Gintama the Movie: Final Chapter: Forever Yorozuya ~劇場版 銀魂 完結篇 万事屋よ永遠なれ~

I’m not exactly that much of a fan of Gintama from the beginning, but I really liked it in a way way and when I found out the 2nd movie was screened in Singapore as an exclusive I couldn’t help myself. I mean, who can reject Sugitan?? わあい\(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/わあいっ I’m putting this under my “Personal Talk” topics cuz putting it in the movies topic might make people think I’m a movie review blog so yeah. Spoilers and review under the cut.

I’ll try not to get too spoilery about the movie because there might be fans out there who actually want to watch the thing and it ain’t out on the net yet. The story was written by the Mangaka itself, but it’s a really nice story and works out for anybody who doesn’t exactly know the series that well. However their nice sick jokes and funny scenes still stay cuz after all, it’s Gintama I guess. The ticket price was holla expensive; priced at $13 it’s quite expensive but I gladly accepted it since it was an exclusive and you don’t see Japanese anime movies in Singapore that much. Also another good thing is that you get a nice free Gintama movie premium like this:


Sadly since it’s a Saturday the theater was packed and I barely managed to get seats that weren’t so close to the screen but the sound was BLASTING into my ears cuz I was seating at the corner seats with my sis but that was manageble I guess. Also I missed the timing where they gave a poster but this notebook was good enough I guess. Shinpachi and Kagura still look cool in the end ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ワーイ

The movie actually starts off with the gang in a movie theater with a random dude with a camera as his head. I bet you’re all thinking “DAFAQ” but this kind of thing is usual in this show haha. Then they do the movie disclaimer of not doing “movie-stealing” and continued with Kagura and telling the audience what not to do during the movie haha. The camera head then attempts to steal movies and again and Gintoki takes him to the toilet to check out what film he’s gotten but when he opens the camera, some light flashes and bam he’s in some random place, seeing his own grave. He’s like “DAFAQ” and when the camera head speaks, he finds out that he’s in the future where Sakata Gintoki’s dead. 5 years have passed, but the world is struck by a virus called the “White Curse” which is killing ppl off. Edo is in ruins as all the rich ppl have moved outta Earth (where did they go in the first place but whatever this is always out of context) and there’s not one ruling Japan anymore.

Kaguru and Shinpachi have changed a lot tho, when Gintoki first sees them he’s attacked by a biker gang he realises that Kagura has turned from a Glutton with no Sex Appeal (according to the movie XD) to some hot lady who fights with her umbrella. (see the picture) Shinpachi has gotten a lot more scary, with all his Tsukkomi habits gone and he’s much stronger now. Apparently Gintoki died they decided to get stronger for the sake of protecting Edo and taking over Yorozuya. That’s the most I’m gonna spoil about.

I really liked this movie much better than the anime episodes cuz it was really nice and the lack of sick jokes was much better compared to the usual anime episode. The funniness in the show still remained the same especially a certain part during the movie which made everyone inside the theater laugh like shit. This movie was really meaningful to the Gintama series, and I really want the manga to end this way cuz it would be great. Although I did hear about them making a continuation to this if it was a big hit I would rather it remained this way cuz it was wonderful. The plot was rather interesting, and the scenes got me entertained most of the time. Quality was at it’s best as well, and I’m pretty satisfied with this movie.

I kinda did learn something really important from this movie tho; it’s gonna be kinda cheesey in a way but bear with me: Bonds are eternal. No matter where you go, what dimension you go to, even if you die, the bonds will still remain. As long there’s someone who used to be your friend, I’m pretty sure there’s a thin bond between you guys. As long u have friends, you know someone’s out there, caring for you. That’s all I have to say for this movie. It’ll really bring you some tears (unless you are that emotionless) and let you understand what true friendship is. Do watch it if you’re a Gintama fan or just a curious passer-by who’s just randomly reading this. ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪

4 thoughts on “Gintama the Movie: Final Chapter: Forever Yorozuya ~劇場版 銀魂 完結篇 万事屋よ永遠なれ~

  1. lenaleemelodee

    I’m a big Gintama fan, and although their jokes ar enot always funny, there are tons of jokes that left me curled up in a ball with spazms in my belly, lol. Especially episode 20 xD I don’t exactly follow the news, but why is it called ‘the last chapter’? Does that mean Gintama’s ending or simply that there’s not going to be Gintama anime anymore? Lucky you! I’d LOVE to see any anime movie at the cinema (well, not any, but almost any), but they don’t show it here in Russia >.<

    1. Shuu Post author

      I guess when they mean it’s the final chapter, I think it means the end of the anime? The ending of this movie really fit “the end”, but I’ve heard some news where the director might want to continue it if it sells so I’m not sure whether it’s truly the end >_<

      1. kirinano

        Did the manga end too? Like did they have this part in the manga, or is it new? I only watched the anime, so I don’t know how the manga goes. I love this anime too ahaha xD

      2. Shuu Post author

        After watching the movie I went to check whether the manga ended since I didn’t really follow the manga BUT apparently it’s still continuing. However, the anime’s ended and I do have a gut feeling this is the ending for anime I guess. (*^▽^*)

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