Norn9 ~Norn+Nonette~

So I decided to follow Hinano-san’s reccommendation of the order of the routes and went with the order she played cuz I get confused really easily. There are a lot of spoilers, so I will be putting everything under a cut here. As per usual, I will only be doing the best endings, and maybe at the bad endings later. (but some of them are creepy so yeah)

snap148Okay our story starts off with a young boy named Suzuhara Sorata, who’s currently on a school field trip together with his classmates. They’re on a trip to some science lab when he starts hearing weird singing/music and starts thinking he’s crazy since his friends don’t even hear any. Suddenly, he blinks and there’s like one flash and he realises he’s in the Taishou Era!!  Sorata then starts feeling cold and he’s like “I CAN’T MOVE” and suddenly he crashes into a pink-haired girl who doesn’t remember her name. She drags him away and warms him up with some fire which pops outta nowhere, and tells him that she’s gonna go on a trip, since someone said she’s gonna be picked up by some ship when’s she’s 17. Suddenly, they go into some field, and suddenly some sphere-like thing appears. The girl’s like “that’s gonna pick us up!!” and they go inside the ship, and before they know it, they get attacked by some plants.

snap149Suddenly, some blue-haired guy holds Sorata down, and another cream-haired guy gets the girl. Either way 2 more girls appear and tell the guys not be rude, since their the people the ship was supposed to pick up. Soon their introduced to all the people in the ship, except for some people who ain’t there. They find out that all the people on the ship are “power users”, and they have special powers that can be used to do stuff. Also, after they reach their “destination”, which is America apparently, their gonna be separated to different countries. Now Sorata gets to pick which girl he wants to follow, to see all the guys. From then onwards we have to pick the girl we wanna play as, so that continues. After picking the girl you wants the ship suddenly gets attacked, and Mikoto, the shield user, blocks it out. Soon they realise that there’s a traitor among the people inside the ship, and the traitor’s a guy. They end up splitting into pairs to watch each other, and find who’s the traitor.


Koharu – She’s the girl who Sorata meets in the prologue, and doesn’t have any memories and stuff, since she has been on the run for ages. The only thing she remembers is that a guy told her that a ship was going to pick her up when she was 17, and gave her that uniform. More plot details later, which are in bits and pieces.

Mikoto – Our 10000% tsun. Her tsun is 30% and her dere is 70% and she’s super cute when she gets super embarrassed. Born in a super rich japanese family, she has pretty good manners, and she’s childhood friends with Sakuya. The holder of the power of the shield. my favourite of the 3 heroines.

Nanami –  The youngest among the girls, and basically she’s 16. She’s a trained shinobi who came from a village, and is pretty much the strongest among all the girls since she has ninja training. She hates her powers of wiping others’ memories that were abused by her dad. Main plot details about her in Akito’s route.

Ichinose Senri (CV: Shimono Hiro)

snap021Actually nothing actually happens in this route, but I will be covering some major details since this was my first runthrough of the game, so a lot of stuff is introduced. Senri’s a hikikomori, basically who loves to stay inside his room forever and never come out, but whatever. However he’s a kawaii shota, so who can resist him? Either way, during the attack, Senri’s room was at a very vulnerable spot, so Akito had no choice but to break the door of his room to bring him into the safe place. After the attack Kakeru’s like “hahaha Senri you don’t have a door to hide behind anymore too baaaadd” so he doesn’t have any choice but to wander around outside. Kakeru’s super annoying and he bullies Senri 80% of the time and Senri hates him. So Koharu starts pitying the poor shota since he doesn’t have a room to rest in, and thus lets him into her room. She lets him rest there, and even bakes snacks for him to eat. However, the both of them get too tired to the fact they sleep on the floor together in the room. Kakeru was aware of this, and he told the girls not to return to their room that night. The next morning they get embarrassed they slept in the same room together, and even in the same bed. They also get outta her room without telling anyone but Masamune sees them walking out together he becomes an ossan and starts saying “Senri’s grown up!!” (;¬_¬)

snap027So they get more bonding time and Koharu finds out Senri loves swimming in the water, and he wants to swim like a fish in the water. LOL. Okay he’s a hikki but whatever so one day Kakeru’s sick and Masamune has to take care of him, and they end up gathering the vegetables. Here, Koharu finds out that Senri’s powers was using water. After gathering the vegetables Koharu lets Senri go and swim in the water again, and Kakeru comes by, saying he’s alright already. Koharu then asks him if Senri’s door could be fixed and he’s like “it’s for his own good you know?” and isn’t willing to fix the door. Kakeru also states that his bullying is actually for Senri’s own good (which i think it’s more for pleasure ugh) They end up fixing the door themselves, and when Kakeru sees it he’s about to break the door again, but Senri speaks up this time. He says that he can let Kakeru have the key, and he won’t lock himself inside his room. Afterwards Kakeru passes the key to Koharu to take care of, and Masamune pats her head. This causes Senri to get jealous and moe as he grabs Koharu. He then asks her who she likes, and she ends up saying that she loves everyone the ship and Senri gets angry and locks himself inside his room. In the fairy tale scene, Koharu’s playing Snow White and Itsuki does some shit and she can’t speak at all. She’s teleported to the dwarf’s house and crashes into one of the duck-like things (which is Senri but nobody in the game realises it) He makes sounds but no one realises, and Koharu calls out to Senri. Suddenly, the spirit of Senri appears and tells her she’s gonna be safe. Koharu ends up running outta the house, and crashes into the witch (WHO IS KAKERU LOLOL) and Masamune (WHO IS THE PRINCE) saves her. The blue chick thing is just there behind her, but no one seems to notice the chick at all and Masamune tells her to go to the castle with him.

snap029Obviously she doesn’t wanna go with Masamune since he isn’t her special person, she says no and runs off. She ends up running to some dark place, and Itsuki realises she’s gone the wrong way and blows  her away to somewhere else. There, she meets Senri, and he apparently has wings. He then grabs her and they fly up into the sky ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ and Senri finally confesses his feelings to her. Koharu wakes up from this dream and gets all flustered seeing Senri sleeping beside her. She ends up running away from him, and Senri chases after her, but ends up panting heavily since it isn’t his thing. Somehow, he manages to catch her, and tells her he really likes her, and kisses her. Senri then tells her that he really likes her, and it’s her turn to say her feelings. Koharu gets all flustered again and runs away. The next few days she starts getting dazed as she keeps thnking about the point where Senri kissed her. The ship lands at some town and the girls decided not to take her along to the place there, since it’s too dangerous for her as she keeps getting dazed. While waiting for them to come back she meets “the traveller” (which is the person who told Koharu about the ship picking her up) and she follows him out. The guy then takes her to some place which was under attack, and tells her she’s the only one who can stop all the attacks. She then uses her fire power which she has been keeping secret from everyone to burn the people.

snap030The attackers ended up retreating and everyone calls her the saviour, and “The World” hasn’t given up on them yet. The traveller then takes her back to the ship, since Heishi contacted her through telepathy that everyone was worried for her. Returning to the ship, Senri hugs her and whispered that he really missed her a lot. Suddenly, they get a request from “The World” to back up a certain country from attacks from The Liberation Army. Soon they get down the ship to town and Mikoto ends up blocking out the attacks, and she runs into a corner, where she finds out that she’s been defending the Liberation Army. She runs back to the main area, where Mikoto is blocking out all the attacks. Suddenly, she shoots fire at the Liberation Army, which shocks everyone that her powers are using fire. The army they’re supposed to be guarding realises thats the fire which attacked them. They start going batshit insane and attempts to attack her. Masamune then tells Senri to get Koharu to a quieter place. She starts crying, and tells Senri to leave her alone, which ends up with her getting hugged by The Traveller. Then she’s taken away by him. When Senri returns, he’s shocked to see that Koharu isn’t there anymore.

snap003They end up returning to the ship, and finally Natsuhiko appears. “The World”, also known as Aion, appears and tells them they need to save Koharu ASAP. They find out that the world has been undergoing a lot of conflicts and war and shit, and some scientists decide to get together to create a robot called “Aion” to performs “resets”. Reset’s are basically destroying the world and remaking a new world again. Aion was supposed to be living on an Island and Masamune and Natsuhiko were living there so they knew about that robot. So after every reset they decided to split up Aion’s powers to other ppl since they can’t possibly have a robot who could destroy the world on an Island. Every time a reset happened, they would gather all the “power-users” on the ship, Norn, to return all their powers to Aion. Because of all this resetting and shit they think they’re in the year 1919 but THEY’RE IN THE YEAR 8075 LOL. However, we also find out the reason why there are more than 9 power-users on the ship, is because Aion split certain powers into 2 people. they also find out that “The Traveller” is  called Yuiga Shirou, and he’s a weapons dealer and wants to destroy the world using wars and shit, and Natsuhiko says that Shirou probably caught Koharu to make her his fire cannon to kill people and cause chaos in the world.

snap035After all that tl;dr talking Natsuhiko finally says that they need to water user to save her. Senri immediately speaks up and says that he’s the water user, and Natsuhiko asks him to prove it. After showing that he can use water Natsuhiko’s like “aion why the fuck did you give the kid this power” and Aion doesn’t say a thing. Either way Akito reveals that he can use water as well (we’ll explain that later in the next route), and asks Senri to transfer his power to him. Senri’s like “I WANNA SAVE KOHARU SO GIVE ME THE POWER INSTEAD” and because of his determination, Akito tosses the shota the rest of his powers. Senri’s scared of Natsuhiko and ends up dragging Masamune along with him. Meanwhile at Koharu’s side, the preparations are almost ready for Koharu to burn another city, and a random dude who’s in a uniform like Natsuhiko’s takes her into a desert. There, she meets Senri, who convinces her to stop. After much convincing, she decides to return to the ship with him. They’re about to kiss when the army attacks and Natsuhiko has to go pick him up. In the Happy Ending, Koharu’s finds Senri inside his room since he hasn’t been outside for about a week, and asks what he’s doing. He made her at nice sculpture rabbit and told her he was making more rabbits for Koharu. :*.;”.*・;・^;・:\(*^▽^*)/:・;^・;・*.”;.*: ワーイ♪ He then tells her he’s not gonna be a hikki anymore. Senri was a cute shota but his route was rather short but I still liked him!! Sorry for the long tl;dr post for Senri cuz I explained the main point of this whole ship so yeah I’m gomen.

Shukuri Akito (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki)

snap100Akito’s the kawaii tsundere who can cook and almost everyone likes him but he isn’t one of my favourites. He gets more dere than tsun in the later stages so ≧(´▽`)≦ Still, he’s damm cute. He’s also good and cooking which makes him like the perfect guy ever. When Nanami and Akito were first partners they were pretty much on edge with one another because of something which happened in the past. (I’ll explain that later.) They barely even walked together and barely talked to each other at the beginning. Nanami kept telling him that if he hated her he could just kill her. So while investigating and looking for the traitor they find a hole in the ship and Nanami attempts to jump through the hole so she could die but Akito saves her and tells her not to waste her life away. So looking at how they weren’t getting along Kakeru decided to handcuff them together, and there’s a button on the handcuffs which could separate them for 30mins. HOWEVER if they exceeded the time limit Akito would be electrocuted so they have to get back together before that happens HAHA. They do end up getting rid of the handcuffs after a while of long awkwardness and tension among them. (although they do get all cute when they were handcuffed together)  In the Itsuki dream, Nanami’s little red riding hood and she crashes into a wolf, which is basically Akito. However he gets tsundere and tarts saying like “it was Itsuki’s fault for this stupid ears!!!” ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ” Too bad this is just a dream so Nanami starts kissing his ears and hugging and he gets all moe ahahaha. After all that kissing and such suddenly crazy Akito appears and attempts to strangle Nanami. Nanami’s about to get strangled but wolf Akito saves her and they wake up from their dream.

snap101Akito then busts into her room and asks her why she didn’t defend herself. Nanami’s like “I dont mind getting killed by you lol”. But Akito doesn’t wanna kill her at all so he attempts to trash out all her guilt but it doesn’t work. (I didn’t get why he did all those intimidate things so I’ll move on to the more interesting events) So all the shitty things happens where Shirou wants all the people on Norn to join him and Mikoto appears with Natsuhiko to convince them to follow her. Shirou’s like “look guys they’re dangerous so join us”. Kakeru, after hearing his daddy’s name he blanks out and he’s like “dad…” (okay this shall be explained in another route). So Shirou manages to get Koharu, Kakeru and Sakuya to go along with him. Senri also tags along, since Masamune isn’t there. Ron leaves with Natsuhiko and the rest of the dudes decided to stay cuz Masamune isn’t back yet, and thus they can’t make any decisions like that so yeah. They end up going on a date to the town they’re in since Akito wants to get Nanami a nice present (๑╹っ╹๑) However Nanami doesn’t know what she wants she’s a shinobi so doesn’t really care about presents. Akito wants to get her a new necktie. She ends up saying that she wants Akito’s necktie so yeaaahhh (´ω`*)ネー This is continued with Akito going deredere and saying that she’s rlly cute. Nanami’s like “WHAAAATT??” and passes out on the spot. Soon she wakes up and Akito says he’s gonna go and buy some drinks for them, when he comes back and says there’s a water shortage in that town and they go to the forest since Akito wants to do something. Guess what? Suddenly, Akito releases some crazy water powers (and we all know who water powers belong to!!) and attempts to give the river more water. So they decide to tell us that AKITO IS IN FACT SENRI’S ANIKI. I guess this is actually more cute than actually shocking, so yeah.

snap108The night before Senri left to go with Koharu to Shirou’s side, Akito and Nanami went into his room and revealed that Akito’s his older bro. Senri’s like “no wonder I felt a sense of familiarity when I was on the ship” and says he’s glad he could see his bro again. Akito then absorbs all of Senri’s powers away so as the free the poor boy. He then asks Nanami to wipe his memories of that incident happening, but Nanami’s too nice and she doesnt wanna do it again so she just says that it’s done and they leave him alone. So after Akito made use of the water powers, he’s like awfully tired and crashes on the floor panting. He then takes this chance to to do some kissing on her neck and grabs her tightly. (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・ He then tells her to call him his first name or he won’t let go. Nanami does as told awkwardly and soon they end up smooching ヽ(▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ Eitherway they get back on the ship and finds that Masamune’s back!! He then explains that Shirou’s the big baddie here and the people which went with him shouldn’t have gone oh no!! But whatever. (I feel like I’m totally drifting away from the plot but who cares???) So Nanami and Akito head to the roof when they realise they’re suddenly attacked by some plants. Akito immediately goes and tries to stop him but Nanami doesn’t want him to use the water powers cuz apparently if Akito overused powers that weren’t meant to be his he would die    ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ Akito’s like “trust me lady gosh” and smooches her again while casting his water at the plants ワ━ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ━ィ!!!! Soon they arrive on the island where Aion is stationed at to protect herself, and they crash into Aion’s other form.

snap111Akito explains that Aion told him how to transfer powers so that he could take Senri’s powers. They go over the whole reset thing again and yeah, they gotta stop Shirou. However, after Masamune mentions about the fact that his powers were looking into the past, Nanami’s like “I wanna go into the past!!!” and she ends up going with Akito. There, the whole Akito-Senri-Nanami drama is explained. So Nanami’s dad was an evil dude who’s like just using her powers of wiping memories as a tool so they always went around wiping people’s memories for money. So one day they arrive at Akito’s and Senri’s village one day, where he wants her to wipe Senri’s memories. Senri had the power of water and the village was almost at the level of a drought, so they wanted Senri to use his powers to get some water back. Akito kept covering for him since Senri’s body was weak from the beginning and who knows what the villagers wanted him to do. The powers could kill him. So they asked Nanami’s dad to ask her to wipe Senri’s memories so that he can be their never ending water hose. Because her dad was like “NANAMI YOU LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY I’M YOUR DAD” she was forced to wipe all of Senri’s memories. Since Akito was a kid back then, he was like “FUCK YOU HOW DARE YOU WIPE MY OTOUTO’S MEMORIES” (*coughs* he didn’t actually say that just remove the vulgarity haha) Since then, Nanami has been carrying guilt for this whole incident. Akito actually doesn’t really care about this whole thing anymore cuz he realised that it was all his fault. He said that he shouldn’t have covered for Senri that much, or else, it wouldn’t have been that bad, where Senri’s memories had to wiped. He starts going into breakdown in the past and starts regretting and shit, but Nanami tells him; it’s all in the past, they can’t change it anymore. This gets him back to his senses, and they leave the past together.

snap116So in the Happy end, Nanami’s in Akito’s room and she’s giving him some food for him since he’s tired and shitz. He says he’s gonna make some food and Nanami wants to help, and he tells her he only needs her moral support. Nanami’s like “LET ME DO SOMETHING” and Akito decides to go back to sleep. With that, Nanami jumps on Akito and says “LEMME HELP”. Before they can go all ichaicha on the bed there’s a knock on the door and they hear it’s Senri and Koharu. Senri’s all nervous about talking to his brother again. Akito’s like “you didn’t wipe his memories in the first place” and Nanami’s like “I couldn’t do it so yeah”. So Koharu decides to push Senri to Akito to have their happy reunion. In the Normal end though where you choose to literally wipe Senri’s memories Akito says that he and Senri are now 2 different people, living their own lives. Nanami still regrets it tho but Akito’s like “lady you’re the only one in my eyes man”. Nanami does the pouncing on him thing again and they end up kissing. Before they can go ichaicha on the bed, Heishi disrupts them and Akito’s like “FUCK YOU HEISHI” and goes “YOU BETTER GET READY TONIGHT WOMAN” as they leave the room to meet everyone. Akito was a damm good sweetie I would put him at my top 3 maannn he was damm cute. Though I still prefer an OT4 of Akito/nanami and Koharu/Senri haha that would be cute. The route really didn’t cover the main plot so I liked it a lot in the end.

Otomaru Heishi (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)

snap137Heishi’s the super genki person and the big baka on the ship where he pretty much doesn’t understand 80% of the hard talk. No wonder they got rid of the tl;dr!! Anyway Heishi’s the super cute onii-chan who comes by and wakes up Nanami everyday. He likes patting Nanami’s head and also lets Nanami pat his head as well (●´∀`●) He loves finding something to do, so whenever he gets bored he’ll always ask Nanami and Itsuki to play cards with him….which turns in to an all-nighter of playing cards and they all end up getting scolded by Mikoto. He uses telepathy, which allows him to transmit messages to other people as long he knows the general place of where the person is. However there are problems with this as if he gets excited or nervous he’ll transmit what’s he’s thinking by accident, resulting in him getting hit by Mikoto once. After a series of trivial and funny incidents, Nanami starts the “what if I’m the traitor?” question and Heishi’s like “I can never hate you no matter what you say” and he tells her to forget whatever shit he said. From then Nanami decides not to say stuff that might hurt Heishi in different ways. So after some meddling they decide to make some haunted house (more like haunted ship!!) to prove that Mikoto and Akito are scared of ghosts. While preparing they decide to take a short break. Heishi then reveals that he knows how to play the flute. He learnt how to play it when his parents abandoned him and he was picked up by some circus where he had to work in order to get food.

snap141After Heishi confesses to her, Nanami starts getting hit by all sorts of feels which make her blush like a tomato and get super embarrassed. Also, from Akito’s route, we all know she can pass out after someone says she’s cute. After some events we find out that Heishi’s dream is to have a family. He wants to marry someone he likes, get married and have a kid. (wow reminds me of Sano tHANK) However loads of shit happened which is basically Natsuhiko comes to Norn and attempts to kidnap Mikoto through the roof. However Nanami and Heishi were just there when Natsuhiko busted in with the help of Ron, at the point where Nanami wanted to fulfill his dream together with Heishi. “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” Heishi gets knocked out by Ron, followed by Natsuhiko who wants to kill her & abduct Mikoto. Ron’s like “Natsuhikoooo you can get a woman so why cant I get this one?” and says that he wants Nanami for her powers. Nanami isn’t gonna take Ron’s shit so she completely declines and Ron says that he’s gonna kill her and Heishi. If she doesn’t want she and Heishi dead she’ll have to wipe out all of Heishi’s memories of being on the roof, and Nanami sadly has to comply. She then gets upset that she couldn’t even protect the person she loved, and decided that she can’t love Heishi anymore. The next morning Heishi’s like “idk what the fuck happened last night man” as he can’t remember anything’s that happened. Nanami also doesn’t want to talk to him since she decided that she can’t love Heishi anymore, and also because Ron is busy watching her and says that he’s gonna kill Heishi if she doesn’t listen to him.

snap145In the dream scene, Heishi’s actually the grandma in Little Red Riding Hood, Ron’s the hunter and we know who’s the wolf ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ So Nanami crashes into Akito and she’s about to go into “woaha cute” mode when Ron shoots him down with his gunz. He then explains that Itsuki’s power can only be used on ONE person, and says that Itsuki is using powers together with Heishi to cause everyone to see the same dream. Before Nanami is led away by creepy disgusting Ron, Heishi comes and saves her, at the same time getting Akito out of the dream if not he’ll be stuck in there. Soon the team wakes up from their dream and Heishi goes to Nanami’s room to check if she’s okay. They then go up to the roof to talk. Nanami’s pretty upset and tells Heishi that they could destroy the world by wiping everyone’s memories away. Heishi tells her that he ain’t gonna do that cuz he doesn’t actually want to do such things and he doesn’t really wanna follow The World’s orders. Nanami starts the whole “NO I CANNOT LOVE YOU!!” thing and Heishi decides to shut her up by kissing her ワーイ♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/ワーイ♪ (rlly girl stop pushing you ikemen away)  They end up deciding to escape from Norn one day. At first Nanami’s like “I don’t wanna do that” and Heishi’s like “don’t you wanna make our dream come through? this is our only chance.”

snap147Due to this, it resulted into them deciding to run away from Norn. Itsuki and Mikoto are totally cool with them running away but Heishi and Itsuki get into a fight angry over on how to run away from Norn that easily. Itsuki and Mikoto decide to help them when they go out to town together. They get some clothing to blend in together with the townspeople and they go to the train station to hop on a train and run off. So everything goes very smoothly when they’re walking into an alley until they crash into Masamune. Masamune’s like “WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE GO BACK TO THE SHIP” and Heishi’s like “NO WE’RE GONNA LIVE OUR OWN LIFE NOW” and Nanami ends up having to wipe out his memories of the argument they had. In the Happy end they end up travelling into different places and taking photos to sell to some dude, plus earning money through Heishi’s flute playing. They’re out in town where Nanami’s staring at the print of the photo of 2 of them. Heishi comes out and says how cute she is staring at the pic and says that they’re gonna be together forever. ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ Heishi was srsly cute here but he didn’t exactly give me a deep impression unlike the brothers but still he was srsly cute *(*´∀`*)

Nijou Sakuya (CV: Saiga Mitsuki)

snap067No really, I can’t take Sakuya seriously at all. The fact that he’s voiced by a woman is just causing this whole story to be flipped. Good thing I was pretty used to her voice since I watch Inazuma Eleven and she voices as a deep voiced shota, I was pretty okay with it, Also they kind made Itsuki a little douchebag but I don’t really care anymore. This whole route is basically the 2 of them getting angsty and sad over their power. Okay so at the beginning, Mikoto gets sick so the both of them do the  classic “ahhh–” thing where Sakuya feeds Mikoto her food since she’s keeps saying she’s okay. However Sakuya stole the candy that Koharu and Nanami gave her to get well so she had to be fed by him ( ´∀`)ケラケラ Their relationship is pretty rocky at the beginning where Mikoto’s super cold to Sakuya due to an incident which happened when they were kids, so she’s pretty much avoiding him. Also Sakuya’s pretty possessive of Mikoto at the time and he can never take Itsuki’s shit aka his flirting. He grabs Mikoto and gives that “she’s mine” face like (¬д¬。) and Itsuki has no choice to back off. The incident which caused them to be so cold to each other is pretty much in bits and pieces so I’ll be carrying on to different events, before saying the spoilers.

snap071So they go out on their usual patrols to gather more info about who the traitor is and they go to the 3rd floor, which is basically a thick forest. Suddenly, a gunshot sounds, and before the both of them know it they see trees tumbling towards them. Sakuya’s pretty much like “SHIT MIKOTO” and just as the rolling trees are about to hit Mikoto, Sakuya saves her and gets hit by the trees instead. Mikoto’s like “SAKUYAAAAA” and thinks about that incident and she starts crying. Thinking about the thought of Sakuya dying, she ends up running away from the 3rd floor, to the quiet 2nd floor. Suddenly Mikoto feels groggy from all the shit that’s been going on and before she knows it she gets hit by someone (which is probably Ron!! Since he’s the traitor.) and wakes up in a dark room. Her hands are tied, and she gets all scared and keeps thinking about Sakuya, and wants him to save her. Mikoto’s pretty much crying, and suddenly, Sakuya pops up and saves her from the dark room, and she cries in his arms. The other dudes are pretty much “WTF SAKUYA KNEW WHERE MIKOTO WAS HE COULD BE THE TRAITOR” and they hold a meeting to discuss the whole Mikoto capture. Sakuya has no choie but to talk about his powers, and says that he can see the future. It’s uncontrollable, but at that point of time, he saw a vision of Mikoto crying and he managed to find her in the end through that vision. In the fairy tale part, Sakuya’s our prince for the story!! So when Sakuya sees Mikoto in that cute dress and he’s like “hey ur cute man” and they starts getting all closey and touchy and Mikoto starts blushing. They’re about to kiss when Mikoto remembers the shit that happened in the past. Sakuya had seen a vision of his “dying for the girl he loves” and that pretty much made child-mikoto super sad. She didn’t want him to die, so he promised that from then on he wouldn’t love anyone at all.

snap072Mikoto is just exploding in emotions so she runs away and crashes into Itsuki, and because of everything’s thats going on she sees Itsuki as Sakuya and hugs him. She starts crying and saying how she loves Sakuya, with Sakuya standing there and staring at them with his internal (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ face. The next day, Masamune tells Mikoto to go and change Sakuya’s bandages, and when they go into his room as he takes off his shirt. Mikoto’s like “wtf r u doing” but Sakuya’s jealousy and sexual frustrations have gone over 10000 and he’s pretty much raging to bang her. He pushes Mikoto on the floor, and asked if she liked being hugged. Obviously Mikoto’s 1000% UNAWARE about what happened last night and she blushes at the thought of it. Sakuya’s pretty much (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ internally by then since he thinks she luuurrvees being hugged by Itsuki and starts ripping off all her clothes, with Mikoto crying while lying there. (no I couldn’t take this part seriously at all by the fact that Sakuya’s voiced by a woman and I’m like 60% done with this route cuz the forced scene was done by 2 women wtf) He then kisses her on the neck, saying that how much he likes her, yet she doesn’t return his feelings at all. Mikoto’s pretty much crying by then and Sakuya puts on his shirt and leaves. Mikoto’s a strong girl though, and she manages to get back up even after all that trauma, manages to change outta those ripped clothes. Sakuya’s pretty much sitting somewhere and getting angsty over all his feelings, so Mikoto decides to go and look for him. After much searching, she finds him at the roof, in the rain. Mikoto tells him that she rlly likes him, and she’ll be by his side, so he shouldn’t die so easily, and they make up \(○^ω^○)/ That same night, they gather together in the dream Itsuki made to discuss about how to deal with Sakuya’s powers.

snap076Since they’re pretty much reaching their destination, they decide to talk to The World about Sakuya’s prob. They also figure out in the dream that the traitor had a gun, as the thing which knocked down all the trees was a gun, so they came to that conclusion. (fyi the way they treat guns in this thing is so funny that i can’t stand it cuz it’s like modern war stuff XD) Soon they reach the island Aion’s on and we go over the whole tl;dr thing again of the reset and shitz , but Masamune asks Aion to pick out the 2 people who don’t have powers in the group. Aion then points out that this time, there are 10 powers instead cuz the water powers are shared (see Senri’s or Akito’s route summary to understand) and now they have 10. Masamune corrects himself, and Aion says that Itsuki’s the one without powers. Everyone’s pretty much shocked but Itsuki’s like “chill guys I’ll get outta here now” and leaves the place without any explanation. Aion then tells them that they need to do the reset soon, and it will bring peace to the world. Most of the dudes are agreeable with the reset, and they are given 2 doors to look at. 1. The past. 2. The future. So a couple of people get super curious and they jump into the future to see what’s gonna happen.

snap080Sakuya and Mikoto both don’t go when suddenly NATSUHIKO APPEARS. He says he’s here to kill all the power-users with his precious gun, so that the reset’s never gonna happen. Without any choice, Mikoto uses her shield to protect everyone from the gunshots but he keeps shooting at her and Mikoto’s about to reach her limit. Sakuya then tells her that there is a way to finish Natsuhiko off. Natsuhiko suddenly runs outta ammo (that’s what you get for not bringing refills lol) and Mikoto explodes his guns and he gets hit by the reflected bullets (lol i don’t understand what happened there i don’t rlly care anyway about this route at the end) Natsuhiko’s defeated when the gang who jumped into the doors to see the future come back. Natsuhiko’s like “RON KILL THEM” and Ron attempts to shoot them but Koharu comes and burns his gunz before he knows it. Ron gives a dream for Natsuhiko to see and it turns out that Itsuki gave his powers to Ron cuz he didn’t want him to hurt Mikoto. So they do the next reset. At the Happy Ending, Sakuya pretty much confesses all his love towards Mikoto and says that he wants to go inside her room everyday to do some ichaicha togehter. They talk about their future plans and they end up kissing there. Seriously tho what is wrong with this route man there was a rape scene and so many intimate things happened and they end with a kiss wow dang. I didn’t exactly ride on the ship of Norn9 to see this shit okay. Eitherways this route felt OVERLY BLAND and it didn’t hit my feels in any part so I guess Sakuya ain’t gonna be one of my favs.

Kagami Itsuki (CV: Yusa Kouji)

snap052Itsuki’s the horny lil’ shit on the ship being a Scorpio (same as me!!) and he does a lot of perv things to Mikoto in his route. Also he has a big one-sided crush on Mikoto and is a lazy sheit so he doesn’t wanna go out looking for the traitor. However despite all his horniness and his bad traits he’s a pretty kawaii guy who no one notices until later. Also Sakuya does his usual cockblocking which gets me ticked off every time he does that so yeahh more Sakuya hate. Also when Mikoto first chooses Itsuki as her partner Sakuya’s like “DO YOU HAVE YOUR PROTECTION KNIFE JUST IN CASE U NEED TO STAB THE GUY” and there was me pretty much going Σ(ಠิωಠิ|||) there. Okay so one day Itsuki CONVINCES Mikoto to go to the roof with him to relax and stuff BUT THEN Itsuki covers her eyes and says some poetic lines as he attempts to send Mikoto into a dream but yeah Mikoto rips away his grip and runs off angry & blushing. O(≧▽≦)O (we know Mikoto, the feels maannn) The next day they slack again as Heishi invites the 2 of them to play cards together. At first she’s like “why the fuck do I have to play cards with u” and Itsuki’s like “Hey why not gurl”. Heishi then mentions that the team who has the loser will have to do some extra chores or sth and Itsuki tells Mikoto if she beats Heishi she’ll give her a reward. (*´▽`*) So after some picking of cards & stuff Mikoto beats Heishi and Itsuki’s like “yay ojousama won yay~” No really, the other parts without CGs were pretty redundant cuz it was just perv Itsuki and cockblocker Sakuya scenes you get what I mean.

snap055Going to the fairy tale incident, Itsuki’s the master of the dream so he keeps getting the carriage guy to take Mikoto to the castle to meet Sakuya. Mikoto’s like “NO I DON’T HAVE BUSINESS WITH THE PRINCE I WANNA TALK TO ITSUKI GET ME OUTTA HERE” and she kicks the carriage door open and jumps out. Itsuki then finds her again and tells her that she needs to go the ball but Mikoto’s like “FUCK NO I HAVE BUSINESS WITH HIM” Itsuki’s pretty shocked that our girl wanted to see him instead of Sakuya. Itsuki then goes on with the “you hate Sakuya?” question and Mikoto starts crying over the incident that happened while he starts getting more and more inquisitive. Afterwards he told her that the dream powers actually came from his sis, and she had passed them to him before she died. Mikoto starts getting angry and she’s like “what’s this world just get me outta here already” and Itsuki summons a fake Mikoto saying that he can ask that fake Mikoto to do whatever he wants. Mikoto’s like “WHAT THAT’S NOT ME” and runs off. Itsuki then suddenly mentions the part where he wanted to give Mikoto a present. She’s like “whaaa” and before Mikoto knows it she’s in a hot spring together with Itsuki with him grabbing her butt and going “yay~” all  over with her screaming for him to stop it ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ Suddenly Sakuya comes by and beats him up trying to be a cockblocker again. ( ´_ゝ`) The next morning Sakuya asks Mikoto if she wants to write a letter back to their families abt the shit’s thats going on recently and she asks Itsuki if he wants to write one. Itsuki’s like “why not as long I get to spend time with you to teach me the format” and they go to the library to write one. He starts whining why they couldn’t go to a more private place and stuff but yeah, Mikoto asks him to shut up and let her teach him.

snap058But yeah Itsuki doesn’t any family anymore so he writes a love letter to Mikoto instead. Itsuki then says that he thought she really likes Sakuya but that wasn’t true, but he’s rlly sad if he can’t cheer on the person he likes cuz the person likes someone else. They end up kissing in the library ヾ(^∇^) Suddenly they find out that Sakuya’s future changed but Sakuya’s not pleased cuz he won’t be getting his happy end with Mikoto ( ´_ゝ`) Itsuki feels pretty guilty abt this decides to be a temp hikki by staying in his room all they and not going out. Mikoto’s worried so one day she decides to get into his room and check on him. Soon they realise they ACTUALLY LIKE EACH OTHER (why didn’t you notice early but whatever) and all those sexual frustrations explode out and they make out in his room that night. ィェィ♪(v〃∇〃)ハ(〃∇〃v)ィェィ♪ The next morning Mikoto’s pretty much like “kyaaaa why did I do this” for a moment and then she goes “oh yea that happened *blushes*” (WOW SERIOUSLY THESE 2 OH MY GOD)  Then, more ppl visit Itsuki’s room and Itsuki’s like “ohhh” and “ahhh” to everything they ask to distract them since he doesn’t want anyone to know he fucked Mikoto that night. Then Itsuki goes on and does the whole thing called “I WANT TO ICHAICHA MORE WITH YOU” and starts thinking suddenly. Mikoto’s like “what ur thinking about dude” and Itsuki’s like “I WAS THINKING ABOUT HOW TO STRIP AND END IT IN 5MINS” what the fuck Itsuki. (you can go see the tweets I made on my personal yeah) However the game’s not gonna let them have their happy end and suddenly Natsuhiko’s gang attacks Norn and everybody’s like “DAFAQ” and Mikoto can’t get her barrier out. Before she knows it she’s hit by some stuff and Itsuki jumps in to save her and does his dream thing.

snap064Mikoto wakes up in his dream and they’re busy living their newlywed life in their dream. However Mikoto notices that Itsuki’s fading away everyday and she’s hearing Sakuya’s and Koharu’s voices. She then goes “ITSUKI WHY R U KEEPING ME IN THIS STUPID DREAM” and he tells her that reality is much worse compared to dreams and doesn’t let her out. However Itsuki does have his weak points and she manages to break outta the dream. However when she wakes up, she finds out that Norn has crashed, and Itsuki’s injured. She runs to his room and sees him resting on his bed. Mikoto’s like “FUCK WHY DID YOU DO THAT” The reason why Itsuki made this dream was cuz he didn’t want Mikoto to get worried abt him and stuff and instead live a happy life with him for a while. She then finds the letter Itsuki wrote to her and starts crying. Itsuki wakes and up he’s like “oh you read that” BUT BEFORE THEY CAN GET THEIR HAPPY ENDING Ron barges in like a shithole. He then explains that he needs to kill the both of them since they have no use to him anymore. Itsuki then explains that he’s gonna kill the guy but Mikoto stops him cuz he’s injured. He then tells her that he passed Mikoto’s power to Ron on the condition that he didn’t hurt the girls but he still did yeah. However Ron runs off again (Idk why anymore I wasn’t paying attention) and the 2 decide to leave the ship and run off to GET THEIR HAPPY ENDING. In the Happy End, the both of them are out in town shopping and they get all romantic there as Mikoto suggest that they’re going to have a wedding ceremony  and everyone will come together and see them again. So they’re gonna have to save up some money for that. They then kiss on the street yeahhh ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ Wow Itsuki was really hot and he was cute mannn I really liked him he could be my number 1 in my rankings what a horny cutie ヾ(´▽`;)ゝI srsly enjoyed Itsuki’s route a lot in terms of plot and scenes cuz he was AWESOME. What a cutie.

Yuiga Kakeru (CV: Kaji Yuki)

snap006By the time I hit Kakeru I was pretty much (ಠ⌣ಠ) towards him and “Fuwa~” towards Itsuki yeaahhh so I never paid any attention but somehow I liked him in a way at the ending despite his baaaaddd attitude. Kakeru uses the power of plants which is used to bust down Sorata in the prologue, and keep the plants inside the ship healthy & growing. Koharu thinks that Kakeru is a very sweet and nice guy. (I AM COUGHING AT THIS STATEMENT WHAT THE HELL) One day, Kakeru decides that he’s gonna teach Koharu on how to raise plants so they go to the library to see what plants they can grow. They soon decide on planting strawberries and they go and buy some strawberry seeds for Koharu to plant and raise. Sadly due to her carelessness of watering the plants too much, Koharu ends up causing the plant to wither. Kakeru then uses his powers to revive the strawberry plant and tells Koharu that she only needs to water it twice a day. One day the strawberry blooms, and she rushes happily to Kakeru to tell him the good news. Seeing the plant blooming, Kakeru praises Koharu for helping the plant to grow, and hugs her. He tells her that she won’t be lonely anymore but Koharu thinks he said “if Kakeru ain’t free to talk I can talk to strawberry!!” and suddenly Itsuki and Heishi cockblock the scene. Itsuki’s like “I thought it was a man-and-woman relationship but plants can have a relationship too huh?” and I was like LOLOL at that point. Kakeru’s like (¬▂¬) and they all go for breakfast. Since the plant was growing bigger they decide to transfer it to the garden. While they are transferring the plant Koharu gets dirt on her skirt. Mikoto passes by, and dusts it off for her, while telling her that she should watch how she looks. Koharu being super amazed by Mikoto’s elegance and stuff, decides to imitate her in order to improve her appearance.

snap009Mikoto then leaves and Koharu walks back with Kakeru as well. She finds some dirt on his ear and when she attempts to brush it off for her, Kakeru slaps her hand and she’s shocked. He then explains that he doesn’t exactly want anybody touching his precious earring given to him by his dad and it was a natural instinct to slap someone’s hand if they touch it. He apologises, and they walk off. Koharu’s pretty much intimitating Mikoto everytime, which causes her to recall some bad memories of the past. Suddenly one day Kakeru falls sick and Masamune volunteers to nurse him but Koharu’s like “I wanna do it” Eitherway he’s pretty much suffering and Koharu wants to do something for him and helps Akito make food for the guy. When they come in Kakeru tells them that his earring in missing and they go look for it. The story then continues with Kakeru telling Koharu all about that earring and how his dad died when he was still a shota and he was given that stuff as a momento. So they get to the dream scene where Koharu has arrived at the dwarfs’ house with only Senri inside and Nanami and Mikoto come by to ask her whats wrong with the story and blah blah. Suddenly, Witch! Kakeru pops up with this demoralized attitude and tells her that she’s gonna have to kiss him since he’s the poisonous apple. Lol whatever he then goes into sad mode again, saying that he has too many lies and sheit, and Koharu kisses him to wake him up. She then tells him that everyone has their own weakness so he shouldn’t be angsty over small stuff so yeah. After the kiss the both of them wake up and Koharu rushes outta her room. Instead of going to find Kakeru, she sees Ron holding Kakeru’s earring. Koharu’s like “would you give that back ron-san” and he’s like “lol nope did u know that this was extreeemmely dangerous to the guy” but Koharu doesn’t give a fuck, tries to wrestles it outta him but fails.

snap012The next day they get awkward again with the “did you see a weird dream last night?” question and before they know it they realise their feelings for each other and they get a session of kissing in the library. THANK AND I THOUGHT THAT WAS A ITSUKI SPECIAL. (prolly they ran outta spots for raburabu scenes to happen so they had to repeat a library scene thank.) Suddenly they find Kakeru’s earring IN THE LIBRARY, together with the card of “The Fool”. Kakeru’s pretty much “this card makes me uncomfortable” and since Koharu remembered what Ron told her she tells him not to wear the earring. Kakeru totally agrees with her cuz he’s got Koharu now, he doesn’t need his dead dad’s gift. Before we know it Yuiga Shirou’s robot & gun army appears to destroy Norn one day when everyone’s out for lunch and Kakeru runs back to the ship. In the mean time, Ron is busy taunting Koharu to use her fire cannon powers in order to whack the robots which were attacking the ship. Without any choice, she blasts her fire powers at the robots just as Kakeru came to the scene. He’s like “DAFAQ” and wants to protect her, but Koharu burns the robots which were coming at him. After the battle Koharu gets super angsty and runs away and locks herself inside her room, not coming out. Kakeru then uses his old tricks again to trick her into opening the door and he comforts her by apologising to her about how he said the wrong things and stuff (wait i never did pay attention here so i forgot the details oops.) Again the next day they find out YUIGA SHIROU’s here to bust the ship. Ron and Kakeru are busy fighting upstairs on the roof when the pedo comes in and crashes the party along with Natsuhiko later. Masamune also runs upstairs as well, and before we know it, Kakeru’s shot!! (」゜ロ゜)」Shirou’s like “well just nice my son’s shot and at the same time I can get Koharu!!!” and attempts to grab them but is obviously stopped by Natsuhiko & Ron. Kakeru’s like “daddy…” before he collapses and the pedo manages to pick him up and leave.

snap017Masamune doesn’t allow the pedo to take Koharu cuz according to Natsuhiko, “THE WORLD’S GONNA END IF SHE GETS TO THE BAD SIDE” and Masamune has no choice to stop her. Koharu wants to chase after the conked out Kakeru and starts crying but Masamune explains that Kakeru was another spy who was planted on the ship by Shirou instead and Natsuhiko adds that the earring gives off a wave which is used to control the guy. Also Kakeru was pretty much brainwashed by his dad from the beginning so the earring was just used to amplify the control. (Finally something responsible which Ron does!!) After they go over the tl;dr stuff again and Aion says they can’t do the reset cuz there’s no Kakeru to grow plants back so they can’t do anything but just return the powers to Aion and they can go home. Suddenly Shirou attacks the island where Aion’s on and all of them flip out. Natsuhiko and Ron come by as reinforcements to help the gang out. Natsuhiko then says that if they see Kakeru they’re gonna have to kill him and Koharu’s like “NOOOOO” but Heishi tells her that he’s pretty sure the Kakeru who likes her is the real Kakeru, and his feelings are the truth. Akito then volunteers himself and Koharu to go help fight Shirou’s army since he absorbed all of Senri’s power and she has her fire. Koharu’s worried that she’s gonna burn Kakeru up cuz of her fire as she can’t bring herself to kill Kakeru. They end up fighting more robots and suddenly, controlled Kakeru shows up. He’s busy using his plants to trap everyone and attack them.

snap019Ron then goes to distract Kakeru by getting trapped by his plants and Natsuhiko’s like “FIRE WOMAN GO” and wants Koharu to burn Kakeru. Just as he was about to kill Ron, Nanami who came along jumps in front to block out Kakeru from Ron. Because of this, Koharu has no choice to but to shoot her fire towards the guy. Suddenly, she remembers what Aion said: Her fire won’t burn a person if she has feelings for that person. Koharu then burns up all his plants and because of this Kakeru snaps back to reality and they kiss again. After everything’s all wrapped up they go back into Aion’s place where Aion’s pretty much broken and she can’t function anymore (means no more resets yeeaaahhh) Natsuhiko announces that he’s found Shirou’s dead body and they can finally get their peace. Natsuhiko then says he’s gonna go all over the world to stop all the wars happening because of that guy and the world can finally have peace. In the Happy End, Kakeru and Koharu are living together and their having their fun in a garden and their busy rolling across the grass while hugging each other. Suddenly Kakeru says that he wants to screw out in the open but Koharu says that that shouldn’t be doing such things outside and to keep his stuff inside his pantsu. So they kiss and they say their gonna have fun when their gonna get back home. I was pretty much ( ´_ゝ`) 24/7 throughout this whole freaking route. I really pitied Kakeru in a way tho, and I shed a tear or two for the guy at the ending but baahhhh his attitude stank and I could never bring myself to like him except for the fact that he was voiced by Yuki Kaji. Also who the hell did Shirou die in this route this route has really no context at all gosh. Besides, when I entered the route I was pretty much “MISSION ABORT MISSION ABORT” when I heard that voice for Yuki Kaji that was used in Lightning Returns Hope Estheim. Either way I am just plain bored with this route and I don’t really care anymore.

Muroboshi Ron (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)

snap117I do have questions regarding his route and a little about how Nanami liked Ron. He pretty much had a one-sided crush on the girl from the beginning and his like for her grew with the love-hate thing. As for Nanami, I’m thinking it’s because how dumb Ron is and she starts feeling responsible for his daily life and needs since he’s such a lazy bum. (That’s what I caught from the air of the game idk man) Ron takes naps everyday and he doesn’t want  to do anything at all – just slack. Also the way he tries to care for Nanami stinks as once he tried to one day as he was concerned and shit by grabbing her and asking her questions. (WHAT. REALLY WUT) This ticks Nanami off which causes her to have to resort to violence to get outta his grip. Afterwards he then mutters to himself saying that if he can’t get her with talk, he’ll just have to use FORCE. No really I was like “WTF?” as I saw that and it really ticked me off in a way. So a few days later they run outta ingredients and Nanami’s gang have to go and buy food from the town they were pit stopping at. Suddenly Nanami loses her way in the crowd and separates with Ron, causing her to panic and start running around looking for the guy. before she knows it she crashes on the floor with tiredness and when she wakes up, she’s in a hotel with Ron. Nanami’s like “WHY THE HECK HAVE YOU BROUGHT ME HERE?” and Ron’s like “chill girl i saw you conked out on the grass you had to rest so i brought u here. Also I changed you outta your clothes.” Nanami’s pretty much violated by this point and wants to throw a kunai at him at that point of time.

snap123Ron then says he’s gonna bring something warm for her to drink, and it’s sake. (okay I’m conviced Ron’s a big dipshit idiot that needs a waifu thank) Nanami’s like “LOOK IM UNDERAGE” and he’s like “ohhhh i didn’t know that” щ(ºДºщ) Suddenly he goes into rape mode and pins Nanami down on the bed and attempts to kiss her (u nid to chill guy, cuz she’s 16 and ur 25 gosh) but Nanami’s a ninja, right? Therefore she uses her ninja skills to get out and punches his sunglasses off. Continuing to that Ron starts making baaadd jokes which makes Nanami feel better and she kicks him outta her room. The next morning as they walk out Nanami holds his hand so that she won’t get lost again. They crash into Masamune, Akito, Heishi & Itsuki and Nanami lets go of Ron’s grip when Itsuki asks why they’re holding hands. So one day Ron ain’t coming out for breakfast and she goes to his room to check out whats going on there and finds him still sleeping. Ron’s in his lazy bum mode again and he’s sleeping like a pig in his bed but when Nanami pulls and drags his blanket the guy grabs her and uses her as his body pillow ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ He then says that he has a headache and he wants to hug her so hard. Nanami then starts smelling him out stating that she’s checking whether he had the small from before.O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ Sadly however the guy just stinks from sake do to his heavy drinking habits with Itsuki & Masamune.

snap125Nanami starts kicking him and stuff to get outta his grip but he refuses to left go of her. Ron then reveals that his eyesight is seriously bad and “his friend” made him a pair of sunglasses for him to see better. Ron then tells her that as long he finished what “his friend” asked him to do he would be able to make a pair of fake eyes for him. Before we know it Nanami conks out and when she wakes up and runs outta the room since Sakuya was hit by a tree and she had to return to her room. She then finds Mikoto outside (basically it’s the whole tree accident in Sakuya’s route) and Ron is behind her. Ron then knocks Mikoto out and Nanami’s like “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!” and Ron’s like “I was just following my friend’s orders”. Basically the whole thing pieces together and Ron is the spy on the ship doing all of Natsuhiko’s dirty for work…for a pair of eyes. Ron wants to kill Mikoto but Nanami tells him that she’ll use her powers to wipe Mikoto’s memories of the incident, and Ron can’t kill her. Ron totally agrees and they do the wiping and Mikoto forgets everything. Ron’s like “ohhh so you’re the girl who was forced by her dad to wipe ppl’s memories ohhh” and tells her what to do in order to make sure Mikoto doesn’t die. So after their fairy tale scene wraps up (there’s nothing to cover there btw) Nanami wakes up and she’s at the bench near the nice pool Senri likes to swim in. Seeing her, Ron tells her that their going to his room to talk things out and Nanami ends up going.

snap127Having a talk there caused them to realise their feelings for each other and Ron just says that “how about u wipe my memories and I’m all yours babe~” and they end up kissing there. They’re about to strip and start making out but Natsuhiko makes a call and cockblocks the both of them from doing their thing. Nanami ends up running away and starts thinking whether to wipe his memories cuz she’s scared Ron will lose her feelings for her. (Girl didn’t u say that u COULD PICK WHICH MEMORIES TO WIPE r u okay girl) Eitherway Natsuhiko does his ship busting fun again and Nanami runs up to the roof to find Ron since he prolly leaving with Natsuhiko. Seeing him on the roof, Nanami calls out to him. Ron looks back, but doesn’t say anything and leaves. Mikoto then bursts her barrier around Norn and shield everything out, which causes her to faint, They manage to get to Aion’s place and they do the whole tl;dr stuff again. Nanami and Koharu are the last to go and all of a sudden Ron pops up with his gunz. He then shoots an invisible bullet at Koharu and she blanks out. Suddenly, Ron’s able to blast out fire, and we find out that he can absorb any power-user’s power using those invisible bullets. Soon the final battle comes and Ron burns up Aion and causes a big fire at the place. Everyone runs out of the place but Nanami runs out to look for Ron since she really loves him.

snap132They meet in some dessert, and Ron tells her this is her last chance to “kill” him and wipe all his memories. She climbs onto him and thrashes her kunai on his side, and wipes all his memories. By doing so she just made herself turn into a full-time housewife who needs to look after Ron. The 2 end up living together in some nice house and the people on Norn often come to visit them to update them on civilization. Senri comes one day to report on what happened and he says all the people on Norn are rlly angry that she left and lived together with Ron. He also says that they’re going to follow the will of Norn so they’re going to try and gain world peace. He also tells her that Itsuki and Heishi want to meet her when they go to the nearby town. Ron then comes out and ask who the heck was that, and Nanami just tells him its a friend. Ron’s pretty much forgotten a lot of things and he keeps asking Nanami “WHAT IS LOVE?” and they do some hugging and smooching together. Nanami then says she’s gonna cook him something that day and he helps her in the kitchen and they smooch there.(ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\)  No really I liked this dude a lot and he grew on me but Otomate just had to throw his creepy scenes everytime after a nice scene and there’s me who’s ლ(ಠ益ಠლ there. Ron’s quite a cutie pie and I really like him in terms of his sweetness, and he really felt better after the mind wipe.

Touya Masamune (CV: Satou Takuya)

snap036Masamune’s route just fuckin MADE ME CRY OH MY GOSH. Masamune’s such a sweetie, and he’s so cute. (ノД`)・゜・。 He’s pretty much the bro of  the whole ship and the ringleader of everyone cuz he’s supposed to report to Aion EVERYDAY and I’m like “woah.” Also idk how he actually travels to that island so fast; isn’t it in America? ?_? Okay whatever this game is always full of loopholes gosh. His life is extremely shitty with him going around everyday breaking up Senri and Kakeru’s fights, plus stopping poisonous cooking from Heishi and Nanami. Also he has a habit of drinking with Itsuki and Ron when he likes to and he’s always having random fun with his friends. The beginning of the route is pretty much based around him teaching Koharu about life things, and how to protect herself from men. Also he gets a free megane shot so why not yeah??? ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ So one day Kakeru gets his famous fever which cause Koharu to worry about Masamune as he might catch a cold from Kakeru. She then bakes him cookies for him to eat and he says he’s gonna eat them later. he same night Koharu can’t sleep as she’s thinking about Masamune and she goes out for a walk. She then sees the guy taking the cookies to the rooftop to eat, and she’s extremely glad that he ate those. However suddenly Masamune notices that she’s there and before she can run away he move grabs her and says “hey guurrl didnt i tell you to be careful of men even me? for punishment, i’m gonna teach you what a kiss is” and GOES RIGHT AHEAD AND SMOOCHES HER. (´∇ノ`*)ノ

snap038The next day Masamune sighs and says “I did it again is koharu scared of me now?” and Sakuya comes by and asks what the fuck’s going on. Masamune ends up telling his situation to the guy and we find out that MASAMUNE GETS DRUNK ON SUGAR (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・ (oh my god that was cute shitdang) ALSO THE PROB IS THAT WHEN HE’S DRUNK HE GOES HIGH AND GOES PERVERTED YEAHHHH (*´∀`*)ゞ However Koharu’s reaction to that is a little different. Not only she gets embarrassed, she also asks the girls what “口ずけ” means. (fyi this means kiss so yeah) The girl get socked why the heck’s she’s asking this and Sakuya comes by, telling her that “口ずけ” means something special. Masamune soon gets awkward with her as he teaches her in the library, and tells Koharu they should change partners. Koharu’s super upset and runs away from the guy. Soon we move on the the fairy tale seen, but amazingly, it’s not Itsuki who asks them to pick the paper, instead it’s HEISHI. He gets kicked out by the girls so he ends up making the guys pick for fun or Itsuki will get mad at him. In the dream, Kakeru’s about to kiss Koharu since he’s the poison apple, and Masamune immediately busts in and Kakeru escapes. They then get on his horse and they go away to the castle. Koharu’s like “u know I’m really tired of being a good kid and listening to u all the time and u dumping those feelings into the trash can.”

snap044Masamune then admits defeat and hugs her, telling her that the reason why he wants to change partners is cuz he can’t hold back his ero feelings for her and he’s scared that he’s gonna hurt her again and he doesn’t want that to happen. Koharu also finds out that Masamune gets drunk on sugar so after that she never gives him cookies anymore. Masamune’s all out in love with Koharu now and she’s always volunteering to be ravaged everytime but then one day he says that “I have a mission to fufill before I can have a girlfriend!!” and this gives both of them a reason to hold back their sexual urges. (this practically means the part where he’s working under Aion) Sadly one day a a problems strikes up in some town and they people on Norn have to go down to the village to protect it. This cause Mikoto to have to use her barrier while the other people have to go help save townspeople. So after one day of battle, Masamune’s all tired out and Koharu goes to his room to check on him (which is a bad idea cuz RANNDDDY MASAMUNE) He then tells her how much he wants to ravages her right now but he can’t cuz he has to report to THE WORLD. (douchebags at the island, please disappear.) He ends up crashing on her nice body and lies there for a while as she pats his head かわ.゚+.(´∀`*).+゚.ぃぃ However, Aion just has to cockblock there and he has to go and report to her.

snap049The next day Koharu crashes in Natsuhiko & Setsu and which Setsu wants her to step on him and torture him with that like a perv. Natsuhiko asks Koharu about where Mikoto is, and she almost gets shot by him but MASAMUNE COMES AND SAVES HER. Yeah we soon find out that Natsuhiko knows Masamune cuz apparently they were living on Aion’s island together, but Natsuhiko’s out to trash Aion so they’re practically enemies now. Masamune then gets angsty and said that he should have FUCKED HER THE NIGHT BEFORE AND THEY NEED TO GO DO IT NOW (≧∇≦)キャー♪ cuz she could have died there. Soon he announces that they’re gonna leave the town nowthe situation of the war has “stabilised”, and also, Mikoto won’t have to throw out her barriers anymore. However the next day, Mikoto and Sakuya run out of the ship cuz Mikoto realises that the town ain’t safe at all. She ends up getting pushed back and her barrier breaks. A guy was about to shoot her when Sakuya takes the hit for her (like the prediction) and dies. Mikoto in big shock and is unable to blast out another barrier, Koharu has no choice to shoot out her fire to protect them. The soldiers protecting the town end up wanting her to stay in the town so that she can be used as their fire cannon. Masamune then rages and shouts at the people, going, “STAHP USING MY GIRLFRIEND’S POWERS FOR UR SHIT CUZ THIS AINT EVEN AION’S WILL DAMMIT” and he punches a guy due to that. The same night Koharu secretly comes to see him on the ship cuz she’s stuck staying in the town for ages. Masamune’s like “so you’re coming back to stay here for the night” but Koharu goes “oh noes i secretly came here and i need to get back soon” and runs off after seeing him. Masamune’s like “FUCK WHY DIDNT I STOP HER” as he punches the wall and ends up regretting doing that shit.

snap050However Koharu’s fire starts going outta control cuz she overused it during the war and when Masamune comes to find her she’s like “idk why i’m still blasting out fire oops” and she’s standing in some fire. He then starts walking towards her even tho she tells him not to come cuz he’ll get burnt, Masamune then sees into her past and finds out her real name, BUT OTOMATE WONT EVER TELL US THANK YOU. He then hugs her and tells her she ain’t alone anymore; and she’s no monster. He then apologises and kisses her, and with that powers of love they get rid of the fire around her. Since she’s outta fire she doesn’t have to burn stuff anymore so they return to the ship. Koharu’s tired so she conks out and Masamune decides that they’re gonna run away from Aion. They won’t be able to do the rest cuz Koharu isn’t there, so they’re gonna run first. When Koharu wakes up Nanami wipes out her memories of the whole war and everything, and Itsuki gives her sth nice to dream about while the wiping finishes. Koharu then dreams about getting married with Masamune ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ and living a happy life. Masamune grabs Koharu and runs, getting onto Natsuhiko’s ship where they end up living with him & Setsu.

snap051In the Happy end, Masamune’s learning about how to fix the ship and everything, so that he can’t cause any trouble to the guy. He goes and finds Koharu for a break, and they sit in the forest staring out into the sky, while he says their gonna have a nice wedding. they also revealed that the hiyokos were created by Natsuhiko and they hear Aion’s singing through the transmission. With this Masamune know that the reset’s not gonna happen anymore and they can go and live their happy life now, and he starts asking Koharu about their life plans. Also, I decided to play the DRUNK End, where Koharu decides to go inside Masamune’s room with Ron and Itsuki and they start saying perv things to her, until Masamune comes back, get angry, and kills them. LOL. Wow Masamune was really moe & cute and he’s pretty much my favourite now, but Itsuki’s following behind. Yeah his route also brought tears to me and I really like the guy and his ero scenes ヽ(▽^〃ヽ)ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ(ノ〃^▽)ノ ワーイワーイワーイ♪

Azuma Natsuhiko (CV: Ono Daisuke)

snap081Ahhhh Natsuhiko was the cutest ever I really really like the guy a lot gosh. In fact, he’s pretty much the only one who can put up with Mikoto’s tsun and her craziness. So we all know Natsuhiko’s pretty much the bad guy of this game and he wants to destroy Aion blah blah blah and the power-users. Aside from that he pretty much lives on his ship trying to stop Yuiga Shirou’s troops from attacking cities and he was Mikoto so that he can use her powers to block out attacks. Therefore, in this route, Mikoto decides to work alone to find the traitor instead, and Sorata’s with her (you know under whose orders (¬_¬)) The shota then starts working together with Mikoto, watching her draw a very BAD picture of Natsuhiko and showing it to the rest of the dudes on the ship. Ron then gives an excuse saying that he’s looking for the attacker as well and asks her to give him the pic. the others are pretty much “lol this is a human r u kidding” and laughs their asses off at the pic, except for Masamune who knows it’s Natsuhiko. However she can’t find the traitor at all which cause her to cry in her room saying that she can’t do anything at all. Until one day, she’s out looking for the attacker again when she crashes into Ron, and he says that he’s found the attacker; before he flings her outta Norn LOL. At the same time, Sorata researched and realised that this ain’t the taishou era in the past. Soon Mikoto’s caught by Natsuhiko who barely makes it up to the top of his ship and he’s like “OI RON U ALMOST KILLED THE GIRL THERE”

snap085Mikoto soon wakes up, and she’s trapped inside a room and Natsuhiko comes in telling her that he’s gonna kill all the power users and if she doesn’t listen to him she’ll be killed by him. But yeah Mikoto gets super scared of him cuz she keeps imagining him being a big do-S and getting creeped out by do-M Setsu. However Natsuhiko’s a nice dude so he provides food and everything for her but she refuses to eat cuz she’s scared of him and everything. All their cute moments mostly get hit by Mikoto’s tsun and Natsuhiko becomes a cold dude instead of being nice. So to help her eat Natsuhiko tries to build a robot to serve her since she kicks out any dude who tries to enter her room but she ends up getting creeped out by the first one he made as it could explode and use weapons. Natsuhiko ends up making a cute hiyoko like the ones on the ship to take care of her and it’s used for Natsuhiko to care for her since she doesn’t wanna listen to the actual guy ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイ Also they work together to go wipe out Shirou’s army using her barrier to protect the town while Natsuhiko goes and shoots the ppl down. So one day Natsuhiko forces her to go to the ship deck with him so that they can see the stars together.(*´▽`*)He also teaches her the names of different stars which makes her go around researching on different stars. He then starts blushing when Mikoto asks him to bring her out to see the stars in the sky again oh gosh ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪

snap090Natsuhiko then says that he’s gonna kill all the powers users again and Mikoto starts crying and saying that she doesn’t want that to happen. Natsuhiko then comes to her room and hugs her telling her about the resets, and how the first reset was in 2085 and now it’s pretty much 8075. Aion wanted peace in the world so they decided to make this era the taishou era so that ppl won’t know what guns are but Shirou has to go around and SPREAD GUNS. Suddenly they get attacked by Shirou’s army and they don’t have an extra hand called SETSU to help them out for a counter attack. Natsuhiko grabs Mikoto and the ship ends up crashing, causing them to land in a village where they’re taken in by an old couple who gets a doctor to treat their wounds. However, Natsuhiko suffered a lot of injuries and ended up getting AMNESIA, so he can’t remember anything else apart from Mikoto’s name (´ω`) Therefore they start their newlywed life in the village where all the girls are going kyakya over Natsuhiko and MIKOTO DENIES THAT THEY’RE MARRIED. (girl just admit you guys are already at the level of dating already) So one day while Mikoto’s taking care of Natsuhiko some random dude wants her to come over to his place and Natsuhiko IS AGAINST IT. (cuz obviously we know mikoto’s hot and everything) The dude starts asking why and Natsuhiko why and he’s like “HEY WE’RE LIVING TOGETHER SO WE’RE HUSBAND AND WIFE.” This cause Mikoto to blush like crazy ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ” So one night they go and see the stars together again and Mikoto tells him about some star facts, and Natsuhiko suddenly asks what Mikoto is to him.

snap094The first thing Mikoto thinks it that she was used as a tool and she says that but Natsuhiko’s still smart even if he has amnesia and says that if he was that bad, then why hasn’t she disappeared from his life yet. Mikoto could have run when she had to chance but yeah she couldn’t. Natsuhiko then says even tho he forgot everything his feelings for Mikoto are still the same and he still loves her no matter what. Mikoto’s happy and she starts crying as they walk back to there house and start their ichaicha time. ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪ But obviously we can’t have them having fun why a war’s still going on can’t we? So the next day, Ron comes in and starts pointing his gun at Natsuhiko and attempting to shoot the guy. Mikoto then thrashes out her barrier and somehow Natsuhiko’s memories return thanks to the fighting and Natsuhiko’s shoots off Ron’s sunglasses. Soon they get outta the house and they continue their preparations to kill Shirou and he tells Mikoto he’ll forever love her again. Ron and Setsu then tell them the ship’s found out that they’re the baddies and Shirou has already attacked the ship. the pedo also took Kakeru with him and now they’re pretty much in trouble. They soon get back into the ship and when he’s inside Mikoto’s room, Natsuhiko glomps her on the bed and tells her how he hates resets and how evil Shirou is. He then takes her to see shooting stars the same night *・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・* He also tells her that he’s a descendant of the people who made Aion but he hated reset right from the start so yeah.

snap095Soon they get to the ship and they meet with all the people on Norn are there. Koharu then tells Mikoto that Kakeru’s been brainwashed by the people and he’s been kidnapped by his dad. They also get informed that SHIROU’S DEAD. (wait wat i see another loophole here gosh) Kakeru’s MIA right now and Natsuhiko doesn’t have a goal anymore. Ron’s like “oh shirou’s dead Natsuhiko can I go now?” and Natsuhiko lets him go. WAIT THIS IS OUT OF CONTEXT I THOUGHT RON NEEDED EYES. Ok whatever however now the world’s still in crazy madness and he wants Aion to become some crazy god to threaten everyone not to kill now. Aion says she can’t do that and says that if they want to stop the wars everyone has to stop holding weapons so that they ain’t gonna promote fighting anymore. Aion then tells Natsuhiko that he also has to trash his gun as proof that he wants peace in this world. Natsuhiko then decides to throw away his weapons and not fight Shirou’s remnants to live a happy life with Mikoto. Soon they figure out sth and most of the ppl give their powers back to Aion and go back to live a happy life. Itsuki and Heishi decide to go find MIA Kakeru with Natsuhiko’s help. Mikoto goes and lives together with Natsuhiko (ditching Sakuya yeah) and they plan to go and research more interest stuff like the stars yeah ィェィ♪(v〃∇〃)ハ(〃∇〃v)ィェィ♪ Oh my god Natsuhiko was so cute gosh I cannot believe this at all he’s like my favourite. I just think he has trouble dealing with women at first that’s why he’s unable to blow out his affection to her. Yeahhhh in the end he’s the cutest shit ever and I really love him  ヽ(▽ `)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ

Actually i was considering doing the bad ends for this game but when I went to see other’s reviews on the different endings, this is what I got:

  • Pedo Shirou gets Koharu = Senri = Kakeru
  • The Ikemen dies/girl is too sad = Mikoto’s routes
  • Personality changes = Heishi
  • Girl gets used in the end = Masamune = Ron
  • IDK??? = Akito

Okay thank you but NO. Ignoring the bad ends we still have the Sorata epilogue.

Sorata Epilogue (CV: Atsushi Abe)

snap150My energy was nearly burning off since I was playing this in the middle of the night so I tried to get as much details as I could and I did it!! Okay in this route Sorata decides not go with any of the girls and he spends his time walking around the ship and finding something to do. Also, he’s able to see Aion on the ship for some reason and he ACTUALLY TALKS TO HER. Unfortunately his sessions of “trying to find out who Aion is” with Masamune always ends up with the guy not saying anything. Fyi Masamune bad with lies and stuff so he usually coughs and shit to cover up Sorata when he says “Aion” or “Aine”. Soon we actually find out that Aion’s original name was Aine. Also she’s already malfunctioning really bad to the level where she can only cough out tl;dr and she can only make expressions now. Masamune then explains that he’s the reincarnation or the researcher who made Aion and gave her emotions and to preserve him just in case sth happened to Aion then put him in cold sleep beside Aion for 2000 years. However during the time where older Sorata was raising Aine to be more human-like Aine started falling in love with Sorata but some scientist wanted to use Aine as a to preform the “resets” and he was against that. Sorata then told her not to speak or make any expressions when she’s around other people. Also, Shirou also lost his wife at the same time and he wanted to revive her. So one day when they’re going out Sorata got hit by a car and Aine crashed into Shirou who was going batshit insane over losing his wife and renamed Aine into Aion. Soon Shirou comes by and wants to destroy Aion and says that the only way to destroy her is to either 1.Burn her, or 2. Take her creator away from her. This basically means that Aion’s been suffering and “dying” 6000 years thats why she’s become this spoilt. Thats why when she found reborn Sorata she put him to cold sleep and protected so that she wouldn’t spoil that easily. When Sorata finds out abt this past he’s like “hey i’m not the previous sorata i cant replace him man” However BEFORE WE KNOW IT they’re playing in the grass and having fun while Sorata tells her that she can speak now as she sings for the guy. Aine then says that she likes him and want to stay with him forever.


  1. How did Shirou die?
  2. Did Aion die?
  3. Is the Sorata in the prologue the real Sorata or reborn Sorata??? I mean Aion was singing and if that was the real Sorata Aion shouldn’t have been made yet.
  4. Ehhhh how did Sorata arrive in some area in Japan when he woke up from cold sleep didn’t he sleep beside Aion when he was asleep?
  5. Why did Shirou want to revive his wife?
  6. Did he get his wife back? Or is there a reason he needs Koharu for that?
  7. Was Koharu meant to be used for him to burn Aion??

Really idk more this plot LOOK AT ALL THESE PLOTHOLES IDK WHAT AM THINKING. However if you guys do have an answer to some of these u can actually comment and tell me tho XD since I’m 10000% blur about this story. Okay ignoring the plotholes we can finally get to the final thoughts.

~Final Thoughts~

I THINK I ANTICIPATED THIS GAME FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS. REALLY I THINK I DID. The art was so good and the seiyuus drove me crazy but in terms of plot I seriously didn’t watch out THANK. Tho I really felt that the characters really did stand out compared to the others however I really couldn’t stand Sakuya & Kakeru. Kakeru was a special case in terms of how annoying he was cuz he was only annoying in the other routes. Sakuya just made me vomit every 10 seconds but yeah most of the routes really did leave a mark in my heart. I remembered otomate delayed this by a week but they could have seriously delayed it one more week and not make the Sorata epilogue end that abruptly. Another problem is that THINGS CONTRADICT EACH OTHER IN DIFFERENT ROUTES. The good thing’s that this only affects the love parts, so it’s pretty okay I guess. Really in the end my fav heroine is pretty much Mikoto cuz she’s really strong and the best of the heroines. They were all lovable and cute but Koharu was kinda…airheaded so I didn’t her as much. For the dudes my top 3 would be Natsuhiko, Masamune & Itsuki but Senri and Akito still hit me rlly hard in the feels man. The the music was great but I guess the game was short? Yeah it was kinda sort cuz I wasn’t like “is this chapter ending yet” in the game so I feel pretty okay with the length. Also FD pls Otomate. I need more Natsuhiko and Masamune in my life thank you. Overall I would call this quite a good game so if anybody has another opinion towards this game u can rlly leave a comment we can really discuss opinions yeah.

Also small update here I’ll be rushing Hakuouki Remeiroku and BWS BN after this so Utapri’s gonna hold for a while cuz really, those 2 have been on my backlog for TOO LONG. There’s still time to vote for the next game im gonna play after Utapri debut and I’ll only it when I complete that so It’ll take me around 3 weeks to finish everything but stay tuned for tons of BWS posts!!

12 thoughts on “Norn9 ~Norn+Nonette~

    1. Shuu Post author

      It’s actually isn’t very long and it depends on how much time u take for each route. Some people can finish 1 route in a day by playing the game all day, while I took abt 2 days per chara and 3 weeks to finish it XD

    1. Shuu Post author

      Because I’m a do-M. *coughs* Actually I still somehow like the series since I’m still a fan 🙂 But my pateince is running low with the series, and I really dunno what to do with it anymore =.= Also I’m playing Urakata for the seiyuus so I’m suffering more XD

  1. bakachocolate

    REALLY good review !
    I LOOOOOOVE this game myself !!
    I felt sorry for Kakeru too, since in almost all other routes he was his father’s sacrifice T_T
    This game is SOOOO EPIC !!
    They seiyuus, the art, the plot !
    I might die from fangirling now !!!
    Do u know any others good game like this one?
    With such a great art, maybe heroine with seiyuu?
    I think this was one of those only games with THREE heroines, NINE guys and HEROINES HAVE SEIYUU OMG !!
    Thanks again for ur great review ! I enjoyed reading it ! ^_^

    1. Shuu Post author

      Yeah I was pretty glad by the 9 seiyuus fact cuz really, I NEVER expected a heroine to be voiced. Natsuhiko and Akito were cute but as u can see, my preferences do differ quite a bit. Well, if you’re talking about good games, u should look try Utapri Repeat (yeah repeat only) or sth else.

      Try looking around for other games, and check out different reviews as they do have different opinions and stuff. Then u can decide which are the good ones to you.

      1. Shuu Post author

        I’m planning on playing it since the poll on the side of the blog tells me that there are tons of people who want me to play it right after debut, but I will be buying the V Edition when it releases in december, and I’ll be playing other games first.

        The plot’s quite interesting & I watched the anime really, plus listened to the drama cds. They’re actually quite good and high quality, but yeah there are some people who are actually quite uncomfortable with it.

      2. bakachocolate

        ANIME IS AWFUL !!!!!!!!!!!
        I was totally like “DAHEK IS THIS ?!!!!!!!” While watching it!
        characters REALLY changed !
        In my opinion it was actually a fandisk for the game !!

  2. Yssa

    We have the same views about Sakuya XD I never really liked him and his route. I actually just wanted to skip that route (and Ron’s) but I’m always aiming for a complete CG gallery so I still went through those two routes.
    I’m currently excited for Last Era! Hoping to see more raburabu time with my favorite guys XD

    Oh by the way, do you mind exchanging links? I added you in my blogroll ^^

    1. Shuu Post author

      Yes true Sakuya was just a possessive jerk over Mikoto to the level where I wanted to jump inside the game and slap him. Yeah I’m really excited for Last Era as well and the fact that it’s on the PS Vita is going to make me go crazy over the nice graphics 🙂 I don’t mind exchanging links. I’ll put you my blogroll now!

  3. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    Uhhhh did the English version cut out the rape scene in Sakuya’s route or smt cuz he only ripped off her clothes? I hated him so much too omg I couldn’t. I only really liked Senri, Heishi, and Masamune. Itsuki was alright but I’m not a big fan of his trope soooooo.

    All in all not my kind of game. I came for the advertised scifi plot and got fluff rofl. I had fun in some parts but I got something else than what I had expected.
    Any recs for other otoge? I’m assuming you’re playing these in Japanese. Do you have any recs that are easier for those who are still beginners at Japanese? I’m around N3 level. Thank you!!


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