Dot Kareshi I: We’re 8-bit Lovers ~Densetsu no Otome~

Dot Kareshi is a 3-game series by Rejet which is set in the world of an RPG game. The heroine is pretty much you, a person who’s completely addicted to the RPG game “Unlimited Quest” and grinded all your party members to the max level. However you suck at this game so bad with the quests that your party members are all angry at you so they use a game bug to drag you into to redeem yourself. Sadly because of you all of your characters are all perverted, so you somehow have to bear with them. More Spoilers under the cut. 

When you arrive there, all your 8bit menz start saying perverted things to you ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ and starts raging at you over what you’ve done to all of them. After all that rage they bring you to a village to start getting quest to do things. Even though your stats are seriously bad, they promise to protect you and they go into a house to retrieve an item. However instead of finding the recovery item they were supposed to find, they find a piece of paper which tells them the method of getting out of the quest. Turns out you getting sucked into the game is a bug and the only way to get out is clearing a quest!!

All 2The party then goes to the Bar where they are supposed to get quests, and they think about what quest they wanna do. However, they soon realise that they can only pick one quest and you would disappear, so they give you the liberty to choose whose quest you want to do.

Priest (CV: Matsukaze Masaya)

Priest 4Welp Priest is pretty oresama and super erotic in my opinion, but I guess that guy’s just pretty lazy to do everything. His quest is to save a village from some illness. Priest says that they need to get some herbs so they decide to go to some area to pick herbs. However they the party ends up fighting tons of monsters and they start losing HP. Priest then tells them that if they want him to heal them they have to go down on their knees and beg for it lol. 🙂 Obviously no one has time for that in the first place so he just complains about why he has to help them. However the other 3 are pretty much losing stamina when a monster attacks her. Priest protects the heroine and dies, causing everyone to freak out. The good thing is that he soon revives due to his auto revive spell and he’s okay. They give the herbs to the townspeople and his quest is over. They go back to the main town they were in and he then barges into her room when she’s about to rest. He then starts getting randy with her and she runs out. In the Good End, the heroine’s about to return to her world as she’s wrapped in some light when Priest hugs her, and they both go back to the human world together ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイShe ignores him for quite a while since she’s studying for her exams which causes him to complain. However they soon go out on a date and afterwards come back to have some ichaicha time in their room and make out. In the Normal End Priest drags the heroine away from the light and thus she stays in the game with him. She wants to become a second Priest but he’s completely against it cuz he can heal both of them. Welp he then gives in and cuddles her “to teach her priest magic”. ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ Welp I’m pretty sure he’s just taking the chance to grope her lol. Well Priest felt really bored most of the time, so I don’t really know what to say about him.

Magician (CV: Kondou Takashi)

Magician 4Magician is pretty much perverted as well and his pretty much mad at the heroine that she turned off all his magic effects since its his only way to shine. \(○^ω^○)/ He’s pretty much ignored by the whole gang so he’s pretty mad at the heroine. Magician’s quest is to go an retrieve a book to learn some kind of new spell. The book is sealed inside a house where they have to fight zombies and undead monsters. The final boss they have to fight there is some kind of undead monster which means that the hero’s and theif’s attacks won’t work on it!! Magician then casts magic on Hero’s sword so that they can deal some damage, but all of them soon run outta MP so Magician decides to use his ultimate move and asks Priest to standby in case he dies. Soon Magican saps his own HP to get more MP and almost dies, but the monster was pretty much killed. After getting the book he tries to summon the thing to look cool but he forgot that the effects were turned off and rages at the heroine to show her boobs to help him regain his MP. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイ The same night he talks to the heroine about how he wants to spend more time with her but he goes randy so she runs off in embarrassment. In the Good End, he jumps into the human world together with her and he uses his magic powers to solve cases of cheating spouses. He then asks the heroine to go out and help him with his work but it’s actually a date for him to ichaicha her. ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪ In the Normal End, he drags the heroine back, and tells her that having her with him is much more important than him having his magic effects back!! The heroine helps him with his magic research so one day they try opening the door to the human world but fails. Magician then says that no matter how long it takes, he’ll definitely find a way for them to go to the human world together. Magician was really idiotic in this route I found him pretty cute as well when eh gets randy with the heroine. 🙂

Thief (CV: Morikubo Showtaro)

Thief 5Thief is a kiss stealer and spends most of the route trying to charm the heroine and kissing her 😀 Thief’s quest is actually to go and steal a tiara from cave with monsters guarding it, and he promises the heroine that he put it on her when he gets it, and asks her to kiss him after he gets it for her. O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ Welp the cave they go into is actually filled with traps and stuff like fake walls and carnivorous plants on the floor. However before the heroine can step on those plants he grabs her and carries her over the plants using his skills while Hero, Magician & Priest are busy screaming over the plants biting their foot. Well after Magician burns the plants and a lot of shouting happens they soon find the place where the tiara is hidden. However there’s a boss monster blocking the doorway and they have no way to get in since the monster to completely resistant to any damage. Well Thief then figures that they only need to steal the tiara to clear the quest, so he asks everyone to hold back the monster for a while as he steals the key and gets the tiara. Soon they get outta the cave and Thief puts on the tiara for her, saying that she’s pretty cute in it. Upon returning to the village, they then go to an inn to rest, and Thief comes into the Heroine’s room and starts kissing her, asking her for his reward. He then gets all randy and continues to kiss her until she runs away. In the Good End, thief follows her into the human world where he says that he’s really happy being together with her and they go out on a date to an art museum where they kiss at a quiet corner. In the Normal End, both of them are thieves and they go out on a quest to steal things. They soon get to the treasure where she has to pick from 2 boxes and she picks the one which causes an explosion. He then licks off all the dirt from her face and kisses her. (ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\) I found thief quite cute and when he got all randy inside the inn I was pretty much freaking out and blushing at the same time cuz he was really cute.

Hero (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)

Yuusha 4Hero is the safest among the gang but well he still can get randy but the reason he’s angry at the heroine is because she named him “takuan” which mean pickled radish!! His quest is to get the legendary sword but the thing is they have to fight a dragon in order to get the sword!! However this dragon is pretty much the strongest boss apart from the Maou but and it can give all the party members status ailments!! The party’s pretty much dying when they get hit by poison and stone but they’ve got Priest to get rid of all those. However things take a turn for the worse when the heroine’s outta status ailments removal potions, and Magician gets confused and kills off Thief. The party gets put into a pinch and the dragon almost attacks the heroine when Hero saves her. Hero then decides to kill off Magician and somehow defeats the dragon thanks to his massive stats. Soon they get the sword, and proceeds back to the main village to eat & rest. While she’s resting inside her room inside the inn, Hero then comes by and and tells her that he doesn’t want her to go. He then gets randy with her asking her to kiss him, and pins her down when she escapes. In the Good End, Hero follows her into the human world and becomes her boyfriend living together with her. They go out on a date at the park and they make out there ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ In the Normal End, the heroine decides to become a knight and Hero drags her out to finish a quest about killing Goblins. He’s been helping her level up by and once she clears the quest, Hero hugs her and says that they’re going to get randy at the inn so that the next morning the innkeepr will tell them they must have a lot of fun last night. わあい\(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/わあいっKnight was quite nice and cute like Thief, and he’s pretty much badass awesome.

Common Route End

All 3This part covers everything common which happened in all of the routes. After clearing any on of their quests they go to the bath house, and they start getting really funny ideas. They then decide to go and look at her naked, by making Thief climb over the divider, and the heroine tries to dumb buckets at them to get them off. However Magician then shoots away the buckets, and Priest even says that he’ll provide much recovery as  possible lol, and they get to see her naked :). After the randy scene with any of the guys, the heroine runs off and crashes into one of the workers at the inn. The worker then asks if anything was wrong, and says that the heroine can share with her anything so that she can feel better. Heroine then tells her that she’s sad that she has to part with anyone. Well the next day, the rest of the party said that they thought she was going to leave last night. Magician then say that instead of waiting for her to disappear they should kill time by doing another quest. All of them start arguing over what quest they should do, when the lights comes to take away. However everyone’s like “LOL NOPE” and they start dragging her. Well soon the light disappears and she stays in the game, and they say that they’re still going to be together for a while. Thief then suggests going to kill the Maou, and they go to the bar to plan. Looks like they’ll still be together for a while.

~Final Thoughts~

All 4Omg I’ve never seen a game so funny before, especially with the RPG game theme. There wasn’t a guide needed at all, as you just needed to get to 100 affection points for the Good End and 60-70 for the Normal End. The heroine also pretty much spoke nothing but just icons of how she was feeling. It was actually quite interesting and kept me entertained for a while especially when Magician was hit by confuse lol. It was pretty much looking at the characters point of view as and how they actually felt being abused by the player xDDD The Drama CD and extra voices were extremely sexy and randy and it’s really cool to see them do all those effects. I guess my favourite guys for this one would be Priest < Magician < Hero < Thief. Thief was a perfect cutie with Morikubo voicing him and him getting sexy and kissing the heroine was nice. This is a good game to kill time so this game is a definitely reccomended game for anyone’s looking a short game.

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