Diabolik Lovers ~Limited V Edition~

Hearing about this game I was pretty much like “Eww no” and tried to avoid this game like the wind but yeah I figure I’d watch the anime. However before that I got more & more intrigued thanks to my favourite seiyuus appearing in the fandisk so I decided to give the drama cds a try and before I knew I was in love with the Mukamis. but obviously I couldn’t ignore the Sakamakis so I figured i watch the anime. But yeah I pretty much took the anime adaptation with a grain of salt so I figured: play the game!! After finding out that there was extra stuff inside the PSVITA version I decided to play this. Enough of my backstory of how I meet this game so yeah time to get to the plot seriously.

The story is a bout a girl called Komori Yui who was told by her dad that he’ll be going on an overseas trip. He then tells her to go to his friend’s place to stay there for a while before he comes back and turns out that she’s going to be living with a bunch of crazy vampires!! The all have mental problems and hungry for blood and they don’t let Yui leave the place anymore. She then gets to pick who she gets her blood sucked from so that’s where the story starts. I’ll be clearing all the endings for this game, so the spoilers will be under the cut.

Well for the V Edition there’s not only the Heaven Scenarios, but there’s also the After Story which has extra cute content of them (kinda). I’ll be covering those as well, and I’ll finish every single ending for this game. Apparently I have a thing with Rejet that I must finish all their game endings, so I figured that I finish all of them.

Sakamaki Ayato (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)

2014-03-29-132325I was expecting anything good from his route anyway since there were so many warning about him over people’s reviews but I actually got a lot of amusement out of it. Well Ayato’s pretty much ore-samaing every 30 seconds in this route cuz and does just keeps sucking blood outta Yui’s body. Welp he also calls her “Chichinashi” which means flat-chested and plays pranks on her every now and then lol. Welp his blood-sucking events are so many that I can’t even list them all. For pranks it’s pretty much about him using Yui as dart board practice, dumps hot wax on her, licks her knee when she scrapes it, doing stupid ero things when teaching her to play pool. However we do actually find the reason why he oresamas so much as we find out that when he was young his mom had forced him to study & be number  one every day so that she could beat the dad’s first wife, Beatrix. Soon he starts realising that Yui’s blood tastes like his mom so he starts going like “I SHALL USE YOUR BLOOD TO BECOME NUMBER ONE BWAHAHAHA” However no matter how much he actually does to Yui she pretty much falls in love with him, and starts getting jealous she sees him sucking another girl’s blood in school. Yui starts falling in love with him so Ecstasy is pretty much filled with them having sex/making out as Ayato continues to suck her blood Yui blushing like hell. He also gets jealous when Yui just drags Shu to his room and he just gets angry and goes “OKAY TIME FOR PUNISHMENT” and starts sucking her blood.

2014-03-29-132355There were times where he got simply outrageous when he put a leash on Yui and made her become a dog. Well the plot starts when Richter comes by one day going “CORDELIIAAA~~~” where Ayato tells him to fuck off. We then actually find out that Yui has Ayato, Kanato & Latito’s mom’s aka Cordelia’s heart. Apparently their Uncle was madly in love with her so when Ayato killed her he took her heart and smashed it into Yui’s body. Also since she has the power of some demon lord and Ayato has been feeding on her blood, his power levels are over 100000. Ending 3: After realising that Yui has his mom’s heart Ayato kills her and goes on like “YOU’RE MINE NOW FOREVER” while continuing to such her blood. ( ´_ゝ`) Ending 2: Ayato tells Yui that he actually killed his mom and somehow the heart got inside her body. Laito & Kanato hear about this they want a bite outta her but Ayato’s like “she’s my food” and since he stats are like 1000000 he just shoves them away. He then drinks more of Yui’s blood and she conks out, and Ayato goes off to kill everyone. He then comes back to her saying that she’s forever his food and he can feed off her everyday. Ending 1: Richter magically pops up in Yui’s room while Ayato’s away and starts going on his crazy “CORRRDEEEEELIIIIIAAAAA~~~~~” lines again. However Ayato comes back and beats the heck outta the guy, saying that she ain’t Cordelia and she’s his. He kills his dad as well and he becomes the leader of all the vampires. Also he decides to marry Yui and in place of the wedding ring he just bites around her finger and they continue to make out there ヽ(▽^〃ヽ)ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ(ノ〃^▽)ノ ワーイワーイワーイ♪

2014-03-29-132434Heaven Scenario: Idk when the hell these scenes actually happened also but most of it is Ayato on his suck-fest. However Yui gets anemia but Ayato still wants to suck from her and she’s like “GET OUT I FEEL TIRED” which causes him to rage and suck blood from her. Well Laito, Kanato, Subaru & Shu then drug her so that they get to take a bite outta her when Ayato ain’t around but he soon comes back and beats the crap outta them. 🙂 After Story: This happens after they get married so I get what the hell’s going on. It’s Ayato’s birthday and Yui wants to give him a present, but the book that she wanted to give him was thrown away by him, so she decides to make a cake for him. However the house doesn’t have the ingredients for it so she slips out when Ayato’s sleeping to go and buy things, and this causes Ayato to RAGE. Well Yui soon comes back and bumps into Laito who helps her carry the stuff, and afterwards biting her. Ayato soon finds her and realises that Laito bit her and he RAGES LIKE HELL. He then ignores her telling her that she just wants to go make out with the other guys thats why she slipped out. He continues to ignore her even after she finished the cake, but the shit goes down when she crashes into Laito again. Laito wants to take another bite outta her and Ayato saw them and he rages saying that Yui doesn’t actually love him.

2014-03-29-132454Well at this point Yui’s pretty much in love with him so she tries to explain that she doesn’t want to even do this sheit with Laito. Ayato then continues shouting back at her with Laito going “How about just going with me~~~” so she decides to bite the finger with the ring marks to show that she still loves Ayato. Laito’s like “oh dammit” and walks away, leaving Ayato there pretty shocked by what she did. Welp I guess he finally understood what she wanted now ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ and he goes and licks the blood coming out from her finger, telling her that she shouldn’t biter herself without his permission. He then asks her why she was keeping things from him and she’s like “I just wanted to celebrate your birthday” when it strikes midnight. Yui then tells Ayato “Happy Birthday” and he’s pretty much like “thanks” and decides to eat the cake she dropped since it was “what she prepared for Ayato-sama” lol. Yui then gives her a nice piercing as a present and Ayato asks her to feed him the cake, and mouth feeding him as well. ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪ Well the story pretty much ends with him sucking her blood, with Yui telling him that he loves her. Well I could seriously feel the fact that they were in love, especially Ayato with him getting all jealous over the whole Laito incident. Well I do understand why a lot of people dont like the guy cuz of him mistreating Yui, but I understand him pretty well. I’m pretty much an ore-sama myself cuz I really cant stand others before me, so I feel him a lot. Despite the fact that he tortures Yui a lot he actually loves her in a way and also the fact that his past was really bad which caused this complex for him, so Ayato’s pretty much my favourite.

Sakamaki Kanato (CV: Kaji Yuki)

2014-03-29-132530Kanato is supposed to be the shota of the gang but apparently he isn’t and best part, he is part of the triplets which I did not realise when I first started the series. However no matter how much I like Kaji Yuki and whatever I COULD NOT STAND THIS KID’S CHARACTER I HATE IT SO MUCH. Kanato throws tantrums every 10 seconds and loves to eat sweets and play with the teddy bear in his hands like a kid. Also, his tantrums are soooo bad that when Yui gets his food late, he screams at her. Having Kaji Yuki scream in my ear isn’t funny so…….no. It pretty much starts off with him getting angry with her and afterwards sucking blood from her lol. Well there were points which redeemed him when he starts crying over his mom and such but sadly, they were soon overwritten with screaming in my ear over something dumb. I was trying not to judge him with Ayato since Ayato was my all time favourite but I ended up not being able to stand him. There was also a point where he was pretty much like “DONT COMPARE TEDDY WITH YOUR ROSARIO” and stuff and he got me pretty ticked off till the end of the story. The problem with Kanato is different from Ayato, and he LOVES his mom a lot. However the love wasn’t pretty much returned and there was once where Cordelia was fucking with Ritcher in his face and Cordelia’s pretty much like “well he knows how to play with himself so we dont have to care~” so Kanato’s personality was pretty much developed to have an obsession with his mom.

2014-03-29-132609So he pretty much lacks love and always wants Yui to hug him and cries when teddy’s broken, and I guess that’s how their relationship started developing. Apparently he loved his mom so much that he burnt her after Ayato killed her and kept her ashes inside Teddy. However nearing the end he tells Yui that he loves her and he shows her that by burning his teddy ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイand he gets really mad after that to anyone who actually even talks to her. Yui’s pretty much in love with so shes pretty okay with whatever he does. Ending 3: Kanato continues to drink from her but she then runs off to the other guys to start discussing things and gossip like some women over him. Kanato soon gets jealous of this and he ends burning all his bros and turns Yui into his doll woah woah there Kanato. Ending 2: Although she’s been getting her blood sucked by Kanato she ends up getting attacked by all the dudes so they’ve all been feeding on her everywhere, and she blames herself for being weak. Welp soon Kanato finds out and rages at her and she tells him she loves him and SHE’S GOING TO KILL ALL OF THEM. Yui literally kills all of them and Kanato’s like OMG YOU DID IT and he’s like all happy that his bros are gone and they start banging in some bloodfest. Ending 1: Yui’s so in love with Kanato that she doesn’t even realise that Kanato’s been drugging her and making her forget about everything else which happened. Also Kanato goes out killing all his bros and Richter and his dad while she’s asleep since his stats are over 10000 and becomes the leader of the vamps.

2014-03-29-132627Yui slowly becomes a vampire as well and they get married and move into a brand new castle where they have their fun happy times of biting each other.ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ Heaven Scenarios: Once again its just extra parts and it’s pretty much Yui looking for her Rosario one night, and also finding a butterfly and wanting to show it to Kanato and he rages at her for liking something other than him. He kills the butterfly and goes into “Yui-san” mode and sucks her blood. Also he cares about Yui when she gets anemia and lets her suck from him, and brings her to go kill her dad but she doesn’t care since lol she forgot everything. After Story: It’s set after ending 1 happens while they’re living in the castle, where Yui’s getting heart pains thanks to Cordelia coming back. She then starts thinking hard and Kanato rages at her for thinking about other people other than him. She then decides to talk to him about it but HE ENDS UP RAGING AGAIN and Yui ends up crashing onto the floor thanks to her heart pains. However, when she wakes up BAM CORDELIA’S BACK. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Cordelia starts taking full control of her body and starts going “MY KANNATO~~~” and Kanato’s like super happy that she’s back. He then spends more time together with his mom and Yui starts finding out that CORDELIA’S OUT TO KILL KANATO FOR KILLING KARL HEINZ LOL. Yui tells her to stop but she doesn’t care and starts scheming to kill Kanato. Kanato keeps asking about Yui, and mentions that no matter how Cordelia sounds happy Yui still looks sad since she’s upset inside.

2014-03-29-132642Welp Cordelia won’t let Yui out anyway and tells her that she’s going to act as her and kill Kanato like that. “Yui” then tells Kanato that this is going to be the last time she’s seeing him and she’s going to be merged with Cordelia now. Kanato asks her if he could suck her blood to say goodbye to her and he realises that her blood tastes different. “Yui” continues making excuses to try and kill him. Kanato then says that if he can’t see her and says that if she’s going to disappear, they might as well die together since they promised to live together and die together. He then starts strangling Yui and saying that he’s going after her. Cordelia freaks out and ends up spitting out that she hates him for killing Karl. Kanato’s like “lol i knew it you werent yui in the first place” and says that he was trying to find a method to separate them. Cordelia starts going like “LOL SHES GONE TOO BAD” but Kanato gets close to her, and tells her that he know shes’ inside, and tells her not to cry since she’s still together with him. He then KISSES HER O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ and tells her to kick that woman outta her body. Yui then uses the power of rabu to kick Cordelia out and Kanato’s super happy. He then goes like “BYE MOM IM LIVIN A HAPPY LIFE WITH YUI NOW BYEEEEE~~~” and starts sucking from Yui and he lets her bite him as well, as he says that he loves her forever. The After Story really redeemed Kanato for me as I ALMOST WANTED TO STAB HIM AT HIS HEAVEN SCENARIOS cuz I really didnt like that bratty attitude like this but come to think of it, that’s probably how Yui fell in love with him. Well I accept it now since I know that Kanato’s pretty much in love with her and I’m totally okay with it. But he’s still kinda creepy so I guess he can’t beat Ayato yet.

Sakamaki Laito (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

2014-03-29-132700Laito’s part of my “I DONT GIVE A FUCK” characters cuz his pervertness Maji 2000% ticked me off. Laito’s pretty much a big pervert and to me, he’s the most disgusting piece of shit in this game. He’s pretty much Do-M and Do-S and calls Yui bitch-chan, and I was pretty much going “FUCK OFF” every 2 chapters. He spends most of his time sucking Yui’s blood and peeping in on her at the beginning and making her read sick stuff and play tricks on her, and Yui’s pretty much like “why am i still with this guy” LOL YUI YOU COULD JUST GO TO THE OTHER DUDES. I mean Kanato was creepy and everything and Ayato was pretty mean but you could have just gone to them. Soon Otomate decides to slap us in the face by telling us that LAITO HAS A SEXUAL ATTRACTION TO HIS MOM. Turns out that Laito actually fucked his mom once when his mom felt upset. Cordelia also asked him to kill the dudes that she didnt like, but told him not to kill Richter since he could be used someday. However one day Richter finds out about that and he locks Laito up and MAKES HIM SEE A NICE PORN SHOW OF THEM FUCKING. At first I’m like poor Laito you have to look at that slut fucking but HE STARTS GETTING TURNED ON BY THEM FUCKING WHAT IN THE WORLD. Welp I dont care about Cordelia anymore cuz like she fucks men every 10 seconds so I don’t really care BUT LAITO. REALLY. Welp after that shit Laito became this weird sick dude which im not going to even touch on anymore.

2014-03-29-132805So on the day where Cordelia almost gets killed by Ayato she goes to Laito going like “LAITO SAAVVEEE ME I NEED TO FUCK KARL” and Laito throws her off the balcony into the rose bush heyyyyy not bad. Basically what happens after that is Richter ripping her heart out and Kanato burning her lol. He then starts blabbling about how love is a way to show love for vampires lol so he killed her cuz he loved her. Laito pretty much knows that Yui has Cordelia’s heart anyway, and starts trying to turn her into Cordelia but Yui doesnt even realise it. (i’ve decided that Yui doesnt have a brain in his route only) Well she gets really mad that she’s being used as Cordelia’s replacement and tries to kill herself with Reijis drugs and such and she fails. Laito comes by and tricks her by calling her Yui instead of bitch-chan and suddenly shes like I LURVE YOU LAITO and Laito says he’ll kill her when she tells him to lol wtf is going on. Soon Yui turns into a vampire and she can talk to Cordelia in her brain and she’s like “i love laito so i cannot lose to this beitch”. Ending 3: Laito tells Yui that he killed Karl Heinz at the church thanks to her blood and he’s like “its time” and BOOM CORDELIA POPS UP. Cordelia then babbles on how she’s going to revive Karl Heinz and kill him one more time and Laito’s pretty done so she stabs Yui/Cordelia. He asks Yui if she has any last requests and she ask him to kiss her. Ending 2: Laito kills Karl again,and he’s so happy that he uses all his familiars to attack Yui!! Turns out they’re all girls that he rejected back then and he stands there getting turned on by the scene. He soon gets bored and….kills all his familiars!!! He then says that Yui looks really nice covered in blood and licks it off and her says that they’ll be together forever lol.

2014-03-29-132844Ending 1: Laito says he killed Karl…..AGAIN. (looks like Otomate/Rejet was too lazy to change it a bit at all) and she kisses him since he’s going to the leader of the vamps.Cordelias like “IM GOING TO KILL LAITO AND TAKE YOUR BODY SOMEDAY” and Yui ignores her and says that she won’t lose to her lol. Laito then carries her bridal style and kisses her and they exchange their “vows of love” at the church saying that they’ll love each other forever. Yui then says that loves him and they’ll be together forever. Heaven Scenarios: It has them sucking each others blood and Yui’s like “hey why didnt i try this earlier hurhur”. Also there’s the one, where Laito loss to Kanato and Ayato in chess and watches them suck Yui as he gets turned on ewww. I didnt even care anymore since the last one was him cutting Yui with knife in the bathtub yayyyyyyyy lol i dont even care cuz i was like (ಠ_ಠ)After Story: Yui sees and shooting star and wishes to be together with Laito forever when eh pops by and he starts sucking her blood with her blushing like hell, when Reiji comes in and cockblocks. (not that i actually care) Reiji asks about the gifts that were sent to Laito for him turning into the the King of Vampires when Kanato & Subaru boom in to complain as well. Laito then starts going like “whatever i dont even care its a darn hassle” which causes Reiji to tell him to buck up since he’s the King of Vampires, and says that he has to take  responsibility for his own shit by packing it up cuz its clogging the entire mansion.

2014-03-29-132856After the 3 bros leave Laito complains to Yui about stuff like “lol i dont want to do such shit its stupid” and starts talking about how he’s the king now so he can use his authority to do anything he wants anyway. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK. Yui starts thinking really hard about the Cordelia shit and Laito goes and finds Reiji to get some drugs which will cause Yui to pay attention to him all the time and not space out. Reiji’s like “how the fuck is there even such a drug” and Laito leaves, only to find a medicine in the gifts which could help lol. He then makes Yui drink it, and she blacks out. When she wakes up she sees Shuu and he just walks off. Turns out that the drug could cause the person who drank it to conk out, and they’ll have the hots for the first person they see when they wake up. So sadly the person she saw was Shuu so Yui turns into this middle-school girl who has a secret girl crush on Shuu lol. Well, instead of doing anything else, Laito’s like “LOL I SHALL ENJOY THIS FOR A WHILE LOL”. He soon gets sick of it after sucking her blood once and her not reacting, and nags at Reiji to cure it, and Reiji tells him that the instructions say that its a testing product, so Yui might not be able to turn back DUN DUN DUN. Meanwhile, Yui’s like “i know somethings wrong but i dont know what” when Laito barges in on her and pins her to the wall and sucks her blood. Yui start screaming and calling out to Shuu for help and she’s like “wait why am i calling Shuu” and she realises that her brains been messed up for a while, and tells herself that she wont lose to anything, and Laitos like “im sorry” and Yui’s like “its okay i still love you forever” and they make out saying that they love each other lol. OKAY REALLY LAITO. I REALLY HATE HIM SO MUCH AFTER THE AFTER STORY. I HATE HIS ATTITUDE SO MUCH AND HE DIDNT EVEN TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SHIT THAT HE STIRRED UP WHAT IN THE ACTUAL. I’m not saying that he’s awful for fucking his mom, I’m just talking about his attitude which is totally unacceptable to me. That’s all. He was so darn bad that I can’t say anything anymore.

Sakamaki Reiji (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki)

2014-03-29-132143I went with the crowd and ultimately decided that Reiji was going to be this bad, bad douchebag + abusive guy and turns, I dont even think he is!!! Please do not ask me if I have a problem or something but I HAVE DEFINITELY FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THIS CHARACTER DONT EVEN JUDGE. (also the guy without his glasses =w=) Reiji’s pretty much like a big jerk at the beginning of this entire game where he uses Yui as his nice lab rat making her take all sorts of shit, and helping out in his weird experiments. The good thing is that he BARELY SUCKS OR BANGS HER! That was one of things that pleased me in this entire game. Sadly I dont know what Rejet was trying to do with this route but lol THEY DECIDE TO AWAKE CORDELIA EARLIER IN THIS ROUTE. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) I dont even know what actually happened, and they decided to throw more Cordelia shit into this route when LOL I THOUGHT I WAS FREE OF CORDELIA SHIT. Turns out the deal was that his and Shuu’s mom, Beatrix, wanted Shuu to take over the family so bad cuz she was done with Cordelia’s shit. Beatrix apparently focused everything on Shuu that she didnt give a fuck about her second son, and Reiji HATES THE FUCK OUTTA SHUU FOR THIS. He makes Yui stay away from the guy, and he whips her when she accidentally talks to the guy. Well afterwards Reiji hates his mom so much that he decides to hire a vampire hunter who’s Yui’s dad to kill Beatrix, but LOL HIS MOM DIED SMILING AND HAPPY SO HE HATES HER EVEN MORE. Reiji then decides to make some drug WHICH CAN REVIVE HIS MOM SO THAT HE CAN KILL HER AGAIN lol i am amused.

2014-03-29-132223Welp life still goes on and by the time it hits the Maniac chapters he starts warming up by giving her some of his creations, and he also dances with her at one of the parties the family’s holding. ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ Welp the plot twist then starts when Cordelia starts awakening in her when she’s almost strangled by the guy and she suddenly has the power to push Reiji away. The real shit happens WHEN RICHTER STARTS POPPING UP AT HER ROOM to see her and shit, when BOOM CORDELIA IS AWAKENED!! Turns out that Cordelia was the one who asked Richter to rip her heart out!!! Richter then shoved it into orphan yui’s body and threw her to the her dad now and he was waiting for the day where Cordelia’s awakened. Richter’s wants to take Yui away immediately but Cordelia in Yui’s body tells him to hold back, since she wants to have fun with Reiji. Soon YUI BECOMES THIS BYSTANDER as she watches Cordelia try to frick frack Reiji in her body lol. This was the part where I saw Reiji as a better guy. Since he was pretty much sick of the ho he decided to try and experiment with some shit to get Cordelia out of Yui’s body, and he even kisses her while she’s back for a while.ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ So Reiji continues become Cordelia’s manservant, by getting tortured and shit done to him, when one day he takes her out, and kisses her while feeding her some poison lol. Turns out the poison could kick her out of the thing and she ends up conking out.

2014-03-29-132254Ending 3: The poison doesnt work lol and Yui’s too weak to fight back anyway. Richter ends up killing Reiji and Cordelia fully takes over Yui’s body, and Richter’s like “CORDELIA LETS GET MARRIED” turns out Richter didnt mind being a pedo lol but Cordelia’s like “KARL IS THE BEESSSTTT~~~” and runs off =.= Well ok? Ending 2: Cordelia’s apparently gone BUT YUI BECOMES THIS DOMINANT BITCH WHAT. Turns out Yui kinda took Cordelia’s traits and started making Reiji her manslave by telling him that he aint getting her blood if he doesnt do as she says. Okay. O_O Ending 1: Yui beats the crap outta Cordelia and the ho disappears as well as Richter, and Yui becomes completely do-M for Reiji till the level where she just asks him to drink her blood. She then hangs out at Reiji’s room where they have a nice time with him sucking her blood. Heaven Scenarios: Throughout this entire things Yui was like “SUCK MY BLOOD REIJI AHHHHHHH” which was really, really, intolerable to me seriously. I cant recall much significant details as it was LITEREALLY SERIOUSLY SUCKING ALL THE WAY. After Story: It starts off with Reiji helping Yui as he was complaining that she was cooking too slowly and he foods’ really bad, and they cook together. It then shits off to the next day where Yui sees Reiji teaching some girls homework, which causes her to get jealous. Reiji soon joins her and as they go back, he explains to her that he’s just keeping up appearances inside the school so he’s just helping them for that, and they proceed to have this blood sucking session on the car.

2014-03-29-132306The shit continues as Reiji tells her that he wont help with her homework and if she wants to go home with him without attending for remedial she has to work for it. This causes Yui to rage even harder which results in her slamming the door and leaving. For the next few days, she starts seeing how Reiji’s hanging out with other female students for work which gets her even more jealous internally. She even waits for him as he comes home late, and he fixes food for her (thanks to yui not eating at all lol) and Yui says that she feels quite scared if Reiji doesnt suck her blood cuz she’s insecure that Reiji may no be liking her anymore. Reiji still sucks from her anyway WHEN BAM HER BLOOD JUST TURNED BAD. Reiji immediately withdraws and this stays like that for a few days and Yui doesnt want to go to school. Reiji then finds her inside her room, and he says that he’s going to take care of her since she’s getting sick and stuff, and Yui TELLS HIM TO SUCK ONE MORE TIME SINCE SHES REALLY SCARED. They then try one more time, but her blood’s still bad anyway. Yui then has this emotional breakdown on how Reiji wont like her if her blood is bad as shit when Reiji tells her not matter how bad her blood has become he’ll still love her anyway, わあい\(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/わあいっ He then tells her to get well soon, and tells her to sleep. A few days later they bang inside Reiji’s room where he cuddles her and sucks her blood. Yui then says that she realised why her blood turned bad, IT WAS BECAUSE SHE WAS JEALOUS LOL WTF. Reiji then says that it’s okay since her blood turned bad cuz of him. He then continues sucking her blood, and talking about Yui. Soon afterwards he always puts Yui first and goes back home together with her everyday awwwww ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ Tbh I didnt think that Reiji was that of a bad character after his route, I mean he’s completely underrated. Reiji barely sucked until it hit his endings, and he was pretty sweet as well. Although he had this crappy background story with the entire Cordelia shit forced into his route that lol, I dont even know what to say. It was pretty much a route ruined thanks to the Cordelia shit cuz poor Reiji he was being dominated by Cordelia all the way. ALSO I HAVE A FEW THING TO SAY ABOUT HOW BAD REIJI SOUNDED DURINGTHE BLOOD SUCKING SCENES. He literally sounded like a guy chomping down his carbonara or something but it was really bad I do not want to repeat that experience, seriously. Tbh, his route was only ruined by the sucking sounds in my opinion.

Sakamaki Shu (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

2014-03-29-131952Shuu wasn’t as boring as I thought he would be, and I thought he was kinda overrated but okay I see why he’s actually popular now. Being the oldest among the bros and the first son, he’s pretty much the most perverted among the guys, and hes says it pretty openly anyway haha. Although hes the brother, he DOESNT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ANYTHING, and sleeps around the house, with Reiji sighing at him and calling him shit. Well the main problem with this guy is that he sleeps so much, Yui can step on him by accident lol. Also he’s EXTREMELY LAZT TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL, really. It’s so bad to the point where he’s lazy to even get out of the bathtub, change, and even eat. With that Yui becomes all motherly towards him and decides to care about him by pulling him outta the bathtub, change for him so that he’ll go to school, and doing things to him to get him to go to class as well. Welp he’s ero anyway and he also sucks blood every now and then anyway. They also live in some old house as well anyway to get away from the noise lol and she has to do everything for him. Also he’s pretty helpless and shit cuz he got beat up by some dudes one day on the streets cuz he was blocking the way, and gets Yui to lick his wounds.(〜^∇^)〜 However the shit starts happening while Yui’s cooking in the kitchen with him talking and eating the ingredients until he turns on the stove WHEN HE FREAKS OUT, STOPS IT, AND KISSES YUI. For some reason he’s scared of fire and shit. Cordelia also starts coming out in Yui, and they get all ero when he pins her down on the bed, and kisses her during class as well (;≧∇≦) =3 ホッ

2014-03-29-132015Turns out that Shuu was always living in the castle with his mom raising him so he didn’t know much of the human world and he wanted to go outside and play. One day he sneaks out and meets a boy named Edgar, and they end up being friends cuz Edgar’s a friendly guy. They were besties until one day Edgar’s village burns in a fire. Edgar died after going to the town so Shuu went into complete depression and didnt even give a fuck about the world anymore. However with Yui in his life, he starts to open up more to her anyway and he really loves her unlike the other bros. Yui also starts to want to ravage him anyway so its pretty much double perverts xDDDD o(≧∇≦o)(o≧∇≦)o (i seriously dont know what im saying anymore i was high while writing this) At the end of the route it turns out that REIJI WAS THE ONE WHO SET THE FIRE TO THE VILLAGE. Apparently it was all part of his plan from young to make Shuu lose everything so that he could take over the family instead ლ(ಠ益ಠლ). Ending 3: Shuu tries to get his revenge on Reiji by challenging him to a fight. They end up swordfighting, and Shuu beats Reiji up. However before he can go all happy with Yui he gets stabbed by Reiji & they both die. The rest of the bros are just “lol we’re late for school lets gooo~~~~” and leaves a Yui crying there. (ಠ_ಠ)Ending 2: Reiji brings Yui to some abandoned place where he attempts to kill her by stabbing her, saying that he’ll steal all of Shuu’s things away from him, and stabs her. Shuu comes by, and Reijis like “HAHAHA I STOLE YOUR MOST PRECIOUS THING SHUU ALSO I BURNED DOWN EDGAR’S VILLAGE OOPS” and Shuu RAGES AND KILLS HIM ANYWAY LOL.

2014-03-29-132101He then revives Yui by giving her his blood, and she soon awakens as a vampire, and they live their lives with Shuu being the leader of the Sakamakis after he killed his dad and his uncle. Ending 1: Shuu comes into Yui’s room one day saying that they’re leaving the house to get away from all that shit. He says that he’s decided to throw everything he has away except for her, and they soon leave after selling some expensive necklace which will supply them money to live on. They then live in the forest from then one as he just plainly feeds on Yui for food and live their happy lives forever. Heaven Scenarios: Lol this was one weird one as I seriously dont know when they happened, but its pretty much that banging each other everywhere, on the rooftop & her room. Also Reiji drags her to his room to whip cuz shes been infected by Shuu’s dirtiness ( ´_ゝ`). Shuu saves her, and he sucks her blood in her room. Laito also comes by attempting to suck Yui’s but Shuu gets tired of looking anyway and kicks him away. After Story: They’re cuddling in bed early in the morning in their house in the forest, and Yui tries to get Shuu to wake up since its morning already. However Shuu doesnt want to cuz apparently they were banging till late at night the night before lol. She then rubs his hair, he keeps going on about how he just wants to sleep and how she should sleep with him. He ends up sucking her blood to wake up, which causes Yui’s heart to react more, causing Cordelia to come out more, followed by her conking out.

2014-03-29-132110Yui soon wakes up, and Shuu says that he wants to take her out shopping ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ However the entire shopping trip turns into a mess because Shuu doesnt want to do anything couple like which is shopping for clothes together, eating gelato together, or even hold hands!! This caused Yui to be extremely pissed when Shuu tells her to stick with him and she snaps and runs off by herself. She end up going to the church where Shuu finds her there, and she apologises to the guy that she just wanted to do more couple like things with the guy. However it turns out that SHUUS BAD WITH DATES SO HE CANT DO ANYTHING ABT IT. He then says that he’s happy with her being human, and he understands that she wants to do such thing, and apologises cuz he cant do anything, but he doesnt want her running off cuz her disappearing is like the world ending to him. Yui conks out again, and she wakes up, with Shuu telling her that he took her out cuz he wanted to get a dress for her. Turns out he wanted to hold a wedding ceremony for her to make her happy!! Yui is overjoyed, and the next day they go to a literal wedding parlour to get the dress & everything needed. However Yui soon feels weak again as she somehow stumbles home, and Shuu tells her to try on the dress when FUCKING CORDELIA AWAKENS INSIDE HER. Apparently Yui’s feelings of loving Shuu were so strong that Cordelia came out lol. She acts as Yui and plans to kill Shuu while acting as her, and breaks the bathroom window to get some glass lol. She then gets randy with Shuu by kissing him and attempting to stab him with the glass shard, when Shuu slaps her hand goes like “fuck off you aint the woman i love i’ll only let yui kill me”. He then pushes her down on the bed, telling Yui to fight back and shit and ravages her a little to get her back. He then kisses her saying that its part of the ceremony ヽ(▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ and they have their fun blood sucking time afterwards. Tbh I felt that Shuu really loved Yui, compared to the other guys (although i still need some crazy rides like ayato) who pretty much used her anyway. I also dont think Reiji was that mean but I guess his actions were way too selfish and portrayed as the bad guy in this route, but I guess I’ll just conclude to say I like shuu for his eroness xDDDD

Sakamaki Subaru (CV: Kondou Takashi)

2014-03-29-133018When I got to Subaru I was pretty much so used to the entire game that even his heavy sucking throughout the entire things didn’t really bother me at all. Subaru was a cute babe O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ thanks to all his tsuntsun throughout the entire things gahhh now im even giggling a little thinking about his tsun. As you can see I didn’t really like tsun characters but HIS DERE WAS TOO MUCH HAHA. Hhis entire route was him sucking blood but HE STOPS and gets all tsuntsun when he goes too far and tries to care about Yui. Although Subaru gets fits as usual so when he gets extremely angry he breaks things and throws stuff around until he’s feeling better and ends up sucking Yui’s blood as well. But once it reaches the ecstasy routes hes all cute and shit so HAHA CUTEEEE. Okay enough with my random fangirling. Once Subaru warms up to here he really gets all concerned about Yui he starts cutting down on the sucking, and literally cares for her (ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\) . But you can’t have a character without a back story so in Subaru’s case, he been concerned with his mom PMSing all day since Karl forced her to fuck him, Turns out his mom gave his a silver knife to kill her someday and she continues to scream as she’s PMSing. Turns out she’s like this since Subaru was born so he’s been living like this since he was kid. Also due to this he gets fits really often and breaks stuff a lot due to the fact he doesn’t want to kill his mom, and that’s pretty much the reason why he’s so cold towards everyone.

2014-03-29-133037Yui continues to show care and concern for him when he breaks stuff and injurys him self which causes him to starts blushing like a tomato and go all deredere. Soon he tells her to get away from him since he gets into fits sometimes but Yui really loves him and still stays with him. They end up frick fracking since they both realise how much they love each other and Subaru says he won’t let go of her anyone and hes going to change her blood into a woman’s. ワーイ♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/ワーイ♪ Subaru ends up going to kill his mom, and tells Yui to wait for him, and he kisses her goodbye. Ending 3: Subaru gets killed and leaves Yui the silver knife when Cordelia appears saying that she can help her get her revenge. She then realises that Subaru didnt want her to turn into Cordelia and stabs herself with the knife. Ending 2: Subaru kills his mom but not his dad, and runs off with Yui. He then starts regretting not being strong enough to kill his dad, and Yui lets him suck from her as much as he wants so that he can kill his dad. Ending 1: He kills his mom & dad, and says that he’s planning on leaving the Sakamaki since he doesnt to be the head anyway. Yui then leaves with him and says that she loves him. Heaven Scenarios: Subaru saves her from Ayato & Laito, and also they frick frack in his coffin while ignoring Reiji outside with Yui blushing in the dark lol. ワーイヽ(゚∀゚ヽ 三 ノ゚∀゚)ノワーイ Also Subaru comes inside her room saying he feels sick and gets Yui to strip and everything so he can drink her blood but it turns out to be an act. (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

2014-03-29-133112After Story: They’re going out shopping with Subaru holding what Yui’s buying while he complains that Yui’s buying too many unnecessary things. Yui ends up staring at a shop with some nice rings, but soon leaves after Subaru tells her to get moving. One day Yui’s cooking and tries to look for Subaru but turns out he was out. She tries to ask him what he did but he starts getting tsun and sucks her blood. He then wants to sleep and Yui starts complaining that he keeps sleeping inside his coffin and she’s sleeping on the couch. Yui then suggest they they should get a bed, and Subaru goes like “you just want to sleep with me right?” ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ and they end up cuddling together to sleep. Soon it’s the next day and they’re in the living room when he starts asking her if she’s really gotten everything she wanted, and she says yes and asks why. Subaru gets all tsun again and throws a fit when she tries pressing in more. Yui soon gets fed up with his fits and tells him that he’s not been nice to her at all, and he angrily runs out of the living room to break things. Suddenly Yui hears a crash, and she goes into the corridor seeing Subaru on the ground and hit by something. She  horrified, and when she wakes up, SUBARU HAS FUCKING AMNESIA. Subaru’s back to his completely cold attitude at the beginning of the entire game and goes like “WHERE THE FUCK AM I?” and “WHY IS THERE A RANDOM WOMAN HERE?” Turns out Subaru ONLY FORGOT THE TIME HE SPENT WITH YUI THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE GAME WTF. Yui tries to be nice and everything all and tries to give him food but he justs rejects it and takes her as his food.

2014-03-29-133123However he soon gets annoyed by her says that he doesn’t need her and shit and this breaks Yui’s heart completely. He then tells her to get out since he doesn’t need her, and soon attempts to kill her by making her stand on the ledge of the balcony  while sucking her blood and tells her to bear with it if she doesnt want to die. Yui then ends up telling him that “she doesnt want to be alone as well”, which causes Subaru to react and accidentally let go of her and she falls off the ledge. Subaru jumps after her, and ends up hitting his head hard due to him being Yui’s cushion. SUDDENLY BAM HIS MEMORIES ARE BACK and he starts asking Yui whats going on, when Yui just cries tears of joy on how Subaru is back. He starts asking why they’re here and everything, and also asks about the wounds on her body due to his blood sucking, but Yui doesnt reply cuz she’s too happy to see Subaru back and she’s like all “SUBARU DONT TELL ME TO LEAVE YOU AGAIN”. He never gets any answers for her again, and takes the chance to give her the rings he bought for her, and says that he’ll put it on for her わぁいヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)(ノ*゚ー゚)ノわぁい He then gets and starts going like “i’m never doing this shit again okay” and Yui says that she’ll treasure the rings, and they kiss in the garden saying that they love each other. Subaru was such a cute little shit and i was going all fluffy and ヽ(▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ  throughout the entire thing. His tsun was really cute and I just wanted to cuddle him more and get more of the deredere goodness.

~Final Thoughts~

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This entire game wasn’t as much as I letdown as much as I thought it would be when I first was introduced to it. It definitely ain’t again for weak-hearted people who can’t stand abuse  and a lot of sucking. The dummy head mic WAS FRIGGIN AMAZING OKAY which sent nice chills down your spine. Also sucking and moaning sounds man. I was definitely call this another take on how vampires are like, not like your usual Twilight vampires and stuff tbh. They’re just hungry for blood, they’re not that kind at all. The art was amazing, and the game had 2 more CGs for every character due to the after stories, and i really like Satoi’s art. Although one thing I had a problem with was the after stories. WHO THE FUCK WROTE THAT SHIT. I mean Kanato’s and Shuu’s they brought back Cordelia for plot, for Reijis they made Yui into this not confident woman, and Laito the troublemaker, and SUBARU LOSING HIS MEMORIES. Wtf? I’m pretty sure Rejet finished Ayato’s when they got busy and dumped the writing responsibilities to Otomate and they decided to come out with random shit to make more plot. Tbh most of the after stories redeemed certain guys like Kanato & Reiji, but they decided to make Laito even worse for me. Tbh I didn’t really like Subaru’s either and it was a whole lot of disappointment for Laito.

Come to think of it, I don’t exactly hate Laito, but I was really writing his review in a fit of rage, but he IS lovable in some ways but i don’t know tbh. Yui’s also a strong heroine so I’ll SWEEP DOWN ANYONE WHO THINKS SHE’S A STUPID BITCH/A HO/DUMB AND CANT RUN AWAY. Tbh putting up with this shit with no escape route is really crazy man. My order of biasness in this game would be Laito < Reiji = Kanato < Shuu = Subaru < Ayato. Yeah the characters were really lovable, and i just like Ayato a little better than Subaru but okay they were all cute. tl;dr basically this game is good depending on who plays it. There are different opinions about it, but I feel it’s enjoyable, and a pretty mew takes on otome games since it’s different. That’s the distinct point to it. I won’t recommend this to anyone unless they can take the shitty attitudes of everyone, but it IS definitely a good game.

4 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers ~Limited V Edition~

  1. kirinano

    Ahaha I wasn’t weak-hearted, but more like wanted the heroine to punch them in the face or something. Who did you play first? Once upon a time, I played Ayato’s route first and didn’t know what was going on AT ALL. It seems like you had fun, which is good. I just lost patience from it since I was like SO WHEN IS THE CUTE/SWEET PART COMING UP the whole time. Before I knew it, the route ended and was like WHUT JUST HAPPENED…ahaha. I don’t understand WHY they’re going to make another one and add 2 additional characters, but I guess I will just stay from this. I just can’t come to like the story line, which is really important to me when I play a game ><

    1. Shuu Post author

      yeah i know all of them a pretty much jerks but if you learn to love their good point you can make a good laugh about it. I played according to the order in the review, so Ayato-sama first and lol i got laughing fits outta him.

      I do agree that the style of the game shows everything in bits and pieces so for that part it aint really good there. if you really want to get some plot outta it, its better to play something else cuz the plot is in the endings/epilogues of each section. I’m pretty sure the reason why there’s so many games for this is because of its unique plot or sth??? yeah but if rejet decides to milk it to far i dunno what to do anymore tbh.

  2. Hinano

    the new CGs look adorable as fuck but I’m guessing after stories were written by the same imbeciles who wrote More Blood which I recommend you stay dafuq away from lmao

    1. Shuu Post author

      yeah they are satoi’s always doing such a wonderful job and i’ve heard about all the more blood stories i dont want to get my virginity burnt yet cuz of cero d lol. drama cds are good enough.


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