Norn9 ~Norn + Nonette~ Trio Drama CD Vol.1

I figure I do the Norn9 Drama CD Translation first since I figured that it would be better for fans of Norn9 compared to doing the Dialovers Drama CD summary reviews/translation. I’ll be putting timestamps like any other translations, and it won’t be in summary form like the Ruki Review. The scenes which happen in this Drama CD are things which happen before the ending of each route, when they’re still on Norn. The final Trio Drama is all the same for all CDs, where Norn in under maintenance and the teams split up to rest in different places.

There are 4 Tracks, and the first 3 are 14 mins long for each guy, and the final track is a mini drama involving all of them which is half an hour long. I’m not that confident with my translation skills, but I’ll try my best to translate these. Translations under the cut.

The first line is pretty much the seiyuu saying the title of the track, so I’ll skip that, and move straight to the main point.

italic is for actions & thoughts

Track 1 – 君想う衣 (The Clothes which make me think of you) by Yuiga Kakeru

*Sounds of tea pouring*

[00:09] Mmm…what a nice smell. You made tea for me? Thanks. I’m sorry for suddenly barging into your room like this.

[00:21] Ah. By the way, did you know about something called cosplay? According to Sorata, it seems to be some kind of culture from the future. It’s about people wearing costumes of characters from different stories. Isn’t it rather interesting? Isn’t it great to be a person different from your actual self?

[00:48] Eh? It doesn’t mean that I actually want to transform into another person, since I don’t have any problems with myself. It’s just rather interesting to a person like me.

[01:02] I was thinking that the best thing I would like see is you in a sailor uniform. Sadly, this ship only has the uniforms that The World has instructed us to wear, so anything in my imagination is pretty much impossible.

[01:21] Saying this might make you think that I’m not satisfied with you, so please misunderstand what I’m saying. I’m very satisfied enough with the current you. Even if you don’t wear any weird clothes, the plain you is cute enough, and the uniform really suits you. In conclusion, why I’m telling you about this is because—te? Are? Inai. (1)

[01:48] Oi~ Where are you?

*Sound of footsteps coming back*

[01:57] You came back. That’s good. Ah, unless…you were getting bored of listening to me?

[02:04] Eh? What’s this? A kimono? It’s really pretty, with such a vivid red, and the flower print is nice as well.

[02:11] It must be what they call a windfall, then. I would love to see you wearing this. Is this part of your personal belongings? I do remember that you had nothing with you when you just came on the ship…..Did you buy it from somewhere?

[02:37] Mm? This…is Itsuki’s? Oh, I see.

[02:45] Why does Itsuki even have a kimono meant for women with him? What’s the meaning of even passing it to her? 

[02:57] Ah, I’m sorry about that. It’s nothing. By the way, why do have Itsuki’s kimono with you? Huh? He lent it to you after you consulted him? And you tried rejecting the offer but he said that you could have it? Oh, so that’s what happened. Oh, you’re going to the 2nd floor to change into it? Go ahead then.

*sounds of footsteps going up*

[03:30] I’m definitely going to kill him, that iro-boke. (2) If you want to do something, just do it to Mikoto. (3)

*Sounds of changing clothes*

[03:43] I can hear the sounds of her changing even from here? Well, even if it was the second floor, it’s part of the same floor, and only up to the ceiling of the floor only. It doesn’t change the fact that we’re still in the same space. She isn’t wary of anything at all. If it was a different guy, he would definitely try and peek. Unless…she thinks that it’s okay because it’s me? 

[04:18] Although, Itsuki told me that “I lost to a plant”. Unless that was true? I’m not seen as a man to her? No matter how many times I tell her “You’re Cute”, or “I like you”, it seemed like it didn’t get through to her. She must think that it’s just a joke. I shouldn’t have teased her like that at the beginning. 

[04:55] *sigh* It’s pointless. Sitting around and getting worried isn’t like me. I need to grasp the situation here. 

*changing sounds continue, and stops*

[05:05] Eh? The sounds stopped. 

[05:09] Oi~ Are you done?

*Kakeru walks up the stairs*

[05:16] Is it okay if I come in? Are, weren’t you changing? Eh? You can’t put it on properly? Oh, that’s right. Wearing a kimono alone is difficult.

[05:34] A red kimono. Although it’s only worn over her uniform, it suits her. Cute. However, it just gets me annoyed more. I don’t want her to wear another man’s item. But, I was the one who wanted see a different her. I’ll just have to bear with it for a while. 

[06:05] Since you’re just trying it out, you can just keep it worn over your uniform. If you can’t put it on yourself, I’ll help you. Just face the back, and I’ll help you put it on.

[06:22] Join the collar points, mm, looks good. After that, wind the waist cord. (4)

*Sounds of tying*

[06:35] I can’t really see her face from this position. What kind of expression are you having right now? How do you feel being touched by me? My heart’s pounding right now. That’s because I think of you as a woman. If I had Heishi’s powers, it would have been a lot of trouble. I like you so much that before you even think of me as a man, you would have been scared away by me. 

[07:14] Maybe, just letting it out that way would make me feel better. Keeping with this attitude just makes it more painful. 

[07:28] Isn’t it weird that a man like me knows how to do such things? I learnt how to do it when I was living in a village in the past, since I was interested in it. When I think about it now, I really had an interest in women’s clothing in the past. Okay, it’s done.

[07:48] This is pretty much the basic form of the kimono. It isn’t that right though, since you’re not wearing the Shitagi & Juban (5) meant for the kimono. Well, let’s leave it at that for today. A kimono’s really hot and heavy as well, so we should take it off now.

[08:11] You’re so pretty when you’re wearing a kimono, but I just don’t feel good. If this wasn’t  Itsuki’s kimono, it would have been better. No, I should just ignore it. It isn’t that important anyway. If I cared about this every day, I’ll get tired of it. 

[08:41] You’ve never worn a kimono before, right? At this rate, you should just take it. Itsuki’s a man, and there’s no point for him to be holding it anyway. Mm, It definitely suited you. You should try properly putting it on now, together with the Shitagi & Juban. Don’t worry, was already planning on helping you form the beginning.

*Koharu takes out her notes, and starts scribbling*

[09:11] What are doing? Taking out your notes like that. Writing down the procedure for putting it on? You wanted me to teach you from the beginning? Ehh..First, you put on the hadagi, then put on the tabi…..uh it’s difficult to teach you by telling you, so I show you how to put it on like earlier.

[09:35] It’s embarrassing? Really? It’s really embarrassing to show your skin to me? Ah, I see. You’re aware of my presence. You wanted to make me happy, that why you put on this kimono.

[10:01] I’ll let you off for now. I’m sorry. You didn’t want to do that right? You wearing Itsuki’s kimono just made you look as if you’re infatuated with another man. I’m sorry. No matter who the owner is, an item is just an item. I don’t have to right to complain about what you wear. I know that already……humans are too small right? (6)

[10:40] When I said that I wanted to see a different you, it wasn’t just about your appearance. You’re always smiling and being nice to everyone, that it feels unpleasant. I like you so much, that sometimes I just want to drag you anyway from everyone. I just want you all to myself.

[11:09] Sometimes I have awful thoughts that the person who should have brought you out of your loneliness should have been me. Finding out that I think about such things, even you will get angry at me. When you’re in front of me, I just can’t keep calm. When my selfishness unleashes, nothing will work on me anymore.

*Koharu grabs him*

[11:40] What’s wrong? Suddenly hugging me like that. This makes me delusional for a moment.

[11:56] You’re really a weird girl. You take silly jokes so seriously, and overlook any lies or deception. When you’re praised and called cute, you humbly deny it. When I say things that will cause me to be hated or to be thought as crazy, you just accept it.

[12:23] It’s frustrating that I’m showing you my weak side again. I just want….to be like you. Like how you accept me, I just want to hug all of you. I want to see a side of you only I’ve seen before. That’s why I was so concerned with cosplay. I wanted a you that was mine.

[13:07] That’s why, if anything sad or painful happened to you, you can just tell me. I like you when you’re smiling, and it’s the truth that you’re being saved, but I don’t mind listening to complaints.

[13:27] I’ll return Itsuki’s kimono for you, since I do want to say something to him. Let’s not talk about the clothes anymore. But of course, wanting to see you in a sailor uniform still isn’t gone from my mind yet. I haven’t lost interest in the culture called cosplay yet.

[13:53] I’m still not satisfied with the amount of dresses I have in mind, but a wedding dress would be good right? Of course, I’m not talking about cosplay. I really want you to become a bride someday.

Points to note:
(1) – I’ve left it romanji since there isn’t an accurate translation, which basically means that he’s shocked that Koharu’s gone.
(2) – I’m not sure how to translate what Kakeru called Itsuki, but it isn’t something good.
(3) – From the game, Itsuki always likes to harass Mikoto, so Kakeru means that just go and harass, Mikoto and not drag Koharu into it.
(4) – This is the part where Kakeru ties the obi of the kimono, so I’m pretty unclear how to translate that. If there’s anyone who’s more familiar with it, please tell me! (5) – This the romanized version of 下着 (shitagi) which means underwear, and the 襦袢 (juban) the undershirt. You can check up on a dictionary the meaning of all this. (6) – I’m not exactly sure what he meant here, but I just felt that he meant that everything was so small to him.


Track 2 – 君想う証 (Proof of Thinking of you) by Ichinose Senri

*Sound of carving*

[00:12] It’s really quiet today, since no one has come to attack my room. When Shukuri-san broke the door, I had to wander around outside for a while. Hehe. I’ve finally gotten back my peace.

[00:31] Being alone is nice~~ You won’t be used by other people, it’s calming, and I can work on my hobby alone. Hmmm. I’m finally done with this Wooden Rabbit. It’s look rather good…..right? I wonder if she’s going to be happy with this.

[01:00] Wait, is she going to be satisfied with just one rabbit? Making a pair of rabbits wouldn’t make this one lonely, wait….what am I saying? Obviously a wooden rabbit wouldn’t be sad being alone. Besides, having one only will allow her to keep it more preciously, and giving her too many will just cause problems for her, and she may be busy with other things too.

[01:24] Haahh….what am I saying? I didn’t want to be worried or sad about anything, and didn’t want to feel upset or hurt that I can’t fulfill someone’s expectations, that’s why I choose to be alone. And yet, I’m contradicting myself. Making a rabbit for her and asking her to take care for it properly, ever since she came, I’ve gone weird.

*Some knocking at the door*

[02:04] S-s-someone’s here. Who is it? Yuiga-san or Otomaru-san? Mmmhh……nooo….the life-threatening onigokou (1) is going to start again…. *

The sound of the key opening the door*

[02:15] Hmm? The sound of a key? The only people who hold the key to this only me and her only… Ahh…it was only you. I’m glad. I was worried that it was the Maou and the Aki no raishu. (2) Eh? I didn’t say anything.

[02:35] Y-y-yes?? I’m not hiding anything at all! You’re just seeing things!

[02:44] Hahhh……that was dangerous. If the fact that I was making wooden rabbits was known by her, won’t it let her know that this is a present for her? Others will start thinking that I’m doing something weird, and cause problems for everyone. If anyone found out, I’m jump off the ship right away. 

[03:01] At least, the rabbit wasn’t seen. I better hurry up and hide it.

[03:06] What business do you have here? Using the key I passed you like that, it must be some kind of urgent business.

[03:14] Eh? Hiyoko-san passed you the laundry? If it’s laundry, who’s is it? M-mine? [03:29] Hyaaaaaaaa!!!! *goes and grabs the clothing*

[03:32] W-what are you even thinking???!!! I-i-it isn’t a bother or anything, but do you even have my laundry???!!!!

[03:41] The Hiyoko-sans are currently resting and you’re helping them????!!!! I-i-i can take care of it myself! *Runs off deeper into his room*

[03:52] Shirts….pants…..even my underwear???? It was definitely seen…… Embarrassing……… In the first place, why is she even okay with this? Unbelievable. She cares about me too much. Making Yakigashi (3) for me…..and even helps me do daily chores…….

[04:19] It makes life easier when she does that……but when she’s being nice to me….I just can’t calm down……. Anyway, I’ll keep the laundry, and use this chance to hide the wooden rabbit.

*Something drops on the floor in the distance*

[04:40] That sound….?

*Runs backs out*

[04:46] Huhhh…….B-blood???????!!!!! W-what happened????!!!! How did you get injured??!!!! We need to stop the bleeding first!!! There was a supposed to be a first aid kit somewhere around here…..

[04:59] You only injured your hand, right? Mmmm….what did you just do to injure yourself like that? Huh? There’s blood on the carving knife? Did you cut yourself with this?

[05:13] You were clearing up? There was no need for you to be doing that anyway….. Because I messed up the place and left it there……..

[05:26] We should get Hiyoko-san to treat it. I’ll go call them. Ahh….they’re still on break, and we don’t know where they are right now…. Anyway, I’ll treat it for you first. It doesn’t seem to be a very deep cut anyway.

[05:48]  Uweeehh…..I’m scared of blood…….. However the person who’s feeling the pain right now is her, so I have to get a hold of myself. Okay! *sounds of things being taken out*

[06:04] The antiseptic is going to hurt a little. Don’t be so stiff, it’ll be done in a while. I’m good at treating wounds, thats why. Just don’t look at the wound, and face me. Just a while more…… After I put on the bandage, the blood will stop flowing out.

[06:27] It’s going to be a little stuffy and uncomfortable, but if it hurts, please tell me. Also…..let’s try and put the injury little high than your heart then. Okay, it’s done. The blood has stopped flowing, right? Good job bearing with it.

[06:49] For the final touch,  let’s do this so that it’ll be all right. Don’t move, okay? Chichin, puipui, itaino itai no tondeke!! (4) With this, it’s perfect.

[07:10] O…oohh, what’s with that puzzled face? This is the Ichinose Family’s secret charm. It works very well~

[07:21] It’s true!!! Please don’t start laughing about it. When I was a kid I used to get injured all the time, and I was always saved by this charm!!!

[07:31] Uh……it isnt such a big matter where needs you to thank me……

[07:40] Are? Am I…….being useful to her? It’s different from me being pampered by her, and I’m being……saved by her? 

[07:59] You lost some blood, so it might cause anemia, so please sit on the sofa. Do you feel alright? Is the bandage tight? Ah, you want something to drink right? Besides, it’s good for you. I’m going to get some drinks and sweets!!

*runs out of the room*

[08:22] If I go to the kitchen, there definitely will be drinks. However the hiyoko-sans aren’t here, so looking for a jug would be hard…… And the sweets. If only I could make them like her and Shukuri-san…….but I’ll definitely be bad at it……. Mhm…….there’s really nothing I can do, can I? 

*door opens*

[08:46] I brought drinks. I tried looking for some sweets, but I couldn’t find any. How is the injury? Ah, as long it’s okay it’s good.

[09:02] Oh yeah……the last time I came out of my room of my own will was such a long time ago…. It doesn’t mean “So?” I’ve really gone weird now. I already decided that I wouldn’t do anything for the sake of anyone…..

[09:26] What’s wrong? Your eyelids are drooping, and your face is red. Unless, your injury hurts? If it is I can do it chichin puipui–

[09:39] Eh? It’s embarrassing? In what way what I did just now was embarrassing? In the first place, you bringing in my laundry without being affected is weirder.

[09:59] I’m…….kind? I-i’m not kind at all. I couldn’t leave someone injured alone. Besides….it’s not like I did it for you……..

[10:20] You feel that you’re being pampered and can’t keep still? That’s my line!! Aren’t always the one who’s pampering others? I…..hate working hard in the first place, and I understand the sadness and the pain when you can’t meet someone’s expectations more than anyone else.

[10:47] Being pampered by you…..just makes me feel that I need to work harder. Sometimes I even think that I should do something for you as well.

[11:04] Anyway, just don’t come near me anymore. Leave me alone.

*Koharu suddenly stands up*

[11:11] Don’t suddenly stand up!! Won’t the wound just open up again? Uh…..please don’t look at me with those eyes…..okay, I get it. How about this? Instead of doing this one-way, let’s do it two-wayed. We’ll alternate it, and help each other out. Doing too much isn’t good anyway.

[11:30] I’ll say this earlier, as I really can’t do anything. Don’t expect anything much from me. Which means……the next time it’s going to be me who’s going to be pampered…….

[11:45] Hmmm……..I want you to teach me how to make Yakigashi. (3) The ones which I like which has a nostalgic taste in them.  Of course, after your wound is okay! It doesn’t need to be as well done as Shukuri-san’s cooking, but not at Otomaru-san and Shiranui-san’s level as it’s a problem……

[12:18] I just……want to do thing will let me spend time with you. Huh? Its weird……my face is getting hot as well……. That’s why, I hope you wound heals faster. Every day, we’ll rotate our roles and help each other out.

[12:44] The turns…..are wrong? Ehhh…..this is just… return for all that you’ve done.

[12:52] Taking turns is treating each other kindly…….wanting to be nice to someone is a feeling that cannot be held back. Especially……if the other person is someone you like…… 

[13:16] Being alone is easier…..but with 2 people……it’s warm. She had thought me the meaning of those words. 

[13:34] You can’t use one of your hands since you’re injured, right? I’ll feed you for now. I don’t like coming out of my room though, but I need to repay you. And…..

[13:50] In the End, I should make one more rabbit.

*music fades out*

Post to take note of:
(1) – This word actually means ‘playing tag’ in Japanese, and what it means in this setting is Heishi & Kakeru scaring him out of the room, and he has to start running away from them since they love to bully him.
(2) – These are the nicknames Senri calls Kakeru & Heishi with Kakeru being the maou but I’m not sure what he called Heishi though.
(3) – This means 焼き菓子, which means baked sweets, but I prefer to put it here in romanji.
(4) Idk since when did doing that could help an injury, but most drama cds or otome games or stuff always has think. IT basically means, “Pain, Fly Away!!!!” What cutie ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ 658729g1em44wifu

Track 3 – 君忍ぶ夢 (The Dream that you hide) by Touya Masamune

[00:12] As I walk, the sounds of a chain rings in my ears. No matter where I went, there was no way to be free of these handcuffs. The handcuffs that was forced on me by the hiyoko by for an experiment. There were no problems with it, however……..

[00:39] If I look back in my life, there has been nothing special in my life. Fuu, Fugu, Fujiyu. (1) I’ve only lived the 3 “fu” in my life. However, if connected at the other end of the chain is the person I love, that’s a different story. 

[01:03] Are you tired from walking? Mm…I see. Really, the Hiyokos are really problematic. Making us spend an entire day together being handcuffed. Even worse, we just landed. We won’t be able to got out to town and have fun, ahahaha.

[1:30] Haa…..I’m sorry. If I had stopped the hiyokos, it this wouldn’t have happened. I was cooperating with them for some data transfer, and I didn’t know that you were asked by them to do so as well.

[01:48] Furthermore, even if we use the key to remove the handcuffs, if we don’t connect back in 30 minutes, you’ll be electrocuted!! I wanted them to remove it at once, but the hiyokos turned a deaf ear to me.

[02:03] I guess will have to somehow survive today. Ehhh? Even though we’re stuck together thanks to the handcuffs, but you’re happy that we’re together? You really are……haaa. This is going to be a long day.

[02:27] Well, at least the handcuffs can be removed for 30 minutes. We’ll still be able to do the private things. However, if we exceed the 30 minutes, she’ll be electrocuted….. We can’t separate that often. I guess for the whole day…..we’ll be together…..

[02:53] Come to think of it, ever since we paired up, I’ve been busy contacting “The World”, resolving conflicts, and more things that we haven’t been able to be together. Lately, the meetings with “The World” have been dragging a lot.

[03:10] Thinking about it, even though we’re stuck together because of the handcuffs, it makes her happy enough. Besides, almost everyone left the ship besides us. IT’S THE FIRST TIME WE’RE SPENDING TIME ALONE TOGETHER. 

[03:27] AAHHHH what am I saying? I decided that until we reach the destination and alight from the ship, I wouldn’t make a special one. Even if she’s really cute, even if I…..I did something to her, I have to bear with it for now. 

[03:49] Is there anything you want to do? Although, the things we can do are rather limited….. Huh? Being together is enough??? A-ah. I see. What I want to do? Things…..that I want to do with you……*scratches head a little* I think it’s probably me that thinks that my sanity is being tested here……

[04:22] Mm……how about we go on a walk?

*both of them start walking*

[04:33] Being connected together like this thanks to the handcuffs, we can see things that we’ve never seen before. Well, I was thinking that our walking speeds were really different. I’m not asking to you walk faster, our strides are just different.

[04:51] Hmm? Did you find something that piqued your interest? A butterfly? Ahh, that blue butterfly. It’s my first time seeing one. Is it a swallowtail butterfly? (2) Oh, so it’s a blue vein swallowtail. Heh… know it very well.

*sparkly sounds idk why*

[05:15] Come to think of it, there was a saying that a butterfly was a person’s soul in the past. It was….a country’s belief. The reason why a butterfly’s wings are so pretty, is because there is a soul inside of it, and I’m really satisfied with it.

[05:40] Its continues like this: People turn into butterfly to meet their beloved ones. I’m really touches by this. For the sake of their loved ones, people can turn into butterflies. This is pretty unbelievable, because people are just people, and someone changed by feelings is impossible.

[06:07] It’s only a plain tale, but sometimes I……. I’m sorry. I talked about something boring.

[06:20] Na, how about we hold hands? It because……if I walk to fast, you’ll be pulled by the chain of the handcuffs. You might get injured too.

[06:36] Ah, this will be alright.

*starts walking*

[06:42] Come to think of it, isn’t it the time to report to “The World”? Once we starts talking, 30 minutes will just pass by. If that happens, the electric current will flow…..and she’ll have to suffer…. Mmm…..

*chime sounds*

[07:15] Hmmmouwwwhh…….the day has already changed. The amount of time left before we’re free of the handcuffs is probably about half a day more. You must be tired.

[07:32] You don’t have to act strong in front of me, as I know. The speed that you’re turning the page is getting slower. In the end, the idea of spending the entire day in the library was really impossible. Like how we discussed earlier, you’ll rest on the bed, and I’ll rest on the floor.

[07:54] You won’t use the bed by yourself? Haa….you get stubborn at weird things. I got it. However, if you lose to your drowsiness, I’ll immediately carry you back to the bed. If you sleep here, you’ll definitely catch a cold.

*book sounds*

[08:19] In the end, I didn’t even report once to “The World”. This is a first. I had already asked the hiyoko to send a message. Mm. It couldn’t be helped. As long I explain the circumstances, “The World” will probably understand. It’s all the handcuffs’ fault. I just need to say that it was the handcuffs’ fault. 

*Koharu collapses*

[08:46] Oh? Oi, did you fall asleep? I knew that you wouldn’t last out for even 5 minutes.

[09:03] Yotto!!*carries her up* It’s really getting chilly in here. I better let her sleep on the bed.

*door swings open, and footsteps*

[09:17] Ha….this will do. I was thinking that she would wake up along the way, but there was no sign of it at all. Not waking up when a man is carrying you, is quite problematic though.  I do want to say a thing or two, but looking at you cute face when you’re sleeping, I’ll let you go for this night.

[09:47] Haaaah……so it’s going to in this situation until morning, huh? It’s going to be rather awkward.

[09:57] Together with a woman in her room. Even more, connected by handcuffs. If Natsuhiko saw this situation, he’ll definitely take advantage of it. If I become the target to his guns, I won’t even complain. Iya. This time it couldn’t be helped. It was all because of these handcuffs. It’s all the handcuffs’ fault, and I…….mmm. 

[10:30] Must I….blame something just to spend time with her? Holding hands, Hugging each other, being alone together, I always have to make a reason for it, and not leave things to others, I won’t be able to be by her side. 

[10:55] Thats…..really pathetic. It’s so pathetic that I’m even starting to hate myself.

[11:05] What if….the hiyokos knew everything…..and put the handcuffs on us. To let myself know my own weakness. But that’s pretty much over thinking it. The hiyokos are configured programs, they couldn’t possibly understand people’s hearts. 

[11:29] Not waking up when I’m touching you cheek, not even a scolding can forgive that. Unless….she was awake. If I start doing something to you, and at that moment you open your eyes, you’ll laugh at me and treat me like an idiot.

[11:52] Haaa. If you were such a woman, it would have definitely been easier. If you were unfair, selfish or even mean, I wouldn’t having to suffer and got along with it. Without hesitating, and finishing my mission.

[12:14] Not matter what situation it was, I should have been able to settle it. However, now…’s different. I keep hesitating. How will I be able to choose you, and how at any time I’ll be by your side, these reason-finding just continues on. Like today.

*chains rattle a little*

[12:44] Because there were the handcuffs, and electricity would flow through them, I couldn’t leave your side. Being able to make such an excuse made me really happy. But, this was something which didnt really make anyone happy.

[13:01] However, now I’m just surviving on that tiny bit of happiness. While you’re sleeping, I’m telling you all my feelings to you through the lips. If it doesn’t reach you, it wouldn’t have any point at all.

*Moves closer*

[13:25] If you can’t wake up just by me touching your hand, how about a kiss?


[13:34] Hm? You can’t wake up with this as well? Really, what a difficult person you are. Letting you sleep alone from now just makes me nervous. How much do I have to do….then you’ll wake up?

*Moves closer, when door swings open*

[13:59] The door….. Oh, it was swung in thanks to the wind. Looks like it wasn’t locked with the key.

*Slams the door back shut*

[14:13] You’re awake. Of course, you couldn’t have continued to sleep after hearing such a loud sound. Where is this place? Heh, you really slept. It’s your room. You lost in who would doze off earlier, so I brought you here.

[14:39] You were sleeping so well, you were woken up. To let you fall asleep again, do you want me to sing a nursery song for you? I’m just joking. Don’t look at me with such fascinated eyes.

[14:59] If you sleep a while more, it’ll be morning, and we’ll be free of the handcuffs. It’s only a while more.

[15:10] After removing the handcuffs, it’ll be back to normal. We won’t always be together like today. Na, before you sleep, could I ask you something? In the day, I was talking about how people turned into butterflies, right?

[15:34] I know that it’s just a story, but when I’m a adult, sometimes I think that, if I became a butterfly, what would I do? I want to say my true feelings.

[15:54] If I became a butterfly, when I’m free, I definitely…..go to your side. Even if there aren’t any handcuffs at all. I….can’t be separated from you.

*Track fades out*

Points to takes note of:
(1) – I’m not exactly sure about this part. Could somebody help?
(2) – this is actually 揚羽蝶, which means swallowtail butterfly.

ストケシア – Sutokeshia

This track has all 3 dudes in it, so I’ll be using their initials whenever they speak.

[00:14] M: The wind here’s really good. Even from inside the room, there’s the smell of the forest, and it’s calming. When I heard that we had to leave Norn for 3 days, I was wondering what should we do. However, it looks like nothing will happen at this place.

[00:32] M: Come to think of it, before coming to the ship, you’ve never lived with anyone else before. You’ll definitely be able to live a different lifestyle unlike on the ship. Apparently we’re the only ones in this forest anyway. It definitely be quiet and—-

[00:48] S: *in the distance* IIIYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

[00:52] M: Oh….eeeeee…………

[00:59] S: Ueeehhhhhhhh…..please return those me, Yuiga-san…..

[01:02] K: I don’t want to.

[01:04] M: Kakeru! Senri! What are you doing??!!!

[01:08] S: Uwwh…..Touya-san, Koharu-san, listen to me. Yuiga-san just went and stole my precious items.

[01:14] M: What? Kakeru, is that true?

[01:17] K: I was just cleaning out some trash, that’s all.

[01:20] Although to Yuiga-san it’s trash, but to me thats the one and only precious item to me.

[01:24] M: It’s that precious? Kakeru, return it to him.

[01:28] S: Exactly! Please return it to me! They’re my extremely precious curse dolls!

[01:33] M: Huh?

[01:35] K: He made straw dolls again. Making the same things again, Senri never learns from his mistakes.

[01:42] S: Until the the day you’re annihilated, I will never give up!

[01:45] K: Ehhh……changing the name…..Ichinose Senri, to. Mm. This will do. So, one doll burned.

[01:54] S: Uwahhh….Touya-san, please stop Yuiga-san please!!

[01:58] M: Senri, you’re just suffering the consequences of it.

[02:02] S: EEEHHH…..

[02:05] M: In the middle of our travel, a part of the ship broke down. For the sake of maintenance, the engineers from the island have entered the ship. During the period while it’s under maintenance, we’re separated into our different teams, and we have to live on the surface for a while. 

[02:20] M: They told to change out of our uniforms into civilian clothing, and said that they’ll be watching us, but I’m worried. For now it’s me ,Kakeru, Senri and Koharu who are living in a cottage inside a forest. 

[02:37] K: What’s left is the candles, the magic camp. I can burn all these, right? Yoiisyoto~ (1)

[02:47] S: Haaahhhh…… precious lifespan…..

[02:53] M: Seriously, we just got a chance to live at a different place, who you’re doing is completely the same!! There should be other things to do as well! You should take this chance to change your daily lifestyles, or even–

[03:08] K: Heeh…I don’t need to do such things anyway. Even at this place, you’re carrying all those bad things, so you’re the bad one.

[03:16] S: These items are meant for protection in emergency situations. Protective goods.

[03:20] K: Haha. Senri’s wants to be bullied by me, thats why you’re purposely getting me irritated, right? Fine, I’ll you do what you want. *grabs Senri*

[03:31] S: Uhnnnngggggh…….

[03:33] M: Stop this at once!!! *thrashes them apart*

[03:35] S: Heh…..heh….heh……. Anyway, just leave me alone now. *walks away*

[03:43] M: Ah..Senri! Where are you going???!

[03:46] S: To my room, of course. No matter where I go, I’m the type of person who values my time alone a lot.

*walks off*

[03:54] M: Senri!!

[03:55] K: It’s fine. Just let him do whatever he wants. No matter how much we say about him, he’ll never change. Koharu, you should just forget about that introvert.

[04:06] M: Hehh……leaving this place just makes me more worried now. At least, let me eat in peace here.

[04:15] K: That’s okay but……where are you going, Masamune?

[04:18] M: I’m going to check up on the other teams. Even if “The World” says that they can do whatever they want, I can’t just leave then alone.

[04:25] K: You don’t have to be that worried. There are surveillance cameras and listening devices around to watch them anyway.

[04:31] M: That’s true but……mm? AAh……Kakeru. Why… you know about the surveillance cameras and listening devices?

[04:42] M: If I recall, the researchers from the island had installed the cameras without anyone noticing. But…..why does Kakeru know about this secret? 

[04:51] K: You don’t have to feel that uneasy. I don’t anyone else other than me notices it.

[04:58] M: Ummm……

[05:01] K: Koharu, how about we go to some new place and have fun? Since we’ve got the chance to be on the surface. The two of us, together.

[05:08] M: Guuhhhhhh!!!

[05:09] K: So, Masamune, give everyone our regards.

*walks out*

[05:18] K: Ummmmmhhh…..This feels good, right? There is a forest inside the ship too, but the trees on the surface look much better. Ne Koharu, whats do you want to do? Masamune’s going to the other team’s places, and Senri’s pretty much there but not there anyway.

[05:42] K: In conclusion, this means that for the next 3 days, we’ll be alone together. Is there anything you want to do? I’ll grant any wish you have.

[05:55] K: Koharu? What’s wrong? You don’t look that happy. Eh? Not being able to be with everyone is sad? Having the 4 of us together, you wanted to get along more with everyone? Ah. So that was what you wanted. Get along….with everyone, huh?

[06:25] K: I want to get along with Koharu only, though. However, if that’s Koharu’s wish……

*Masamune suddenly appears*

[06:37] K: Are? Masamune? Are you leaving now?

[06:40] M: Ah, ahhhh. Aren’t you two just in the middle of getting to know each other better?

[06:48] K: Yes, we we just in the middle of thinking on how to get along better. How we’re going to get along much better.

[06:55] M: G-get along…..better?

[06:57] K: Yes. This is a forest with no one else anyway, and it’s the best place to get along more.

[07:04] M: Hooo! KAKERU! Are you–

[07:08] K: However, we can’t seem to find any method though~ Ah, Koharu, do want to go shopping for tonight’s dinner?

[07:20] M: Shopping? Come to think of it, we haven’t bought any ingredients yet.

[07:25] K: Mah, letting a girl go shopping alone by herself is too pitiful. Masamune, you should go along.

[07:34] M: Me? But I have to go and check on the other team’s status right now….

[07:40] K: Hmmmm……that’s alright. I’ll just go together with Koharu, that’s all. *grabs koharu* However, but looking at the time, it’s still quite early, right? Ne, Koharu. Before the evening, let’s think about how to get along together in this quiet forest, alright~

[08:01] M: AHHHH!! I GOT IT! I’LL GO! Koharu, come over this side.

*Koharu runs over*

[08:11] K: Take care~~ Heh, next is to do something about that introvert.

*sounds of the town*

[08:25] M: Ehhh….Meat, vegetables and rice….. Yooto! That should be it. Mm. This amount should be enough. Koharu, pass over those items too. You don’t have to hold back. Carrying this amount of items is fine with me. Hora, mm.

[08:47] M: Although, I can’t believe that Kakeru said such a thing. His limits are like Itsuki’s! Going to check on the others is a thing, but leaving Koharu there is a little worrying. 

[09:03] M: Oh, what’s wrong, Koharu? Heh, in the end you want to carry the items? But they’re really heavy though. Mm…..How about we…carry it together? Help me hold the other side.

[09:25] M: Our footsteps leave sounds behind. Although I’m the one who suggested it, it’s really awkward. But it feels good though. It’s simply shopping, but it feels good. The reason why I can feel so good….it’s probably because Koharu is around.

[09:51] M: I do have to check up on the other teams, but I want to….eat dinner together with you. I want to stay together with you for a while more.

[10:05] Random Shopkeeper: That’s a lot of stock left, toys, plushies, and even fireworks! All selling for cheap!

[10:11] M: Fireworks??!! No matter how much is it, it’s off season for this. ho? You don’t know what are fireworks, Koharu? Fireworks are things you play in the summer. You just need to light the things, and enjoy the lights and the sounds coming from it.

[10:30] M: Hmm? You’re scared of fire? The fire for fireworks aren’t scary. Although, if you hesitate in using them, someone may get injured. It’s something which makes everyone smile in the summer.

[10:46] M: Well, you don’t have to go close to things you’re scared off. Let’s go back to the cottage now!

*knocking on the door, and trying to get the door open sounds*

[11:03] S: Mouuu…..stop being so persistent…..did I tell you to just leave me alone??

[11:08] K: But we’re just nice on the surface right now! Staying inside your room isn’t worth it!

[11:14] S: It’s okay. Staying inside my room is the most useful way to spend my time.

[11:20] K: If you think like that, it means that you don’t know anything fun. Aren’t I always telling you? I’ll teach you how to enjoy your life.

[11:30] S: I’m also always that it’s pointless care for me.

[11:34] K: Huhh…….I can’t do anything about him. Ahh, Koharu. Welcome back. Senri just can’t seem to get out of his room. He asked me to leave him alone. Let’s just him like that, and spend our time together doing fun things.

[11:57] K: What’s more, Senri’s hogging an entire room, and there’s not enough space for us to sleep. I’m really sorry, but is it okay it I sleep inside you room tonight?

[12:10] S: Na–

[12:12] K: It’s okay? Ohhh, Koharu’s really nice. There’s only one bed though…..but it’s going to be okay, right? I’m okay with anything. Although…..I don’t plan on sleeping though…… Of course, I’m going to let you sleep.


[12:36] K: A demon, huh? Who are you talking about?

[12:41] S: Of course it’s about you!! How can you even say such a thing to a woman? Te, are? Koharu-san…..isn’t here…..

[12:50] K: Hehehe……

[12:54] S: Unless…..that was all an act….. Hnnngghhhhh…geeeeeeh……let go of me!!!

[13:01] K: I don’t want to. How much force you want me to  use on you? So, now what should I do? To not let you hide inside your room again, should I put a collar on you?

[13:14] S: Mmmmmmhhhh…………

[13:16] M: We’re back!!!

[13:18] S: Koharu-san!!

[13:19] M: Senri!! You finally came out!!

[13:20] S: You’re wrong, I was tricked to come out.

[13:23] K: You’re not being respectful at all, I was just trying to help you.

[13:29] M: Mah, mah. We’re going to start preparing dinner now, so please help out, you too.

[13:34] S: I’m going back to my room.

[13:36] M: Don’t say that. We won’t be able to make such good food like Akito, but if everyone does–

[13:42] S: As I said, please stop putting me in that “everyone”. Me being alone is fine.

[13:50] K: Staying alone just like that, what meaning is there in that? When we reach out destination, are you going to be like that as well?

[13:58] S: Isn’t it okay? If I had such a useful like Kuga-san and Yuiga-san it would have been okay. However, I’m different from all of you. If “The World” saw my powers, he would definitely say I’m useless. The weak me will change anywhere.

[14:24] S: That’s why, just leave me alone.

*Kakeru grabs Senri*

[14:31] M: Kakeru!! Koharu, could you go the living room? I’ll do something about this situation here. Thanks.

[14:42] M: Kakeru, let go of Senri. You’re getting too worked up.

*Kakeru tosses Senri down*

[14:49] S: Mmnnnnnnnh…………

[14:52] K: Talking to you is so irritating that I was to die. To me, I don’t care about you anyway. I’m don’t even want to see you boring and stupid face. However, there are people who don’t think like that.

[15:09] S: T-there isn’t anyone like that.

[15:13] K: There are. Someone who gets worried if they don’t see your face at least once per day. And it isn’t just one; but two.

[15:24] S: Ehh?

[15:26] M: Kakeru…… Mm, Senri, it’s true that by locking yourself inside your room all day, you won’t hurt anyone, not get hurt. However that’s all to it. You’ll forget about the most important things, and you won’t gain anything from it. You won’t be able to get what you want.

[15:47] S: I…….don’t have anything I want.

[15:52] K: Then, if I take Koharu, you won’t have any complaints, right?

[15:58] S: Mmm…….it’s because……I could never get anything I wanted…..and that’ll never change, even now. I’m……not of use to anyone.

[16:13] M: Senri, there’s a limit to everything. Humans don’t have unlimited powers. What we can do is just so little. In the limited time we have, we do a limited amount of things. We have to make a choice about what to do, and what to believe in. There’s no time to be covering your ears.

[16:35] S: If there’s a limited amount of things that we can do, then why were we gathered together by “The World”?

[16:42] M: That’s……..

[16:43] S: I don’t anything about world peace. And I don’t think I’ll even be able to contribute to it at all. Besides, how about Koharu? Among us, she’s the one who has the least social awareness, she’s a girl, and what if like other people said, if she’s found by another country and caught, won’t she be lonely again?

[17:07] S: I don’t want that. A world where she’s suffering…….should just….

[17:13] M: Senri! Don’t say anymore!!

[17:15] S: The world would be better off destroyed!!!

[17:17] M: Ahhh….

[17:19] K: For Senri, those are pretty big words.

[17:23] M: Kakeru!

[17:24] K: Don’t worry. I removed the listening devices.

[17:27] M: When did you……

[17:29] S: Big words…? I’m rather scared of you praising me though.

[17:36] K: I’ll say it as you enemy and as a person.

[17:40] S: Enemy……what do you mean???

[17:43] K: I believe that what you’re saying is right. What humans can do is limited. I do believe I have the logic and I’m talented, but I know I’m not unlimited.   That’s why, I do what I can do right now.

[18:01] M: *sighs* That’s right. What we three are supposed to be doing right now isn’t arguing. Let’s go to the living room. Koharu’s waiting.

*moves to the living room*

[18:21] M: Koharu!! Sorry for making you wait. Te….Koharu? Where have you gone? In the kitchen?

[18:31] S: Mm? Is this…..a note? Uh, look at this, the two of you.

[18:42] M: There was something I forgot to buy, and I’m going to the town for a while. Uhh….Koharu.

[18:49] K: How far is the town from here?

[18:51] M: If we walk, it’s about one hour. The area’s going to get dark soon. The forest in the night is dangerous.

[18:58] S: Mm? Why is that so? Wasn’t there supposed to be no one in this forest?

[19:03] K: Even though there are no people, there are wolves and bears around.

[19:07] Wolves……? Bears……..?

[19:10] M: The chances of that are really high.

[19:12] S: Let’s go and pick her up!!

*The trio starts running out*

[19:22] K: *from a distance* KOHARU!!!

*the gang runs towards her*

[19:29] S: I’m relieved…..that we found you…..before it got dark……

[19:32] M: Koharu!!! Don’t go out alone in the dark at night!!!

[19:36] K: This isn’t on the ship. You need to withing my arm’s reach.

[19:40] S: That’s true!! People like you just disappear alone, and don’t we always tell you that we’re worried?

[19:48] M: Exactly! Aahhh……you don’t have to apologise like that. Raise your head. Scolding her all at one go wasn’t a good idea.

[20:00] K: However, this shows how important you are to us. If you forgot yo buy something, you could have just told us.

[20:09] S: It was probably because we were in a heated conversation. That’s why you couldn’t call us, right? I’m really sorry for that.

[20:19] M: What did you buy back anyway? This is…….fireworks?

[20:26] S: Hehhhh…..that’s really off-season for a forgotten purchase. Umm? Whether I like fireworks? Maaa….it’s not like I don’t like them.

[20:39] K: Heh…. You wanted to play with fireworks, right? Aren’t fireworks nice? They’re pretty and bustling.

[20:48] M: Koharu…you……

[20:51] k: Well…..let’s go back to the cottage. We better finish up with dinner, or we won’t have time to play with the fireworks.

*Sounds of fireworks*

[21:05] K: It’s been a long time since I’ve seen fireworks…… It’s been probably since when I was a kid.

[21:10] S: Yuiga-san, please don’t point the flame towards me.

[21:14] K: Haaaahhh……Senri really doesn’t understand other’s feelings, huh? If you tell other not to, won’t they want to do it more?

[21:24] S: What an evil person!!

[21:27] M: You two!! Stop moving around with the fireworks in hand!!

[21:30] K: Haaaiii~~~ Senri, the fireworks here pretty as well.

[21:37] S: Thank…you…….

[21:40] M: Koharu, are you afraid of the fire? I see. If’ it’s okay, then I’m glad. Hmm….you look like you’re having fun. Kakeru and Senri too. This was your goal, right? When I told you that fireworks could let people smile…..

*rubs Koharu’s head*

[22:04] M: You don’t have to be shy. I’m just rubbing your head. Going to the town alone wasn’t right, but you thought about us right? Thanks. That’s right. There are times where you can make someone smile. You’re a great person. You’re always thinking about the people around you.

[22:33] M: Ehh? That applies to Kakeru as well? Mmm…..

[22:43] K: Mmmm….? There are even the rat fireworks. (2) I keep use a few of these…..and use them again when Senri locks himself inside him room again…..

[22:54] M: Kakeru. Please stop that.

[22:57] K: Are? You heard what I said.

[23:02] M: You….was his part of your calculations?

[23:07] K: Hmmmmm? What are you talking about? You need to explain it clearly to me.

[23:13] M: Forcing me to go out shopping with Koharu, and getting angry at Senri’s attitude. Was that…..fulfilling Koharu’s wish of “wanting to be together with everyone, and to get along with everyone”?

[23:30] K: Hmm, what do you think?

[23:33] M: If that was true, you should have just honestly said it. I know it’s for the sake of Koharu, but you could have told me and Senri to comply.

[23:41] K: Heh. You don’t understand, Masamune. ‘Obeying’ is useless.

[23:47] M: Eh?

[23:49] K: To get along, you cannot ask others to do so. If both sides don’t feel that, there isn’t any meaning to it. Besides Senri,  you would have probably gone to check on the other teams no matter how much i asked you.

[24:05] M: Mm?

[24:06] K: When told to do something, you always end up thinking that you cannot make any mistakes. Your head’s filled with your mission, that you run away from happy and fun things. In the end, you get so worked up that you sometimes even explode.

[24:25] M: Uhh……how much me do you even know????

[24:29] K; I wonder~

[24:32] M: Hee….. I understood something today.

[24:38] K: What? About how cute Koharu was?

[24:41] M: Hmmh…. I already know that enough so don’t rub into it more. It’s serious talk!!

[24:46] K: Sure, sure~

[24:49] M: The places that we were born, and the way we were raised were all different. Even our of thinking is different, that sometimes we end up arguing. However when Koharu wasn’t around, I realised that we all did the same thing. When we found her, we call got angry at her, and scolded her in our different ways.

[25:07] K: That’s true.

[25:11] M: At that moment, I thought: the person who connected all of us together was her. I don’t know why, but my heart feels warm.

[25:27] K: Masamune, look at that.

[25:31] M: Hm?

[25:33] S: Well……for the next 3 days……I’ll get out of my room. Besides, it’s not like there’s Kuga-san and Shiranui-san here. Besides them, the only one who can protect you is me. Koharu, is that okay? The rest are just having masks over them, and they’re really demons underneath, so you can’t let your guard down….

[26:00] K: Sennriiii~~~~

[26:02] S: Hii!!!

[26:03] K: Heh. Who are you calling a demon?

[26:08] M: Haaaa………

[26:09] K: What a mouth that says unnecessary things. For the sake of your future, do you want me to sew it up for you?

[26:16] S: Aahhhh…..Koharu-san, save me!!!!!

[26:19] K: Really, When I said that wolves and bears were going to come out, you still immediately went to find Koharu which I thought was good. But hmmmm, this means that…I’m more scary than a beast?

[26:37] S: An animal won’t bully you, and I can trust them on something more than Yuiga-san.

[26:43] K: Hmmm…..making you my enemy was a wrong thing to do. You can’t even keep up as a love rival.

[26:52] S: Love??!! So you were referring to….that kind of enemy, wasn’t it?

[26:57] K: You only understood now? You really are a person who needs help.

[27:04] S: I-i didn’t mean that!! I need to tell you…..

[27:08] K: What~? If you have something to say, then say it.

[27:13] S: Mmm…….I cant……cant……lose……tooo…..

[27:24] K: Hmmmm….? I can’t lose to you…..what?

[27:29] S: Kemmmmhhhhhh…..I won’t losee…to the likes of….you!!!!

[27:40] M: We can finally settle down now.

[27:43] K: Heh……you can’t even be an opponent.

[27:46] S: Kuuuuu………

[27:49] M: It’s getting cold. WE should hurry back and rest soon.

[27:52] K: Ah wait. We should finish this with the sparkler fireworks.

*fireworks sounds*

[27:58] K: Okay. Everyone has lighted theirs, right? Koharu, these fireworks disappear very easily, so please be careful with them.

[28:06] S: I like the sparklers the most.They’re small and weak, and they disappear easily. They easily submit to me.

[28:18] M: You should stop saying such things.

[28:21] K: Let’s do this. The person who can keep their sparkler blazing the longest, will be able to go on a date with Koharu tomorrow.

[28:27] S: Eh?

[28:29] M: That’s a good idea.

[28:31] S: Wait……what if Koharu’s lasts the longest?

[28:38] K: Hmmm…..that’s right.

[28:40] M: If that happens, then four of us will go on a date, isn’t that alright?

[28:46] S: Mmmm…..but a date is……I’ve never…..

[28:50] K: Keep quiet. The results are going to be shown soon.

[28:52] S: Mmmmmm……

[28:27] K: I want you all to myself. I’ve always thought that, but having others who share the same feeling, isn’t that bad at all. Being together is only a little, but if you’re in the center, for now, let’s enjoy the time the four of us have. 

*music fades out*

Points to take note of:
(1) – Basically means Kakeru getting up, left it in romanji.
(2) – Thus actually means ネズミ花火, which is the circle fireworks which tend to fly around all over the place.

~Final Thoughts~

I actually had quite a fun time translating this as it was really cute especially Senri. Masamune is randy as usual, and Kakeru’s pretty much filled with too many thoughts. Looks like Senri is getting out of his hikkomori ways~ Masamune turned back into his randy self cuz he couldn’t stand it O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ Well in the terms of Translation, I’d say I had difficulties for different tracks. The mini drama was a complete half an hour I’d said I could have died translating it. Senri did get a lot of development here when he was scolded by Kakeru, but pretty much the rest of the time he was being annoying and was bullying Senri again which really ticked me off a lot. Masamune couldn’t even control his randy self in this one at all, and it’s so amusing to here him say things. Kakeru was pretty much the same thanks to his brain and he gets more angry over dumb things. I really hate that facade of his.  I would say this is a worth-it drama cd if anybody likes the Koharu team, but well, Koharu’s still airheaded.  Well there were problems here and there and I had to look up dictionaries for the words, I guess to me, I tried my best. Please do give me comments if there are problems with my translation!!


9 thoughts on “Norn9 ~Norn + Nonette~ Trio Drama CD Vol.1

  1. seitoanita

    Thanks for the translation!! It must have been a lot of work~
    Question: did you translate by listening to it??!
    Anyway, I will be using ur translation to up my listening skills, which are pretty much non-existent.
    p.s.I’m team Koharu (>///<) she's just my favourite out of the three even if she's like the hugest airhead I have even seen in games…

    1. Shuu Post author

      Yep, I used my ears (now my brain hurts really bad thanks to too much of those seiyuus xDDD) to translate the stuff, and it was really a hard time and it took about 2 weeks, and it even dragged on when school started.

      Well, I’m on Team Mikoto cuz Natsuhiko!!!!! Mikoto’s really cool and stuff, and the 2 of my top 3 is there hahaha. I’ll be working on vol 2 drama cd for this later, but it’ll take a while cuz my otome game backlog is crying at me xDDD

    1. Shuu Post author

      I am going to do so, but im not sure when. Drama cds are generally harder to translate, and lately I dont have the time to properly sit down and finish 1 track. If you do want a date, it’ll probably be end of this year.

      1. Haruna

        Are you translating Vol 2 right now? Since it already passes the end of year 2014 😀 I’m really looking forward to Mikoto’s team 😀

      2. Shuu Post author

        Sadly I don’t have the time right now to even translate. D: My motivation ran out due to forgetting the game + laziness but I guess I’ll eventually do it at the end of this year? Probably after my interest in back when I play Last Era.

      3. Haruna

        I see. Another girl is planning to translate it though 🙂 Btw, I’m really looking forward to reading your Last Era review 😀

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