Toki no Kizuna ~Sekigahara Kitan~

So I decided to play this game to waste my time and stuff and also because Okamoto was in this one, but it was really…a bad idea. 1. If you don’t have a strong grasp of Japanese you will die here. 2. It’s a bloody prequel to Hakuouki so if you hate Hakuouki don’t play this since it’s gonna full of….references. I needed to do a lot of research to understand this part of Japan’s history before writing this thing. Either way, this story it about a group of Oni, during the battle of Sekigahara. Anyway if you want to know more about this war just go google it. It’a also a rather short game so if you can bear with the weird things they are saying you will survive.

snap002Well Im going to some character intro and some background information on this story first since its gonna get extremely confusing. This story revolves around the Oni, who have special powers so the humans are scared of them and such. Due to the hate by humans, they decided to stay in their human forms and started to hide from all the humans. There’s this council of oni, which used to have 12 families on the council but due to issues 2 families were pretty much kicked out of it so it only became 10. Well they’re headed by their leader called Yasehime (well damm she is hot), and she can see the future. Our heroine, Yukina, is the leader of the Suzumori clan and she’s part of the council. Since young, she was raised by 3 jijis, called Shiomi-ji, Kotoura-ji and Tsukishima-ji (I think i got their names right), and they’re all part of the council. She’s also BFFs with Yasehime, as she’s supposed to be the hime’s bodyguard,

snap067Yasehime then sees some vision, and decides to call all the heads of the 10 families to meet at the village of Yase, where she lives. Well apparently Oni are not allowed to get involved with human matters so she tells everyone their if they have been hanging out with some human BFFs or some shit they have to stop immediately. Then everyone’s allowed to leave to rest. Well since there’s an option here I’ll get to that separately. Oh well so they decided to escalate the plot by making some creep in a hood poison Yasehime, causing her to fall into a deep sleep. Well right the next day they find a Hagureoni (irrelevant oni family, to be short.) named Senkimaru lurking outside the village so they’re like “IT’S DEFINITELY HIM” and keeps him inside the village. So the plots for each character starts from here so I’m gonna head straight into their routes.

Chitose (CV: Ito Kentaro)

snap005Chitose’s pretty much the baka hero type of guy so parts of his route were extremely enjoyable. Yukina first meets Chitose together with Kazuya when they attack her. He mocks her for being a very bad swordsmen, and extremely gullible with no sex appeal and the only thing which confirms she’s female is her crotch. Well, Chitose’s really a baka and he ‘s the type who rlly loves fights, so you get his character. Well the night after Yasehime speaks up, Chitose remains drinking together with the granddads and they realise there’s a hole in his sleeve. The granddads decide to start hooking them up together and says that Yukina can fix the hole. Well obviously Yukina isn’t actually good with the needle in the first place, and ends up stabbing Chitose a few times and it took ages for her to finish. When she’s finally done, Chitose teases her that she’ll never be a good bride unless the guy’s has a heart as big as his. I think he said that. Anyways after Yasehime is attacked they go and look for Kazutake and finds out he was together with a human, and they get angry at each other. Well I wasnt rlly paying attention anymore after that so months pass without the hime waking up. Yukina catches Chitose in the common room reading a letter and he gets all happy about a childhood friend who was at his village. This causes Yukina to get upset and think abt the hime and Chitose holds her hand, saying that it’s okay, and the hime will wake up someday, as she just needs to believe °゚°。。ヾ( ~▽~)ツ ワーイ♪ After that they decided to go and gather information if the humans were starting a war. Indeed, they were, and they soon crash into the creep who attacked Yasehime. He summons some humans with weird powers, which were some how like an Oni. However, for some reason the humans start dying weirdly. After they return to the village Chitose is still mad with Kazutake getting involved with humans and things get reaaaallly tense. Either way again I wasn’t exactly paying attention so that’s that.

snap006So the onis go and chill to do their own business, so Yukina gets to pick one to chase after. She decides to go find Chitose, and finds out that he actually has connections with humans. Chitose’s shocked that she was actually there, and an old man comes out, calling himself Shimazu Yoshihiro, which is Chitose’s Godfather. Either way he starts mistaking things and upon seeing Yukina, he gets overexcited and says YOU MUST BE CHITOSE’S WAIFU COME LET’S HAVE A DRINK. I was basically laughing extremely hard there as the 2 were busy denying the fact that they were married. Well Chitose starts drinking with his Godfather and soon gets drunk, and falls asleep on Yukina’s lap. Either way more war shit happens and Tokugawa comes with Kazuya to visit the Shimazu. They’re like WAIT WTF WHY R U HERE KAZUYA. Too bad when Yukina asks him about whether he’s going back to the village he remains quiet and leaves. Soon they get attacked by the hooded creep who wants Shimazu’s life and Yukina escorts him to safety. Well after all that fighting the creeps soon runs away due to him summoning out an extra army of people to cover him. Worried that his Godfather will be in danger, he tells Yukina that he’ll wait till reinforcements come to protect his dad, and he will go back to the village. Well once she returns he Granddads say they have to strengthen the barrier for the village since a war’s starting. She then requests the 3 of them to let her speak to one of the 4 Juukishuu, and decides to find Chitose. She goes back to the Shimazu mansion and sees Chitose’s BFF, Toyohisa. Toyohisa again thinks that Yukina’s Chitose’s waifu and starts the YOU’RE MY LIL’SIS FROM NOW ON business. O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ Welp Chitose and Toyohisa have been childhood BFFs and they’re like brothers. Either way Toyohisa starts asking Yukina if Chitose is actually attractive in the first place but dumb Yukina just says he would be popular with the ladies. Welp again our extremely bro Toyohisa tells Chitose that Yukina thinks he’s cute and Chitose blushes and walks off. They go to Fushimi Castle to do sth and they end up meeting the hooded creep, which reveals himself to be Yachiyo. He gets 2 more of his buddies to join him in the fight and they introduce themselves as Shuu and Shuutendouji.


Well more shit happens and Chitose turns into rage mode and turns into his Oni form, which causes him to start attacking them, and they soon retreat. Toyohisa comes by and he’s like WTF IS THAT as he sees Chitose in his true oni form. Apparently when he first met Chitose he crashed into some creepy monster and that was actually Chitose. Well not to scare Toyohisa back then Chitose changed back into human form and lied saying that he beat up the monster. Toyohisa is all shocked about the fact the Chitose was that demon and they don’t talk to each other for quite long. Well soon they found out the name of the medicine that was fed to the controlled humans/oni and yasehime was called SENTAN. Eitherway that medicine was created to enhance ppl’s powers and it turns out that it’s too dangerous for humans. Well the Shimazu ppl tell Chitose to go back to the village with Yukina and not to get involved in the war. Welp they’re ignorant people and they decide to go back to the Shimazu house since both of them are willing to face the danger of it. In fact, Chitose’s surprised that Yukina was willing to give up protecting the village to go with him.

snap013Well Chitose’s still upset and doesn’t want to talk to Toyohisa since he’s afraid Toyohisa was scared of him for killing his fellow demons. Either way he gets all upset and Yukina tries cheering him up by asking him to smile, and he starts getting more angsty and hugs Yukina from the back. He then tells her his full name, which was Kazama Chitose (wait haven’t I heard of this somewhere?) , to show it’s as a sign of trust. After that he gets dere and say “CUZ WE’RE NAKAMA OKAY” Well so one night Yukina dreams of someone precious to her dying, but doesn’t know who it is. Chitose’s gets worried since she was crying in her sleep. He asks if she’s okay and merely shrugs it off. Shiomi-ji comes by and asks if Yukina was going back to the village and if she cared whether if Yasehime’s condition worsens. Since Yukina’s looks extremely down, Shiomi-jii asks about it and she then tells her about about her dream, which gets him thinking. Shiomi-jii then decides to stay with them and look at what they are doing. Well they go to some castle and realise their gonna start fighting, and Yukina tells Chitose to go fight together with Toyohisa as he’s busy evacuating the army. Chitose then tells Yukina to protect Shimazu and they run off. Welp, they end up crashing into the 3 creeps who are attempting tho kill them. Obviously our heroine can’t handle 3 onis at one go, not to mention them drinking the SENTAN and powering up. Suddenly Shiomi-jii jumps in and tells them to run, while he fends off the creeps. Yukina wants to stay and fight them, but Shiomi-jii just tells her to go.

snap014After Yukina gets Shimazu to a save place, she goes back and finds out SHIOMI-JII DIED. WELL OBVIOUSLY OTOMATE IS BEING EXTREMELY MEAN TO US AND SHUUTENDOUJI KILLS SHIOMI-JII IN ONE HIT. WOW OTOMATE YOU’RE REALLY MAKING EVERYONE CRY HERE OH MY GOD 号(┳Д┳)泣 I was crying there as I saw him dying okay? Her granddad then tells her not cry as he gives her his life energy. One thing’s for sure Otomate managed to make the story realistic and the reaction towards death was rlly rlly touching. Okay Chitose then comes by and tells her that they need to go before the army comes by and kills them. But Yukina’s like “MY GRANDDAD JUST DIED IN MY FACE HOW CAN I GO?” And Chitose’s like “I UNDERSTAND BUT WE RLLY NEED TO GO SO TELL ME WHEN YOU CAN FINALLY STAND UP.” Well soon Yukina manages to get over it, and they leave the place asap. They end up having to go to Sekigahara, and Toyohisa asks Yukina if she wants to leave the place in order to not get involved more in the war. Well she tells him that she’ll decide in a day. Soon she decides to return to the village without telling anyone in the rain. okay somehow she crashes into the 3 creeps again (I don’t even know how she does that) and gets attacked. She tries to hold all 3 of them off, but Chitose comes by and saves the day. The 3 then run off and he starts asking why she isn’t back at the village yet. Yukina tells him that she decided to turn back cuz she believed that Yasehime will be safe. So Chitose then tries to do this all out confession but fails so he’s just ‘whatever” and kisses her °+(*´∀`)b°+° Yukina decides to protect Chitose, and the 2 have a good laugh.

Well things stasnap018rt hyping up and the Shimazu clan is rlly getting ready for the war. Soon the war breaks out and it’s like all fighting so I nvr paid atention again. Soon the Shimazu are getting defeated and what happens is that they need to retreat. Toyohisa then tells Chitose and Yukina to get to a safe place. Chitose insists on fighting together with him, but Toyohisa tells him not to get involved with human war. They trust him and retreat to a safer place, but crashes into Shuutendouji and his gang. Obviously they can go 2-against-1 but badass Kazuya jumps into and tells them he’ll take care of Yachiyo and Shuu. Yukina manages to transform thanks to the help of Shiomi-jii, and she becomes pretty badass as well. (I’m telling you her final form was HOT)
Well soon they kill Shuutendouji, but sadly, the Tokugawa side won the war, and Toyohisa died. What a great guy. He was rlly badass in a way. Soon they take the boat to return to Shimazu, and both of them start staring out into the horizon. I think they were saying sth like I don’t think Toyohisa’s dead yet or sth and Chitose just lies on Yukina’s shoulder. Believe me this route was extremely fun with big bro Toyohisa but he died in the end 😦 Chitose was really cute in this and really, a this was a great route.

Kazuya (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi)

snap021He’s the calm and serious type of guy, and uses 2 swords as his weapons. Yukina first encounters him together with Chitose, when they attack her, but he doesn’t say much. He’s too quiet, doesn’t say much and thinks a lot. So at night Yukina goes out to get a walk and finds Kazuya, since her pet bird found him. He apparently has a thing with birds and Ginrou comfortably sits on his arm, getting all comfortable there. Soon, after some stuff about the bird they go back to YaseVillage. After the attack on Yasehime, they go and find Kazuya, and Yukina finds out that he was serving Tokugawa Ieyasu for some reason. Apparently Kazuya was mad that Tokugawa wasn’t the guy he was back then. Yukina overhears everything they said, and Kazuya catches her outside the place eavesdropping. So well after returning to the village she chooses not to tell anyone about the him getting involved with humans. So months fly by and Yasehime doesn’t wake up. Well again she stalks Kazuya and follows him out for a walk. They soon talk about the rumor that Tokugawa wanted to take over Japan and stuff. She starts talking about how dumb humans are, but Kazuya reminds her not to judge them yet until she’s seen what humans really were. Well they go to Fushimi to investigate things when they are attack by the weird ppl. Kazuya then draws both swords and ends up slashing all of them, and Yukina even asks him to teach her. Somehow they managed to escape the wave of weird ppl so and Kazuya thank her for saving him. Yukina just says it’s a normal thing to do, and Kazuya laughs at her stubbornness.(*´▽`*) Also Senkimaru finds out he has a human BFF and reports it to everyone and he’s like “You can take me off the council, if you want.” Wow how reckless.

snap024Again Kazuya just disappears and Yukina decides to go and find him. Well she stalks him and soon finds him at the Shimazu mansion, and Chitose is there. She then decides to stalk him more and follow him in escorting Tokugawa, and he tells her to protect Ieyasu. Because of that, she refuses to leave Ieyasu’s side, and he tells her how he had met Kazuya. Kazuya’s village was taken hostage by Date Masamune, and the guy told Kazuya if he killed Ieyasu his clan would be set free. Hearing his plight, Ieyasu decides to help Kazuya in protecting Kazuya’a village. Yukina also finds out from Kazuya that since Ieyasu spared his life & saved his village, he decided to serve Ieyasu from then on. After all the heads leave Yukina begs her granddads to see one of them, and she goes and finds Kazuya. So she sneaks into Fushimi castle and ends up getting attacked by the weird ppl again, and Kazuya comes and saves her. Yukina finds out from Kazuya more about his past with Ieyasu, and apparently he looked like Ieyasu’s dead son. Soon Yukina manages to get into Ieyasu’s room while Kazuya’ fighting off the guards. Ieyasu tells Yukina about the medicine which was used to create the weird ppl, which we all know as sentan. With that, they leave the place and Kazuya tells Yukina to go home. Well Yukina’s believes that going with Kazuya will achieve something, and follows him. So they leave for Edo Castle, and more war stuffz and life talk happens. So they leave Edo Castle at night and they get attacked by Shuutendouji and Shuu, sepearated, due to Kazuya sensing sth and asking Yukina to go first. So she ends up almost getting killed to explosive origami (who came up with that in the first place?) Eitherways she’s saved by Tsuki-jii and they go back to where Kazuya stopped, and find him on the ground, unconscious. They end up having to take him to an inn to rest up and heal his wounds. Soon Tsuki-jii gets angry cuz of then having fun with humans and soon ends up waiting at the inn for them when the go see Ieyasu.

snap025Kazuya promises Yukina to not let go of her hand until they get safely outta the forest, but then they crash into a gang of Shura, which makes Kazuya reckless again. So apparently these Shura used to be oni, and they end up chopping all of them up. Okay this makes Yukina cry since she’s killing her own kind so gets all upset and starts crying non-stop so Kazuya gives her his hand, to apologise for being a big shit and killing oni. Also, he tells her his full name is Yukimura Kazuya (I’m positive Otomate is trying to promote Hakuouki with this game) Well as days pass Tsuki-jii rages more and he’s like “YUKINA YOU NEED TO GO HOME IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A CLAN HEAD” Well his soft side soon shows and agrees to teach Yukina more swordfighting. Apparently there’s this old man weird called honda or sth who’s using Ieyasu’s name to ask the damiyos for the use of the Sentan. Obviously thats not what the old man wants and they decide to stop Honda form using anymore Sentan. Besides they even did the thing where Kazutake and Kazuya fight it out and to stop them from fighting she jumps in the middle of them and almost get killed by Kazuya, which traumatizes him in a way. He apologises for almost hurting her later on, and she tells him that she doesn’t want the Jukishuu fighting. So the next day Kazuya tells her to send a letter to Ieyasu in place of him, and ensures that he’s gonna be okay. Actually he’s going off to go kill the creeps with Tsuki-jii. Another rant: OKAY WHAT THE HECK KAZUYA YOU WENT TO FIGHT THE CREEPS AND GOT TSUKI-JII FIGHTING 2v1 HOW COULD YOU DO THAT YOU’RE SO RECKLESS. Like he trannsformed into badass mode and went to kill Shuutendouji and left the jiji alone. Tsuki-jii’s barely breathing and ends up giving his life energy to Yukina. *Flings a table at otomate* YOU CANT JUST KILL THE GRANDPAS LIKE THAT.

snap031Because of this, Yukina starts crying and Kazuya gets extremely guilty for leaving the jiji alone. She slaps him and Kazuya hugs her tight, telling her she’s the most important person to him now, and says he’s really sorry. ・.。*・.。*(〃´∀`)・.。*・.。*ポワワァン… Hey well after that the war shit happens and everything goes crazy since it’s fighting time. Well he tells her to go back to YaseVillage but she’s like “no I’m gonna stay with you and protect and be with you forever”. They do more odd jobs for Ieyaus like gathering information, and they soon go off to kill the creeps, and promises Ieyasu that they’ll live. Well they crash into Shuutendouji again and the both of them beats him up but he ends up running away, and they can’t catch him. Well they decide to kill him and put an end to this, and Kazuya does the “I DONT WANT YOU TO DIE SO GO HOME” thing and this gets her angry and she tells him that she isn’t going home, if not he might get killed, and shewants to protect him too. Well Kazuya can’t hold back his frustrations over this and tells her to shaddup and kisses her. He swears that he won’t make her cry again and they’ll be together in the deepest pits of hell. They go off and kill Shuutendouji. So apparently Yukina doesn’t transform into badass mode in this route?? It would have been much better if she did. Afterwards they go back to YaseVillage and Yasehime wakes up. Well Kazuya tells Yasehime he’s gonna go hunt down the Hagureoni so he’s gonna leave for ages and Yukina runs off getting upset. Obviously Yasehime who has been seeing this in her dreams is NOT PLEASED, and lets Kazuya take her on his new adventure. She also tells him not to make Yukina cry and make her sad, and promising that Kazuya goes and gets Yukina. When he finds her he sees her crying and she tells him that she’s gonna cook his fav food tonight since he’s leaving. Kazuya’s like “No you’re packing your bags too we’re going off tonight. Did we promise to stay together forever?” Yukina becomes happier and puts a flower in her hair. Okay what. They felt like kids crushing on each other. Eitherway, it was quite good with the development and I really enjoyed this route a lot.

Kazutake (CV: Nomura Kenji)

snap033Kazutake’s the kind guy where he’s pretty much nice to everyone, and has a “no hitting women and children” policy. He’s pretty much one of the nicest guys in town, and basically, the big bro of the game. Okay so at first he was together with Tsuki-jii fighting and Yukina tells them. She asks him to spar with her and Tsuki-jii tells him to not hold back against her. Well Kazutake ends up holding back and Yukina’s like I’m a Oni head more than a woman and blah blah blah but he just pets her head and tells her she’s a woman and that fact will never change, and women are supposed to be protected by men. ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ After the attack she goes with Chitose and Tsuki-jii to find Kazutake and ends up finding out he’s working for a human, Ishida Mitsunari. So obviously Chitose gets all angry about it and starts saying he’s betraying them and stuffz. Well months later the Hime hasn’t woken up so Yukina still gets worried, she can’t sleep at night. She ends up crashing into him, and he says that he’s doing some exercise and it’s basically some training (Basically it’s just trying to make Kazutake cool thats all gosh.) Eitherway Kazutake has to sit out on the information-gathering, and Yukina decides to hang out with him and stay back, where they do more talking. Soon he ends up telling all of them that the reason why he’s protecting Ishida Mitsunari is cuz his clan lost their village and some warlord (I forgot his name and lets just call him the warlord) tells him that he’ll give him some land after the war if he serves the Ishida guy. He apologises for doing so and says that he shouldn’t be making promises with humans like that. Afterwards she decides to stalk Kazutake and ends up crashing into him at Ishida’s place.

snap036Ishida’s like “no nope kazutake there’s no time dont talk to the woman we’ve got business” and asks him to leave but Kazutake doesn’t care since he know Yukina’s here to talk to him. Again he pets her head and tells her he’ll go back but he doesn’t know when. Out of the blue, Shin and Kotoura-jii appear since apparently Shin has some business together with Ishida. Also, Ishida’s other bodyguard is also introduced, named Sakon, and he’s pretty much a nice guy. Late that night, some weirdo humans come attack them and Kazutake has to fend them off, and he tells Yukina to go and protect Ishida. Too bad, one of the 3 creepers, Shuu, managed to get inside the mansion and attack them, but Kazutake comes to the rescue in time. She got hit by the explosions sadly while protecting Ishida and Kazutake tells her to go home since it’s dangerous and he doesn’t want her to get involved in the war. Well her grandpas decide to strengthen the barrier and she wants to go and find Kazutake to bring him back. They end up crashing into Shuu again, and they have to kill a couple of weirdo oni, and Shuu runs off, and Yukina geting injured. At first she’s like “I’m okay” but he’s like “Shaddup and lemme see it” Kazutake takes care of her wound and they go to Osaka Castle. Ishida then tells them about the Sentan and says that it can be used to make a crazy army of Shura and they must have gotten it working under Ieyasu. Again Yukina wants to go with Kazutake but he’s like “nope you cannot go you should go home it’s dangerous for a woman.” But well Yukina’s says she’s going as a Oni head, and Kazutake says he didn’t permit her to come along, as it’s her own decision.

snap037Okay so she ends up wanting to be Ishida’s bodyguard in order to stay with Kazutake and asks Sakon to help her. This turns out into her serving Ishida together with Kazutake although he’s against her staying. Well Yukina tells Kazutake she’s doing this as she wants to help him fulfill his wish. He also tells her his full name, Amagiri Kazutake (Well dang this is totally Hakuouki in a way) Ishida tells them to go check on the situation at a certian castle, and they end up crashing into Kotoura-jii. Being the nicest Grandpa, he plainly just checks on her if she’s okay, and leaves. He also tells Kazutake to take care of Yukina, and Kazutake promises to do so. They soon reach the castle, and this time they crash into the 3 creeper who introduce themselves. Too bad, they end up only fighting Shuu and he manages to run off again. Idk why but Kazutake keeps wanting Yukina to go home and after the castle job he tells her to go home. Again. Eitherway, she tells him she’s gonna see this to the end and she’s gonna protect him. At least his back. Well after loads of confusing dialogue and small incidents happening, they crash into Shuu again. (I know it’s dumb since I keep mentioning the Shuu events but the rest were pretty pointless so yeah?) Well Kazutake tells Yukina to run but she refuses to and they end up fighting together. Hey well she gets injured here and Kazutake gets angry that Shuu hurt the person who was precious to him, and turns into his True Oni form. Eitherway Kazuya then pops up to fight the 3 creepers, since apparently he was asked by Ieyasu to keep watch on them. He also informs them that using the Sentan wasn’t Ieyasu’s will but, someone else’s. Afterwards the war starts heating up, and the warlord guy tells Ishida to take care of all the war business.

snap041Also, Kazutake decides to introduce to the guy about Yukina. Yukina bows lightly at him, and he ends up up taking her hand and charming introduces himself (○^ε^○)v ィェィ♪ (Why do I want a route with this guy now???) and asks if she wants to work under him instead. Then, he teases Kazutake for bringing his wife along to the war, and she immediately denies it. The warlord then goes on about how she could be Kazutake’s fiancee or sth and I was laughing hard there okay? Well being a nice guy the war lord decides not take Yukina away from Kazutake since she’s his ‘precious person’. Anyways they discuss their plan for tomorrow and Ishida starts getting thankful about how helpful his bodyguards were, and he starts blushing and stuff. Yukina chuckles a little and he starts going all Tsun about what he said and kicks everyone outta the room. Well throughout the route for the plan, they crash into Yachiyo who wants to kill the whole gang and Kazutake tells Yukina to get Ishida and Sakon to a safe place. They run off but bump into Shuutendouji and she has to fight him. Kotoura-jii soon comes to the rescue and blasts his Shikigami at the guy, and they run off again. Again they bump into the last creeper – Shuu, who’s abt to blast his magic at them. Kotoura-jii then jumps in to save her again, but Shuutendouji and Yachiyo come by to go pick him up, since they have business to attend to. Shuu then throws some explosives at them, and Kotoura-jii and Yukina takes the hit. When Kazutake comes by he’s like “WTF JUST HAPPENED HERE” and they decide to KILL ANOTHER GRANDPA. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN OH MY GOD THANKS OTOMATE HOW GREAT LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID IM GONNA MOURN ALL THE GRANDPAS NOW. Eitherways I’m not pleased cuz while Yukina’s unconscious he asks Kazutake to put her hand on him and she takes the old man’s remaining energy. Yukina soon wakes up and Kazutake tells her Kotoura-jii is dead and he’s inside of her. She starts crying and Ishida apologises for causing her to lose her grandpa.

snap042Kazutake promises to protect her, since it’s Kotoura-jii’s last wish. Man after that she gets super upset and wants to improve her swordfighting skills and starts swinging her sword in the rain. Okay then Kazutake comes along and becomes a mood-killer by telling her to go home. What a jerk ☆ミヾ(#`Д´)σ[ノ ヽ“┼┐!] He hugs her and tells her that this is to protect her and fulfill Kotoura-jii’s promise, and she ends up deciding to go home. Yukina goes and says goodbye to Ishida and Sakon before leaving, and Ishida says he never gave her permission to leave. Anyways they soon end up promising each other they won’t die, and the big battle happens. They decide to go and beat up Shuu and kills him. Ishida’s side is abt to lose, so Ishida tells them to go aid the warlord guy, and thanks them for being his guards. They find the warlord and they escort him back to some castle. Kazutake asks for some time alone, and puts Yukina’s hand on his chest as a gesture of a vow. He tells he he’ll definitely come back to YaseVillage as he has some things to do, and tells her to go back. So months pass by and Kazutake comes back after some bashing up of Yachiyo to ask Yasehime for Yukina’s hand, and promises to be together with her forever from then on ♪♪v(⌒o⌒)v♪♪イエーイ Okay this didn’t exactly follow history neither did I actually enjoy this route either, and I’m getting more bored of this game.

Shin (CV: Hino Satoshi)

snap045Shin’s the Oni who’s family is worshiped by the humans in the west, and he has a way with words. He’s also flirty and stuff so I almost thought of him to be Jinguji Ren No.2 but well I was wrong. Well the night where everyone goes and rest Yukina decides to go outside and practise since she’s was bothered by Yasehime’s words. Well she finds that Shin was behind her. Shin starts trying to flirt with her but fails miserably since Yukina brain is filled with “I’m an Oni head, so it comes first before woman” so all these things have no effect on her. Shin then tries to hold her hand (which would already make girls go high) but again she’s “Holding hands with Shin is no more than holding hands with her granddads”. Obviously Shin’s amused by her behaviour and decides to take it up a level by carrying her bridal style ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ and decides while he’s doing that, he should carry Yukina to her room. Yukina’s like “LEMME GO IF MY GRANDDADS SEE THIS THEY’LL FLIP” but Shin doesn’t care eitherway and just carries her. Well the next day they decide to leave the village for a while to look for information at Aizu, and they find out a certain clan is preparing for war. Soon after that they get attacked by Yachiyo (does it matter he appears in every route), and he orders some humans to attack them. The oni’s stay over at the village so months pass and Yasehime still doesn’t wake up. Well so the 4 onis decide to go out and relax for a while to settle their clan business so one of her Granddads decides to become a wingman and try to hook her up with one of the guys since she’s at the age for marriage. She decides to go find Shin and finds him in a town drinking sake.With that she finds out Shin was getting involved with humans as well since he needed to repay some debt to the Mori clan. Well actually Shin hates humans in a way and he’s personally annoyed by all of them, but he has no choice but to listen to the humans and help out with the lame war. Eitherways he starts getting angsty or high or sth and wraps his arms around Yukina. Obviously Yukina doesn’t care again and she tells he doesn’t need to get so close. Shin gets amused again due to the fact Yukina ordered he around, and soon lets go. Well Shin unwillingly goes and meets a a guy from the Mori clan, and the guy requests of him to do some shit for them or sth (either way I wasn’t paying attention again). Yukina decides to stalk Shin and reaches a certain place. Amazingly, she’s aware about the fact that he’s at a red-light district. Shin then pushes her down on the floor ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ and tries to flirt, and she pushes him away. Well they meet up with the Mori guy again and they start discussing human matters and soon, they are requested to stay at the mansion they were talking at.

snap046Because of this Yukina has to stay with Shin, and days later her granddads sends a letter to her giving her permission to leave the village of Yase, and the condition of Yasehime. Well too there still wasn’t any clues to the hime fainting so she gets her time to have fun with Shin. Well they talk more war stuffz which I don’t understand again and days after they start packing up to go home as the war is starting. Either way I don’t remember what was the conversation they even had as I was dozing off at all the war parts. Again the Mori guy comes and persuades them again and well, decide to go back to the guy’s mansion. While they were there, Senkimaru comes by saying that he wants to get the approval of the Oni heads so he’s gonna do odd jobs for all of them. Well Shin asks him to gather some information about sth and he doesn’t come back for days. Yukina decides to go and find Senkimaru and instead crashes into Yachiyo and Shuu, who took Senkimaru as a hostage. Well over here we find out Shin’s weapon is string, and he uses it to track down Yukina and saves the day, causing the 2 creeps to run. They then bring Senkimaru back to the mansion to take care of him, but in the middle of the night he runs away and letter, containing the information Shin wanted. snap047After that Shin asks her to twine their pinkies, which is a sign of making a promise in his clan. He also tells her his full name, Shiranui Shin (I’m really done with Otomate in 10000 kinds of ways), to show that he trusts her. Yukina promises to never betray Shin from there. ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ The same night, Kotoura-jii and Tsukishima-jii come and find them and asked if they have seen Senkimaru. Apparently the brat lied to them and he actually ran away from the village, and did not receive permission. Her granddads also want her to go home to the Yasevillage but she refuses. Yukina continues her adventure with Shin and they are asked to pass a letter to someone. So they were at some place where there were 2 armies, so Shin tells Yukina to stay there and keep watch over the army, while he checks on the other. He hugs Yukina and tells her they’re connected through their hearts so they’ll never be apart ( v ̄▽ ̄) イエーイ♪ Well once again the 2 creeps come and attack Yukina, and apparently Yachiyo uses string as well, and it’s impossible since only the Shiranui fam uses string. Well somehow Yachiyo traps her up and tries to rape her hard by stabbing her with string Well her 3 jijis and Shin saves her from the creep After that her granddads ask her to go back to Yasevillage until the wars over, and Shins refuses, saying he needs to complete the promise. Yukina ends up going home with her granddads although she’s like “NO I DONT WANNA” but then Shin tells her he has no use for her anymore, and asks her to go home.

snap050Obviously Yukina gets into a slump, since the Shin she trusted so much said he was only “using her”. And from then on, she starts dreaming a lot about Shin rejecting her. Soon, one of her Granddads come back from gathering info abt the Shiranui fam and finds out that the Shiranui used to have a very close relationship with the Oboro clan, which is Yachiyo’s fam. Eitherways there was a kid on the Oboro clan that was born and became the leader called Ibarakidouji. He was apparently kicked out with Shutendouji, but too bad, he already knew how to use the string. So after so many bad dreams and finally a dream of Yasehime telling her staying at the village won’t help. Yukina decides to not tell her Granddads anything and leaves the village alone. While she’s at it, Shin talks more war stuff and realises, he is actually in love with her as he actually felt like killing Yachiyo for touching Yukina’s neck キャッ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚キャッ! So throughout her trip to find Shin she crashes into Shutendouji and Shuu and again Shin saves her. Well the 2 weirdos the run off and Yukina starts freaking out that Shin’s gonna reject her and pushes him away. Shin then wraps her in his arms and kisses her. He tells her that Yachiyo planted his string on her and that caused all her hallucinations. Welp they go to Shin’s place and they do more talking and Shin’s like “why did you disobey me by coming here” and Yukina’s like “Cuz I wanted to see you”. Shin then kisses her again and Yukinas like “wha?” and Shin’s like “IM KISSING YOU CUZ I LOVE YOU” Sadly Otomate decides to drop the bomb on up by:



snap053Seriously otomate cut the girl a break gosh she’s suffered enough stop torturing her. Well I’m glad Yachiyo’s defeated but I still hate him oh god. The both of them bust into in the castle and finds Yachiyo there. He drinks the sentan and transforms into his ultimate oni form. Hey well the couple also decides to transform in order to beat him and well thats over. They go back to Yasevillage and wait for the war to end and until Yasehime wakes up. The Tokugawa side wins and Yasehime awakens, and with that Shin disappears. Without a choice, Yukina stays by Yasehime’s side so to protect her.One day, Yasehime asks Yukina to deliver a letter to Shin. Well they meet up at a certain store and it turns out Yasehime also asked Shin to go there, finds out in the letter that Yasehime will be okay at the village so she can go with Shin and help him. Shin starts going on about protecting her and drags her into his arms, telling her she’s the cutest woman in his eyes ワーイ ヾ(★´Д)人(Д`☆)ノ゛ ワーイ Well shin was crazy great cuz I was barely breathing when I finished his route wow Hino Satoshi is sexy is a way. His route is so totally worth the trouble so if you’re getting this game go play his.

Senkimaru (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

snap055I was almost raging when I got to his route over Otomate killing all the Grandpas, but Senkimaru’s route did brighten up my day a little! He’s the hagureoni who was caught by them at the beginning of the game, and he’s what I’ll call the whiny brat. At the beginning he was all whiny and stuff and he got cuter. The first 3 chapters don’t really have much Senkimaru content so this is gonna be short. So at first Senkimaru asks Yukina to send a letter back to his clan as he’s gonna stay there for a while, and he asks her to leave it in a tree. Yukina actually checks through the letter fro any suspicious contents and doesn’t see any, and agrees to send it for him. Too bad actually he coated some acid over it and the actually message is hidden, and its actually for Shuu and Yachiyo. Months pass and Yasehime doesn’t wake up, and Senkimaru goes with Kazuya and Tsuki-jii to collect infomation from Fushimi. Kazuya then tells Yukina to stand by and watch birds fighting to hear about any info from the humans, but ends up losing him and getting accused of stealing someone’s wallet. Somehow managing to get away, she meets up with Senkimaru and Tsuki-jii and they find out Kazuya has a human BFF Ieyasu. They end up getting attacked by the weirdo humans and they manage to escape. Senkimaru decides to report about Kazuya getting involved with humans, which gets Chitose raging. While they stay back at the village, Senkimaru says that he needs to talk to Tsuki-jii, and they take a while to return. This causes Yukina to get worried, and she rushes out to find them. Along the way, she hears someone telling her to “stop”, and ends up fainting. She then wakes up to a worried Senkimaru, and she doesn’t remember anything that happened earlier. The same night, Kotoura-jii asks her if anything actually happened that day, but she plainly replies that nothing happened.

snap056Ages later, the war’s gonna start so the Grandpas decide to strengthen the barrier, and Senkimaru complains that he wants to go. Yukina ends up staying together with him at the mansion. Suddenly her bird starts screaming and she goes outside to check it out. Again, she hears the familiar voice telling her to “stop” and she faints. When she wakes up, Yukina finds herself on the path she was walking on earlier and sees Yasehime moving. She follows her, and soon finds out Senkimaru is siding with the creeps, and he paralyses her. Eitherway we all know he’s actually Shuutendouji like Otomate isn’t even trying to hide it. I wasn’t surprised at all when I found out abt that cuz I was pretty sure Shuutendouji was Senkimaru in the first place. Senkimaru starts calling Yukina a dumb person cuz she actually believed his act and trusted a Haguroni. Being paralyzed, Yukina can’t move and the 3 creepers take the run for it. She soon manages to get control of her body, and runs back to the mansion to report Yasehime’s disappearance to her Grandpas. Kotoura-jii manages to use his Shikigami to track down the hime, and tells Yukina to go after the creepers while she still can. Somehow she manages to catch Senkimaru, but ends up not killing him cuz she can’t. Senkimaru then whispers something in her ear, which is his bad dream technique, and Yukina sees a dream of the Hatsushimo clan dying. I really felt bad for the poor boy here when I saw his past o(TヘTo) くぅ He’s been kicked out of many places since no one accepts a hagureoni, neither oni nor human. Senkimaru has been a head since he was young, and his clan has been getting killed by all sorts of dudes since when, and they live everyday looking for food and Shelter. Since Senkimaru cast his dream magic on Yasehime too, she sees a dream of a crazy woman demon killing all the Juukishuu ppl which looks like her. She ends up seeing all the guys getting killed by the woman, and she ends up realising its her. Eitherways we go back to Yukina and her Grandpas going to the Kanto region to look for the 3 creepers, since they abducted the hime. They end up going to find Kazuya, since they found out the creeper were on Ieyasu’s side, and Kazuya informs them about how the creepers are with some jiji whose name I don’t remember.

snap060Suddenly, they crash into Yachiyo and Shuu, which ends up with them starting a fight and her Grandpas tell her to run ahead and catch up with Senkimaru. When she finds him, she starts convincing him to stop doing this, and tells him that she can change the situation he’s in. Well too bad Senkimaru becomes brash and drinks a bottle of Sentan, and he turns into his rage form and starts injuring Yukina without care. Before Yukina’s fully injured, Yachiyo and Shuu appear to drag Senkimaru away, saying that they have business to attend to, and Senkimaru is still useful to them. After the incident Yukina and her Grandpas decide to leave the Kanto region to another area, together more information. She gets extremely worried about Senkimaru and about how to save his clan. However her grandpas keep telling her to forget about him and it’s kinda impossible for his clan to be revived back to the Juukishuu. So one day, she finds Senkimaru with a gang of Shura, and she realises that he’s…..grown bigger. Yukina tells him she understands his clan’s pain and she believes that can be changed. Senkimaru then asks her to prove it, by using his power to look inside her heart. So using his power,he sees through her and sees her past memories where she has forgotten.Okay so we go to years back when she was like….2. WHERE YASEHIME APPEARS AND CALLS HER HER YOUNGER SISTER. Suddenly the Grandpas start talking about how they have to pass her to the Suzumori clan as the next heir since they ran out of heirs. THEY ALSO DECIDE TO CHANGE HER NAME FROM 千奈 to 雪奈 (they both read Yukina btw) to avoid suspicion. A few more years later they skip to a part where the previous Suzumori head was dying, and Yukina was there, and she absorbs the head’s power and he disappears in a pop of glitter. The Grandpas freak out and says that she’s dangerous and stuff so they decided to keep her isolated from society to prevent her form doing any harm, instead of killing her.

snap061Soon Yukina wakes up in Senkimaru’s arms where he calls her a blockhead since she’s been lied to by all the people around her. He apologises for looking into her mind and asks her what would she do if she finds out her Grandpas and Yasehime were all lying to her. She ends up telling him that Yasehime and her Grandpas would never lie to her. After Senkimaur lets go of her Chitose comes by and attempts to kill Senkimaru but yeah…Shuu comes by and tells Senkimaru they need to go so they end up leaving. So Yachiyo’s actually they real bad guy in this route and appears together with Senkimaru and Shuu to attack them. Their initial idea was to destroy the Juukishuu, but yeah you know crazy Yachiyo and Shuu want to make an Oni kingdom for themselves, and Senkimaru realises he’s been deceived from the beginning, since he never wanted that in the first place. Well soon he goes into rage mode and attacks everyone around him and everyone attempts to kill him. So our reckless Yukina then clings onto him and screams at him, saying that he’s not gonna get killed and he doesn’t have to do this, and he regains control of himself and passes out. They end up dragging him along with them, and he sleeps for a few days. Although all her Grandpas went him dead but Yukina tries to convince them to let him go for a while. Soon he wakes up and she starts crying on how she’s glad that he’s okay, with him wiping her tears and not to cry for his sake. ヾ( ~▽~)ツ ワーイ♪ Anyway Senkimaru decides that he’s gonna clean up his own mess and kill off Shuu and Yachiyo since he started this shit. So that night, they crash into Yachiyo, which shows them Yasehime. Sadly, she’s consumed by the Sentan and she’s like “I WANNA KILL ALL OF YOU I HATE THE ONI COUNCIL FOR TAKING AWAY MY YOUNGER SIS”.

snap063She then continues by talking about all the lies Yukina’s been hearing. Soon they find out from Senkimaru that the Sentan consumes a person’s hatred and all their bad feelings from sth/someone out. He knows that Yachiyo isn’t doing things right and it’s out to him to clean up his own mess. Yukina also doesn’t feel like trusting her Grandpas anymore since they lied to her about her true self and everything but Senkimaru convinces her to trust them, since the love they gave her was still true. So they decide to go and beat up Yasehime afterwards cuz she’s gone mad and everything and well both of them turned into their rage forms and defeated her. Yasehime also tells Yukina to absorb her but Yukina like “no nope you’re only hime in my eyes.” With that, she survives the thing and she’s back to being the hime. So the wars over and everything goes back to normal at YaseVillage, where Yukina is talking to Yasehime before she departs. Yukina’s planning on going to the Hatsushimo clan’s village together with Senkimaru. Before they leave, they climb on top of the roof to look at the nice scenery and they say they’re gonna be together forever. ヽ(▽ `)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ

~Final Thoughts~

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Well one thing’s for sure: if you really want to play this thing or understand what the hell’s going on in this story: go read Wikipedia about this war. Cuz I was extremely confused, and I’m still confused (I don’t know my Japanese history~~) This game was quite a drag and it got me yawning almost every chapter. Also, the hit-and-run battles in Kazutake’s route were really boring and I got pissed off very easily. In the first place, is Yukina even strong? Most of the time I find her getting her ass saved by her Grandpas or one of the bishies. Not to even mention all the Hakuouki references in this game, and that ticked me off as well. I don’t have any complaints on the art, since I really liked it a lot and it was nice. Hey well the war stuffz truly got me yawning almost every time, and I was pretty glad when I finished it. And I realised; was Senkimaru’s route the only one with true plot? I felt like in all the other routes the Battle of Sekigahara covered about 50% of it, and the rest of the plot was romance and stuff, which was boring.

Either way I DID NOT FEEL ANY ROMANCE COMING FROM THIS GAME. I’m actually GLAD there is a fandisk coming up to cover up all the romance that was lost in the whole war story. One more thing: I felt that this game has more development in the side characters? The side characters were much more lovable than the main characters. Either way this game is much better to kill time than actually seriously playing it, and not worth you wasting your time with this. If you asked me for my favourite guy it’ll probably be Senkimaru > Kazuya > Chitose > Shin > Kazutake. I’m not really in to the Shin types and I don’t really like him despite him being very SEXY, but still, don’t play this unless you’re trying to kill time.

Edit on 20/4/14: changed the formatting of the pictures on the post since it looked messy.

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