Hakuouki ~Bakumatsu Musouroku~

Welp I’m reviewing another Hakuouki game, another one which is another fandisk to milk the series again, it’s an action fighting game, where you control the historical bishie you want and go along with their ‘wonderful’ story. Basically I’m only gonna write a story and not go through the whole story since it’s far too difficult to uinderstand in the end. There are 2 stories, Bakumatsu Kaisouroku and Bakumatsu Musouroku. The first one is actually the main Hakuouki, and the latter is a brand new story and more historical bishies. More information under the cut. The game has 4 levels, Easy, Normal, Hard and Demon, and Demon mode can only be unlocked after clearing all 3 routes. You get experience for every person you kill, and thats not a problem in terms of leveling. The max level cap is 70, which I never made it too, since I felt it was a waste of time doing so. So you just go around and start killing people like that: And you can unleash out their bad ass moves and there will be some kind out effect like this: Basically it’s just for milking the series as you can see, and there’s actually no real purpose in this game? I mean look at the graphics: An then we still have the ‘cool’ menus for appeal (but yeah it’s milking): snap027 snap028 Firstly, the fighting system and the leveling system is boring, and a pro gamer would directly say, they wouldn’t want to waste their time and effort in to this. Well the good thing is we’re not talking about Pro Fighting games, since this is an otome and it was designed for girls. Well the problem is, your historical bishies’ stats won’t change; you get what you have, and the attack and defend power can only be increased through equipment. Well the main problem is that this causes the weaker characters like Heisuke, to be very difficult to play. Don’t even mention the minion spawn rate. The spawn rate gets extremely high as you go along in the difficulty, which is dumb since I thought the strength of the ronin would increase, but no. Buck up Otomate. Lastly, you get pictures of different scenes, and its pretty much like in the style of the anime so no merits at all. Tip: Don’t blow your cash on this game either. Actually it’s so boring that I don’t even wanna comment on the whole system. The bosses are very stupid and just keep slashing people with their attacks, and the second story is pointless with Koudou going YEEHAW OCHIMIZU MAAAN. Yeah basically. That’s it. I was hoping for some cool art (that’ll probably never happen now) or something else, but no. The character designs are shitty and the let-down hair is all basically for fanservice. So thanks for listening to my long rant so have some Saitou fanservice:

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