Diabolik Lovers MORE, BLOOD ドS吸血 CD Vol 4 Review ~Mukami Azusa~

Finally I’ve hit Vol 4 but lol but I’m not done with all my reviews yet cuz I still have like tons of stuff to finish up. Besides my Drama CD AND Otome game backlogs are crying and weeping at me so after I finish this review I will be taking my own time with Norn9 Trio drama CD until I’ve completed the games that I need to urgently complete.

Azusa was the first dude I got attracted too since I’m a fan of Kishio Daisuke, and this was the disc which brought me into Dialovers, and he’s such a sweetheart that he holds a special place in my heart now. Azusa’s the Do-S and Do-M among all the Mukami bros, and he often wants Yui to cut and stab him. He sounds pretty much like a weirdo and such but yeah, he’s a cute one to me.

As per usual, I shall be using “you” for the heroine here.

1. 追いかけて、追いかけて (Chasing and Catching)

Walking behind you, Azusa mentions that you’re the girl Ruki was talking about. You start running from him, and he asks you why you’re running. Is it because….you’re running from him? That can’t be. But if you’re running, he has to hurry up and go after you as well. You run even faster, and Azusa continues asking you why you’re running. “dont follow me!!” you say. He continues asking why, and says that he was only asked to catch you, that’s why he’s running and coming after you. You continue running, and he says it’s okay, because he won’t do anything to you. He tells you to be at ease, since he isn’t lying. He then asks you to wait for him while saying it hurts, crashes on the ground.

*crashing on the ground*

You run back to check on him, to see him breathing heavily. Gasping for breath (sexy breathing noises DAMMIT) , he says that he can’t breathe. He then asks why you came back when you were running away from him. He asks if you’re worried about him, and says that you’re kind, when he says, “caught you”. He shoves some handcuffs on you, and you starts to struggle. Azusa tells you not to struggle so much, since the handcuffs can’t be removed. You ask him why he’s doing such a thing, and he tells you that he already told you earlier, that he was told you to catch you and bring you back. He tells you that whatever that happened earlier was all an act, since you were running away. He apologises, saying that lying isn’t good.

He then says that he can’t help it, since he promised Ruki and his brothers to catch you and bring you back. Azusa then says it’s time to go, and you ask who he is. He apologises for not telling you, and introduces himself as Mukami Azusa. He then says that since he’s done introducing himself, it’s time to go. He then drags you along with him, He asks you if anything was wrong, and adds that he won’t do anything to you if you listen to him. He continue to drag you, and you say that it hurts. Asking you why, you tell him that dragging is causing you to get hurt. He then says that pain makes you feel good anyway. Since dragging you is hurt you, he starts asking himself whether he should do that as well.

Azusa then says that they need to go so you’ll have to endure it for a while. Azusa continue asking himself whether a little bit of pain would be good for you, and tells him that it’s going to take time so he can’t do it. You tell him not to drag you, and he says that you won’t get anywhere if he doesn’t pull you. You then tell him you got injured, and there’s a wound.

2. 無神アズサ (Mukami Azusa)

He asks you to show him your wound, but you refuse. Azusa then adds that if he needs to look it, but you still say no. He pleads you again, and adds that it should be okay for him to see it. He pulls you a little, and ends up looking at it. Your wound hurts, and there’s blood coming out from it. He laughs a little, and mentions about how cute your wound is. He asks whether if it’s okay to touch it and you say no. He asks you why you say that, and you tell him that if he touches it, it’ll hurt. Azusa then says that it’s true, and that’s why it’s okay for him to touch it. He ends up touching it, and says that it looks so painful, and lots of blood is coming out. He then says how good it is to be hurt, and says that your blood smells really good.

He then asks if it hurts, and if you want him to make it hurt more. Asking why you’re trembling, he says that you should be liking it, since you’ve always been bitten by the Sakamakis. Azusa then asks you if it’s okay to touch the wound and make it hurt more. “It’s okay, right?” he says, and he touches it, and laughs a little. You ask him what he’s doing, and he says that he’s just doing something to your wound. More blood comes out, and he says that it looks really painful. “It’s painful right? That’s so good…….” he says. He suddenly stops though, and says that he can’t do that, as he needs to take you back immediately.

Azusa then says that he wants to play with you a while more. Besides, to him, being later is more fun, as he’ll be able to make a reason for him to be hit by everyone. He then says how everyone’s going to get angry at him, and they’ll hit him, and kick him. Azusa laughs, and says that your blood looks extremely tasty, and it’s okay if its for a while. He asks if its okay for him to suck your blood. You tell him no, and he complains on how you’ve been saying “no” all the time. Azusa then asks if you hate him, and he says he likes you a lot. Besides, you’re similar. “What do you mean?” you ask. He then explains by but hurting you more, and say that he’ll try using his nail to open your wound.

He then says that you really like being hurt like this, don’t you? You’re just similar to him. You hit him, and he says that he’s surprised. You just tried to hit him earlier. Azusa then asks you to hit him more, and hit him with all your might. You don’t have to hold back. He asks you why you won’t do it, and he doesnt hate it either. Besides, you don’t hate it too, right? Azusa says that he knows, and continues saying that if he doesn’t make you feel good, he won’t feel good too. Isn’t that right? Azusa then says that he’ll give you more pain, since he can tell from the scent of your blood. Since he opened the wound with his nail. more blood is coming out from it. “What a waste. I’ll help you lick the blood.” he says, and he licks the blood and drinks it, saying that it’s tasty. It hurts, but he says that he’s going to give you more pain now, so aren’t you happy?

3. 痛いことして?(Hurt me?)

Azusa tells you to come closer to him so that he can see the remains of your wound. You say no, but he just says that he wants to see the wound, and apologises. Licking the wound a little, and says that your chosen blood is extremely sweet. He says that his borthers will definitely, since he tasted your blood before them. He then asks you if there was a secret to your blood.  “You don’t know?” he says, and explains that he was told that your blood has a secret, so he doesn’t know much, and says sorry. Even though he doesn’t know anything about your blood, he knows about you. Azusa says that he’ll give you more pain, since he likes painful things anyway. Besides, you like it too, right?

Azusa then says that your thighs are extremely tender, so if he bites into it using his fangs, it’ll definitely hurt. *bites in* He then says that if he thrusts his fangs into his wound, it would be definitely more, and more, painful. Isn’t that good? He continues drinking, and says that he can do more, right? He then asks you if he does painful things to you, would you do painful things to him as well? “It’s okay, right?” he says, and he continues drinking. After a while of drinking, he says that his body feels lighter, and says that your blood really works quickly. Azusa then says that it’s your turn to give pain to him. Do painful things to him. Anything will do. Using you fist and hitting as well. Hit him with all your might. He asks you to hurry up, since he can’t stand it anymore.

You don’t want to, and he says that he’ll be okay. Azusa then shows you his own wounds. One from Yuma kicking him, with all his might. Another one was by Kou, who pressed hot iron on him, since he got angry with him. But he did it all on purpose. Because he wanted to be hurt. There’s also the remains of Ruki cutting him with a knife. Laughing a little, he says that there were more and more scars of him gradually, and he treats his wounds very dearly to him. You’re the same, right? The evidence of that was at the back of your neck. Isn’t that from those people, it was painful, and full of pleasure, right? He then says that he wants to bitten by you, and asks you to bite him, and he’ll bite you as well.

Azusa then says how theres a scent of vampires different from them. Besides, being bitten by vampire fangs is painful, since it pierces though your flesh, and breaks you nerves and bones. It’s like how he used his nail to open your wound, and it was painful beyond words. He asks you to bite at the spot he wants, sine you can’t be the one who’s always getting the pain. It’s unfair. Although it’s rather disappointing that you don’t have fangs. You struggle more, and he asks whats wrong. “Why my body is filled with scars?” he says. Azusa asks you if you’re envious of him, and says that it’s all his precious wounds. He then says that form now on, he’ll bite you, and you’ll bite him back. Won’t that be good?

4. お揃いの指輪 (A matching ring)

Azusa says that’ll he’ll give you another wound other than the one that he just makes, and he starts sucking your blood, and breathing heavily. After sucking, he tells you that it’s you turn, and tells you to hurry up. He continues sucking, and asks why you aren’t biting him. He then  asks if he puts his finger inside your mouth, would you bite him? You would, right? He asks you to bite him as hard as possible using your teeth, and says that h’es getting excited, since it’s definitely going to be painful.

*you bite his finger*

He whines in pain a little (bby please dont do this to yourself what hot noises) , and says that it really hurts. He asks you to look at his finger, where there is his teeth marks, as if it’s like your rings. It has to be right. You and Azusa must have been brought together by fate. He asks if its okay to give you a mark on your finger as your ring too. You’ll have a matching ring with him. He bites your finger, and afterwards, he realises that he bit it too hard. He bit you too much at a spot. However, you felt good, right? Azusa says that after drinking you blood, his mind is getting blurry. He then asks you to look, since you both have a matching scar-ring. However, there’s still blood flowing out from yours, and he licks it. He asks you if it’s still hurting, and says that you want more, right? Since your body continues to want more. He can see it. The both are you are hoping for pain, and he’s happy about that. Being able to meet someone who’s the same as him is such a wonderful thing. You think that too, right?

Azusa say that he should make more happiness, and wants you to bite him. He then says that he doesn’t need the handcuffs anymore, and asks you if it’s okay to take it off. He then says that he will. When he takes it off, you immediately run away. He asks you where you’re going. Azusa says that he understands now. You want to play hide and seek with him. You want to enjoy this night with him more. He understands, and says that you and him are already close enough, and hide and seek is pointless. He knows where you are. “You’re here, right?” he says. You run away, and Azusa says that he’ll enjoy this a while more. He’ll come after you no matter how many times you run.

5. 大好きなのに (Even though I like you)

“Caught you,” he says, and he grabs you. He laughs, and you hit him to get out of his grip. He says that it hurts, and his hand is bleeding from the injury you just gave him. It hurts so much. He understands now. You’re currently playing with him like this, that’s what you’re thinking about. He licks his own blood, and then says that he wants to lick yours, and runs after you. Catching you again, he licks you, and you end up falling with him. He then says that you’re too easy too catch, and it’s boring. That’s why, you can hit him, as hard as possible. You hesitate, and he asks you why you’re not doing it, He wants you to hit him.

*You slap him*

He then says that doing that won’t make him feel any pain. Besides, why are you trembling. You’re scared of him? Azusa asks you why, since he likes you so much. There’s nothing ot be afraid of, right? Besides, been bitten is such a good thing. That’s why, you should stop trembling. Besides, know it as well, right? Remember the taste of his fangs? He says that he’ll make you remember, and asks you too look at him.

6. 痛み以外の快楽 (Pleasure other than Pain)

Azusa says that he feels extremely good. Isn’t that right? You’re still lacking his bite marks, right? That’s why, he’ll bite you more painful. He starts biting your wrist and drinking your blood, and mentions how tasty your blood around that area is. He continues biting and drinking, and says that he’s made a bracelet around your wrist now. Besides, him giving you pleasure like that, makes him fell good as well. Azusa says that he’s found something good, which is your blood. He then says how there’s something other than pain which makes him feel good, and he’s shocked. Did you feel it as well? If you did, that he should bite you more. It’s okay right? Next should be there……

*rips clothing*

Azusa says how beautiful your body is. However, there are so many spots with those people’s bite marks. He then says that his bite marks should join theirs as well, and he’ll start from the back. He bites into it and sucks your blood, and says that it’s overflowing with your blood. It’s the proof that you’re feeling good. He then says that he feels a little tired now, and he’s getting weird. However, he wants to make you feel good more. Besides, he wants more blood.  Azusa sucks your blood even more, and then says that there are so many bite marks on your body. It’s the proof of pleasure, and he knows it. With that, he continues drinking more, and says that you hot and sweet blood just continues flowing in, and continues to drink.

Azusa says that he really feels good, and continues to suck you blood. (STAHP STAHP HOT NOISES BYEEE) He breathes, and says that he feels full, but even though he’s full, he feels that it isn’t…..enough. Something like this…..isn’t…… *sucks more* Azusa says that he feels good, and he knows that you feel good too. You don’t have to hide it. Drinking your blood made him feel this good. He then says that he’s starting to hate the people who bit you earlier, and swarmed around you. He didn’t have this feeling earlier. But now, he doesn’t want to let go of you anymore. Azusa says that he doesn’t understand this feeling, and say that he wants to put more of his fang marks on you. More…..all over your body. No….even inside your body. He then says that he wants to hurt your more, to show that you’re his. He wants to tell everyone that you’re his. Of course, you, and your blood, to be all his. He chuckles, and says that the enchanted face of yours is extremely cute. He make you make that face……more….and more……..

7. もう離さない (I won’t let you go) 

Azusa says that he won’t let you go anymore. He won’t let you up to his brothers, and not even the Sakamakis anymore. He you won’t return you to them anymore. Azusa wants an answer from you as well. The answer to him is by hurting him. Hit him with all your might. If you can’t, you can use the knife he gave you to cut him. Like how he bit you, he wants you to engrave a wound on his body. He tells you to hold the knife properly, but you don’t have any more strength, you tell him. He laughs a little, saying that he gave you too much pleasure. He then suggests using his bandage to tie your hands together, and you’ll be able to grip the knife and injury him. Aren’t you happy?

Azusa asks you to give him a scar on his neck, so that everyone can see it. It’s good, right? “Cut me….cut me..cut me…” he says. Azusa says that he wants to show everyone the injury that you gave him, since he gave you lots of scars as well. He grabs the knife, and stabs himself. Whining more in pain, he says that it hurts, but it feels so good. He starts asking himself whether it was because of your blood, since he’s getting more and more sensitive to the pain. It feels more and more good to him, and it feels better than usual. He wants you to hurt him more, and you stab him one more time.

Whining again (STOP STOP SEXY NOISES), he says that he’s happy with the wounds you gave him. Azusa says that he’ll give you more fang marks, and starts sucking more of your blood. (GAAHHHHHHH SEXY NOISES) He continues sucking, and says that he doesn’t usually feel your heat, but he feels it a lot, and he’s getting hot. He asks if you’re feeling the heat as well, and asks himself if this is his true desire. Is it? You seem to feel really good as well.

8. 俺のこと好きだよね (You like me, right?)

Azusa says weakly that you lips and your cheeks are so red, that if he keeps this up, he’ll probably eat you up He starts kissing and sucking from you gently, and says that he’s already eating you up. He says weakly that your lips are red, and he’ll make them more red, and he continues drinking. After some time, he says that after drinking your blood, he feels that he has been reborn. He asks why is it so, but you don’t know. He then asks when the others drank your blood, did they become like this too? Azusa continues by saying that if he takes you back home now, you won’t be his anymore.He doesn’t want that. You don’t want that too right? He says that he’s decided that he’ll lock you up in his secret spot.

Isn’t that a good idea? Like that, you’ll become his. That blood of yours will cause everyone to go crazy, and drunk. You don’t want to suck by anyone else right? He then says that you can’t go anywhere anymore, since there’s still a chance where you’ll be found and taken away by someone. Being connected to him with the handcuffs is the best. Besides, it’s on his wrists as well. With this, you’re on with him now. If you want to be free of the handcuffs, you have to kill someone, or cut your wrist or his. He laughs, and says that he feels reassured now, and he doesn’t know why. He feels that if he doesn’t put the handcuffs on you, someone would come by and hurt you.

Azusa then says that the only one who can hurt you know is him only, and the only one who can hurt him is you. That’s how much he loves you. You love him too, right? Don’t hesitate. You love him right? Yes…you love him. He then says that you’ve stopped trembling, and it’s probably because you finally understood him. He’s extremely happy. He says that he’ll tell you more about himself, using his fangs.

9. たくさんの傷 (Many Wounds)

Azusa asks you where you want him to suck, and says that the inside of your mouth has become cuter. He says that he’s wanting your blood right now. He says that he’ll suck anywhere you want him to suck. Smirking a little, he asks you to feel him. He then says how your breasts look so delicious right now,  and he wants to suck every part of you until there’s no part of you who doesn’t know his fangs. He wants to suck you everywhere, and he starts sucking and sucking. “More….more…of your blood….” he says, while sucking. Azusa says that he wants to see more of your blood. He just continues sucking.

He then says that if he wounds you this much, those people would lose interest in you. Azusa asks if anything was wrong, because your body is twitching. It is because you’re feeling so good that you’re about to fly? Or is it because you want more? That’s probably true, since Azusa isn’t satisfied either. He says that it’s weird. He sucked a lot of  your blood, but yet it feels like the blood just disappeared from his body. He then suggests using his knife to check the inside of his body, and it’ll definitely hurt. He wants you to give him more wounds, and he love you more with each wound. For every part that he loves, he’ll suck you more. It’s okay right? Azusa then says that if you body won’t move, then he’ll help you move it.

*stabs himself*

Azusa whines in pain and says that it hurts, and his wounds have increased. He then says that the amount of wounds he’s getting is increasing.

*stabs himself again*

He whines, and laughs heartily. Azusa says that lots of blood is flowing out, from the wounds that you gave him. He then asks you to lick his blood, since you keep being sucked from him only. Licking his blood isn’t a bad idea. “Come on, drink it.” he says. Azusa moves you closer, and you lick his blood. He asks how it tastes like, and you say it’s bitter. He then says that he doesn’t the taste of his blood, and he didn’t know it’s bitter. He mentions that your blood is extremely sweet, to the point that his throat is burning. It’s the first time he’s had such sweet blood. He goes in for another bite, and says that although he doesn’t know what the others thing,  he loves you, a lot.

Azusa says that it’s not just about wanting your blood, and says that he wants to hurt you, and you’ll hurt him as well. He’ll use it to ascertain your love, and it’ll definitely feel good. He then says that the wound you gave him still hurts, and asks about you. Is the wound from you painful? Azusa says that there’s still blood flowing out from you, and how much is flowing out. He asks you whether he can lick it, and proceeds to lick is gently. He says that it’s extremely tasty, and he doesn’t want to let it up to anyone now. He wants it all to himself. “Ne…..can you promise to me mine forever?” he asks, and he says that you’ve already promised with your fingers.

He then says that for promises, you have to promise using the pinky finger, and says that he wants to hurt you pinky finger now. Azusa asks you to bite his pinky finger, to leave bite marks on it. It’s fine, right? You give him a clueless face, and he says if you still have some sense in you left. He then says that until that sense disappears, he’ll make you feel good. That’s right. Azusa then says that he know now. He was invited by you. That’s why, he’s going to give you more pleasure. Using his fangs, he’ll continue searching for pleasure inside of you.

10. 愛して (Love me)

Azusa says that you’re completely smeared with blood now. However, there’s still some parts who doesn’t know his fangs yet, so you have to suck you more. He pushes you back towards him, and says that your back is so white. There, there are fang marks of those people. He says that you’re pitiful, and he’ll use these fangs to make a new wound on top of it. He starts sucking it, and he says, “More? I’ll give you more…and stronger…then….” He continues sucking, and says that it feels like a wave. Pleasure is just overflowing him, and his head feels completely white, and it just continues, and he wants your blood again. He can’t think of anything else other than that. You’re thinking that too, right?

The thing that gives him and his brothers joy…..it’s the first time he’s feeling it. When you hurt him, he can return it by sucking from you. It’s not really a big deal to others, but to me, it’s a very good thing. Azusa says that now, he wants to be wounded by you only. “It’s okay right? Like this……”

*stabs himself*

Azusa says that it really hurts, but it really feels wonderful. Breathing heavily, he tells you using the knife in your hands, you cut his palm. Blood is flowing out of him. Laughing, he says that this wound is his treasure, and no one will take it away from him. That’s why, he’ll give you the same wound with his fangs. You blood is important to him, but that wound is even more important. Smelling the back of your neck, he says that the back of your neck smells nice. He says that it’s you natural scent, mixed together with the smell of you blood. He sucks your blood more, and tells you not to fly yet; it’s still too early for you to go to heaven. He continues sucking, telling that you can’t. You can’t go yet.

He/ won’t forgive you if you go. He asks you to look at his face. He pulls you so that you can see his face, and asks whats wrong. “You’re sleepy?” he asks. Azusa says that you can’t sleep yet. You still have to look at him. He says that he’ll kiss you, and kisses you. He then says that he wants more blood, and that’s okay, right? He asks you why you’re seducing him like this, and that you’re a bad girl, but he loves you after all. Azusa sucks more blood, and asks you to look. It’s a full moon. Since when was it out? It’s not usual that he gets excited over some blood. Of course, there isn’t anything stronger than your blood.

Azusa says that it’s extremely beautiful, with the moon shining over you, with your faces coated in blood. When he thinks about the fact that he made you like this, he becomes really excited. He asks if your feelings have also changed a bit. Unless…..you’ve already become one of them? But that doesn’t concern him anyway. Whatever you are doesn’t concern him. It’s okay if yourself, as long yo have that blood inside of you. “Ne….I’ll ask again. Ne. You like me right? Right. I’m relieved. I’m glad. Our love is mutual. Thats why, I’ll let you feel good. That’s why, you have to……hurt me…..please……Love me……please…….”

Do-M Thoughts

Azusa is seriously Do-M. That’s pretty much why I like him. But THOSE SEXY NOISES FROM KISHOU DAISUKE OH MANNNNN. Azusa’s really a sweetheart, and he really doesn’t play any mind games with the heroine unlike Ruki, where I seriously but in a lot of question marks. But I do realise that I’ve been typing “hurt” a lot inside this review. Overall I feel that Azusa was really cute in a way , but he should really stop hurting himself cuz it seriously hurts my heart. T^T Welp in the end I really like this guy, not matter how bad he is in terms of his weird weird character I really don’t mind him at all. I also caught in this Drama CD that Azusa seriously loves the heroine, and not for her blood. Although…..his attitude…… Well this CD did leave me shivering and red in the face. (ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\) Kishou Daisuke’s sucking sounds were really darn nice, and even his breathing. ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ

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