GHP, Amnesia V Ed. & Updates

I havent been posting personal posts lately, and I just have the time to write a short post. Lately school has been overwhelming me a lot and exams are coming, so I barely have the time to play otome games cept when I go out and play with my vita which has more power than my psp since my psp battery is on a weird burnout. Well I figured that I would be getting GHP and ended up ordering it expecting it to come in a month or so while I finish brocon….but it came in a week after I ordered it O.o Well whatever, looks like I wont be ordering anything until im done with some games i guess.

DSC_0328                                         DSC_0326


Also, I got Amnesia V Edition, and I’m in the midst of playing it right now along with trying to clear the FD for Toki no Kizuna. The mini games are really funny to play with especially scissors-paper-stone where I beat Toma 13-0 HAHA.

DSC_0329   DSC_0330

(Guess what, i’m already done with Shin’s route oops~)

Also, I have some announcements to make regarding the blog, since my exams are coming VERY VERY SOON. I probably won’t be finishing the Toki Fd anytime soon since my exams start on 5 May, and I can’t afford to slack. I’m probably thinking of clearing Chitose’s route throughout the exams as study breaks, and I’ll play my top 2 + omakes after the exams. (*´▽`*)Well I guess I’ll shall do a preview of what im going to play in order, but as per usual PC will be the slowest backlog.

PSP Games Toki FD -> Brocon -> Nise no Chigiri -> GHP -> Jyuzaengi (lol 和風 game)
PS Vita Amnesia V Ed. -> Steins; Gate (surprise xDDD) -> Moujitsukai to Oujisama
PC Dot Kareshi II -> Dot Kareshi III -> Dousei Kareshi Butterfly Lip -> Tiny x Machine Gun

I’m planning on trying to find time before the holidays start to finish up both dot kareshis, since it didn’t take very long to clear the first one anyway, and I’m already into the common route by quite a bit. I’ll try to finish Disc II at least, or maybe even try doing Disc III. Another case is the question where I will play Hakuouki SSL, but I’m still considering since my PS vita backlog is a snail (then my pc backlog is a sloth xDDDDD), and I went to read Amazon reviews….and they weren’t very good. It was an average of 3 stars O_O. Well there are other people out there who are planning to play SSL, so I’m still considering here and there if it’s really worth the cash, since it’s about $66 for the regular edition!!.

Yep that’s about it. I’ll post another review soon in May, and I hope to clean my backlog faster at least!! xDDDD

4 thoughts on “GHP, Amnesia V Ed. & Updates

  1. seitoanita

    Ahh so many good games to play (dot kareshi3 was hilarious)
    Yeah I read some reviews on SSL and apparently it’s pretty much just a lot of sappy high school romance, but with really pretty psv cg.
    (Question: jap otome games are not on psn? So you still have to get the hardcopies shipped in?? Thx :p)

    1. Shuu Post author

      so many good games and so little time……yep thats how everyone feels! SSL seriously did not appeal to me at all with the mini games and other stuff, and plain sappy high school romance??!! doesnt sound pretty good to me!!

      About the vita games, there are jap games on the psn, but there is a psn region lock where only one accounr can be connected to one memory card. This causes a big hassle to get the games sicne switching memory cards are really frustrating in a way for the vita!! Also the plsu point is that otomate moved to region 3, and now game shops in my country all ship in otome games which allows me to get them fast, since physical games dont have a lock.

  2. Hinano

    hakuoki ssl had shit reviews because it’s basically like the yuugiroku games with majikichi mini games and like 5 minutes of story. I totally predicted this and I’m glad I was right not to waste my money.


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