A Small Introduction….which I forgot to do.

In case anyone doesn’t really know who I am or why am I doing this from the abut page, I decided to do a short into about myself here. I’m a teenager who is currently is still schooling, and a crazy otaku. I’ve been a gamer-lover since young, and I recently came to know visual novels/dating sims/otome games. Thanks to my friend, I was introduced to Hakuouki, and soon it developed into watching Utapri and many other things. Since then, I’ve been playing all sorts of dating sims and having fun with them, a lot. From then, I decided to make a blog of my adventures in these games.

Honestly, I played almost all the Hakuouki games due the fact that I was a crazy fan. It’s subsided lately, due to Otomate over-milking the while series. I’m still a fan of it, and I’m still willing to play all their games, but it doesn’t change the fact it isn’t my favourite series anymore. I’ve been going into a couple of different games right now, and I’m currently working of 3 games of 3 different platforms, and I’m having a lot of fun.

For drama CDs, I listen to them often, but I’m not gonna do any of those since I dedicated this blog to only game reviews. I’ll be focusing mostly on otomes, but I will sometimes find the time to play eroge, since another one of my friends introduced me to Oreimo, I won’t usually put any personal things here, since it’s not my main blog, and I do have a personal Tumblr for my anime rants so this blog is purely for Otome rants. I wouldn’t mind doing Otome liveblogging/streaming, but I rather not since its really a hassle in a way to set up RemoteJoyLite to so this so you can hear form my reviews.

I usually review in a way where sometimes, it’s detailed, sometimes, it isn’t. Depending on the game.I would usually chunk all routes into one review after I finish playing, but depending on the length of the review, I would do seperate at times. Eitherway, thanks for listening to my rants, and let’s all be friends~

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