Arcana Famiglia ~La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia~

I decided to start on Arcana Famiglia since I watched the anime and got interested about it. Besides, we have a badass heroine who kicks butt almost every time. Again, I got too lazy to do any endings apart from Ending 1, which is the best ending so you’ll only get that in this review, unless I bother trying to go and find every ending so I’ll only take the best end. Our heroine, Felicita is the daughter of a mafia boss and is living on a small Island named Regalo. She gets to boss around and kick everyone around her and they are apparently…..Italian. So one day it’s her daddy’s birthday, and he says he’s planning on retiring. He decides to hold an event called the Arcana Duello and picks 7 guys with the powers of the Tarocco to participate. The winner gets to marry Felicita and gets the title of the boss of the family. Of course our heroine doesn’t want to sit back and be a housewife, so she decides to train to become stronger.

Liberta (CV: Fukuyama Jun)

snap077Liberta’s another baka hero which screws up very easily and gets scolded by everyone. Liberta works in the divsion where they handle ships and stuff coming in to the island, and well he isn’t the boss of any division. In actual fact, he’s quite the sweetie but before he actually falls in love with Felicita he’s pretty much the type who wants to do fun stuff and be a hero. Also, he loves collecting masks since he was saved by a guy wearing a mask when he was a kid. He’s quite reckless and clumsy and always gets scolded by Nova for not thinking before he acts. Liberta also looks up to Dante and treats him like his dad. He’s actually an orphan who was used for ‘experimenting’ and was forced to use his powers, but he couldn’t. Suddenly he raged, and that caused his powers to go out of control and burn the whole place up. That’s where he met Dante who saved him and afterwards erased all his memories of his powers, and they go out travelling together. They were having pretty much fun times together until Liberta whines and complains that he can’t pilot the ship and ends up wishing that Dante’s hair was all burnt up. This caused Dante to become an ugly bald ossan and the guy he is now. So Liberta’s memories were sealed at first, but thanks to a fire in town, it causes Liberta to remember everything that happened. Dante starts raging about the fact that he wants his powers to be sealed cuz his powers are too dangerous, unless he can control it. Liberta then starts getting angsty about his powers and his past, but Felicita tells him to get his act together and stop being emo and getting upset about such things. So they decide to have fun on one of the ships when they find a commoner from the island drowning in the storm. They decide to get into a smaller boat to save the guy but the waves rush over them and washes Felicita and Liberta ends up going to save her. Somehow, he manages to save them from getting chilled by starting a fire using his powers. He starts having feelings for her and gets all flustered when looking at her and starts blushing. So the story was actually getting cute there and I was starting to know him better when THEY DECIDE TO DROP THE BOMB THAT HE’S MONDO’S GRANDSON. (Btw Mondo is Feli’s dad if you didn’t know) At that moment I was like WHAT HE’S IN LOVE WITH HIS AUNT??? And yet, he didn’t seem to care. I was busy raging at that point of time and getting all angry but the later events made it better. So in ending one Liberta beats up Mondo and OP Feli beats him up and wins the duello. At the ending Liberta takes her out on and ship and says their gonna travel the world together and have fun. ~ヾ(^∇^) Overall I felt that Liberta was a very kawaii character but they could have developed on him more.

Nova (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa)

snap089I was exploding in feels at this cute. Wow what was that route man I totally fell in love with Nova after it. Nova’s actually the sharpest guy in the family, despite him being 15 and 1 year younger than Feli. He gets angey very easily over Liberta’s affairs and he’s in charge of the patrols around the island, and works together with Feli’s group often. He’s actually quite ero (apparently? but I didn’t feel it at all maybe cuz I like ero?) and also, he’s Feli’s cousin!! Okay I wasn’t bothered by the cousin thing cuz yeah to me cousins CAN fall in love. Either way they decide to bring more shit happening in it and starts issues about his family. His parents are actually asleep because of some reason but they are actually asleep cuz of him. Well, his dad is Mondo’s bro and his parents raised him to marry Feli, and they would take over the family or sth after that. He kept getting scolded by his parents when he made Feli fall or do sth bad to Feli when she was young, and he never received any love from his parents. Either way, he found out about his parents big plan to take over the family and he got angry at them for wanting to kill Sumire and Mondo so he raged and his arcana powers went outta control. Since his powers allow him to make people fall asleep, he caused his parents to fall asleep like that. Also there’s a part where Mondo gives him a ring and tells him to give it to Feli when she’s older to propose to her and cuz him causing his parents to sleep, he’s like “nooo I’m not worthy of your daughter I cannot do this” and stuff happens. Ehh well he somehow manages to wake his parents up and stuff and he’s all happy. In Ending 1 he kicks Sumire’s ass and Feli manages to kick his in the finals, and she wins the duello. At the after party Feli goes out to the garden and Nova follows her, and confesses his love for her and kisses her on the cheek. O(≧∇≦)O イエイ!! After I felt that Nova was that ero in a sense and he was rather cute actaully. His thoughts were extremely kawaii I really like that about him.

Dante (CV: Kosugi Juurouta)

snap126YOU KNOW WHEN I WAS AT AROUND 5/21 I REALISED THAT I DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH TO GET ENDING 1 PLUS I MISSED OUT EVENTS TO END ALL THIS PEDOING SHIT AND I WAS LIKE DAFAQ WHEN I HAD TO GO BACK TO 4/6 TO START AGAIN. Good thing I finished skipping through the dialogue within an hour, and I was back to where I was. Dante’s a big pedo over Feli and I WAS WONDERING WHY SHE FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM OH MY GOD. Either way apparently looking through the guide you need to activate Liberta’s events as well which caused me to USE 1 HOUR TO RESTART AND SKIM THROUGH THE WHOLE THING OH GOD THAT WAS BORING o(▼皿▼メ;)oプルプル Anyways Dante’s the 30 year old guy in the family who uses a cannon as his weapon and is the boss of the sea division. Eitherway it just clashed together with Liberta’s story there’s actually nothing to talk about it. Except that they added the weirdo Claude who was there trying to get the Tarot cards and ruin the family. I never actually paid any attention to this route since he got more and more pedo through the route. Also, they tell us about how Dante met Mondo and it was pretty much him finding out Jolly’s lab on attempting to inject arcana powers into kids and he attempts to stop them. Too bad, The Emperor makes a contract with him and they’re like “TOO BAD YOU’RE WITH US NOW” and he joined the family. Also, he was the guy who actually gave Feli her owl in the first place when she was young. Idk what is wrong with Feli why the hell would you fall for some 30+ ossan who’s a major pedo?? Anyway in Ending 1, they end up getting together and they’re like cuddling why doing work in his ship office. Yeah. That’s it. I didn’t pay attention anyway. Well whatever I got really pissed so I’m gonna move on with Debito oh my god.

Debito (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)

snap098You know my patience was running very low with this game when I was with Debito and I’m not a fan of him. Totally not. I don’t really like Debito’s attitude but he is, indeed sexy. Too bad I still couldn’t stand him in the end. It totally depends on your opinion on him. His thoughts were rather boring and they weren’t that appealing. Well, Debito’s in charge of the division in charge of the money, and they run a casino on Regalo. Debito’s is pretty much a lazy ass and spends 60% of his time flirting with girls. Also, he calls Feli ‘bambina’ which means baby in italian. Also, he always gets in trouble with Nova and it basically ticks him off. His arcana powers let him teleport form one place to another. Eitherway well every time Feli visits the casino he always tries to flirt with her. So Debito has this grudge against Jolly cuz the old man did some ‘interesting’ experiments on Debito to get him to make a contract with the tarot card. Cuz of all of the shit that’s been happening to him, he now has a grudge on Jolly and wants to kill the guy. One more thing, his arcana powers also tire him out. They take away his energy and he always disappears once per day to nap. So one day he manages to challenge Jolly to a battle but fails miserably in killing him and breaks the shit in his right eye which causes him to be stable. Debito goes batshit insane and Luca manages to save him using alchemy and he’s back to normal, and swears that he’ll defeat Jolly. With that, Debito goes and defeats Jolly in the arcana duello and Feli beats the shit outta him at the final round. In Ending 1, Debito and Feli are busy making out on the couch and he gets all perverted.O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ Debito was nice but I could never come to terms with his randiness and his attitude and I didn’t really like him in the end. I never have a thing for the sexy and randy types and I didn’t really like him at his ending.

Pace (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)

snap104YES PACE WHAT A SWEETIE. My patience level with this game really ran low to about 10% after Debito and Dante, since I didn’t really like their routes BUT PACE RELIEVED ALL THE PAIN FOR ME. Pace’s a baka and is the second oldest in the trio, and he’s the baka type. He loves eating Lagsana and always goes around to restaurants in town to eat, leaving the bills on the tab. So one day he invites Feli out on his “patrols” (which is basically going to restaurants and eating) and Feli finds out that he’s been eating a lot and not paying for his bills. Obviously she gets angry and starts making him to pay for all his bills before he gets to eat. Apparently Pace’s actually a lord of some sorts and he actually has this big property that could be his but he doesn’t wanna take it since he isn’t close to that family anymore. Also we meet his stepbrother Albert who keeps coming by to pester him to take over as the lord cuz apparently to him Pace deserves it more?? He’s actually some rich guy’s first kid but when his dad married a 2nd wife Pace’s mom decided to move out to not get involved with the 2nd wife’s shit. His mom is actually the one who raised Debito, Luca and Pace while they were kids, and those little snippets of the past were cute okay? Sadly Pace’s mom died kinda while they were teens and they still do go and pay respects. We also find out the reason why Pace actually eats so much, as it’s to support his tarot card, The Strength. However the card also has a side effect and that is he can also only live until he’s 30++ At first he didn’t tell anyone about it but since he started getting feelings for Feli he decides to tell his companions the truth. His powers also start deteriorating, and he can’t lift heavy stuff anymore, but when he thinks about Feli , his powers come back!! :3 Right before the day of the duel, Pace takes a walk in the park together with Feli and shouts that he loves Feli and kisses her. ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ Then he bashes up Jolly in the duello and promises to be with her forever, even though he doesn’t have long to live. Then, Feli beats him up and wins the duello. In Ending 1, it’s after the duel and they have some making out fun times in Feli’s room where he pins down Feli on the bed and have fun ヽ(▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ Pace was really cute in my opinion and I really loved his route and I also saw his inner personalities and problems through the route and I really loved him!!

Luca (CV: Nakamura Yuichi)

snap118I played this after my exams and it was quite a breather after my exams. and I really loved it. Eitherway Luca is Feli’s butler and he has the “ojousama no” syndrome where he freaks out over everything his ojousama does. Feli was living in a house away from society when she was young, and she only had Luca and her mom as company so she knows Luca for a long time now. Eitherway apart from being Feli’s butler he’s not that useless. In fact, he can use knives and magic!! He’s actually 29 and 13 years older than our dear Feli and he had his arcana powers since he was 3. SADLY THE GAME DROPS ANOTHER BOMB ON US TELLING US THAT JOLLY IS LUCA’S DAD!! (;¬_¬) I’m basically not even willing to try Jolly’s route now my gosh. Either way Jolly hasn’t been a nice daddy to his son at all and he’s pretty much like was experimenting on Luca when he was a kid, and managed to insert Arcana powers into Luca, Pace and Debito. Because of this, Luca’s pretty much immune to everything, including poison as he manages to save Feli from some poison gas one day. Yeah so Jolly starts the “DADDY’S GONNA DIE IF YOU DONT USE YOU POWER” and Feli decides to go for the “SAVE DADDY!!” thing using her other arcana power, The Wheel of Fortune. However, the wheel of fortune causes Feli’s memories to be wiped out of her so Luca saves her with his powers. Okay the good thing is that Luca’s mark is on his tongue so he gets to lick Feli’s back in order to turn her back to normal ヽ(▽ `)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ (this was basically extremely hot and I was going crazy over here gosh.) At the end at the Duello and Luca beats up Jolly and tells him he felt true family love cuz of Mondo, and not him. Afterwards Feli beats Luca up in the final round and she becomes the boss of the Family. In Ending 1, Feli’s pretty much the boss of the family and Luca’s her secretary as she gets to the top of the family. She’s heavily in love in Luca and Luca’s pretty much talking about how he’s gonna be together with Feli forever and says how he loves her and blahblahblah until Feli stops his talking with by kissing him ィェィ♪(v〃∇〃)ハ(〃∇〃v)ィェィ♪ way to go Feli. Wow I felt this was one of the better route since super embarrassed Luca and crazy Feli. Definitely one of the better routes, but I still prefer Pace, but Luca’s cute so everything’s okay.

Jolly (CV: Yusa Kouji)

snap138Jolly’s apparently the advisor for the family, but apparently he just sits in his lab 24/7 researching on stuffz which ain’t exactly….human. Also because of his research  Pace, Debito and Luca are extremely wary around him and Luca always tells Feli to stay away from him. Idk what’s going on but he has this octopus thing and goes crazy when someone else takes the octopus he wants from him. Also he has a Homonculus named Elmo who actually shot Debito in his route and he wants to talk to Feli every time. Okay aside from Elmo, Feli starts caring about this ossan and starts getting feelings for him even though Luca’s like “nono ojousama don’t go near him” and stuff but yeah, who cares? Also because of this shit apparently he likes her too? Okay whatever so Jolly tells us his backstory about how Mondo saved him when he was a kid living with his dead grandpa without any food or water, Mondo brought him to Regalo which caused his life to change so now he takes Mondo as his saviour and wants to save him. This talk between him and Feli cause Feli to start panicking and she does the “SAVE DADDY!!” thing again. So one day she sneaks into Mondo’s room and activates her Wheel of Fortune powers. Mondo wakes up, but Feli collapses. Her owl then starts calling everyone to wake up and they rush to her room to check out whats going. Soon she wakes up but has no memory of what happened and Luca immediately thinks: Jolly’s fault. She ends up being super dazed everyday with Luca walking together with her. Somehow her memory has traces of jolly so when they crash into him she tries to follow Jolly but Luca’s like “nooo ojousama this way” After some chat with Elmo, Jolly’s like “FUCK I COULD USE MY POWERS TO SAVE HER” and I was like (;¬_¬) didn’t you think of that earlier. Eitherways after saving Feli she’s all okay and he just walks off. Whatever so our Duello happens and Jolly beats the crap outta Mondo and Feli beats him (more like he forfeited but whatever) In Ending 1 Jolly gives the key to his lab to Feli and they make out on the chair there one day. ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ However the problem was THERE WAS KISS EFFECTS BUT NO KISS CG. wtf? Okay whatever this happened in other route but NO EFFECTS FOR OTHER DUDES? MEH.  I really did grow on Jolly throughout the route, and I realy liked him but I CANT TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY CUZ HE’S LUCA’S DAD. Eitherway I really still like this guy yeah cuz he’s kinda awesome in a way.

~Final Thoughts~

I'm voting these 2 for cuteness.

I’m voting these 2 for cuteness.

I liked this game a lot. EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT DANTE IS A BIG PEDOBEAR I CAN NEVER DENY THAT FACT. However system issues really caused a lot of problems for me FOR EXAMPLE: Day and Night Animations. Who needs that shit? It was just plainly a waste of time for me as I was sitting there and waiting for the animations to load before the next day. AND THERE WAS ONCE IN DANTE’S ROUTE WHERE I OVERWRITED MY SAVE AS I THOUGHT I WAS AT THE LOAD SCREEN. Everything happens in Dante’s route but whatever. Plot wise it was rather interesting, but were Italian mafias supposed to be like that in the first place? I wonder. FYI their Italian was super bad when it was such a promising cast of seiyuus for this game. Also I didn’t bother clearing the Family end cuz I was too tired to even do that shit where all the guys are lining up for her. The “reading the thoughts” system was fun, except for the fact that Dante’s thoughts ewwwed me off and Jolly was thinking about researching 24/7. The rest of the thoughts were rather cute and I really like that system.

The events that were happening was extremely cute, and I really liked the art style for this game as it was extremely unique. I liked all the routes EXCEPT FOR DANTE. However they should have developed more on each of the characters (especially Liberta and Nova) and each route was rather short. Favourites in this game would be Pace > Luca > Jolly > Liberta = Nova > Debito > Dante. I really couldn’t choose who was cuter between the kids so I put it as equal. I like the ossan Jolly, cuz I found him extremely cute for some reason (don’t ask me why) but Pace was still my favourite in the end. (future shu here, I removed the 1 sentence here because I found it to be real offensive, not as much as internet standards nowadays but it was to me so its gone, and I apologise to anyone who found it offensive)

Okay this concludes my trip to Regalo and I will be working on clearing out Norn9 and Utapri Debut from here, but stay tuned to the leftover reviews I need to make!!

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