BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Gullian Guinor

At last, I’m finally reaching the end of Bloody Nightmare. Gullian’s route is only unlocked if you clear both ends for Rath, but he’s actually worthwhile doing so!! Gullian’s very violent, in a way where he wants to kill all his enemies, but he’s actually a ball of cute!! He’s pretty much like a kid every time, but his childishness actually makes him cute. Okay lets leave it at that and get on with the review, shall we?

For more details on the main plot, you can refer to Mejojo and Rath’s posts. Gullian’s choices only starts from the part where Arles asks Fiona to marry someone, so I’ll start from there.

Arles asks Fiona to choose who she wants to marry, and Fiona picks Gullian. Gullian asks if she’s serious, but he then adds, “Anyway, I’m cool, so it can’t be helped if you fell in love with me.” He then wonders if Fiona wants to be bitten by him, and laughs while saying that he’s going to train Fiona by giving her a lot of pain. Gullian then asks if Fiona could die, and Arles tells him “No” coldly. Gullian ends up sulking, complaining that it’s boring. He then tells Fiona that if she dies & turns into a corpse, he’ll just eat her up. Gullian says all these mean things to scarily, but he doesn’t even care about the marriage, even if it was sudden. Fiona believes that Gullian is a scary person, but he was so different when he was fighting Nesso, and wen he was talking to Arles. She never seen a person like Gullian, so she wants to know about him.

However, Nesso & Zara are against this, so Arles tells them they can do whatever they want now. He orders Gullian to take care of Fiona, and before Nesso & Zara can catch her back, Gullian transforms into his wolf form, and rushes out of the castle. With that, Arles transforms into his wolf form as well, and leads the entire pack outta Zanan. Gullian starts screaming, and Fiona scared that she might fall off him. He pulls his hair a little, which results in him screaming at her saying that she’s pulling his fur too tightly. She apologises, and says that she might really fall off if she doesn’t grab on to him. This annoys Gullian a little, but he runs off without silently. Arles growls loudly, leading all the wolves out, and Gullian laughs, saying that Fiona’s family deserves it. If the wolves don’t come back they’ll just have to relocate until they give up.

Fiona is shocked, and turns back to see the castle entrance, and realises that she ain’t gonna see her family again. She starts crying, and feels quite pathetic that she’s crying over her own decision. Her tears fall onto Gullian’s fur, and he asks if she was stupid. He also adds that if she was going to cry, she should have just stayed together with her family in the first place. She then argues back saying that she ain’t crying, and Gullian calls her an idiot, and she says that she is one. He tells her that he’ll kill her if her snot drops onto his fur, and Fiona ends up laughing over what he said. Gullian gets annoyed again, but he continues carrying her into the forest.

Fiona ends up living together with the wolves in a clearing, and they soon return back to Zanan, where Fiona is given a room to stay in. She soon recovers from her sadness of losing her family, and starts on giving blood to the wolves. Arles tells her that she needs either him, Rath or Gullian to follow her when she’s giving her blood, so that the other wolves won’t go out of control. One day, she decides to give her blood to the wolves, and decides to look for Gullian to help her.

Gullian & Rath were very cooperative, and when one was inside the castle, the other would be outside patrolling. She looks around the hall for him in his usual spot, as he would usually be at the castle at this hour. However, he wasn’t there, and Fiona remembers that he occupies a spot in Arles’ study, She went there to check, but Gullian wasn’t there either. Coming out of the study, she then sees Gullian in the hall. He asks if she has business with him, and she says that she wants to give the blood to the others. Fiona then asks him why he was outside earlier, and he just says that he doesn’t know when the cats would attack, so they need to be on their guard. She smiles and nods at Gullian.

She knows that even though the wolves stopped attacking towns & villages, the wolf hunting wouldn’t stop. Therefore, the wolves had to be prepared for attacks anytime. However, this fact makes her upset a little, as there was really nothing much she could do. Fiona sighs, and Gullian tells her not to get depressed right after stopping him. She apologises, and Gullian puts his hand on her head, and starts ruffling her hair. However, he used too much strength, and it ended up becoming more painful. Gullian then smiles and asks her not to worry, as he’ll kill every single enemy which comes too close to Zanan. Fiona tells him that he should choose carefully who he should kill, and not kill everyone who comes near the castle, since he almost killed her once.

Fiona tells him to remember what he did and not do anymore dangerous things like that, as he really gave them a hard time back then. Gullian starts laughing, and says that it’s pretty normal for him to be like that. Fiona then pretty much understands that Gullian goes out for these patrols on his own accord, but she still thinks that what he’s doing in pretty dangerous. Gullian then changes the subject by asking whether Fiona’s going to give her blood to the others wolves today. She nods, and tells him that some of the wolves haven’t gotten her blood, and their condition might deteriorate if they don’t act fast. Gullian then says that it’s decided. Fiona’s like “decided what?” and he’s like “well you’re gonna give you blood to me haha.” O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪

Fiona’s surprised by this, and says that Gullian looks as fine as Arles, and he ain’t suffering from any Zodiva. He then says, “You’re wrong! I’m suffering reaallllly badly from Zodiva, so I need to be cured!!” (look at that cutie lie so much ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ) Fiona wants to protest right now, since she knew that it was definitely a lie. She asks him if it’s really true, and he replies saying that it’s definitely true. Gullian asks if Fiona doesn’t believe him, and he then complains how he needs compensation. By compensation, he means to either pat him & give him loads of praise, or let him suck her blood. Fiona thinks he’s extremely cute, as if he was like a dog. She then asks Gullian if he just wants to try out her blood, and he just answers that it should be okay.

He then adds that it’s not like that he’s going to take all of her blood, and He then starts whining and asking her to let him him drink her blood. Fiona ends up turning red, and looks away from him. Gullian’s so cute in her eyes, since this only happens when he’s pleading Arles for something, and Fiona then says that he can drink a little, since the rest of it needs to be saved up for the others. He agrees happily, but Fiona finds this whole thing extremely suspicious. It really was. Gullian then says that they should go somewhere, and Fiona asks where they were going, and he merely replies with a “Your room.” ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪ This surprises Fiona again, since most of the time she would do it in the corridor by cutting fingers, since if the wolves bit on her they might go outta control.

However, now, Gullian was happily pulling her towards her room. She wasn’t worried about whether they were doing it in her room, but instead wondered why Gullian was so excited about doing it in her room. Her room was originally decaying & dirty before she was using, but it was cleaned up by Rath & Gullian, plus the furniture was brought in by Arles. They reach her room, and Gullian tells her to sit on the bed. She immediately follows his order, and he continues by sitting in front of her, on the bed as well. His eyes were shining earlier, and they were shining even more now. He then says that he’s going to suck her blood now, and she holds her hand out to left him drink it.

However, instead of drinking from her hand, he pulls her arm & pushes he down onto the bed. This shocks Fiona even more, and he asks what he was doing. He then breathes on her ear, which sends chills running down her spine. ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ This was getting a bit too way out of hand for a joke. Fiona complains and says his name, but Gullian tells her that she was the one who allowed him to take his blood. She then says that she said that, but she didn’t know that they were doing such things. Gullian whispers that it ain’t different in her ear, and Fiona continues struggling under his grip. He then whispers in her ear, “Let me just taste you.” This makes Fiona shiver even more,

Gullian then thrusts her face into her neck, and Fiona realises what he wanted to do. She then starts panicking, and struggles while telling him to stop. Gullian then tells her not to move, or he might accidentally rip her off. Fiona stops resisting, and just prepares herself for the pain. Gullian tongue just trails around her neck, as if he was looking for the best place to bite her. Fiona starts moaning & making erotic noises, he then tells her, “Don’t make so much cute noises, I won’t hurt you that much.” ヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ She can feel the sharp teeth piercing her skin, and she cringes, while screaming “Baka Gullian!!” in her brain. She’s angry cuz he said that it wouldn’t hurt that much, but it really did hurt. A lot.

She hears Gullian licking the blood coming outta her neck beside her, and he starts saying how good her blood is. This annoys Fiona more since she’s suffering, and yet Gullian’s busy enjoying himself. She then slides her hand at the back of his head, and starts pulling his hair with all her might. He starts screaming in pain, and Fiona tells him that it hurts. However, Gullian just continues sucking her blood, and Fiona soon gives up, since struggling didn’t really help anyway, and it just made her look more stupid. She sighs, and lets him do whatever he wants.

After a while of sucking, Fiona wonders how weird the situation was right now. Gullian was hugging her very tightly, and his face was still buried in her neck. However, there wasn’t any pain, as he wasn’t poking at the wound, or hurting it anymore. He was just putting his lips on the wound. They were lying down together quietly, so Fiona says his name to break the silence. He then gives her a “Huh~” very tiredly, and she wonders if he was sleepy since he was full, and trying to hold back calling him a kid. Fiona then asks what he was doing, and Gullian says that he was thinking about things. She asks him to let go, but he says that he doesn’t want to, since there’s no problems doing so. Fiona complains that there are loads of problem with their current position, and he says there’s nothing wrong.

She then twists her arms and gets out of Gullian’s grip. He doesn’t resist though, and just lets go unwillingly. Maybe it was because he has taken enough of her blood, and they end up staring at each other for quite a while. Fiona is about to ask what he wanted to do, and he lies down & puts his head on her lap. She sighs, and relaxes her elbows on her side, and she realises that they don’t even affect Gullian when her elbows accidentally hit him. He was definitely thinking about something very seriously. Fiona figures that calling him would be a much better idea, and she asks what he was thinking about. Gullian then says that he was thinking of a way for him to have her all to himself.

Fiona stares at Gullian, and he says that she was really tasty. He doesn’t want her to share her with anyone else. Fiona can’t believe that Gullian was thinking of such an absurd thing, but Gullian was clinging onto her tightly, like a little kid. Fiona frowns and asks him why she was staying there together with them, and he says that it’s to cure everyone here of Zodiva. She then nods, telling him that she needs to give her blood to everyone. However, Gullian repeats that he wants her for himself. She says no, and he asks if having another Lobeira in the pack would solve the problem. If the had another Lobeira, that Lobeira could share her blood with all the others, and he could keep her to himself. Fiona then says that he’s not infected by Zodiva, so he doesn’t need her.

Gullian 2However, Gullian’s like “NO I REAALLLLY NEEED YOU.” He then continues to complain, and pushes his head into her lap. Fiona thought that this felt like dealing with a child, or even a pet. She sighs, and touches his head, which causes Gullian to smile. Fiona sighs again, and says that Gullian can do whatever he likes. However, the bite mark by Gullian was soon found by Arles and he scolded Gullian harshly for that.

However, the peaceful days in Zanan didn’t last long, and one day, the wolves who went out to patrol never came back. All the wolves in the castle were extremely worried, and Rath decides to go outside to check out what was going on. After a while, he soon comes back, with some bad news: the royal army was going to launch a full-scale attack on Zanan, with Mejojo & Auger leading the group. Arles then concludes that Fiona has to leave Zanan, and entrusts her with the mission of telling the others about the truth of the wolves. She then goes back to her room to back her things. She hears a knock on the door, and believes that it is Gullian.

She asks if it was, and Gullian bust in and says that he’ll give her a hug for guessing correctly. Fiona asks him if anything was wrong, since the wolves were supposed to be preparing for the upcoming battle. He looks away, and says that it’ll be fine, Fiona’s pretty much sure that he sneaked out to come meet her. In the pack, Gullian was the most violent, and what he said was really scary, but, she was glad that he was an ally of theirs. She wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with Gullian before she met him, but she’s glad she did. Fiona also learnt that he was the head of a special attack squad, so she was wondering why Gullian wasn’t preparing for battle.

She then wonders that she should call Arles, but Gullian says no immediately. This pretty much confirms her suspicion of Gullian sneaking out. He then that she could put it as he sneaked out, but he wants her to let it slide for now, since he wants to tell her something. However, before she could ask what he wanted to say, he immediately bites her. It wasn’t as strong compared to the time where he was sucking blood from her, but he was chewing on her neck a little. Fiona’s surprised, and asks what he was doing. He was so unpredictable, that Fiona couldn’t keep up with him anymore.

After a while of biting, Fiona asks him what he was trying to do by biting. Gullian then says that he was making a marking on her, which is the proof that she was now his property. She then complains asking since when she became his property, and he just replies with, “I just made a marking on you, so you’re mine now.” He didn’t care about what she said anyway. Fiona sighs, and asks him if this was what he wanted to talk about, and Gullian says that it isn’t, since it’s biting. He wanted to talk about something else. Fiona asks him 1 more time about what eh wanted to talk about, and Gullian starts hesitating. He then starts mumbling, and then mutters, “This is kinda….embarrassing…..”

Fiona wants to open her mouth to say something, but Gullian tells her to shut up and listen. After a while, he says, “After we beat up Auger & Mejojo….I’ll come and pick you up….” She’s pretty surprised by this, and Gullian just says that once they’ve cleared all the problems over here, he’ll come pick her up. Although he was saying it really awkwardly, Fiona’s really happy. Gullian asks her to say something, and Fiona tells him that she’s really happy. He starts sulking a little, but Fiona knows that he’s just hiding his embarrassment. Gullian then tells Fiona not to be eaten by anyone else. After everything finished, she was going to be exclusively his.

Gullian 3Fiona doesn’t really mind the fact where he was treating her like food, since Gullian looked extremely happy. Fiona then asks if it was okay if Gullian continued staying here, but Gullian says that everything will be okay as long Arles’ is over there. He’s busy marking her right now. Fiona thought that he had already finished biting her, but Gullian says that he’s leaving his scent on her. (*´▽`*) プッ He ends up sticking onto her until someone comes by, telling them that all the preparations were done.

Before Fiona leaves, the wolves give her some new clothes to change into before leaving Zanan, and they soon part ways, with 10 wolves who haven’t recovered from Zodiva yet. Her mission was the spread the truth about the wolves. The wolves soon takes her to a cave, where they live their lives hunting for their own food, and surviving. Fiona had used her blood to cure the wolves who came with her, and since she was weak, she used most of her time taking care of the kids & weaving. She soon loses track of time, waiting for Arles, Rath & Gullian to come back.

One day, Fiona decides to go shopping, as they were running out of certain supplies. They had to visit a village every now & then to get some things they couldn’t get in the forest. She leaves the cave to go and buy supplies, when she hears some rustling in the bushes. This scares Fiona, as it could be a human lost in the forest. If it was one of the wolves, or even a wild animal, its would be okay, but it was a human, it would definitely be bad. She starts panicking, as if there was a human lost deep in the forest, they would find out about the secret settlement the wolves had made here, and a wolf hunt might start again. She panics even harder when the sound comes closer, and to her surprise, it was someone who didn’t expect to see.

She stares at him in disbelief, and he stares at her in shock as well. It was the person Fiona didn’t think that she would see again – Gullian. She calls his name in shock, and Gullian asks why she was here. He then complains about how he wanted a more touching reunion. Because of this line, Fiona knew that it wasn’t a dream, as Gullian was the only person who could say such dumb things like this. However, she didn’t understand what Gullian meant by a “more touching” reunion. She had believed that he was dead, and seeing him alive had already made her happy. She sobs a little, and her warm tears just fall out of her eyes. Gullian’s a little surprised to see this, and he asks if she’s happy seeing him back.

Fiona is shocked by this. Didn’t he know how much time has passed since she left Zanan? There were so many rumours saying that all the wolves in Zanan were killed, wouldn’t see be worried? Gullian hears this and says he’s totally fine, which result in Fiona shouting at him, saying that if he was healthy, that he should have come earlier! He then admits that he wasn’t that healthy back then, and he was wounded very heavily, that he couldn’t move. She asks him if he’s okay, and he says that he recovered, that’s why he came to pick her up. Fiona is extremely happy and she couldn’t hold herself back anymore, and she hugs Gullian tightly. Gullian comments that she’s rather passionate, and Fiona tells him its fine.

Gullian 6Gullian was teasing her, but he hugs her back as well. This let Fiona know now – this was really Gullian. While waiting for him to return, Fiona would check bushes that rustled if she saw any, and most of the time when he returned was just one of her dreams. The time that she was waiting for was just here. She tells her that she’s really happy that he’s back, and he nods saying that he came back to pick her up. She tells him that she’s really happy again, and Gullian kisses her on the lips. As they hug each other, they share their first kiss at this reunion.

Fiona then takes Gullian around the settlement they were living in, and says that now their sleeping inside the came. He comments that they’re living pretty much like how they were when they were in Zanan, as they only moved from a castle to a cave. Fiona then points out that their lifestyles are like humans now, but he doesn’t care about that anyway. After walking around the settlement, Fiona gathers the courage to ask Gullian the thing that has been weighing on her mind now – about Arles & the twins. Gullian bluntly tells her that Arles died. He managed to kill Mejojo, but not Auger. Auger had escaped, but Fiona had not heard anything about the damage the cats got. Auger must have been hiding the fact about what happened to his brother. He couldn’t tell the people in the country that his brother organised a wolf hunt, and got killed by a wolf.

Fiona wonders if Arles managed to get his revenge, as he died killing the person who killed his fiancee, and if he was satisfied with this. She then asks about Rath, and Gullian says that he’s heading here as well. Fiona smiles upon hearing this, and Gullian complains, asking if she was THAT happy to see Rath. He wasn’t very happy about Fiona getting happy over the fact Rath was alive, and Fiona really thinks he such a kid. However….. weren’t their destinations the same? Why didn’t they come together then? Gullian asks Fiona if she wanted to know the reason why he came first, and he shouts, “To kidnap you, of course!” He then grabs her, and flings her over his shoulder. She panics and asks him to let go, and he’s like “No way pyon~” ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/

Gullian then tells her that most of the wolves have already been cured of Zodiva, so there’s actually no need for her to be there anymore, so there’s no problems. Fiona complains that she has problems. A LOT OF THEM. Gullian asks her what problems she has, but cuts her off saying that time’s up. If she couldn’t tell him her problems right away, that means that they weren’t that important. Fiona screams as he continues to carry her away, making a big commotion as everyone looks at them. Fiona really understand what Gullian wants to do anyway, and suddenly, Gullian shouts out to get everyone’s attention. He explains that Rath will come soon and take care of them, so they don’t have to worry if he takes Fiona away.

He then asks if Fiona feels relieved, and says that she feels relieved about leaving everything in Rath’s hands, but she ain’t relieved about herself. Gullian laughs, and says that they’re going on a journey, and find lots of discoveries. Fiona asks him if Arles told him to do this, and he embarrassing laughs. Gullian’s world was small, so Arles wanted him to see the world. He also knows that Arles wants him to pass down the truth of the wolves as well. Even though he was dead, Gullian & Fiona were still alive. Therefore, they had to let others know the truth. From this, Fiona understood why they were going on a journey now, but she asks why it’s her.

Gullian 8“Because you’re exclusive to me.” Gullian says. She complains and tried to sound angry, but her lips were already curling into a smile. She knows that it’s going to be a hard time with Gullian around, but Fiona knows that this journey would be fun. They were going to see the world together, and at the same time, telling others the truth of the wolves. She then asks Gullian where they were going first, since there was still wolf hunting on Weblin. Gullian says that he doesn’t know, but he wants to go to a place where he could keep her to himself. In order to spread the truth about the wolves, the 2 of them left together on a journey.

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After a while of walking together with the wolves, one of them stops, and Fiona asks if anything was wrong. The wolf shakes it head and lie under one of the trees, and Fiona realises that they need to rest. The group didn’t have much stamina since Fiona was there, and the wolves weren’t fully recovered yet. If didn’t get enough rest, they could collapse along the way. She thanks the wolf, and she sits down & leans against a tree. Surprisingly, the wolves couldn’t speak, and yet they pretty much understand each other very well. She never noticed that she was so tired, and she’s glad the wolves had asked her to rest, as she was really tired. If she hadn’t rested, she could have collapsed midway through.

Fiona then hears the sound of water, and wonders if there was a river nearby. She asks the wolf beside her if she could check it out, and it just lets out a low growl, as if he didn’t approve of her going alone. Fiona tries to assure him by telling him that river is nearby, and the wolf sniffs the area for any presences. There wasn’t any, and the wolf allows her to go. She thanks him, and moves her way through the bushes. Indeed, there was a river at the end of the path. The water was extremely clear, so she was pretty sure that she could drink it. Putting her hand in the water, Fiona’s surprised by how cold it was. Scooping the water and sipping it a little, she knows that the water is safe, and decides to tell the rest of the wolves there about it. However, she suddenly hears the sound of the bushes rustling.

Fiona wonders if the wolf also came by to the spring, and but to her horror, it was the person she had just left – Gullian. His body was covered in blood, and he was walking extremely slowly towards her. Fiona starts asking what happened, and how did he get all those injuries, and if everyone was safe. Gullian says weakly that they were completely defeated, and it’s really uncool that he’s saying like that. When she asks about Arles & Rath, he just says that they’re probably dead. He leans against Fiona as he curses, and Fiona somehow manages to catch him. His blood is soaking into her dress, but she doesn’t care about it, and just puts his head on her lap. Fiona tells him that she’ll get someone to come over, since she still had some of Zara’s medicines with her, and they were very effective.

Fiona wanted to get up up & call the wolves, but she couldn’t, as Gullian had used all his streangth to bite at her neck. It was painful, as the blood slowly gushed out from her neck. She wanted to ask him why he did that…..but she couldn’t say anything. Gullian ends up falling back on her lap, followed by her as well. Their lips were almost touching, and Gullian was smiling as well. He tells her that she was exclusive to him, and he didn’t want her being someone else’s, and he would rather let her die than let that happen. Fiona then remembers….that Gullian really loved being pampered a lot. Laughing a little, she sees her blood mixing together with Gullian’s, and their temperatures were becoming the same.

Gullian 9Gullian asks if she was angry, but Fiona says she isn’t. She was getting sleepy, and she felt that her limbs were turning colder. Gullian notices this, and says that it’s okay as long Fiona isn’t angry. He then asks her to praise him one last time, and Fiona says that he’s a good boy. He laughs a little saying that dogs love praises and they’re happy when they receive them. Feeling sleepy, Fiona tells Gullian “Good night” in her mind, and Gullian softly says, “Good night……”

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Leaving Zanan, Fiona & the other wolves walk into the dark forest, and her mind was just….filled with Gullian. She believes that he’ll definitely come back and pick her up. She decided to endure the pain of waiting for Gullian come back. The wolves lead her into a cave, and she wonders if that was the place where they were going to temporarily stay. She asks the wolves if that was their destination, and they just answer with a growl. From this, Fiona guesses that this is probably their destination. It was a deep cave, and it would be a good shelter, and it was also deep in the forest of Zanan, so it wouldn’t be found by Mejojo. Fiona tells herself that she was going to be okay, removing all the doubts in her heart. It was going to be a little tough to live together with the wolves as a Lobeira, but once she had cured all the wolves here, living together wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Gullian would definitely come pick her up. She prayed for Gullian’s safety, and goes to sleep.

Several days later, the wolf who was sleeping with her started growling, and wakes up sleepily. Their beds were much more comfortable now thanks to the dried grass that she’s been picking up for the past few days, so it would be a little hard to wake up. Although she couldn’t see much in the darkness, she saw a shadow approaching them. It was standing on 2 feet, which caused Fiona to panic since if could be a human who discovered their cave, or even the royal army. However, it was only Gullian. But, he was covered in a lot of blood, and he greets her. Fiona gasps his name, and Gullian only just grins as he says that he’s come to pick her up.

Fiona wanted to treat his wounds immediately, but the thing he held in his hand was scary. She couldn’t say anything at all. She didn’t know what the thing in his hand was, but it looked like… arm. An arm of someone’s, with a sword in its grip. Fiona asks him hesitantly what was in his hand, and he plainly tells her that it’s Arles’ arm. He then says that Arles & Mejojo stabbed each other to death, and he doesn’t know where Rath went. He was assisting Arles until the end. Everyone there fell into silence, as Arles was dead. They didn’t even know which side won, and they couldn’t even stop the spreading of Zodiva, and nothing Weblin changed at all. Fiona doesn’t know what to do anymore, and just asks Gullian why he brought Arles’ arm back.

Gullian then explains that he wanted to bring Arles’ whole body back, but it was quite impossible for he himself. He could only bring Arles’ arm back, and tells everyone that the sword belonged to Arles. He just could let the royal army take away that sword of his. It was the symbol of Arles’ strength, the strength of the leader who has been protecting all the wolves up till now. that was the reason why they couldn’t let the enemy have this sword. Gullian shouts at all the wolves in the cave to listen to him, and this pretty much wakes up all the wolves inside the cave. He tells them that the person protecting them, Arles, is gone, and they have to survived without him now.

He asks everyone if they understood, but the wolves all just remained silent. They were all extremely upset over the fact that Arles was dead. This wasn’t just the death of a friend – it was the death of their leader. Fiona wonders what they were going to do now that Arles was dead, and everyone didn’t know how to move forward now. The cave was just filled with silence. It was Gullian who broke the silence. Everyone’s shocked when they hear Gullian punch the wall, and he yell at them, “Quit looking so glum!!! You think it’s the end just because Arles died?!! Don’t be stupid!! I’ll won’t let it end……because you guys are still alive!!”

Gullian then tells them they can still survive as long they still have Fiona to cure them of Zodiva, and even if they didn’t have Arles, he’ll just be Arles. He’s just take care of all of them. Fiona gasps as she sees Gullian hold up the arm, and tear off Arles’ flesh. He drinks Arles’ blood at the same time, and she sees the blood dripping out from his teeth. It should have been disgusting. Eating a friend’s flesh was supposed to be disgusting. However, it look like Gullian was performing a ritual by taking Arles’ flesh. It looked like Gullian was taking Arles blood & flesh, taking on the role of his successor.

Gullian 10Gullian looks back at them, and Fiona sees the bright light in his eyes. And at the same time, as it  was waiting for the right timing, Arles’ sword falls out of his arm, and Gullian immediately receives it. It looked liked Arles’ had accepted Gullian as the new leader, but she new it was probably because Gullian took some of the flesh, which loosened the grip of the arm. Gullian then announces that from this day forth, he’ll take care of everyone. If there was anyone with objections, they could step forward – and he’ll kill them. No one says a thing, as his aura was way too powerful. He then announces himself as the new leader of the wolves, and all the wolves howl together.

He then walks past all the wolves, and towards Fiona. Gullian then whispers that he’ll protect her too, so she doesn’t need to worry. Gullian shouts & repeats that he was going to protect all the wolves, and he asks Fiona if she was worried. Fiona has some doubts deep down, but she shakes her head, and says that she’ll be relying on him now. As their new king, he promises to protect them, and leans in towards Fiona while smiling. He kisses her, and she tastes the blood from his lips.  Gullian had received Fiona’s approval, and he shouted, “Once again, vow your loyalty to the new king of the wolves and his queen!!”

Gullian 11And that, was the start of a new history for the wolves.

flower divider

Well Gullian was seriously really cute in this one, really. I WANT HIM TO BE IN LAST HOPE WHHYYYY ISNT HE IN. Most of the time this guy keeps making lol and go fuwafuwa at the same time, but he’s still cute. And I thought he was a stuck kiddy boy who just wanted to lick Arles’ ass or something I was totally wrong about that, really. Well, I guess his good end does keep his personality there, but the true end was really scary to me though. But I really do see how he actually matures in the true end. Well the Bad end was scary as well, like he completely wanted to cling onto Fiona forever. Well Gullian is actually part of my favourites really, and I really like him despite that clingy personality of his. Well, on to my final conclusion then!!

flower divider

Overall, Black Wolves Saga ~Blood Nightmare~ was a very good game, in terms of plot. The plot is totally A+ to cuz well, who makes up such crazy drama man? However, the lack of romance wasn’t really cool with me, but from this game, I never expected much romance anyway. Despite the fact that it took me months to finish the first playthrough, I’m actually quite satisfied with this whole story cuz it has the quality. That’s the reason why I took the time to write all these detailed post for every guy. The art was extremely good though, I’m definitely playing Last Hope for romance, but sadly, we don’t have Julian nor Gullian in there sighs.

For the guys, Auger & Nesso are going into my “NAH” category, Mejojo, Zara, Julian & Arles are going into my “MEH” category, and Gullian & Rath in my “YEAH” category. Well whatever about that the conclusion is, if you like loads of craziness & drama, and a load of plot, this game is for you. However, you can’t take a lot of drama, then sadly, this game isn’t for you. However if you do want a more romantic one you can just check out last hope, really.

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