Diabolik Lovers MORE, BLOOD ドS吸血CD Vol 2 Review ~Mukami Kou~

Yes. I started on the Dialovers drama CD, although I didn’t like the plot. I only listened to the Mukami bros so I decided to make reviews for each character. Why I started the drama cds? Probably cuz the attractive seiyuus were there to tempt me in and therefore I started listening to them. Either way, this is my first time listening to a Dialovers drama CD, so do mind the actions. I also roughly know the story so I didn’t exactly have any problems with the plot. So lets get started. Btw theses are literal Do-S guy CDs, so you get what I mean.

This time, I will be talking about Mukami Kou’s Drama CD. He is voiced by Kimura Ryouhei, and is the second oldest between the Mukami bros. He has a very nice and cheery personality on the outside which helps in his part time job as an idol, but underneath that beautiful look is a selfish and two-faced person.

Short note though: I know a lot of people ain’t Do-Ms, but sadly Idk why my reactions to this drama CD really made me high so my reactions to this may differ from all of you, cuz I am indeed a Do-M.

Okay so for the Mukami bros it starts off with them catching the heroine (which is basically you indirectly cuz you’re like basically listening to it XD and thus I will be using ‘you’). The beginning of Kou’s CD starts of with him waking you up, Afterwards he starts raping you blindfolded, and tells you that you currently inside his room. He manages to smell the  ‘scent’ of your blood, asks her to strip, in order to check where’s the scent coming from ワーイ\(゚▽゚=))/…\((=゚▽゚)/ワーイ There was me who was practically going like “what the hell”.

Turns out you only take off your shirt a little and Kou’s like “how do you expect me to find out where the scent’s coming from~?” v(。・・。)イエィッ♪  After some conversation on how a Do-M the heroine is, and starts revealing his other side, the massive Do-S. He then straps your hands with a belt and starts sucking your blood. (There was me going very high from here onwards) Kou then talks about how her blood is completely different from others, and starts getting interested in her. Soon he starts wanting to drink more blood and rips off all your clothing.

Thus we have a continuous round of sucking and biting all over your body, then Kou decides….to suck from your ear. He then tells her how he loves to see you in pain, and thinks it pleasures her. Soon he stops doing so as you complain that it hurts badly (obviously it will but yeah i still got high) As Kou continues to drink more blood, he gets more high, and gets more worked up. Soon, yoy’re pretty much covered up in blood all over the body, and he still wants to suck you dry. Kou also examines the scars made by the Sakamaki bros, and starts calling you a M-neko. He starts poking at the scar, causing more blood to flow out, and he continues sucking blood from you. However, the Sakamaki’s scent can’t come off you, and Kou starts makng more out of a mess from you, and cotinues to suck and bite you hard. (and there’s me getting heavily tired from the dummy head sucking)(´□`川)ゝヵ゛-ン

Soon, you start squealing in pain, and Kou wants you the beg him cutely to “gove me more pleasure.” Afterwards he traces to your crotch, and finds another scar there. Kou goes on about how ero you are to get bitten by vampires at that part, and not get embarrassed abut it. He ends up deciding to bite there as well. After scanning through your body he realises that there are more scars on tour thigh, and get annoyed by the fact that they are not his. He sucks even more, only to realise that he’s getting numb due to your blood. Kou then decides; he wants you, and doesn’t want to hand you to Ruki.

Kou continues to suck your leg, and rewards you by giving a kiss for enduring all the pains he’s been giving you. He continues on by sucking your nape. By then, you’re pretty much staring into space and he slaps you, telling you to look only at him. He then removes the belt, since he knows that you don’t have the strength to even move anymore. The blood sucking just continues until the end of the CD, where Kou says that he give you a pleasuring time with him forever.

Do-M Thoughts:

Okay I actually did this last but I wanted the reviews to go in the actual order so Kou’s was first. Since I did all the other guys, I was pretty much likeヽ(´ー`)┌ and pretty much used to the whole thing of some rape -> tying up -> Heavy sucking of blood yeeaaah.  Kimura-san was really sexy in this one!! Although, I really didn’t like the two-faced sadist at all. with his nice genki side, continued by the sadist side. Eitherway Kimura-san really did a good job for this as he’s usually the genki characters. The only problems: I didn’t rlly like Kou. Kou was giving more shivers, than actually pleasure to my Do-M side, and I didn’t really like that at all and i didnt enjoy it at all. It’s basically like “Since you’re such a Do-M, let me give you more pleasure~”

So this is the end of my first review of a Drama CD, and tune in for more~

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