Updates and such, etc.

Sadly, I will be going on a hiatus from today to 9th October, due to my exams that are coming. I will be still playing otome games at a slower pace on weekends, and when I want to take a break on weekdays. I dont wanna fail anything at this stage, so my otome gaming in gonna slow down.

I’m actually currently playing 3 games of 3 different platforms at one go, and this is it (Words in bold are completed routes, italic in progress) :

  • PSP Arcana Famiglia: Liberta, Nova, Dante, Debito, Pace, Luca, Jolly
  • PC Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare: Mejojo, Auger, Julian, Nesso, Zara, Arles, Rath, Guillian
  • PS3 Hakuouki Remeiroku Port: Hijikata, Serizawa, Heisuke, Saitou, Okita, Harada, Kosuzu

Yeah I know my progress for BWS is shitty but it’s long. For now, I will be working on Arcana Famiglia and Remeiroku right now, and there will be still updates every now and then, like the Prologue of BWS. Also, I’ve set up a poll for you to vote which game you want me to play after Arcana, although BroCon and Urakata are kinda out of reach as my shipping isn’t here yet. So, happy voting!!

By the way, I put Diabolik Lovers there for more of….a fun reason. I wasn’t really interested in the game, but I decided to see if the WordPress otome game community really liked the series or not, so IF DiaLovers can hit at least the top 3 on the poll, I will play it.

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