Final Update Post

Ehh well….as you guys can see, I did another review post although I was on a Semi-Hiatus and said updates WOULD BE SLOW. I guess my fingers couldn’t help but type to stress relieve my brain so I ended up finishing the dialovers drama cd review. Also, I finished Mejojo’s route for BWS!! I’m quite proud of that, since it took me about 1 month to just clear my first playthrough \(@O@)/ and I’m pretty much kinda tired out.

I haven’t made exactly any progress on Arcana Famiglia for the past week, and I’m still crawling through Remeiroku. However, from today until 9th October, I will be stopping all otome game activities. I feel that it’s kinda taken over my life and I really need to draw a line between studies and games. Therefore, I will not be touching the WordPress editor for about 10 days, since my fingers really love writing posts for no reason.  I might be still commenting on stuff on other blogs, but thats pretty much it. I will not be writing anymore reviews or touching any otome games, as it gets me addicted.

The good thing is, after 9th October, I will be going crazy with the games and reviews~ XD. Yep it’s gonna give me a more hard time to finish up everything. Therefore, after that date, you guys can look forward to these posts in order:

  • Ruki’s review
  • BWS BN Prologue
  • Azusa’s Review
  • Arcana Famiglia Review
  • Yuma’s Review
  • BWS BN Mejojo’s route

It’s pretty much a whole lots of posts for me to write, but I’ll have more time after the exams to do so, and I will be finishing them pretty fast!! The poll’s still open to everyone to vote!! So I won’t be here for a while, hope I do well and wishing all of you guys a good day!!

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