Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Music 2

Yes. I almost finished the game. I happened to find a copy somewhere, and I got it and started playing. With zero knowledge of what was going on in the games, I mainly played it for the songs, and tried to avoid much spoilers. Sadly, it turned out to be me not playing any of the Senpai’s Pro mode, since I didn’t want to see any spoilers. This is going to be a summary of the game, and it’s spoiler-free.


Either way the system’s the same as Music, in terms of playing the games but the customization is much better compared to the previous one. The menus look much better than before, but I feel that it has a lot of pink??? Either it got really colourful and I really like it. The track list are the songs from Debut to All Star, which both of them I haven’t played them. This completely feels like when I play the first Music, when I wasn’t even done with a single route. Well the unlocking of the scenes are also the same, where you must get an A or S for the over song. Idk if there was a bonus way for people to unlock the scenes, since I mostly got straight As and Ss. 

Background: Syo Note Area: Tokiya

Background: Syo Note Area: Tokiya

Another problem which I had from this game, was the songs. The songs overall were enjoyable and fun, but playing it was kinda…a problem. I had a lot of problems with the fast and slow songs. Changing our Song!, Koi Sakura and Promise to Sirius were extremely hard for me, due to the the weird pattern and the speed of it もぉぉぉ~っ!!o(*>д<)o″)) Maybe it’s just me for these songs, since I tend to be really impatient and I react too fast to music games, or maybe it’s cuz of my habit of play Project Diva F, where the songs were crazy fast. However, now you can make the background of where the notes are to a certain character’s one!! However, the lines they say after the end one every song depending on the grade… deproved. It wasn’t good as the previous ones in a way, like they didn’t get that dere. Well the good thing is that you didn’t need to return to the song selection in order to play a different level. You could change it from the result menu!! That was one of the good improvements they added to the game. While playing the game as well, the guys will start saying some kawaii lines to cheer you on, but when you miss, they will say things like “it’s okay!!” or “don’t worry!”. However, for some dudes like Ranmaru, Camus and Ai they’ll say something like “what are you doing?” or “Kisamaa!!” Basically they got douchebag for a moment there. 

snap000 snap012

Well the scenes they added for getting an overall A or S weren’t really good, until you got to the Pro Mode scenes. All the scenes were mostly amusing scenes with the guys, and it didn’t really felt like Haruka was even there. Only the Pro Mode scenes were actually romantic and I got bored easily. However, the customization got more fun!! The shop had all the outfits apart from the school uniforms and their old clothing, and their stage and acting outfits were out. Also, instead of buying Syo’s outfits with/without the hat, you can directly turn the hat on/off. Honestly the fact that I didn’t know any of these songs except for the Maji Love 2000% ones made it tougher for me but I’m glad they had a second game and it’s any fun as the first one. So here are the customization menus:

snap008 snap009Well this concludes my really short review on this game which I have zero knowledge about the characters routes, except from Repeat, AA and SS. Thanks for reading this long rant, so have some crossdress specials!!!

From left to right, Cecil, Reiji, Ranmaru, Ai and Camus

From left to right, Cecil, Reiji, Ranmaru, Ai and Camus


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    1. Shuu Post author

      Data install is for the game to add some data into your memory card to increase load times, if you’re running on umd. It isnt to put old game data inside the game.


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