Diabolik Lovers MORE, BLOOD ドS吸血 CD Vol 3 Review ~Mukami Ruki~

Yeah so my craziness continued to the next disc, because of the seiyuu, and the character as well. Mukami Ruki is the oldest of the Mukami bros, and commands them to do whatever he wants. He never does the dirty work, and leaves to his younger bros to do. Voiced by Sakurai Takahiro, he is a very kind person outside, but there’s a side of brutality he’s hiding from everyone. Reminds me of Mejojo of BWS ∑(O_O;) Okay he isn’t but his voice DOES SOUND LIKE MEJOJO, Ruki’s the more….gentle one among the bros. Okay I shall explain this in the reviews.

Also I was thinking of writing in this style for all my drama cd reviews from now on, with the title of the track, but no time stamps or whatsoever as I’m still not good at translating accordingly, word-to-word. I feel that this is a better method of doing a detailed review. However, I will not be redoing the Kou review in this style as there IS a very detailed translation for it, so I will not be re-writing it.

Again, I will be using “you” as the heroine in here, just like in Kou’s review.

1. 二つの選択肢 (Two decisions)

The disc starts off with Ruki saying that his brothers have done well, and Kou, Yuma & Azusa leave. Ruki then starts calling out to you, asking you to wake up. It seems like the rest of the brothers had blindfolded and bound(?) you. Ruki then says that you shouldn’t be so afraid, and its better to keep the blindfold on, since of you are currently on a tower. However, you aren’t in a very good position, and with one move, you could fall. Ruki even adds that both of you are exactly on the edge of the tower, so one movement could make you fall. He then says that he doesn’t mind you running away, but you’ll just fall.

You try to get up, and Ruki says that he’ll even help you do so. He drags you up, and asks you if you feel the wind around, and understands your position there. He then asks if you want to run. While asking whether you want to run, he then says that you could just jump down and be freed from him. He then comments about how you’re going to fall, and says that you do have a choice whether to be free. Ruki then says that he hates waiting, and he’ll help you make a decision. He then pushes you from the back, commenting about how one push from him, you could be free. However, he grabs onto your hand, with your back hanging. You scream, and he pulls you back up. Ruki then talks about how you’ve fallen to the ground thanks to your fear, and says that he’ll help take off your blindfold.

2. 無神ルキ (Mukami Ruki)

Ruki takes out a knife, and cuts the ropes which binds your hands, and your blindfold. He then says “hajimemashite” (you know he sounded like mejojo HELP), and you stare at him in fear. He then says that he’s just using the knife to remove of all the hindrances, and he won’t use it to cut you and play with you like some other violent vampires do. You ask him for his name, and he says that he doesn’t mind telling you his name, since you do have a right to know your master’s name. He introduces himself as Mukami Ruki, a vampire, but he doesn’t want to be grouped together with the “others”. (he’s referring to the Sakamakis if you didn’t know.) Ruki then says that it was his brothers who brought you to the tower, as he didn’t need to go out just to go and catch you.

Ruki asks you if you know enough, and you ask him what is the reason for them catching her. He then says that you should do something about that attitude of yours, since you should have learnt how to ask someone for something in school. You shake you head, since you don’t know (oh god Yui pls thank you we’re not that dumb), and he tells you that you should bow to him. Ruki says what an idiot you are, and says that people who are dumb and don’t know there position always have a lot of pride. He then adds wondering what he should do to you, since you misbehaving and he needs to fix your attitude. He then complains about how the Sakamakis never thought you manners properly, since you were just livestock to them.

You tell him not to call you “livestock”, but he just comments about how painful it is to be called that, He pulls your face towards him, and tells you to look closely at it, while commenting about how he’s never seen a face like yours before. He then says that it’s a good face for a livestock, but a livestock is a livestock. Don’t expect your position to go up any higher just because of something. You’re just a plain, boring & annoying existence to him, so you should know that well. Ruki then asks you to look at him since you’re looking away, and says that you haven’t obeyed a single thing he has told you ever since you came. He then asks, “Are you happy with your current life at the Sakamaki Household? Don’t you want to run away from there?”

Ruki then asks if any of the Sakamakis have actually cared for you, or actually nice to you. If you do think so, you must be wrong. He then asks why do you think they treated you nicely, and if they actually did. He then complains about where could there be such a dumb woman in the world. He then says, “If they treat you nicely, then there must be some secret to it, right?” Ruki then says that he won’t be disturbed by anyone today, and he’s going to use this time to check through you thoroughly, and if you’re prepared for it.

3. 家畜 (Livestock) (no im not kidding that’s the title)

*sounds of tearing of clothing*

Ruki assures you that he ain’t interested in the physics or your body, and he’s only interested in the blood inside of it. He asks if you’re happy, as it’s better then not even having anything.

*more sounds of clothing being teared*

He then comments on how dirty you are, and the fact that there are so many leftovers on your body. If you wanted to be wanted & loved by your master, you should have put up a proper appearance in front of him, even if you’re not loved. Looking at you, he then comments about how leftover fang marks from the Sakamakis you have, and how ugly they are. Ruki then asks you how was the feeling when they left those fang marks on you. You tell him to stop, but he says that you don’t have the authority to order him around, and reinforces the fact that if you had fallen earlier, this wouldn’t have happened. However, you instead chose to live, and decided to spend the rest of your time together with him, saying that you chose for this to happen, and it’s too bad.

*more tearing of clothes*

You ask him to stop, and he says that clothes ain’t needed since you’re going to be his from now on, and it’s in the way.ィェィ♪(v〃∇〃)ハ(〃∇〃v)ィェィ♪ You need to show your body fully to your new master, and let him examine you if you have any dangerous items with you. (but the thing is, isnt she gonna catch a cold of something????) Ruki continues tearing, and says that you’re still not obeying him, and comments on how little manners you have. He questions you if you know the result of disobeying your master, as even a dumbass like you would know the result of it. Unless, the Sakamakis treated you so well like a princess? He tells you that they obviously won’t do it, and this treatment is already much better then theirs.

Ruki says that you want to be treated gently right, and he says that he will. He then says that he’s only looking around for dangerous objects, so once he’s confirmed that you don’t, he’ll treat you as gently as possible.ィェィ♪(v〃∇〃)ハ(〃∇〃v)ィェィ♪  He then says that the dirty ones are really the ones who get fulfilled too easily, and immediately shrugs it off. He move a little, and he asks if you’re going to run away again. He then states that if you really a woman with a lot of pride, you should face the circumstances immediately. In the end, you were only a woman of that level. Ruki then tells you to hurry up and strip for him, and it’ll make things much easier for you. He also reminds you that there’s no way back, and you’ll fall.

He then says that he did give you the right to chose, and you chose to be in this situation right now. Because of that, you life was now his, and you shouldn’t be falling anytime you like. Even if you did, he would only just go and grad you, and bring you back up here, and it’s useless to do anything. He then says that what you lack is courage, and thats why you’re not strong-willed at all. He catches you firmly, saying that he thought that you were going to jump off, but you were still on the tower. He praises you for that fact, saying that he doesn’t want to waste any strength trying to catch you if you fell. Unless, you remembered the moments where their fangs sunk into your skin. Wasn’t it pleasurable?

“I know you want it. My fangs.” He says. Ruki chuckles a little saying that he got it right, and that’s the true you. He doesn’t mind this side of you. In the end, humans are just foolish creatures to him, and they just continue to lie to to each other, and when something bad happens, they just continue to ignore it. Indeed, it was simple. He then says that you’re the same, and even if someone saw you getting caught, they would just hide. You struggle a little, and he tells you not to run now, and says that he doesn’t mind seeing you like that either. However, he warns you that even if he forgave you for not falling, you shouldn’t let your guard down at all. In the end, he deceives people as well.

You give him a shocked face, and he states how interesting that face is. Well, eitherway, what he plans on doing was to just test the body which you offered to the Sakamakis.

4. 身体中に刻まれた痕 (The scars left on your body)

*more clothes tearing*

Ruki continues to tear away your clothing, and mentions how your body is filled with the scars of your desires. He then asks if you’re thinking that those marks are a proof of the Sakamaki’s love to you, you’ve probably misunderstood to much. There is a level to your misunderstanding. To remove all the misunderstandings, he should just remove all the things in the way.

*clothes continue to tear*

He then mentions on how good your appearance is now. Ruki then says it’s time for his examination, and mentions that those painful marks on your body still reek of the Sakamaki’s disgusting scent. Being bitten by them would definitely leave a scent behind. Even the back of your ear has a mark. He then says that there’s a mark even at the back of your ear. Someone must have loved you so much to the level where they would leave a deep mark over there. He then decides that he’ll start with your right ear.

*licks the mark*

You flinch a little, and Ruki asks if you feel it, but it was only a lick. Or were you just shivering because you can’t wait for your blood to be sucked? You say no, and he says that you’re foolish. He didn’t even say that he was going to bite you yet. Who do you think he was? He was only in front of you, and checking out the wound a little, and you react so fast. You must be really wanting to be sucked from. “Don’t you want to be sucked from? Harshly, and messily?” he asks.

*licks again*

He sees your reaction, and says its extremely interesting. He then mentions that you’re already in this situation, and you still don’t want to admit that you really want to be sucked from. Ruki then mentions you appearance, saying that your cheeks are red, breathing heavily, and tears are coming out from your eyes.

*continues licking*

“Why aren’t you biting,” you say. Ruki asks if you not happy you’re just being licked, unless…..you want to be bitten from? He asks if you’re not going to request him of that, and says that you’re going to make it his fault, and you never did anything. He tells you not to do foolish things, and you say that you didn’t mean it in that way. Ruki then decides to use his fangs, and tells you not to put him together with the other vampires. He’s only using them because you requested for it, isn’t he such a kind master? Unlike them.

*starts biting gently*

Ruki mentions how special you are. He already knew that but he wonders, was it a trap set up by you? Was there a meaning to it? He wants to know all this. Who made you like that? However, the first thing he must know is the feeling. Why was your blood so special? You need to know that yourself. It was your desire, and asks what you want to do next. You don’t say anything, and tell him that you still don’t believe him. Ruki sighs, saying how troublesome you are. He just tells you not to believe lies, and you’ll definitely know if he’s lying. He doesn’t mind anyway since in front of a vampire, you’ll definitely be able to tell what is right or wrong. Ruki then says that he’s gonna check out your other ear.

*licks gently for a while*

He mentions about how there are fang marks on your other ear as well, and there’s the remnants of the Sakamaki’s there as well, that he doesn’t like.

*continues licking*

“It tingles, doesn’t it?” He says, and asks if you don’t just want licking.

*licks more*

“Don’t you want my fangs? Answer me. Truthfully, and let your desires come out of you,” he whispers in your ear. He then complains about how he has a good livestock here, and yet you’re just defying what you actually want. He’s just trying to fulfill your desires. Ruki then says that he has gained an interest in you, as you have such a nice body, but yet it was corrupted, and it’s amusing to him. He’s never seen someone who’s been corrupted so much, but yet still have so much pride. He then mentions that the Sakamakis really liked that part of you, and starts pondering about how interesting you actually are. He’s surprised that a livestock like you can actually not get your master to be use to you.

He says that he’s going to do more, complaining about how troublesome you are, and he can’t control you. He was thinking about how a woman like you should just be disposed of. He had thought of using some medicine on you, but apparently he’s being poisoned by you yourself.

5. 調教の始まり (Beginning of Training)

Ruki drags you up, and asks you to stand somewhere on the tower. He then comments about how beautiful the dangerous situation you are in is, like hell. He laughs a little, and asks you to  jump of and dispose of yourself. Isn’t that what you wanted? He then mentions about how he doesn’t have time for livestock, and they’re only in the way, and the Sakamakis are livestock as well. He asks you to hurry up, and pushes you harshly. He asks why you’re still grabbing on so hard onto his arms, and asks if you want him to have mercy. If you’re thinking that, you must have misunderstood again. He doesn’t have any more human feelings nor emotions anymore. He wants you to fall, and pushes you harder. You grab on to him, and he asks what’s wrong.

“You want to live?” Ruki asks. He then says that your life doesn’t mean anything to him, and you’re just an eyesore to him. He asks you to die, and pushes you even harder. Wasn’t that your wish? He then asks if you understand what he’s been telling you all this while, and what you want him to do now. “Don’t drop me down,” you say. That’s not it. The fang marks on your body were licked by him, and how did you feel? Ruki then says that while he was licking your wounds, all your emotions were shown to him. He then asks if you finally have the courage, and asks you to look at his eye and tell him. He asks you to hurry up if you want to say something, or his mood will just continue to deteriorate.

Slowly, you succumb to him, and say that you want to be sucked from. He then says that you should have just wished for that earlier, and it took so much for you to say that. He then mentions that you need more training as his servant, since you’re like a dog right now. When you’re stroked on the head, you just wag your tail. Ruki then says that he’ll give you all the love you want, when you’re properly trained.

6. ご褒美の吸血 (Sucking blood as a reward)

Ruki says it’s a reward for you, and starts sucking your blood. (HOT SCENE AAAHHHHH HELP OOHH THIS IS GOOD) “Deeper?” you say. He then says then he’ll go deeper and deeper into you. *continues to suck* Ruki mentions how it’s true, that your blood can tempt vampires. He breathes for a while, and talks about how you used your blood to draw in the Sakamakis to drink it, as if it was a poison. Even his mind is getting a little blur. This blood of yours is slowly taking over him into darkness, and making lose his mind, bit by bit, as it ripens. He then says how a livestock and her master should be like. He wants to break you now, and examine you all over right now.

Ruki goes into for another bite, and you start losing your strength in your legs. He then asks you if anything was wrong, as you were already kneeling down due to losing your strength. Weren’t you scared or sitting on the tower earlier? Is it because you’re only feeling the feel of being sucked from now? Ruki tells you that because of your blood, his body is hot all over. He then asks what will happen if both of you fall down the tower right now. You give him a shocked look, and he says that he won’t do such stupid things like you. If he was really thought to be like that, he was definitely underestimated. However, it means nothing to him now, since he’s currently drunk on your blood. Isn’t your blood really something? He just wants more, since he hasn’t had enough.

Ruki then says that he’s going to continue with your wrists. He starts biting there, and he says that the scent is very strong there. The scent that draws him in. The more he bites you there, the stronger the scent becomes. Ruki continues to bite there, and breathes heavily. “You want me to do more, right?” he asks, as he continues to suck and bite over there. Succumbing to the scent, he continues to suck uncontrollably, and breathes heavily. He then mentions how the more he sucks, the taste just continue to get better and better. He thought that it was just a plain trap, but it seemed that it was true, and he seems to understand it better now. The things around him just become more and more pointless. Even though you’re a livestock, you’ve made him more drunk than ever.

It seems that you’ve become a little faint as well, and he says that your face is making him feel all fuzzy now. Ruki feels like messing you up even more, even when the moon comes out. He then mentions on how good your blood is, and how you’re getting used to the feeling of your blood sucked. “Give me more, and I’ll use my fangs to bite you more.” he says. To a normal human, this might not be normal at all, but to you……isn’t it pleasure?

Examining the rest of your body, Ruki then sees more marks of you bitten by the Sakamakis, and mentions how this is the first time he’s felt angry seeing those marks all over you. He didn’t even have any interest in you, but yet, that blood of yours has a certain power in it. Seeing how others have thrust their fangs into you and played with you thanks to that power of yours, more anger just continues to pile up into him. You’re poisoning him now, and it makes him want to have you all to himself. He wants trap you onto this tower, and make you give your blood to him only, and to no one else. It may be stupid, but that his true feelings right now.

“I want more,” he whispers into your ear, “More…..blood. My body is…..wanting you right now.” Ruki pushes you down, and asks what is that expression. He tells you not to underestimate vampires, since you don’t even know what they are. Just because he said that, it doesn’t mean anything at all. He then says that you should be glad that you’re dumb, since it lets him see through you clearly, and tells you not to fall asleep yet. (i think thats what he said i never caught it)

He then says that the night is still long, and until morning comes, he’ll still continue to do things to you here. With him there, he just feels irritated looking at you. This is like compensation, and he’s going to suck you blood, until your heart becomes his, and he breathes slowly.

7. 恐怖を感じている血の味 (The taste of your blood when you’re frightened)

Ruki holds you tightly, and tells you to be obedient and stay there, as it would be a problem if you accidentally fall off the tower. You’re currently hanging at the edge of the tower, with Ruki grabbing you tightly. A wind blows by, and he asks if you feel it. He then says that there is no wall holding your back right now, and if he lets go of you a by a little, you will fall. If he wasn’t supporting you using his hands, you would have fallen. You tell him that it hurts, and he says he’s fine with letting go. You’re currently in a situation where your life is hanging like a thread now, and if you fall it won’t be a pretty sight anyway. He then talks about how you’re trembling, even though your body is almost freed of everything. You feel scared.

Ruki tells you if you don’t want to die, you should just be obedient. He won’t forgive that easily if you defy him now. He wonders how your blood would taste when you’re facing fear, and he’s extremely curious to know.

*More clothes get ripped*

He then says that he’s going taste the place near your heart, where there is a lot of blood. but if you move even a little, you you die. Sometimes he doesn’t mind his livestock dying then tasting their blood, but he doesn’t like it when humans die too soon. He then says that he won’t talk about blood too much, and he’ll start biting your chest. He goes in harshly, and says that you collarbone is really in the way. Ruki continues drinking, and breathes heavily, while saying that your blood is tasty as well even when you’re facing fear. He continues sucking harshly, for quite a while.

Ruki asks you if anything was wrong, as your face was bright red. Wasn’t it pleasurable? He goes on to say that you were just messed up by a man, and that made your face bright red with pleasure. You ask him to let go, since it’s hurting you. He then asks that if you have chosen to fall now, and understands. You then shake your head hard, telling him not to, and he asks you what you really want. Laughing a little, he says that although he hasn’t gotten enough of your blood, he doesn’t mind letting you go now. If you really wanted to, he really could, since he’s already tasted the blood you have when you’re feeling fear. You insist that you don’t want to let go, and he says that as long you wish for that, he won’t let go of you, and grabs you harder.

He then mentions the blood coming out of your wound, as if it was blooming red rose. Ruki licks the blood away gently, before biting it again. He then says that he feels that his body feel different now. Was it your trap? Ruki then continues to drink blood from your chest, and the track fades away. (GAAAHHH HOOOOTT HELP MY FACE IS RED)

8. 欲望を曝け出す (Release of Desire)

Ruki asks you about where you want to be sucked from, and mentions about how your reasoning in still in his way. He then talks about how unbelievable you are, since you’re already in such a horrible shape, and you still have some pride left. He plainly tells you to be obedient and show your weakest side to him. He looks at your face, mentioning how must disgust you have for him. He wants you to hate him more, since no matter how much you scream or shout, not help was going to calm. You’ll just fall into despair, and that will make it more interesting for him. He tells you to hurry up and show it to him, and takes out a knife, warning you that if you don’t do it, he’ll cut your feet. You’ve shown so much, so why can’t you just show more?

He then says that he’s been making a lot of weird and emotions that he has never made before while dealing with you, so you should be grateful that he actually shows some interest in you. (basically means He’s lost bits of his pride every time he got hooked on heroine’s blood, so she should pay it back) He tells you that it won’t be like previous, and he takes the knife while ripping something. This almost causes you to fall, and he laughs, saying that how could you fall there. He then asks if you wanted you wanted to curse him, and wanted to go back to the Sakamakis. Ruki grabs you harshly, saying that if you really do think so, he won’t forgive you that easily.

Ruki was thinking of letting you go fall down the tower, just like that, but now, he’ll grab on to you no matter what. He won’t let you die. Even if you did, he would just revive you continuously, and torture you again and again. He says that it’s too bad that you didn’t fall, and asks if you’re scared, because you’re shivering more than ever. He then says that you should have chosen to die before he starts drinking blood from you, says you failed. Ruki then says that after he took some blood from you, you shouldn’t have even thought about running away anymore. Unless…..you were thinking of running away, and he would come chasing after you, taking me down along the way. Was that your plan? If it was, you’re definitely a good livestock.

He laughs a little, and says that it’s time to continue. Ruki then says that it’s time for him to give you more pain, by sucking more blood from you. He then says that by biting from your existing wounds would make more blood flow out, while breathing heavily. He asks whats wrong with you, and if you’re overtaken by pain so much that you can’t even speak. Or if your soul has left you body, because of the pleasure? He doesn’t mind either, and even if he’s going out of control because of you blood, he won’t lose to it. Ruki looks around your body again, and realises that you’re still so corrupted. There’s even a wound at this part of you body. He then asks if there’s even a place which doesn’t know the Sakamaki’s fangs.

Ruki then says that he’ll suck from there next (probably the back, thats what I get from the dummyhead mic). He then mentions about how bad your appearance is now, with your legs wide open, which shows your pleasure. He then continues to bite and drink blood at the same spot.ィェィ♪(v〃∇〃)ハ(〃∇〃v)ィェィ♪ (NO IM DONE IM REALLY DONE THIS MOANING & BREATHING UGHHH IM GONNA DIE FROM FANGRILING) After a while of heavy breathing while sucking, he says that he’s going mad thanks to the blood of yours. He’s had enough of it, but yet, he just won’t stop drinking. He then says that your blood is indeed poison, like the poison which is so good, that you don’t want to stop taking it. (okay duded her blood is like drugs ur high okay)

“You want my fangs more, don’t you?” he says, as he continues to drink from the same spot, and you starts moaning. Ruki says that even you can make such noises while breathing heavily, and asks if you’ve finally admitted that it’s pleasurable. If it was so, the situation has definitely changed. He drinks even more, and says that you should just open up your entire body to him, and give it to him. *continues to moan and drink your blood* He tells you to invite him in more, and continues drinking.

Ruki starts breathing heavily, and mentions that this is the first time that he did this, and the fact that a livestock can make her master happy is indeed fascinating. It’s so good, that he wants to go deeper, deeper and much deeper into your body. He continues to lick and drink, while breathing. (FUCK I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE MY FACE IS RED AND IM GETTING HIGH OVER THIS MOANING)(´ ▽`).。o♪♪ ボケ〜

He laughs, and says that it’s unbelievable that he’s being taken over by you. Ruki then asks where you’re keeping that secret, but you don’t say anything, and he says that he’ll leave it like that for now. He could just keep you here forever, and he would soon know, by searching through you. He’ll use you, your blood and your body.

9. 酔いしれて (To be Drunk)

Ruki asks which where he should go for next, since there’s so many parts of you that he doesn’t know yet. He then says that he should have some fun, by slowly, thoroughly getting to know you. Ruki breathes a little, and says that the blood flowing out of you has dripped to your ankles, and moves to your stomach, asking whether he should drink from there. He talks about how a woman’s stomach has the best blood, and he goes there for a sip. “Is your blood…trying to corrupt me?” he asks. Ruki then says that you’re extremely unsightly, because you want his fangs over you, right? Isn’t it what you’ve been waiting for? Ruki continues to bite and drink from there.

Ruki continues drinking, and says how good your blood is, even though it’s swelling so much. He contnues drinking, as if he was drunk.

“Come on. Release yourself, let go of all reasoning, and enjoy it. Even if you return to the Sakamakis, the only thing they’ll do is treat you like garbage. If it’s like that, why not just keep like that, and enjoy the pleasure?” he says, and he continues drinking from you.

Ruki laughs a little, and says that you’ve been cleaned of the Sakamaki’s scent, and that he won’t do anything bad to you, so you should just offer yourself to him. He won’t be like the Sakamakis anyway.

*continues to drink*

Ruki tells you that you that you can shout & scream as much as you want, since it’s from the pain, and the pleasure. That way, it’ll make his feel much better. He laughs again, and wonders out loud what would the Sakamakis think if they saw you in that state, which would make him more amused. When the one is taken from them, they would definitely feel upset. “It’s too late. Even if they came back for you, you would have already been mine. I won’t ever let go of you anymore.” Ruki whispers in your ear.

Ruki now has taken so much of blood, and yet, he still wants some more.

10. 禁断の果実の呪い (The curse of the Forbidden Fruit)

Ruki says that this is probably the curse of attaining the forbidden fruit. He doesn’t care about the curse anyway, and tasting your blood makes him not afraid of that. He asks if this was the trap you laid for him, and tells you not to underestimate him, since he fully knows you in and out now. He’ll go deep into you, and into all your good places. With that, he continues to drink blood from you. While doing so, he looks at you, and you start asking him for more. Ruki says that you’ve finally caught on, since you’re ask drunk as him now. He then says you should have said that earlier. But then, he realises that if you did, he wouldn’t be as interested in you now.

Was it all a plan calculated properly by you? He feels that its quite fearful of you, and asks what do you want him to do by making him scared. Besides his fangs, what else did you want? He continues to drink, and then, he realises that the light of the moon is out, and asks you if you can see it as well. Or is it that you can’t see anything anymore, and can only feel now? He tells you that once the full moon appears, he’ll show you his true self. Whatever happens, he won’t be able to stop himself anymore.

*continues to drink*

Ruki then says that he needs more. If you thought that this amount of blood could make him full, you’re wrong. He wants more. Ruki breathes deeply, says, “Call out….my name…..call out to it. Call out to me, strongly, and wish for your desires. If you do so, I’ll give you my fangs that you love so much.” Ruki continues to drink and suck more out of you, and says that he feels reborn, because of your blood.

“Until morning comes, let your soul….be taken away, so that I’ll be able to take that blood of yours. Your mine, forever.” he says. Ruki then asks what you really want right now. You tell him what you want, and he asks, “You…want my lips? How plain you are.” He kisses you on the lips, and it goes on for a while. He then talks about how interesting humans are, and then says that it isn’t over yet. Ruki kisses you again.

“Say suck me more and kiss me master, and until you do it with a smile, I will continue to suck from you like that. You should have been prepared long ago. The night is still far from over.” he says. However, Ruki rethinks this, and says that you can’t leave this place anymore. It doesn’t matter if the night ends anyway. You’ll continue to live in darkness forever. Isn’t that right?

Ruki then asks you to show the deeper side of you, and he’ll take all of it in. In fact, aren’t his special livestock? He laughs, and says that he loves a human’s longing. He’s pleased that he’s you’re acknowledging him now, Your desires, your blood, have let Ruki to wonder who’s the true master now? It’s strange how your blood has made him that way. It’s the truth, and no lies can come from it.

“Come….and offer me more, and more, or your blood. The blood deep inside your blood. I’ll give you love, and you’ll forever, and ever feel my fangs only……”

Ruki drinks more from you, and the music slowly fades away as the track ends.

Do-M Thoughts

I TELL YOU THAT ACTUALLY FELT REAL. I was re-listening to the whole drama cd carefully while making this post, and wow, I seriously felt Ruki. I really understood his character, and his feelings.  ALSO, I FELT THAT SAKURAI’S SUCKING SOUND WE NICE. YES THEY WERE. It’s a little rough here and there, but I really like it. A LOT. ALSO. THE BREATHING. THE BREATHING DAMMIT OMG I HAVE NEVER FELT THAT BEFORE. OH GOSH. Okay I’m really going crazy over Ruki dammit. From the drama cd, I really caught Ruki’s feelings of wanting someone. It’s a little scary, but it’s actually quite interesting. At the end of the writing the review was seriously red all over man, and the cd left me ィェィ♪(v〃∇〃)ハ(〃∇〃v)ィェィ♪  and イエーイ(∇≦d)(b≧∇) イエーイ yeah somewhere along those lines. Also, he may sound like Mejojo but Ruki’s really gentle okay. Yeah that’s all I have to say about this drama cd.

Also, I hope that didn’t scare the hell outta anyone, since I wrote it in a story telling way, as if serious sent chills down me when I re-read it. If anybody doesn’t like this writing style, just put your complaints all over the thing. Also, I did the summary word-for word of everything he did. Seriously. That’s why I felt so awkward listening to it dammit. Well that’s Ruki’s summary for you, do look out for more in the near future.

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