BWS ~Bloody Nightmare~ Nesso Galland

For all the BWS fans out there: we know what kind of guy Nesso is, right? THE ONII-CHAN WHO WANTS TO BANG HIS YOUNGER SISTER. Nesso’s the most powerful knight in Weblin, and he has feelings fro his younger sister, Fiona. He’s also the one who helps Edgar tell the princes they don’t want Fiona at the castle. Since they were born from different mothers, its okay to have a relationship, right? Really idk what more to write about him thank, so let’s get on with the review. 

For the common route and family route plots, you can refer to Mejojo and Julian’s posts.

At the dance party, Fiona wished that she could dance with Nesso, but she couldn’t. She would have preferred to dance with Nesso, since she used to practice dancing with him when she was still living in the tower. She then recalls the time when she used to practise with him in the castle, when Nesso helped her turn, she tripped instead. She wondered if she was a failure as a noble, but Nesso told her that she just starting, and she didn’t have to blame herself like that. Nesso then says that he really wants to escort her into her debut into society. Usually noble ladies had to share their first dance with a relative, someone like her father, and thus Fiona asks why she can’t dance with her father. Nesso’s like “No you’re dancing with me, that’s why I’m teaching you.” (^・ω・^ )

Fiona was embarrassed by this, but she hoped that that day would come. She’s pretty upset by the fact that this is the first dance party she’s going to. Looking at all the people dancing in front of her, Fiona leans on the wall, and gets more upset. She wishes that she could dance with Nesso, when suddenly, Nesso calls out to her in front of her. Fiona’s shocked that he’s here, and asks whys he’s there. Nesso immediately hugs her, and tells her that he’s glad that he managed to find her among the people at the dance party. After letting go of her, she asks Nesso again why he’s here. Nesso then explains that the Galland family had connections with the royal family, and they were often invited to parties at the palace. This time, an invitation was sent out the the tower, and Nesso came as a representative of the Galland family.

Despite the with problem, Fiona’s glad that Mejojo still invited her family to this dance party, and she could meet Nesso here. He then asks if the neko twins did anything to her, and she tells him she’s living pretty well in the castle. He then says how relieved he is to see her, and how much he wants to bring her home. However, he has no choice but to wait, because the rumours might spread even more if he attempts to bring her back. Nesso then smiles, and says that he wants to dance with her. When he holds out his hand, Fiona takes it, and she starts going doki doki inside. (no I’m really lazy writing this post so yeahhh, and I’m kinda pissed by Nesso. You’ll understand that later.)

Nesso 3Soon, they start dancing together, and Fiona starts getting nervous as she forgot the steps she learnt when practising dancing, and starts panicking. Nesso them tells her to calm down, and think of it as they were practising in the tower. She dances elegantly, and Nesso praises her for doing so. Fiona asks if she’s dancing properly, and Nesso replies saying that she is. Hearing Nesso’s words, Fiona feels more calm, and she starts enjoying the party. Seeing Nesso smile at her, she feels calm, and starts going doki doki again. She’s glad that Nesso was her first dance partner at her dance party, and smiles back, as they continue to dance.

At the dream scene, Fiona believes that she’s in the tower, and she’s feels a lot of nostalgia from it, although it’s only been a while since she left the place. Suddenly, she gets dizzy, and hears someone calling out to her. She believes it’s Nesso, and she sees a very old memory, back when she was younger. She was lying in bed, with Nesso sitting beside her. She then asks him why she couldn’t leave the tower. Her body was warm, and she was down wit ha fever. Nesso then explained that it was very dangerous outside of the tower, and he didn’t want Fiona to be in such a place. Her family was nice to her, and Nesso was such a nice brother. She started crying, asking if that means that she won’t be able to leave the tower forever. She was very happy with everything inside the tower, her family and everything, but she was scared that the world to her was only in the tower.

She was scared that her house would be the world to her. She then says that she likes the tower, but it was so boring in there, and the peaceful days were just endless. She knows that Nesso would get angry at her, but she just wanted to say her true feelings. Nesso rubs her head, and says, “Fiona wants to go out, huh?” She then says she wants to go out to see things with Nesso, and he replies when the time she could go outside, he would be right by her side, protecting her. He then says that he loves her, and kisses her gently on the lips. ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ Fiona was shocked by this, and asked why he didn’t kiss her on the forehead, as per usual. She then says that she read in a storybook that kissing someone on the lips was for lovers.

Nesso 4Fiona then reminds him that they’re siblings, and Nesso’s like “Yeah…but I……” Looking back to that incident, Fiona realises that Nesso’s expression was more…sad. Nesso then assures Fiona that he’s fine, and proceeds to land a kiss on her lips one more time. Fiona gets doki doki again, and she realises – the child her got doki doki’d by Nesso. It was as if, Nesso was conveying his love for her in that kiss. It was a dream, and yet…the kiss was so real. As the sream disappears, Fiona wakes up inside the garden, and she turns red upon thinking about what happened in the dream, and her heart’s still going doki doki. Suddenly, she sees Nesso asking her if she’s alright, and Zara asking her if she could hear him. Fiona then realises she ain’t dreaming more, and she’s inside the garden.

Nesso then goes along explaining everything’s that happened so far, and he says they’re gonna escape ASAP. Fiona then asks him for his opinion about this, and he says that he really her to get outta the country. She then says that she wants to stay in the country. Nesso then gives his usual look of disapproval at her, tell her that her father has risked everything to get out of the country, and they really want her to go. Fiona then says that they won’t lose anything if they stay in Weblin, but Nesso then says her father and him doesn’t want her to stay in the country anymore, and she’s the only one who wants to remain in the castle. That’s 2 against 1. Fiona tries to protest, but Zara says that he wants Fiona to leave the country as well, and that makes 3 against 1. Fiona gives up, and they have no choice to leave the country. Julian goes with them.

They go through the sewers, meet Auger, and find out Julian’s true self. The managed to escape thanks to Nesso’s swordskills, and they manage to find a mountain hut to rest in. They discuss the possibility of going to find the wolves to ask them for their cooperation, and Fiona asks Nesso his opinion of all this. He then says that this decision was tough. Fiona then asks what he would do if he was alone. Nesso then answers he wouldn’t do anything. Fiona, who’s angered by this, asks him why he would say that. Nesso then says that if he didn’t have anything to protect, or anything to do, he probably won’t do anything at all, as it was too troublesome. Fiona then says that he’s a knight, and he had the choice to protect the country, and he then says that he became a knight to protect her. He then admits that if he didn’t have Fiona to protect, he would a lazy sheit and do nothing at all.

Nesso then asks her what she wants to do, and Fiona then says that she wants to try talking to the wolves. They end up going to the wolf HQ, and the wolves refuse to cooperate with them. She ends up listening to Arles back story, and Fiona chooses to leave the country and live a peaceful life with her family. On the day where they leave the wolf HQ, Rath gives them some blood samples just in case Fiona’s infected with Zodiva. They leave the HQ, and they proceed on their journey to escape the country. The crash into a river, and they have to cross it using some stones which were sticking out of the water. Nesso proposes they go in pairs, and she chooses Nesso for help.

Nesso’s like “I was planning on doing it right from the start!” (*^▽^*) Zara then asks them to go first, and which Nesso carries her bridal style. He asks Fiona not to move so much, as it might get tough for him. Fiona then puts her arms around his neck, holding tight onto him. Seeing that she’s ready, Nesso quickly hops over all the rocks while carrying her. Fiona doesn’t feel scared at all with him around, and she feels much calmer. Nesso then asks if she was scared, and she shakes her head. Fiona always feels protected whenever she’s with Nesso, and he’s been helping her ever since she was young. She then wonders if Nesso would ever choose someone else over her. However, she doesn’t like that thought, but she can’t say she’s jealous of her sister-in-law.

Nesso assures Fiona that they’re going to reach the other side of the river, and before she knows it, they’re across. Fiona feels glad that they’re finally walking on dry land, as the land they were walking on was indeed quite wet. Soon, Zara and Julian start crossing….but Fiona’s pretty worried about Julian, as his movements were rather….dangerous. Fiona then thanks Nesso for helping her cross the river, and he says it’s his mission to protect her. Fiona then questions the “mission” he said, and Nesso tells her that he’s decided to protect her forever. Fiona then chuckles, and says that he won’t be able to find a bride if he keeps going saying that. One day, Fiona would have to pass this position to Nesso’s bride, and she wouldn’t be soiled by him anymore.

Nesso 6Nesso then says, “My princess is only you, Fiona.” Fiona’s shocked by this, and Nesso says that they’re only half-siblings. Fiona understands, and remembers marriages between half siblings usually happen in noble families. Nesso then asks if she remembers the promise they made. Fiona then asks what promise they made, and Nesso’s like “I cant believe you forgot. I’m so upset.” Then, she remembers the promise they made. She had promised to marry Nesso when she was little, and she thought that it was a childish promise, and she had completely forgotten about it. And yet, Nesso completely remembered that childish promise she made. Fiona then gets embarrassed and she turns red, while waiting for Zara and Julian to cross.

They soon set up a camp and they rest there for the night, while Nesso & Zara share stories of Fiona’s bad cooking, and son, everyone rests. Fiona can’t sleep since her hands and feet are cold, and hears someone tossing and turning as well. She wonders if it’s Nesso, and it really is. When he sees her, she says that she feels cold. Nesso tells her to go closer to the fire, but she’s already so close, and if she went any closer, she could get burnt. Nesso gets up, and tells her to come to his side. Fiona’s pretty shocked by this, and Nesso says that she feels cold because of the cold air, and he’ll warm her up. Fiona gets super embarrassed by this, since lately she’s been thinking of Nesso of more than a brother. And now, he wanted to share his warmth with her?

This cause Fiona’s cheeks to flush, and she’s already warmed up by getting embarrassed and turning red. Nesso then reminds that they’re gonna have problems if Fiona catches a cold because this, and Fiona has no choice but to walk to his side. Nesso lifts up his blanket for her, and she slides into it awkwardly. He then puts his arm around her waist, and pulls her closer. Fiona wants to complain, but he just asks her if she feels warmer. Fiona nods, but her heart’s going doki doki since she’s on Nesso’s chest. However, she finds it rather comfy in his arms, and Nesso asks if she can sleep. Fiona could definitely sleep in this situation, and the problem was whether she could sleep with Nesso beside her. He then asks her if she remembered the incident that happened when they were kids.

It was a big storm, and Fiona was scared of the sound of wind. Nesso had to hug Fiona to calm her down, and they ended up sleeping together for the rest of the night that day. Fioan then talks about how she keeps being protected by him, and he plainly replies saying that he wants to protect her. She then says how she feels like a child, and Nesso tells her that he doesn’t see her as a child. In fact, he’s holding back many things he wants to do right now. This almost results in him telling her about him killing people on the battlefield, and he says he’s saying weird things. Fiona then replies saying that he doesn’t have to tell her everything. Suddenly, Nesso calls out to her. When she turns and looks at him, she looks into his eyes, and suddenly, he kisses her on the lips. Fiona wants to call out to him, but he just says, “You’re mine forever. It’s been decided since the beginning.”

Nesso 8Nesso’s fiercely kissing her, as if he’s trying to tell all his feelings to Fiona. Fiona’s pretty much weakened due to this kiss, but Nesso’s still grabbing her tightly towards her. At the end of their kiss, Nesso says that he’s gonna protect her forever, and he tells her that she should rest now. He then closes his eyes, and he falls asleep while hugging her. Fiona wanted to ask him why he kissed her, and Fiona’s heart is full-on doki doki already, She sighs to calm herself down, and she soon falls asleep.

The next morning they continue their journey to the border, and they find a path that can get them into the next country without them being spot, but the path’s really fragile, and 4 people crossing will definitely make it collapse. They go in pairs, and Fiona chooses to go with Nesso. Nesso tells her to leave everything to him, and he pats her head. Zara and Julian say that they’re going to check out the path first, and Fiona gets extremely nervous that they might fall. Nesso tells her that everything’s going to be alright, and soon, the 2 get down the path safely. Fiona heaves a sigh of relief, but Nesso tells her that it’s still too early to be relieved, as they haven’t crossed the path yet. Fiona holds on tightly to Nesso’s hand, and the 2 walk down the path carefully, trying to ignore the soudns of crumbling rock.

Suddenly, Zara shouts at them to move faster, and they realise that the neko twins guards are chasing them. Fiona’s shocked, and she tells Nesso that they need to hurry. Nesso then tells her not to panic, because if they make a wrong step, they could fall. The 2 speed up their pace, trying to ignore the knights’ shouts, but soon they hear the knights closing up to them. Nesso shouts at them, trying to warn them that the path could crumble anytime, but the knights took it as an excuse to escape, and they didn’t listen. Couldn’t they see what was below them? Fiona tries convincing them further, but they wouldn’t listen. Suddenly, she hears the sound of rock crumbling, and screams out to Nesso.

Before they know it, they’re falling. Nesso immediately grabs Fiona and pulls her into his arms, and Fiona can hear tons of sounds around her. Zara and Julian screaming out their names; the knights screaming in fear of falling, and everything went blank. When Fiona wakes up, her body’s currently aching, and her mind is hazy. She then recalls everything that happened, and wonders how she managed to survive the fall. Nesso must have protected her from the fall. She looks around, and calls out Nesso’s name, and her eyes shift to the pile of rock, and sees a hand sticking out. It’s Nesso. Fiona knows that she has to dig him out right now, but she’s too afraid to touch his hand, if it’s cold. She tells herself that she could dig Nesso out, but she just keeps screaming his name, and calling out for help.

Fiona needed Nesso right now. He could give her courage, and let her be strong in this situation. Then, she realises, if she doesn’t do something, she’s really going to lose Nesso at this rate. Calling out to him, Fiona tells him that it’s going to be alright. Based on the position where his hand is, Fiona figures out where his head is, and starts digging at that spot. Soon, she hears him groaning under the rocks. The part of his body is still under the rocks, buut his upper body already can be seen. When Nesso calls out her name, Fiona cries. Although he’s covered in blood, he’s still alive. Nesso then asks Fiona if she’s alright. Fiona nods, and he tells Fiona that he screwed up. Fiona then asks him to wait as she’s going to dig out his lower body, but Nesso tells her to run away.

He then says that there are going to be pursuers coming after them soon, and although he can’t run, Fiona still can. Fiona’s pretty shocked by this, and says that she can’t do that, and she wants to stay together with him. Nesso then says that he doesn’t want her to be killed. Fiona then cries, saying that she isn’t going to escape without him. She then says that she’s going to get him out no matter what, but she can’t seem to dig out his lower body. This causes Fiona to panic, and starts thinking that she might not be able to save Nesso. Nesso then tells her that Elza is waiting with her Father and Pearl & Richie, and if she finds him he’ll be able to help her. Elza’s a hot lion, so he’s really noticeable. Fiona say she ain’t going anywhere, and Nesso tells her to go, when suddenly, they hear footsteps coming by. Nesso tells Fiona to run, but she clings on to his arm, and cries saying that she failed to save him.

Nesso urges her to go, in a voice she’s never heard before. They continue to argue, and the footsteps come closer. Suddenly, Zara, Julian and Elza appear in front of them, asking if they’re alright. Nesso and Fiona are surprised, as they were expecting to see knights. Zara then assure that Nesso’s going to be alright, as Elza and Julian proceed to dig Nesso out of the rubble. Fiona then asks why Elza is here. Zara explains that when they fell, he and Julian went to go and search for path to get down into the valley, and they met Elza along the way as he was waiting for them to get to the border. Then, they came down together. Elza and Julian soon manage to dig Nesso out of the ground, and pulled him out. Elza then carried Nesso on his back, and they got out of the forest, and met up with Edgar, Pearl and Richie.

However, the injury Nesso got could never be healed.

One day, Fiona visits Nesso in him room, and he gets up and sits on his bed. Nesso then says that his body was still aching, and Fiona says it’s obvious that his body is still aching, as the day where Elza carried him back, Zara had examined his injuries. After examining his injuries, it caused Zara to frown. His body had so many broken bones after being crushed under the rubble for so long, and he even had internal injuries. This caused Nesso to be bedridden for a while, and Fiona was really worried that something might have happened to him. However, he was now recovering fast, and Fiona felt relieved. Nesso asks Fiona if sth happened, but she just asks him if he wants to eat an apple. Nesso happily says that he’ll eat it, and he starts asking about what happened to everyone.

Edgar had been welcomed by the locals in the country, as he was a famous noble in Weblin and the people here wanted to learn more about the culture of Weblin. Zara is now working as a pharmacist, with Julian as his assistant. Elza was getting a lot of jobs because of his status as a former knight of Weblin. Everyone’s doing pretty well, and Nesso admits that he feels pretty useless lying in bed right now when everybody’s working so hard. Fiona then reminds him that he’s still injured, so he should concentrate on recovering right now. However, Nesso still feels pathetic as he’s going to rely on Zara, Julian and Elza to support him now. They had completely restarted their life after coming to this country, and with the items Edgar brought along from the tower, they could afford a nice mansion for them to live in.

Zara, Julian and Elza all already had an income of their own, and they could find their own place to live, and yet they gave a portion of their incomes to Fiona. However, Nesso finds it really annoying that he’s currently relying on all of them to live. Fiona then tells him to rest for now, as after he recovers he would have to do a lot of hard work. Nesso then says that he feels that he can get out of bed and walk a bit right now, but Fiona tells her that she’s not gonna let him out of bed unless Zara says he can. After peeling the apple, she hands a slice to Nesso, who eats it, and says that it’s delicious. Fiona then asks him to get well soon, and Nesso smiles at her. He then says, “If you kiss me, I think I’ll recover faster.” Fiona’s surprised by this thinking he’s joking, but his eyes are serious.

Fiona then thinks for a while, and ends up kissing him anyway. When they kiss, Fiona can smell the sweet smell of apples from Nesso’s lips. Nesso hugs her tightly, and proceeds to kiss her again on the lips. (He can’t hold back his sexual frustrations I guess.) He then says that he could stay with Fiona now since he’s injured like this. Fiona wanted to ask him why he said that, but he just shuts her up with another kiss (。´∀`)ノ Every since he got injured, he’s been asking Fiona to kiss him everyday.(ಠ_ಠ)Although she feels embarrassed by this, she’s still willing to kiss him anyway. Nesso then tells her the reason why he became a knight was for her, as he wanted to protect her, but he couldn’t stay with her all the time. Now, he’s pretty happy as he can stay together with her 24/7.

He then hugs her tighter, and Fiona says his injuries might worsen if he does that. Nesso’s like “You’re already healing my wounds gurrlll” and pulls her in for another kiss. He tells her that they’ll forever be together, always, even if the world ends. He then asks her if she wants to make another tower. This time he’ll be building it. He’s going to save up the money and build a tower that reaches the heavens, for the 2 of them only. Fiona then says that she’s really happy with Nesso, and he shuts her up with another kissed again. He then says, “Let’s enter the same grave? I’l love you forever and ever, even until the afterlife.” Fiona’s shocked by this, and she can’t think anymore.

In her mind, she wonders if this was still the same Nesso she knew. Did he change after the landslide incident? Fiona wonders. Nesso laughs, and says that he’s never changed, and it’s still the same old him. He then asks her to take off her clothes, or else he’ll never recover in time.

Nesso 11“Good girl.” He says. 

Was this really the Nesso she knew? Fiona thinks about this, as something warm enters her body.

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Fiona can’t seem to find Nesso’s lower body, so she decides to pull him out by force. She calls out to him to ask him to put out his hands, but he doesn’t hear it so she grabs him and pulls him out anyway. However, no matter how hard she pulls, she isn’t able to pull Nesso out from the pile of rubble, and ends up falling on her back. She gets upset by the fact that she couldn’t save Nesso, and he calls out to her. Fiona cries and thinks about how she doesn’t want to hear him call out to hear in such a quiet voice. It sounded like Nesso was going to die anytime. Nesso the points out to a path, telling her that it would lead her to Elza and the rest of her family, telling her to run without him. Ignoring the guy, Fiona tells him that she’s definitely not going anywhere without him. Nesso breathes quietly, and says that he feels sleepy.

Fiona continues trying to pull him out, tears falling down her cheeks. She didn’t want Nesso to die. Nesso then says slowly, “Are you there? My beloved…..only one in the world…….more that anyone….” Tears are flowing down Fiona’s cheeks as she continue’s digging. After a while, Zara, Julian and Elza arrive, asking whether they’re alright. They ran into Elza while looking for a path into a valley. Fiona then tells them that Nesso’s buried under the rubble, The 3 of them start digging, but Nesso isn’t showing any reaction. Zara and Elza are calling out to him, and Julian’s just standing at the side with a sad face. Fiona then wonders whats wrong. Don’t they have to save Nesso?

Fiona starts crying, and says that Nesso’s in pain. However, he isn’t answering. Neither he is moving. When Zara calls out to her and hugs her from behind, she asks him why aren’t they trying to save Nesso. She asks Elza. She asks Julian. Why weren’t they saving Nesso? Elza’s blaming himself for not coming earlier, and Julian’s crying out Nesso’s name. Zara continues to hug her. If no one’s going to save Nesso, then she will. Fiona gets on the ground, and she starts digging, trying to get Nesso out. After a while, Elza tells Zara and Julian to bring Fiona back to the Garland house, and he’ll come back for Nesso tomorrow morning. When Fiona hears that, she says that they can’t leave Nesso alone like that. Nesso was going to be left alone, and she wants to stay with him.

Zara calls out her name, but it sounded more like a scream instead. Fiona doesn’t listen at all, and just turns to Nesso, saying that it’ll be alright as she’s right here with him. Elza tries to tell her that Nesso’s dead, but she doesn’t listen. The voices of the rest don’t reach her, and everything turns to black.

Nesso 12“Hey……Nesso. We promised to be together, right?” Nesso…Can you answer me?”

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Again, I’m really ticked off by Nesso in his good end. Did he become Yandere or sth? Was he planning to trap Fiona in another tower again? Why the heck are they going into the same grave? Oh my god what the hell is this. Also did he become a rapist at the end?” I really don’t know anymore. I was really attracted to this guy at first, but his ending……turned me off. Also did Fiona turn Yandere in the bad end as well? Oh gosh I don’t know anymore. I’d totally prefer Nesso as my onii-chan, not a lover pls. The guy just creeped me out thoroughly and I really don’t know what to say about him. In fact, it left me with a lot of question marks. That’s all I have to say about the guy, man I dunno what to say anymore.

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