Uta no Prince-sama ♪ ~Amazing Aria~

This is the fandisk to Uta no Prince-sama which covers the A class boys and Cecil. Welp the S Class boys are busy filming a movie so you get to screw and have fun with the A Class ones~ Each route only has 4 Chapters and are all quite short. I played them according to my least favourite guy to most favourite.

Ittoki Otoya (CV: Terashima Takuma)

Otoya’s route was basically to cover up for the lack of romance in his original route. Well they really pulled it off and I really enjoyed it (´w`*). So Saotome gives them another challenge so that they can officially date, and they have to get 1000 fans and create a new song. Saotome also tells Otoya to hold back his feelings for Haruka as he can’t show them in public. So they create a homepage for Otoya to gather for more fans. Too bad, Haruka gets extremely jealous when he pays too much attention to his fans. While they are composing the new song Otoya also decides to teach Haruka how to play the guitar. She’s pretty blur about it and they get all cute. Then they decide to go to the beach to get some inspiration and relax, and their have their own time to themselves. So Haruka is clumsy again and she almost gets hit by a wave and Otoya has to go save her. Soon after that they start singing out to the sea until afternoon, and get caught in the rain. Well Haruka’s cold so they decided to sing more while keeping warm it was rlly cute okay?? ワ━ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ━ィ!!!!

Cecil was really whiny in this one. He appears as Kuppuru and starts getting angry at Haruka for making out with Otoya in front of him. He even scratches Otoya when he tries to make friends with him. Whats more, when they go look for Kuppuru (who already turned into human) Cecil pops up. And he continues ranting about hows in love with Haruka’s music and HARUKA HERSELF. Wow Cecil, what a great cockblocker you are. (ಠ_ಠ)Otoya also gets jealous at that fact that Cecil gets so close to Haruka but oh well, at the ending he realises that Haruka is also jealous about him being too nice to his fans. Cecil even brings her away from him saying that she looked sad. Otoya decides to introduce Haruka to his fans as his composer, and they praise her for her music. I don’t get why she’s so happy I mean all of Otoya’s fans are pretty much bitches aren’t they?? So they manage to hit 1000 fans Saotome praises them and lets them have a live show. Then Otoya decides to sing his song to make Haruka cheer up. Maji Love End: Otoya makes Haruka fall again and instead of helping her up, he wants her to stay in that position. With that they start screwing and getting all romantic. This route really satisfied me as it really covered up for the lack of romance in the previous game and i enjoyed it. Especially the last part where they were screwing.(*´∀`*)ゞ

Aijima Cecil (CV:Toriumi Kousuke)

Cecil was pretty whiny in Otoya’s route so I decided to get his done and over with since he was so whiny and not much of my favourite. Saotome lets them date as long Cecil can come up with a brand new song and they move in into their rooms, but Cecil starts complaining about why they can’t stay in the same room everyday. Haruka then passes him the keys to her room so that he can pop by anytime he wants. He then attempts to do some magic but Haruka tells him not to since it’ll freak someone out and more shit will happen. So the next thing that happens Cecil gets call from Agnapolis saying that his dad was sick and apparently the muses aren’t happy??? This causes everyone’s magic to weaken but it wasn’t that bad at that point. Afterwards they were invited by the A Class boys to go back to the school and have fun. They all have a picnic together and Cecil starts complaining again about how he can’t use chopsticks and sth else which I wasn’t paying attention to.

So apparently Natsuki’s the cockblocker in this story but it isn’t that bad compared to someone else *ahem* and he just wants to hug Haruka and Cecil?? Well Cecil wants to go buy a present for his mom for her birthday so they go out shopping for it. They soon crash into Natsuki and he starts cockblocking there I wasn’t paying attention anymore so I didn’t know. Cecil then gets upset and starts whining on how different they are in culture and shouldn’t exactly be together. Well Agnapolis’ magic gets weaker and once Cecil kisses Haruka he turns into a cat, and when Haruka kisses him he won’t transform back because the muses are angry that he’s in love with another woman they’re totally whores (−_−怒) For some reason Haruka gets all happy about Kuppuru and sleeps together with him for the night but she ends up getting squashed by a Cecil who turned back into human. Idk how long after that Cecil prepares a Rose bath for them to renew their love or sth (I thought that it was gonna be romantic for a moment) when clumsy Haruka falls into the bath with her clothes on and Cecil has to save her. So they ended up deciding “oh we should stay in the bath with our clothes on”(ಠ_ಠ)Ok I was so pissed that I almost wanted to punch the wall here.
So Cecil says that they need to make a brand new song to please the whore muses and let them get together in order for him to stop turning back into a cat. Well sadly it weakens more and as long he touches Haruka he’ll turn into a cat. He gets extremely upset and asks Haruka to stay away from him. Soon he gets jealous and angry over Natsuki getting all over Haruka but yeah Haruka tells him that he shouldn’t care so much about Natsuki. After completing their song they go to Agnapolis to please the muses, and they succeed. Welp Cecil tells Haruka to go back to Japan first, and he’ll catch up, after she’s approved to be his wife. In the Maji Love end, he comes back to see her after a week, and says that apparently some jealous women wanted to kill her and since everything is settled, they can go back to Agnapolis since she is his waifu. So after that they just make out, thats all. Cecil was extremely whiny and kept complain about idk how many things that was. The scenes and events weren’t impactful and stuff and it was pretty boring for me *sighs*

Shinomiya Natsuki (CV: Taniyama Kishou)

Yes, this was another plain boring one for me, since Broccoli decided to put the CGs at the wrong time. I was always like waiting for a CG in my mind but the event just went away without one. Basically, the parts with CGS: nah. The parts without CGs: Yeah. (*x_x) Welp it really bored me out so I’l just get started on this route.  Saotome allows the both of them to date on the condition that Natsuki makes a promotional video for himself (with Masato and Otoya as background dancers) and compose a new song. So they go to Natsuki and Syo’s room and since Syo is out with his family they make out in the room. Well I was deeply wishing for a CG to pop up here but they didn’t put anything here and I was extremely disappointed and Idk why they didn’t do that. So after that due to Saotome making Haruka famous for her composing works she starts getting jobs, so apparently some producer or whatever called her saying the music guy collapsed and they need her to do the BGMs. So she pretty much works her head off for a week in the recording room doesn’t see Natsuki at all. Then she goes and watches the A Class boys film?? Well however Natsuki’s who’s pretty much at breaking point due to not seeing Haruka for a week and making things worse, the director has to start hitting on Haruka and puts his hand over her shoulder. Cuz of that Natsuki drags Haruka off with him saying to get away from the director. So after that he apparently almost gets hit by a car and he faints.

Well, the weird part is, he wakes up claiming to be Satsuki, and gets outta the hospital to continue on with their work. Well this Satsuki was much softer than the previous one because its NATSUKI ACTING AS SATSUKI. I was pretty done by that point cuz Natsuki never acted it out right. =.= Well at first the blur Haruka doesn’t realise it and treats him like Satsuki but Masato realises first, tells Haruka, and she slowly finds out too. Well after some time after they were getting kawaiis in the living room and Haruka kisses Natsuki. After he starts blushing he carries her to bed and pats her until she falls asleep and that was really cute ゎーィ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ Oh well, Haruka was hanging around the school when she spots Natsuki playing with BIRDS. Yes Broccoli, you have to make it any more obvious that it was not Satsuki. Masato goes to Haruka and sets up a plan with her to test Natsuki. That caused Natsuki to explode in jealousy and drags her to her bedroom and we get them making out. Again I was waiting for a CG here cuz it would have turned out pretty well but no. Then, Natsuki admits that his “Natsuki” self is too weak and he turned into Satsuki to become stronger, and Haruka tells him that she loves both of them equally and he doesn’t have to pretend. So Natsuki gets hyper here and welp, they make out on the couch, with Natsuki trying to unbutton Haruka’s shirt and THERE WAS NO CG. Thanks Broccoli, you ruined Natsuki’s route.

I was pretty much raging when Natsuki declares that to become a new himself, he has to break up with Haruka. And so, all the romance disappeared and it bored me out really badly, with them concentrating on their song. They concentrate on their song, since they’ve returned to the level of “partners” and Natsuki finally plays the violin again. So in the Maji Love ending, they go to the beach where Satsuki was born and they walk into the ocean (I thought they were going to commit double suicide for a moment) and they sing their song. So they get onto a hammock and make out but Haruka’s like “the moon’s looking we shouldn’t be doing this” I was pretty much ( ̄‐ ̄*) at this point. And they’re like “it’s alright with this….Satstuki.” Why mutter Satsuki??? Once I got to the end of this i was pretty much done and upset with this one as well cuz they were basically cockblocking themselves for some bloody reasons. They should have added CGs to he hot scenes in the middle of the story (´Д`;)/ヽァ・・・

Hijirikawa Masato (CV: Suzumura Kenichi)

You know my ovaries are already exploded due to this route cuz it was really awesome. Welp from my previous review you guys should know he’s my fav guy and this was pretty awesome just that they were busy cockblocking themselves again. Well Saotome lets them date as long they keep it a secret, and not requesting them to do anything extra BUT MASATO’S DADDY HAD TO COME IN AND CRASH THE PARTY. He starts saying how good the song but “it’s not good enough you need to make sth better or Masato will have to stop being an idol” WTF. I’m really done with that annoying daddy of his I give up ▼皿▼. So Masato gets a job to act in some old-timey drama and they have to be apart for a week. Masato gets extremely protective and they start hugging and getting close before he leaves for the filming. He’s also like “I’ll text you everyday don’t worry but I’ll still miss you”. So after like a few days of texting he gets clingy and decides to CALL her instead. (If you really did get worried about her everyday THEN CALL HER OH GOD) He starts talking about how lonely he is, and how he’s pissed off by Ren being there as well, as well as if Haruka’s actually lonely there too. WELL HARUKA’S NOT LONELY cuz Otoya and Natsuki came by to play with her while Masato’s out and he’s like “errr…”

Welp so Masato makes another phone call telling her more about his day and tells Haruka that he met his fiancée. However the connection got cut and he sounded like he ran off with the fiancee. Oh well so one day Haruka sees the weather forecast and finds out that the place Masato’s at just got an earthquake, and calls Masato. Well throughout the call Saotome jumps into Haruka’s room through the window, and makes a crashing sound which cuts the call and freaks Masato out. He rushes back to Haruka’s room to check on her and brings her to his room instead without the hole in the window and they sleep together. He really talks about a lot of ero stuff while sleeping and settling himself into Haruka and she’s all flustered. ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪ So daddy stops by again and starts raging about how Masato wants to stop his arranged marriage and insists on continuing that arrangement. Masato’s like “lol nope I love Haruka im not gonna marry anyone else other than her” and rages back at him. Well his dad rages more and tells them that they have to make a song which can impress ALL the Hijirikawa relatives with or else Masato has to quit being and idol and he can’t date Haruka. (practically means they lose all their dreams what a bastard dad) So they start working harder on their new song and one day Haruka loses the ring Masato gave her during the previous game. She starts getting ashamed of herself for doing so and doesn’t want to open the door for Masato to come in turns out she dropped the ring in his room. (ノД`)ハァ
So Haruka overworks herself again and lands up in the hospital, and Masato gets extremely disappointed with himself and starts saying how powerless he is and he can’t protect Haruka. He then says they should BREAK UP since he’s so powerless. Well is breaking up your only option of making this better oh god. Well Haruka gets extremely upset and finishes the song. She then starts getting obsessed with Masato and she’s like “I WANNA SEE MASATO LEMME SEE HIIIIMMMM” and starts walking around in a forest looking for him. Apparently she heard that the Hijirikawa estate was in the forest and decided to look for him in the forest. *facepalms* Well she walked until she was extremely tired and Masato APPEARS IN A HELICOPTER. Somehow he managed to find her in the forest???? Wow he just arrived to save her in A HELICOPTER god this kid’s rich. Welp he apologises for saying that and they get back together to fully finish the song. They perform it at the Hijirikawa party and everyone accepts their relationship. In the Maji Love ending, the both of them go to the beach and Masato starts screaming I LOVE HARUKAAAAAAA towards the sea like an idiot. Afterwards they go to an inn or hotel, whatever it was and made lasting memories there (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・

Saotome Mitsuo (CV: Wakamoto Norio)

Basically this is younger Saotome at around 14-15 idk what’s his age in this form anyway. Apparently the ossan went and made a time machine since he wanted to “check the past” he had forgotten, he built a time machine and got transported into his past. Well at the same time his younger self got transferred to the current timeline. Don’t even ask me what’s wrong with the plot anymore thank you cuz I don’t even know what is Broccoli even doing anymore ( ̄Д)=3 WELL THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WAS THAT YOUNG SAOTOME SOUNDED LIKE AN OSSAN EVEN THOUGH HE WAS 14-15 OH GOD. Somehow I managed to bear with that for the 2 days I was playing the route and I cleared it with his voice still on. Okay young Saotome was very adorable and the events for him were extremely kawaii. Besides, he had the most adorable chara design!! I won’t go that deep into his route but the 3 A class boys decide to teach him about what’s an idol while they try to find a way to get ossan Saotome back. He pretty much is a genius and learns everything about being and idol and wants Haruka to compose a song for him. Well apparently they were busy composing the song in the recording room, when they got stuck inside the room for some reason. The air conditioner spoiled as well and it got colder so he warmed her hands by blowing on them. So Saotome was trying to bust them out of the room when finally, the A class boys managed to bust them out, and they complete their song.

In the Maji Love ending, they run out and find that ossan Saotome is back from the past and he tells the young himself that he has to go back to his timeline and everyone will start to lose their memories of him. Before young Saotome leaves he kisses her forehead and tells her that he won’t forget her. Well soon after that everyone starts forgetting him but Haruka is determined to keep her memory of him. In the end Haruka uses the song (its Welcome to UtaPri World!!) which she made for the “assignment” Saotome gave her. They sing without knowing why they are actually singing the thing and Saotome comes by, realising that the song is familar. He comes in and it ends with “I finally met you again” (T^T)ウッウッウッ This route was emotional and adorable, but THE YOUNGER SAOTOME HAD TO HAVE AN OSSAN VOICE. Younger Saotome was extremely adorable and kawaii but they could have used another seiyuu for his younger self ^( ̄□ ̄#)^ψむき〜(怒)and it would have been waaay better.

~Final Thoughts~

Great game, but I would have enjoyed it better if weren’t for 1. Whiny bitchy Cecil and 2. Young Saotome who sounds like an ossan. They really filled up for Otoya’s lack of romance and Saotome’s route was kawaii. Natsuki just had the CGs at the wrong points and it was still enjoyable besides that. But still, Masato had at  great route, to me at least, and his ero side literally unleashed. Basically I’m only statisfied with Otoya’s and Masato’s route in this game they pretty much didn’t care about anything else here. Pretty disappointing, so I’m looking forward to Sweet Serenade I hope it’s better.

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