BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Rath Vogart

Rath is a young wolf of his race, and he has silver hair, AND FRICKIN FLUFFY EARS I WANNA TOUCH THANKS TO MY BIASNESS. Also he has a eye patch on his left eye thanks to Zodiva infecting him and that eye has lost it’s sight. He barely talks to anyone, since he isn’t able to trust anyone at all because he thinks that he’ll be rejected as a wolf. He tends to show his feelings through his actions, and he can never explain them properly. 

This post is only about the wolves, and Rath’s personal events. If you need the main plot, you can refer to Mejojo’s post.

The neko twins decide to bring Fiona out to one of the wolf hunts they were having, and they cornered Rath. As the knights are about to attack Rath, Fiona screams and tells everyone to stop. She tries to jump off the horse, but Auger suddenly appears, saying that it’s dangerous. Fiona wants to complain, but before she could do anything, a wave of arrows are shot at Rath. This causes to Rath to scream in pain. Auger’s like “lol okay too bad you’re too late” and goes towards Rath. Rath collapses, and continues calling out his brother’s name, saying that he needs to kill. Auger goes to him, and goes “LOL YOU’RE THE ONE THAT’S GONNA BE KILLED” and stabs him. Mejojo decides to capture him, and Fiona faints in shock.

After Mejojo strangles her, Fiona faints and she dreams of herself inside a forest. She hears the rustling of a bush, and wonders who is hiding there. She believes that it was the wolf she saw at the wolf hunt, the wolf with sadness in his eye. He was captured by the twins, and was stuck in the palace, and she wonders if he managed to make it out of the castle. Suddenly, she sees him in the bushes, and asks him to wait, as he runs away. Fiona chases after him, running through all the bushes. She has no idea why she’s chasing after him, but she believes that she shouldn’t lose sight of him. Rath turns around, and looks at her bluntly. The eyes were a beautiful blue, but she just feels…..sad.

Those eyes of his were extremely painful, and she didn’t understand why. Rath continues to remain silent, and turns around to continue running off. He continues to do this as Fiona continues to chase him, but she isn’t able to catch up to him. However, Fiona’s too tired, and ends up stopping to catch her breath. Suddenly, she hears someone asking her what she wants with him. It’s Rath. He was standing a distance away from her, and Fiona didn’t want to approach him. She knew that if she went closer, Rath would run off again. Rath then says that wolves and humans can’t be friends. The saga which has happened could not change any longer, and nothing she did will change the war which was going on.

Rath 4She didn’t really know Rath at all, but that eye of his told her everything. He then tells Fiona not to come any closer, or else she would be killed. However, in her mind, Fiona wants to know what Rath was trying to tell her. Suddenly, he starts disappearing, starting from his legs. Fiona wonders if her dream was to end here, or that she realised that this was a dream. Since the dream was ending, Fiona holds out her hand to try and touch Rath’s. Since it was just a dream, she had to wake up soon, and let Rath out of her dream. She looks back at the forest, but Rath’s gone, and she soon wakes up. In her room in the garden, the first thing she remembers from the dream was Rath’s cold blue eye. Had she fallen in love with him? She didn’t know, but she was hoping to meet him again, someday.

She then finds Nesso & Zara inside her room. There, they propose that Fiona escapes with them, and they decide to use the underground sewers to get out of the palace. They get ambushed though, and they make it out alive thanks to Nesso’s sword skills. Soon, Fiona gets fever, and they rest inside a mountain hut Nesso & Julian found. Zara then tells them some info about Zodiva, and Fiona says that they should try talking to the wolves. They end up going there, and after learning about what happened to the wolves, Fiona decides to live together with the wolves.

Upon hearing that, Arles gives a look of disapproval. Fiona then explains that she grew up not knowing about how bad a condition the wolves were in. She was always living inside the tower, and when she was taken to the palace where the twins brought to a wolf hunt. As she saw Rath almost being killed, she wanted to hide away. Arles then says that they’re attacking humans as well, so they don’t need her sympathy. It wasn’t clear whether which party was right, the twins, or the wolves. Mejojo & Auger were harming the wolves and killing all of them, but the wolves were attacking humans as well. She then tells him that she saw one of the villages the wolves attacked. When she saw the village, ruined with no one around, she was terrified by them.

Arles then asks if after that she was still willing to live together with the wolves, since she was a human as well. Arles didn’t want just sympathy from Fiona as a reason why she wanted to stay with the wolves. Since Fiona knew the truth about the wolves, whether they had hurt others or not, she still wanted to live with them. With that resolution, she looks straight at Arles, and tells him that she’s a Lobeira, and she could cure all the wolves. If the wolves were cured, they didn’t need to attack villages anymore. Arles gets surprised, and asks her if she’s sacrificing herself to save the wolves. She then tells him that, although it would take a long time to cure all the wolves, over time, she would be able to with her blood. Because of that, they didn’t need to attack anymore villages or towns.

If they didn’t attack towns or villages anymore, Mejojo & Auger wouldn’t have an excuse to attack the wolves anymore. Arles then corrects her by saying that she sacrificing her self to the wolves in order to save the people of Weblin. Fiona’s shocked that it can be meant in that way, and Arles adds that it’s a beautiful sacrifice. If Fiona stops the wolves from attacking people, the wolves would not be attacked, and they would not attack anyone. Fiona then says that if the wolves continue to oppose the twins while still carrying Zodiva, the  twins would definitely come after them. Even if they kill all the other races in the country, the wolves would still die because of Zodiva. She then says that she wants to live together with the wolves because she wants them to live. Arles then falls silent, thinking about the merits and demerits of her stay there.

Fiona doesn’t say anything either, but she’s decided to stay with the wolves, and save them. She’s never been happy as a Lobeira, since she was beridden and could never come out of the house. However, she was glad that she was one now, as she could save the wolves using her blood. After some thinking and looking at Fiona’s straight face, Arles sighs, and says, “Fine. I’ll let you live together with our pack.” Fiona thanks him, and Arles asks her if it’s really okay for her to stay with them, since she had to part from her family. Fiona nods and smiles, but inside, she feels a little sad that she has  to part with her family. Seeing how determined she is, Arles welcomes her into his family. He then holds out his hand for her, and Fiona takes it and smiles at him. From that day onwards, Fiona was part of the family of wolves, although she wasn’t like them in terms of appearance.

She couldn’t sleep, as she didn’t know how to explain to Nesso & Zara about her living together with the wolves. After washing her face, she goes and sees Nesso, Zara & Julian. Zara is surprised about how early Fiona was up, and Nesso asks where she went. Julian then warns her telling her that even though Arles has allowed them to stay there, there could be wolves who still could attack her. Seeing how worried they were, Fiona apologises to them. It was really going to be hard to tell them about her decision. Nesso notices her expression, and asks if anything was wrong. Fiona starts crying, thinking about how she’s going to say goodbye to everyone. She couldn’t bring herself to tell them.

Nesso then asks if she has made her decision, and asks if she wants to stay inside this country. This surprises her, as well as Zara & Julian, but Nesso just tells them to let her speak. Fiona’s voice trembles, and tells them that she wants to stay at Zanan. (okay I went back and found out the name of the castle because of the wolves xDDD) This shocks the whole group, and Zara asks her why she wanted to do that. She could be attacked by Mejojo, and even get infected by Zodiva here. Why would she do that? Fiona’s surprised by Zara’s tone, as he was raising his voice in a while. She then thinks about how she’s making him upset, since she still wanted to stay in danger after they got her out of it.

Nesso then says that he doesn’t agree with her decision as well. He then says that she’s just confused by all the things that were happening to her, so she thought of staying together with the wolves randomly. Fiona denies what he says, and tells him that she’s serious. Nesso was using a gentle voice, as if he was trying to convince a child, but this wasn’t one of her selfish requests. It’s what she had decided on. More tears well up in her eyes, and she feels more childish. She then tells that that she’s not kind at all, because after they took the trouble to rescue her she wants to stay in Zanan. This causes Nesso & Zara to be even more surprised. Zara asks her why she’s doing this, and she says that she’s been protected by all of them all these years, and she wanted to do something for herself.

Zara then says that it’s not like she can’t do anything at all, and she being healthy is actually enough for all of them. They never ask her for any help, but she feels pathetic not being able to do anything at all. The fact that she’ll always be protected by the rest of he family just makes her even more sad. They keep telling her that her being there is enough to them, but to her, she wants to do more. She wants to have a proof of her living in this world. She knows she’s wasting her life, but since she’s a Lobeira, and she can save the wolves, she wanted to help them. Fiona apologises for being selfish again, and throwing a tantrum like back in the past. She had thought a lot about it, and now she was throwing out all her emotions.

After so much silence, Nessos says that she understands her feelings. Zara’s surprised by this, and Nesso adds that if she’s going to stay, he was going to stay with her. Zara & Julian also say that they’re going to stay. Fiona’s shocked by this, but she knew that this would happen since they were always so lenient to her. Fiona tells them to escape without her, but Nesso says firmly that ain’t going anywhere without her. Zara then asks how she’s going to save the wolves from Zodiva, and she tells him what she was going to do. However, Zara then asks her what she was going to do if she was infected herself. The medicine she was given could only oppress Zodiva, but it couldn’t cure her. They couldn’t just leave her there. Fiona tried to argue, but everything was retorted back at her, and she was at a loss for words. She couldn’t convince them to let her stay at Zanan by herself.

She knew that she might contract Zodiva, and decided that it’s better to face it, since she wasn’t going to live that long anyway. She didn’t catch any sickness because she was staying inside the tower, and she could die from a simple illness, she might as well die after helping the wolves. She couldn’t just tell her family that she wanted to die a useful death. She ends up begging them to leave Weblin, but Nesso refuses. He then says that it was either she left with them, or they stay here together with her. Fiona says that they’ll be in danger for living there, and she didn’t want to get involved. Fiona continues to ask them to leave, but Nesso & Zara just say no. When she tries to protest, Nesso just firmly says no, an Zara says that they just can’t leave her behind like that. She wonders what she should do next, since neither side would give up.

Suddenly, she hears some footsteps behind her, and sees Arles, asking why was it so noisy in the morning. Rath & Gullian were together with him, and he understands the situation thanks to their expressions. Arles plainly comments saying that their discussion doesn’t seem to go on very well, and Fiona looks down in sadness. She could convince Arles to let her into his pack, yet she couldn’t convince her family at all. Arles asks for Nesso & Zara’s opinion, and they say that if Fiona was going to stay there, they will have to stay as well. Arles bursts into laughter, which shocks everyone there. Gullian asks Arles not to laugh so suddenly cuz it was creepy, and Rath nods too. Nesso & Zara are shocked by this, but their expressions turn dangerous.

Nesso asks him why it was so amusing to him, and Arles says, “I’ve never heard of a bride who brings her butler and brother into her new family.” This causes Nesso, Zara & Fiona to widen their eyes in shock, as that line had totally nullified whatever they had to say earlier. Fiona knows that the “bride” Arles was talking about was her, since she was the only woman there. Arles then reminds Fiona that he promised to welcome her into her family. Nesso, Zara & Julian were all shocked by this, and Arles formally introduces Rath and Gullian properly to her. Both of them greet her, and she bows back at them, but she’s confused. Why did Arles introduce them to her at this timing. As she’s about to open her mouth to speak, Arles says, “They are your husband candidates. Pick the one you like.” ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/

Fiona smiles, and suddenly comes to a realisation. She then screams out, “HUSSBAND?” Arles then explains that by coming into his family, it meant entering the family through marriage. He had purposely picked the wolves who were close to her age to marry. Gullian and Rath are shocked by this as well, and Gullian says that he’s never heard of this at all, and Rath agrees. Arles then says that those 2 were already at the age to marry, and having a wife or two was alright, and Fiona says  that she won’t feel good if either one of them had a second wife. Arles asks Fiona if she had any questions, and she had a lot. The night before, he had promised let her enter the pack, but he never mentioned anything about marriage.

Nesso & Zara are already dumbfounded by the marriage, and Arles grabs her and whispers in her ear, “just pick one and this will be done and over with.” Fiona realises that Arles was trying to trick Nesso & Zara into leaving, but she still has doubts. She looks at Arles, and he smiles at her. Fiona picks Rath. This surprises Rath, as he never expected to be picked. He asks why she chose him, and she admits that she can’t seem to leave him alone. Rath then says how he doesn’t want to get married, and he didn’t even know her at all. He starts muttering about why he had to marry her, and if his brother was okay. She wonders if Rath really hates getting married, and directly asks him the same question. Rath just silently says that if she didn’t want to get torn to shreds, she should just pick someone else, and says that he’s completely against this idea. Despite what he said, Fiona is firm in picking Rath as her husband, and he plainly says that he’s doesn’t agree at all.

Since Nesso & Zara are totally against this, Arles tells him that they can do whatever they want. Fiona was now a part of the the wolves, and she had to go together with them. Arles then says if Nesso & Zara continue to stay there, they just had to relocate. He immediately signals to Rath to take care of her. He nods, and before Nesso & Zara can catch her, he drags Fiona onto his back. He asks her to hold on tight, he leaps and starts running towards to forest. She could hear the howling of the wolves, and sees a lot of them running outta the castle. Arles is in lead, and he leads the rest of the wolves out of the castle.

Rath then says that her family couldn’t stay in the castle any longer. Fiona has now become the wife of a wolf, and they’re kidnapping her outside. As she turns outside, she sees shadows at the castle entrance, and tears start to fall from her eyes. She aplogises to Nesso & Zara inside her heart, as she knew that she had hurt them through her actions. Fiona continues to cry, and she feels pathetic because of her actions. This was her own decision, and yet she was crying over it. Her tears drop onto Rath’s fur, and he must have realised it. However, Rath remains silent as he continues to run into the forest.

Soon, Fiona’s carried to a clearing in the forest, and Arles says that they could stay there for a while. Even if it rains, they could just find a cave to rest in, and all the wolves set off to look for a place to rest. Fiona gets upset again, since she chose to be here, and yet she couldn’t help at all. She realises that she was that weak, although she made this decision because she wanted to be stronger. Gullian comes by, and says that Fiona still looks rather sad. Fiona looks up and sees Gullian back in his human form, with Rath right behind him. She aplogises, and Gullian tells her not to do that cuz it looked like he was picking on her, and Rath adds that it’s the truth. This causes Gullian to get angry and asks Rath when did her bully Rath, and Rath only snorts. Fiona tells them to stop arguing because the argument was because of her. They had taken her along with them, and she feels depressed.

Rath understands this, and says that it’s natural to feel sad after parting with her family. Gullian asks whether it was true, and Arles, who just came by, tells Fiona not to expect Gullian to understand some feelings. She nods, and understands Gullians personality. She then widens her eyes, and Gullian asks what it is, she gets scared. Rath then says that it’s alright if she wants to say something, and Fiona asks what she should call them, telling them they could call her by her name. Gullian gets excited, and says that she can call him “Gullian-sama”, and Fiona repeats it. He nods, and Rath sighs, and Gullian asks him what was up with that look, and Rath says it’s nothing. Rath then says that Rath will be fine for him, and Arles does the same as well.

All 15Fiona says that she’s glad to meet everyone as well as “Gullian-sama”, which causes Gullian to turn silent. Rath sighs, and Gullian starts darting his eyes around, and Fiona asks “Gullian-sama” if anything was wrong. This causes him to get more awkward, and Rath chuckles beside him. Fiona finds Rath laughing extremely cute, as she’s never seen him laugh before as he was so cold. She doesn’t get why Gullian is angry, and he just orders her to drop the formalities since it was creeping him out. This causes Fiona to be confused, since he was the one who asked her to call him “Gullian-sama”. Arles then explains that Gullian has always wanted others to call him “Gullian-sama”, but no one does that around here, and Fiona was the first one to call him that. Gullian’s pretty embarrassed by this, and after Arles’ explanation, Gullian smiles, and that look really cute in her eyes. She used to think that the wolves were scary and terrifying but they’re just the same as other races, laughing and smiling like family. She knows that she work hard with the wolves from then on.

After living with the wolves in the forest for a while, Fiona has grown accustomed to this lifestyle, and many of the wolves of the wolves choose to stay in their wolf forms, except for Arles, Rath & Gullian. Fiona wonders if after the rest of the wolves are cured, they will turn back into their human forms. She remembered what Zara said about the wolves losing their human sense because of Zodiva, and how painful it was to watch their friends lose there human senses. Suddenly, she hears a low whine beside her, and she sees a small wolf beside her. The wolf brings it’s nose closer to her, and she knows this is a sign for a pat, like how Pearl & Richie did so. Because of this, Fiona recalls living in the tower together with them, which saddens her. She was also wondering how Nesso & Zara were doing. Were they still waiting for her to return to Zanan?

However, her thoughts are cut short by the wolf beside her, who whines again, and she asks if she could touch him. The wolf snorts, as if it was nodding, and she starts patting it. Suddenly, Arles comes by, and says that the small wolf seems to like her a lot. Rath also adds that it’s rare for a wolf to one someone else to touch it, and Gullian adds that it’s got a lot guts to ask a woman instead of him. Fiona greets them, while the wolf only bows and runs off. She comments about how the wolf ran away, and Arles asked if they were interrupting them. She says that they didn’t, and asked why they were here for. Arles then says that they won’t be able to camp in the clearing forever, and he received information from the wolf who was watching Zanan.

Fiona apologises to them since she caused them to move base for a while, and Gullian says that it’s okay for them. The wolves were strong enough to sleep outside, and the only problem was her, since she was a Lobeira. Arles explains that the wolves used to live in the forest like this, and they had no problem when it rained, but it was different for Fiona. She nods, but internally, she’s surprised that Rath & Gullian would actually care for her that much. Arles asks her what’s up with her dumb face, Fiona says that she’s happy that they’re showing so much care to her. He smiles, saying that it was obvious. She was part of their wolf family now, and Gullian adds that if Arles says that she was a friend, then he would take care of her. Rath continues to remain silently, but he nods strongly. This makes Fiona extremely happy, and she thanks them and asks them to continue.

They were waiting for Nesso & Zara to leave Zanan, and Arles tells her that both of them have given up. Julian had also left with them, as Zanan was completely empty. This makes Fiona feel sad, and Arles asks her if she’s regretting her decision. Fiona shakes her head, and just says that she feel a little lonely. She was the one who wanted to separate with her family, and the only thing she could do now is apologise to them in her heart, but she doesn’t think that it’ll reach them anymore. The wolves remain silent, until Arles reminds her that she made this decision, and he allowed her to enter his family as a wolf’s bride as he pats her head.

This shocks Fiona, as she thought that whole “bride” thing was just a cover her to get away from Nesso & Zara, but it was for real? Gullian and Rath then asks if she’s not happy with them. She denies it, and explains that she’s surprised by Arles’ words as she thought marriage was only just a cover. Arles smiles, and says that he has welcomed her as a new member of the family, and Rath says that the rest of the pack are also her family as well, and she needs to remember that. This brings warmth to her heart, and she feels happy and thanks them for accepting her into the family. She had thought of the possibility of where they would use her as a tool for them to cure themselves from Zodiva, but she was accepted by them. She’s really happy that she was accepted by them, and a part of their family.

Gullian then says they should probably wait until Nesso, Zara & Julian have literally vacated the castle, before returning back to Zanan. Arles agrees, as there might be a chance that they haven’t given up on Fiona, and they are just waiting there for her to return. They decide that they’ll keep watch on Fiona’s family until they cross the border, and they’ll be able to return to Zanan afterwards. She smiles and nods, praying that Nesso & Zara will be able to cross the border safely.

A few days later, the wolves who were keeping an eye on Nesso, Zara & Julian reported to Arles that the group has crossed the border, and the pack returns to Zanan. Upon reaching there, Gullian says that he feels at ease coming back to Zanan. Arles immediately returns to his study, and tells her that she’s free to use any of the empty rooms, and if she needed anything, she could just look for Gullian or Rath. Fiona thanks him, and he returns to his study silently. It seemed that he was going to lock himself there. Since Arles used to be a knight, Fiona can sense a noble aura around him, and it allowed him to lead the wolves extremely well. Suddenly, Gullian asks Fiona she’s admiring Arles so much, Fiona jumps and squeals, and he tells her to not make to make funny noises as it creeps him out.

They’re interrupted by Rath, who asks them to go over to his place, and they find a letter addressed to Fiona. Gullian comments that it was the place where her brother and Zara resting at before they left, as there was leftover soot made from the campfire. Rath hands the letter to Fiona, and she thanks him while opening it. In the letter, Nesso says that he knew that the wolves would come back to the castle, and thats the reason why he wrote this letter to her. He says that he’s really upset that she chose a different path from him, and he doesn’t have any idea on how to explain this to their father. However, he knew that she had made her decision, and says that she had to hold back a lot when she was a kid. Him & Zara think of this as her first and last rebellion, and they get really emotional about it. Nesso asks her that no matter how far apart she and her family are, they’ll always be wishing for her happiness. And if she ever wanted to run away, she could call him anytime, and he would come looking for her.

Fiona’s surprised that Nesso forgave her, since her actions were so selfish. She decided this for herself, and he still supported her, and was even willing to pick her up. She starts sobbing again, and gets upset as she misses Nesso & Zara already. She missed the people who always helped her, and she was the one who chose to leave all these kind people. Rath asks if she’s okay, she says that she was fine. She had realised how much she was loved, and Rath says that it’s true. Tears rolls down her cheeks, and suddenly, Gullian says that he smelled something something weird. Fiona goes closer to him, and realises that it was a very familiar smell. It smelled like the smell of the herbs which her attendant, Zara were near every day. Soon, they find a package and another letter.

This time, the letter is written by Zara. He knows that Nesso had already mentioned whatever he wanted to say, and he says that he has left a couple of medicines inside the package for her, which were made in a hurry. Fiona knew how effective Zara’s medicine was, and he adds in the letter saying that he’s made the medicine which could oppress Zodiva for her, and asks her to sue it if its necessary. He also says that he’s always wishing for her happiness, and that he’ll always be thinking of his beloved ojousama, no matter how far apart they are. Reading the letter, the package felt even more heavy. Wondering if the group had stayed behind to wait for Zara to finish the medicine for her, Fiona starts crying, with tears falling down her cheeks. Gullian says that he face looks extremely terrible, and Fiona just tells him to leave her alone.

She doesn’t regret staying at Zana together with the wolves, but the thought of being separated with her family just hurts her even more. Rath pats her back, telling her that everything would be alright, since she has them, and Gullian awkwardly ruffles her hair. The 2 wolves were really nice to her, but she’s just reminded of the kind people that she was separated from, and she continues to cry. Suddenly, Gullian realises something and changes into his wolf form. Fiona’s shocked, and asks what he’s going to do, and he simply says that he’s going to lick off her tears. Beside him, Rath was already quietly licking her tears, and Gullian rages cuz Rath was licking his property. Rath simply answers that Fiona isn’t his in the first place.

Fiona feels their tongues licking her again and again, and Rath tells her to forget everything, since she has them. They were her new family, and everything would be alright. Both of them were licking her over all O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪, and it felt extremely ticklish, and combined together with how tired she was, Fiona slowly falls asleep.

After a while of living in Zanan, Fiona gets over all the sadness inside her heart, and starts on the first thing she needs to do – giving her blood to the rest of the wolves. She wasn’t allowed to give too many wolves her blood all at the same time since Arles doesn’t want her to force herself too much. However, she didn’t know how much blood was needed to heal each wolf. Fiona remembers that Arles drank blood from Elvira, and Arles nods, saying that he gained the antibodies to fight the disease because of her blood. He also added that Elvira was a fragile girl in the past. However, Fiona didn’t know whether Elvira was a pure Lobeira or not, or she would have heard some lines from Zara about how Elvira took her medicines and everything.

Hearing that, Rath understands what type of a kid Fiona was, and sighs. Arles also said that even though he was engaged to Elvira, he didn’t wasn’t really sure whether Elvira was a pure Lobeira.He only knew that her body weak, Since Elvira & Fiona were both from the Galland family, so maybe all the daughters of the family were born with traits of a Lobeira. She then proceeds to ask Arles how much blood did he drink from Elvira, and Arles awkwardly saya that he would like to keep that a secret. Rath and Fiona pretty much knew that he drank quite a bit, and Arles ends up sighing, saying that he drank so much that it could have killed her. Fiona was dumbfounded, but Gullian just laughs and said that he had to take that amount of blood, or else, he wouldn’t have been cured of Zodiva.

Rath then reminds Gullian that Elvira might not have been a pure Lobeira, so much more blood must be needed from her. Therefore, Arles didn’t want to give so much of her blood away. She was a Lobeira, and they didn’t know what sickness she could contract from the wolves, so he didn’t want her to push herself that much. Fiona smiles and thanks him, and Arles tells her that she doesn’t have to thank him – it’s only obvious because they were a family. Rath then asks what they were going to do, and Gullian suggests that she should test out little by little. She could increase the amount of blood she gave the wolves until it worked, so that they could see how much was needed. Arles agrees, and tells Rath & Gullian that one of them would have to be on Fiona’s side when she gave her blood to the other wolves, just in case they went out of control.

Fiona also had to call one of them when she wanted to give the other wolves some blood, to keep herself safe. After the discussion, Fiona decided that she would give 5 wolves blood everyday. She needed to go find one of them to go along with her, and she decides to ask Rath. He was showing more and more expression with each passing day, and she wanted to see him smile. She wanted to know him better. She immediately goes and finds Rath, but he can’t seem to be found. She had checked a lot of places inside the castle, and there was no sight of him. Zanan was a big castle, so it definitely had a lot of rooms, but the only ones which were in use were pretty much Arles’ and her rooms. Rath & Gullian spent most of their time in the hallways, and she would often see them curling up in the hall. She was afraid that they would catch a cold, but Arles just told her to leave them alone.

Fiona wonders if Rath was outside, and she decides to get out of the castle to go and find him. They had told her that the forest was dangerous, so she was only allowed to search for him near the entrance of the castle. She then thinks about how Rath was a lone wolf. He was always alone, and whenever the other wolves were grouping together in the hall, he would stay outside, alone by himself. Sadly, Fiona couldn’t find Rath near the entrance at all, and stares at the deeper parts of the forest. She knew she wasn’t allowed to go in any deeper, but she wanted to find where Rath was. She runs in, and suddenly, an arm grabs her, and she screams. Turning around, Fiona realises it was only Rath. He asks what she was doing going into the forest.

Fiona heaves a sigh of relief, as she managed to find the person she was looking for, and says that Rath surprised her and where her went. Rath only frowns, and she regrets asking that question. She then says that she wanted to give her blood to the others, and she wanted Rath’s help. He then asks if his brother and Gullian weren’t at the castle, and Fiona says that it would be better if Rath was with her, so she went looking for him. He only replies with his usual “I see….” and Fiona falls silent. Silence falls between, and Fiona starts feeling awkward as there was always silence between them. She thought that she was starting to get along well with Rath, but it was only just lively when Arles & Gullian were around. It was just plain quite between the 2 of them.

Fiona tries to find something to say, but she doesn’t know of a topic where she could start on. There wasn’t much common between the 2 of them, and Fiona suddenly remembers something. Although it was late, she asked him if he his wounds were okay. Rath is confused by this, and she says that he was injured very heavily by the neko twins and was shot by quite a number of arrows, Rath nods and says that that was already in the past, and his wounds had already healed, and Fiona apologises, He asked why she was apologising, and she says that she said something in the past, and his wounds had already healed a long time ago. Rath smiles, and says that he’s pretty healthy, showing that he’s already healed.

He then explains that wolves are good in combat, and they wounds heal quickly in addition to that. Fiona the admits that she’s quite jealous of their ability to heal fast, as she wished that her illness could heal as fast as them. Rath also adds that it’s hard for the wolves to get sick, although they were suffering from Zodiva right now. Upon hearing that, Fiona’s eyes slide to his eyepatch, and calls his name seriously. She then asks him if he wants to drink her blood. Rath then asks why she wanted to do that, as giving the wolves who can’t turn into their hum an forms was the higher priority. Fiona then says that she wants to heal his left eye. She then says how beautiful his blue eye was, and that was what made her want to know him more, as it had always looked sad in her eyes.

He then tells Fiona that his eye was completely blind because of Zodiva, and it couldn’t reversed anymore. Even the blood of a Lobeira wouldn’t even work on healing his eye. Fiona finds it frustrating, since she can’t heal his eye at all, as she thought that she could help him. He assures her saying that she can definitely help the other wolves, and even Arles said that the hunger of the other wolves has gone down. However, Fiona says that she won’t be able to heal the one she wants to heal the most. She slowly slides her fingers to his eyepatch, and wishes that she could heal that grey eye of his. Suddenly, Rath asks if she wants to give it a try, whether her blood could heal him or not. She asks if he’s okay with that, and he says he’s fine with it. She holds out her finger to him and asks, “Please?”

Rath 6Rath laughs saying that he should be saying that line, and says that she’s weird. However, Fiona feels extremely happy being able to see him smile, as it was the first time he had smiled while they were together. She usually use a knife to make a few cuts all over her body, as the wolves would go out of control if they directly bit from her. Rath then says it’s going to hurt a little, and takes out a dagger, and pokes her fingertip. As a single drop of blood comes out of her fingertip, Rath lifts her hand towards his face, and starts licking the blood of her finger. Fiona gets surprised when he starts sucking her finger, but her heart is thumping fast and hard instead of feeling the pain. She starts panicking since most of the wolves were in their wolf forms when they took blood from her, and seeing Rath suck her blood in his human form was bad for her heart.

She feels chills running up he spine every time she felt Rath’s tongue lick her finger gently, and a moan comes out of her lips, making her embarrassed. Suddenly, Rath starts trembling, and he tells her to stay away. HE tries to move away as well, but his instincts just had his eyes fixed on Fiona. However, she tells him not to hold back himself, and its okay. Fiona herself was shivering, and yet, she didn’t feel scared at all. Because of that, Rath pushes her down, and he bites her neck and suck blood from there. Fiona squeals as she was surprised by the sudden attack, but she allows him to continue sucking her blood just like that. Rath continues to suck and lick the wound until the taste of blood wasn’t there anymore, and soon regains his senses.

Rath 7He aplogises to Fiona was doing such a cruel thing to her beautiful skin, and kisses the wound (ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\) . Rath blushes, saying how weak he was, but Fiona just told him that it couldn’t be helped, since he was a wolf. He kisses her neck again, but she just can’t seem to look him in the eye. Her face was red, and Rath asks if she wasn’t feeling well. She tells him that he didn’t take that much from her, since her face was that red. Fiona then asks about his left eye, and he takes off his eyepatch for her to check it. It didn’t work at all. It had remains grey, and she apologises. Rath then says it wasn’t her fault, and puts his eyepatch back on. He then holds out his hand for Fiona, and she thanks him inside her heart. He had already known that her blood wouldn’t be able to save his eye, but he did that so that it would make her happy. His kindness makes her feel much happier, and she takes his hand, and they walk out back to the castle like that.

However, the peaceful days don’t last long, as some of the wolves who went for patrol never came back, and everyone in the castle was restless. Rath volunteers to go outside and check out the situation, and transforms into wolf form, rushing off into the forest. Fiona asks if anything happened, and Gullian explains that if nothing had happened the wolves which went out for patrol should have come back. Arles then says that some of the wolves were  consumed by Zodiva and went out to attack villages, and could come back later, but this was not the case, as Fiona has been giving them her blood. Even if Zodiva wasn’t fully cured, the hunger of the wolves would have been suppressed. Arles keeps quiet after that, and Gullian says that it must be the “bastards of Weblin” who did it.

Fiona’s shocked, since they were living in peace, and not villages were fighting that wolves at all. She had prepared herself for this situation, but she had never though about it until the end. Arles the says, “They have finally come.” Fiona’s eyes widen in shock, as she knew who was coming was coming to attack Zanan – the Royal Army. Mejojo had become the king of Weblin, and he could call on a wolf hunt anytime he wanted to. Fiona hopes that the bad feeling of theirs to be wrong, and they continue to wait for Rath to come back. Hours later, Rath soon comes back to Zanan, and Gullian yells at him for being late, and he better have enough information for them. Rath explains that the royal army that was being led by the twins were in the nearby area.

Arles then asks if they know the location of Zanan yet, and Rath says that they haven’t, and they only know that there have been a lot of wolves spotted in the area. Arles says that they only have a little bit more of time, and Rath asks what he’s going to do. Fiona tenses up, and watches Arles intently for his reaction. Were they going to take on the royal army head on? Gullian says that he doesn’t mind taking on the royal army, and wants to wipe it out so that they won’t ever come and bother them again. It was a chance to get rid of Mejojo & Auger. Rath agrees, but Fiona is worried as the twins were up on the front line. They had also been doing things in the background, ordering their subjects around, and this time they were on the front line.

She didn’t want the wolves to get into danger, and wanted them to treasure their lives more than fighting, but running away would solve anything. The wolves would always be hunted by the cats unless they literally got rid of them. Even if they run away, they would be branded as traitors and the army would chase after them. She wonders what she should do so that the wolves can finally be peaceful, but if they didn’t get rid of the twins, that would never happen. Arles then calls her name, snapping her out of her thoughts, and she asks him what was it, Arles had a serious look on his face, and he says that he wants her to run before the royal army starts looking around the mountain. Surprised by this, she looks at Gullian & Rath in confusion. The two did not say anything, as they had no objection to Arles’ proposal.

Arles then says that he wants her to run away as they were going to fight the neko twins at the castle. It was going to be an all-out war, and he didn’t want her to get caught within the chaos. Fiona says that she wants to stay, and Arles asks her what she could do. She couldn’t fight, and she would just be a problem to them. Fiona argues saying that she could treat injuries, and Arles just laughs. He asks her if she could treat limbs that were ripped off, or stomach which were slit open, and Fiona just keeps silent. Arles didn’t want to blame her at all, so he had said it lightly, but it was the truth. This hurt Fiona quite a bit, and says that even though she can’t do anything, she wants to stay together with them until the end. She could bear to escape when everyone was there, fighting the army.

Fiona starts crying, as she knew she would be completely useless there. If she stayed, she would just be protected by Rath & Gullian. She couldn’t do anything for them, and the only way that she could help her family is to run away. She could only not drag them down by causing more trouble. If she was as strong as Nesso, she would have been able to fight together with them. If she knew medicine as well as Zara could have been able to help the injured. But, she couldn’t do anything. She apologises for being so useless, Arles sighs, and pats her head, telling her that she has done enough for them. While she was staying at Zanan, she had been giving her blood to any of the wolves, and most of them were almost healed. The amount of people that could fight had increased that to her.

Gullian also adds that she saved the ones who were almost dying, and Rath says that she has done well. He then takes her hands, and gently pats the scars that she made in order to give blood to the wolves. She never cut herself before, and yet she made so many scars on her hands because she wanted to help the wolves. Her hands used to be soft and smooth, liek any noble’s hands would be like, but they were now roughed, and they had so many scars. Arles smiles, telling her that she’s done well as a member of their family, and Fiona wonders if that was really true, as she was running away as they were fighting to the death, and they were still thinking of her as their family. Fiona then asks if she could be called a wolf. She didn’t have any features of a wolf, neither she was strong either, but she wanted to be one.

Arles smiles, and tells her, “Of course….You part of our family, a proud member of the wolves.” Fiona then cries, and Gullian calls her a crybaby, while Rath continues to remain silent. Arles pulls Fiona into his arms, and Gullian tells Fiona to stop being a crybaby while ruffling her hair, and Rath pats her back. Arles then says that he has one more request for Fiona, as they might die in the battle. They not obviously planning to die in the battle that was coming towards them, but it might happen. Fiona nods, but internally, she doesn’t want to think of that possibility at all. She just wanted to think that they would definitely survive, but she couldn’t Arles continues by saying that if it really happened, she would be the only one who knew about this, the saga of the wolves. If the wolves died, the twins would probably put up another lie to the public, but they didn’t want that to happen.

Therefore, Fiona’s mission, after leaving Zanan, was to tell the story of the wolves to the people in Weblin. They didn’t want another incident like the one which happened 10 years ago to happen again. The sags of the wolves, which was covered by a curse, Zodiva. Gullian then asks her to tell everyone about how cool he was, and Arles entrusts the wolf’s history to her. Being a human who joined the wolves, she was the only one who knows the truth. The people of Weblin knew the wolves as creatures that would attack villages, killing people, and bringing destruction to Weblin. They spread Zodiva, and they deserved to be killed. However, Fiona knew the truth, about how they thought, and how they lived, and she was the one who was going to pass on the truth of the wolves to everyone. She knows the she’s the only one who can do it, but she wants them to promise something. That they won’t die.

Arles, Rath & Gullian smile, and they promise that they won’t. They had made their promise, and it was now time for her to run. Rath then tells Arles that some of the wolves couldn’t fight, and asks if they should run away together with Fiona. Arles then says if he could leave those who were still sick in her hands, and Fiona nods. Arles knew that Fiona couldn’t run away on her own, so he entrusted some of the wolves with her. She needed a guide. She had been living under shelter for ages, and she’s always been saved by others, so she didn’t know her way through the forest. He then says that they have a lot of preparations they had to attend to, and she also had to prepare for her departure from Zanan. Fiona nods, and it was confirmed that she was going to run away.

Fiona goes back to her room and starts packing up her things, and they were quite little. It was only a change of clothes, and the medicine Zara had given her. Suddenly, she hears a knock from the door, and she believes it’s Rath. Opening the door, she realises it’s really him, and he asks if she had the time, as he wanted to say something to her. Fiona feels a little scared by this, as she was going to leave Zanan soon, so this was pretty much farewell. She invites him to sit down, and she sits as well, and silences flows in between them. Fiona thinks about how Rath barely talked, so he might have a problem trying to say something to her. She wonders if she could starts the conversation first, but this soon ends up with them talking at the same time.

Fiona apologises, and tells Rath to start the conversation, and he does so after apologising to her as well. He starts and mentions about what he wants to ask, but he becomes silent again, and Fiona waits for him to continue. He then adds, “If this battle ends.” Fiona notices that Rath seemed quite nervous as he tries to tell her that, and patiently waits for him to continue. His sentences were quite short, and he adds, “Can I…come and pick you up?” Fiona’s surprised by this, as never thought that Rath would actually say that to her. He then asks if she not happy about it, and Fiona denies it, while saying that she’s quite happy that he would do that. Rash closes his eyes upon seeing how happy Fiona looks, and her heart pounds so hard that hurts.

Fiona then admits that Rath has been in her mind ever since she met him. Rath is confused by this, and she tells him about that time where they first met during the wolf hunt. Since the time where their eyes met, he’s always been on her mind. She’s always been told that wolves were terrifying creatures and she shouldn’t go near them, but his eyes felt…sad. Rath also admits that he used to hate the people of Weblin. He hated the people who hated, killed, hunted the wolves. Because of that, he never trusted anyone. Fiona finally understands the sadness in his eye, and it was all because of the hatred to the wolves. If he didn’t make that decision, he might have trusted people, and he could have been deceived. He wanted to believe, but he couldn’t. She then asks if he still hates them.

Rath 8Rath then tells her what he wanted to tell her. He hated the people of Weblin, and believed that they could never come to an understanding. However, even though Fiona was human, she had come to them, and tried to understand, and he was happy that he could believe her. Rath looks straight at Fiona, and she still sees that deep sadness in his blue eye. However, that eye had a colour of determination, and she says that she’s happy that he believes in her. Rath nods, and she thanks him. When this battle ends. That was their hope for the future. They talk about a lot things, and someone comes by to inform that the preparations were done.

Fiona was called to the hall, and finds a bundle there. It looked like it could fit a person, and there was something inside. Fiona hoped that her eyes were playing tricks on her, as she feels that the thing inside the bundle could be a corpse. The surprises didn’t end there, as Arles asks her to take off her clothes. Then, she hears Gullian chanting, “Strip! Strip!” ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ ワーイ, and she asks him to shut up. She turns to Arles, and asks him what was going on. He then says that he wasn’t asking for her to strip right there, and calls for Rath. Rath comes by with a change of clothes for her. He then tells her to change into those clothes, and give her original clothing to them. She doesn’t mind at all, and takes the clothes, buts he was confused by what they were doing. Somehow, the bundle which was there didn’t really feel very good to her.

Fiona keeps looking at the bundle, and her prediction is proven true when they open it up – there’s a corpse inside. They had dug out a corpse of a girl around her age, who died from Zodiva. Fiona finds this scary, and doesn’t look at it, while asking what they were planning to do. Rath then explains that they’ll put her dress on the corpse, and bury her nearby, and Gullian says that it will make it look like Fiona’s dead, so that Mejojo would have to give up on her. She then realises that the wolves are trying to fake her death, and she knew that Mejojo won’t be as crazy to go and search for a dead person. Suddenly, she realises: what happened to the corpse’s clothes. Looking at the clothes in her hands, she looks back at the corpse. She looks at Arles for an answer, Gullian then says that it must be changing clothes with a corpse, and Fiona is horrified. She didn’t want to wear a corpse’s clothes.

Tears were about to fall from her eyes when Arles hits Gullian on the head, telling him to say such stupid things. Rath asks Fiona not to worry, as the clothes were specially prepared by them. Fiona heaves a sigh of relief, but Gullian says that it should okay to take off clothes from a corpse, and Fiona ignores him. She goes and changes her clothes, and and passes her dress to Rath, where they go dress the corpse away from her sight. Preparations were complete, and she was ready to do. Arles then asks her to follow the wolves, as they knew the way to her destination. There were 10 wolves who were going to run away from her, and although they couldn’t fight, they could still live a good life. Rath asks her to be careful, and she says that’s supposed to be her line. She asks them not to die, and Arles nods, which showed their farewell. A battle was about to take place at the same area, and Fiona asks the wolves to move out, with determination in her eyes.

The wolves knew where they were supposed to be headed towards, and Fiona follows their lead. She thinks about everyone’s safety inside the castle, and she wished that she could talk to someone, as it would get that matter off her head. She then thinks about how she needs to heal the 10 wolves her by giving them her blood. While she’s thinking, the wolf in front of her suddenly stops. She asks if anything was wrong, and suddenly, the wolves around her start growling. Fiona wonders if someone was approaching them, and hears some tiny footsteps, and she knew who those footsteps belonged to. The CCK. Suddenly, the mice call out to Auger, saying that they’ve found the enemy. They say that they won’t let the enemies get away, and suddenly, Auger appears. Auger cheerfully thanks Fiona for being there, as he was doing a hunt for the remaining wolves, and he admits that he thought she had left with Nesso. He didn’t expect her to be with the wolves. Okay I get it Auger. Now get outta my sight.

Auger asks what she’s doing, but she slowly steps back, a way from him. Auger the continues by saying that they haven’t met for a long time, and they should have a chat, as he was really curious about what she was doing. Fiona remains silent, and Auger says that it seemed that Fiona didn’t want to talk to him. He then says that he’ll just have to kill the wolves around her first, and then drag the truth out from her. Auger orders the knights around them to kill the wolves, and Fiona watches them, horrified, as the knights kill the wolves around her one by one. The wolves leap back to attack them as well, however they soon retreat as they didn’t have the power to fight back. Fiona yells at the knights to stop, but the knights continue slashing the wolves without giving a care. Auger then says that he was getting rid of the trash, and wonders if she joined the trash as well.

Auger draws his rapier, and is about to attack her, when she hears a voice call out to her, “Over here!” Fiona sees Rath, and before she knows it he drags her into a bush, telling her that they’re leaving. Auger then asks if they’re playing chase, and says that he doesn’t mind and goes after them. Fiona can tell that they’re being chased by Auger, and Rath drags her around random turns to confuse Auger. Fiona’ heart starts to hurt, and she doesn’t know whether it was because of the fear she was experiencing or the running . Her heart hurts lot, but she know that she can’t stop running, as they would be killed if they stopped. Rath is shocked when he sees Fiona panting, and Fiona can just hear Auger laughing behind them. Rath tells her to do her best, and Auger’s like “ENTERTAIN ME WOMAN HAHAHAHAHA” (yeah that kinda what he said.)

Rath 10Soon, Rath & Fiona run to a cliff, and there was nowhere to hide anymore. Rath wants to return to the forest, but the knights had them surrounded, and they couldn’t run. Fiona wonders what they should do now, as they were surrounded, and more knights were coming out of the forest. Soon, Auger arrives as well, and he says how interesting it was as it was like the time during the wolf hunt. He tells Rath to learn from his mistake, and Fiona realises it was so similar to the time where she was taken out to a wolf hunt. This time, she was the one being hunted. Fiona tries not to scream out, and asks why Rath was here. He then tells her that the wolves were trapped, since the royal army had separated into 2 groups, and Auger was leading the group which was responsible for taking out the wolves who escaped. Arles told Rath to run, and thats how he ended up here.

However, the 2 weren’t in a very good position, at the end of a cliff. Auger orders the knights to prepare their bows, and they were going to capture Rath and Fiona when they couldn’t move. Fiona squeezes Rath’s hand, and he returns it by squeezing hers. This was the only thing Fiona could only keep calm with. She wonders what should she do now, as this situation was the same as the wolf hunt. That time, Rath was shot with arrows, and he collapsed. Rath grips his teeth, and the knights were attaching the bows to their bowstrings. Auger orders them to fire, and Rath says that they should go. The arrows are released, but before Fiona knew what was going on, Rath pulls her and they jump off the cliff. Auger is surprised by this, and asks if they’re committing double suicide, and Rath says that he doesn’t mind that as well.

Rath 12The wind was howling in their years, and they continue to squeeze each other’s hands as they fall. Fiona wonders if they were going to survive this fall, and tightly holds Rath’s hand. When she looks at him, he gives her a smile, a smile that she’s never seen before. She really liked that smile, and they continue to fall. They continue to fall, and it felt endless, and the end of it felt like paradise. She calls Rath’s name, and everything goes black.

She then hears Rat’s voice calling out to her, asking her to get up. When she wakes up, Fiona sees the blue sky, together with a beautiful eye, which was Rath’s. He’s relieved that she’s alive, and gives her some water to drink. They had survived miraculously, probably because the trees saved their fall. After Fiona finished drinking the water, he tells her that they need to run, as Auger and the army would come down here to chase after them. Fiona asks about what was going to happen to Arles & Gullian, and he says that he didn’t know what was going to happen to them, but he tells Fiona, “Let’s run.”  Fiona’s shocked about what he said and asks about the other wolves, and asks him not to give up. She wanted to ask him to go and help the other wolves, but before she could say anything, she sees tears flowing out of his eye.

Fiona then realises it was more painful for Rath, as Arles was his brother. Rath then says that he’s been running away from Weblin from the past 10 years, and he has been hunted & abused by the other races. All his friends died before he even met Arles. He suffered so much, but yet……he survived. He continues to cry as he thought about why he survived. He was extremely happy when he met his brother, but he still couldn’t forget the time when he was still alone. Fiona starts crying as well, and he tells her, “That’s why….I believe my brother is still alive. He’s strong, so it’s okay for us to continue living.” Fiona nods. Rath has been alone for so long, and it was a awful time for him. He then says, “That’s why….we must tell others about the truth of the wolves. If there was a meaning in our lives, it would have to be…..telling the saga of the wolves. That’s why…we must live.”

They had to spread the truth of the wolves to others. They had to. Fiona rubs her eyes to stop her tears, and takes Rath’s hand which he held out for her. Rath then tells her, “Let’s go.” To where? To the future of them telling the truth. Together, joining their hands.

rose divider


After leaving Zanan, Fiona is taken to cave where they live a simple life waiting for Arles, Rath & Gullian to come back. Fiona had given those wolves the blood, and the wolves had recovered in no time. While the wolves were out hunting for food, Fiona helps out by taking care of the kids and doing weaving. The wolves were all living together as a family, and Fiona believes that this was what Arles was wishing for. then a wolf girl comes by, asking her if she could tell them a story about Arles, while a wolf boy beside her asks if he could hear stories of Rath. When Fiona asks why they don’t want to listen to stories of Gullian, they say his stories are extremely scary. Then, the children’s mom ask them to not to disturb her while she was weaving, and they kids say that they ain’t disturbing her. Fiona then says it’s not a bother as well,

However,s something unexpected happens. Fiona starts coughing, and the kids ask Fiona to rest, as they were going to play outside. She nods and apologises to them. Fiona caught Zodiva. After giving the wolves her blood, she had caught Zodiva. She had been drinking the medicine Zara gave her, but it could no longer suppress the disease. Black specks had appeared on her arms, and she knew couldn’t live much longer. The wolves did a lot of things to try and save her, like drinking her own blood, and drinking the cured wolves blood. But, they all didn’t work. This was hard for the wolves to accept, as she was the one who cured all of them from Zodiva, and yet she caught Zodiva herself. Remembering how they cried and begged her to continue living, Fiona’s heart is filled with warmth. She was glad. Glad that she had caught Zodiva after saving anyone.

Rath 13She felt extremely happy, but she wanted to wait until Rath came back. He promised to pick her up, and believed that he was still alive. If he came back and realised that she was gone, the sadness would return to his beautiful blue eye again. Fiona didn’t want to lose to Zodiva until Rath came back, as she wanted to heal his sadness. Suddenly, her eyes feel heavy, and her whole body felt hot. A wolf woman realises she has a very high fever, and asks her not to force herself and lie down. She wonders why was the surroundings around her so noisy, and maybe someone came to see them? She looks at the entrance of the cave, and sees someone standing there. Rath. He tells her that he’s home, and she smiles, repeated calling out his name in her mind. Rath had returned. She was waiting for him for such a long time. If she was gone, he would be sad again, right? He never told her anything, but she’s okay with it as long he was back. Fiona tells him that she’s been properly waiting for him. She wanted to know more about him, and stands up to welcome him back. She tells him that she wants to talk about a lot of things with him, and he smiles, telling her he wants to do so as well.

Suddenly, the world was overwhelmed with a golden light, that bursts beautifully.

flower dividerLET ME SWIM IN MY OWN POOL OF TEARS NOW. YES LET ME DO SO. What a depressing route, really. I thought that Rath’s endings would be as pleasant as the other characters, but it seems I was wrong. <(T◇T)>わぁああああ!Rath barely talked thought, but his character development was good for his endings.Also this route felt extremely short, BUT THE DETAILED REVIEW WAS SO LONG. WOW. Really now I’m actually looking forward to playing his route in Last Hope. I am, really. However, I still feel quite puzzled about his bad end, as I’m not sure what actually happened. In my opinion, Rath died, and Fiona saw him at her last moments, or it is something else? I really don’t know at all. Well, I hope those 2 get their happiness, that’s the most important thing.

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