BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Arles V Felnoir

After Rath, I’m moving towards Arles. Arles is the leader of the wolves, and he’s the biggest among all of them, and he looks super fluffy!!! He’s also Rath’s older brother, but he lost contact with Rath because he became a knight in the castle. However, due to the Elvira-Mejojo incident, he felt the castle, and made a new cover name for himself.

If you do need the main plot, you can refer to Mejojo and Rath’s posts.

Mejojo takes Fiona out to a wolf hunt, where she sees Rath cornered by the the knights. She tries to stop them from attacking them, and jumps off the horse, but Auger stops her. Suddenly, arrows are fired at Rath, and he collapses to the floor, covered with injuries from the arrows. He calls out to his brother, and says that he has to kill. Mejojo takes an interest in Rath, and decides to capture him and take him back to the castle. Arles bit Fiona’s shoulder, Mejojo strangles her, and she ends up collapsing.

She falls into a dream, and she believes that she’s inside the forest. The lush trees around her are beautiful, but her thoughts are cut short by the rustling of a bush. She wonders what is hiding inside there, since having a animal inside a forest is pretty normal. She believes that she’s the wolf which appeared at the castle earlier- Arles. Fiona holds her breath and braces herself for the worse, as the rustling sound keeps coming closer to her. She wonders if she should hide, but she knows it’s useless. The wolves have a very good sense of smell, and if the thing inside the bush was indeed the silver wolf, he would be able to find her. However, if the thing inside the bushes wasn’t the silver wolf, wouldn’t it be a better idea to hide anyway?

Fiona then decides to hide herself within the bushes, but before she knew it, the silver wolf was right in front of her. Fiona feels a little awkward that she’s halfway through the bushes, as she looks really stupid. Her cheeks turn red, and the embarrassment of that was much more than the fear of getting attacked by the wolf. Arles only answers with a sneer, as if he was laughing at her. He asks if she was trying to hide from him, and Fiona says that it was definitely useless against him, adding that the method would have been better if it wasn’t him. Arles replies saying that it’s true, if she had been able to hide in time. It seemed like Arles was teasing her, but Fiona couldn’t answer back since she couldn’t even hide properly within the bushes.

She steps out of the bushes, while brushing off the leaves that were caught on her dress. Arles was a wolf, and they were known to be the ones causing Zodiva, destroying villages and harming the people in Weblin. She’s seen the result of the wolves attacks, but she still feels calm looking at Arles. She wonders if it’s because that Arles didn’t look as dangerous. He was teasing her, but it didn’t seem that he would be violent at all. Instead, it felt calm. Fiona hears some footsteps coming to closer to her, and realises that Arles has drawn closer to her. His nose is rubbing against her hip, and Fiona starts going dokidoki thanks to that. Arles was acting extremely friendly to her, and she wanted to pet him, like how she would pet Pearl & Richie. However, she’s worried that he might get angry at her for doing so, and wonders if he would allow her to do so.

Fiona then holds out her hand, and starts touching Arles’ fur. It’s a bit rougher than Pearl & Richie’s, but it’s probably because he’s older than the rest of the wolves. The surface of his fur was a little cold, but it was smooth, and it’s warmth had slowly spread to her. Fiona looks at Arles and prepares to stop if he shows any signs of discontent, but he just let her continue petting him. He lets out a soft growl, which lets Fiona know he’s actually enjoying it. It’s weird that he’s dropping his guard in front of her, and the fact that she feels calm and relaxed with him by her side was even stranger. As she continues stroking Arles, he raises his head, asking if her wound hurt. Fiona slowly touches her shoulder, and braces herself for some pain, but there wasn’t any.

This reminds her that she’s dreaming, and she had forgot about it after Mejojo had strangled her and she collapsed. Arles asks her if something was wrong, and Fiona only stares back at him annoyed, since he was the one who caused all this trouble by biting her. She then tells him that it was really mean of him to bite her, as he already knew that it would cause Mejojo to get angry. Arles says that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and chuckles when Fiona tells him that he’s playing dumb. He must have realised that she realised that this was a dream, and the Arles here was just the creation of her mind. Upon realising this, Fiona realises that she has to wake up soon.

Arles 3Arles asks if she was leaving, and she answers saying that Julian must be worried about her. However, she doesn’t feel good about ending their time together, but she knows that this dream was only only for comforting her. But……it felt so good touching Arles. Fiona knows that she has to go, as she needs to know what happened to the palace after the wolves’ attack, and she wants to know if his brother managed to escape safely. Arles replies with a snort, and he starts fading away. She feels the surroundings around her disappearing slowly, and the dream fades away. When she wakes up, the first thing she remembers is Arles asking her whether her shoulder hurt. It did now. She wonders why he was so curious about her, and wonders if she could meet him again.

She then sees Nesso & Zara beside her, together with Julian. They tell her that they plan on escaping the castle, and Julian says that they might be able to escape through the underground sewers through Julian. However, they get ambushed by Auger, and they managed to get out of there through Nesso’s skills. Fiona suddenly, gets fever, and they move to a mountain hut to rest. There, Zara reveals to the rest of the group on the secrets that the twins have been hiding about Zodiva. The group ends up going to Zanan, where Arles refuses the proposal of cooperation to cure Zodiva. Fiona also learns about the incident which happened between Arles & Mejojo, and she has to make a decision.

Fiona decides to live together the wolves. After much pondering, Arles agrees to let Fiona join their pack. Since that night, Fiona has become a part of the wolves, and they were all her family. However, the next morning, she has troubles trying to tell her family that she wants to live together with the wolves, and refuse to let her stay with them. Arles then comes by telling them that she has come into their family as a bride, and asks her to pick between Rath & Gullian as they were her husband candidates.

Arles wasn’t a candidate, but Fiona still asks if she could marry him. ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ He tells her that they have a huge age gap in between them, and if she’s really okay with it. Fiona then says that he’s the man that he’s the one he can trust the most, since he was the one who let her into his wolf family, and the best person to trust for a partner in crime. Arles laughs, and she asks that she couldn’t do that, he just says that he doesn’t mind. He then warns her to be prepared, since she’s becoming the wife of the king of wolves. She needs to pay the price, of giving him her body & soul, and her everything would be his. If didn’t change her decision, he would take her as his wife.

Fiona nods, and Arles tells everyone that she’s joined the wolf family as his wife. Nesso & Zara are against that, but Arles tells them that they can do whatever they want, since they’re outsiders now. They try and grab her, but Arles is faster than them, and he swiftly transforms into his wolf form, catching Fiona on his back. Before Nesso & Zara could catch her, Arles takes a big leap into the forest, carrying Fiona out. She hears the wolves howling behind them, and she sees many wolves running out of the castle after them. Arles was the biggest one, and he let out a loud roar, to control them. Arles tells Nesso & Zara that they jump have to change base if they want to stay, and they start running out of the castle.

Fiona’s confused, and Rath goes over to explain to her that it would be useless for them to stay there, and they would soon give up and leave the country. Fiona thanks them quietly, thinking about how Arles is going through all this trouble just to let her into the family. He had to take her as his bride, and now the wolves had to move base because of her. Arles then tells Fiona that the wolves will always protect their friends no matter what, He then says that he already accepted her into the family, so doing this much is nothing to him. Fiona then wonders if that was the reason why he took her as his bride. He must have wanted to show to Nesso & Zara that she was part of their family, and not for their own purposes.

She looks back at Zanan, and sees shadows by the castle entrance, and apologises to Nesso, Zara & Julian in her heart. It’s quite late to even think about that, but the fact that she won’t see them again causes her to sob more. Fiona looks back at the castle again, and sees that the shadows have disappeared. Her tears starts falling onto Arles’ fur, and he reminds her that this was the path that she had chosen. Fiona tells him that she know that, and asks him to let her cry for a while. She can’t stop herself from crying,  and Arles sighs little, and says that he can’t see Fiona, so he doesn’t know what she’s doing it. Seeing how Arles is letting it slide, she thanks him, as her carries her into the forest.

After spending some time inside the forest, Nesso, Zara & Julian soon leave the castle, and Fiona soon recovers from her sorrow. She gave her blood to a few wolves everyday, and Arles had told her to bring either him, Rath & Gullian along just in case the wolves went out of control over the smell of blood.

That day, she decided to go find Arles, since she couldn’t find Rath or Gullian. As per usual, Arles was in his study as per usual, and Fiona went there to visit him. She knocked the door, but there was no answer. Arles would usually answer immediately when she knocked, but it was completely quiet today. It was strange. Was he out? That couldn’t be. Arles was always in Zanan, and he was either in his study or patrolling through the castle. She didn’t see him while walking through the corridor to his study though, so he had to be inside the study. Fiona grabs the doorknob, and goes inside the study. It wasn’t like she was going in without permission, since Arles allowed her to go inside his study to borrow some books to read if she was bored.

She slides inside, and tries not to make any noise. She feels a bit guilty for going inside when the owner wasn’t inside, but was he? Her eyes widen in surprise when she sees Arles inside his study, sleeping in his chair. Fiona feels that she’s seen something completely unbelievable, since this is the first time that she’s seen him do that. She closes the door, and steps closer to Arles, although she doesn’t know why. She didn’t have to call Arles. She could have left, and found either Rath or Gullian, but why was she going towards Arles? Fiona then realises that he has a deep frown on his forehead, and his expression isn’t very good. Looking at how stern his face is, she wonders if he was having a bad dream.

Suddenly, a groan comes from him, Fiona holds her breath and looks at him, but he doesn’t wake up, and she heaves a sigh of relief. She shouldn’t haven entered the room when she saw Arles sleeping, but she now wanted to do something as she walked in. She remembers the couch that Gullian loved rolling in, as he had a put a blanket there. She grabs the blanket and goes to Arles, but she stops when she hears him call Elvira’s name. It wasn’t very clear, but it was indeed the name of his previous fiancee. Fiona then recalls Arles saying how she had looked like her, and she was now sure that he was having a nightmare. Fiona wonders if he was seeing Elvira’s death again, and wonders if she should wake him up.

She puts her hand on Arles shoulder, when suddenly, he calls out her name and pulls her into his arms. ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ She asks him what’s wrong in surprise, but due to his strength, her face is drowned in his chest. Fiona tries to call him, but Arles doesn’t answer at all, and keeps her in his arms. Wondering if he was still asleep, she calls out to him one more time, and he sighs, opening his eyes, while apologising to Fiona. She tells him that it’s okay, and asks if he could let go of her. However, Arles remains silent, and his arms don’t loosen up at all. Fiona wonders what was going on, since he definitely saw a nightmare, but wasn’t it about Elvira? Fiona then recalls Arles calling out to her as well, and wonders if she was the cause of his nightmare.

This makes her guilty a little, although she didn’t actually do anything at all, but Arles got hurt over the fact that she appeared in his dream, and she felt guilty from that. After a while, the arms around her slowly loosen up, but with a lot of reluctance. It was as if he was afraid that she would disappear if he let go of her. Arles then asks her about why she was here. She explained that she wanted to give blood to the other wolves. He didn’t answer when she knocked the door, so she had gone inside of her own accord. She then asks if he had a nightmare, and Arles admits that he did. He also adds that it’s been a while since he saw a dream which gives him that many chills. Fiona then asks if it was about Elvira, and explains that she heard him call out to her when she was in the study.

He soon turns silent while hugging Fiona, as if he was wondering if he should tell her about what happened in his nightmare. After much silent, Arles admits that it was also dream about Fiona. Fiona’s confused, and he repeats what he said, and explains that she also appeared in his dream. Upon saying that, he hugs Fiona tighter, as if he was a child who was clinging onto his stuff toy after seeing a bad dream. Fiona’s pretty embarrassed by this, and wants to get off his lap, but ends up deciding to lets Arles do whatever he wants. He had just seen a nightmare of her, and of course it would cause him to feel insecure. Fiona then asks what happened in his dream, or rather, what did she do in his dream.

He then explains that what she did in his dream would definitely be welcomed, and she immediately understands. She had died in his dream. He had lost Elvira, followed by Fiona, which would definitely hurt him. Losing a friend in his pack was definitely not good to Arles, and the fact that Fiona looked like Elvira must have hurt more. He then explains that it was a dream of him unable to protect Fiona, and she was hurt by Mejojo & Auger. He slowly puts his chin on her shoulder, as if he was extremely tired from that bad dream. Arles whispers into her ear, wondering if he could protect her. Fiona tells him that she believes in him, hoping that it would give him more courage. She had left her life in his hands when she joined the wolves, and she had decided to believe in him.

Arles 5Arles plainly replies with a “I see”, and Fiona feels that they’re exchanging too little words, but it seemed that they had told each other their feelings. Some silence flies past them, and Fiona asks whether if he could let go of her now. Arles says that its hard to let go her, since she’s so warm. Fiona then asks if he’s treating her as his body pillow, and he just answer, “I wouldn’t mind if you came to my bedroom.” O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ Fiona replies that she won’t, and Arles laughs a little, and they continue joking and cuddling together until he forgets about the dream.

However, the peaceful days in Zanan don’t last long, cuz one day the wolves who went out to patrol the area never came back. Most of the wolves were already cured of Zodiva, so they couldn’t have gone to attack villages. Rath goes out to investigate, and they soon find out that the royal is planning on attacking Zanan, with them led by the twins. Arles tells Fiona that she has to leave Zanan as soon as possible, but Fiona protests. However, she ends up having no choice but to leave Zanan, so that she won’t get involved in the chaos. She goes back to her room to pack her things, and suddenly hears a knock on the door.

She believes it’s Arles, and indeed, it was. Arles asks Fiona if she had some time right now, and she nods, since she had almost packed everything she had already. Arles also adds that they’ve completed preparations on their side. She asks if she’s required to leave now, and Arles tells her he just wants to talk to her. Fiona offers him a chair to sit on, and he asks if she regrets joining the wolves. Fiona’s quite shocked by this question, but looking at Arles’ expression, she knows he’s asking the question seriously. She then replies saying that she’s glad to have lived with them. However, on the inside, she wanted to live together with them forever.

He nods, and tells her that he could bring her to where her butler & brother. Fiona is even more surprised by this, and she asks if he knows the exact location, and he says he does. Apart from making sure if her family had crossed the border, Arles had even went to check where her family had stayed, just in case Fiona wanted to go home. Fiona gets upset upon hearing this, and asked him why he did that. She was willing to throw away her own family to join the wolves, and he even told her to choose one thing to protect, so why did he even prepare her a shelter? He then admits that, he’s weak to his family. Fiona nods, since she’s well aware of how Arles was like.

He was the king of the wolves, and he kills his enemies mercilessly, and he’s dangerous. However, he was extremely kind to the people who followed him. Arles then asks her what she wanted to do. If she really wanted to, he could bring her to where her family was. Fiona thinks about it. The temptation was too much. She could either live in a secret hideout with the wolves, or live with her family in another country. She apologises to her family in her heart, and tells Arles that the wolves are her family. She was part of the wolves, so she’s decided that she’s not going to her Nesso & Zara’s side. It’s painful for her though, but she had made her decision to stay with the wolves, she won’t run away from them.

Arles 6Arles keeps quiet for a while, and asks her if that’s her decision. Fiona says that she’ll always be with them, and although she can’t fight, she’ll be waiting for him to pick her up after the battle. Arles nods, and says, “Once this is over, I will come and pick you up.” Fiona promises that she’ll wait for him, and Arles smiles, and pats her head. Afterwards, they chat for a while, until someone comes by and says that the preparations are all complete.

Fiona goes out to the corridor, where the wolves have prepared a change of clothes for her, and they plan on putting her original clothes on a corpse to convince Mejojo that she was dead. Arles then entrusts Fiona with a very important mission: To tell the citizens of Weblin the truth about the wolves. That was the mission that only she could do. With that, she tells them not to die, and takes 10 wolves out of Zanan. While they run as fast as they can, Fiona can’t stop thinking about Arles, since it’s quite impossible for him to even be safe. The wolves were fighting against an entire army, and it’s the first time Mejojo’s led an invasion of Zanan, and she knew that to him, failure wasn’t an option. They would definitely charge in, and kill every single wolf, until they perished.

She then wonders if the wolves had a chance to win. They had already lost so many numbers to Zodiva, and the people who had hunted them. What’s more, the royal army was made up of many strong knights, could they actually win? Arles must have asked them to run because he wasn’t sure if they could win. She wants to return so much, if they were going to die anyway. However, she knows that she’s been entrusted with the most important task. She needs to tell others the truth about the wolves. If she didn’t, the truth would be drowned in the cursed history of Weblin. She was the only one who could this. Suddenly, the wolf besides Fiona makes a low growl, which snaps Fiona out of her thoughts. She wonders if there’s enemies ahead, and the wolves bark, as they sense enemies around the area.

They had underestimated the royal army, as the army had Zanan surrounded. They wouldn’t let any single wolf out alive. they couldn’t escape. Fiona thinks for a while, and decides that they should go back. They couldn’t go back, so telling the truth wasn’t even possible, so they should go back, and maybe they could still do something by staying together. The wolves around her howl in agreement, and she aplogises to Arles in her heart while running back to Zanan. The battle must have started, and the wolves around her howl as they run back to the castle.

At the same time, the air at Zanan is awful. There was a stench of death, and the floor was stained with blood, and there are mountains of corpses on the floor. Arles is panting, while Gullian comes by saying that they don’t have any friends left. Rath also asked what they were going to do now. Gullian & Rath were the only ones standing beside Arles now, and they weren’t good shape either. Gullian’s left arm was hanging off his shoulder, and it was impossible for him to use a weapon with that arm. Rath’s body was covered with blood, and he had a deep cut at his stomach. Arles comments that they’re in a bad state, and Gullian says that he isn’t in the position to say that. Arles had arrow injuries all over his body, and he managed to avoid any fatal parts being hit, but the blood loss he was suffering was too much.

Rath grits his teeth, and says that they could have a chance if weren’t for the bombarding of the castle. Mejojo & Auger had brought in cannons which they’ve never seen before, so probably they had imported them from another country. They had bombarded the castle with the cannons and most of the wolves were killed in the battle. The castle was also destroyed, and the wolves who were using the castle as a cover were all killed by the falling debris, or killed by the knights outside when they tried to escape. They were completely surrounded, so they couldn’t run. Gullian shouts Arles’ name, and Rath says that they still could run if the reached the country border. Arles then asks Rath what was the point of living if they escape, and if Rath wants to, he can do it alone.

Arles knew the meaning of running, and tells Rath that there’s no point running away now. They’ve been running away for 10 years, and this was the time to show them what happens if they messed with the wolves. People would know what would happen to them if they attacked the wolves. He then calls Fiona’s name in his heart. In his heart, he wishes that Fiona could live, and tell the truth of the wolves to the people in Weblin. He was going to fight for the wolves who died, and tells Rath & Gullian not to give up. He also adds that if they were going to die, they should drag as many knights as possible down anyway. Gullian laughs, and complains about how his arm can’t move anymore. Rath then says that they don’t really have choice to fight, when something pierces through the air.

Gullian screams in pain, and he collapses on the ground, together with Rath. They could have sensed the knights aiming their bows at them if they weren’t in such a bad condition, since wolves were supposed to have good senses. Soon, the twins approaches them, and Mejojo comments about how disgraceful the king of wolves is, and whether he was going to die like a dog. Auger then laughs, and says that he used to be loved as the “Silver Wolf of Salvation”, but now it was wasted. Arles shouts Mejojo’s name, and Auger says that it can’t do, and he has to call Mejojo “Your Highness”. Gullian tries to get up, but Auger slashes him, saying that small fries should be out of this.

Mejojo asks what happened to Fiona, since she wasn’t there. Arles then says that if he couldn’t see for himself, and says that she was dead, and tells him that Fiona contracted Zodiva a while after she came to Zanan. Mejojo laughs, saying that they obviously needed Fiona as a tool to cure themselves of Zodiva, and says that he’s probably hiding her away so that he can’t get to her. Auger laughs as well, and says that Arles is probably using Fiona as food to recover from Zodiva, and she should probably be somewhere. Arles then says that Mejojo would always be attached to someone, no matter who is was. Mejojo frowns, and says that it’s impossible, and Arles just tells him that Fiona has become a member of the wolves, and would never go back to him, and plainly tells him that Mejojo won’t get anything from killing them now.

He’s making use of Mejojo’s obessiveness to attack him, and he would be extremely happy if Mejojo started raging. Mejojo then draws his rapier, and motions closer to Arles. He was waiting for the chance when Mejojo came the closest, and he would use that chance to rip off his head. However, Mejojo only keeps a distance from him, and says that he won’t be provoked so easily by Arles’ words. Auger then laughs and says that how good a king Mejojo is, and Mejojo says that Arles was done, and calls him a miserable king. Mejojo then orders the archers to ready their bows, while tells Arles that it’s time to meet his end. His nightmare was coming to an end. Arles shouts Mejojo’s name while drawing his sword, but Mejojo had already order the archers to fire.

It was supposed to be the end for Arles, but a different person gets hit by the arrows instead of him. When he sees blood spraying out, he sees Gullian in front of him, and asking him for praise. He had somehow managed to spread his arms out to block the arrows from Arles. He asks why he did this for. He was shot by so many arrows, and yet he still was asking praise from him. Arles tells him that he’s done well, and Gullian laughs, while thanking him. Despite him suffering from all those injuries, Gullian still had a weak smile on his face. With that, he collapsed on the floor. Auger starts laughing there saying that Gullian’s death was meaningless, and gets ready for the next attack.

Rath shouts at him, and Auger tells him that Mejojo is the king. If he asks them to die, they have to die. They were the disgusting wolves they hated. As Auger orders the archers to get ready, Arles gets ready for his death, and he can’t see anything anymore. Mejojo & Auger were standing in front of him, within the reach of his sword, but they felt…..far. At that moment, he sees a flashback of young Rath calling him, and sees Rath squeezing his hands. His hands were covered in blood, but yet, they were warm. He grits his teeth, and another memory comes to his mind. Rath had wanted Arles to play with him. Rath kept pulling his hands asking him to play with him, with a smile.

Wasn’t that the family he wanted to protect? Arles apologises to Rath in his heart, that he couldn’t protect him, that he dragged him into all this. Auger orders the archers to fire, when he hears a scream telling them to stop. Arles turns, and his eyes widened, as he saw the person that was definitely not supposed to be there – Fiona. Arles asks why was she there, and Rath calls her stupid as they had already told her to run. Fiona then tells them that they couldn’t escape. The forest was surrounded by the royal army, so it was better for them to go back and join their friends to fight together. No matter how many lives have vanished, it was the wolves’ wish to stay together with Arles.

Arles 10Mejojo then says that Fiona is still alive, and asks her to come over to his side, and maybe he would forgive her. However, Fiona says that she won’t as she’s already a part of the wolves, and she will stay with them, even if she dies. Mejojo laughs and ask if she’s turning her human self into a mere beasts, and she says she is. She tells him that she used her blood to help the wolves, and they had accepted her in return. Mejojo then says that it’s disgusting for her to forget that she’s a human, and Auger says that they should just kill all the people here right now, since all of the wolves are messed up in the head. Fiona then says that the nekos are the crazy ones, and Mejojo draws his rapier, saying, “No Fiona. You’re the mad one. You were infected by Zodiva. Now, die…….and become mine.”

He takes step forward and points his rapier at Fiona. He had cross the distance. The distance that Arles couldn’t reach. This causes his true wolf instincts to awaken inside him, and it’s driving him to kill all the cats in front of him. This reminds him of the time where he was consumed by Zodiva, but it was different. This time, it was his own will which drove him to do this. Arles howls in rage, and uses that last bit of strength in him to turn into his wolf form. This scares all the knights there, which causes them to run. He leaps forward, and rips Mejojo’s left arm off him, which cause Mejojo to scream in pain. Mejojo lands on the ground while drowning in his own blood, and Auger goes to help him.

Arles had so much lust in his mind, that he didn’t want to let Mejojo did what he did in the past. Whispering that a death by sword or death as noble kings don’t suit them, he tells them that they’re going to die as mere food. Auger says that they should retreat now, but Arles leaps forward and rips off Auger’s leg before they could run. Auger screams in pain, while happily saying that he’s got the same injury as his nii-san. The twins were dying. Dying in their own pool of blood. Auger shouts at the CCK to pull them, but obviously the rats are too small to even pull them. Fiona & Rath call out to Arles as they were worried, but he just tells them to stay back.

Arles then asks Mejojo if he remembers. The situation right now was just like 10 years ago, where Mejojo got a scar from trying to kill Arles, and he never learnt his lesson. Arles steps forward, and tells Mejojo that if didn’t go to the front lines himself he wouldn’t be in this situation. He also tells Mejojo that he ain’t a proper king at all, and he was just a ugly cat with too much hatred in him. Mejojo starts cursing at him, and Arles tells him that he’s going to kill them now, and end the dark history of Weblin. He asks if they have any last words, and Auger just tells him to faster kill them already, or if he was just scared of killing. Auger starts laughing, and Arles leaps at them. Blood then sprays everywhere.

When the king Mejojo, and his younger brother, Auger, died, it was the end of the dark history for the wolves. The reign of the cats had come to an end after a 100 years, and the palace is in confusion on who could be the next king. It wasn’t easy for anyone to accept the truth of the wolves, and it would take time before their history would be known, but there’s still hope. The king of the wolves & people who could spread the truth was still alive.

Several years later, Fiona’s in the forest doing the laundry by a river, together with Rath. Fiona finishes, Rath says that the atmosphere has become much more lively with so many children. A wolf girl comes by, and calls Fiona “mama”, asking her to play with her. A wolf also asks “big bro Rath” to play with him. Fiona smiles, and tells them to wait until she finished the laundry, and Rath says that Gullian is a bit too energetic. Fiona says that kids should be energetic, and Gullian’s probably energetic because of his name. Rath then says he’s quite worried that Gullian would cause trouble for them later. The kids were all Arles’ and Fiona’s kids, and their first son was named after Gullian.

After that battle at Zanan, the wolves moved to a place deep inside the jungle, where no one knew about. After the twins were killed, all the knights were thrown into confusion, which allowed them to escape. Although only about 10 survived, they were living peaceful days deep inside the forest. It was easy to clear the misunderstanding of the wolves and for the people to accept that the wolves were harmless, Fiona had faith that they could convince them. Even if it was impossible for this generation to understand, there was still the next generation. Fiona hopes that one day the wolves would be able to join hands together with the other races someday.

Soon, Arles comes looking for them, and tells them that the sun is setting, and they should go home. Rath tells him not to treat him like a child, since he’s an adult now, but Arles says that he still looks like a child in his eyes. Fiona chuckles a little, and says that it might look that way, and Rath frowns, and asks Arles if he was trying to kick him out of this. One of Arles’ eyebrows twitch, and Rath knows that he hit the right spot. Fiona asks Rath to be careful on the way home, and Rath asks her not to treat him like a kid too, and he leaves them alone. The forest around them was so beautiful, and even such a horrifying battle, Weblin was still so beautiful around them.

Arles whispers Fiona’s name, and mentions how beautiful the scenery around him is. Fiona then says it’s like a dream, and he says it isn’t. It’s the future they grasped. Fiona says that she’s really happy now, and looks up at Arles. He tells her that he was glad that he could protect her. Arles never thought about happiness for the 10 years, and only thought about letting the wolves survive, and getting his revenge against Mejojo. He wondered why everything happened and cursed his life, but taking Fiona as his wife was the happiest thing in his cursed life. Fiona tells him that his life ain’t cursed anymore, and he nods saying that she’s right. He gently hugs her, and whispers in her year, “I love you more than anything in the world. So don’t ever leave me.” ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪

After whispering in her ear, Arles leans down to her neck and puts his teeth there. Fiona flinches a bit when that happens, but she’s looking forward to the pain & sweetness that lay ahead. She’s still giving her blood to the wolves for them to be cured of Zodiva, but to Arles, it was different. He was special, that giving him her blood was proof of their love. Their kids will learn the joy of living, and they would learn the pain of Weblin. They were living holding the emotions of the history of the wolves. Fiona then calls Arles, and says that she might have some good news for him. He asks if it’s really true, since he pretty much knew what was it, and he smiles gently. This makes Fiona happy, and says that Gullian might have a new younger brother, or younger sister.

Arles 8Arles answers, “I’ll say it again, I love you.” He wraps his arms around Fiona, the blood from her neck drips to the ground, which is absorbed by the ground of Weblin. This would definitely nourish their history. The new history of the wolves.

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The wolves take Fiona to a cave deep in the forest, where she loses track of time. Together with the wolves who left with her, they live a very poor life waiting for Arles, Rath & Gullian to come back. One day, a wolf girl asks her to tell her stories of Arles, while a wolf boy wants her to tell him stories of Rath. Fiona asks why they don’t want to listen to stories of Gullian, and they say that Gullian’s stories are always so scary. Fiona’s weaving, and the children’s mother tells them not to disturb her work, and the kids say they aren’t. Fiona also asks their mother to not to worry, as she isn’t bothered by them. The days with the wolves were peaceful, and the wolves that went with her could finally turn in their human forms. She’s been giving them blood every now and then, and they could go into the forest and hunt for food.

Since Fiona didn’t have the strength to do physical work, she weaves, and takes care of the kids there. the peacefulness here brings a smile to her face, and she knows that this was what Arles was wishing for. Although their life is pretty self-sufficient, they need to go to a village for some daily needs. Fiona has the responsibility of going out to villages, since she’s a member of the wolves who doesn’t have wolf ears, claws, fangs or a tail. She’s happy that she could be useful as a human, and she goes to a village one day. A villager greets her, saying that it’s been a while. Fiona asks for the usual spices, along with some herbs. The villager asks if she had anything to sell today, and she says she has some animal fur. Fiona was always selling high quality fur to them, that her customers loved it. She watches as the villager puts the things she bought into a shopping bag.

Whenever Fiona visits the village, she always sells the things that she got in the forest, and buys the things that they can’t get in the forest and goes home. She then comments that the village has become much more lively, and the villager says that it’s probably because Mejojo killed all the wolves, and the amount of people contracting Zodiva has decreased. Fiona smiles and nods, but inside, she wasn’t very happy about it. When she went to the village, she would always hear the news of what happened, and what happened to Zanan afterwards. The story says that Mejojo & Auger fought wonderfully during the battle, and killed all the wolves, but the princess captured by them was already killed when they got there. Fiona whispers inside her heart that she’s supposed to be a witch.

Fiona Galland, the witch, and the princess who got kidnapped by the wolves. When people talk about it, they never seem to connect them nor realise that they are the same person. In the end, rumors were just rumors. The woman hands her the shopping bag, and Fiona gives her to payment, while telling her that she’ll come and visit again. However, Fiona doesn’t realise the woman watching her as she walks away. After leaving the village, she goes deep into the forest, where there is no more human presence. That was the meeting place. A wolf is waiting there, asking if she has finished shopping. Fiona aplogises for having to make him wait so long, but he says it’s alright since she’s already helped them so much by living together with them.

The wolf lowers his head, and Fiona ties the goods that she got on his back. Once the things were in place, the wolf asks Fiona to climb onto his back. Fiona’s gotten used to riding on a wolf’s back, and it could cover distance that were far within a day. A lot of people were angry over her lifestyle in the tower, but she felt that her life now was much more witch-like. She laughs a little, and wolf asks if anything was wrong. She replies saying that it’s nothing, and they return home together. Soon, night falls, and dinner is prepared. The kids soon go to sleep, and Fiona decides that she should look at the stars before sleeping. Maybe it was because they were deep in the forest, and it was dark, thats why the stars were shining so brightly.

Fiona refuses to believe that the rumors of all the wolves at Zanan were wiped out, since it could be another lie said by Mejojo & Auger to calm the people. Like the lie about Arles 10 years ago, this could be another lie again. She couldn’t trust the twins, so she still believed that Arles, Rath & Gullian were still alive. She believes that Arles will come and pick her up someday. However, she smells something. The smell of oil. Fiona turns back wondering if someone spilled an oil can, but to her horror, there was a giant pillar of flame at the cave they were living there. The fire burns everything around it. Fiona tries to understand what was going on, since she had made sure that all fire was all put out before she left. Most of the wolves had went sleep by then, and now she could hear all their screams now. The kids were screaming for their mom, and they were screaming over the scorching heat.

The wolves were trying to run out of the cave, but they end up getting burned by he flames. Fiona screams, as that wasn’t cause by an accident. Someone had set the fire. She realises something, which sends chills down her spine. Then, she hears the sound of horses coming towards her. Fiona turns around, and she sees the people that she didn’t want to see the most. Mejojo greets her, saying that it’s been a long time, while Auger greets her cheerfully as well. Auger then says that they’re here to rescue the princess that was captured by the wolves. The twins were standing under the moonlight with their pure white clothes, and Fiona asks why they did something so terrible. Mejojo plainly answers that he was getting rid of trash, and she should be thanking him.

Auger also adds that they thought the battle at the Zanan was the final one, and they didn’t expect the wolves to be breeding here as well. He smiles, and says that he has a present for her. Taking something heavy off his horse, he passes it to Fiona. To her horror, it was the heads of Arles, Rath & Gullian. Fiona screams, and Auger laughs, saying how cute her scream was. Fiona was dizzy, and her head was losing strength, and she didn’t want to accept what was happening in front of her. Mejojo asks if she thought that the rumors about them killing all the wolves at Zanan was a lie, and Auger just tells her that the number of wolves there couldn’t stand up to them anyway. Fiona keeps asking them why, and Mejojo smiles, telling her that he received a report from a faithful villager. The woman had told them about a girl who always came to the village every few months, and would disappear into the forest after buying things, like a witch.

Fiona is shocked by this, as she had made sure no one was following her, but they were seen. It was all her fault. Fiona then asks why they did this. The wolves weren’t infected with Zodiva anymore, and they weren’t attacking villagers. The wolves were just wanting a peaceful life. Mejojo laughs, and say, “Not attacking people? Not spreading Zodiva? That doesn’t matter…….being a wolf itself is a sin.” Fiona screams and leaps at him, swearing that she’ll kill him. However, she’s immediately blocked by Auger, who hits her at a vital spot. Fiona starts losing consciousness, and apologises to Arles in her heart, as she couldn’t protect the wolves, not pass on the truth about the wolves. She calls out to Arles in her heart, wishing that she had fangs and claws after all. She wanted to kill Mejojo and make a bloodbath out of him.

Mejojo says that she’s become quite a beast after living in the forest for so long, and Auger says that it’s okay, since they could train her inside the royal palace from now on. Mejojo starts laughing, and Fiona loses consciousness completely, drowning in Mejojo’s maniacal voice.

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WELL THANKS REJET FOR THAT BAD END. I bet they couldn’t think of anything else for Arles’ bad end so they made it crazy and all. Overall I felt that Arles was a sweetie, but yeah, I’m pretty neutral towards this guy, no hate, and not much love either. Just neutral. He was pretty sweet in his route, and I felt that the ending was really interesting. Did Fiona become Do-M for Arles? Idk man. Their kids were cute too. Although I much prefer Rath’s route over his although his ending was depressing, but I can see that I will much prefer the wolves over the rest. Fiona really cries a lot in these routes, and it’s quite blur in this one, but yeah she’s a good heroine okay? Definitely.

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