Hakuouki ~Remeiroku Nagrorigusa~

So this the prelude of  the original Hakuouki, and shows the events of what happened before Chizuru came to the Shinsengumi and you play as a guy name Ryunosuke who ended up the Roshigumi (thats what they were called before they turned into shinsengumi) because of a guy named Serizawa. Okay this game is plain LONG so if you’re not the type who likes to sit down and for more than 10 hours then don’t play it. It’s a standalone game so you can consider not playing this one. So the hero Ryunouske is almost gonna die in a forest one day after some ronin stole his money and Serizawa saves him. He ends up being brought back to the Roshigumi and becomes Serizawa’s servant. I think it was sth like that. Cuz I only went through the beginning once. This story actually brings out a few points which cause all the members to become what they were in the original game, and it is upsetting at times.  Our hero, Ryuunouske is a big shit and he left his house one day cuz after his dad died and his mom refused to work becuz of her ‘pride’ so he got angry and left home. Obviously he didn’t carry much money with him and ended up getting robbed by ronin and saved by Serizawa. Too bad, Ryu isn’t such a good talker in this and he ends up getting slapped by Kosuzu and getting hit by guys for his bad words. Also, he can’t sword fight even if you paid him to, cuz he hates samurais and doesn’t want to be one of them. So, basically, he has a sword but doesn’t fight. This sounds like Chizuru. I’m pretty much fed up with Otomate’s heros/heroines so don’t blame my rambling about this.

Honestly I had a writer’s block writing this cuz I didn’t want it to become a tl;dr post that no one wants to read at all, as my Toki no Kizuna preview was pretty turned off due to the words. Either way let’s get on with the review, and hope this doesn’t turn into a tl;dr post. Well if you are a fan of the series, and you want to truly understand this game and whats happening since this is a summary, you can go to tokio-fujita-san’s livejournal for the translation, and it’s very detailed and accurate. Also, I well be skipping the summaries all to Chapter 4, so if I miss out any details and happenings, it’s up here. It consists of all the major/minor happenings in the game for the first 3 Chapters. 

Chapter 1: Meeting with all the Shinsemgumi members, and when Ryu is first at the place, where things are pretty, rough, with Serizawa bitching about and some people being cold with him. Also talks about the crazy incident which happens which caused Hijikata and Souji to have a grudge against Serizawa (¬_¬)

Chapter 2: Souji’s first kill, Bloody Shinpachi & Saito. Kosuzu incident happens here as well, and they daily happenings at mealtime.

Chapter 3: Some perfomance (basically swordfighting) for the Aizu, Shinsengumi first introduction to Ochimizu, and crazy Rasetsu runs around the place. Heisuke’s first kill takes place here. The addition of new members is here too, where Yamazaki and Kai are introduced. At ending, story will flow out according to how much friendship you have gained with the certain guy and whether u choose to go to Osaka or not.

Hijikata Toshizou 

Hijikata01Basically Hijikata’s route revolves around how annoying Serizawa is to them and make everyone annoyed and angry. Idk how did Hijikata even come to trusting Ryunosuke in the first place. Hijikata and Serizawa are like ultimate enemies towards each other so things can get rlly violent between them. The meeting with Hijikata was when he was arguing with Serizawa and requesting him to stop going to the red-light district (they looked like they were going to claw each other’s eyes out honestly) and Serizawa almost hits Hijikata with his metal fan. Hijikata’s like “lol nope I wasnt wrong friend you shouldn’t be doing this” and just stares angrily at him. Eitherways I got quite fed with trying of thinking of a method to even explain this route, so I’ll dive straight into Chapter 4. Hijikata has this grudge against Serizawa since the day where Serizawa burned some random bonfire since he was angry that Kondou didn’t book him room and Kondou had to kneel in front of him as well, the both of them had been at each other’s throats. (Souji as well, but in a different way. I’ll explain more on that part later.) Since then, he’s decided to bring Kondou up to the top of the Shinsengumi. So one day they’re talking and stuff and then Serizawa tells Hijikata “to become an oni”. he pretty much like “wha?” and Serizawa starts yelling at him telling that if he can’t do that he won’t be able to achieve his dream of bringing Kondou to the top. This is one of the reasons why he became the “Demon vice-commander” in the 1st game, and ended up being so serious and getting angry very easily.

Hijikata05Tbh, this route mainly focuses on Yamazaki together with Ryu helping Hijikata out a lot, and Ryu’s not exactly bonding with Hijikata at all I guess But anyways, Yamazaki, being one of the new recruits to the Shinsengumi, he comes by and asks Ryu why the hell he’s actually there in the first place when he’s not even a soldier. Ryu’s like “I’ve got no choice okay Serizawa’s making me his servant” and they end up being appointed as inspectors for Hijikata, which gives the more bro time 🙂 This time, Hijikata decides not to rely on Serizawa in terms of getting funds, and manages to get some work from some Sumo wrestling people. Well this was after they were actually introduced to the Rasetsu, and Hijikata always had to clear the Rasetsu up when Sannan and Nimii decided to experiment on a human. Either way, we don’t get Hijikata bromance, we get Yamazaki and Ryu Bromance. They end up getting angry at each other and they started fighting, which caused them to get bruises all over them. Soon, they settle by a river, and Yamazaki tells Ryu about what Hijikata said to him. “You will be taken in as a samurai, no matter where you will come from.” (I guess they just wanted skilled ppl to join them so that’s why? Also, for those who don’t exactly know their Japanese history, samurais were the highest classes in old Japan.) Soon, Yamazaki also tells Ryu about Hijikata’s past, so we’ll get a little backstory about Hijikata and stuff.

Hijikata10Hijikata’s pretty much the youngest son of his family of farmers, and the youngest son always doesn’t get anything back in those days in Asia. So, he decided to go and find some work for himself. Since his sis was the closest to him , he managed to get to know Kondou through his sis’s husband. Apparently he admired Kondou for being a farmer’s son, and yet he could become a samurai, therefore, he joined the dojo. Sadly, Hijikata was always discriminated & hated by the other students at the dojo cuz he always goes around fighting ppl and forcing them to buy his medicine. (Either way I feel that’s kinda bad in the first place. (¬、¬) ) Skip to a few years later where all the historical bishies are at Sheikan freeloading there thanks to Kondou’s kindness. A lot of students at the dojo had asked to leave cuz they didn’t want to learn there anymore so they don’t have the cash to support everyone. Kondou was nominated as an instructor to teach the Shogun’s army, but was rejected. Kondou gets all depressed, and ended up saying how he’s useless and everything. thanks to Hijikata yelling at him to stop being all negative, Kondou’s okay, but from then on, Hijikata made sure that Kondou would become a true Samurai, and gain the fame they deserved. In the end, they decided to join the Roshigumi to be the Shogun’s guards. Back to present. Yamazaki then explains about how he respected Hijikata for that. Also, we find out that that Oume (the woman who comes by to collect  payment) got raped by Serizawa.

Hijikata17So now we’re going back to the main story, where they have to go to Osaka for work. Serizawa decides to go drinking with Shinpachi and Ryu has to go along, and he asks the Geikos to strip. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU ASK THAT YOU PERV OSSAN. Anyway, the geikos refuse to strip, and Serizawa rages and throws stuff everywhere, and he wants the Geiko’s hair cut off. In the end, Hijikata and Ryu have to cut off the women’s hair off and to ‘entertain’ Serizawa. WHAT THE FUCK SERIZAWA. While they were doing the sumo wrestling work, Serizawa cause trouble again cuz a certain shopkeeper was apparently helping other ronin. He then sets fire to the guy’s shop and they all come running like DAFAQ JUST HAPPENED WHAT THE HELL SERIZAWA. Somehow, they managed to put out the fire, and Hijikata yells at Serizawa. Afterwards, the ossan tells Ryu to go drinking with him, but gets angry again at Ryu and tells him to get out and leave the Roshigumi cuz Ryu’s free now. Ryu pretty much like “OOHH YEEAAAHH IM FREEEE” adn starts packing his bags to leave the place. In the end, Ryu still decides to stay there cuz he finds that the other guys (apart from Serizawa) are nice guys, and there’s no harm staying. Well, Nimii decides to wreck more chaos at a restaurant, and creates a lot of shit and they end up killing all of them plus Nimii. Soon, Kondou, Hijikata and Sannan decide that if they want to earn the Aizu’s support, they needed to get rid of Serizawa, and they decide to kill him. Ryu’s of course unaware of this and still’s all happy, and Hijikata tells Yamazaki to give some excuse for Ryu to leave. Ryu doesn’t buy that shit thinks of nothing when Serizawa drags him to a banquet by Kondou. He returns to HQ with with him. He then crashes into Yamazaki at the door and he drags Ryu away. Soon, Ryu finds out that the guys are gonna murder Serizawa and runs back to HQ to find him, but the time he’s there, Serizawa already drank the Ochimizu and killed Oume, going into rage mode. After some heavy fighting, Hijikata manages to kill Serizawa and injured Ryu along the way cuz he was protecting the ossan, and Ryu became mute. Since he can’t talk anymore, the Shinsengumi guys decide not to kill him since he can’t leak anymore information of the murder. Ryu ends up working under Doctor Matsumoto as his assistant, he knows medical stuff too.

Hijikata19From now on all the Shinsengumi Kitan events go by in Ryu’s perspective and nothing much happens. There’s also the scene where Yamazaki’s injured and where he dies on the ship, and we get a tearful scene of Ryu and Yamazaki together (┳◇┳) All the events in Hijikata’s route pass by and Ryu decides to go and join the old Shogun troops. So right before the final battle all the soldiers are gathered up drinking sake before the battle since its’ Hijikata’s treat but he can’t drinks so he spaces out from the crowd. He ends up crashing into Chizuru who asks him if he needs any sake. Obviously he can’t talk so he’s all silent since they can’t even start a conversation. Suddenly Hijikata comes by since Chizuru told him about the mute soldier and they start some conversation about old times. Eitherway in the Chizuru epilogue she and Hijikata are living in some and it’s a cold day. Hijikata tells Chizuru that his village was informed that he was dead since he asks Ryu to bring his picture back to his hometown. Hijikata says that from then on he’s gonna live with Chizuru forever and hugs Chizuru. ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪

Serizawa Kamo

Serizawa04Actually I burned out about 70% of my patience with this game cuz of the this route I did too early. Serizawa’s route is unlocked when you clear Hijikata’s route and pick a new option at the prologue, and basically this route is how Serizawa is a big douchebag (¬_¬)ノ (he loosens up later and we’ll get to that later) We’ll be going back to the prologue where we see Serizawa’s POV after Ryu knocked out. Serizawa’s like who cares abt the guy since he’s out and Kondou decides to bring Ryu back to HQ. So Ryu ends up being Serizawa’s servant This revolves around Serizawa doing shitty things to make the people around him to get angry and rage at him. So Ryu’s pretty okay with that in this route and basically there’s me going like “WHY ARE YOU EVEN OKAY WITH HIM ?_?” He’s also busy kicking and hitting Ryu with his metal fan and since I’m playing on the PS3, I get the effect of DUALSHOCK where the CONTROLLER VIBRATES THANK YOU OTOMATE WHAT THE HELL YOU MAKE THE PLAYERS HAND VIBRATE HARD IN SHOCK. The main story ties in with a lot of Hijikata’s stuff just that it’s in Serizawa’s POV. So you follow him all around where he goes around asking some shokeepers to “donate” money to the Roshigumi. Also he’s the one who suggested putting the ronin’s head on the street for people to be scared of them. Serizawa does have a lot of meaningful things in the game, like the meaning of the Shinsengumi uniform, but you can read the translations for information since I’m bad at explaining that O.o

Serizawa07Also while in Osaka they crash into some Sumo wrestlers who want to pick a fight with them and they end up injuring the people and blood’s spurting out everywhere. (that isn’t the problem. the main point’s in the next sentence.) Afterwards, he doesn’t get guilty about killing anyone and tells to Ryu to “COME AND DRINK WITH ME” (DAFAQ WHAT WAS THAT FOR *FACPALMS*) Everyone in the gang’s like “oh god that bloody scene is creepy enough why would I wanna drink with you now??” So Ryu ends up following him since no one wants to actually go with him and while they’re doing, Serizawa tells him that “It’s much better to be notorious tha nameless.” (I really felt that this sentence was really meaningful, since what Serizawa was to bring up the Roshigumi name.) Well again he goes drinking again and Ryu has to tag along with him, and he wants to geikos to strip. From what we know he ordered Hijikata and Ryu to cut their hair, but in his route he gets more crazy and starts calling the hair cutting “entertainment” (¬_¬)ノ Again we have another scene at Shimabara (Idk why his meaningful scenes all happen at the Red-Light District.) where he suddenly gets angry and he’s like “WHERE IS THIS” and “WHO ARE YOU” and what the hell he starts throwing things and gets angry. So apparently thats some kind of disease (which my sis believes that its dementia idk what it actually is) Also he’s in a relationship with Oume so they’re like a couple I guess and well Serizawa’s busy getting all sick Ryu leaves them alone. He then finds out from Hijikata that Niimi’s dead so basically I’m just like (YAAAY~ NIIMI’S DEAD~).

Serizawa11Ryu goes back to report to Serizawa abt the incident and he just crashes into Oume crying and saying that Serizawa’s dumped her. Ryu thinking like “what if I tell them the jiji’s sick maybe they’ll spare him” but Serizawa finds out and since he has a lot of pride he’s like LOL NOPE RYU. So on the day where Serizawa’s gonna be killed they go have fun and eat and Saitou gives him sake to drink. Since Ryu’s okay with one cup so he drinks and he realises he’s been drugged by the guy and when he wakes up he’s like WHERE IS SERIZAWA and runs out of Shimabara. All the people left at the party area all give chase to him, and Shinpachi has to fight Saitou since Shinpachi doesn’t want Serizawa dying either, Also Oume tells Serizawa to kill after she finds out he’s gonna be assassinated that night. By the time Ryu’s at HQ, Serizawa has already gone Rasetsu and trying to kill everyone. Ryu like “DONT KILL HIM NOOOOOO” and jumps in while Hijikata was about to attack ossan. He ends up getting hit, and the ossan scolds him asking why the hell he’s there. In the ends right before Serizawa dies he protects Ryu and kicks him outta the room and tells him to live on. Well Ryu literally decides to run with his injured right shoulder and becomes somehow a fugitive with all the Shinsengumi guys hunting him. One day he’s on the run he somehow receives a letter to go to Shimabara to meet someone one day. He’s decides to go and realises it’s Hirama, Serizawa’s other servant. Hirama suggests going to Serizawa’s old house to work to make a living and they decide to go together.

Otras36Ryu’s shoulder healed but he lost the feeling in it so he couldn’t use him right hand anymore. So during the few years he’s been working there he learns a lot about the ossan’s past. So the main hakuouki passes by after the Toba-Fushimi war, when Serizawa starts haunting Ryu in his dreams to go and drink with him. Ryu starts crying and stuff over the ossan and decides to leave to see the end of the war. Serizawa ends up becoming his guide to the war and he hides and sees all the shitz happening. Sadly he ends up getting caught by the Choushuu people and they attempt to capture him. However, BASASS Kazama appears and asks what the shit is going on. After he finds out Ryu isn’t from either side and he just wants to see the end of the war he’s like “COME WITH ME” and Ryu rags along with Kazama and Chizuru to see the end of the Shinsegumi. Well Ryu ends up being a wandering traveller and it ends up with him under a sakura tree and thinking about the ossan. In the Chizuru epilogue, Kazama’s bunking out with Chizuru at her place to help her with her work like in the Zuisuroku ending. Chizuru complains about how the neighbour think they are married 🙂 and whines like shit. Then suddenly Chikage’s like “do you hate me?” and Chizuru goes all dere and says she loves him. The ending is basically her leaning on Chikage’s back and leaves with him for the west. Hey I sympathized with the ossan throughout this route but he was quite a douchebag in the previous route so I can’t seem to like him. Either way I don’t really care now that I’m done with this guy.

Toudou Heisuke

Toudou01Heisuke’s route was pretty much quite drag to me cuz it didn’t actually contribute into the main plot at all but Ryu and Heisuke’s bro time were cute. 🙂 Although I must idk what exactly happened in the main game cuz he totally felt better in this fandisk. When the Shinsengumi are introduced to the Ochimizu and the rasetsu was about to kill Ryu Heisuke runs over and its like *STAB* and the rasetsu died. I mean that was extremely badass what happened to him? I didn’t really like Heisuke that much in the main game cuz he was kinda weak and couldn’t even hold up to Kazama once. Then, he suddenly becomes badass in the fandisk and I’m like ?????? ?_? Anyway he was really sweet okay. Heisuke’s route along with him having fun with Ryu and getting a lot of bro time together until the Ochimizu came by. After that, he was pretty much busy getting angry over them having to use the Ochimizu no matter what. Also, he pretty much attempts to kill Koudou whenever he has the chance. Heisuke also tells Ryu about his back story and how his life was pretty harsh. He used to learning swordfighting at a certain famous dojo, and he told his BFF there that he was the secret child of some nigshot, and if he needed money he could help them. Obviously all the other students there are basically jealous of him and are like “no wonder the sensei only pays attention to him” and start whining and hating him. Heisuke gets upset and leaves that dojo, and decides to go to Sheikan to observe. Obviously Shinpachi there gets all hyped up over someone new wanting to join them and wants to swordfight him, and they didn’t hold back and it almost got bloody O.o

Toudou07Soon Serizawa is gonna get killed and Heisuke actually finds out about the assassination plan since the Shinsengumi guys are gonna kill him as well. On the day where they kill Niimi Heisuke drags Ryu to some riverbank and cuts his hair off says that he’s dead now. Heisuke then tells Ryu about the plan and tells him to run before the Shinsengumi can catch him, which practically saves him. In this route, he doesn’t have any last feelings for the ossan and only frets about what he’s gonna do with his life. Heisuke tells him to go and find his own path in life and live on, and then they separate. Also, Heisuke ends up lying to Hijikata and tells him that Ryu died cuz of the wound Niimi’s rasetsu inflicted on him. Obviously Hijikata knows that Heisuke is pretty much lying and ends up letting go, and telling him to never do that again. Ryu ends up finding some relative to stay with and manages to find work outside.  However, the main Hakuouki passes by and he learns that Heisuke’s dead so he’s pretty much like (T▽T) gets super upset. So one day he’s going home late at night and sees Heisuke fighting off some ronin. Ryu’s like “DAFAQ HEISUKE YOU TURNED INTO A RASETSU” and hides in some corner. Heisuke notices someone hiding and when Ryu was about to call out to him, Chizuru squeals at him and tells him that they need to go back.

Toudou18Ryu’s like “i’m so glad you’re alive but you’re a rasetsu?” and never sees Heisuke again. In the Chizuru epilogue, they’re living together at some nice house in the forest and Heisuke’s busy panicking about writing a lover letter to Chizuru. He also finds out that Chizuru’s dad is gonna be coming by day and he’s like ∑(O_O;) and panicks on how to greet him and asks in for Chizuru’s hand in marriage (´ω`) He then tells Chizuru about a certain guy in his life, which is Ryu and about the days with him. At night they then share the same futon and sleep together and they get angsty about how Heisuke’s not gonna live any longer but he wants to stay by Chizuru’s side forever.

Okita Souji 

Okita01I lost my patience when I hit the middle of his route and I wasn’t paying attention but I managed to get a rough idea of what’s going on and the full drift of the story. Okita’s route is based about him and his obsession with Kondou-san. Okita’s a big dipshit at the beginning when he meets Ryu as he asks Ryu to get outta the way and Ryu’s pretty much “WTF YOU” at him from the beginning. Okita’s pissed off by Serizawa at the beginning cuz of the incident where Serizawa made Kondou beg him to stop burning a shop. His love for Kondou is so deep that when Hijikata tells him that he’s gonna say kill so easily he shouldn’t be there he gets whiny and shit. So one day Serizawa tricks him by telling him about a guy who wants to kill Kondou and he’s like “LOL NOPE I WONT LET ANYONE KILL KONDOU MAAANNN” and he goes and kills the guy with blood all over his body. When he comes back Kondou’s like “SOUJI WHAT HAVE YOU DONE” and he gets all bitchy again. Ryu tells him that Kondou doesn’t want him to become some sadist crazy killer thats why he scolded him. Okay moving on after the whole sword showcase they go to Osaka and Souji’s pretty much doing his sadistic killing again when the sumo wrestlers attack them together with Serizawa. Kondou gets angry at him again and he gets suuuper upset again over the fact. The truth is that he wants to do sth for Kondou cuz the old guy has done a lot for him and he wants to thank him and such but he can only be his sword, to kill people.

Okita14We soon find out from Kondou that Souji’s done a lot of hard livin ever since his parents died. His sis got married and couldn’t handle the boy anymore so she sent him to Sheikan to study swordfighting. However the problem was that the older kids at the dojo bullied him a lot cuz he was pretty much the youngest there, They also told him that he was thrown away by his sis and he got sad and angry at them. Being a very strong-willed kiddo, he tried standing up for himself and relied on no one for help until Kondou saw him one day in his room. His food was all over the floor, and Kondou pretty much knew that the older kids had bullied him and spilt all his food. Souji on the other hand was emoing all the way and said that he was careless and stuff, and he would clean up himself. He was pretty much like “Kondou stop it I dont need your help at all and rejected him politely. Kondou decided to warn the kids not to bully Souji but that ended up with the poor boy getting beat up more by the older kids as they thought he told Kondou. He’s staring out into the distance one day when Kondou comes by and says if he’s okay. Okita’s like “I’ve been abandoned by my sis……right?” and Kondou’s like (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Souji also says that it’s Kondou’s fault for telling the kids off and causing him to be beat up and Kondou’s more shocked. The head of the dojo, Kondou’ sensei, decides to hold a match so that Souji can beat up the people he hates officially. Souji’s in a match and he’s bleeding like shit and Kondou wants to stop the match, but Souji pleads him to let him continue. Kondou says that if the match goes on to the level of too much, hes gonna stop it. Souji beats up his opponents and it hurts when Kondou stops the match and hugs him щ(ಥДಥщ) Kondou then says he’s done enough and it’s okay now, From then on Souji decides to get stronger for Kondou’s sake.

Okita19Skip a few years later and Souji’s much older and he’s just recovering from some bad sickness he got and Kondou’s doesn’t want him to go to Kyoto, Souji’s like “WHYYYY NOOO I WANNA GO WITH YOU KONDOU-SAN DONT ABANDON ME” Kondou lets him go but he’s being a big dipshit and stuff so yeah. So according to orders he and Ryu were asked to go out and kill rabid rasetsus whenever Niimi did some stupid stuff to vent his anger in a way. Soon Souji finds out what Kondou really wants him to have, which was a pure heart. But yeah after all Souji’s been through his mind is just filled with “I wanna kill everyone” thoughts so he ain’t up to Kondou’s standards anymore. He can only be a sword to kill, now. He cries and stares up into the sky while thinking. Suddenly the next day Okita wants to have a drink with Ryu and drags him outta headquarters and brings him to a river. Ryu’s like “WTF R U DOING WE CAN’T DRINK HERE” but before he knows it Souji’s drawn his sword and ready to kill him. He uses his own sword to fight back but yeah Ryu’s to weak for Okita and just as about when he was gonna get killed by Okita, the guy flung him into the river. Okita then tells Ryu to rely on his bad luck and “decide his own fate”, whether he lives or not, it doesn’t matter to him anymore. He then says goodbye to Ryu as Ryu’s washed away by the water.

Okita23Souji then returns to HQ telling Hijikata and Sannan that he’s done killing Ryu, and also adds that after killing him he threw him into the river. Sannan’s like “u sure?” they shrug it off. All the Shinsengumi incidents pass by again, and Ryu’s out in the forest and he collapses since he hasn’t eaten for ages. However, it’s not a crazy jiji who picks him up, but a cute girl named Chizuru!! She then calls out to Souji to come over and he stares at Ryu hard. Upon seeing Okita Ryu’s like “Oki–“ when Souji covers his mouth and doesn’t let him speak. Ryu struggles more and he then gets beat up by Souji and he gets taken to the couple’s house. Ryu soon wakes up with Okita beside him and he goes “WTF WAS THAT FOR OKITA” and rages at the guy. He says that Okita’ having a pretty nice life, and Souji says that the person who allowed him to live that long was Chizuru. Ryu’s like “wow this is the first time I’ve seen you human” and Okita says that Ryu can change too, as long he finds sth to live for. After eating at their place Ryu leaves the house, never to see Okita again. In the Chizuru epilogue, she starts asking questions about whether Souji knew the guy or not and why he sent the guy off, and Okita says he doesn’t want a random dude to spoil their newly wed life (what a jerk Souji) As they lie in the futon together Okita says he’s gonna tell Chizuru stories about what happened in the Shinsengumi before she came, and he’s living for her sake only. Then they hug and say their gonan be together forever ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ This was another route which gave me tears (like Souji’s ending for the main game) and he was so sweet at the end. However the MAIN PROBLEM THAT THIS ROUTE WAS TOO MUCH OF A DRAG SO I HATED IT. A LOT. Yeah if the length wasn’t as long it have been better.

Saitou Hajime

Saito02I found Hajime boring from the beginning, and this route just got very boring to me. I didn’t really pay attention to this at all as I was really bored man. One thing’s for sure: never try to rob from his bowl, or you’re dead. He arrived much later and Ryu met him much later compared to all the other dudes, so yeah. Most of this route really just focuses on him chopping down ronins/rasetsus with Ryu. Hajime’s really badass tho, as when Ryu and Yamazaki got into a big fight, he had no choice but to put his sword between them for them to stop. Since Ryu’s such a big weakling, Hajime decides to train the guy on swordfighting, makes him takes kendo lesson with all the other soldiers. However this just cause Ryu to get more angry at Hajime as he’s fed up with Hajime’s strict teaching. One day, they find a random ronin locke up inside Niimi’s room, and Ryu cuts his gag, and the ronin explains that he was caught by Niimi and Ryu goes out to check with the Yagi house guys if it was okay ot let go. However before he and Hajime know it they find out that the RONIN WAS A RASETSU. Hajime has not choice to chop the guy, and they end up chopping the ronin’s head cuz he was still going batshit insane.

Saito04Soon we find out about Hajime’s backstory from Shinpachi, during the time Hajime first arrived at Sheikan. Souji had challenged him to a fight, and it almost got into a bloody battle if they weren’t stopped by the adults, someone would have been injured. Hajime was shocked by Kondou because the guy had taken him in, even though he was left-handed and discriminated everyday. Also, all the pathetic shits at other dojos were too weak for him, and he usually was thrown out cuz he beat someone at some dojo. Kondou had gladly let him in, although he didn’t exactly freeload that much, and only stayed for meals. The reason why he’s sticking with Kondou & Hijikata is because they gave him a place to stay. So idk why Otomate’s doing this but Ryu has crazy art skillz in this route. Ryu recalls that when he was a kid a neighbour praised his art skillz but his mom didn’t want him to be a painter and gave him kendo lessons instead but OBVIOUSLY THEY WERE TOO POOR TO PAY FOR ANYTHING.

Saito16So ryu ends up drawing very nice stuffs in this route, and when they were raising funds with sumo wrestling, they decided to get Ryu to draw flyers for them so they can advertise and make more money. As usual Serizawa does his usual shop burning and Niimi does his “run away with mah Ochimizu!!!” pranks and they decide they have to get rid of Serizawa soon. They found Niimi and killed him (although it was never shown how they did it in this route) and then they finally have to kill Serizawa. Ryu never sees the killing of Serizawa, and only sees Hajime bashing up Shinpachi in the rain as he has to stop the big guy from going there as he has good relations with Serizawa. However the next day Ryu’s like “oh yea I know too much looks like I have to seppuku huh?” at Hijikata, and Saitou comes in and shows Hijikata’ Ryu’s painting. He then explains saying that Serizawa made a promise with Ryu that if he could draw a very nice painting that pleases the jiji the jiji would let him go. Hajime then says that since they killed the old fart  they had to finish the promise Serizawa made with Ryu, in directly saving him.

Saito20Hijikata lets Ryu go because of Hajime, and on the day where he was going to leave, Hajime points his sword at him, telling Ryu that if he leeked any info of the Shinsengumi to anybody, Hajime would come find him and kill him. Ryu’s like “lol u think i would i’m spend the rest of my life painting until i’m an old geezer” and leaves. However years later, he crashes into Hajime in the forest while he’s in Rasetsu form and he’s like “SAITOU YOU BECAME A RASETSU WHY???” Then he sees Chizuru being all nice and comfy with the guy, and when she leaves, he has a nice chat with Hajime. Ryu then says that he’s studying drawing and painting right now, and asks Hajime if he could draw a picture of him some day and give it to him, and they part ways. In the Chizuru Epilogue, Hajime’s late, and when he comes back, her tells her a story of a dude who used to be in the Shisengumi who could draw. He then shows her the pic Ryu drew of him when he saw his rasetsu form in the forest. Chizuru smiles and says that they’re gonna be together forever. yeah Hajime’s route was darn boring and my brain was mushed completely because of this as well.

Harada Sanosuke 

Harada03Finally down to my last route, and my mood for this game was brought back because of this bby yeahhhhhh. Sano spends most of his time being a love adviser to Ryu cuz he’s an awesome shit. So one day Serizawa goes out to go and drink and Kosuzu gets mad at the jiji’s shit and starts shouting at him. She gets hit by a bowl and Ryu starts shouting back at Serizawa like “WTF R U DOING” and grabs her. Eitherway more shit starts when he crashes into Kosuzu in the streeet and tells her that “geishas would sleep with anyone as long they get money” and he gets slapped by the girl. When Sano finds out abt this he rages and drags Ryu outta the HQ to go and apologise to her. Somehow the guy apologises and Kosuzu explains that the Geishas don’t seel their bodies to men like that. So love starts sprouting in between the 2 and its all fuwafuwa together especially one day where Serizawa drags Ryu out to drink and Sano tags along. Sano decides to distract the jiji while the 2 lovebirds talk as much as they want.

Kosuzu03They end up going out often for dates, and Kosuzu tells Ryu about how a Maiko can’t chose their hairstyle or clothes, and their “mom” there chooses for her. Also they were asked to throw away their normal style of speaking and speak in Kyotoben. If they ran away their legs would be spanked щ(ಥДಥщ) and some couldn’t walk. So those who wanted to make a living had to dance properly and do everything properly, and some would even sleep with men. Soon Ryu gets really jealous that other men get to talk to her, and even help her change her obi so he’s pretty jealous. Also he came to realise that he fucking loves Kosuzu and Sano has no choice but to pep talk him. When Sano tries to train him to become stronger he doesn’t focus at all and ends up thinking about Kozusu only. ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ He then tells Ryu about how he had a best friend who fell in love in a geiko and left him. So that basically led Sano to be involved in all the shit that was happening. So one day, one of Harada’s men went out on a date with his woman and got killed by a rasetsu on the same night. Sadly this cause Ryu to think it’s too dangerous to continue having a relationship with  Kosuzu so he asks Oume to go and pass a hairpin to her.

Kosuzu07So one day while the Roshigumi were at Shimabara he crashes into Kosuzu but he goes like “no i cannot see her again.” Kosuzu then screams at him, showing him the hairpin that he gave her. She tells him that she loves him and she doesn’t want to be apart from him. However before Ryu could even voice any reply her mom comes by and says that she’s gonna get get married to some jiji who paid the cash for her and she can’t be together with Ryu anymore. Kosuzu then screams saying that she can’t take that shit but her mom just throws the hairpin away and drags her back into the house. So after being a sheit and just getting angsty all over the place & some pep talk by Oume Ryu realises he has to do something to save Kosuzu since he likes her. Okay so he asks Oume to pass another letter to her and they meet up one night by a river. They then kiss and Ryu says that although he can’t give her a luxurious life, they’ll be together forever. Kosuzu also tells him her real name, Shizu ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ and tells him to call her that from then onwards. Then they run away and go on to have their peaceful life together. This is the Kosuzu Ending.

Harada15On the other hand, if you change an option in Chapter 2, the game with push you directly to the Harada end, where all’s the same except for certain events where u don’t crash into Kosuzu. So eitherways after Ryu finds out Kosuzu’s gonna have to sleep with a jiji he starts emoing 24/7 like “what can i do?” when Sano comes in and beats him up and asks him “SO YOU’RE JUST GONNA LEAVE IT LIKE THAT??!!!” Sano then passes him a lock of hair which Kosuzu wanted to pass to Ryu through Sano. Apparently she’s gonna have sex soon and Sano rages at him about how much Kosuzu likes him, and he’s not returning the feelings. Sano then tells him that feelings matter more than her Maiko job. One day, there was an incident at Shimabara, and Ryu takes his chance to go and grab Kosuzu and run. Ryu manages to find Kosuzu since she was running about looking for him since the Roshigumi were there. They hug ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪, and Ryu tells her that they’re gonna run away. However, suddenly her mom and a few men appear and she goes on about how Kosuzu’s gonna get married soon, and she needs to get back there. Kosuzu’s like “NO IM DONE WITH YOU’RE SHIT IM GONNA RUN AWAY WITH RYU” but her mom gets to men to drag her back.

Harada16Before the crisis happens Sano pops out and barricades the guys off from the couple stating it’s “roshigumi investigation teritory”, which gives Ryu and Shizu a chance to run. Ryu thanks Sano, and they run off all the way to Osaka. They found a place to stay thanks to one of Sano’s friends, and all the Shinsengumi events fly by. Since the war was coming to Osaka they move off to Edo and they go shopping there. They buy a new western suit for Ryu, and he promises that he’ll be getting Shizu a new kimono when they’ve saved enough money (*^▽^*) Suddenly, the couple crashes into Sano & Chizuru and the men are like “AHHHHHH I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!!!” Chizuru immediately runs off since she’s shy, and Shizu decides to go home first so that they can bro. They only chat for a while, and they soon go back home. In the Chizuru Epilogue, they go home after shopping for things. Chizuru asks Sano if it’s really okay for them to be living together like that and being so happy. Sano’s like “of course we’re already married” and assures her everything will be find since they found a new life. He then tells her about what happened in the past about the Shinsengumi, and they embrace.

~Final Thoughts~

Whew. I’m finally done with this game. Didn’t expect it to be so long and so annoying at the same time. There were so many repeat events to the level where the route was so long, and the summary was so short. Really this game COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER if they had shortened the story, and they didn’t drag an event for too long. Also I don’t exactly regret buying this on the PS3 cuz I could waste time and do other things while this was running on the TV screen. In fact, I was doing my homework, doing the dishes, and even surfing the net while playing this game seriously. Also I would like to admit that I spent 5 MONTHS CLEARING THIS GAME. No really, I can’t believe I did. Apart from the bad points, this is a good game if you want to kill time, or if you’re a Japanese history fanatic. Otomate could have done better on this Hakuouki, really. Art’s pretty too, but there’s no point if it’s that boring as hell. Well, since I’m done with this game, I have one thing to say: If you’re a history fanatic, then THIS GAME IS FOR YOU. But if you’re not, THEN DONT. Also be reminded that this is stand alone to YOU DONT NEED TO PLAY THIS AS IT AFFECTS NOTHING. Thats all I have to say for now, so look out for the next BWS Review!!


2 thoughts on “Hakuouki ~Remeiroku Nagrorigusa~

  1. Hinano

    Late comment is late but congrats on finishing this lmao
    I hate Japanese history, and thanks to this game I’ve been turned off all 和風 otome games.
    It was a traumatic experience.

    1. Shuu Post author

      Yeah I’m actually glad that I played this on PS3 since it took 5 months finishing this. XD Well I dont mind japanese history though, but yeah this whole game was really boring except for Sano’s route.


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