Uta no Prince-sama Debut

Months after playing the 2nd fandisk for all the dudes I”m back with another review for utapri!!! Basically means that I’m back to playing utapri again with more raburabu goodness. As per usual, I will be playing from my least favourite to most favourite, and no senpai/friend ends. ESPECIALLY THIS TIME BECAUSE THERE’S HOMO no thank you please I do not want a homo game.

Eitherway Haruka & her menz are ready to debut into show business when Saotome jumps out and tells them that they have to go to a Master Course to debut. They will also have to group with a senpai to earn the “brothers emblem” and some other medal, and also making a unit song together with the senpai. The guys end up moving in with their senpai leaving Haruka alone composing herself well dammit. Eitherway watch out for mad rage under the cut, that’s all. 

Aijima Cecil

snap054Cecil’s pretty much a foreigner here, Saotome decides to group him together with another foreigner in the agency, Camus. He starts getting them to look for Cecil’s room keys in April where he gets the rest of the boys to be traps on that well that was really entertaining for the chapter at least. Soon, they get the keys (which apparently was in Camus’ dog’s mouth) and Cecil moves into Camus’ room. It’s really nice and comfy European but then Cecil starts getting whiny and saying how Camus feels like the “White Devil”. Are you referring to Camus’ skin colour my boy? That’s racist. Then, we find out that the “White” Cecil was referring to was the colour of snow yeah that sounds more correct. At first Camus is a big douche to the both of them where he completely ignores them and stuff when they’re alone together. However, when he’s on stage and in front of stuff he’ll become EXTREMELY POLITE and it’s like the douchey never happened. Soon after so much whining Camus starts giving good advice about how Cecil needs to stop being a whiny bitch and get his act together. He also says that Cecil should stop being ignorant and he needs to understand the country’s culture. Haruka then shows him the song she composed for the unit song and he tells them that their song sucks and they need to buck it up until it pleases him.

snap047No really, I found Camus really a good senpai as first cuz he was cutting off all of Cecil’s whining & bitching in my face. Cecil then complains to Haruka one day that Camus feels extremely fake on TV but he’s still a great idol with loads of fans. After a long while of complaining from Camus about their song he finally accepts their song and he’s willing to sing it with Cecil. Weirdly when one day Haruka & Cecil are going back to Camus & Cecil’s room they here him talking on the phone in some royal accent and stuff. (Sounds really suspicious yeahhhh) When they knock he hurriedly goes to the door and lets them in, in a shocked tone. Suddenly Camus starts warming up more and gives her vitamin supplements since she’s been overworking herself and teaches her breathing exercises in her room. This causes Cecil to be JEALOUS when he sees them in her room ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ Soon, after all their hard work. Saotome tells them that Cecil will be able to solo debut soon!!! わあい\(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/わあいっ Camus then gives them the brother emblem and everything goes pretty well UNTIL Haruka passes out one day. When she wakes up, she realises that she’s going batshit insane and she’s been teleporting everywhere.Even tomo-chan’s saying that she’s been telling the other guys mean things. Haruka’s like DAFAQ WHAT DID I DOOOOOO and Cecil comes by to see her.

snap050Haruka starts crying and saying that she’s going batshit insane and Tomo-chan’s been telling her that she’s saying mean things to everyone. He then says that he just wants to complete the solo debut song with her right now and he’ll trying to clear up the misunderstanding with others. However, it suddenly starts snowing in Haruka’s room and she gets possessed by some spirit who goes “warawa” and very ojousama like. When she goes and sees the other princes she’s calls Masato Kappa-head, Ren is a disgusting sheit, and Syo a chibi 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。ワーン!! Before Haruka knows its she’s being controlled and she’s saying things that she didn’t mean to say. One day, while she’s inside the practice room, Camus comes in and bows in front of her (゜ロ゜)ギョェ and we find out that Camus cursed her and she’s currently being possessed by the SILK PALACE QUEEN. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN. (no im seriously this is getting outta context so im adding sound effects now) Despite all this shit going on with Haruka spitting insults at poor Cecil, he believes that Haruka’s real self doesn’t mean what she says. Cecil then adds on how their spirits are connected, and he knows what Haruka truly wants to say to him.

snap052For all this while, Haruka keeps calling out to Cecil trying to get him to notice (through their souls apparently) and Cecil doesn’t give up despite the amount of insults the silk queen is spouting at him. The queen only lets Haruka move freely and complete the solo debut song when they’re in Haruka’s room, and she somehow manages to finish it. We then find out from Camus that the 2 of them have been looking for some person who could give Silk Palace power since their country has been losing loads of magic power for a while, and somehow Saotome is related to that person. Camus was sent to Shining Agency to check up on the old man, and ended up getting stuck as an idol. Haruka finishes the song, and the Silk Queen tells Cecil that their love crap won’t cut wiping the curse off her. Cecil sings, but he’s too kirarkira for the silk queen and she disappears back to Silk Palace ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイIn the Love end, Camus admits that he cursed Haruka and disappears, and Cecil & Haruka make out in her room. They get cockblocked by a phone call and they go to the garden. Soon they kiss there and he sings his love song for her. Overall I felt that Cecil’s attitude improved a lot here, but the problem was that his route was out of context (again) and NO KISS CG WHY. DAMMIT THEY WERE KISSING IN AMAZING ARIA. I really liked Cecil a lot here, and I really think he did improve from the previous game.

Ichinose Tokiya

snap008Tokiya as per usual is our sexy guy which I’m not really into. However with that stiff and dense personality of his who wants perfection in everything he does he starts complaining about the group idol song Haruka composed for the whole team. She did it according to Reiji and Otoya’s style but sadly that style doesnt Tokiya at all cuz Reiji and Otoya are the happy-go-lucky ones. However Reiji tells him that it’s work so he has to bear with it so they’re sticking with the song. However, during the timings where Reiji holds lessons & practice sessions for the song Tokiya barely turns up because he has too much work. This causes him to lose out on practice, and even worse, harm his health. However, for some reason he has some time to hang out at Haruka’s place when she overworks herself. ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ So all this drama continues as Tokiya is unable to attend practice sessions, and overworks himself  too much. More problems crop up when the director for a certain movie Tokiya is going to star in is stolen by Reiji because the director preferred Reiji over him. One day Saotome tells all the master course people that they’re going for a trip to an island where they can all become idiots and have fun as what they’re doing there is going to be posted on the net. Well on the bus to the trip Tokiya falls asleep on Haruka’s shoulder due to him overworking himself too much but the rest of the guys starts being funny by drawing on his face. He then wakes up raging at all of them.

snap027Well on the island they go to the beach and have fun but Tokiya’s all for Haruka as he goes and partners up with her for beach volleyball. All the activities were pretty funny especially the watermelon smashing one where I was fangirling over my favourite dudes instead of Tokiya cuz their team screwed up. Also while they were fishing Tokiya uses the net which causes him to fall into the sea and Reiji goes to save him. Their team ends up getting the least for dinner since they had the lowest points in the activities for the whole day. Well later at night Haruka realises that she forgot her camera she goes back to the beach to get it, and sees Tokiya practicing things alone. Haruka’s about to go and console him when Otoya comes by and it becomes a beautiful BL scene. HOWEVER HARUKA CANT GO IN TO BREAK THE SCENE CUZ SHE’S BLOCKED BY REIJI. (I don’t have anything against Reiji but Broccolii DAFAQ are you doing with the story??) Okay so Otoya tells Tokiya that he can rely on them more since they’re friends but Tokiya’s like “WHEN WERE WE FRIENDS?” Sighs Tokiya. Well sadly the drama continues even after they return back to the agency as Tokiya keeps going “I DONT HAVE TIME LEAVE ME ALONE” and become this total loner every time. The teams all have to make a video with footage of them at the beach but the prob was that Tokiya didnt bring a camera, Reiji’s fell into the sea, and Otoya never charged his batteries for the whole trip ~\(_ _;)/~ Well they decide to improvise by adding their song into the video to make it look like there’s more content.

snap028Tokiya continues working himself hard and Reiji one day tells them that apparently in Tokiya’s previous agency it was really competitive, and even if the idols there were working together a a unit, there would still be tons of competition, so Tokiya can’t trust anyone. However they’re obviously concerned for him so Reiji decides to punch Tokiya in the stomach to let him sleep & rest (ノ^∇^) They team ends up having to extract some footage from the camera, and Tokiya says that he wants to take responsibility for causing so many problems and Reiji & Otoya keep telling him that they’re friends so he doesn’t have to do everything himself. Saotome then asks them to star in a doctor drama where Tokiya’s a cool doctor & they get their gay homo scene onstage & backstage which Haruka just….watching them. The drama is a hit, but more shit goes down when the director of the movie Tokiya is going to audition for only wants 1 idol from every agency, and he starts getting all “YOU’RE MY ENEMY NOW KOTOBUKI-SAN.” Even more shit goes down when the popularity poll shows that Otoya has more votes than him and Tokiya starts freaking out. They then go to Haruka’s room where they make out (and a little humping here I guess?) and Haruka hits his head a little telling him not to get himself worked up over a small thing. However there she apologises a little telling him that she shouldn’t have been working too much on Reiji’s stuff instead of his ,and Tokiya’s like “I’m okay as long I have your music I’m happy.”

snap029Suddenly, they find out that Tokiya’s kicked outta the movie cuz the director preferred Reiji. However Haruka saw Reiji talking to the director of the movie which turns out that he was pleading the director to let Tokiya enter the audition. Days later Haruka comes up with Tokiya’s debut song and Reiji hears it and records it. He then drags her & Tokiya to see Saotome asking him if the song gets to be the theme song of the movie is it possible Tokiya can enter the audition. Saotome doesn’t say that it’s a 100% confirm Tokiya will get in for the audition. They end up thanking Reiji and he tells Tokiya that he should rely on his friends more and talks about how he had a friend in the past where they argued and the friend never came back again. Tokiya’s like that friend of his so Reiji was quite concerned for him. Tokiya tells him that they he won’t lose cuz he was the power of love. Welp soon they start working super hard for the song and Tokiya continues to overwork himself. Tokiya’s super jealous that Otoya could debut so much earlier than him and he’s angry when thyey hear him recording his debut song. Tokiya ends up running out of the studio with Haruka following him. Tokiya’s pretty much in tears there and Otoya comes by totally unaware of what’s going on Tokiya just tells him to leave. (i dunno why they made a BL CG here instead of Haruka comforting him or something. (ಠ⌣ಠ) ) His birthday comes out and Haruka buys him a present, while Tomo-chan asks her to present herself. However Tokiya was busy on his birthday and they end up meeting at the clock tower at 11:59. She gives him the present as well as saying “I want you to take me…..” and she turns brights red cuz she’s totally embarrassed by what she said. かわ.゚+.(´∀`*).+゚.ぃぃ

snap030Tokiya ends up getting the movie role since their song became the theme song for the movie and he got in for the audition. He then runs back to her room to kiss Haruka and they have their raburabu time here. However Tokiya continues arguing with Otoya over things and Otoya asks him if “he loved being an idol.” Tokiya’s like “an idol’s all my life yeah.” Well Haruka then chances upon some footage of Tokiya when he was a kid saying things like “I want to be an idol!!” (THE PROBLEM WAS THAT YOUNG TOKIYA WAS BY A RANDOM GUY. CANT U PAY MAMO TO SAY A FEW MORE LINES????) They fully complete Tokiya’s debut song but Broccoli says that Tokiya needs to suffer more so pictures of them together are posted on the net, which causes a scandal. Since their debut song is completed Haruka’s like “NOO TOKIYA NEEDS TO DEBUT SO I’LL QUIT FOR HIS SAKE” and runs home after apologising to him. Tokiya starts crying and saying how he couldn’t protect her at all when he swore that he would. (ಥ⌣ಥ) In the Love End, months later Haruka’s at home when she gets some tickets to Tokiya’s debut concert. At the concert Tokiya says that he’s singing this for his precious someone and Haruka’s super touched by this and when she returns home she receives a message from Tomo-chan asking her “DO YOU REALLY WANNA LEAVE IT LIKE THIS??!!” Haurka then receives an email from Tokiya asking her to meet him at the clock tower. They sudden;y crash into each other at the place where they first met and Tokiya hugs her, and they ichaicha under the tree there. He then tells her how he loves her so much & how he missed her, and her songs. Tokiya passes Haruka the emblem of passing the master course and asks her to come back. Then they continue to kiss & make out there. ワーイ♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/ワーイ♪  Sighs this route was just filled with me sighing over Tokiya every 10 seconds and making me upset and disappointed over Tokiya I don’t even know what to say about him anymore. I even felt that Cecil’s route was better than this sighs. ( ´_ゝ`)

Ittoki Otoya

snap001OTOYA’S ROUTE WAS BEAUTIFUL. No homo, but romance. Just beautiful. Well Otoya’s cheery as usual so he gets along with Reiji immediately and within seconds they’re like best bros 🙂 Well the amusing thing in this route was that Tokiya actually didn’t even whine and complains about the unit song. (like what chara change?) The first problem starts happening when Otoya does a random guerilla live where he comes in from a public place which causes all the fangirls to go wild. Reiji then has to go there and help out, which results in Saotome getting at all mad because Otoya did something really bad & he had to send in another idol to solve the prob. Otoya apologises but the jiji wants him to suffer more so he gives Otoya a live to organise all by himself. Even the ticket selling would have to be done by them, and if they dont get a full house on the day of the concert Haruka would be kicked out. ( ´_ゝ`) Also it gets worse as Saotome tells them that Haruka cant compose any songs except for the unit song for 3 months, and help out Reiji’s work instead. However after this shitty thing the shit doesn’t continue going down as it gets better with Otoya ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ So one day after they practice their song Reiji tells them that they should go outside & play to relax. Tokiya goes into “WELL I HAVE NO TIME” mode but Reiji just drags them out. Well I thought that this was going to be some BL homo scene where the guys play and Haruka sits there, but no! Haruka joins in the fun as well and almost trips, where Otoya goes and catches, and he starts whispering into her ear. (*´▽`*)They end up getting all happy, and they continue practicing their song there. However Reiji has some family issues so he runs off and tells the guys to hurry up and go home. Well instead of going home Otoya goes over to Haruka’s place where they get all cute there, and he ends up sleeping at her place ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪

snap003The next morning Haruka’s like “waahhh you’re still here?” and he’s like “i wanted to stay with you more and i tried not to do anything at all” Apparently he had to try to hold back all his sexual frustrations of actually doing anything to her ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ Otoya then gives her some kind of speaker thing whenever she feels lonely and it goes “i love you~” from Otoya whenever she presses the button. Well Otoya’s a little jealous since Haruka hangs out with Reiji a lot during those 3 months and keeps feeling the stress of the concert, but the 3 months soon fly by and Reiji “returns” Haruka to him. ( ノ^ω^)ノ Reiji also admits that he knows Otoya’s dating Haruka and tells them he’ll just keep it a secret, but also tells them to be careful. Well they trio them has to go on a music show and Otoya begs Reiji & Tokiya to sing with him when he gets picked to scene, which is followed by the the 2 dressed in mascots suits while he sings. LOL WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN THIS ROFL. Well since the ban’s off Haruka starts composing Otoya’s debut song and they go out on a date to get inspiration. They go out shopping and stuff & they return back to Haruka’s place where they go raburabru. O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ Otoya tells her that he wants to bang her right now but now he’s just keeping all those frustrations inside him that he’ll save for later~ ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ Well the shit starts going down when everyone’s pretty much busy for work but the good thing is, he can make out with Haruka in the guy’s room. Well however Haruka spills coffee all over their floor and ruins their “Debut!!” messages Otoya & Tokiya wrote for each other. However Otoya says that it’s okay and comforts her by hugging her.

snap005Well Haruka still feels guilty and starts working SUPER hard for the Debut song. The shit continues going down when Otoya can’t seem to sing the song, and he can’t ask for advice since he roomates are getting so much work everyday, and the room’s pretty empty. Well for the next few days Otoya then starts running to find Haruka every now & then. The shit starts going down BADLY when he receives the script for the drama he was starring in which was about a family. He’s heavily affected by this since he’s never had a real family before so he doesn’t know what it’s actually like to be in one. He misses his mom a lot so one day after one of the scenes were done he then talks about his mom since it’s actually her death anniversary.( TДT)(this really brought tears to my eyes cuz poor boy ;_;) Well the worse thing happens during the scene where the character he’s playing mother’s die. Otoya gets super emotional and ends up crying even after the whole scene had finish taking & he runs off. Haruka chases after him and finds him inside the garden, and when she goes there he starts telling her about how he thought about his past where he would cry when he thought about his past. He has also went back to his mom’s old past but HE COULDNT FIND ANYTHING RELATED TO HER IN THE PAST щ(ಥДಥщ) (I DUNNO WHY BROCCOLI MAKING THESE PRINCES SUFFER SO MUCH) He then apologises to Haruka that he won’t be able to sing her song anymore since’s he super depressed.

snap006Haruka then sings the song (in a way) and THE LOVES FROM THE SONG OVERWHELMS HIM. They then run back to the studio since he still had some recording to do where he find an ANGRY SAOTOME. Saotome then says that he won’t let him sing, and Reiji starts begging him to give Otoya a chance. Welp Saotome then says that he’ll give him a chance to sing in the next music show or he’s fired. Reiji then hands them the brother emblem and tells them that he believes that they’ll be able to do it, and the brother emblem is to cheer them up a little, or Otoya cant sing. Otoya works his hardest and ends up singing until his throat was sore, with some make out sessions in between to actually comfort during his sudden angst problems. In the Love End, and Otoya sings his song successfully & his live concert was a big hit. The same night they make out there and the next morning Otoya tells Haruka that he found out Saotome was his dad (I was expecting that) and Saotome understood his feelings now. A few days later he takes Haruka to a sunflower field where he tells her that he was growing sunflowers for his mom when she was unwell. He then kisses her and says that he’s going to be a great singer for her sake. ヽ(▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ Well Otoya was pretty much free of BL unless you went into the other ends, and I felt really happy at the end of his route, and I loved it. He still isnt my favourite though, but my impression of him definitely is better now.

Shinomiya Natsuki

snap017I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HELL IN GOING ON IN THIS ROUTE. AND I SHALL BLAME IT ALL ON AI. Well the senpai Natsuki & Syo get is Ai, a super cold senpai who forces them to please him with a nice PV before even entering their room. Well besides that at the beginning of the route they go out on a date and Haruka decides to buy a teddy bear Natsuki was staring at for him. She then tells him that he can hug it while she isn’t there so she’ll feel much better. ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ  However before they could even move in to their new room Ai tells them to please him before they could go in. They did the PV, but IT DID NOT PLEASE THE GUY AT ALL WTF. Because of this Natsuki asks Ai to give them one more chance, and they’ll a  create where he’s actually willing to sing. Natsuki & Syo end up bunking out at Haruka’s place where they work together with her to compose the song until it pleases Ai. Somehow the song pleases Ai, so he starts giving all sorts of lessons and work to do for the master course. Well soon Syo leaves the country for a while leaving Natsuki & Ai to do all the housework in the room. Haruka also comes over often not only for the unit song, and also to help out with the chores since those 2 make such a mess. One day, Haruka comes into the room early and Ai wasn’t there. Natsuki then starts telling her how much he loves her ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/  and they make out on his bed, WHEN AI POPS OUTTA NOWHERE AND GOES LIKE “UMMM GUYS WHAT RE YOU DOING.” The two are extremely shocked that he’s there and they try and explain to him about hing but obviously they couldn’t do a thing about it. Well for some reason Ai just writes this off lightly and just tells them to go out and stand outside the room for punishment.

snap019HOWEVER SUDDENLY WHEN THEY WERE HAVING LESSONS WHEN SYO CAME BACK AI’S ARM DROPPED OFF. WTF? (this shall be explained later just give it a while) After that the shit starts going down when their unit song keeps getting rejected by Saotome and Ai’s the problem. Suddenly Ai starts going like “How should I do this?” and “Should I just quit and you guys can pass?” (Okay I dunno why he suddenly became so not confident) Saotome decides to dump the entire group a job which is a parade for kids, so that Ai can feel how Syo & Natsuki are like so that they’re song will succeed. However their song still isn’t approved by Saotome so they go and do a concert to see what the fans think. However right before the concert Ai saves Haruka from things collapsing on her and SHE SEES SPARKS COMING OUTTA HIM WITH SOME CABLES. Well we soon find out that AI WAS CREATED BY SAOTOME AS HIS SINGING VOCALOID AND ITS CLASSIFIED INFORMATION. After Haruka found out about this she has to keep it a secret of Saotome will fail NAtsuki & Syo щ(ಥДಥщ) Haruka then starts going into “I MUST KEEP THIS A SECRET SO THAT NATSUKI WILL DEBUT” mode and she starts avoiding him as much as possible under Ai’s orders so they wouldn’t find out. Because of this HARUKA AVOIDS NATSUKI 24/7 AND HE HAS SOME TRUST ISSUES AND HAS A MENTAL BREAKDOWN. EVEN WORSE, AI STARTS GETTING ALL RABURABU WITH HER AND NATSUKI SPOTS THEM. One day she comes over to their place when she spots Natsuki talking to the teddy bear, as if he was talking to Satsuki, and Haruka justs…….stands there and listen. (WTF GIRL. GO AND COMFORT HIM DAMMIT) 

snap022However this gets even worse as Natsuki sees her and runs off. Haruka wants to chase after him, and AI STOPS HER. (WTF NO AI GET OUT OF THIS) She then manages to go and find Natsuki, and after telling her about how much he wanted to be stronger, she goes home and composes music for him. Their relationship starts going up and down where sometimes he’s happy and sometimes he isn’t. He then performs Southern Cross Waltz one day and he starts talking about how he shouldn’t have been an idol, and should go back to playing classical music. Things take a turn for the worse when everyone starts debuting before them, and even Syo gets to star regularly in a TV show. Natsuki then says that he’s going to be in a music program and disappears for a week. Ai also finds out that Natsuki was going to participate in a music competition and when Natsuki says that he needs some help. Ai says that he can play the violin but ends up playing “Satsuki”, Natsuki’s most precious song. Natsuki runs off again and Haruka chases after him, and he says that he wants to believe that she isn’t in love with Ai, and says how precious that song was to him. After all that angst and whatever, Natsuki wins the music competition and he makes up with Haruka since Ai disappeared to let him debut cuz Saotome wanted to put the project on hold. (WELL YOU DONT NEED AI DEFINITELY MAN) Soon Natuski enters an audition for something and wins it, and Saotome allows him to debut and have a concert. Natsuki’s so happy they make out inside her room(ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\)  and that’s all to it. Really I don’t even know what the hell’s actually going on in this game anymore, since I was raging all the way and getting angry over Ai cockblocking every 1000000 times. I dont really know where’s Broccoli taking this game anymore, really. It was like all cute until July, and I don’t really anymore, really.

Kurusu Syo

snap040*SOBS* SYO WHY THE HELL DID THEY MAKE HIM SUFFER LIKE THAT IT WAS SO AWFUL. Although I wouldn’t say that his route was bad, but it’s still okay like Otoya’s. Well I felt that if I play this first I would have had a better impression of Ai, but whatever now. Again they have to convince a NOT PLEASED AI to train them so they get Haruka to compose the unit song to please him. Well at the same time Syo goes to the park one in while to sing to the people there, and that makes him extremely happy. Well soon Ai teaches them and he helps Haruka a lot with her composing of music but one day a woman named Seira comes by and says that she sucks. (okay what? I am extremely confused.) This gets Haruka really demoralised and Syo goes over to her room to play “Oto no Prince-sama” together with her lol. So it gets really cute here where they sit together on the couch, which cheers up Haruka and makes her feel much better わあい\(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/わあいっSuddenly one day AI’S CIRCUIT BREAKS AND HE STARTS GOING “WHAT IS LOVE” AND THEY START PANICKING. However once they found out that Ai was a robot they’re pretty much like “OK HE’S A ROBOT” instead of that mad panic over the fact that he’s a robot in Natsuki’s route. Well so the creator of Ai tells them to pretend that they don’t know that they know about him being a robot, and tells them TO TEACH HIM LOVE. Cute. (*^▽^*) Well Ai continues being the usual douche he is as he kicks all the princes out of their room when he finds them in the room celebrating Natsuki & Syo’s birthday. The shit slowly goes down when Ai doesn’t want to teach him since he has the lower chance of debuting anyway.

snap042Welp whatever life goes on so they’re given a pirate musical to audition in and Ai keeps telling Syo that he’ll never make the audition and tells him to give up. Syo then works extremely hard, and somehow makes it and they plan on singing their unit song there. However he keeps getting called back by the director since he isn’t good. Haruka also makes the BGMs for this musical and finds out that Syo’s script is being cut down and he isn’t really feeling very good about it. The first round of the musical Syo makes a lot of misses and the other two the cover for him and Ai goes haywire again and he gets super freaked out that those 3 found out about his secret. Ai keeps going like “why did you accept me as your senpai im a robot” and they says that they need him to debut. Well the 3 end up being put in the “people who know his secret” list and Ai decides to seriously teach them. The biggest shit goes down when SOME RANDOM GIRL STEALS HARUKA’S SONG AND SHE’S FUCKING BLAMED FOR IT. Well she and Syo end up being terminated for 1 month so that Saotome can cover for them. Well they end up going to AN ISLAND ALL BY THEMSELVES WITHOUT ANY CONTACT to compose their song. Well this part is really set up pretty well where they’re like ALONE WITH THE 2 OF THEM ONLY.ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイ Also they do have power and food there so obviously they’re not going on some kind of survival camp. However Syo goes into panic mode when he receives a message from Kaoru saying that his mom fell ill. Haruka tries to calm him down as much as possible

snap043Syo ends up sending an “SOS” using firecrackers and they braved a storm just to get Saotome’s attention. Saotome contacts them and says that they have a communication system in the house and they can contact people like that. We soon find out that the Syo’s mom just got some light sickness/injury and all’s fine. The raburabu continues as they hang out at the beach from time to time when they compose music. They also go swimming once in a while and go around the island to have fun as he gives her a flower for her hair. ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ Well the sadness comes in when they return from their island paradise due to the fact that Syo hasn’t debuted. Natsuki’s debuting and Ai starts saying how Syo should work together with Natsuki for a duet song so that he can debut faster but yeah Syo’s like “I’LL MAKE MY OWN PATH SO HELL NO”. Shit keeps going down when Otoya who went on an audition together with Syo wins the audition and gets to debut when Syo’s just super upset there. Even worse, a few days later Ai says that Syo missed his chance to debut cuz the offer for Natsuki’s duet song has been cancelled so he doesn’t have any chance of debuting any longer.She then finds him inside his room in a slump over the fact that he can’t debut and tells her that she shouldn’t care about him anymore since he’s pretty much useless.

snap045He continues looking for auditions to enter but he can’t do anything so he’s pretty much in a slump. (I really cant blame him really poor guy) Natsuki & Haruka try to convince him, but still to no avail when he’s suddenly handed a bunch of fan letters. Well the AMAZING THING IS THAT HE GETS ALL BETTER AFTER READING THOSE FAN LETTERS. I’m not shocked all anything but yeah Syo realises that the reason why he became an idol wasn’t to become a top star or anything and he just wanted to make people happy thats all. He goes and finds Haruka who is in the midst of despair & crying as the poor girl can’t seem to do anything about her song at all. They end up comforting each other and working hard towards Syo’s debut. Ai even gives them the brothers emblem to cheer them up and get them to work harder as well. In the Love End, Syo’s given an offer for the movie where he’s required to enter a certain audition and win it. He takes the request, goes to the audition and sings his debut song. Soon he gets the movie as well as his debut so he’s super happy and they make out in his room. ヽ(▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ  He even gives Haruka a bracelet and they just make out on the couch when Haruka gets super embarrassed. He then takes Haruka to the rooftop to see the sunset, and he says that it’s all thanks to her that he could do all of this. Syo then says that he’ll continue to work hard, and they kiss there. Well I must say that Syo’s route was rather okay in a way so I feel pretty good about this route. However I must say that Ai was nicer in this route compared to Natsuki SO I DONT KNOW WHETHER SHOULD I EVEN HATE THAT ROBOT OR NOT SERIOUSLY. Well I don’t exactly care much about the senpais right now cept for Reiji & Ranmaru so that’s pretty much it for now.

Jinguji Ren

snap033After so many frustrating routes this was one of the most frustrating ones compared to all the rest. I had nearly lost my patience with the game until the ending of the route. As per usual Ren’s pretty sexy everyday and he’s pretty much still a little irresponsible. He takes her out for date, but then HE SUDDENLY SAYS THAT HE WANTS TO GO BACK TO EACH OTHERS’ FIRST LOVE. This causes them to start making an exchange diary where someone writes something inside it, and passes it back to the other to read. I was pretty cool with that first love thing for a while since everything felt pretty okay except when Ranmaru appeared. He immediately tells Haruka to fuck off and that he won’t sing with anyone. (okay you can slap him for this i dont really care lol) He has grudges against Masato & Ren ever since his family became bankrupt. Apparently Ranmaru was the heir to the Kurosaki cooperation but his fam became bankrupt cuz of the Hijirikawa & Jinguji fams. Ranmaru keeps telling Haruka that she sucks so Ren says that they’re going to make a rock song that will impress him. Well the whole “starts over from first love thing” starts sinking in HARD since Ren starts blushing like a tomato when he lets Haruka into his room WTF. GUYS REALLY SMACK OUT OF THIS ITS WEIRD. Haruka soon completes the song and lets Ranamru here it but he immediately says that it sucks and she runs off crying. Ren then goes and finds her and he comforts her by rolling in the flowers together and having fun.  ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ However Ranmaru doesnt accept Ren at all and Ren decides to prove it to him by passing all his auditions. Well Ranmaru still doesn’t want to and he tells Ren that he only participated in the auditions he knew he could win and he ain’t challenging himself. щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

snap035Ren’s pretty much “OKAY SURE I’LL SHOW YOU THEN” and he says that in the next movie he’s starring in he ain’t going to use a stuntman for the scenes, and hes’ going to do it himself. He then trains super hard and succeeds in doing so. Ren also continues practicing to sing the song, BUT WHEN RANMARU HEARS IT HE’S LOL THIS AINT ROCK MAN AND SINGS IT TO SHOW REN. Ren continues to take in this shit for a while but soon he gets super angry and yells back at Ranmaru that he’s trying his best to do things. Well Ranmaru soon gets his own rock program and he’s pretty mad that he had to add Masato & Ren as helpers. Well the 3 go on a rock cooking program where they go crazy there lol. He soon accepts the song and gives them the brother emblems. Well after all the Ranmaru craziness and Ren goes to Haruka’s room to have some raburabu time and have fun but he doesn’t kiss her since “THEY’RE FIRST LOVERS” щ(ಥДಥщ) He then takes her out to go and dance salsa to relieve the viewers ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ HOWEVER THE SHIT GOES DOWN WHEN REN STARS IN A MOVIE WITH THE WOMAN WHO CALLED HARUKA SHIT IN SYO’S ROUTE. Even worse, SEIRA IS REN’S EX. (BYEEE IM SO FED UP NOW) Ranmaru then gives Haruka some advice that Seira is the “Queen of Scandals” she should be careful for her. She then finds out that Ren didn’t exactly get the role for the movie using his skill, and its cuz she asked him to star in it. The best part was that Seira doing the lead female part & and Ren’s doing the lead male and theres a love scene. Also the worse part is that Haruka also finds out that she FALLS IN LOVE WITH THE PEOPLE SHE ACTS WITH. Haruka gets depressed since she’s scared that that woman would steal Ren away from her.

snap038Ren hates her a lot as well as he tries to get away from her as much as possible but Seira’s like “Fall in love with me~” and forces him to go out with her and go shopping with her. Even worse, SEIRA SPENDS THE NIGHT WITH THE GUY THAT FUCKING CLINGY BEITCH. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ The woman even tells Haruka that she’s stealing Ren away for the fun of it. She even catches them once while they were having date and this depresses Haruka even further. Well she than crashes into Ren in the hallway and he tries to explain to her what’s going on but she doesn’t say anything, and he tells her that he only loves her now and his relationship with Seira was in the past. He then comes over to her place the next day and aplogises for not taking her feelings into consideration when he was hanging out with Seira. (I was pretty much raging at my PSP screaming DAFAQ JUST TREAT YOUR RELATIONSHIP SERIOUSLY ALREADY) THEY DID SO MANY THINGS IN THE PREVIOUS GAMES ALREADY DAMMIT. Welp the shit continues and suddenly one day Ranmaru pops up in front of her face giving Haruka advice. Well the just continues to move on as Ren continues to be taken away by Seira with and then him comforting her. Ren then suggests RESETTING THEIR RELATIONSHIP AGAIN and they go back to where thye first met. Ren then gives Haruka a ticket for his live and when she went there, he performs his debut song for her. In the Love End, they make out backstage before the live starts ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/  and Seira comes by saying that she’s lost. They go and watch Ren’s movie and Haruka says that she’s kinda jealous. GAIZ. YOU FRICK FRACKED IN THE PREVIOUS GAMES. Well they just go back to Haruka’s room and sleep together for the night. What the hell did they just do to my baby I am very serious I don’t even know whats going on anymore.

Hijirikawa Masato

snap009I finished Masato’s route in a day, and it was quite a relief to me after finishing Ren’s one. (CAUTION: A LOT OF RANDOM TEARS OVER BIAS) Well idk what the hell happened here cuz Ranmaru went CRAZY and he was pretty much raging at almost EVERYTHING they did, but yeah he actually had good advice for them. However he’s pretty much woman-hating all the time. The beginning of the route was pretty much them blushing like tomatoes and playing the piano together. Well Ranmaru doesn’t want to sing Haruka’s song at all and Haruka says that she’ll work as hard as possible for him to accept her. Masato even works hard as well to get Ranmaru’s approval. He works with Ranmaru to play the piano for him and he works so hard that he injured his fingers doing so. However he continues to work do hard that Ranmaru tells Haruka to hurry up and bring him to the hospital. So one day he wanted to see Haruka and runs over to her place in the rain, drenched. Haruka lets him in, and he takes off his shirt. WOAH WOAH THEY EVEN SET UP THE SCENE WOAH. Well they don’t do much and Haruka gives him a jacket to wear as they cuddle on the couch and kiss there, since Masato’s pretty much just wanting to see her. Well sadly one day Masato starts going like “I must tell Kurosaki-senpai the truth” and tells him that he & Haruka are dating. Ranmaru’s pretty much like “I’m not gonna sing with you anymore” and tells them to break up or he wont sing with them.

snap011Ranmaru even asks him to succeed in some drama audition with Ren so we get this kinda BL scene of some friendship thing. However Ranmaru still doesnt accept that and Masato tells him he wants to protect both his love & his idol career. Hearing that Ranmaru isn’t that convinced but the 2 continue to beg him to sing with him. Soon he agrees and he lets them one of his lives, and they perform their debut song there. Soon they get their brother emblems and Haruka starts on his debut song. He also takes her out on a date to a festival, where they go and play games and get food. Masato even buys a mask to disguise himself if anyone sees him. Well Haruka gets some candy to eat, and some chocolate gets on her face and MASATO LICKS IT OFF HER. ィェィ♪(v〃∇〃)ハ(〃∇〃v)ィェィ♪  (OMG FINALLY SOME OTOME GAMES SCENE DAMMIT ITS CUTE) Well obviously Broccoli wants the princes to suffer so they decide to add in some FAMILY DRAMA. Masato soon finds out that his dad fainted so he might have to take over the family business and leaves for ages. Ren then takes her to some business party where they meet Masato there and practically Haruka does nothing but watch them as Ren tries to convince him. (i mean she did try to talk to him but apparently he didnt hear her lol) Masato then tells him that he has to protect his family as well so he has to take on the family business.

snap014Well soon his dad wakes up and Masato realises that if he wants to make his dream come true he has to cut all ties with his family. He actually had a job up for him but he got kicked out of the job and he has no way of debuting now. Saotome then tells him that the only way for him to debut now is to throw away everything, and solo debut instead. Masato then decides to fulfill his dream and tells Haruka that she should fulfill her dream herself. Well sadly while Masato disappears Ren comes by asking her that she should pair up with him if Masato seriously decides to Solo debut. During this whole period Haruka’s pretty upset so she spends most of his time playing the piano to comfort himself. She pretty much spends all this time getting upset, and trying to compose her song. She then finishes her debut song and Saotome tells her that she can CD debut, but Haruka decides to wait for Masato to come back to sing her song. Well she ends up getting holed up in some kind of room when one day, MASATO COMES AND FINDS HER!! He then appears in a tree saying that HE’S READY TO SING HER SONGS. He then calls her Juliet and says that he’s here to come and save her. He then gives this speech about how much he loves her, and gives her a ticket to one of his auditions, and asks her to go and see him sing. Well Haruka then goes and sees him sing and right after the live, Saotome apologises to them for being mean, and they immediately go to Haruka’s place to MAKE OUT. They then hug there, and they go to the bedroom to have their ichaicha time. ヽ(▽ `)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ Welp Masato’s route wasn’t as disappointing and he was one of the much better routes actually.

~Final Thoughts~

naked-gun-facepalm.gif.pagespeed.ce.h_irTWexRMLol this could be the worse fandisk of the year. They ruined most of the routes and I totally went on dummy mic rehab after Ren’s route gosh. Natsuki’s route was shit, and Tokiya’s was just like reading a non-fiction book ( ´_ゝ`) Well Idk what direction Broccoli was trying to go with this fandisks, especially with the senpais. For the senpais I liked it’s pretty much like Camus < Ai < Ranmaru < Reiji since 3/4 of their were douches. The CGs were kinda misplaced and they should have used the CG for their show as another Love CG, yeah? The worse part is the length of each chapter. I felt the chapters were seriously long, and my total playtime was 58 HOURS. IT PRACTICALLY MEANS 9 2/3HRS PER CHARACTER. It was soooo frustrating that the chapters were so long, especially Ren’s, with that annoying woman there. i really don’t even know what to say about this game, really. Route wise for the guys it’s pretty much Ren < Tokiya < Natsuki < Cecil < Masato < Syo < Otoya. YEP. OTOYAN’S ROUTE WAS THE BEST FOR ME. I just really don’t know what Broccoli’s trying to do in the end, like all the princes were suffering, and Haruka was basically a wall in this whole game. The music was good as usual, and I dunno why I ended up crying every 10 seconds at the last chapter of Masato’s route. Right now, I just seriously want a break with Utapri and move on to Arcana now, since I can’t do anything about Broccoli’s dumbness anyway. I will be trying their newly released stuff next year, for now I guess. Anyways I just managed to finish this before Masato’s birthday so \(^o^)/


1 thought on “Uta no Prince-sama Debut

  1. kyuuichii

    I’m agree with you, Debut is the worst~ My poor Tokiya~ He is changing 😦 Why you do this Brocolli~~ The good thing about his route only at very last before ending. When I read finding a key on ground school scene, I feel like “uwaaah… this is what I want” why they don’t give me this from the start. Many unnecessary dialogue and scene in this game… ugh…
    I like SS more, it’s much better than Debut. I’d regret to play this game. I should skip this and play All Star instead. I like the senpai’s more in All Star.


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