TKH145The same night Yukina gets this weird prophecy dream of Yachiyo killing someone in Shuu’s room, and she decides to go and talk to Kotoura-jii about it. He then says how the power of the dreams are really unknown, but there’s a chance if Yukina wants to see something and she sleeps, maybe something will appear. She also tells Kotoura-jii not to tell Shuu about it, and they test out the thing after breakfast. However Shuu bams in and Kotoura-jii starts making excuses on how Yukina is tired, and he starts making suggestions on how to get her to sleep lol. Turns out he came to tell them that Senkimaru came to YaseVillage, and it turns out that he wanted to discuss some Hatsushimo matter with her. Shuu teases him about liking Yukina, but they soon get to serious business on how his clan is thankful that they now have a permanent place to stay. Yukina also decides to talk to him about the dream, but sadly he cant really help. It soon gets to dinnertime where Shuu starts complaining that he doesnt want the carrots, and Senkimaru decides to take some from him. Shuu ends up shoving all the carrots to the guy, which causes him to complain and asks Yukina to eat some. Yukina ends up laughing, when Shuu decides to mention the fact that she fed him yesterday. This causes Senkimaru TO FLIP OUT AND FREAK OUT ALL THE WAY LOL. (that little cute shit) He then decides to shove all the carrots to Shuu as punishment, and Shuu goes running to Yukina crying, saying htat he’s being bullied, and Senkimarus like “NO YUKINA DO NOT PAMPER HIM” lol. Suddenly Ginrou cries, so Senkimaru & Shuu decide to go out to check who is it. It turns out to be Yachiyo who came by cuz he had free time DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN. They end up going to rest, and Yukina gets too worried so she decides to go and check on Shuu. She ends up getting caught by him while she was attempting to spy and she ends up talking to him. He says that he wants to die to take responsibility for the what he did, but Yukina tells him that he can live while paying for his sins instead of dying, when he asks her why.

TKH146Shuu then continues to ask her why his dad died to pay back his sins if sins could be pain while living, and adds that he was hoping that he would be punished when he went back to the Nagumo, but no one there scolded him or wanted him to be punished. He continues babbling on and Yukina grabs his hand, but is instead yelled at by Shuu for her getting into his heart, thinking she would be able to kill him. Suddenly Yachiyo & Senkimaru boom in, where Senkimaru says that they’ll deal with this their own way. Yachiyo then flashes his string, and says that he’ll kill Shuu since he wants to get killed so much. Yukina immediately runs to try and stop Yachiyo, and she hugs Shuu while he dodges the string. Shuu then starts crying, wondering why he dodged the string when he was prepared to die. 。:゜(;´∩`;)゜:。He soon gets a mental breakdown, and he’s left in his room while Yachiyo & Senkimaru leave. The next morning, Yukina brings him food, and he has no choice but to eat it since he was hungry. Shiomi-jii & Tsuki-jii come back, and they report what they found out from the clan. Turns out that clan was thinking of removing Shuu from the leader position, since he was pretty young. Shuu then decides to go back to the Nagumo, telling Yukina that he cant keep the people waiting. Before he leaves he whispers in Yukina’s ear thanking her, telling her that she was the one who gave him hope. He soon leaves after saying that he hopes to be able to help her. 3 months pass, and Yukina’s been receiving letters from him and he’s been going on a journey to find hagureoni with Senkimaru since hes not longer the head. He soon pops by YaseVillage, bringing Yukina a flower, saying that hes going to send a flower along with his letter, and kisses her on the cheek わあい\(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/わあいっHe then says that he likes her, so he wants her to get all dokidoki for him as well, since he realised that he is in love with her. asdfhjkfhlfghl Shuu was like this cute little shit who just needed a hug. I think he’s just overly attached to his dad and stuff, thats why hes like that, but overall Shuu route was cute all the way, not randy cuz he’s a shota anyway lol.

Shiranui Shin (CV: Hino Satoshi)

TKH081It starts off at the inn where Yukina’s arrived at under orders by Kazuha, where Shin says that he cant let go of her anymore, and wants to make her his immediately. Yukina starts going on about her responsibilities, and Shin tells her that Kazuha should already have made plans for a replacement bodyguard. He then says that he wants to be Yukina’s most important thing, and she says he is, and he wants her to show it. She ends up kissing him, and Shins like “thats all?” He then says that he wants to make a mark on her to show people that she’s his, and he kisses her neck ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪ Shin starts saying that Yukina should do it as well, but since she aint ready he’ll let her go. They rest there for the night cuddling each other to sleep, when Shin asks if Yukina’s awake, where he says that he doesnt want sleep cuz spending time with Yukina is better than sleeping to him. It becomes morning and Shin wants to do Yukina’s hair, where he starts complaining about her hair not being well-maintained. He then says that he’s going to do Yukina’s hair from now on, and he gets a mirror adding that it’s for her to try and attend to herself. He also adds that he ain’t going to let her use a katana once they’re married. Yukina starts arguing back that she wont be able to protect him, but Shin tells him that waifus play a different role in protecting. They soon reach the Shiranui Village. Yukina immediately sends a letter to Kazuha, and comments that the place is pretty since there are like, tons of floating lights. Shin then tells her one of the beliefs of the Shiranui was that lighting a fire would guide the dead Shiranui back here, and it’s a way of thanking their ancestors for giving this place for them to live in. Yukina then gets sentimental about killing Yachiyo, when Shin tells her not to broad over the past. He then says that that’s the reason why they’re removing the “hagureoni” status, since the people now didnt do anything wrong, and no one will make the same mistake as Yachiyo.

TKH087The next morning, Shin starts introducing Yukina to the people, and they meet some female oni at the riverside. Shin introduces Yukina as his lover, which causes Yukina to hide her face in embarrassment. The girls then ask what part of Shin she likes, and Yukina says how kind Shin is, where he starts blushing and getting flattered over it. They leave the riverside, where Shin hugs her saying that he can’t hold back anymore. Yukina then continues to stay at the Shiranui, when Shin has to go out. Yukina’s pretty much like “Iterashai” when Shin’s like “thats all?” again. He then tells her that he’ll teach her what to do when they’re married, and when hes going out. ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ While she’s out she decides to go out to the riverside to help out with the washing, but the female oni there tell her that she can’t. They also end up saying how she’s actually pretty popular around the village cuz lol she’s the only one who can literally beat Shin’s talk lolol. Yukina ends up helping them, and goes back to Shin’s room in the evening. Some elder comes in and asks to eat dinner with her, and she finds out that reason why Shin hates war. Turns out that he lost his dad in a war, and he isn’t actually the kid of the previous head, but the son of a very close friend of the head. Shin was pretty depressed after his dad got killed in a war, but he soon got over it but there’s still traces of him getting upset over that. Soon it gets late when Yukina realises that the mirror Shin gave her was missing. She then runs out to the riverside to find it, and jumps in the water to find it. Suddenly while she’s finding it Shin rushes by and starts going like “DAFAQ ARE YOU HERE ITS LATE IN THE NIGHT” Yukina tells the guy that she’s looking for the mirror she lost and she ain’t going back until she finds it when SHIN JUMPS IN AS WELL. Yukina then starts going like “DAFAQ R U DOING I CAN DO THIS MYSELF” when Shin tells her he aint leaving until she finds it cuz they promised to be together. He grabs her hand and tells her that they should share their burdens together, and they end up kissing to make up. They get back to Shin’s room where they change, and Yukina talks to Shin about his dad. Shin says that he’s pretty proud of what his dad did cuz he died while protecting someone. They end up resting and Shin glomps Yukina hard so that she cant get out to look for the mirror again. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイ

TKH088They end up getting a brand new mirror, where he says that he’s pretty happy cuz she bothered to look for the thing which means it was really precious to her. He starts asking here which one she likes but yeah, YUKINA JUST GIVES OPINIONS. (i need a corner to start laughing) This causes Shin to be NOT PLEASED and he tells her to take this chance to find things she like. Yukina tries to tell him that she likes what he likes and he tells her its okay, but she should find her own and its part of her training to become feminine lol. Yukina then picks one with a flower on it, and he tells her that the flower is like her. Turns out they’re going to YaseVillage, and they crash into Kazuya along the way where Shin starts getting pissed cuz Yukina’s glad to see Kazuya. However Yukina says that she forgot something and runs off, and Shin starts telling Kazuya that “the day where you do sth to yukina shall be your last” and Kazuya gets all “okay chill dude you shouldnt have let her wear girl clothes” at him lol. They soon get to YaseVillage where they meet Kazutake and Chitose whos blushing like an idiot since Yukina’s too pretty for him. Chitose then goes “i didnt know you were that pretty” which causes Shin to tell him to stfu cuz “he said sth really rude to her”. (tbh i dont get shins over perfectionist possessiveness here lol) Also Chitose gets a leaf on his hair and he asks Yukina to take it off his hair when Shin hits his head, and tells him to gtfo and do it himself. Soon Yukina goes to Kazuha’s room where Kazuha’s all happy that she looks waaaayy prettier. Turns out Shin came by a few times to discuss about Yukina, and she says that she wants to give her a mission only she can do, which is protect the oni together with her. Yukina ends up saying that she’ll act as an advisor for the Yasehime, and assist her in protecting the oni. Soon they have the meeting between all the Oni heads and it ends and Yukina goes to Shin’s room, where Yukina gets emo when Shin tells her that she should just look towards the future and their happiness.

TKH089They end up making out before they sleep ワーイヽ(゚∀゚ヽ 三 ノ゚∀゚)ノワーイ with them saying how much they love each other and Shin going crazy saying that HE WANTS TO RAVAGE HER HARD LOL. They also kiss, and it soon becomes morning. They leave YaseVillage, with Kazuha getting upset that she wont be able to see Yukina as a bride but seeing her pretty is good enough for her. While leaving with the rest of the guys Shin then recalls that Chitose & Kazuya pointed a sword at her in the past and he starts staring at them with killer eyes and Kazuya goes “wait chill you werent in love with her back then” when Shin’s like “LOVE PASSES THROUGH TIME!!!” causing Chitose to get hit by Shin again. They go shopping again, and he kisses her in public whispering that they’re continuing at the Shiranui village. They soon get back to his room where its nicely decorated, and he does Yukina’s hair, where he starts saying what he wants to do when they’re married, and that he’ll fulfill whatever wish she has. He then puts a hairpin on her, and shows her through the mirror with Yukina amazed that its her. He then says that he fell in love with the same Yukina, and wants her to promise him that she’ll not fight anymore, and he’ll promise to protect her forever. Yukina agrees, and says that she’ll protect the onis without using any weapons or anything. He proposes to her, and it soon gets to the wedding. The ceremony is pretty much Yukina and Shin twining their pinkies again, this time with a red string attached. Yukina then says that it feels like the time when Shin told her his first name, and he says its a little different cuz they’re forging a deeper bond now after the string is cut. They then exchange their vows of love, and the string gets cut. A year later Yukina’s running to and fro from YaseVillage to Shiranui she only uses her katana when she’s going out. One night Yukina comes back, and Shin starts saying that he can have her all to himself now ワーイッ \( ̄ー\)(/ー ̄)/ワーイッ And we end up getting this real weird anticlimactic scene of his blowing out the candles, and saying that they have time to make love lol what.  Tbh again this route felt plain and boring cept for Hino’s smexy voice acting if not I WOULD NOT HAVE MADE IT THROUGH THIS ROUTE. Most of the shit was really lame and anti-climatic with Shin getting possessive of Yukina which fed me up a lot and I wanted to flip tables yep. And, he’s going into my “nope he didnt give me feels guy” list definitely.

Kazama Chitose (CV: Itou Kentaro)

TKH004If starts off from the point where they’re still on the boat, and Chitose tells himself that he’s gonna have to get back to his original self once they get off the boat. They then discuss how they’re gonna tell the family, when Shimazu tells him that he has to go and rest, since he wants him to live, at least until they have a kid lol. Shimazu leaves, and Yukina tells him to go chase the guy, but he says that he has to protect his people since he’s the leader of the Kazama. Yukina then gets worried, and Chitose tells her that they’ll prolly be okay. Yukina’s still scowling so he starts pulling her cheek and getting her pissed off lol. He then touches her cheek saying that she should smile more, so that he’ll be happier. She ends up smiling anyway, which causes Chitose to blush like a tomato and they soon get moving cuz he’s overwhelmed by fluff ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイ. They soon get to his place, and he gets attacked by his dogs who are welcoming him back. Soon the clanspeople all come out to welcome him home, and they start asking him questions about Yukina & some other stuff. After finding out that she’s his girlfriend they all get hyped and that going “YES CHITOSE HAS A WAIFUUU OMG WE NEED TO PREPARE” They end up having a party where they talk about what happened during the war when Yukina drags Chitose out since he starts angsting. She then tells him that if he’s suffering he doesn’t have to suffer alone, so he shouldn’t keep it to himself. He then says how keeps thinking abt his times with Toyohisa in the past. Yukina then hugs him, and says that its okay since there’s her. Soon they go back to the party but half the people are gone so they decide to eat in another room where he talks about how the previous head told him that as the head he had to trust everyone. Yukina also starts learning how to sew while she’s there when Ginrou arrives carrying a letter telling Chitose & her to get back to YaseVillage.

TKH006Chitose soon gets back at night, and she tells him about the letter. Yukina says that she wants to go since she hasn’t seen Kazuha since she woke up. He then tells her that he’s going as well, and ends up hugging her saying that he ain’t mentally okay so he needs her support right now. (ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\) Yukina also passes him one of his clothes since she fixed it and shit and Chitose’s like “holy shit it looks good” and talks about how she remembered the promise where she would sew his clothes properly in the future. He then starts blushing like a tomato again when Yukina starts going on about how she’s going to do better for him. ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ ワーイ Then they start travelling, and soon arrive at an inn where they get a room which has Kazutake & Hideya waiting for them there. They soon discuss the Amagiri moving in with the Kazama business, and Chitose apologises to the guy for getting mad when he found out Kazutake was working for Mitsunari when Kazutake goes like “You’ve grown, chitose” LOLOL. Kazutake then tells them that they have to share a room for the night and Chitose freaks out over it as Kazutake attempts to give love advice like “you need to treasure Yukina more”. They end up going to eat outside, where Chitose goes all cute while he’s holding her hand WHEN SHIN POPS BY AND STARTS JUDGING REALLY HARD GET OUT OF THIS YOU LITTLE SHIT FLUFF IS GOOD. Soon it gets later and they’re resting in bed when Chitose asks if she’s still awake when Yukina remembers Shin judging them. She then decides to take their relationship up a bit by going “I want to…sleep with you… tonight” when Chitose calls her, which ended with her up turning the other side in embarrassment. (THIS COUPLE AND THEIR FLUFF)  He then says its okay and grabs her to cuddle to sleep while using her as his body pillow ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ  He then says that he wanted to sleep like that for a while and also the fact that his sexual frustrations are over 100000 and he wants to ravage her. Chitose tries to say something about them getting married and he soon cuts it off by telling her that he’ll tell her soon, and they cuddle to sleep.

TKH012The next morning she wakes up and she hears him calling her and tell her not to take his meat lol and she smacks him awake, getting him pissed lol. They end up going to YaseVillage together with Shin and Kazutake. When they near YaseVillage, Chitose runs off and ends up fighting Kazuya since they usually do that when they meet here. Kazuya then says that he has sth to say to Yukina which causes Shin & Kazutake to start saying that Kazuya might be confessing to her when Chitose flips out. Kazuya then says he forgot to greet her when the 2 losers at the back start laughing like idiots. Chitose then shits balls and gets pissed at Kazuya lol. They enter YaseVillage afterwards, and Kazuha tells her to go and change and complaining on how Yukina’s not wearing “girly clothes”, that she’s going to make her all pretty. Kazuha then talks about how she’s gonna be a bride soon and Yukina starts going on about her responsibilities, when Kazuha tells her that the Suzumori is merging with the Yase, as well as the fact that they’re stopping the entire Jukishuu system, and they talk a bit before Yukina leaves to go find Chitose in the forest.  Chitose then starts asking about her new clothes and she explains its from Kazuha, adding that it doesn’t suit her when Chitose goes “its fits you dammit”. (you little cutie) They soon head back when Chitose freaks out and asks her if shes going back in that. He then tells her not to wear that, and explains that everyone its going to fall for her if she wears that lol. He then grabs her and asks her not to wear it, and he stars going on about how she’s the cutest, and she’s always first to him. Soon then the meeting starts where Kazuha tells them about removing the Jukishuu system, that she’ll tell all the clan heads are prophecy dreams. Soon the meeting ends, and Yukina sees Chitose and they talk about how it’s a year since they met. Chitose then asks whether she wants to stay there although she isn’t a guard nor a head anymore, and he says that its okay if she stays, and hes goes off himself.

TKH013She  then says that she loves him, and he get super happy and everything and grabs her saying that hes glad shes going back with him. The next day they soon bid the grandpas and Kazuha goodbye, and Yukina hugs Kazuha before leaving. They end up going to somewhere near Sekigahara to say goodbye to big bro Toyohisa (IM CRY WHHHY THIS IS SAD). They get back to the Kazama place when Yukina’s chillin when one of the kids come by to tell her Chitose’s looking for her. Turns out he’s at a place where there’s a lot of flowers and he tells her how its his special place. He then proposes to her there, by asking Yukina a whole ton of questions before he can ask “would you stay with me to take care of the kazama?” Chitose then says that he really, really likes her, and Yukina tries to answer when he goes like “you can reply to me later haha” and runs off. (chitose you loser lol.) Yukina soon replies saying that she wants to be his waifu and runs after him, and guess what the guy’s pretty much mumbling to himself calling himself a wimp, and how he can only think about her only. Yukina pretty much replies which freaks the hell outta him, and tells him how she likes him too and wants to be with him where he starts blushing like a tomato, and finally hugging her saying that he’s really happy and that he’ll protect her. They get married a month later, and on the actual day he starts going on how such a good woman is his waifu. He then tells her that he’ll protect her so she cant let go of his hand. They end up kissing when Kazutake and Chitose’s godfather are like “chitose r u out yet” and he tells Yukina that it’s going to be a whole new future out there so they should get prepared and its says “okay let’s go!!” 2 years after they get married Yukinas doing the washing when the women come by and ask her to go and rest. Yukina ends up sewing until nighttime and turns out Yukina’s pregnant with a baby!! ワーイヽ(゚∀゚ヽ 三 ノ゚∀゚)ノワーイ  Chitose then asks her what he wanted to name the kid and he starts thinking of names when Yukina’s like “ahem why arent there girl names?” Chitose then talks about how humans talk about reincarnations where people reborn to do what they wanted to do in their previous life. Chitose then says that he’s going to think of names tomorrow and adds that their kid’s gonna be darn cute. This entire route was FLUFF, FLUFF AND MORE FLUFF LOOK AT THAT FLUFF OMG. Chitose was really cute and compared to the rest, it wasn’t that steamy and instead it was cute! Also when they got married they didn’t do the “lets exchange vows” thing since I wasn’t really into it and all, but instead htye made it cute! That is what I like! I think im dying of fluff here. ワーイッ \( ̄ー\)(/ー ̄)/ワーイッ

Yukimura Kazuya (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi)

TKH030The story continues where they stay at YaseVilalge a while longer. Yukina says tells Kazuya she wants to go the Tsukishima. Kazuya tells her that he wants to go back to the Yukimura, since he needs to go and explain what happened. He then says that he’s preparing himself before going back since he doesn’t want to make the wrong decisions. He then says that he really wants to bring her to his village and introduce her to everyone causing Yukina to blush super hard. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイ At night, Yukina then says that she hasn’t organized her feelings. He then asks what it means, and she explains she’s got things to think about, and he gives her a bit more time to think. A few days later, she’s in Kazuha’s room telling Kazuha that she’s prepared to follow Kazuya. Yukina then talks about how she wants a peaceful world with all the oni living together, and Kazuha says that she’ll fulfill her wish. Yukina then tells Kazuya her resolve, he’s pretty surprised by it, saying that she’s become a good head. He then says that they’re leaving tomorrow since he’s got a letter from the village. He then apologises for not going with her to the Tsukishima, and she says that she’ll go herself, and she’ll catch up to him later. They end up travelling with Shiomi-jii, when they go get water while he rests, when Yukina asks if it’s Kazuya’s first love. Kazuya’s pretty shocked and asks Yukina if she would change her mind if it was. Yukina gets embarrassed, when Kazuya touches her face and tells her that he doesn’t know much about relationships but he’ll only love her and he’ll forever be by her side. \(*T▽T*)/ワーイ♪ Yukina then says that she loves him. Kazuya tells her that he wants to her feel more at ease, and she tells him that if he’s thinking of something he should just tell her. They reach Edo, where Shiomi-jii meets one of his old friends, so Yukina & Kazuya settle their lodging and meet up later. They end up only finding 1 room empty, where the person there thinks that they’re a couple, and end up using the room anyway with a divider.

TKH034Kazuya then says that if she wants to change he’ll get out while blushing. It gets late, and Shiomi-jii hasn’t returned. Kazuya says that they should rest first, and Yukina changes. Kazuya gets super embarrassed over her clothes and leaves saying that he’ll wait for Shiomi-jii cuz he needs the grandpa’s permission to sleep with her. Yukina then grabs him and tells him that it’s okay but he ends up leaving. Yukina then thinks of an idea to get him to rest and she goes out telling him that she doesn’t feel good in the room without him since she’s worried that he’ll run off again. He ends up blushing and explaining that his sexual frustrations are over 1000000 and he’s worried he’ll do something so she should rest. Yukina then says that she wants to stay with him, and Kazuya grabs her to keep her warm. He then mentions that her hair let down is a brand new image to him, and he pretty much likes it. The next day they end up separating, Yukina & Shiomi-jii go explain what happened to Tsukishima-jii, and the onis there are pretty okay telling her to use the power he gave her properly. They leave the next day, and she decides to catch up with Kazuya. She soon reaches a snowy place, where she meets Kazuya who says that he came to get her since she was late. She then says that she was looking at the snow, saying that she really likes it since she rarely sees it. Kazuya then says that she’ll prolly be happy since the village always snows, and when it hits winter the whole place will have snow. He also mentions how pretty it is when light reflects off the snow. She then says that they can make a snow rabbit (OTOMATE ARE YOU TRYING TO BE FUNNY) and Kazuya ends up laughing since it’s a really different side of her, saying that the reason why he’s laughing like this right now is because of her, and he really feels happy when with her. Yukina then kisses him on the check cause hims to FUCKING FREEZE WHILE BLUSHING LIKE AN IDIOT OMG CUTE DAMMIT. ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ  They soon reach the village where theres tons of snow making Yukina super happy.

TKH037He then says that he wants to introduce her to the people, but he first introduces her to his dad who’s passed away. Turns out that they only worked with humans in his dad’s time, and although he had good times with his dad he barely got to see his dad. His dad fell sick due to tiredness, and he told Kazuya that there are times in life where they have to make important decisions.  He told Kazuya to be a good head, and protecting everyone who’s still living was the most important thing. He ended up hating the Jukishuu and Yasehime after he became the head cuz they didn’t receive help from them, but he was saved by ieyasu. He then says that Yukina is the one who changed his heart since she made him look forward, and not give up easily. Yukina then says that now matter how many times  a person gets lost, they definitely find the right way some day. Kazuya then tells his that that he’ll live for the sake of the oni together with Yukina. ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ Kazuya then takes her around the village. He tries to tell the people that he doesn’t want to be the head, so that he can go looking for hagureoni, but sadly the onis there don’t want him to do that. He cant convince them, and Yukina tries to help, but he just tells her to watch over him. Yukina ends up going around the village for a walk when she crashes into a kid whos extremely busybody asking who she is. The kid ends up throwing snowballs at her and she dodges it and the kid says that she can dodge like Kazuya. They end up snowball fighting, and the kid throws a snowball at Kazuya’s face. He ends up throwing snowballs at the both of them, telling them to try hitting him then lolol. Later in the day he brings a change of clothes for her, and waits for her outside as she changes, and says that it looks good on her. He takes her to see the sunset somewhere in the village. He then says that he wants to get married after their done with their business there.  He then says that he’s chosen since a while back, and asks her if she wants to get married to guy, and she says yes. They end up kissing in the sunset. わぁいヽ(ω・ヽ)(ノ・ω)ノ わぁい♪

TKH040The elders of the clan and ask Kazuya if he believe that he’s done something wrong by working with the humans, and if he wants to repent. Kazuya that says that he is, but the elders say that nobody in the clan believes so.  He then talks about how he didn’t protect the people of the clan and he’s a failure as a head. The elder says that the people in the clan can protect the clan by themselves and they don’t want to throw all the burden on Kazuya, since they trusted each other. It gets late, and he says good night to Yukina in her room when she asks him to stay with her for a while longer. He then says that they should talk, and they get tea with Yukina burning it. She then says that she’s a failure as a waifu but Kazuya says that its okay as he was the one who picked her. The next morning, Yukina goes to Kazuya’s room the wake him up when she ends up falling asleep and wakes up with Kazuya telling her how cute she is when he’s sleeping. Yukina gets all embarrassed and apologises but kazuya says its okay cuz he got to see her sleeping face wwww. ワァイヾ(゚д゚*三*゚д゚)ノワァイ  They end up visiting Ieyasu where he’s pretty happy to see them. He asks when the ceremony’s gonna happen and mentions how Yukina is much prettier. They soon go to YaseVillage, where Kazuha is super happy for Yukina saying that they should be prepared for the marriage. They remove the Jukishuu and everyone leaves. Chitose then starts blushing and going like “Yukina’s pretty cute” and Kazuya wants to slash Chitose. Kazutake tells her to be happy, and they soon say their goodbyes. They crash into Shuu when they’re going to the Hatsushimo, and Shuu talks about how he’s got no place to go, since Yachiyo & Senkimaru are gone. He says that he has nothing to do and wants to find a place and die. However Kazuha told him to go and find a reason to live. He then asks them for a favour, and tells them to let him help restart the Oboro & Hatsushimo  as a way to repay them. Kazuya says how he’s changed, and they get to a town, with Yukina staring into space which turns out she wants to eat sth. She then says that it’s really embarrassing to say it, and he says he’s okay since he can get to know her preferences. He then says that he likes fish. At night, he goes to her room and finds her holding the flower crown that he gave her and he’s pretty impressed by how she treasures it so much. They end up seeing the sunset, and  they talk about how busy they are and it’s been a year since that promise. The village had moved along with the travelling and what not, and they’re finally done with it. Before the wedding ceremony, they go to Kazuya’s dad’s grave to tell him about the wedding, and how Yukina’s been with him supporting him throughout the entire year, and they’ll be out on a journey. He then holds out his hand asking her to take it, and never let go after that. He then kisses her hand, saying that it’s promise that he’ll never be away from her, and he’ll protect her. Two years later, they’re travelling around the place, Kazuya’s hugging yukina from the back, and she says that she has something to tell him. TURNS OUT SHE’S PREGNANT AND THEY’RE GOING TO HAVE MORE FAMILY. Kazuya’s super happy and thanks her and kisses her lightly. He starts asking about the kid’s name, and he starts talking about how he’s going to be a dad and there’s going to be 3 ppl now and they’re going to be happy, and he doesn’t need more happiness. Ahh all that fluff. But after playing Chitose’s route, I found Chitose cuter and everything compared to Kazuya whos pretty much ~serious~ in everything he does, so I get different feels from them, but I prefer Chitose better in the FD.

Hatsushimo Senkimaru (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

TKH101It starts from after leave the place, and they’re heading towards the Hatsushimo where Senkimaru tells Yukina to be careful cuz there are traps around to keep onis & humans out. Yukina says that they should hurry since they dunno what happened at the clan, and he grabs her and they go faster. When they reach there, the village’s completely empty when some onis come out to attack, and he uses his power. Turns out the people didn’t recognize him since he grew bigger. Senkimaru then tells them to get all the people of the clan, and apologises for leaving the clan for such a long time, and everyone’s pretty much worried that he got caught up in the war. He then tells them that Kazuha’s getting rid of the Jukishuu and is creating a peaceful world for the oni. Senkimaru tells them that there’s no Hagureoni anymore, and she would find them a new place to live in. The people there start discussing on how the Jukishuu are helping them now and whether they should do it when Yukina introduces herself as a representative of Kazuha. Yukina then says what Kazuha feels. After listening to her the people believe they shouldn’t be stuck in the past and they should move on. They ask Yukina to come in and rest, assuming that she’s Senkimaru’s lover which causes Senkimaru to blush like shit while the dudes there start saying how he aint interested in girls and shit and he gets embarrassed easily. He end up grabbing her while blushing going like “HEY SHE’S MY WOMAN” ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ They rest in a room and Yukina talks about how she wants to send a letter to Kazuha when Senkimaru’s staring into space. Turns out her introduction didn’t go the way he wanted to and hes getting pissed by himself. Yukina then asks what he wanted to do in first and wants him to show her when he says that its gonna be embarrassing. Yukina then ends up convincing him so he does until he goes “in the future, we’re going to……” when he shuts up and says he wants to sleep LOL MY BBY YOU LITTLE SHIT AND YOUR EMBARRASSMENT. He then tells her to sleep when she tries to thank him, and she says that she’s going to report everything to Kazuha. Senkimaru then freaks out asking whether she’s gonna report what he said and pins her down on the floor when she tells him she aint gonna do that. Yukina then says that she wants to tell him sth but she rather not cuz he’s gonna get mad and he says that they’re gonna keep in that position when she says its okay. They end up kissing.

TKH105The next morning while Yukina’s changing SENKIMARU ACCIDENTALLY COMES IN, BLUSHES, AND SLAMS THE DOOR SHUT LOL. わぁいヽ(ω・ヽ)(ノ・ω)ノ わぁい♪ Yukina starts apologizing, and Senkimaru quickly says that he was here to tell her that food’s ready and runs off. After breakfast, he explains to the people what happened. The people ask why he didn’t talk to them about it, and he says that Yukina changed him. The elders still want him to be the leader and the rest all agree. Yukina then asks Ginrou to send at letter to YaseVillage when Ginrou suddenly hits Senkimaru and he starts complaining about Ginrou, complaining that he’s an annoying bird. Yukina gets pissed saying that Ginrou aint called “bird”. He then laughs at her, calling her a baka. He then hugs her saying that he was to see her cuter side. They’re leave the village to do sth when they crash into Yachiyo, and they have a quick talk and Yachiyo leaves, and pops up again to tell Senkimaru about Shuu. Turns out Shuu’s pretty upset about sth in his clan, and Yachiyo continues asking Yukina whether she wants to go with him. They quickly run off where they’re finally alone, and Senkimaru grabs Yukina’s hand telling her that she needs to be more careful so no one can take her hand like that. They soon hit town, where Senkimaru remembers he needs to get supplies for the village. He then shows her how to buy stuff from humans. He ends up doing all the friend-friend bargaining shit (which reminds me of markets in my country imao) Yukina then gets pumped up and decides to learn how to buy shit as well. The next day, Yukina wakes up while Senkimaru’s still sleeping, when she remembers Kazuha asking the grandpas whether she could be returned to the Yase. The grandpas agree since what they did caused the both of them to be pretty sad. Kazuha’s super happy and theyy get a replacement for Yukina so that she can treat her more as a sister then as a guard now. Senkimaru then wakes up asking her what she was thinking about, and she says that it’s nothing. He says that he’s pretty curious, but he’s not gonna ask anymore and kisses her forehead wwwwww. ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ He then says good morning to her, and asks to stay in the position for a while. Later in the day, Yukina helps out around the village when Ginrou comes with a letter addressed to her. The letter pretty much says “please wait a while longer”, and there’s a continuation addressed to Senkimaru.

TKH110She soon finds him and passes him the letter. Turns out Kotoura-jii listened to what Ginrou said SO LOL THAT LETTER IS FROM FUCKING GINROU IMAOOOO. Ginrou tells Senkimaru to not let Yukina cry or he’ll beat his ass super hard, and Senkimaru starts complaining about that bird. He then admits the reason why he hates birds. Turns out he was playing ball with his friends when he was a kid when the ball got into a tree. He ended up climbing the tree and accidentally dropping the baby birds to the ground, and he got attacked by the birds and he’s freaked by that lol. Later at night Senkimaru  tells everyone that Kazuha’s still looking around for safe places for the move so they need to wait. It reaches night, and Yukina decides to run off to YaseVillage to check out what’s going on there. Turns out all the other dudes are there, and they tell her about what happened. Yukina then decides to leave after hearing the news but all of them don’t let her go since its late. The next few days she’s pretty much stuck at YaseVillage, and they talk at the courtyard at night and when Chitose grabs her hand. Suddenly Senkimaru comes by and throw a rock at the guy, saying that he’s really pissed that Yukina just left a letter, and hugs her. He then says how worried he was when she disappeared, and Yukina apologises saying that she thought leaving the letter would be okay. Turns out senkimaru has his own insecurities was friggin worried that living with her was all a dream and have disappeared., and tells her to tell him if she’s going somewhere. ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚ Suddenly shin comments how wonderful their love is and hes like “oops I think I forgot that you wee there” chitose rages at him and Senkimarus like “aren’t you the one who was doing things to Yukina”. They then start their journey to get to the Hatsushimo, with Kazuha coming along. They rest, and she starts asking Yukina about her relationship with Senkimaru. Yukina then says that she got mad at a while ago, and Kazuha starts freaking out super hard. She tells Yukina to call her “nee-san” once in a while and Yukina does it, making her happy as heck. They soon get to the Hatsushimo, and Senkimaru asks her to follow him to a place where he wants to show her before she goes back to YaseVillage. They end up finding a field of flowers, where they sit in and he talks about how amazing it is that the Jukishuu is helping them. They talk about her replacement, and he asks what she’s going to do in the future. Yukina says that she hasn’t decided, and Senkimaru says that she should come to him.

TKH112Senkimaru then says that although he’s hurt her a lot previously, takes out a flower ring and gives it to her saying that it’s a tradition to give to a partner who you want to live the rest of your life with. He asks if she can go with him, and he’ll protect her and treat her as his precious one. Yukina says yes, and he starts asking whether she understood that, and he starts blushing when she knows. Yukina then says that he hasn’t said sth to her which is you know, “I love you~” He then hugs her, starts getting embarrassed saying that he’s only saying only 1 time. He says that he loves her and there’s no one else he loves, and they kiss. He then says that he can says it one more time if she wanted, and they kiss again. ィェィ♪(v〃∇〃)ハ(〃∇〃v)ィェィ♪  IM GONNA CRASH OVER IN FEELS. Yukina returns back to YaseVillage where she sends letters to Senkimaru through Ginrou, but she soon goes to the new hatsushimo village 3 months later. The people welcome her, and they start discussing how she’s going to come to the village as a bride while they get excited. They then bring her to get a room where one of the kids calls Senkimaru over. He’s super shocked and asked why she didn’t write a letter, and then hugs her saying that he wanted to do this all along. They end up planning the wedding when the grandpas come by with the outfit Kazuha picked for her. The grandpas are super happy that they can see her get married, and they tell her to be happy. The wedding happens, and Senkimaru puts the the flower ring on Yukina and starts complaining how she looks too pretty. He then says he’s still kinda scared that she’ll disappear, but Yukina tells him that she wont go anywhere. A year later, they go to the flower field again where Senkimaru’s trying to catch up with her crazy running. He then says how onis used to live peacefully until the hagureoni crap came and they started grudging and forgetting abt it. Yukina then asks him to make the same flower ring again since she wants sth to remind her of him when she’s at YaseVillage. He then says that he can make as much as she wants, but he wants to rest first so he grabs Yukina while lying down saying that he wants to rest like that. He then asks why she often stares at him a lot, and she says that its cuz he looks good, and he starts going like “how much more are going to make me fall in love with you.” and it fades off. ヽ(▽ `)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ Wow senkimaru’s route was jsut filled with so much fluff that I think I almost died. In my opinion I really think that his was the cutest (reminder im a fan of his) due to all that blushing man.


There are quite a few omakes in this one, and I’ll be putting them down here as well and saying what happens if you do what in the route. Most of the CGs come from here, so I ended clearing these since I didn’t want so many holes in the gallery. Either way, let’s start. There are 2 omakes, so I’ll be covering them all. Also the scenes change when you choose a different dude’s option, so I’ll be covering the main point first, then the change if you pick the different options. Although, some options were kinda summarized since I couldn’t find much interesting points in them so some are quite short.

Hazama no Shou [狭間ノ章]

TKH150This omake happens in the middle of the first game, pretty much during the 3 months where all of the Jukishuu members + Senkimaru are stuck at YaseVillage. It starts off with Chitose being a dork with Senkimaru making a lot of noise over food early in the morning, which causes Tsukishima-jii starts getting mad at them. Kazutake soon comes in and asks if hes late, followed by Shin, when they start getting angry that Kazuya hasn’t arrived yet. Turns out that Kazuya has insomnia and he walks like a blur ass, and they eat breakfast.  Chitose’s like “HAHA FOOD ITADAKIMASU” when Chitose starts complaining about the tofu with Senkimaru, when shin tells them to shut up and eat. He then tries to rob Kazuya’s food cuz he’s still half-asleep when bam hes awake lol. Yukina then says that she’s going to get some sweets when Senkimaru goes all cute and goes like WHAT SWEETS YUKINA” when Kazutake starts saying how a kid likes sweets which causes Senkimaru to go “I AM NOT A FUCKING KID”. Turns out theres this tradition there where they have more tofu-ish stuff and have this special ceremony which requires sewing. Suddenly they start talking about how Yukina can’t sew when Senkimaru starts going like “the issue is whos going to be her husband” and says that she needs to prepare for the future. Kazuya the goes like “why do you need to get her to learn that. At most the husbando has to make up for me that’s all. And I’ll do that, since Im pretty okay at it”. They then start going like oohhhh kazuya has the hots for yukina!!!” and everyone starts freaking out lol. Soon Yukina gets out of the place, and finds a person at the entrance of YaseVillage turns out that the cloth for the haraobi’s here but theres no one to sew it, so she asks Yukina. Shin then walks up and tells the girl that all of them can do it. Yukina then reinforces that fact that she can’t sew so shin tells her to get a hold of herself since she has to do it in place of Kazuha so she needs to practice sewing. She then apologises to the guy, and says that she’ll work hard the next day. It soon becomes night, and Yukina decides to go somewhere. The branches split here, but every option leads you to Yukina learning how to sew anyway so I’l leave it at that.

Individual Branches -part 1-

If Yukina chooses to find the equipment for sewing, she goes to her room to find it when she’s reminded of the time where Kazuha though her how to sew. Yukina then decides to work hard to sew it when Chitose appears, asking what she was looking for. Yukina tells him that she’s looking for the sewing equipment, and he came to get some paper to write a letter. Chitose ends up helping out since the paper isn’t urgent. They soon find it, when Yukina gets pins and needles from sitting down too much and she can’t get up. Chitose then does something to help her get up, and she asks him if it was okay to re-do the sewing she did once she got better. He then says that its totally okay when Kazuya pops in and goes “oh sorry for disturbing” which causes Chitose to freak shit. Turns out Kazuya’s here to get paper too when Chitose remembers that he needs paper as well. Kazuya’s like “I think that’s an excuse” which causes Chitose to freak out when he mentions the leg thing to him. He then asks Kazuya to teach Yukina sewing, when Kazuya asks what he’s gonna do.

If Yukina chooses to go to find Ginrou, and Kazuya pops by and asks her if it’s okay to go with her since he loves birds. While taking care of Ginrou Yukina asks Kazuya about his sewing skills, and his insomnia. Turns out that Shin’s gonna beat him up if he can’t wake up on the day of the ceremony so shes asks him what he’s going to do. Yukina then suggests that she goes to call him up, and he suggests helping her in return for her helping him to wake up.

If Yukina chooses to walk around, she’ll start saying that she needs to practice her swordskills and heads into the forest when she meets Kazutake. He asks where she’s going, and she says that she’s going to practice, and Kazutake tells Yukina that she shouldn’t go out at this hour, saying that if she’s going, he’ll go with her. Yukina agrees since she really wants to get when and they end up racing in the forest, where Kazutake loses to Yukina. Kazutake then talks about the ability the Suzumori heads which makes them rlly fast. He then says how she’s really a crazy hard worker, and tells her that she shouldn’t be a oni who cares about power all the time. He then starts on his grandpa story about how he used to be like her when suddenly his powers went nuts and he turned into full power oni form, and its a thing where everyone despises. He then tells her not to go on the same path as him, and to be a good head.

If she goes to check on Kazuha, she ends up meeting Shin in the hallway. Shin says how shes rlly devoted to Kazuha. Shin then says that although she still has little experience and everything, she can learn to be a good head. He then mentions on how she has to take an extra trip back to the Suzumori clan, and he mentions that she wouldn’t feel good leaving Kazuha since she’s so devoted. He then starts smirking telling her he has a plan and everything, and he grabs her hand, causing Yukina to blush, where Shin decides to leave it at that in case she gets a fever due to her overblushing lol.

If Yukina choose to go to the hall, she decides to being some of the sweets for Senkimaru to eat. Senkimaru starts sulking and lying on the floor when she comes in saying tha tshe’s the next one to watch him, when she says that she has the leftover sweets which causes him to get up and go “CAN I EAT THEM” (YOU MOE LITTLE SHIT WWWWWWWW) He then says that he really likes sweet stuff, when Yukina says that she rarely gets to eat sweets so she lieks to enjoy them quite a bit when she gets to. Senkimaru starts going like “YEAH I KNOW RIGHT” in his shota form CUUUTTEEEEE. Yukina then decides to go get tea with Senkimaru since he cant be alone, where Senkimaru comments that almost burnt the tea and Yukina tries to cover the fact shes bad at housework by saying her good points. Senkimaru then asks if she wants to eat the sweets, when Yukina starts saying that he’s a kid so she should give it to him. Senkimaru then mutters that he aint a kid and then says that she shouldn’t hold herself back cuz of him, and that they should eat it together.  He ends up blushing and going like “NO I MEANT THAT WE SHOULD SHARE IT” like a dork cuz he’s in kid form. She ends up eating it, and soon he starts asking why shes treating him so nicely when she explains that Kazuha wanted to revive the hatsushimo. He then says that he’ll participate in the ceremony and tells Yukina she has to do it well since it’s pretty easy to him.. He then says that he’ll teach her how to sew if she cant believe that he actually can haha.

The next morning Yukina wakes up and turns out that Chitose’s swordfighting with Senkimaru while Kazuya wakes up with insomnia and goes into emo blur mode imao. The grandpas then start commenting on how blur he is right now when the noisy kids come in with Senkimaru complaining on the training he’s been given by Chitose saying that he got himself almost killed. However when Yukina turns around she sees Shin whispering into Kazuya’s ear going like “if you don’t wake up u gonna get hurt” while touching him. Kazuya ends up swinging his sword at the guy. This then branches out to the 2nd set of branches depending on the option beforehand.

Individual Branches -part 2-

If you choose Chitose’s option, Kazuya teaches Yukina sewing in Kazuha’s room when Chitose comes in bringing tea. This causes Kazuya to go like “that all you can do srsly?” Chitose then startst saying that that’s the most he can do and sits there for moral support, where Kazuya goes like “doing nothing is the best you can do anyway”. Soon it gets to the afternoon, and Kazuya says that it should be okay and its up to her to sew the haraobi however she wants. Yukina then ends up thanking him and Chitose, and Chitose says that he wants her to re-sew his sleeve again, when her skills get better.

If you choose Kazuya’s option, Kazuya teaches Yukina sewing in her room, and Yukina asks him how he can do sewing since his hands are big. He then says that he likes making things, and its not for anything and it’s just a hobby. Kazuya then starts blushing when Yukina talks about how its kinda cute of him to do that. Yukina continues sewing, with Kazuya checking it for her, and ends up saying that although she cant do it that well, he wont laugh at her. The next day she goes and wakes up kazuya from his room, where he gets himself out like a blur ass before going to the ceremony.

If you choose Kazutake’s option, the next morning, Yukina asks Kotoura-jii to take care of Kazuha when she goes to the Suzumori clan to learn sewing. When she comes back, she meets Tsukishima-jii and Kazutake, asking her what she did at the Suzumori earlier. Yukina then says that she’s frigging tired since she couldn’t move around and she decides to do her best. He then goes to see Yukina working on the haraobi super hard, and teaches her some methods to get back her energy. He then tells her to stop sewing and rest for the day, where they do more training before going back to the sewing.

If you choose Shin’s option, it turns out hes going to be the one who’s teaching Yukina when he asks her to go to Kazuha’s room and sees him there. Yukinas pretty surprised by this and turns out he can sew too, since he can string after all. Soon Shin starts being a shitty grandma nagging at her every second over everything she does wrong. At the end of the day, he then says how surprised he is by her perseverance cuz he tried teaching chitose and Kazuya but they ran off lol. He then says that she prolly has to skills to sew it, and he doesn’t have to teach her anymore. He then says that as long she has the heart to do it, even if its ugly he believes that she’ll sew it.

If you choose Senkimaru’s option, he teaches Yukina how to sew, where Yukina realises that he really sounds more adultish and different when he’s teaching her, and it’s really weird to her. Yukian screws up quite a bit, but ends up learning how to sew which causes Senkimaru to heave a sigh of relief cuz it’s over. He then says good luck to her in sewing the haraobi cuz he’s the one who thought her so she has to do it well.

added this guy's cg here instead

added this guy’s cg here instead

The next day she spends the day sewing the haraobi, and Chitose says that he’s looking forward to it, and she continues doing for the next few days, and the grandpas tell Yukina to rest, since she’s spending too much time on doing the haraobi. Yukina continues to hide it from the guys when Senkimaru asks her to let him see it since he’s a kid. They soon start fighting over looking at that stuff as her beautiful man harem. They end up passing it around to finish up sewing the thing for the ceremony by praying for good health and everything. They then report it to the sleeping Kazuha, and pass the obi back to the person. At the end of the day, the grandpas talk about the dudes depending on the options you choose, and turns out that Chitose was a nice shitty brat who’s actually caring, Kazuya who would sleep anywhere, once with cats, Kazutake who loves eating rice balls, Shin who loved his shittin fur since he was a kid, and Senkimaru if he was a literal shota which broke my sanity level cuz THAT CUTE. Overall this omake was pretty okay especially with the kid cgs CUZ THEY WERE FRIGGING CUTE THAT I WAS ATTEMPTING NOT TO SCREAM INSIDE MY ROOM. Well the CGs for thsi one were only 6, and it’s really content heavy in a way.

Matsu no Shou [末ノ章] 

TKH151This is the one where Yukina falls in love with no one and becomes the Yasehime as Kazuha died. It starts off with a dream where Yukina hears a voice talking about the new era of oni. Yukina wakes up after that, when the new attendant, Kotone, comes to greet her, and leaves after Yukina says that shee doest need help with changing. Turns out it’s new and that and its the day where the everyone gathers at YaseVillage once per year. After the grandpas greet her, Yukian sneaks out to train when she crashes into Kazuya & Shin, where Shin starts scolding her telling her to be careful since she’s the Yasehime. Kazuya tells him not to say so much, and they take her back to her room without anyone finding out. They chat for a while, until they hear stomping which is Chitose. He starts complaining since he aint the first one there, and Kazutake scolds him for rudely opening the room’s door. Kazuya and Shin start scolding Chitose and they complain about hows hes not going to be a good husband when Senkimaru pops by, and explains that Yachiyo & Shuu couldn’t come so he’s coming for them. Shiomi-jii and Kotoura-jii come in asking why they weren’t greeted first and they all explain cuz they were out. She soon gets changed, and it hits night where they do their new year thing where they make promises and what not. They soon start drinking and Senkimaru start stealing Chitose’s dried persimmon. The grandpas soon start getting drunk and start wanting Yukina to pour sake for them and going on about Yukina’s marriage plans. Soon all the guys get into the stupid discussing of Yukina’s marriage when the grandpas ask Yukina’s type LOL THE BRANCHES SPLIT HERE AND IM LIKE ???????

TKH017If you choose Chitose’s option, which is the bright type, Chitose goes like “MAH TIME HAS COME!!” and while Senkimaru & Kazuya stare at him saying that there are other energetic genki guys like him out there lol, and he grabs Yukina’s hand in excitement when the rest all rage at him. Later at night, Chitose almost bams open the door again and Yukina lets him in. He’s pretty shocked that she’s in that outfit and tells her she can go out and he wont let anyone know. She then asks him if could come along. He laughs a little when she says that, and they soon get out before they get caught. They end up racing until Yukina falls and Chitose catches her by getting under her. He starts laughing at her as he gets the dirt off her face. She then tells him hes got dirt too on his face, and ends up laughing at him and they laugh at each other. わあい\(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/わあいっ The next morning, Chitose says that he forgot to say sth last night, so the rest tell him to hurry up and be a man and tell her. He then drags her to a corner and tells her that his type of woman with a dense head & doesn’t know about the world, and he can’t think about anyone else other than her.

TKH044If you choose Kazuya’s option, which is the cool, silent guy type, they all point to Kazuya directly. Yukina then tells Kazuya not to get mad, but in fact Kazuya’s pretty happy. At night, Kazuya comes to her room to find her. He takes her out saying that he has something to show her, and they walk while he holds her hand wwwwwww. ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/  Yukina then says that Kazuya in the moonlight is quite pretty and they soon hit the forest, when he says that he feels the same. He soon grabs her and they soon hold hands again, and Yukina says that she’s really happy by his words, and that he thinks that Yukina is really pretty too. The next morning, Kazuya gets close to her and they just look at each other while holding his hand. He then says that what he said last night was what he really wanted to say, and she says that he’s as warm as the sun, and hes really happy that he doesn’t want to let go of that hand. Chitose starts raging and Kazutake grabs him and drags him off, and the rest leave. He then says that theym being alone is a good thing, and he says that he likes her from the bottom of his heart, and he’s hoping for a reply, and he leaves too.

TKH063If you choose Kazutake’s option, which is the cool and bro type, they all look at Kazutake and he’s quite happy in a way. The rest then talk about how he’s pretty much the manliest of all men, and how he pretty much helps out everyone. Later that night, Yukina’s almost caught by Kotone when Kotone comes report to her asking her if she could rest first. She then tells her she can, and soon sneaks out to the hall when she crashes into Kazutake. Turns out Kazutake didnt drink much and he wanted to drink the remaining sake after getting the grandpas to their rooms. He asks Yukina where she’s going, but he pretty much knows what she wants to do and doesnt let her out. Instead, he invites her to drink with him! Yukina says that she doesnt drink, and ends up pouring the sake for him. Kazutake then asks if what she said was true, and she says yes. He then continues muttering and saying that she hasnt seen the other side of him. The next morning, Kazutake touches her cheeks in front of everyone, and says that he kinda likes her, and that he’ll show her another side of him which aint so bro-bro the next time he comes. I’m sorry if this one is vague as I accidentally deleted the notes for Kazutake and I have vague memory of what happened at hte end.

TKH092If you pick Shin’s option, which is one with wide knowledge, they all look at shin & the rest other than Chitose try to argue leaving an upset Chitose. He then tells Yukina to tell the rest that hes the smartest and tells her to come to his side when the rest rage at him since hes dangerous as well imao. Later she gets back to her room when Shin comes by and catches going out again. He complains a little, but says that’s pretty much her, and tells her to not go out and shuts the door. He then says that he wants to teach her a few things, and it’s about the Shiranui. He then passes her a book to read through and tells her to learn it all by the next day. Shin also stays with Yukina through the night, and he gets super close to her while she reads and he even nudges her to keep her awake. The next morning Yukina says goodbye to everyone, and Shin last. He then says that she looks sleepy, and whispers into her ear saying that they were together all night the grandpas rage a little. Yukinas about to tell when have happened when he puts his finger on her lips whispering that it’s a secret between them, and he gets all touchy touchy and it ends with him going that he’s pretty much done too much.

TKH116If you choose Senkimaru’s option, which is the type who is clear & driven about their goals, Chitose will say that pretty much everyone there has that trait. Kotoura-jii then says that Senkimaru’s closest to that, he then says that he’s not the only one working hard, Yachiyo & Shuu are working hard too. Healso adds that since Yukina has forgiven them, they’ll continue to work hard for the sake of her. At night, he goes inside her room asking what she was doing and guesses she’s going out. Yukina then asks what he’s there for and guesses that hes there to report everything to her when he freaks out and says that its kinda like that. He then takes to the forest where they sit down together, and he then reports stuff to her. He talks about Yachiyo, and he pulls her closer saying how dense she is. The next morning, Yukina starts crying as she says goodbye to Senkimaru saying that she wont forget what happened last night, and he touches her cheeks. He then says that he still cant forget the day where he left the Yase and he’s pretty much at his limit already, and says that he really likes her. He then says that he didn’t says it for her happiness, and hes only thinking about his own happiness now. Yukina tries to answer but he tells her not to say anything, and he says goodbye and leaves. The grandpas then tell her to give her answer the next time he comes, and she should just move on her own path for now.

If you choose the “I don’t know” option, the dudes are super shocked and the grandpas continue promoting their descendants. The dudes soon start fighting over Yukina and getting pissed at each other. Later at night, Ginrou comes with a letter from Shuu & Yachiyo imaooooo. Shuu apologsies for not going & promises to send her flowers next time and see her again. Yachiyo says in the letter that she shouldn’t get near the dudes since he wants to make her his and what not, and they both add a p.s behind telling her to destroy the letter other than theirs imaooooooo. The next morning to she bids goodbye to all of them, and she ends up staring out into the sky later thinking about them.

Jyunigatari [十二語り]

This is pretty much the conclusion to the entire series, which happens 1 week after the above omake. Yukina has the same dream as the above omake when she wakes up. Kotone then comes by asking if shes okay and tries ot help her, and soon leaves after Yukina tells her to. Turns out she’s been having the same dream for the past 7 days and she talks to Shiomi-jii about it, when Shiomi-jii tells her about Kazuha consulting him when she needed help on what to do abt the dream. Shiomi-jii then asks if that dream made her remember anything, and they figure that the dream may happen soon with some creepers in giant hats. He tells her that she doesn’t need to tell anyone about the dream, so only the grandpas know about it for now. The POV then switches to Kazutake, where he’s at an inn meeting one of his people, and they talk about some creepers with giant hats who wanted to kill the guy to make a new oni era. Soon Shin comes in as well and says that those creepers beat the shit outta his people so he’s gonna track them down too. They then decide to send a letter to Chitose. Later that night Yukina gets Ginrou to send out a letter, and Ginrou comes back next morning with a letter from Senkimaru & Shuu saying that they’re coming back. She freaks out when suddenly Kotone tells her to get back inside her room cuz she’s still in her bed clothes imao. She soon gets changed, and after Tsukishima-jii rages at her & they eat breakfast. They soon discuss some people coming to YaseVillage and Tsukishima-jii goes like “they just want to go and see yukina” when Shiomi-jii tells him its rlly important so they why would they drop their work and run there.

Suddenly Shuu bams in going like “YAY IM THE WINNER YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR PROMISE SENKIMARU” and senkimaru comes walking in going like “I cant believe you attacked me….” Tsukishima-jii rages at them, and they soon settle down when Senkimaru starts explaining on how they did a bit of checking up on things. However suddenly Shuu cut in and says that the one who wins the race got to explain things to her. He then explains the reason why he & Yachiyo weren’t there for new year’s was cuz they were checking up sth, and they pretty much drew straws to decide whos going to YaseVillage for all of them lol. Turns out they were invited by the hat creeps to join them in their new era of oni and there were disappearances of oni at places where they were hanging around. When they got the letter, they decided to get here to explain to them.  Soon Kazutake & Shin appear as well, and they explain the situation to them. Shin then does the usual calm rage at all of them over them going nuts over Yukina lol. It soon gets late, and Yukina’s staring into space while thinking about the dream when she sees Yachiyo. She greets him as usual when he starts complaining about how she didn’t greet him with in a more sexy way. He then says that he’s brought info for her as well and he needs Kazuya before he can explain it to her. He then starts getting all close to her as he wants his reward for not murdering Kazuya lol when Shuu notices it and runs over raging at him, and they soon argue and Senkimaru comes by as well raging at them lol. The nest morning, Kazuya comes and asks if Yachiyo’s there already. Yukina then tells him that he arrived yesterday, and Kazuya says that they were supposed to meet today, and starts asking her if anything was done to her lol.

Suddenly Ginrou attacks someone and we have Chitose screaming as he tries to get away from Ginrou who’s attacking him. Turns out he also did some research after receiving a letter form Kazutake about the creepers, and he arrived too to share info. He then sulks about how hes the latest and hes gonna get teased by the rest lol. \(^ω^\) Turns out the creepers are only attacking onis from clans and not attacking any hagureonis, and they discuss what motives they have. They soon guess and its might be the sentan again, and the trio freak out and get worried if all the sentans weren’t disposed off. Kazuya then says that he went to Ieyasu to talk to him and there might be someone who wants the sentan to do something. They end up finding a few possibilities that the all the Shuura might not have been all killed and what not, and more possibilities, and the trio apologises. They then says that they want to clean up what they did themselves so they don’t want anyone else to interfere. Yukina then says that she wants to help, and everyone soon chips in saying that this is going to be their final fight to get peace. Soon it gets late, and Yukina sees a dream of Chitose & Kazuya fighting late at night outside YaseVillage. She ends up screaming and waking up, and she freaks out after figuring that they’re gonna attack YaseVillage. She soon gets Kotone to get everyone at the hall, and she tells them the dream. They soon discuss what they should do when they really attack and they decide to split up into teams of Chitose & Kazuya, Shin & Kazutake, the trio, and the 3 grandpas.  Shuu then rages that he wanted to protect Yukina, and Yukina says that she doesn’t need any, and she only needs Kotone.

Yukina then suggests that she strengthen the barrier around the Yase. Quite a number of people disapprove cuz she can’t move while doing the spell, but she says that she’s still gonna do it. Soon all the ikemen give her encouragement, when Ginrou screams saying that danger’s coming. Yukina orders all of them not to kill anyone, since oni shouldn’t each other anymore, and they all move out. It soon moves to Chitose & Kazuya’s POV where they start attacking. The creepers then start talking crap about how they’re going to take over the onis, and Chitose tells Kazuya to watch his back. It then changes to Kazutake & Shin, where they talk crap about how their actions are correct and the onis now should be hagureonis and the hagureonis should be the rulers lol. Moving on to the trio’s side, Senkimaru stops them while Yachiyo & Shuu attack. Senkimaru rages at Yachiyo when blood comes out of the guys and Yachiyo says that he’s just injuring them. Turns out one of the Oboro ppl kept some leftover sentan and Shuu & Yachiyo start laughing at him about how dumb he is. The guy then says how dumb Yachiyo is and Yachiyo rages to the level where he wants to kill the guy, while Shuu tells him that Yachiyo’s the type who make ppl to beg him to kill them. At the grandpas side, they creepers there complain about how old they are. Shiomi-jii asks them if they want to leave or not, and asks about their motives. They start saying how shitty the Yasehime is and the grandpas raggeeeeeee super hard and fight.

It soon goes back to the Chitose & Kazuya duo where say how dumb they are to actually follow the dumb Yukina’s orders, but they’re pretty happy that she wants to change the minds of the hagureonis so they’re just following her. It finally switches back to Yukina’s POV where she’s super tired from doing the spell, and she tells Kotone to just get ready. They take it back to the Shin & Kazutake duo where they’ve finished up and Shin’s pretty much used his string to tie them up imao. Kotoura-jii then comes by to use his Shikigami to watch the creepers.  The next morning, Yukina tries to talk sense into them when they just tell her to kill them. She tries talking more when one of them tries to attack her when she uses a knife to protect herself. She then says that she aint some weak ass hime and all the oni are bonded together like that by the Yasehime. Chitose then brags about how their hime is so cool. The hagureoni then ask what she wants to do with them. She then says that it’s the Yasehime’s orders to send them off to live with all the clans, and learn how to live in a peaceful world filled with oni. Yachiyo soon leaves and Yukina says that she’ll send a letter to him later, and he whispers to her that he’ll come secretly to come to her. Shuu also tells her that he’ll send her tons of letters. Senkimaru says he’s been trouble, and its cuz they trusted each other, and he’ll send a letter soon. Shin then says that they should decide who to send to which clan, and Chitose rages at all of them as Shin says that no one would go with him. The grandpas tell her to go with them to decide who should go where, and Yukina’s pretty that it’s a more peaceful world now.

Houzuki Senhana [鬼灯千華]  

Thsi section is divided into 2 parts, which are “Kiyoku no Kakera” and “Ginrou wa Mita!!” short stories on what happens in the main timeline. This includes their inner thoughts as well and which some of them are seriously hilarious. Although, I will not be playing some character’s memories cuz main reason, I do not like those characters. I will not be doing all of Shin’s section cuz Shin just makes my brain break down when i hear him, and the side character for his is Motoyasu so I’m not interested. I will not be doing Masanobu’s as well. Every character has 5 “Kiyoku no Kakera” stories and 3 “Ginrou wa Mita!!” stories.

Kiyoku no Kakera [記憶の欠片] 

TKH014For Chitose’s Section, the first one is [Chitose’s Memories]. This one is about his godfather busy asking him when Yukina is coming over assuming that she’s his bride lol. His godfather then talks about how Yukina is a good girl and everything, and Chitose says that different. Chitose tries denying it when his godfather says that such a chance wont come by so he should take the chance. Chitose then starts thinking about the other dudes cuz of his godfather talking about what types Yukina might fall in love with and Chitose starts getting pretty asswhacked. In [Toyohisa’s Memories 1], It’s about him talking to Yukina one day while she’s practicing, and he mentions how weak he was previously. He then tries to get Chitose more involved with Yukina by asking her to let down her hair, and yelling at Chitose to get over here cuz Yukina wants him to pat her head LOLOL TOYOHISA YOU BRO. In [Yoshirou’s Memories], which is Chitose’s godfather, they’re discussing about the war. Turns out Chitose & Yukina have been upset over the fact that Shiomi-jii died. Toyohisa & Chitose blame themselves for it, but their godfather asks them to calm down. They all soon calm down, and Chitose decides to go find Yukina. Toyohisa then talks to his dad about how close to Yukina Chitose has become. In [Toyohisa’s Memories 2], Toyohisa’s worried that Chitose’s finished off by Senkimaru and his dad tells him to believe and wait. They thne talk about how that’s the first time they’ve seen Chitose so worried, and he’s found something precious to him. Toyohisa then hopes that everyone can be still alive the next day, and soon Chitose & Yukina come back. In [Kazuha’s Memories], Kazuha’s already awoken and she’s writing a letter to Yukina. Kotoura-jii then comes in and asks about her condition, and she says she feels a lot better. He then asks about the letter, and she tells him that its to tell Yukina that she has awoken, and to go along with Chitose. Kotoura-jii then tells her about the time when Chitose & Yukina met before. Turns out that when Yukina was a kid, she was jealous of the clan girls getting to play, and Kotoura-jii wanted to get flowers for her. He ends up meeting kid Chitose and he decides to go get flowers, and passes it to Kotoura-jii to pass to Yukina, since Chitose’s a little embarrassed abt it lol. Soon Kazutake pops by and she asks him to give Yukina the letter as well as send her a message lol.

TKH041For Kazuya, In [Ieyasu’s Memories 1], Ieyasu’s bored and he can’t calm down when Masanobu comes in with some sweets. He gets some, and they end up playing chess where Masanobu starts freaking out cuz he cant beat Ieyasu imao. thy end up holding off the match. In [Ieyasu’s Memories 2], Ieyasu’s at the Shimazu, when Kazuya comes in. he then tells Kazuya to get back to his village to protect the people. Kazuya refuses to leave since the people are working in his absence. Ieyasu then talks to Kazuya about Yukina. In [Ieyasu’s Memories 3], Ieyasu notices something is wrong with Kazuya, and turns out its after Tsukishima-jii died. Kazuya says that if he didnt make any selfish actions, he wouldn’t have let Yukina’s precious person die. Ieyasu tells him to stand up and look up, since he’s supposed to be a leader. Kazuya then makes his resolve that since Tsukishima-jii entrusted him with someone precious to protect, he needs to move on and move forward. In [Kazuya’s Memories], Kazuya’s at the entrance of YaseVillage, where he asks Ginrou to send a letter out. They’re waiting at YaseVillage waiting for Kazuha to wake up. Soon the grandpas come in, and they say they like to have a talk with him. They talk about what’s happened to the rest, and he also asks for Yukina’s hand in marriage.

TKH061In Kazutake’s section, for [Sakon’s Memories 1], he thanks Kazutake for helping protect Mitsunari. He also asks about Yukina who took the hit for Mitsunari. Kazutake’s pretty astonished by that, and asks if Mitsunari was the one who’s asking. Sakon then talks about how kind and wonder his boss is when suddenly Mitsunari comes behind yelling at him not to talk too much lol. Mitsunari then drags Sakon to a corner and asks about Yukina’s condition. In [Sakon’s Memories 2], he enters a room seeing Kazutake, and asks where Mitsunari is. Turns out Mitsunari’s in his room thinking about the war, when Hideya pops in and asks if Mitsunari & Yukina are similar LOLOL WTF. They soon soon talk about how similar they are, when Mitsunari pops in and argues back. Hideya then changes the subject to where they prepared armor for Yukina, and they soon start getting worried on how she’s a girl, and although she’s a female oni, she needs armour for protection. Hideya then start babbling on about how hes gonna get good protection for Yukina. In [Mitsunari’s Memories], he’s thinking about the war the next day when Hideya pops in with his war clothes, and talks about how flashy he wants to be on the battlefield LOL. He asks for Mitsunari’s comments but the guy’s stumped there, and Hideya tells him that he’s the leader and he needs to get a grip of himself. In [Hideya’s Memories], he recalls not long ago when Kazutake wasn’t around when Mitsunari had only Sakon and Kazutake was away. He then talks about how he needs more guards and how Mitsunari would say “I dont need any guards!!!” and he tells the guy to be more careful and not be so tsun about everything lol. He then thinks on how Ieyasu’s gonna rule Japan and hopes everything will be fine. In [Kazutake’s Memories], Kazutake meets Yachiyo and tells him that Shuu’s dead. He then says that he’s gonna finish Yachiyo off, Yahchiyo says its all the Jukishuu’s fault for making him like them, and Kazutake asks what kind of hagureoni kingdom they actually wanted.

TKH113In Senkimaru’s Section, for [Shiomi’s Memories], he’s just returned from his town. Soon they see Senkimaru bored in a corner, and Tsukishima-jii yells at him to greet the grandpa. They soon have some sweets and there’s only 3, and they don’t know who should eat them. Soon Yukina comes in, and they say they should settle it by getting Yukina and Senkimaru to eat them. Senkimaru’s super excited about it when Kotoura-jii and Tsukishima-jii argue, and Shiomi-jii tells them to get out and eat the sweets first. In [Yachiyo’s Memories], Yachiyo’s stuck with Shuu complaining how slow Senkimaru is. Shuu then complains about how he has suck an annoying Senpai when Yachiyo rages and lashes out at him. Soon Senkimaru comes by when Shuu complains to him. Yachiyo then thinks about how annoying Shuu is, when Senkimaru yells at them to stop making noise there. They soon talk about how he’s a kid when he starts yelling and they continue complaining about each other and arguing. In [Shuu’s Memories], they’re meeting Masanobu where they’re planning on kidnapping Kazuha, when Shuu starts complaining internally about how hot it is. Yachiyo then asks if if he’s listening, and Shuu complains that they’re talk is damn boring and he wants them to be more cheerful. He then complains about the and Masanobu wants to cut the sleeves and Shuu continues complaining lol. In [Kazuha’s Memories], Kazuha’s pretty much in full oni form where she wants to live in a peaceful world with Yukina, and walks off by herself when shuu comes by and gets her. Yachiyo comes by telling her not to walk around so much, but she then says she can do whatever she wants. Kazuha then starts raging at the guy for calling Yukina a little rat lol. In [Senkimaru’s Memories], Senkimaru’s staying at YaseVillage while waiting for Kazuha to wake up. He then says he’s got nothing to do, and the grandpas come in and says he’s moral support for Yukina. They soon discuss about Yukina’s feelings towards him where Senkimaru gets embarrassed and starts yelling all over when Yukina runs to the hall to say that Kazuha’s awake.

Gintou wa Mita!! [銀狼は見た!]

TKH022For Chitose’s section, in [Chitose’s Skills], Toyohisa’s about to burn a letter when Chitose comes by. Chitose then says that he can use his sword to make flames lol so they can use the flames to burn the letter LOL. They end up putting the letter in the floor when Chitose’s about to use his skill and the letter flies away lol. Toyohisa yells at him and drags Chitose along to catch the letter. In [Toyohisa’s Prophecy], Chitose remarks how according to what Toyohisa said, it really rained. Chitose then says that it can’t be true when Toyohisa says that his prophecies are always right. He then argues that it’s all his opinions and what not, and yells at him saying if he’s the Yasehime. Toyohisa then says that Chitose will fall in love with Yukina & get married, which ends his forever alone life imao. In [Yohirou’s Sound], Chitose’s complaining how hungry he is, when his godfather comes in apologising cuz it was raining. Chitose soon digs in along with Toyohisa, when he suddenly hears sounds. Toyohisa & his dad are pretty confused where the sound comes from when turns out that its just his godfather rubbing his bald head wtf.

TKH051For Kazuya’s Section, in [Ieayaus’s Clairvoyance], it’s during the war and Kazuya thanks Ginrou for sending a letter his village. Ieyasu comes by and asks about Ginrou,and Kazuya introduces Ginrou to him. Ieyasu then mentions how Kazuya’s similar to the Ginrou. In [Masanobu’s Crisis], Masanobu mentions how bad he feels since the day before, but he can’t afford to collapse from tiredness, and he’s looking for medicine. Suddenly Ieyasu comes in, and he panics for a moment, and asks about his complexion, and tells him to rest. Masanobu continues hiding the Sentan, and Ieyasu suggests giving him some medicine. In [Similar People], Kazuya’s in Ieyasu’s room waiting for him and Kazuya wonders why Ieyasu’s not in when Masanobu comes in. They soon get pissed at each other and they say they should challenge and they decide to play Go, which is the board game with white and black pieces, and they even decide what the loser’s gonna do, and there’s Ieyasu stand outside going on about how they aint noticing him.

TKH080For Kazutake’s Section, in [Mitsunari’s Tenderness], Kazutake & Hideya are wandering around in the forest wondering where Mitsunari’s at. They also get suspicious as to where Sakon is as well, when they spot him. Turns out Mitsunari’s busy feeding a rabbit and Sakon doing his usual fanboying over his boss, and Hideya chips in on how amazing the sight is. In [Sakon’s Work], Mitsunari’s writing something when he’s run outta paper, and Sakon immediately comes with paper. Suddenly, his tea’s cold, and SAKON APPEARS IMMEDIATELY TO GIVE NEW TEA. Mitsunari then says that he needs to hand this to Kazutake, when he APPEARS AGAIN WITH KAZUTAKE WTF LOL. After passing the letter to Kazutake, Sakon says that Mitsunari can call him anytime when he’s needed, when Mitsunari just mutters how he already bring everything to him when he needs it. In [Hideya’s Meddling], Mitsunari finishes off a meeting when he mentions how Mitsunari’s hair looks like Ieyasu’s. He then says dramatically that how difficult it was to tell him that he looks like Ieyasu, and asks if he understands. Mitaunari says he does, and Hideya says that he’s gonna change his hairstyle, and changes Mitsunari’s hairstyle TO LOOK LIKE HIS. Mitsuanri then rages and asks if its a dream imao.

TKH099For Shin’s section, In [Shin’s Thing], Motoyasu’s in his room resting when Yukina comes in saying that she has something from Shin. He then asks Yukina if she wants sweets, and if she likes sweet stuff. He then says that next time if he has sweets he’ll call Yukina when Shin calm rages at him lol. In [Motoyasu, in remodeling], Shin asks if Motoyasu’s in, and the guy asks him to save him, and turns out HIDEYA’S ATTEMPTING TO CHANGE HIS LOOK. Motoyasu asks him to come in save him, and Shin says that it’s bad manners to come in in a conversation, and soon leaves saying that he has work to do. Hideya then mentions how he’s did it to Mitsunari before so it’s okay. In [Motoyasu’s Soliloquy], he’s looking at Ginrou and he starts talking to him saying how Hideya almost attacked him and he got  mad at by Shin and what not, and soon leaves.

TKH120For Senkiamru’s section, In [Shuu’s Experiment], he’s setting something up when Yachiyo comes by and asks what he’s doing. He then says that he’s testing out how much stepping would be needed before his bombs explode, and asks Yachiyo to walk back from where he came from. Yachiyo obviously says no, when Senkimaru comes by AND THE BOMB EXPLODES, leaving Senkiamru raging at the both of them. In [Growth Period], the trio are busy complaining on how Masanobu’s late. Senkimaru also complains on how painful his body is, and Yachiyo says that it’s prolly cuz he grew bigger. Shuu then says how he’s gonna get more girls now since he previously was a kid, and how maybe if he drank the sentan he could grow bigger. They end up discussing on how it prolly won’t work on him anyway, when Shuu asks what happens if an old guy drinks it, when Masanobu comes in. In [Woman’s (?) Talk], full power Kazuha complains on how far they’ve walked, and says how Shuu is bearing with this shit. They soon start gossiping about Yachiyo complain about how Yachiyo’s attitude could change. they soon talk about different personalities of Yachiyo, when they end up complaining that reality is pretty harsh when Yachiyo yells at them to move. 0(^▽^*三*^▽^)0

~Final Thoughts~

TKH161This game was so text heavy that I can’t even sit down and play the game in 1 sitting due to the fact that it was so text heavy. This is also added on by the fact that there’s more kanji than usual, which hurts my brain even further. Also, while I was editing the post for this my brain was actually tired that I actually conked off for a few hours doing this!! I started to skip Shin’s stuff cuz Shin’s kanji talk was getting to my brain and it really started to hurt. Apart from complaints about Kanji, this game was really full of content. I was worried that this FD would be extremely terrible due to Otomates terrible releases for 2013, and I think is one of the better games for 2013. The art was crazy good as usual, and I really loved the fluff except for a few people, like Shin. His scenes were kinda too steamy for me, and his crazy possessiveness of Yukina just blew me off. Kazutake was improved by a little since he stopped bro-ing and showing his sexy beast self which makes me feel better about him. I didn’t really like Kazuya’s cuz he was kinda too serious but at least he was kinda better than some others. In terms of love route favourite it would be something like Senkimaru > Chitose > Shuu > Kazuya > Kazutake > Yachiyo > Shin. The stories & omakes were seriously hilarious and I really enjoyed them, although the omakes were quite content-heavy as well. However, overall I enjoyed this fandisk and I recommend it to everyone who’s played the first game.


12 thoughts on “Toki no Kizuna ~Hanayui Tsuzuri~

  1. kirinano

    Ahaha, i have considered playing this at one point, but the text seemed heavy duty. I like the art and all, but I can feel the aura of of text heaviness leaking from the game miles away and through the magazine article pages (´-ω-`). Kanji gives me a headache only when it’s like those historical terms and I’m like, OKAY HOW AM I GOING TO TRANSLATE THIS IN ENGLISH. This is another reason why I avoid historical games. I even considered playing Ken ga Kimi, but sitting and thinking of how to explain it in english is like ohhh lord, my head is going to explode (、ン、).

    1. Shuu Post author

      Well language is always a reason to why people avoid all these old timey games. This one was tough cuz the descriptions were so descriptive!! I had to put almost every detail in the review. It gave me a complete headache tbh, but yeah i’m glad im done with it. Im playing brocon now and suddenly, everything is so easy to the level where im just “???” at what i just finished reviewing lol.

      Although I heard Ken ga Kimi is a good game. It’s good to try it, since I heard that the routes are really good, but it’s prolly better to improve our japanese first xDD

      1. kirinano

        AHHHH Brothers Conflict! lol I considered playing that too cuz the endings seemed so sweet and some with smexy CGs, but the novel totally ruined it for me. The romance seems kinda ドロドロ esp b/c they’re between brothers and also some do actually have conflicts with one another. If I didn’t know how the novel was going, I probably ended up playing it. Well, actually I played like 2 routes of Passion Pink I think? Still, I was satisfied with who she ended up in the end, I just didn’t like the story flow. Well, the game is diff so that’s a good thing, so it should be fine. I just have problems b/c I would be reminded and feel kinda meh about it. For me, the game was a troll in the beginning though, with the schedules lol. I took a long break, waiting for walkthroughs to come out aha. Btw, are you planning to play both volumes of the game? Sorry about the long comment on brocon aha. I have a feeling I talked about it on my blog as well, but I guess I just can’t get over it since I felt it was a waste. I know I would have liked it if it wasn’t for the novels lol.

        Yeah, Ken ga Kimi is good, but kinda long too. I played one of the character routes and was like…SCREW THIS and just dropped it bc I didn’t wanna review it anymore. I understand the Japanese, but I just don’t know how to put it into English terms. I might put it in my pending games, in which I just slowly play it in the background and maybe one day I’ll post a review on it. aha

      2. Shuu Post author

        sorry for the late, comment, i was thinking about what to say haha. Im about 1/4 in into Subaru’s route, and I realise that the events are so far apart that sometimes i just spend 3 weeks doing the exact same things and skipping through them cuz they dont have anything to see. i’m just worried that i’ll screw up really hard and i’ll have to go back to the beginning. I’m planning on using PP as a gauge on how good the game is, cuz BB has a lot of characters with issues (like iori) and most of the things are kinda repeated. although, i might want to play for the sake of natsume, azusa & wataru.

        ken ga kimi is long cuz of rejet. xD yeah true sometimes you just cant put them into english words and sometimes you cant even search for the kanji as well! since it’s long, i guess looking at it would give you headaches so its quite bad. looking forward to you review someday!

      3. kirinano

        I quit after playing Fuuto and Yousuke, I think those were the names lol xD I usually save the ones I’m looking forward to, so I never got to Subaru. I wanted to play BB esp for Natsume and Wataru, but it never happened. Wheeee >< maybe you can use walkthroughs? That way you won't mess up lol.

  2. Logan

    Please tell me where I can find what I just read but the real thing please I’m trying to read the Shin one and Senkimaru so please reply me back 🙂

    1. Shuu Post author

      May I know what you’re referring too? I played original PSP game fully in Japanese, not the translated one that is available on the phone. At the same time, the 2nd game which is this one is not translated yet from what I know.

      1. Logan

        Yes the second one I mainly want to read the one about shin and senkimaru and in English I’m wondering when they would make it in English and who this is made by :/

      2. Logan

        Or if I can find the second one in the App Store and maybe use google to translate which I really think is gonna be a lot of work -.-

      3. Shuu Post author

        It’s made by Otomate, a Japanese Otome game company, and it is only available on the PSP all in Japanese. It is currently not available anywhere else other than that, and I do not know of any plans of translation. At the same time, it is impossible to use Google Translate on any of these apps or games as they are not on the browser. I play all my games in Japanese so I can’t help you there.

      4. Logan

        D’: This sucks I really wanted to read the rest more so of shin and senkimaru and a little about kazuya I’m sol here and I kinda now wish I knew how to read Japanese I’m really big into this kinda stuff I wish they would have made it like the my sweet prince one -.-

  3. GreyHands

    Thank you for sharing this !! I’ve played the first game in english (not my native language but I can understand it) and found the second in japanese, but my level is not enough… Senkimaru is my favorite too, and I was staring at his CG, trying to understand the story with no other clue… But with your amazing review, now I get it !
    Thank you again for your hard work !! I hope someday Otomate will translate this game too.


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