Uta no Prince-sama ♪ ~Sweet Serenade~

Basically, this time the A class boys are out filming a movie so you get to screw with the S class boys instead, except during Ringo’s route.

Ichinose Tokiya (CV: Miyano Mamoru)

I was kinda grossed out by Tokiya in this route for some reason, probably due to what he pretty much does to Haruka but that’s just Tokiya, isn’t it? I’m not a fan of Tokiya so I didn’t really enjoy this much as his fans would so I’ll just get into his route right now. Basically it starts off with Tokiya winning the audition and they go to his room to have some fun. It soon turns into a make out session with Tokiya where he goes and sucks Haruka’s fingers and they start humping. He asks her to find his “weak point” in 1 minute Haruka can’t find it (why can’t you shove his crotch?) so he continues sucking her fingers. He also has to do his last filming as HAYATO and he asks Haruka to go watch it. After the filming’s done he even performs for Haruka as HAYATO which sends Haruka into tears when he said “I love you” (TωT) and that’s the end of his HAYATO career. So Saotome gives him a job which is a commercial for a couple pendant and they have to make a song which expresses love. So the both of them go and get that necklace but unfortunately it’s sold out. Sadly while they were going home they crash into Ren who’s trying to be a cockblocker and they argue over who should escort Haruka home. Welp it resulted in them going for a 3P date at the amusement park but good thing there was no signs of Ren cockblocking at all. What happened after that was that the both of them needed to fill in for some live show since the actual performers were late and stuffz. Too bad, that causes a commotion and Tokiya and Ren’s fans appear and Ren takes on the duty to greet them while Tokiya runs off with Haruka.

So one day Haruka’s computer or sth breaks and she panics, and decides to send Tokiya a text which read “SAVE ME”. Well this causes Tokiya to run over to her room in his pyjamas. And he fixes her computer. I mean he literally said he was multi-talented. (like what????) So while he’s busy fixing it Haruka notices a loose button on his pyjamas and asks him to strip. He’s pretty much “WTF” at that point and well…he does strip. He also has breakfast at her place, since he’s fixing her com. Later, Tokiya gets more angsty since some kind of group was doing the CM instead and they planned on using Haruka’s song. He also starts getting frustrated about how he can’t sing that song since it’s gonna be sung by someone else. Ren being a big bro here tells Haruka to talk to Tokiya and see whats wrong with him. Tokiya starts talking about his life and his parents and we find out that he has connections with Saotome?? Also his parents are divorced and he believes that they did that cuz his mom “wanted him to become an idol”. Well he’s still angsty and Haruka tells him that she just wants to see Tokiya sing her song, and they decide to continue making it. Well they finish it and they managed to get the CM. In the Maji Love end, they’re looking at the stars at the top of a hill and Tokiya sings the song for her. Then, he takes out a veil and tells her its “practice for their future” and frickin kisses her on the lips ワ━ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ━ィ!!!! They were pretty much making out so much they fell on the ground and they started humping I tell you. I was kinda grossed out by the kissing sounds here idk why but Miyano’s kiss sounds really turn me off. I was pretty impressed by this route though, it had much better quality compared to Amazing Aria but STILL I wasn’t really happy with Tokiya’s route.

Kurusu Syo (CV: Shimono Hiro)

You know what; I wasn’t exactly pleased with this route. But let’s get on with it. Basically the first chapter is set before Syo goes for his surgery, and a week before that Ren becomes a bro and tells them to step up their relationship. After that they decide to go to Haruka’s house before he flies off to america to get his surgery, and he tells her he’s starring in a drama. Syo also tells her that he wants her to make the ending theme for the drama. After that they get all angsty and Haruka asks Syo to sleep with her for the night. He grumbles at first but they end up sleeping together for the night anyway. ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ For some reason Syo’s surgery succeeded and but he hasn’t woken up, and Tokiya starts being a cockblocker and says that he’ll sing the song for her if Syo doesn’t turn up. They also compose the song together and that made Syo overflow with jealousy when he found out upon his return. He also stays over at her place for the night as he left his dorm keys with Kaoru. His frustrations are literally overflowing and too bad he couldn’t go and ravage Haruka since he’s too innocent to even do something to her. So the S class guys and Ryuya-sensei hold a party for his return and they give him presents, so Ren passes him some “Ren’s love notes” for him to use to go and ravage Haruka. Seriously, they tried doing the “put your tongue in the other’s mouth and kiss”, and ended up kissing normally, and they also start running around the school to have some kawaii exploration time together.

Well continuing on, Haruka goes and sees Syo acting in the drama and she had to become an extra since someone didn’t come. Sadly, it turned into bumbling Haruka crashing the camera onto Ryuya-sensei’s leg. This causes Syo to have to run some marathon event in Ryuya’s place. Also Haruka gets extremely stressed and starts falling sick and Syo has to come over to her place to nurse her back to health. Syo proposes to her by asking her to make breakfast for him every morning /(^o^)\ Then, Syo starts overworking himself and he gets a sore throat and he can’t speak. They start conversing through writing on a paper. One day she walks by the recording room and finds Syo overworking his throat and she starts yelling at him for doing so since he needs to recover. He tells Haruka that he will only sing when he has recovered. He listens to Haruka and soon gets well, and now he has to run the marathon and sing the “cheer” song simultaneously. Tokiya starts challenging him saying that he can’t do that both and they race. Well looking at Syo, Haruka decides to help him train so that he can tackle running and singing one after another. Tokiya then threatens that if Syo can’t finish the marathon, Tokiya will sing the cheer song (`‐●_‐´怒)ムッ Welp too bad Tokiya Syo succeeds in doing so!! In the Maji Love end, Syo comes over to Haruka’s place to take a bath and comes out of the bathroom with only his jeans on. Haruka also finds some pins that were similar to his and he was pretty much “oh dammit you saw those!!” and just puts them on her hair. Falling Haruka then strikes and causes the both of them to crash down on the floor. Syo tells her that the pins were the replacement for a ring, until he can get her one. They ended up making out on the rug until Syo sneezes. He carries her to the bed and they snuggle together for the rest of the night. WAIT WHERE’S THE REST. Welp they didn’t put anything special inside since Syo had to be the innocent boy *sighs* that’s why im so disappointed. Okay Syo was extremely kawaii in this whole route and he got much manlier, but WHERE’S THE PART WHERE THEY SCREW ON THE BED WHHHHYYYY BROCCOLI GOSH. Overall this route was great but I’m just plain disappointed by the scenes thats all.

 Jinguji Ren (CV: Suwabe Junichi)

Wow. That was the hottest route I’ve done in this game so far. Well he did recover from his brat side and became romantic but his jealousy levels got over 5000 so its basically him bitching again. Well I got over that to enjoy the route and IT WAS AWESOME IN 10000 KINDS OF WAYS. So after they win the audition they go meet Saotome in his office but they end up making out in there and by kissing and touching each other. Unfortunately, when Saotome comes in he’s like(♯▼皿▼) and tells them to make a song to express their love to impress him if not they cannot date. Well Ren decides to step up their relationship by sleeping together for the night and using Haruka as a body pilow. Also, he tells her to call him “darling” while he calls her “honey”. He also buys a dress for her, and offers to help her change while taking off her clothes (ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\)Wow they had so many makeout sessions during the route. So one day they were getting together in his room and Ren decides to show Haruka pictures of him when he was young together with George. He also teaches her how to play darts as well. So one day he carches Haruka going shopping together with Syo and his jealousy levels start going higher. Well Haruka actually went shopping with Syo as he was getting asked to become a trap model by Ringo he’s like NOOOOO I DONT WANNA DO THAT and asks Haruka to go shopping together with him. Well this gets Ren super jealous and in the middle of them making the song Haruka’s like “MAKE OUT WITH ME” and Ren’s like “LOL NOPE I DONT WANNA” so they continue making the song with only a few makeout sessions.

So Haruka gets really upset since Ren keeps disappearing when she calls him to come over and practise the song. She keeps calling him but he barely answers and say he has “work” to do so oh well she gets upset. So she’s out one day and meets Syo along the way, and he shows her that Ren’s been working on the song on the rooftop of the school. Syo tells Haruka to not push Ren too hard as he’s already putting a lot of work into the lyrics as he loves her a lot. He doesn’t want to lose his cool image so he always leaves Haruka and works alone. Hey well after that Haruka decides to tell her the secret about Syo that she was keeping from Ren that she was helping Syo to keep him away from Ringo-sensei and his craziness and Ren’s like WHAT ALL THAT JEALOUSY OVER SUCH A MATTER. Welp both of them get Saotome’s approval to date and that night Ren carries her into the room and they make out hard on the bed and kiss hard. Welp too bad he kept his pants on since he loves Haruka and such so he doesn’t want to corrupt her yet (you should have just gone for it haha) and they just have hot sex all night. °゚°。。ヾ( ~▽~)ツ ワーイ♪ Wow THIS ROUTE WAS HOT I TELL YOU. Well if you can put up with his crazy bratiness you should enjoy this route a lot as I enjoyed it thoroughly and I loved the ending a lot.

Tsukimiya Ringo (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi)

I wasn’t expecting much from the trap but I really loved this route. Ringo-sensei was absolutely adorable in this one. The reason why he became a trap was that looked very cute and they told him to act cute, he had to become a trap so that he had work as his cuteness was his only charm. Haruka’s back in A class and her original partner had quit school early so she was partnerless for the whole year and only won the audition through her song. She doesn’t get into the agency as she doesn’t have any singer to sing her song so the A class boys and Ringo ask Saotome to give her a chance. Saotome then decides to let her enter the agency if she can produce a song for the A class boys with 1 month if not all of them are fired. So Ringo starts taking care of Haruka and helping her with the unit song, also giving her face massages and buying her new clothes /(^o^)\ So one day they were practicing in the recording room until late night and Ryuya comes to check on them. Well Ringo doesn’t want to get nagged by Ryuya so he grabs Haruka and they hide under the table until Ryuya leaves. Soon after that they get locked inside the recording room since it can’t be opened from the inside for some reason, they end up falling asleep together on the couch which causes them to get nagged by Ryuya the next morning. After that Ringo finds out that he’s got a role in a shounen vampire movie and he’s the acting the vampire and they act out one of the scenes where he’s supposed to bite her but he kisses her neck instead ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”
Haruka starts falling in love with Ringo since he’s been so nice to her and she can’t stop thinking about her feelings towards him and gets upset. Also she gets lost one day and falls sick at the same time and Ringo took care of her for the whole night. After that, Haruka is still upset over her feelings towards Ringo and stood in the rain thinking about him. Ringo finds her there and tells her to get indoors but she uses an excuse saying that the rain was giving her inspiration. Ringo realises that Haruka was extremely upset and drags her out to take pictures together. He then tells her that if everything succeeds (which means Ringo’s movie and her song completed) they will go out together as ‘lovers’ for one day. Soon Haruka finishes the song and Saotome lets her into the agency. In the Maji Love end, they go out and Ringo shows himself in his man mode, and confesses to her saying that he loves her a lot. They go out shopping together and go to a corner and they kiss each other on the wall. *:゜☆ヽ(*’∀’*)/☆゜:。*。 He tells her that he will continue his trap idol work and secretly date Haruka and hang out at her place. Well the kiss sounds were extremely crazy and I really enjoyed this route as Ringo was extremely adorable and cute.

Hyuga Ryuya (CV: Yusa Kouji)

Well this was another hot route which I really liked too, as they really picked the right places to slot the CGs in. So it’s the same thing as Ringo-sensei’s route, and Haruka wins the audition through song and she can’t get into the agency since there’s not one singing for her again. The S class boys help her (as usual) and she ends up being hired by Ryuya as his assistant. Hey well I thought it was gonna be good times composing music together with sensei but it turns out to be just becoming Ryuya’s full-on secretary. Basically, she does a lot of office work and makes coffee for Ryuya more than she composes music. Well on the bright side, Haruka gets to have more fun times together with him and they can get their raburabu on. Their office turns out to be under construction so they had to use Ryuya’s room as the office. Ryuya actually quit singing quite a while ago, so while Haruka was busy flipping through his old CDs during her free time she found some videos of him singing. She also happened to find a song that was labelled “haruki” or sth I wasn’t paying attention there. So she listens to it and while Haruka was in the middle of her “wow this is great” Ryuya comes back and tells her to shut off the CD for some reason. Turns out Ryuya used to have a partner named Haruki (at first I thought he was a girl but he was male apparently were they gay?) that composed songs for him. He was best friends together with Ringo and Ryuya but he got into an accident while going to get Ryuya’s lucky charm. After that incident Ryuya decided not to sing anymore due to his guilt for causing Haruki to die when he went to get the lucky charm. Oh well Haruka shows the song to the S Class boys and they decide to sing the song so that it might help make Ryuya feel better. So one night Haruka was working he comes back drunk and starts crashing onto her lap and calling her “haruki” and talking to her as if she was Haruki.

Well somehow Haruka manages to carry Ryuya into the bedroom and she ends up sleeping on the couch for the night there. Soon after that she promises to stay by Ryuya’s side forever, and starts to have feelings for him. As usual Haruka loves to overwork herself and refuses to go home at 9pm so Ryuya decides to make up some ghost story for her to leave the room earlier but Saotome decide to add more drama to it by switching off the lights soon after Ryuya finishes the story. This causes Haruka to get scared she just clings onto Ryuya manages to calm her down. Hey actually this scene causes Ryuya to start getting interested in her as a woman ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆ After that Ringo comes over to eat some cake together and he teases them by saying that they should date. Ryuya brings Haruka to another event and this time some heavy equipment lands on Haruka and she blanks out and is sent to the hospital. At the hospital Ryuya starts getting upset and starts saying how the people around him are disappearing and he gets all angsty and starts crying. Haruka stays over at his place while he takes care of her but she couldn’t sit around so she starts doing house work for him. Well Saotome realises something’s going on between them and starts getting in their way of the composing of the song. He makes them do odd jobs and locks them inside the broom closet, and when they bust out, there are traps laid out for them to overcome. After that the S Class boys perform the song and it becomes a big hit so Haruka gets into the agency. In the Maji Love end, Ryuya defeats Saotome since he loves Haruka a lot and tells him he’ll become an idol again. He wants Haruka to write songs for him and he’ll teach her true love when she’s older. But she’s like “HUMP ME NOW” and he starts ravaging her on the couch until she’s like “NOOO STOP PLEASE”. Well being the nice guy he lets her go and tells her she’s too young for this. Well I was EXTREMELY DISPLEASED as Haruka let almost everyone ravage her at the ending and they cut this since there’s an 11 year gap. WOW BROCCOLI. This route and I was pretty much pleased until the ending oh wells. But at least I was ワーイ♪ゝ(▽`*ゝ)(ノ*´▽)ノワーイ♪ as I really enjoyed it.

~Final Thoughts~

Wow this was a much better game compared to amazing aria. The routes were all good cept that Broccoli had to cut off so many amazing parts for 2 routes. I was still displeased with some of the placing for the CGs but this was much better compared to Amazing Aria. The sensei’s routes were great and I’m looking forward to playing All Star with the continuations of these routes as I thoroughly enjoyed this. Also, the only other problem I had with this game was the rhythm lessons as THEY WERE TRULY RIDICULOUS. I barely got a full combo on those and I was displeased. But eitherways, this was a great game. More worth it that Amazing Aria.

1 thought on “Uta no Prince-sama ♪ ~Sweet Serenade~

  1. kyuuichii

    I love SS more than Debut. I love Tokiya, so his route were okay compared to Debut. haha It’s just seems Miyano didn’t have experience on kissing scene. As for sensei, I like Ryuya more than Ringo. I just like his personality.


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