End of Hiatus!!!

Yeah I guess you would be suspicious after that BWS post came outta nowhere because I QUEUED IT. Either way yes I’m free from my exams!!!! Yay~ Sadly my poll didn’t really work since I’m still in the early stages of blogging and making this blog so I’ll keep it there. And I’ve decided, I’ll be playing Norn9 after I’m done with Arcana since I’m already in chapter 2 of Senri’s route so I might as well get it done and over with!!

I’ll be keeping the poll though, so you guys can still vote for the next game you want me to play and all. I’ll probably be finishing Norn9 within a month, and then I’ll probably play Utapri Debut cuz:

I had norn9 in my queue, and Utapri just came in!!

I had norn9 in my queue, and Utapri just came in!!

Yeah but you get to choose the next one afterwards!!! My BWS progress is SUPER SLOW but expect individual character posts for each character. I’m moving really slowly on making the Mejojo post but it’ll be done in no time, I guess, since my exams are over and yeah.

Also, I will be keeping the poll there and adding one more choice so that the game I’m gonna play after Debut can be decided by you guys. Working more on Arcana now, so catch you guys later~

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