Urakata Hakuouki Guide

Here’s the guide for the entire game, along with guides on how to beat bosses and whatsoever. What I will be touching on in the guide is the stats, the battle, the maps, plus quests. I will not be entertaining any questions like “what is the best equipment?” and some other redundant questions, but opinions and questions on what advice is pretty okay. I won’t be saying ALL the equips in the game, I’m only just giving advice on the different routes, and battles.

The first 4 Chapters have tutorials on how to play the game, but if you don’t understand, I’m here to help. Feel free to comment and ask on what you’re unsure of, or you can even check out La Primavera’s guide here, although theres a lot of Japanese there. How to clear quests questions are welcome, and I’ll try my best to clear them. Also another option is this guide, where it has the options & the amount of affections points gained from each option/quest, but not the quests available.

Battle System

AttackAttacking: Click it, and decide on your target. That’s all.

SkillSkills: You just need to choose the line shown, and it’ll bring you to this screen.Skill 2

When you see this screen, just pick whatever move you want. To know whether the move affects all the targets all only one, you need to read the description. 全 means all targets, 单 means a single target. For the damage amount 小 is for the least, 中 is for average, and 大 is for the most damage.

Items 3Items: Click the one as shown as above, and decide what you want when this menu appears.

ItemsCertain items cure status ailments, while some cure HP and others. I’ll cover the stats later.

Defend 2Defending: Clicking on this will not allow you to attack, but when the opponent attacks you, you’ll get lesser damage.

RunRunning: Clicking on this will allow you to run from the enemy, but this ONLY GOES FOR ENCOUNTER ENEMIES. You cannot escape from quest enemies or story bosses.

Collab SkillCollaborative Skill: Click on this will and it will take you to this screen:

Collab Skill 2You can choose whatever attacks you want, but this skill will use you and your bishies’s MP, and your bishie doesnt get a turn. However, it gives a lot a damage compared to normal skills.

Back AttackBack Attacks: When this message appears at the beginning of the battle, it means that you’ve been attacked from the back, and the opponents will attack you first instead.

Maps & Quests & Shopping

Quest & Town Map editedTown Maps: While you’re in town,  you will have a lot of things to do, and you can recruit people and buy things.

Event Quests: You’ll get this when you hit enough affection for a certain guy, and it has a sakura mark beside it to represent it. Most of the time, triggering this will invalidate all quests you have on your log, so be careful to do what you need before proceeding into the story.

Bishie Quest: These quests where the person your doing it from is a pursuable character, and you gain 10 affection points for clearing it, so be careful of who’re you’re doing. Stay loyal to the guy you’re pursuing.

Random Quest: These quests are usually by random townspeople or other guys where they’ll ask you to do something for them, like killing ronin and stuff so its pretty simple.

Note: Pressing the square button will open up the quest log, so that you can check what you’re supposed to do for the quests you have.

Quests: When you talk to to cetain people, they’ll start talking to you about things, and soon you’ll receive a prompt like this to decide whether you want to do it:

Accepting Quests


Once you say yes, the quest will start.

Quest Clear


After clearing everything you do, the person you got it from will talk more about it, and this screen will appear saying that you’ve cleared it. Simple.

Recruiting Bishies: In Chapter 5, you’ll see circles with the bishie there, which shows that you can recruit them. You can recruit as many as you want, one you hit a certain bishie’s route, you can only recruit that bishie.

Item ShoppingItem Shop: Here you can purchase recovery items to help in battle, plus sell Items.

ShoppingEquipment Shop: You can buy equipment, as seen above, and you can see the how does the equip affect your stats on the right. You can sell items as well.

SellingSelling Items: You can sell your items at any shop, and its pretty straightforward as you can see.

Battle Map edited

Battle Maps: This is pretty much a battle map, where as you can see, there’s enemies and treasure. The treasure is picked up by the circle button, and they reappear every time you visit the map. Battle are triggered when you crash into the enemy, and that’s pretty much the concept.

Note: You HP and SP goes back to full when you arrive back inside the town, so if you’re scared you can just run back into town and run back in there again.


EventStreet Events: The glowing sakura mark signifies a certain event happening on the street, and this only happens when you’re doing a quest where they ask you to go and check out the doings of some ronin. Otherwise, this barely happens.

Status Menu & Equiping Stuff 

Stats edited


This is basically your stats, and its pretty different for different Characters. It’s pretty straighforward here so I don’t think I’ll elaborate more.


Equiping things is the same as doing all other, and before equiping it you can how the equipment affects your character.

Using Items not in battle

You’re also able to use items before battle to recover anyone’s HP, so that you won’t start out with low HP when facing a boss or something.

Overall Outline:

  1. At the First few chapters, you’re pretty much on your own, and they give you some free time on Chapter 4 where you have to do the quest for the dude you’re after.
  2. Once you hit Chapter 5, you’ll be able to recruit anyone to your party, but try to stick with your guy if you want to clear his route, cuz affection points increase for the guy you fight with.
  3. You gain affection points for doing quests for a certain dude, and fighting, as above.
  4. After gaining enough affection points with a dude in Chapter 5, their event will trigger, and triggering the event it will IMMEDIATELY PROCEED TO THE DUDE’S ROUTE.
  5. Once you hit a certain dudes route, all other dudes other than your guy will be locked down, so you only get your guy.
  6. All stats carry over as long you save & load your clear save data, so you don’t have to worry once you hit the second round cuz Kozue will become a powerful badass.
  7. Each option is worth 4 points, while clearing a quest for the guy is worth 10 points, and gaining affection from battles is 2 points. This is crucial in Katsura’s route, and I’ll get to that in the breakdown.
  8. Also, you can get affection points for your dude at Chapter 4 in the second playthrough.

Overall Tips 

  • All of the dudes have higher stats at first, but I suggest grinding so that bossbattles are done away with faster
  • Kozue is fucking  weak at first, and can get killed by a 3-man encounter. Keep trying till you get a 2-man encounter where you can lever up faster. At the 3 option, pick the 3 option, and save before you go into an enemy encounter. You can also get either Okada’s or Katsura help if you want to train in Chapter 4.
  • At the first few mini-bosses, it’s okay to be at around lvl4-9, but when the first boss battle happens, try to get to around lvl11-13 (the bishie has to be around here as well) or else you’ll get killed and get the boss battle finished faster.
  • New hunting maps appear every few chapters, and they get harder as the story progresses. You can choose where to grind but it’s up to personal preference. Advice is that after you hit lvl10+ and have opened 西港 and 草原, go to those spots instead. If you’re not confident of winning, just hit the low level grinding zone, but it takes longer than usual for that part.
  • From lvl 15++ onwards you can try hitting 河原 at night and you’ll get good exp from killing dem rasetsus.
  • All the guys equips stick on if you keep lading your data, so once you start on a new guy and you want your items back just pick them up in Chapter 5 and de-equip everything and drop them off xDDDD
  • Status ailment healing items are very important, as all rasetsu form people can inflict bleeding, while some bosses can inflict fear and blind.
  • Equipments are very important in this game, as some can boost your HP, MP, ATK, DEF and counter. Choose wisely what you want, since I won’t be able to give a guide for this.

Takasugi tips

  • Takasugi has VERY HIGH HP, and his attacks are extremely balanced. His growth rate is much faster and his stats grow higher that Kozue. However, he has very low counter, which means that he can only hit and protect.
  • Boss Battle 1 Glover: Glover gives around 50-60 damage per gunshot, and 190-210 damage for his skill that activates every few turns so stock up the dangos, or else kill Glover before he kills off Kozue. If you hit around 200+ HP for Kozue, immediately use dango if he still has a lot of HP left.
  • At Chapter 6, you’ll have to fight Kozue’s bro. Kozue will be alone for this battle, so make sure she has 1k HP if you don’t want to use any items, since Sousuke only gives 150-170 damage for his special move. Normal attacks are about 50-70, so stock up on items, and keep slashing or using skills.
  • At Chapter 7, after the story you’ll end up on a field where its all Rasetsu. You can choose to grind there or not, but I recommend grinding there if you’re not confident of beating Glover since the spawns there have a high EXP drop.
  • Final Boss Glover: Uses the same moves as previously, and gives about 100-200 damage per normal attack, and the special move can go up to 300-400 damage, so get the items which can heal 800 HP, and use whenever when needed.

Katsura Tips

  • Generally balanced and good stats, and he’s pretty much like Kozue since hes really balanced.
  • At Chapter 5, katsuras not available as a party member, so I suggest not playing him first. You can choose to play his route first, but he is only available for 1 quest where he asks you to go investigating with him by the river, and asks to meet at河原. After getting him you can grind with him at other spots as well, but Kozue has to be very strong cuz its not much time.
  • Also, another alternative is to do your affection levelling and grinding at Chapter 3 for a few days, before heading into the story.
  • At Chapter 7, there will be a field of Rasetsu, which I suggest going to fight if you missed out on any grinding in the earlier chapters.
  • Boss 1 Kozues bro: Generally same for all.
  • Boss 2 Kiyokawa & 2 Rasetsus: Kiyokawa gives around 70-90 damage per attack, and his special move can give around 200-300 damage. He barely does his special move, and can be cleared very easily as long you’re on the second run. However, if you’re on the first run, I suggest getting items stocked.
  • Boss Battle 3 Rasetsu Kiyokawa: Single attacks are around 100-200 damage, while he special move can give around 250-300 damage. Since it was my second round, I was pretty much spamming it out with Kozue, and Katsura giving damage and doing mostly healing through items.
  • For Katsura, his good end is not obtained through a option split, and instead, the amount of affection you have. As I said above, an option gives you 4, clearing their quest gives you 10, and fighting gives you 2. The main point is that to get the True End, do EVERYTHING for Katsura, while for the Good End, you must get 75 points & above, so try to calculate it with a calculator or sth.

Glover Tips

  • Final Training time is in Chapter 4.
  •  Glover is the generally weak one, since his attacks are still around 100++ when he  hits level 16, and it doesn’t really go up.
  • Boss Battle 1: Bro, as per usual
  • Boss Battle 2: Kiyokawa fight 1 like Katsura fight #2
  • Boss Battle 3: kiyokawa will be too gay for you so just lose omg wat the fudge
  • Boss Battle 4: If you choose 拒む, you will start off with half HP and goes to the true end, but if you choose 受け入れる, you’ll just start the battle with full HP, but you only get the good end. Just use items to get Kozues HP back to Max lol

Izo Tips

  • Pretty well balanced, but I was playing him last so lol i didn’t do much cuz I had a lot of cash already and I bought some good equips to use so yeah.
  • Relatively low HP compared ot other guys, but attack is good so no probs.
  • Final free time timing is Chapter 4, and its full out story.
  • The map where the rasetsus who can give 1000 exp is at chapter 6, and theres no going back anymore if you don’t save.
  • Chapter 6: 4 rounds of battle.
  • Battle 1: 1 rasetsu, no probs.
  • Battle 2-3: 4 Rasetsu.
  • Battle 4: Her bro.
  • Chapter 7 will have 2 rounds of battle with Takechi, and the strategy is pretty much the same except for the damage. He inflicts 100 per although I already have Izo at high defense, so spam items if needed.
  • Normal Mode: Usual slash – never hits more than 100, while moves this about 100-200.
  • Rasetsu Mode: Normal Slash – 100-150, specia move is about 200-300. Maybe be more if you have weaker equip.

That’s all I have for this entire guide. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment so that I can help if you need, but overall, the entire RPG system is pretty easy.


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