Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~ Prologue

Yes. I decided to start on BWS Bloody Nightmare. It’s a PC game and it tells a story about a country where animals and humans reside. This time, instead of posting the whole review in full, I will be doing this is parts, since the story IS rather long and the updates will be real slow because I’m busy with the console games instead.

Capture3 Capture4The game first starts of showing 2 wolves, Rath Vogart and Arles V Felnoir, with them running through the forest. Arles is Rath’s older brother, and they are apparently going to attack a village. Soon, they start attacking people in the village and killing them. Another wolf is also seen in this scene, Guillian Guinor. He’s ordered by Arles to kill all the poeple in the village. After killing everyone, he orders Rath to burn down the village, in order to take revenge against the humans who revealed the fact that they were living there, and the way they were treated by humans. This sparks off Rath’s anger, as he proceeds to burn down the village.

5CaptureThis game is set in a world called Weblin, where humans and animals coexist together. There are mainly 3 races; the Wolves, the Cats and the Humans. Other animals also exist as well, but they are the main three in this story, and the cats rule Weblin. Many disputes had been going on between the cats and the wolves, and a lot of battles were fought. Also, there has been a disease called Zodiva which has been spreading around in the country causing all the races to fall sick. All the people in the country are all in the middle of panic and some started spreading rumors that the wolves were the ones who were spreading the Zodiva to all the other races. In the end, the cats decide to start a movement to kill all the wolves, to retain peace in this country.

Capture7 Capture6 

To our main heroine. Our heroine, is a girl named Fiona Galland, the only daughter of some duke. (I guess?) She’s a Lobeira, a very special race which is mostly female humans. There isn’t anything special about them, and their bodies are exceptionally weak to sicknesses; even a fever could kill her. At the scene, she’s currently playing with her 2 dogs, Pearl and Richie, and staring sadly out into the rain. She’s going to be 16, yet she cannot leave the tower she’s currently living in to see the world outside. Looking at her, Pearl and Richie also get upset and tries to cheer her up. Suddenly, her butler, Zara Skeens, comes by and sees that they look extremely unhappy. Zara is a rabbit, and one of the few of his kind leftover from his race. Fiona tells him that she’ worried that it’s going to rain the next day, and her birthday celebration wouldn’t be as merry as ever if there was rain. Zara tells her not to worry, and tells her that it’ll be okay. 

CaptureSoon, he stepbrother, Nesso Galland appears and presents he a bouquet of blue flowers. He gave her those to celebrate her birthday, and tells her he still has one more gift for her. Fiona smiles, and Nesso hugs her. He also tells Pearl and Richie that he has a present for them, but they won’t be getting it until tomorrow, if they don’t do as mischief to Fiona, since she’s his only princess. (Remind me that he’s a siscon)  ワーイε=ヾ(*・∀・)/ Fiona doesn’t want her older brother to be harm since he’s working as a knight, since he’s the leader of the Glyflitters, a very pro knight squad. Soon her dad, Edgar Galland, comes by and they start having dinner. Edgar then asks Fiona about the twin cat princes, Auger von Garibaldhi and Mejojo von Garibaldhi who come to visit her every few months. Mejojo has been wanting Fiona’s hand in marriage, and has been presuading her dad to let her marry Mejojo. However, Nesso and her dad are against the idea, worried that she cannot adapt to the environment in the castle, and might die. Also, with Nesso being a crazy siscon for Fiona he’s pretty much 1000% against the idea. Nesso says that only a person stronger than him can marry his younger sister, but being the strongest knight he’s practically saying only he can marry her. Fiona starts getting doki-doki and gets embarrassed  (_´ω`)by him.

Capture8Meanwhile, Mejojo, the older of the twins has been thinking of an idea to get Fiona into the castle. He has been desperately wanting to marry Fiona, and even asked her to call the twins by their first names, without the ‘sama’ behind it. However, he dad and her bro refuse to let her go and thus it’s been causing problems for him. Suddenly, Auger tells him that he’s been hearing rumors from the maids saying that there has been a witch living in a tower and causing the Zodiva. This basically refers to Fiona – since no one knows the reason why she’s living in the tower, and they created the rumor for that. Mejojo decides to use that as an excuse to bring her to castle, and they plan for her ‘arrest’. Mejojo tells Auger to go and get her, since he never dirties his hands for such small matters.

Capture2Back at the mansion, the family is happily having dinner when Auger busts in and shouts “YEEEEHAAAAWWW”  Okay I was joking. Auger busts in and says that Fiona’s under arrest. Nesso and Zara are pretty much in “PROTECT OJOUSAMA” mode and blocks her from Auger. Auger then tells them that they have been recently receiving rumors and complains about how Zodiva has been spreading a lot faster in the area, and they are blaming Fiona, thinking thats she’s a witch and causing the faster Zodiva spread. Since they don’t have any choice, the let Fiona go. The dogs also attempt to attack Auger, but end up getting injured. Soon, Fiona is sent to the castle, with hands chained up and being sent to see the king.

Capture9Upon reaching the castle, she gets scared seeing so many villagers staring at her with hatred. The cat princes had gotten all the villagers to give testimonials about the Zodiva spreading in the village. So they start throwing random accusations towards Fiona, and since the conversation wasn’t anywhere since there was no clear evidence that she was the witch, and they decide to take it to the king. Since the king’s freakin nice to Fiona’s dad, he tells Mejojo to take Fiona into the castle, to keep under supervision. If the sitiuation resides, she will be safe, but Fiona’s now scared; what is going to happen to her? What is her fate. She ends up being brought into the castle.

But that’s just the beginning of the nightmare.

Honestly I did not expect to write such a long prologue!! I’m finally done with the first post, so stay tuned for more! Also, I will be writing in this format for the whole game and provide LOADS of pictures since this is definitely gonna be a LONG tl;dr  post so yeap.

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